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The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum

Discussion in 'Completed Fics' started by bobandbill, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Sike Saner

    Sike Saner Peace to the Mountain

    Oh, that’s a Raikou.

    I'd wondered what to expect when it came to the fights covered by this chapter. Somehow I'd have never guessed that there'd be bananas and applesauce involved. What a nice surprise.

    Dude's lucky he didn't get pelted with applesauce.

    Your loss, Wes. It's really quite glorious.

    like he just didn't care.

    Good job there, Blaziken.

    Pfffff the way he said that... XD

    Good eye, Metagross. Regrettably, I am all out of gold stars for you.

    "Punchyunch crunch..." XD

    See, you know things are serious when the bananas start flying.

    PFFFFFF.... XD

    Taken out of context, this becomes one of the greatest lines in the entire story.

    The same might just also be true of this one:

    I mean, come on. It's a hariyama throwing a fricking shark. At the very least, that is a priceless image right there.


    I love that that thing said "hi" right before slapping it in the face. XD

    ...That's slapping the houndoom, mind, not slapping the word "hi".

    ...Tom, how do you know that raikou-flavor is the worst flavor? Is there something you're not telling us?

  2. celestial phantom

    celestial phantom Well-Known Member

    Finally, review time!

    well now that i have some free time I think I'll give that review I said I would earlier, as it's well deserved. So here it is:

    Bad pun is bad pun no matter how funny it is at the toaster guys cost.

    Why is the crowd not going wild at this? This is grade A action for a rageous crowd, but no one is going wild. Where is the orre people we've come to love?

    NOO! Oh dear higher power NO. Have we not learned that giving yanma coffee is a bad idea?!

    Eh...I've come to like it, have more coffee yanma. :)

    Gamefreak has their pokemon named wrong in all other games.

    Not the granddest entrance, but then again TOM!!!!

    No, bro, it's not something that happens everyday, only in johto.

    It's either patrick swayze as GHOST or a yanma hyped on coffee.

    Meh, it's just a raikou. No big deal I mean it's just charging at you at probably 80mph.

    A statement I have been accustomed to in my soulsilver, especially since I have yet to catch raikou.

    Tom, you are truly awesome, I'm going to miss you so much after this. Don't sober up unless it's for a good enough reason in the epilogue.

    Greatest statement of the day. No explination needed.

    Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, good-bye.

    I don't know if you know david bowie but:
    This is ground control to major tom, "What is your situation?"
    This is um major tom to growndy controlsy peeples, "DRINKY PARTY!"

    Money! The impact zone is going wild for the greatest tag team of Beer Money. Sorry I love watching wwe and tna wrestling and i couldn't resist.

    Miror B is such a genius, and he knows the law to epic.

    My eyes burn now.

    But... I wanted to show off my brand new and awesomely evolved gyrados.


    You can't talk your way out of this wes, your still a snagger at heart.

    Don't you know that the bad guys never win and something epic always stops you?

    *snivels* again I'm going to miss you Tom.

    Again I was expecting this to happen at least at the end of the game, but no they didn't do it although it would have made the end more epic.

    We comin' for you coptors! >:D

    Well that ends my review hope you enjoyed it although it is a bit long.
  3. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Reply to reviews here, and then I'll post a short thing in the next post so to avoid clutter in the one post. Thanks all who have reviewed thus far! =)

    On a side note, I'm not going to bother with the PM list for this, but I will with the epilogue.
    You shall see what they involve! =p And there's no eventual XD fic, it's still only a maybe and nor for a good while. =p Thanks for the congrats though!
    Nah, I know there are better writers than myself including on sppf. And I'm not an professional author in real life either. (Well, yet anyway but I've no huge hopes for that. I'm on the path of mad scientist instead anyway!)
    Guess we'll have to agree to disagree there, for although 'perfect' isn't what I'm going for I didn't aim to show any relationship fights or whatnot between the two in the first place nor do I plan to do so in edits. That and the main purpose of the fic was to parody it and explain rather than write out a full romance story about the two; as mentioned earlier in spoilers after that chapter I had it happen only because it was canonically supported and something I agreed with; had there been no such comments by half the NPCs whether it happened or not would be another question.

    On that note the time it took for them to 'get together' was purposeful as I felt the game had moved all too fast with it. Sure, getting saved from a kidnapping can possibly fast track a romance I guess, but it seemed... well, too fast, at the risk of being repetitive.
    Already being seen too! I'm editing old chapters now (and have done so already with a few early ones) so description will likely get a minor boost in some areas (and the writing most certainly has increased even with my light edits since four-and-half years of me starting the fic, haha). In fact eye colour I think might already be mentioned for some characters!

    That said, I will not really go too in-depth with it. Partly because most of the readers I assume have played Colosseum already or at the very least come across a picture of it in which the main characters tend to feature; ergo most readers should already be aware of what some characters look like. And another part is that I don't feel that mentioning stuff like height (beyond 'tall/short' and comparisons between other characters) or the colour of everyone's eyes is very important for the story itself. In other words, descriptions will not be overblown due to those factors.

    Just note that you may be waiting forever as an XD fic is by far no means a given thing for me to write.
    Thank you. And I should claim copyright on those new names for Pokemon or something. =p
    If only the pokemon company would ever let such a thing. And pay for it. =p Will reply to your other post in a bit then!
    Tom's involvement for the record had not been part of my initial plan. But then he ended up there. *shrug*
    Handled is a good way to describe it imo. XD
    Yeah, sorry to disappoint you. =p I just didn't feel it was...idk, 'right' to have Yanma evolve then, and it wasn't part of my original plan either. Same for Johnson's Magikarp; it wouldn't have had much room or airtime anyhow.
    I wouldn't either - I mean, a Blaziken! It was a pity Rui stopped you, but oh well.
    Glad you've enjoyed. =)
    Son_of_Shadows answered it - in Colosseum the only thing stopping you is Rui, because Snagem's machine is designed for stealing anything.
    MAYBE....you are also a Pokemon? ;p
    Heh, I was wondering if anyone would pick that up. But I'll leave it to you to decide if he didn't know the gender of his Pokemon (possible - after all he would have worried more about other things than what Pokemon he got after investing money), or if he did know and was riling it up. =p
    Any particular part that felt rushed or was it in general? Which I suppose was purposeful in large part with it being fast-paced - Wes and Rui wanted the first battle to end quickly after all, so a lot had to happen for that to occur.

