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The Return: Memory Reversal~ Sign-ups


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The Return: Memory Reversal

The Pokémon world is a place of beauty and mystery. People are the dominate species with their towns and society across the whole planet. Most notable about this world are the other creatures inhabiting it; Pokémon. Pokémon are more than domestic animals. They have intelligence equal to and surpassing humans, they have powers that defy the laws of physics, and their hearts and minds work as one with mankind. Humans and Pokémon have lived together for many years and developed a mutual relationship of trust and respect. People work with Pokémon as their equals, though like any civilization, there are those who seek wrong done upon it. But, certain norms have appeared between people and Pokémon. Humans have the technology to capture Pokémon that would desire to further their relationship and together they battle others for sport, selfish gain, or protection. There are many dynamics to the person-Pokémon relationship, yet the world of Pokémon has been experiencing a period of peace as of late. So the world of Pokémon moves on through time just as any universe would.

If not for one unfortunate event.

Today is the big day! You, a friend to Pokémon, have had the opportunity to attend to Hoenn Champ Battles! Only once every year, at Lilycove City, experienced trainers called the Elite Four preform for the audience by battling other skilled trainers. The Elite Four as well as Gym Leaders hold high places in the world of Pokémon and this event is highly acclaimed. You are a lucky soul to be able to attend the games and the battles were exciting down to the end. As the people are filing out nearing the last minutes of battle, you linger in order to be sure of the true victor. Dark clouds begin to gather, nothing but a storm. Although, the sky was clear just moments ago. As suddenly as the clouds had appeared, there was a loud crack and the sky opened up.

What came out was something unbelievable. Two incredibly rare Pokémon, Dialga and Palkia, emerged in the middle of an intense battle. Lightening tore across the sky and the people panicked. Some run around in terror while others look up in fear and you join in. Seeing Legendary Pokémon is not an everyday occurrence. As things are happening all around it, everything abruptly stops. Time stands still. People are frozen around you, Dialga and Palkia having seemingly stopped, and you yourself cannot move. Then, in a flash of bright, white light, you hear a voice; This battle will be completely erased from everyone’s minds, and it should have been from yours too. But, you extraordinary individuals are the only witnesses to this event. Something about you has made you resistant to the Memorial Blast and as a result, you will be forgotten as well. Seek out the Legendary Pokémon and others who are resistant and you will find answers.

After that, you find yourself back in your seat near the end of the battle. Not the battle in the sky between Legendries, but the one between the Elite Four and their competitors. No matter your reaction, it seems no one around you remembers a battle between Dialga and Palkia. Calling friends or family yields nothing either as they treat as a stranger. Your Pokémon are the only ones who remember who you are. What you do next is up to you.

Additional Comments and Rules

~Pokémon battles are carried out where the trainer is an active part of battle. While in fair fights, trainers refrain from attacking each other, they will move around the field while commanding their Pokémon.

~Your character can be anything from an elderly, experience trainer to a totally green coordinator. As long as you stay within the wide age limit and are reasonable in number of badges and skill level for your character.

~Leave Legendary Pokémon out of your characters life unless loosely connected. Go crazy with the history section, but I might ask for changes that affect the plot later on.

~Make your first post begin before the Dialga Palkia battle and end with your characters reaction after the "Memorial Blast." Things like that will be explained as time goes on, promise.

1. All RPG rules apply. Minimal to zero godmodding, bunnying, being invincible, etc. Just do what’s right.
2. Three strikes you're out. I warn you twice, the next time you screw up you're done.
3. Please try and stay dedicated. This is a re-vamp of my first RPG. We had a small group of posters who stuck to the end and it was amazing. Let me know if you’ll be falling behind and I’ll try and do the same.
3.5. If you look back at the first Memory Reversal RP and spoil crap, I'll break you.
4. On that note, be appropriate. Use language appropriate to the situation, use interactions appropriate to the situation, and just don't fight with each other (outside of character of course). You got a problem, you bring it to me.
5. Have a fun time! Take it easy with a simple RPG with some cool people and use your imagination to the max. Happy posting!

Sign-Up Form:

Name: Simple enough. Throw in a nickname if ya want.
Gender: Do I need to explain this?
Appearance: Give us a physical and material description. Body and clothing.
Personality: Go crazy. Flesh 'em out, make them real.
History: Tell us a story. Tell us your characters story.
Other: If you need it?

Pokémon Team: 1-6

Attacks: 4

Here is my character~

Name: Marth Kane
Gender: Female
Age: 15

Appearance: Marth Kane stands in at five feet and five inches on the dot. Her weight is about 52 kilograms, or 115 pounds in English units. She has a build of a girl her age, only slightly more muscular as she works out with her Pokémon and stays in shape. Also, because she’s outside a lot of the time her skin is moderately tanned, nothing too dark. A couple of freckles dot her arms and she has a few of old scars, the most notable being above her left ankle and the bottom of her right palm.

Marth has an oval-shaped face, sometimes making her look small behind her hair. She has a slightly crooked nose which pokes out a bit more than most. During the day she has contacts to cover her emerald green eyes and only pulls out her glasses when she needs to. She has a spectacular smile which scrunches up her eyes a bit, but her lips are very plain. Her hair is short and wispy, sandy blonde in shade and very thick. She has bangs going straight across and jagged layers all around. For the most part, she wears little make-up. If anything, she puts on concealer for her stubborn, albeit minor acne.

