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The Return: Memory Reversal~ Sign-ups


Black Version FTW!
Reserved Double-oh and thank you. Absoluna, great sign-up. ACCEPTED


Are we waiting for a certain amount of people, and if so, do you have an estimate?


Wandering Caretaker
Nicolas James McCoy

Name: Nicolas James McCoy
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Appearance: Nicolas stands at 5’11 and weighs around 140 pounds, making him very thin and tall. He is relatively strong and may be considered muscled in appearance, but Nicolas thinks little of it. His face is an oval in shape, with his chin jutting out slightly, with almond-shaped brown eyes. His skin is Mediterranean or olive in coloration, a 21 on the von Luschan skin color scale. His hair is a very dark brown, almost black, often in a crew cut if possible. Otherwise, it becomes curly. Nicolas will cut it down to stubs before it gets to this point, as he despises his curly hair. As for facial hair, it grows quickly, so it be becomes stubbly almost a day after his usually failed attempts shaving. He prefers it clean-shaven.
As for clothing, he wears one of 10 shirts of assorted colors and a black, leather coat over top. His pants are usually denim jeans, alongside black boots. He also owns a black fedora with a white band which he’ll wear outside to block the sun from getting in his eyes.

Personality: Mysterious is one of the better words to describe Nicolas. He rarely speaks to anybody, and any sort of attempt to communication will usually fail. Even in the direst of situations, he is silent, giving no vocal clues to his personality. He only speaks to his pokémon, as he trusts them more than anything, ironic because of the nature of most of them. His trust issues make him cautious around other people, who may stab him in the back he feels. He is skilled in pick pocketing, and other things related to thievery, although he rarely finds need for these. He has saved much of his money, never wasting money on useless things other than a somewhat excessive amount of healing items which has lasted him through all of his adventures.

History: Nicolas grew up alone on the streets of Saffron City, picking pockets and stealing from other gutter boys. Eventually, however, Logan Kirdied, a man who had quite a lot of money, found him attempting to steal his wallet (and he was almost successful too) when Nicolas was 14. He gave him one pokéball, which was enough to get James on his journey by catching Emmet, then a Zubat. He went on and traveled to Pewter, defeating Brock with only Emmet. By then, he had earned some money by defeating trainers, and was slowly crawling out of poverty.
Nicolas continued through Kanto, obtaining eight badges by the time he was 18. He caught Tanner the Kecleon as well, but he ultimately failed every trainer’s goal when he was unable to enter the Kanto League Tournament because of his former criminal record. He was, sadly, unable to escape from law enforcement, and was stuck in prison for 5 years. His badges were striped from him, but Emmet and Tanner returned to his care. Nicolas traveled to Johto, as he would be able to enter the Silver Conference after obtaing all of Johto’s badges. 4 years, eight badges, and a captured Rotom later, Nicolas entered the Silver Conference and placed ninth. He went on to Hoenn and obtained three of its badges before the Hoenn Champ Battles were announced and Nicolas felt it would be good to see the Elite Four battling, to better understand their strategies and tactics.

Other: Nicolas has a small solid black tattoo of a crescent moon on his left shoulder.

Pokemon (4)

Species-Gender: Female Purrloin :509:
Nickname: Nilia
Personality: Nilia fits how most Purrloin are; thieving little kitties who use their cuteness to escape trouble. She’s still young, so she isn’t the best thief, often being caught by her victims, but she’ll still give them the adorable face and then flee to her trainer’s protection.
Description-History: Nilia looks like most Purrloin except for a slightly darker shade of fur in all areas; purple became a darker purple, pink eye lids became dark pink eye lids, and the tan turns into a darker tan.. Nilia is the most recent member of Nicolas’ team, and the first from Unova, obtained from Logan Kirdied, who took a trip there and found the cat in his hotel room. He decided that it would best be left in the care of a former gutter boy after seeing it’s thieving nature.
Attacks: Fake Out, Thief, Torment, Assist
Other: None

Species-Gender: Genderless Rotom ;479;
Nickname: Orville
Personality: Orville is like popcorn; wild, spontaneous, and random. One second Orville may be calm and focused, the next he might be shocking everything nearby. You never know what might come next when he’s around, so watch your back.
Description-History: Orville looks identical to most Rotom- a circular head with a cone on the top and bottom, wild eyes, and a blue static aura around his body. Orville enjoyed hiding in Nicolas’ cell phone and shocking his leg until Nicolas found him while in Saffron City and captured him. Orville is one of Nicolas’ older pokémon, and is an experienced battler.
Attacks: Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Telekinesis, move special to whatever he may be possessing/Thundershock
Other: None

Species-Gender: Male Kecleon ;352;
Nickname: Tanner
Personality: Tanner enjoys hiding and watching people; as such, he is considered the ‘spy’ of the team and relays information to Nicolas when he needs it. He is a fierce battler when need, focusing on his ability to camouflage himself and appear elsewhere.
Description-History: Tanner is a Kecleon, who is a green bipedal chameleon with a red stripe across his belly and occasional yellow accents. He was found watching Nicolas struggle with his attempts at catching a Weedle. He continued to follow Nicolas until he lost to Misty, and he appeared to help him.
Attacks: Shadow Sneak, Dizzy Punch, Recover, Return
Other: None