    I'm afraid I don't know the song; I will have to check it out. And well...I guess you will have to wait and see. =p But I'm not going to deal too much with XD-only stuff in the epilogue.
    That's good to hear, seeing I wrote so darn much for the last section of the game, haha. And audience in game was dumb. (So was the refightable part - I'm sure if you missed those shadow Pokemon they could have come up with another way to do it =/).
    Ho-oh: ridding Orre of heroes and helicopters.
    Should be the latter. Guess I forgot to do so with that instance.
    Everyone should call them those names. =p (Character limits permitting.... =[)
    I quite like that rendition.
    The reason I did it is the same reason you had spaces in your post - no reason! It seems sppf forums adds in a manual space every 50th character if there hasn't been any, but this does not show up in post message boxes/edit previews. Which is annoying. I added a couple of hyphens here and there which is the next best thing I can do (I don't want to hyphenate every word).

    Mind you this is still better than how fanfiction.net did it in which when I finally managed to upload the document discovered most of Yanma's dialogue was deleted. =|
    He had to go to the bathroom.
    Friends and family members are what I recommend. =p
    Nothing positive either, I'm afraid. =p (Side note: said thing Tom was singing was actually an advertisement jingle years ago. ~Bananananana, nanananana...~
    Totes! =p
    Uh, okay.

    I don't think Nascour would have been too happy either.
    Maybe next year? =p
    'likes'. Or at least that's probably what he meant. ;p
    Funlarious? XD Thanks for the high praise though. =)
    I will frame this on the wall. =D (The certificate, not the cookies). Thanks for the review!

    But what did the vampire think...?
    Beer is a good motivation for him. =p
    I just hope you didn't have a Salamence mistake you for the wrong gender in high school then.
    Well, Suicune dislikes Eusine (but can you blame it?), Entei dislikes Duncan's lawn...
    I...guess it is, although depends to what degree.
    Hopefully whatever those projects are they will entertain as well. =)
    What had you wondered though?
    Applesauce is not easy to pelt once out of the jar, and it would be a terrible waste too. =(
    I had thought it a good way to introduce Raikou to that part of the chapter. =p
    Aw. =(
    If only it was an actual move. After all, Chansey gets Egg Bomb!
    I suppose you have a point there, haha. Someone should draw this
    Quagsire is always one for manners.
    Tom knows too much. ;(
    You can actually blame it on my beta reader. =p
    They're in the casino. =p
    Make up your mind! ;p
    All of the names need fixing.
    I'm not sure now how grand an entrance a drunkard can have. XD
    Pretty slow for the typical Raikou too! Sheesh.
    Would you believe that I caught mine with a Great Ball the first time I saw it with no status/damage inflicted before the 7th gym? =p
    That is not a hard thing for him to do. =p
    I do; it was a minor reference to that song. =) (And haha, Tom in space is an amusing idea).
    But he can try!
    Yeah, all Rui did was say thanks and 'you're cool'. Thanks, Rui, but we knew that after Wes exploded a building.
    The more content the more I enjoy! =p So yes, I enjoyed it. Thank you!
  4. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    This is basically a short song-parody scene here, with the song itself something I wrote a year ago or so. I feel now is as good a time for it to be posted.

    Click the link when it appears and enjoy the song-parody scene! If the link doesn't work for whatever reason here's another. (But don't click this one yet!)


    Miror B stepped out of the tower, nodded to the few police officers standing guard over the unconscious Cipher agents, and continued down the path from the entrance, radio in hand blazing his memorable salsa tune for all to hear. His Ludicolo followed him in a Congo line with the lead duck spraying a wet breeze from its beak so that the disco man had a nice cool breeze to enjoy rather than a hot dry one.

    He sighed as he danced on, content with how things had finished up. He even appeared after the mayor and Nascour had been arrested and removed, along with the other defeated Cipher agents at the top of Realgam Tower, and performed a show for the audience of his own. Granted, he hadn’t asked for permission but nobody had seemed to mind.

    I am a touch disappointed that they didn’t want to join me, but oh well; I’ll dance my own groove for a while, Miror B thought to himself. Both Silva and Skrub had declined his offer to teach them how to dance if they joined his posse; it didn’t seem that many people wanted to join him but he figured that they probably had other commitments instead. Why did nobody else realise how much fun dancing could be though? If Ein hadn’t been arrested I would ask him to make me another radio that made people dance...

    “Hey, boss!” someone called. Miror B turned and grinned.

    “Folly and Trudly!” he yelled back and waved. “Where have you boys been? I haven’t seen you since... well, since I told you to capture Wes and Rui weeks ago in Phenac,” he mused.

    “Uh, yeah, you’re right,” Folly said sheepishly and tugged at his shirt. “We got... lost?”

    “Oh well,” Miror B said, tossing the radio to him. “At any rate you’re back!”

    “Yeah,” said Trudly as Folly looked at the radio. “Sherles told us you’ll be here, so-”

    “You know, I think this calls for a song!” Miror B continued as he pulled out a piece of paper from his hair and threw it at his assistant, incorporating the actions into a dance. “Hurry up and get singing, you two! We have things to plan!”