For clothing, Marth goes simple. She always wears jeans, usually in a dark navy tone. Her favorite pair of sneakers is her go to footwear for nearly every occasion. These are black in color with some electric blue trim around the edges. As for upper wear, she starts with a sleeveless brown V-neck in a silky material. Over that she wears a green-white short sleeved jacket. The white part comes a little past halfway to a pair of pockets before turning green immediately. She has a watch on her left wrist, a small gold hoop in her right ear, and a golden cross necklace given to her as a baby.

Personality: Marth has two major sides to her personality. First off, she has a great sense of right and wrong. She is a woman of honor and has good integrity. She is intent on trying her best and never giving up. She’s got the traits of a leader, brave and in control. While she can be proud at times, she usually gets beaten down and loses her sheen. But, soon enough, she’s proven again how good a friend she can be. In fact, she’s an amazingly loyal and trustworthy friend. Marth is great at acting like something she’s not, using this to fool others. She’s knows to play fair and she’s got plenty of street smarts, using them to help others.

Now on the other side of things, she’s troublesome. Marth has a bit of a cocky nature and often skips certain cautions which gets her into a mess of trouble. She’s extremely resourceful, using whatever she can to save her skin. She can act fast, and she pays attention to the small details that can change the entire outcome of a situation, hopefully for her gain. Still, as many times as she’s found herself in a fix, she can’t help her compulsive, risky moral fibers. She can be a jokester at times and she jumps into situations without thinking. Along with all this, she loves to be free.

History: Marth Kane grew up in scenic Azela Town of the Johto region with her parents and grandmother. Her father, a scientific researcher, had many resources in the small town so he could stay close to home while gathering lots of data for his work. His biggest research was in the Ruins of Alph and the mysterious phenomena of the Unown. On their anniversary, her parents went to have a picnic at the ruins but they never returned. Their disappearance was a complete mystery, they were gone without a trace. Marth, only eight at the time, grieved with her family, but was determined to discover what happened at any cost.

Two years later, when she was at the age most children receive their first Pokémon, Marth used her father’s trusty Vibrava and caught her own partner, Growlithe. With permission of her grandmother, Marth journeyed with her Pokémon as most trainers would. Not only was her goal to become stronger and win gym badges, but to find more information about what occurred to her parents. In one year, she earned four badges in Johto and moved on to the Kanto region.

In Kanto she earned all eight badges after two years of work and study. Then, after her grandmother had passed away, she moved back to Johto for a time, grieving her loss and continuing to research. Last year she was at Sinnoh, more to tour the region than anything. There she developed the idea of the “Reverse World”. Some obscure dimension meant to balance this world was what she came up with and she hoped this explained where her parents had disappeared to. Just about a month ago she came to Hoenn for a good break, earned a badge, and heard of the Hoenn Champ Battles. Looking to relax some, she decided to watch the games for some good fun.

Pokémon Team:

Species-Gender: Growlithe (female)
Nickname: Sear
Personality: Sear mirrors her trainer almost perfectly. She’s as sly and adventurous as Marth but usually more pretentious. Sear is sassy and likes to put the blame for things on others. She’s a bit pompous and proud, especially in battle. Still, she makes a great leader for the team and can make good choices when she has to. Risky yet loyal to the end, Sear is as spunky as her trainer.

Description-History: Sear has blue eyes and the mane of hair on her head is a bit smaller than an average Growlithe’s. She also wears a Mystic Water around her neck. It was used to help her heal at one point and now she wears it as an accessory. Sear was Marth’s first caught Pokémon and has been her closest partner since. Sear got lost when wandering from her pack one day and ran into Marth who caught her. At first reluctant, Sear found traveling with the girl exciting and battling was fun. She acts as leader of their team and likes to think she's above even Marth.

Attacks: Bite, Flame Wheel, Fire Fang, Take Down

Species-Gender: Vibrava (male)
Nickname: Ace

Personality: Ace is a calm and collected Pokémon. He is gentlemanly and chivalrous like a knight. He battles valiantly and fairly, always doing his best and being respectful. He is deeply loyal and protective of the team. He would give his life to save them. Outside of his dutiful demeanor, he enjoys feeling free. He flies about without restraint and explores the skies with joy. Overall, he is the most mature of the group, though sometimes a bit narrow-minded.

Description-History: Ace belonged to Marth’s father. He helped him when he was researching weather patterns in Hoenn. Since then, he was been a close friend to the family. Ace lived under the radar as far as family Pokémon, but Marth enjoyed his free flying spirit so she picked him out to help her beginher quest. Being the daughter of his former owner, Ace is obedient to her, but treats her like a daughter in terms of needing to protect her.

Attacks: Sand-Attack, Faint Attack, Sand Tomb, Dragonbreath

Species-Gender: Sentret (male)
Nickname: Hustle

Personality: Hustle is a hustler, hence the nickname. He is a crafty, sneaky Pokémon that does whatever needs to be done for gain. He could be stealing money, tricking a stranger to get their help, or just using his resourceful nature to have some fun. Usually, he doesn’t have a heart and doesn’t care much if he hurts others with his actions. When it comes to his team, he grew to become incredibly loyal. Because of this, he has lost a few of his harmful habits in order to live up to the teams expectations.

Description-History: Hustle was given an Amulet Coin to carry around and treasure. He hides it in his tail which has a few more rings than an average Sentret. Also, all of his fur is slightly darker than the brown spot on his stomach. Sentret lived in Mahogany Town, causing havoc and stealing to live from the townsfolk. When Marth was traveling through, she was one that he stole from, but she wasn’t about to let it go. After battling to retrieve her things, she decided capturing this pest would be helpful to the town and fun to have on the team. At first, he fought them at every step, but slowly came to treat them like family.