    “...Well, at least he’s happy,” Folly said, examining the tape and showing it to Trudly before he put it back in and hit play.

    “Ah, that song,” Trudly nodded as he examined the paper. “He likes changing up those lyrics, doesn’t he?” he asked quietly as a guitar began to play from the radio. Miror B began to sing a moment later.

    Road trippin' with my two favourite allies,
    Fully loaded we got music and jive,
    It's time to leave this town,
    It's time to dance away,
    Let's go get lost,
    Anywhere with a dancing stage.

    Acquainted with the song, Folly and Trudly took over with the chorus.

    Let's go get bossed,
    Let's go get bossed...

    Red you sit so pretty west of the white,
    Sparkling afro with yellow suiting,
    Just a Miror for the B,
    Just a Miror for the B.
    Just a Miror for the B...
    All these Ludi’s are just a Miror for…

    Miror B took over again for the verse and so the three continued to interchange roles as they danced into the sunset, with the four Ludicolo following Miror B, shaking their maracas to the tune happily.

    So much has come before those battles lost and won,
    This life is shining in a disco ball of fun,
    Now let us check that hair,
    Get rid of Orre that sand!

    Keeping that afro clean’s
    More trouble than it's worth,
    With Miror B,
    Just a Miror for the B.
    Just a Miror for the B...
    All these Ludi’s are just a Miror for…

    In Pyrite we'll take some time to groove on,
    We three hunky dorys will get Team Miror on!
    Now let us drink the stars,
    It's time to dance away,
    Let's go get lost,
    Anywhere with a dancing stage,

    Let's go get bossed,
    Let's go get bossed...

    Red you sit so pretty west of the white,
    Sparkle afro with yellow suiting
    Just a Miror for the B.
    Just a Miror for the B.
    Just a Miror for the B...

    All these Ludi’s are just a Miror for…
    All these Ludi’s are just a Miror for…
    All your Ludi’s are just a Miror for…
  5. Blue Astra

    Blue Astra Icy blue

    Wow. Such a sweet reunion. And what a wonderful way to leave. The song is so nostalgic, and the sunset… the altered lyrics… I can see it vividly before my eyes, and it makes me kinda sad. The bittersweet feeling when you remember what a good time you had with a friend, but know that he’ll be leaving now? And the only thing left are memories? Really, you’re making me soft with those things you write lately :) . And I still can’t believe it’s finished.
  6. Rotomknight


    was that miror b thing the epilouge
  7. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Glad you liked it so much! I had considered posting it with the chapter but then felt it worked better as a separate part.
    No. (Otherwise, well, I would have called it the epilogue). It's the small bit in-between the chapter and epilogue I mentioned I would post before chapter 25 and in the post before it.
  8. Rotomknight


    Usually i'd give miror B. a 1-2 star in the games. More of a fill in a role than cool character. Here everyone is more like the way they should be. More depth and such. I request that you PM me whenever the first chapter of your next humour fic is posted.
  9. celestial phantom

    celestial phantom Well-Known Member

    wow that was great. You wrote that song? Amazing in my opinion B&B, suprisingly enough I can actually picture those guys singing it as they go along. Wish I was a part of team miror b.
  10. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Epilogue Up

    Only a 1-2 star rating in the game? But that music! =p But I have added more to his role in the game, certainly (everyone in general basically in terms of the admins; it's a pity they only featured so much in the game).

    Will do, although what if my next fic is not humour driven? =p
    Well, I wrote the parody lyrics there over a year ago. =p (Something I do often actually, haha).

    And so here it is. One note: there's a music link within it (optional to click but well, why not!). And one afterwards a bunch of rambling.

    Thanks to Chris the Com for beta-reading.

    The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum

    Epilogue: About Time!

    Weeks after the events at Realgam Tower, a party was underway in Duking’s house in Pyrite. Most of the guests consisted of members of the Kids Grid from both Pyrite and The Under, and the adults of the group were comprised of Duking, a few of his friends, Silva and Johnson. The police officer was currently offering his homemade collection of pastries but everyone else was wise enough to either graciously decline or dispose of the treat discreetly once his back was turned. The child Marcia had even made a game of trying to sneak the pastry under his tall police hat without Johnson noticing, which was proving to be easier than she had expected.

    Balloon and confetti populated the living room they were all currently in. A large banner proclaiming ‘GO US’ made by the children spanned the bookshelves, and a large piñata of a chubby Es Cade hung from the ceiling. A company had the masterstroke idea of making them shortly after the mayor had been arrested; the new product had proved immensely popular especially when it had turned out that amongst the mayor’s other investments had been the Loan Sharks, the group that so many in the region hated.

    Johnson’s Magikarp had meanwhile been left in a bucket of water by the door.

    “Plusle plus plus!” (I like buckets too but they don’t taste very nice!) Duking’s Plusle told the fish Pokémon, jumping up and down so that the Magikarp was sure to see him every second or so.

    “Hey,” Nett said suddenly as the group conversed, “the news is on!” Duking grabbed the television remote and turned up the volume as the rest ceased their chatter. Nobody had been really interested in the news but today’s event was why they were having the party in the first place. The usual obnoxiously cheerful tune of the program played before the woman presenter cleared her throat and shuffled papers to pretend she had a lot of important things to say, despite the fact half the pages were blank and the other half were advertisements for paper.

    “Welcome back to the 5:30-” she began, only for the news jingle to start again. She waited for the sound to end before opening her mouth to speak again, but was once more interrupted.

    “Do you mind?” she shouted to the side. Meanwhile the cameraman got bored and started to sway the camera side to side.

    “Shwooosh,” he said. “Swoooossssh.... swooooossssh!- uh, sorry,” he muttered as the reporter glared angrily at him, and moved the device back to its upright position.

    “Thank you,” the reporter said shortly as the music jungle stopped abruptly a moment later.

    “Huh, they seem to be better than usual,” Secc said drily to Nett who nodded his mock agreement.

    “This time they didn’t have to present the news with sock puppets, after all! Well, yet anyways.”

    “Today in Phenac,” the reporter began, “a large parade was held to salute all people credited in the cleanout of Cipher. This was followed by a smaller one in Pyrite, which had been delayed due to a lack of stock of the town’s emblem; quiche.” The television screen then displayed footage of said parade in the former location.

    “About time they got those in stock,” one of Duking’s friends grumbled as he adjusted his quiche-shaped hat.

    “There we are!” Marcia shouted, pointing eagerly at them walking past Phenac’s plaza fountain. The kids grinned happily – it had been quite fun even though the musicians in the parade hadn’t been very good and most only knew how to play ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’, and the fact that a jogger with a Castform had shouted loudly at the organisers because he had been unable to perform his ‘usual duty’ in running around the fountain.

    “The parade also served as a sending off for the policemen sent from external regions. As special thanks the current stand-in mayor of Phenac presented them with discount coupons to hotels in Orre should they ever return,” the news reporter continued, as footage showed Andrew and his fellow colleagues boarding a plane as reporters tried to extract a few last words from the group.

    “Sir, what do you think about going home?” one shouted.

    “Which flavour of cheese-flavoured snacks do you prefer!?” another queried as the plane door slammed shut and Andrew shouted ‘Step on it!’ from inside. The pilot seemed to respond quickly as the aircraft sped down the runaway with the reporters giving chase whilst continuing to ask inane questions. A bunch of coupons could be seen hastily chucked out of a window before the plane took to the air. The footage then returned to the reporter, only with the camera zoomed in far too much so only her mouth appeared on the screen. She hadn’t appeared to notice however and so continued on.

    “The policemen returned today as their work had been officially declared finished by Sheriff Sherles.” Now an overlay of Sherles’ moustache appeared above the mouth. “They have spent the last few weeks with Sherles and the two heroes Wes and Rui rounding up remaining Cipher agents across the region and retrieving Shadow Pokémon. Places cleared out include an additional Colosseum within The Under. The Under is now the subject of evacuation discussions on whether after several health issues were raised.”

    “It is good to hear that it is all over now,” Duking remarked. “Now I can go back to running the Colosseum!”

    “The former mayor and other members of the now-believed finished group Cipher have also been moved to a jail with improved security after people had repeatedly broken in to make fun of them, and in cases even ask for advice on how to start their own criminal organisations. And now for the next news story: Are Wailmer hiding underneath your bed? William is with us for this next investigation.”

    “BORING!” the children shouted as one, prompting Duking to switch off the show and turn on some music instead.

    “Pity Wes wasn’t here to celebrate with us, I suppose,” Duking remarked. “Should I save some potatoes for him and Rui when they get back from Agate?”

    “Plus!” (No!)


    A far larger group, albeit only due to the sheer number of Pokémon present, was meanwhile gathered around the Relic Stone in Agate Village. Most were Shadow Pokémon that had not yet been fully purified, with many of those recently claimed from Cipher agents at the tower or across the region after the showdown against Nascour and Es Cade. Having checked the records finally obtained by Nett when he had hacked into Cipher’s files, they were content that they had obtained all forty-eight Shadow Pokémon that had been in Orre, and also obtained a few more that had been put up for auction on the internet.

    The Shadow Pokémon were watched by Wes, Rui and Sherles’ other Pokémon in case they got too aggressive against one another and accidentally destroyed the Relic Stone, but the calming effect of the forest seemed to lessen that danger considerably. The three people had one other person in their company in Tom; Sherles explained that due to strange legal issues, although Wes had snagged the legendary beast, Tom had ownership of the Pokémon after having held the Ball for the required minimum length of time of five minutes and four seconds.

    “Ah, it’ll be good to take a break after tonight,” Sherles said softly, looking at the Pokémon around him seated on the stone path. “But before we do this, I will ask you Tom; whatever do you intend to do with your Raikou?” He then glanced at the yellow Pokémon who was lying down next to the Entei and Suicune, which were under extra surveillance from Hariyama and Espeon.

    “...Espi Espeon,” (...I much prefer Entei when he’s quiet,) Espeon conferred to his fellow partners.

    “Umb!” (Agreed!)

    “Illy been realy leashy!” Tom responded with a stern nod and a frown.

    “...Release it? But why?” Rui asked with a small frown.

    “Too biggy,” Tom answered. “Andy he... takey ma drinky! No politeys!”

    “Well... that’s fair enough I suppose,” Sherles responded with a shrug. “After all, we’re also going to release Suicune into the wild again and let it find its own way back to Johto.”

    “Wait, did you tell Eusine about Suicune?” Rui asked curiously.

    “No,” Sherles replied. “Took a while to distract him so we could bring it to Realgam Tower before, and here now as well...”

    “Then...” Wes said slowly, pondering this news. “Then I will also release Entei.” The man nodded as he finished his statement and smiled. “It’s nice to have a legendary and I’m sure it’ll be far easier to control when purified, but... it doesn’t really feel right to own it after all this. And besides, I’m sure I’d still be one of the very few in the world to be able to say that I had a legendary Pokémon!”

    “Alright then, we’ll release them together then after we’re done, if we’re successful,” Sherles said.

    “And as you said, you didn’t find anyone who claimed to own our current Pokémon before they were snagged, right?” Wes continued. “Meaning we can keep them.”

    “Yes, that’s correct,” Sherles said, smiling at his statement. “The rest will go to their original owners or be released into the wild, but luckily the Pokémon you used a lot were among those that weren’t claimed.”

    “Hello, people!” Miror B exclaimed as he suddenly waltzed into the clearing and marvelled at the place. “My, what a perfect place for some calming meditation,” he added as he switched his radio’s music to a calm and soothing tune.