Attacks: Quick Attack, Fury Swipes, Follow Me, Sucker Punch

And so begins the sign-ups!

Marth Kane (Skillfulness)
Timothy "Tim" Wolfe (Monster Guy)
Izefia "Izzy" Brill (InnerFlame)
Calamity "Cala" Noctin (Absoluna)
Nicolas James McCoy (ApertureScience)
Ryan St. Clair (Double-oh-Platypus)
Jack Coniff (AwesomeGuy)
Claude Gallois-Montbrun (goldensteambun)


Samantha Sparks
Son_of_Shadows (we'll miss you Joshua!!!)
Manaphy Mare
CyberB (Bill, gone but not forgotten... kinda)
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Hm...well finals are ending and I have break to get back in the swing of things around here. I will reserve.


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Hmmm... I saw this yesterday and I was wondering if I should join again. Hmm... Well, reserve me a spot as well captain!

Also Marth's Sentret reminds me an awful lot of Izzy's Furret, though Chucky doesn't care if he gain anything from his mischief actions, he just loves chaos (if I remember that correctly). Anyhow I'll get to working on a sign-up.

Manaphy Mare

1000 Words
Reserve me a spot please! And will Phione br considered legendary in this rp? I know some people don't count him as such so I thought I'd clarify before I start typing.


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Got all your reserves! Nice to see ya InnerFlame! And Manaphy Mare, I'll give you the go-ahead to include Phione in your sign-up (not owned by your character though). Just certain ones are important to plot, but Phione's ok. Thanks for asking!

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Name: Timothy "Tim" Wolfe
Gender: Male
Age: 15

Appearance: Tim is noticeably shorter than most guys (and some girls) his age, standing at exactly 5'4". He is has an athletic build and is physically fit due to having lived in Fortree City most of his life, so he is accustomed to climbing trees on a daily basis to get anywhere; as well as living the life of a Trainer traveling and working out with his Pokemon. Because he is outside rather often, his skin is lightly tanned. Not pale, but not bronzed either. His has messy black hair on top of his head which goes to his eyebrows. He has big brown eyes, a small nose, and a round "Babyface", which give him a youthful appearance.

Tim dresses simply. Due to all the things that being a trainer entails, he doesn't want to have to fuss with his clothes, or worry about ruining them. His casual outfit usually consists of a T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers. His usual shirt is a simple dark blue and white striped T-shirt. He wears a pair of khaki cargo shorts on the bottom, and a pair of gray sneakers on his feet. He carries a blue back to carry all his essential items. He doesn't dress up for contests, believing it's about the Pokemon, not the trainers.

Personality: Tim is a shy and quiet individual by nature. He was always this way, and being bullied as a kid didn't help. He gets scared rather easily, and he actually suffers from stage fright. This has caused some problems when you're an aspiring Co-coordinator, and have to perform in front of an audience. He often talks more to his Pokemon, than to people. He really wants to be the brave, dashing, knight in shining armor type like the guys he's seen on TV, but it's harder than it looks.

Despite being shy, he is by no means antisocial. If you talk to him, you'll find he's quite friendly, polite, and kind to others. Often laughing and making jokes like any other kid. He is always happy to have to new friends, because his shyness makes it difficult to make them. He is very affectionate and loyal to those he likes. In conversations, he is usually more of a listener than a talker, and he has no problems being a sounding board when someone wants to vent (As long as they don't hurt him.) What pisses him off the most is when someone takes advantage of someone, either himself or others. Though quick to forgive, Tim is not one to be messed with when angered.

Tim is very careful and calculating. He always thinks before he speaks, and prefers not to wrecklessly jump into danger. It's made him a good strategist as far as Pokemon battles are concerned. This skill fails him when he gets nervous though.

Although he doesn't look like it, Tim has a big appetite, and likes eating. He also has the cooking skills to match, and has eaten the Pokeblocks/Poffins he's made for his Pokemon more than once. (He doesn't get how eating a Dry Pokeblock/Poffin can make anyone prettier, or a Bitter one can make you smarter. He's eaten them, and nothing has changed.)

History: Tim was born and raised in Fortree City Hoenn. His dad was a scientist at the nearby Weather Institute, and his mother was a former Co-ordinator. His first Pokemon was a gift from his dad, a Castform created at the Weather Institute (Whom Tim nicknamed Casty.) Casty imprinted on the boy, and viewed him as his parent, and the two were close ever since.

From an early age. Tim seemed to inherit his mom's skills in Contests. He had a way of working with Pokemon, to bring out it's natural potential. Tim also loved working with Pokemon like this, and was determined to follow in his mother's footsteps, and enter the female dominated world of Pokemon Contests, and become a Co-ordinator himself.

Unfortunately, Pokemon Contests aren't something you brag to the other guys about when your a kid. Tim was bullied by them at school for liking Contests because it was for sissies. His shyness did not help matters and it made him an easy target. The Bullying upset him, and only made him more quiet. Still, school wasn't all bad. His grades were good, and most of the girls found his interest in contests, and taste in Pokemon, cute. But he often got flustered when he spoke to them. Although he was often teased for this, it actually made him something of a chick magnet. He's not really aware of it, and embarrasses him greatly when it's brought up.