    “Greetings, Miror B,” Sherles said, walking forward and offering a handshake as Tom took a few steps backwards uncertainly. “I’m glad you were able to respond to our request. After all, we thought you might be able to handle a number of instruments.”

    “Oh, anything for you, after all the trouble I’m sure I gave you in Pyrite,” Miror B responded. “Now, where is this Time Flute you mentioned?”

    “Here it is,” Rui said, gently handing over the object they had been given by Vander, as well as the book about the Relic Stone flipped open to a specific page. “It’ll supposedly disappear after you play the song and Celebi appears, so don’t be too surprised about that. And this is the tune you’re meant to play apparently...”

    “Oh, how delightful!” Miror B exclaimed. “Strange choice, but delightful! Shall I play it now?”

    “Might as well,” Wes commented. Miror B smiled and raised the object to his lips and began to blow air through the flute, producing a clear series of sounds. Umbreon subconsciously bobbed his head to the tune of ‘I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts’.

    “You know, I think I might know why this is the song that summons Celebi,” Rui said after a while of watching Umbreon.

    “Oh?” Wes asked, raising one eyebrow. “Why is it then?”

    “It’s a timeless classic,” she giggled. Both Wes and Sherles tried and failed to suppress laughter at the remark but were interrupted when a bright green flash was emitted above the Relic Stone. A moment later a Celebi appeared. The small fairy-like legendary was a pale green colour and had small clear wings. It hummed to itself softly before it opened its eyes and jumped a bit in the air in surprise to see so many visitors. All people stopped laughing and stared at the Celebi. Rui’s mouth hung open slightly and Tom considered whether he should offer the newcomer a drink.

    “Cel...Cele Celebi,” (Hello... I am the time traveller Celebi,) it said softly.

    “Fere. Feraligatr?” (Hello. Why do you have eyeliner?) Feraligatr asked a moment later, breaking the silence from everyone.

    “Celi... Celebi!” (Oh, that... it’ll be in fashion in a few years!) Celebi said quickly, rubbing at its face anxiously, seemingly embarrassed by the question.

    “Espeon! Espeon Espi?” (That’s not important! Anyways we would like you to purify these Pokémon here if it’s not too much trouble?) Espeon asked politely, bowing his head before his fellow Psychic legendary. He made sure that the humans also understood this part of their conversation.

    “And,” Miror B said quickly, “what is the music scene going to be like in say, a few years?”

    “Celebi...” (That’s a lot for one request...) Celebi remarked, frowning slightly. It then turned to Miror B. “Cele bi.” (Disco will be in.)

    “Disco, huh...” the music man mused as Espeon rolled his eyes at him.

    “Umbreon,” Wes said quietly. The Dark type sighed slightly.

    “Umbre...” (Oh fine...) Umbreon muttered before stepping forward and looking at the Celebi intently. “Umb!”(Oi!) he shouted. The legendary Pokémon turned to him and gave a squeak of surprise upon seeing Umbreon’s Mean Look attack, despite an inevitable ‘Aww’ from Rui.

    “Celebibibi!” (Okay then I’ll do it!) it shouted. It then flew around each Shadow Pokémon, spreading a strange green glow behind it upon the creatures as it flew rapidly. Once each Shadow Pokémon was covered to its satisfaction it raised its short arms and clapped twice. Rui gasped; all the dark purple auras vanished suddenly as the green engulfed them. Each Pokémon gave a contented sigh as well, as if they had been carrying a large weight upon their backs for a day and could finally take it off.

    “It’s done,” Rui beamed. “Thanks, Celebi!” she said as she turned around, but it had already disappeared.


    “So, what now for you two?” Sherles asked as they later sat together on a cliff edge in Agate Village with Espeon and Umbreon sitting on the teenager’s laps. They had already dealt with the other Pokémon and were watching the sunset as the three legendary Johto Beasts ran off towards the warm glowing light together, sand billowing behind them as they sprinted through the desert. Sherles noticed that the two teenagers were holding hands quite firmly at the moment and chuckled softly.

    “Well,” Wes began as he hugged Rui softly, “Rui’s going back to her family, and I suppose I’m following. I’ve no other attachment to this region after all.”

    “Fair enough,” Sherles replied. “Ever think you’ll be back?”

    “Well, who knows? Maybe,” Wes said. “After all...” He pulled out a bunch of coupons from his pocket and examined them. “These things aren’t limited to one-use-only and can stack, so technically any hotel in the region would have to pay me to stay!”

    “Espeon,” (Always the scourge,) Espeon commented drily.

    “And I may come back another time to visit my grandparents too,” Rui said. “Hopefully if that’s the case I won’t get kidnapped again.”

    “Indeed,” Sherles laughed.

    “But for now,” Wes continued, standing up and shaking Sherles’ hand, “I suppose we’ll be gone for a while...” He paused and pondered what to say and clicked his fingers in an attempt to jog his memory. “How should I put it...” he wondered. “You could say that it’s...”

    “Umbre?” (The end?)



    And before a bit of rambling, the spoiler of things both touched on here and in the game:
    Other Shadow Pokemon: there are forty eight in total that are obtainable via normal means in the game. What remains are in possession of a couple of team snagem/cipher members as well as a 'Deep King' in a special colosseum in The Under (which also serves as a rematch-admins place). The mention of a 'few more' are ones that can only be obtained if you had an E-reader.

    Celebi - if you had a bonus disk with the game you could obtain him; if not the next best thing was to see it. A time flute (which Wes is apparently able to play in the game quite masterfully...which I kinda find unlikely, hence the request for Miror B to do so) will summon the legendary who will fly about and insta-purify a Shadow Pokemon for you. However - I don't see why it can't do more than one while it's there, and so hence the request for it to purify all the remaining Shadow Pokemon.