Unlike most other kids, Tim didn't get to leave untill he turned 13, later than most. His parents wanted him to be a teenager when he started, and thought 10 was too young to be traveling on your own. When he was finally allowed to go on a journey, Tim's goal was to head out to Verdanturf to get Contest Passes, and enter their first contest. Along the way, he caught a few Pokemon, and practiced vigorously for the upcoming contest. He also had a few adventures in between. Including battling random kids to earn money to live on, and an extended trip to Lillycove City to watch the Grand Festival. When the day of the contest finally arrived, finally arrived, he realized it was a lot harder than it looked. Despite all his hard work, the large crowd made him freeze, and that affected his appeal. He lost in the first round.

Tim was disapointed greatly by his first loss. At first, this did not deter him, and he tried the next contest in Verdanturf the following month. In the time leading up to that, he trained his Pokemon a bit more, and he practiced all kinds of tricks to get over stage fright that he read in books. While he managed to get further than the last time, nerves got the better of him, and he still lost. After having lost two contests in a row, Tim was worried. While he didn't want to give up Contests, he wondered how he was going to do this if he choked in front of an audience like that. In order to take his mind off this, he decided to explore the rest of the Hoenn region as a tourist. During his travels, he heard about the Hoenn Champ Battles, and decided to watch because he didn't really have anything else to do anyway.


Name: Casty
Species: Castform
Gender: Male
Personality: Essentially, Casty is a Pokemon version of Tim. Mainly in that he is very affectionate to others, and likes to eat. The only difference being that he is much less shy, and often be seen chatting up other people and Pokemon, as well as acting cute to charm others. He enjoys attention, and loves Pokemon Contests because he likes to put on a show. Although he knows better now, he still views Tim like a father, since he raised him since he was born. His feelings change with the weather.

History: Tim's first Pokemon, a gift from his father who he got due to his job as a scientist at the weather institute. When he first hatched, Tim was the first one he saw, and for a time, he believed the boy was his mother. He knows better now, but still views the boy like a parent.

Attacks: Weather Ball, Hail, Rain Dance, Sunny Day

Name: Alice
Species: Snorunt
Gender: Female
Personality: The only female Pokemon on the team at the moment. Alice is a very social and outgoing Pokemon. She likes making friends with other Pokemon. She is also stubborn, and does not give up easily. In battles, she likes to Toy with her opponents before finishing them off. She fears becoming a female Glalie, and wants to become a Froslass as soon as possible.

History: Tim noticed this Snorunt following him while he on his travels. Tim thought it was a good idea to add her to his team, and try to catch her. In the battle that ensued, Alice purposely lost the battle, and allowed Tim to catch her. Why she was following him? She has a crush on Casty. Casty is clueless, but Tim noticed.

Attacks: Hail, Icy Wind, Headbutt, Double Team

Name: Tad
Species: Lotad
Gender: Male
Personality: Tad is a hyperactive, playful, and carefree Pokemon. He likes to have fun, and not get upset about things. He seems lazy, and is often oblivious to things going on around him. Despite this, he is far from being stupid, and he is actually a competent battler and performer when he puts his mind to it. He is often seen dancing to a rhythm no one else can hear.

History: Tim caught Tad early on his adventure, as he figured a Water type would be useful. There also happened to be Lotads everywhere. He just challenged the first one he encountered to a battle, weakened him, then threw the Pokeball. It was as easy as it sounds, because the wild Pokemon wasn't paying attention to what was going on, and by the time he realized it, he was already in the Pokeball.

Attacks: Rain Dance, Bubblebeam, Mega Drain, Nature Power

Name: Arnie
Species: Growlithe
Gender: Male
Personality: Arnie is loyal and protective of his trainer and his friends, due to honor, not because he likes him or anything. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, and often goes out of his way to be a hero. Arnie is quite proud, and hates that he was captured by a human so easily. Still, at least he is glad it wasn't a mean human.

History: Tim encountered a wild Growlithe that growled at him as he walked past his territory. Tim was willing to leave the pup alone, but Alice accepted the challenge for her trainer, and was determined to beat him despite the disadvantage, to impress Casty. As the battle went on, Alice was indeed losing. So Tim threw the Pokeball, and caught the Pokemon by pure luck, to end the battle, and spare his Pokemon further harm. At first, Arnie didn't obey Tim because he was too proud, and refused to admit he was captured. He still does this sometimes, but he's getting better.

Attacks: Flame Wheel, Bite, Morning Sun, Sunny Day
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Monster Guy: While I have a few squabbles about your grammer, your SU is acceptable. In the future, please try and use correct grammer such as the different "your"s, limit run on sentences, and get deatiled. I was hoping to read more of what your character did leading up to where they are now. I find it hard to believe he only did one contest before he was 15. So just work on that. ACCEPTED

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Monster Guy: While I have a few squabbles about your grammer, your SU is acceptable. In the future, please try and use correct grammer such as the different "your"s, limit run on sentences, and get deatiled. I was hoping to read more of what your character did leading up to where they are now. I find it hard to believe he only did one contest before he was 15. So just work on that. ACCEPTED

This is what happens when I click submit, and go to bed before looking at it first. I think fixed everything.

Anyway, I added that he started at thirteen, added him losing a second contest, and some other things... For the sake of character development, I don't want him to have won anything yet, and losing so many contests like that looks bad...
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Name: Izefia ‘Izzy’ Brill
Gender: Female
Age: 18

Appearance: Izzy is 5 feet and 7 inches tall girl with long wavy hair. Her hair is about mid-back and is red-orange except for her bangs that have been dyed blonde. The bangs are long and would cover her eyes if she did not clip them to the side of her head to prevent that. Within the frame created by her hair is a pair of emerald colored eyes, that really pop out from her darken complexion she gain from her many hours under the sun. When you get a good look at her, she has scars all over her the more permanent ones has faded to a barely noticeable like the one on her left shoulder. Most of the other ones look recent and are starting to heal; those she got when she was ‘examining’ a wild pokemon that responded back aggressively. She has a few spots of acne that has failed to clear up, but nothing too bad. She very thin and other than a large chest area, she is otherwise lacking in the other girlish curves.

Her choice in fashion is rather simple. A peach cashmere shirt with only one long sleeve and a long blue jean skirts just above her ankles. Under the one sleeve top is a white tank top, visible on her left side. The tank top is tighter fit than the shirt above that softly rests on her body. The skirt is tight on her waistline but flowing due to the slits on the outer side of it. She has tall, laced leather boots that stops two inches below her knees is tied in a strange knot if anyone ever noticed it; as it’s mostly hidden by her skirt. She has some light blue medical gloves that reaches her elbows, and white mask that has been fitted for her face; occasionally she wears them with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

Personality: Eccentric is really the best word to describe Izzy, though many prefer to used the term crazy and insane. She believed in the supernatural seeing pokemon as aliens that came from another world. She is often ‘speaking’ pokemon with her pokemon and they often answer her back. Her imitations of pokemon sounds are spot on and if someone wasn’t looking at her, they think it was a real pokemon. She is also pretty good at imitating human voices. She suffers from some paranoia issues believing that all of the Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys are clones; and that they are trying to tag her, so that they can watch her or try to steal her organs. Due to this she avoids them and watches them cautiously; she hates police station and Pokemon Centers. Once those oddities of her personality have been gone through, it is quick to see that she is a very kind girl.

It is uncommon to not see her wearing a chipper expression on her face. You could get angry at her and call her names, and she will still be happy and even a little giggly. She will try to apologize but she has a difficult time saying it in a serious tone. She is also quite joking with people laughing to herself at time making other think she making fun of them, when she isn’t. Normally she doesn’t act her age, but when pokemon are involved her maturity just exponentially drops. Her excitability rises and she normally cannot restrain herself from going up to a pokemon and examining it, and she often quite touchy about it. She makes a lot of pokemon, and people, uncomfortable. When she is denied access to a pokemon she pouts a bit and gets disappointed. And if she really interested she will think of ways to get that pokemon in her hands. Izzy just loves pokemon to death, so seeing a new one or learning anything new about make it hard to keep her composure.

The other emotions of this girl are a bit dull when it comes to responding because of her optimistic happy point of view, as well as her getting used to be treated oddly by people. Though, she been prone to be a bit mischief when something upsets her. Often that part of her makes want to scare people, which actually quite easy being who she is. Her moments of mischief aren’t anything over the top, yet sometimes it gets her in trouble. The only time you will see her truly angry is if someone touches her precious research information without permission or someone hurts a pokemon. When she is truly angry it’s scarier than her mischief frights. There is a fire in her eyes and 9 out of 10; the other party is going to be feeling some serious pain. Once the price has been paid, she quickly calms down and returns to normal. Sorrow is very rare and it often trigger when she thinks about her mom. She often gets so chocked up she couldn’t speak even if she wanted to. It looks like she wants to cry but she never does. This takes her a few minutes to push back her unhappiness and returned to her cheerful self, though she always try to pretend she is fine.

History: Izefia Brill was born in Cherrygrove City, a small little place with not much to it. In the earliest of her memories, she can barely remember her father as he left her and her mom. Her mother, in all honesty, was insane. She suffered from extreme paranoid and thought pokemon were evil aliens that were just a ticking time bomb until they took over the world. Anyone that liked them were under strong hypnotizes and cannot be trusted. This was the kind of atmosphere that Izzy grew up in and she might of believed her mom if it were for being rescue by a pokemon. A bullying attempt gone too far, almost got her serious injured then she was saved by this incredible pokemon… Though with her being so young and being endangered it's difficult to remember exactly what pokemon it was, though she believed it was one of the legendary dogs of Johto.

It was after that incident she became interested in pokemon; falling completely in love with the amazing creatures. Her mom cried saying that the aliens had taken her daughter and shortly after that she stopped interacting with her all together. How much that hurt, she still wanted to learn everything she possibly could about pokemon. But her small hometown made it difficult to get much information. So like many others, she decided to go on a pokemon journey. Her journey brought her across many pokemon and people that came and left. She tried battling in the gyms, winning three badges, and even a Pokemon Contest but neither really interested her. She just decided to continue to devote her attention to the pokemon she loves. She, however, has barely branched out from her home region of Johto thus her pokemon knowledge of pokemon outside of it is limited. Her information on most Johto and a fair amount of Kanto pokemon is actually highly detailed though she hasn't been able to get any on the legendaries that live in the region.

Other: She has several notebooks in which she writes down different pokemon languages and tries to figure out what in mean in human language. Also instead of a pokedex, she has a book (a very thick I must add) which she collects different pokemon DNA sample and adds notes about them.

Pokémon Team: Ordered in the time they were obtained.

Species-Gender: Furret Male
Nickname: Chucky

Personality: Chucky is a mischief pokemon that loves nothing more than pulling pranks and causing trouble for both humans and his fellow pokemon. This includes theft, vandalism, and very well detailed traps. His mischievousness often goes unpunished since Izzy is a bit of prankster herself some days and everyone tends to put the blame on her as his trainer. Very smart, smooth and persuasive, he can easily turn on the charm or deceive to get people and other pokemon to give him want he wants. Younger pokemon has the tendency to be bullied by him. Most everyone see him as a jerk but he’s surprisingly loyal to those he sees as his friend.