    Thanks for reading, guys! It's good to see that I've finished my first fic finally, four and a half years after I started and while juggling modding, other projects and real life stuff. Better late than never I suppose! =p Thanks in particular to everyone who ever reviewed; whether the comments were short or long, I've appreciated them and it's nice to know that the story has entertained a lot of people across the places I've posted this (and continue to post on for that matter).

    And thanks to people who have happened to have done extra things; be it advertising it on their youtube Let's Plays... twice, voting it for sppf's fanfiction awards for a few categories and netting a few awards in the process (such as funniest fic, scene and character), or making a tvtropes page for the fic without my knowledge and contributing to it, writing a review for it on the main PE2K website, or for making various amusing pictures.

    All of the above done by Mia (or boc of sppf).

    By psyrose3.

    By PinkParkaGirl

    And possibly more which I do not have links handy for. :< (I know of at least one more! Do bug me if you have it handy).

    Thanks also to cieux of sppf who made the main banner for my fic. Lord knows it was better than my own attempt in Paint at the time...


    Thanks also to Genius Sonority (and The Pokemon Company) for making the game! After all this parody relies on that creation, one with a number of flaws but a good deal of fun in it too. Worth picking up and trying out if you never did before.

    Lastly and most certainly not least, special thanks to Chris the Com - a good friend of mine who has beta-read the latter half of the fic and offered ideas such as DAKIM PUNCH - and Hype_Chao who also offered ideas such as Miror B's Umbrella Afro in the Miror B battle chapter.

    It's not quite the end for this fic; I'm in the process of doing minor edits to older chapters as I post them in other places as well, but in the grand scheme of things, this is finished. Glad to have entertained, and hopefully any other fics I may do shall do the same.

    To end, I think it only fitting to link to the credit music of Pokemon Colosseum.
  11. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    ...or it would be the end, but Tom wishes to finish his story.

    Spoilers contain original part from the intermission posted for April Fools before the Venus chapter.

    S-sos today I, Sir Tommy Tom Tom wil ba giving the stury off all timmy with supaman! Isasy calling it... uh...

    Tehy Rutillling uf teh.. Roturndings of Pookeymun Coolsum

    So once here wis fis birdy! Birdy wus all ‘SKWARK SWARK’ and caughty lurnch und itty went omnomomomomy! Whiles supamanny Wesssss went talky withy a mun big with lotsa mscules and lacky in the hury. He sud stuffs whuch mad supperman nosty happy so he dun a thung and explodey uf building! It wos all FIREEYYYY but Zapman wus then frowny and mady shouty noses while burdy was yaaaaay then not yaaaay thun e was capturured. Butty sippermun drive awayyy in vroom vroom thingy if his pokeys and stealy machane, a big smiley had hes un eatsy pounchki.

    He wenty all da wayya to le train but no choo choo sunds camey form it for it wis shoppy. Summermin atey foods and watchy all teh televisitubbiess. Sun ran uway but come backy sos hs diddy greatesest rattle with pinky man. Lotsa wons. He zen saw thisy two fingys withy bag andy flollowed with zommy. Heh, simmily to tommy. Imma Tomma! Tomma liek thisy story. wherewhos soupman wenty ‘stopppy’ and thy wenty ‘gaspy!’ un losty for he used wonn again. Then sthis...girly sud thankyou and duncedy.

    Wessy asked questy but she not much knowy sos they do sum battles and seen teh mayor afters evsils mans says hihos! Mayorler says wordy words likey Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious so they gune to cololololoseum to do sume thungy.

    Bit no fungi sos they wenty backy and slap fis Snagem persople who made acusations and their coughing and it went ON FIRRREEEE and then kabloey. Lotsa shaking of handys happened but theny wessy says to girls stuff and she all ‘ok’. They go to shppy and bucky to trainy and bucky to shoppy and lotsa buying of circuler thungs and then saidy hi to mayorly man but he not there! Instud biggy largely wargely afro many wis there and it wis hugey. Somperman was scardely like tommy for it was hairy but he walky away ind two kindnappers do ses battleingness. He wan again yandy snaggy le punchy thingy and used punch but mayor appearily and issy sad with punchy and ruis all SHADOWY shouty loud like ear hurt. Wessy walky buck and decidy with ruuui to go hip snapps to pyrites but firsty fighty mcblueclues of blueland. BItey thingy joiny him!

    Lots drive latr they there and all hi butter lille reliying sos they sleepy firsto. Hoppity to furtune sellesrs and hens pns says hissy to me, tom! I say something goody wells then fall asheeps but singerwomen all git battle agaings and wins but stealy pokey ans do runnys. Too slow dough and in jailing. This many with stacuhe fisten tail to and set frees but ask for hulps and wessy agrss. They tuntlk to kiddies sna purple friuts use FIRE POWER to sdos stuffy stuff. Snaggy happeny a lotty whiley infoly happiny. Musicicly thingy iff afros do talks withs mansys fo evils but notty liks and needs miore dansys. Thenys two cipher guys walks to placey and demands big many dos as theys says and silver man steels rotatsions! Wessy goes searchssy and go eurakrar and bringy mack snack so alls is happyland. Dukings tells stuffy and sayianman go to placeys and battles. I dids battles too but no smazzules for mes. Tommy went a saddy buts he stills hases spinnnnyddddaaaa.