Description-History: No really knows the true origins of Chucky other than the day things started happening around Cherrygrove City. This pokemon would break into building and throw stuff on the floor as well as leave little traps for the returning owners. There were pitfalls all over town that people fell into. The pokemon became very infamous around, as a bad pokemon as well as notoriously difficult to capture. One night he got injured and was nearly caught when he met Izzy, an odd little girl, who not only hid him but mended his wounds. The two were quick friends and were known as the troublemaking duo through town after awhile. When Izzy decide to leave Cherrygrove to go on an adventure, Chucky agreed to come with her making him, her official first pokemon.

Attacks: Slam, Trick, Sucker Punch, and Dig
Other: N/A

Species-Gender: Arcanine Male
Nickname: Ark

Personality: Much like a normal Arcanine, Ark is incredibly loyal. He would never even dream of disobeying an order from Izzy even if he hates it. He is often very untrusting of strangers, giving them an intimidating glare and growl just to let them know how he doesn’t like them and that he is watching him/her. His aggressive behavior is mostly pointed toward humans, the pokemon especially hates men. It’s not impossible to get in his good favors but it would take lot of time in which most people don’t hang around long enough for that to happen. Very fearsome in battle, normal pokemon shrink at the sight of him. When Izzy or his pokemon companions are endangered he becomes vicious as he tries to protect them. Ark is actually very protective of his trainer and friends. He is also a very sweet pokemon toward those he trusts with the exception of Chucky, who he really doesn’t like… It’s most likely because he bullied him as a Growlithe. He cares enough to protect him if he needs it.

Description-History: Ark is very large and muscular looking even though he is about as average as his species gets. His fur is very nicely groomed and has a very silky feeling mane if you were to touch it. Only things that sets him apart is an oddity of his stripes on the shoulders of his front legs look like a capital ‘a’. His coming into Izzy possession was a pure chance due to Chucky’s behavior. She was taken in by one of the clones know as Officer Jenny. One of there many well-bred Growlithe eggs just happened to hatch, saw her first and he was instantly attached to her. The two have been inseparable since and he quickly became her most loyal pokemon.

Attacks: Extremespeed, Thunder Fang, Flamethrower, and Roar
Other: Ark is often outside of his pokeball more than any of Izzy’s other pokemon.

Species-Gender: Mankey Female
Nickname: Frenzy

Personality: Like most of her species, Frenzy has a short temper that all can be set off by even a simple look. When set off she goes into a mad frenzy, how she got her name, often turns into physical violent toward the one(s) that anger her. Even after she calms down she’ll often still be peeved toward the individual which often result in her attacking them again. The soothe bell on her tail seem to lessen her rage-filled fits but once it started, it doesn’t help stop it. The Mankey is actually a very emotional girl; she cries at sad stories, empathize with others, and just love the smell of romance in the air. She’s a hopeless romantic herself often losing any chance of love due to her bad temper, but she is who she is. She cares about Izzy and all the pokemon of her party a whole lot for putting up with her. She been known to often get into fights with Chucky though he always find away to get out of a serious beating.

Description-History: Frenzy has a soothe bell tied around the base of her tail as the ringing of it really help calms her. She otherwise looked every way like a normal Mankey. Her entire life, she has been label as an oddball of her species which lead to violent outbursts toward both pokemon and trainers. Because of this, she has been switch off through the hands of many trainers. They often made her mad she stuck them and they no longer wanted to deal with her. At some point, people just started to give her away for free and her bad temper just gradually worsened with every exchange of a trainer. Finally her pokeball found itself in the hand of Izzy; and by this time she was incredibly angry and bitter. The two of them didn’t exact hit it off either, especially not after Izzy ripped a large patch of her fur off. But unlike everyone else, she didn’t shun the pokemon. Instead of being afraid of her and trying to get rid of her; she remained kind and unfazed by her obvious bad temper. That more than anything touched her and over time her anger was quell and she became a more averagely angry pokemon.

Attacks: Revenge, Assurance, Fury Swipes, and Ice Punch
Other: N/A

Species-Gender: Sneasel Male
Nickname: Satin

Personality: Satin is cold and uncaring toward everyone be friend or foe. A little aggressiveness is added in when it comes to people he dubs untrustworthy. A sharp glare is his way of telling other that he doesn’t want to be bothered. He is known to be very rude and mean to those that don’t heed his warnings to leave him alone. He does has a kinder side that he often hiding, in which he’ll save friends from danger of his own freewill or cheer up someone depressed. He pretends he never showed that part of himself by acting extra cold and unfeeling toward the individual for awhile. In battling setting, he is almost frightening serious as he goes hard and powerful even if it just suppose to be a training session. He is incredibly independent and has no problem fighting without the assistance of his trainer. Although he has an attitude toward Izzy, he actually trusts her a lot.

Description-History: Satin was born unique; with light pink fur, yellow feathers and eyes and light blue gems on his forehead and chest. In simpler terms, he is a shiny Sneasel. Because of his difference in appearance and difficulty in the camouflage department, he was always quick to be spotted out. Thus he was constantly in battle after battle, against his own race and against trainers trying to take his freedom. For the longest time he was able to fend off all that approached him. In one encounter, it was very close call and he barely won but with grave injures. And in his weaken state, an Ultra Ball from Izzy caught him with ease. He was all but happy with that. He was mean, disobedient yet the pokemon never run away; it made Izzy wonder what quality of the pokeball bound even an unwilling pokemon it. A pink Sneasel is rare so when some criminals saw Satin and they wanted him like so many other that see him. The pokemon was able to fend them off like he always, but sneaky trick ended with him being trapped. He might have lost all hope in every living thing but then Izzy came to rescue him. She even got injured in his stead. Ever since that incident, Satin had some respect for the girl… even if he does still find her annoying.

Attacks: Faint Attack, Thief, Slash, and Ice Beam

Other: N/A

Species-Gender: Totodile Male
Nickname: Chewbacca

Personality: Chewbacca is a very hyper pokemon that can barely stay still. The only thing that keeps him in place is his odd habit of eating and trying to eat anything that catches his eyes. He is a glutton known eat even inedible things and sometimes take bites on another living thing. He makes a difficult pokemon to train and battle as his attention span is near nonexistent; and most everything grabs his attention and distracts him. When Izzy gives him her full attention, it seemed to help him better concentrate on things. Maybe due to the fact the only girl in his party is an easily angered Mankey, he is afraid of female pokemon. He duck behind things, avoid getting too close and gets very nervous when he has to speak with one. Even when others treat him badly, he is surprisingly very forgiving and always willing to try again to be friends. He’s often exposed to bullying from Chucky, being the youngest pokemon of the party, and often protected by Ark. He tends to stick close to the canine when he feel uncomfortable. No matter what happens to him it difficult for the pokemon to hold grudge.

Description-History: Chewbacca has an odd birthmark that look like someone slashed him between his eyes. He also a little on the chubby side for his species but it’s nothing too noticeable unless there is another one around. Originally, Izzy just found the pokemon at the side of the lake suffering from indigestion. With no will to fight the Totodile was easily made hers. Later she learned about was that Chewbacca was released by his previous trainer because he was just too difficult to train with his easily distracted personality.

Attacks: Scratch, Leer, Water Gun, and Rage

Other: His favorite food is apples, he can almost always pay attention when one if involved. Occasionally he pops out of his pokeball on his own.
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Wow, I did not expect this to be back. If it's alright by you, I'd like to reserve a spot, Skillz. =)


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Let's try this...

Name/Gender: Calamity (Cala) Noctin, female

Age: 14

Appearance: Calamity is 5'6", a little taller than most people she knows. She isn't very muscular, and not very developed, either. She has a very faint tan. She has a couple of freckles on her arms.
Cala's eyes are a light brown, with a tiny bit of green in them. Her hair is black, straight, shoulder-length, and choppy(because she "cuts"it herself), with no bangs. She doesn't wear makeup, but she carries a tube of chapstick with her. She also occasionally paints her nails, but they're aren't constantly covered in polish. She has minor but stubborn acne, which she makes no attempt to cover up.
Cala usually wears dark-wash jeans, a fitted black t-shirt, and a red and black fitted "jacket" (for lack of a better word, it's kind of like a hoodie without a hood)- the short collar is black, as are the ends of the sleeves, which partially cover Cala's hands. The waist band is red and black stripes, and the rest of it is red and black checks. Cala wears a pair of plain black combat boots with the jeans tucked in. She also likes to wear necklaces (only ever one at a time), her favorite being a Dusk Stone attached to silver chain with silver wire.

Personality: Cala is generally very introverted, preferring her Pokemon's/her own company over other people's. However, she is an extremely good friend once she warms up to you. She's willing to stand up for strangers and even people she's normally antagonistic towards if she thinks they're being treated wrongly. Cala almost never gives up if she thinks she can still get what she wanted, though she usually knows when to cut her losses. She reads a lot and is very intelligent, but sometimes she'll go off a tangent due to some obscure fact or reference that she knows.
Cala can be very grey in terms of morality, and she views the world with a "full spectrum morality" system. (Which means that nobody is completely good or evil. "He's got a point, but he's going about it the wrong way.") Cala hates being treated wrongly , unfairly, or as a kid, and will do things to "protest". She gets mad/annoyed very easily, though she tries not to show it. When she gets really mad, she can fly into a rage, sometimes doing things without really realizing what she's doing. Cala isn't very optimistic and gets annoyed by people who are.
When annoyed or mad, if unable to hide it, she'll usually ignore you or start being sarcastic/snarky. And if you got yourself into a mess by your own stupidity or on purpose, don't expect her to help you. Cala is very blunt and honest, sometimes brutally so. She usually knows when to keep her mouth shut, but she does say things she really shouldn't sometimes.
Cala gets very lonely sometimes for no real reason, but she doesn't try to do anything about it. If anybody asks if something's wrong, she'll always deny it.

History: Calamity grew up in the Unova region, in Lacunosa Town. She didn't like growing up there or her parents very much, as her parents were extremely overprotective at first, and just gave up and left her to her devices later. She never really bonded with her parents as a result. Cala never really believed the legend-at least, not the part about the "monster" eating/attacking people and Pokemon. She would often sneak out at night to try and catch a glimpse of the "monster", which believed to be a Pokemon, as most people who don't live in Lacunosa Town believe. She never did see it, but it was how she met her partner Pokemon, Sable. Her parents found out about her sneaking out, and in a last-ditch attempt to try and correct her ways, they tried to take Sable. Calamity ran away after that incident, and eventually ended up in Nuvema Town. She helped Professor Juniper with some of her research for a while, and she was entrusted with an Oshawott as thanks. Cala set out on her journey when she was 12. After beating the Striaton and Nacrene Gyms, she went to Castelia City, where she caught Skylar. She traded a Munna she had caught early on for a Riolu. Cala then proceeded to get the rest of the Gym badges, her total time being a year and a half. She didn't challenge the League due to only having 4 Pokemon, and instead visited the other regions, which led to her being in Hoenn at the time of the Champ Battles. During her travels, she also caught a Salamence.