    wessy wons competititititititit...thingy ands meests cuphur mans who takas to hidout. Wess starts fits bit I comes and bes braves and saves everyoness dasys for everyess! Forri tom is bestest. Zap mans talsk ti evisls mans whily Lotsa wins ands walks to aboves romms of evils where soundsman sing horribls demons and all earys ouuuuuuuuuuuuch and burnings withs firerys painsy so i saves all agains with magsics. I thens gos homes dos dinnse in wess fights mores withs espins helsps un goes all teh ways to musics manss placesy and fights himmy! Lotsa music and salsas snsd quack smacks simons buts evesn wisth wins afromanny escapee. Longsy battelss not nothingys thoughs for littls thingys winners of electrics and dukings huge smile has and yays. Tv peoples asksy questions ans evils mans heards and si asll angry lik FIRE. Hes shoutsy at peeospls and alls be saddy.

    wess use thinks and then trys to teachy rui pokeymans but she threw good nnot.. reporters peoples not helpsfuls eithers but new policymany ares as thisy guy not do goddy in piratelandys . sherlesy do stuffs withs themsy and tills wes to go fortuneetells somes so he goes sand goes to a places has gates all the ways ands radisos uses sillys dishwishys. Tommsy thunks alls shoulds busyes ones they tastes tasysty unds shiny! Tom his five. Tops alsos sysya quacks. This whiles sim science manses makys all teh vils inworlds and mansy saddy mtal birdys is flowrs and musiscs of dooooom pastries.

    ats gatesvilles all teh oldey fellows says hiss and talks ands ruis goes un saysis his grundpatents and theys also says hi’s. Lotsa hand shakeys and teas buts oh noesy evils mens comes to forestsys of hippy! Eguabn angrys and runs ats speds of soiunds. Sippermans folls toos ands kicks ways to stoneys and fights ebil man to protecty its all ans is success many! Lotsa mors winss so baddys runs flys farss buts puntsables yelllso pikas throwns at thems.

    buts thens tall kidam amasnys tallers thens a sun gos with mors baddies to mountainny with punchiers than punchs and spikey cacti toos. Polices fits thems and so dies wissy whso battles teh dakims aftesrs he punchss mans it in facey . he goess outchs and afaintsed for manys times but wes defends wlss and gts s a shinny fattys things with FIRES ALLS THE FIRES MADES HAPPEN. Dakims sads at lacks of FIRES and Firssz wes thinks lucky and yays. Sheelss arrests sevryonthing and is amazedlike.

    wes sh uses rocks to helsps shadows pokmneys withs rockys stones in gatevorlds ands lots are happier and gud job yes madesy. Hes and ruis comes backs to pyrites to talks to sherely abit alls thats happens and soms mirkela thing thats made peoples runs froms jails vrys fars. Wesss go to hideouts with girly for hielpings . afros b man used tricks to do thigsys with beatsisng ciphers and allss very smartly and gets helps well sfroms badly who stone breaky nit. Sciencesmans alsoos his buts mirrors dances oncesly whiles trickings. Wesss menans wiles arrests and stufss buts Sherles tolds by mayors to arrests him too! Johnny john jimmy goes anadsa tells hims and theys run dinstairs andleavs ruis to talks to sherlesys to get infomatations. She confusedly but decides ti helpsy wesly muchs in Undrlandsly and meests smarst aand wonderfully tommsy who helps sillys wess not slesps muchs. Tommys carries wes to places of kidneys whos all helps and trys to helps others tii withs infos. Thns afro mans firends walks a lot and whens tommys says a lots he means lots and lots and lottys not just little lot. Theys goes to mayors but hes gones and then shelrys asks for answrs. Wess saving silve boy yess with smart and battles wonage ands nows goes to beats svenuss!

    Tomsy needy drinky from talkingness.

    Ah, issy tassy things! Toms likss buttle. But-lily. Anyheyways, yoms dance says why suppur gos on spinny fings ands thns kissys! Hun Vensus says thinys un battles rattles wis fanicials monster an mr catty, ans lovy dangers mans wus in troubls, but quags appurs and quaggy quags for all quigs. Vunses rans aways buts chaseys works afsters I braves lads policy to places. Suicunsse captures whens shuffiff quested. Lost arrursted manys ans waters imposring s slows whils tioms fights roary traisns braves. Hes thns sees mun who seks bathrooms badsy sos tommy falls aslesps.

    Jails crowds bytes goss more peoples wanted! Suppers go zoomy zom zoom labs withz bad thigsys ands fitghs. Punchman gos punchs thungs and wessy findings trappings un sci...sigh...scifimans yous angrys and tries runrunruns buts rattles instud. Bisgs fights withs twos ad caves johsnson too withs fishy. Isns doess welss buts rfells withs roars thingys. Punchsmans gests fat thoughs, ssos throws puppies fir creat hustices. Yays agains.means hilts snagman catchs wilds poflece i makses deals. Mirors maksy dance musics un driavy trains.

    nassy cool mans angrys and maysors joiny hims fir plans. Hairmans arrives un nascours rudly shoutings at toms mans whos ataacatacks bys hairs. Sos scaries! Thsns sckurbs gives hses helmets ands shouts toooe. Policyes and supermum plans vists ands sos runs overs nexts days. Hairy skubry and grays meets fur palsns.

    whns arrives poksmons sentesn outs buts zoms sooms ands sos subbers ands girlys chases uts. Tallsy dakims figrhts buys punchmans punchypunchy win. Sores headsy fors polies buts snag teams comes snad hulps. Mains mans fights wes nagyrs bits lossed fors wairs comes if muzaz ands concords. Elevators takens and so bigs fights happens whns mayors and nassy greets and sends peoples at upperham and ruui.. Toms hulps things though withs banannaanNNAas ands spinydas andssos alsls poksydwiu faints, yays. Bug filluws mayorsmans and shcases backs aftsur srai chaes toos ands toms catchs its buts no beers. Manyss disppoints. Bigs figths and ssherelsysz coms ands thens fires comes whens victorys to ssssssspots mayors runs. Tomss likes firres.l Thsens tomsys hides whens hairymans comes.

    nestxs tosms gorss to borings rocks andsays higshysys to gresns things. Selss ruunns things and gos to gets drnks.
  12. Kurloz Makara

    Kurloz Makara Red Death

    Damn... now it's REALLY over.