Other: Prefers to keep her Pokemon outside of their balls, something she picked up on while in Johto. The regions she's been to are Unova, Kanto, and Johto. Doesn't usually look at people when she's talking to them. Can become oblivious to everything going on around her if she's reading or listening to music. She talks with a bit of a dialect, so expect to see some 'bout instead of about, an' instead of and, etc. It's not too serious, though, and she doesn't always use that form.

The 'Mons

Sable the Absol (male)

Sable is very protective of Cala and Skylar. He acts very much like Cala, but he's not as introverted, doesn't get mad or lose focus as easily, isn't as morally gray, and is a bit more optimistic. He's very resourceful, using his surroundings and smarts to help the team. He's also good with strategies. Due to being Cala's first Pokemon, he sees himself as the leader of the team. Sable can be cocky and proud, especially when a human other than Cala is watching. Sable doesn't get along very well with Shawn, who he sees as constantly trying to usurp his leadership.

When Calamity snuck out one night, she accidentally wandered into Sable's territory. Sable almost attacked her, but she walked into another Absol's territory before he could. The other Absol did attempt to attack Cala, but he missed, giving her a chance to run. The other Absol chased her into Sable's territory, going over the boundary of his territory and prompting Sable to attack it. Sable defeated the other Absol, after which Calamity thanked him, thinking he had purposely defended her. Sable let her leave without attacking her because she had been chased in the second time, and he had failed to attack her the first. A few nights later, Cala came back with a Rare Candy for Sable. This continued for a while, though not always with Rare Candies. A relationship developed between Cala and Sable. Then, Cala walked into the territory of the same Absol as before, who again tried to attack her. This time, Sable came to her defense in the other Absol's territory. And so Sable became Calamity's partner.

Sable's horn, tail, and claws are a bit longer than other Absol's. He has a Razor Claw.

Moves: Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Blizzard, Perish Song

Shawn the Samurott (male)

Shawn is reckless and brash, never thinking before he acts and always getting himself into a fix. He's the one exception to Calamity's "get yourself out of this mess, you made it" rule. Despite this, he is very loyal to Cala and will protect her with his life. He doesn't get along with Sable, but not for lack of trying. Shawn is friendly towards everybody, unless they've wronged or tried to hurt anyone on the team, even Sable. Shawn doesn't like being bossed around (which doesn't help his relationship with Sable).

Shawn was given to Calamity by Prof. Juniper as thanks for helping with her research. Despite his personality, he's actually managed to keep from getting into any real trouble.
Shawn has many scars all over from the various situations he's gotten into, and the tip of his horn is broken off.

Moves: Surf, Ice Beam, Dig, Grass Knot

Skylar the Skitty (female)

Skylar is a happy, cute, optimistic, little Skitty. She loves to make friends with everybody, and often succeeds, even getting through to Sable, who absolutely dotes on her. Despite her quirks and cuteness as a Skitty, she's actually quite intelligent, and knows that she can get pretty much anything she wants by acting extremely cute. She's mischievous, and loves to sneak up on people and Pokemon. She can act very naive at times.

Cala found Skylar lying with a broken leg in Castelia City. Well, Sable found her, actually. Cala took Skylar to the Pokemon Center to get healed, and kept checking in on her so much that the nurse just let her stay with Skylar. After Skylar was healed, Cala took her back to where she had found Skylar. However, Skylar followed Cala back to her hotel, so Cala decided to take the Skitty with her.

Skylar has a scar on her front left leg from when it was broken. Also, because of this injury, if Skylar participates in a lot of strenuous activity, she'll start limping.

Moves: Sing, Attract, Dream Eater, Wake-Up Slap
Deryn the Lucario ( male)

Deryn is intelligent and strategic, but rather cold towards others. He shares a dislike of Shawn with Sable, who he is closest with out of the team. Deryn is also haughty and snobbish. He's a resourceful fighter, and for all his high and mightyness isn't above using a cheap trick to win the battle.

Deryn was specially bred for a rich family, and he knows it. However, the girl he was a gift to wanted nothing more than a Munna. Then Cala came along with a Munna in her party, and she was more than happy to trade for Deryn, who was a Riolu at that point. Deryn has fought for Cala ever since,but only out of a sense of duty.

Due to all the fancy breeding that went towards him, Deryn is just generally better than the average Lucario. Shinier fur, harder spikes, and a bit taller. That breeding also got him an Egg Move.

Moves: Dark Pulse, Aura Sphere, Stone Edge, Blaze Kick

Phobos the Salamence (female)

The only Pokemon that Cala actually caught through battling, Salamence was one of the toughest battles Cala had ever had. Phobos loves to fight, and it's pretty much the only thing she thinks about, so she was at an unusually high level when Cala found her. Phobos respects Cala for having been able to catch her, rather than resenting her. Phobos also likes how being with Cala has made her stronger. Phobos intimidates pretty much anything and anyone she comes across, hence her name. Phobos is also honest, and actually has a sort of honor code that she follows.

When Cala came across Phobos, she had had no idea that you really weren't supposed to be able to find them in the wild. She just thought Phobos looked cool, and she wanted a new Pokemon. She also didn't know how strong Phobos was. She found out when Phobos KO'd all her Pokemon except Shawn. However, Cala did eventually manage to catch Phobos with Shawn in the red and 5 Pokeballs left. Cala will insist she got lucky if you ask her, but Salamence doesn't think so.

Moves: Fire Fang, Dragon Claw, Brick Break, Fly
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