    This fanfic has been the funniest I've ever read, B&B. I'm just sad I missed most of it during my unwanted hiatus. XP

    Miror B. played the Time Flute, eh? Well, it was probably better than Wes or Rui or even Johnson to play it. Actually, I shudder to think what would've happened if Johnson played the flute. DX

    Lmao, Umbreon used the cute Mean Look on Celebi. I wonder what warranted that to happen, though?

    Hmm... I wonder what WOULD happen if you ate one of Johnson's pastries..?

    Anyway, I hope to see more of your works in the future, B&B. Good luck!

    Also, never ask Alucard's opinion on anything, even fanfics. He might shoot you for annoying him.

    Keep it up! ;491;

    Edit: I got Falkner now! :D
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2012
  13. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    The end of an era. The end of hands down the funniest fic Serebii has to offer. The end of the PMs that would signify that it was gonna be a good day.

    The story was, in all honesty, perfection from start to finish. Not a chapter went by that didn't leave me in hysterics. The characters were all funny, from Miror B. to Makuhita to Venus's Steelix and everyone in between.
  14. I completly agree with this, it was a fabulous story. I'm still hoping for an XD sequel >w<
  15. celestial phantom

    celestial phantom Well-Known Member

    This has been great and no matter what, the endings always leave me wanting more. It just saddens me to not be able to read a new chapter of this anymore and while i'll be able to go back and re-read it from time to time the first read will always hold a special place. So, as a duty to this fic it may be short, but here is my final review:

    $20 says that I can place a natu...no wait a dragonite under his hat and he'll never know.

    Wait? What? A reporter actually asking a legit question? This person can not be from orre, IT'S A SETUP RUN!

    Why wouldn't you want to come back guys? Orre is lovely when staying is free.

    Again... weird laws here. But TOM with a Raikou? Now that's epic.


    Disco never died in the first place. It's still in... somewhere.


    :( NOOOOOO! Say it isn't so!

    Thanks for such an amazing story that genius sonority and the pokemon company didn't give in a game. I would comment on the finish of Tom's story, but I don't know what he's saying, so I guess I didn't break the code of drunk language. It's been a fun ride on this rollar coaster of a story B&B, looking forward to any fics you do in the future.
  16. psyrose3

    psyrose3 Well-Known Member

    I was gonna draw moar art other than that two year old excuse for fanart man! XD

    When I went to review the last chapter, my comp froze up near the end of my review. So to make this as short and sweet as possible:

    Yeah, what he said. I'm not kidding about moar art, I'll draw some moar stuff eventually! Like oblivious Nascour, and :3 Umbreon, and clueless Evice/Salamence!

    Waiting and reading this since middle school was totally worth it. I'll miss this fic, but I'll be waiting for more of your works down the road.
  17. Glover

    Glover Pain in Rocket side

    Seems I'm a bit of a minority, then. Like everyone else, I've loved the story and am bummed to see it go, so few Orre stories out there and I'm just going all over the world with mine, but I must confess that at some point the aside humor went into left field for me. Tom holds no special meaning, nor does his take on an Epilogue. I have no idea what he said and after a while it just didn't mean anything for me to try.

    You're Shadow speak was memorable though, especially Makuhita. Johnson and the Magikarp were funny too. Yanma was classic, but Plusle felt too much like a bad copy of Yanma, and Yanma towards the end seemed to run out of meaningful things to say.

    I must admit though, coffee-powered Bug of Mass Destruction would have been funny to read, and probably to write. I'll encourage you to consider at some point a caffinated Yanmega for any of your fics. (COFFEEORDIE!)

    All that said though, I must give you points for Celebi in makeup being caught in the wrong fashion. The epilogue made sense, I love Wes' plan to charge the Hotels too, that really fits his history as a criminal. And good for you for not over-playing the relationship there, I was kinda expecting someone to make an aside comment about Wes not letting her be kidnapped a second time, but as I think about it that might have been too played up.

    My regards though, thank you for the ride, it's been a blast! We'll catch you again sometime.
  18. Charoshi

    Charoshi Charmander is best

    I haven't posted in a while, so I guess now is a good a time as any to come out of hiding.

    I just wanted to say, thank you for finishing this masterpiece. It is one of those few stories I've read where I am just in stitches for mass portions of the story. You have a knack for comedy, and boy was some of it funny.

    The characters in the story were well done, and fairly relatable. The extra expansion of the games canon was nearly perfect. It tied up a lot of loose ends, or stuff that just really made no sense in the game.

    My only complaint about this story, it was too short. I WANT MOAR!!!

    All in all, wonderful story. Thanks for gifting us with this fabulous read. I look forward to whatever the future holds for your writing. :)
  19. Sike Saner

    Sike Saner Peace to the Mountain

    Andy he... takey ma drinky!

    First of all, I think I've said something along these lines to you at some point and some place previously, but anyway: **** yeah RCHP. :D

    I shall direct similarly approving sentiment toward Miror B. getting to be the one to summon Celebi to purify the rest of the shadows. And getting some more of Tom's brand of storytelling was pretty nifty. :B

    Do the sock puppets have googly eyes?

    Why would I not be surprised to learn that there actually is or has been a quiche-shaped hat somewhere in the world?

    Nice. XD

    This causes me to imagine a drunk Raikou, which is a pretty amazing notion.

    This is a vastly superior way to spell "bananas".

    Congratulations on completing this! :D It's been lots of fun to read. Thanks for sharing it!
  20. Rotomknight


    This was amazing.
    Please let your next fic be funny. You are truly gifted when it comes to laughter. My only real complaint is not enough johnson and magikarp. If you can deCipher the tom speak It's funny.

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