Species-Gender: Male Crobat ;169;
Nickname: Emmet
Personality: Emmet is similar to Nicolas; almost never talks to anybody unless needed. However, he doesn’t trust people because of them destroying the cave he lived in, destroying his home, before he flew away to the Underground Path. He battles well, but it usually involves some sort of dirty trick.
Description-History: Crobat tend to look similar, and Emmet is no exception. A purple, round head/body with four wings sticking out of the sides and tiny legs is normal. Emmet was Nicolas’ first pokémon, obtained from the Underground Path, where Emmet was hiding.
Attacks:Fly, Cross Poison, Air Cutter, Swift
Other: None

If you have any problems, just say so, primarily in Appearance and Personality. Description is not my strong suit, so I expect it.
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Name: Ryan St. Clair

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: The best way to describe Ryan’s physical stature would be to say that he’s about as tall and lanky as they come. Standing at 6’1” with a lean, athletic build, Ryan isn’t one to draw attention to himself because of his body. He’s got better ways to turn heads than that.

Ryan has pale skin, dotted lightly with a sprinkling of freckles across the bridge of his nose. His complexion, however, highlights his “stupidly great” dark brown hair that just seems to swoop effortlessly across his forehead. His eyes, although friendly enough, are a stormy grey colour that can be cold and calculating when faced with a challenge. Ryan’s smile, however, is friendly; he prefers a closed-mouth smile to an open as he has been told his teeth are a little horse-like and has since become self-conscious about them.

As far as clothes go, Ryan tends to stick to dark jeans and form-fitting t-shirts. He’s most often seen wearing a grey and orange v-neck hoodie with his white backpack slung over one shoulder and his feet shoved into a pair of white tennis shoes. And, sometimes (because even people with stupidly great hair need to keep their ears warm) he can be seen wearing an orange toque that matches the stripes on his hoodie. There’s also a lanyard that’s constantly hanging out of the pocket of Ryan’s jeans; it’s got hockey sticks on it and attached at the end are various keys for things like his house, the mailbox, and his bike.

Personality: Ryan’s not shy. He isn’t. He’s just quiet. Being an all-around-good-at-everything kind of guy, Ryan isn’t one to flaunt his abilities or be cocky about his achievements. He’s pretty mellow that way and is perfectly content to let someone else shine in the spotlight. And while Ryan likes to receive the credit that he deserves, he doesn’t necessarily need the recognition for it from others.

That’s not to say that Ryan isn’t a fun guy. He’s a pretty popular guy for a reason: he’s friendly and he knows how to have a good laugh. Most people tend to find Ryan very inviting; he’s willing to listen to a lot about other people even though he, himself, doesn’t offer up much in return.

Ryan has had a history of borderline-depression. He tries to stay up to date on his medication and is upbeat and optimistic when he can, but sometimes Ryan finds himself caught up in lost careers and time that he’s wasted. For the most part, Ryan tries to keep this part of his personality under wraps but there have been days when he’s simply lied in bed and cried.

For a seventeen-year-old, Ryan is also pretty mature. He credits this to his hockey life and learning how to be a leader on and off the ice, but traits like his patience and his easy temperament have always been part of Ryan’s personality. He doesn’t anger quickly but he has been known to throw a few punches when he does get riled up. Ryan has pretty good self-control, though, so physical violence is always a last resort.

In most aspects of Ryan’s life, he always has a game plan. He prides himself in staying two steps ahead of the opponent, whether it’s in a hockey game or a Pokemon battle or a math test. Because of this, Ryan has a strong relationship with his Pokemon because he’s spent so much time learning their strengths and weaknesses and how best to utilize them.

History: From an early age, Ryan developed a love for all things outdoors. Born in Jubilife City, Sinnoh, Ryan longed for the adventures that awaited him outside the city walls. Sensing the streak in their son, Ryan’s parents uprooted them from Jubilife when Ryan was five and took him and his older brother Adam up to Snowpoint City, encouraging both boys to take up a winter sport.

While Adam pursued skiing in the slopes surrounding the city, Ryan, ironically, took up ice hockey, which was inside an arena. His hard work and dedication paid off, however, as he gained a reputable status around the region and several neighbouring.

When Ryan was ten, his parents allowed him to catch his first Pokemon. While down along the frosty shoreline, Ryan spotted a pod of Lapras. The youngest, a baby, took certain interest in Ryan and left her pod to become a companion to Ryan. Despite now having his first Pokemon, Ryan chose to pursue his hockey career instead of setting off on a journey like Adam had.

At fifteen, however, Ryan’s dreams as a hockey player were put on hold. A job offering for Mr. St. Clair came up on Cinnibar Island and the family jumped at the opportunity. With no more all-year ice and a distinctly different sports scene, Ryan switched his skates for a pair of track shoes and tried not to look too closely at the “what-ifs” in his life. Sensing their son’s rapidly declining mood and health, the St. Clairs pushed Ryan to start a Pokemon journey, which he did.

Ryan completed the Indigo League Challenge in just under a year and a half and decided to spend all the extra time he had leading up to the Hoenn Champ Battles exploring the region. He had hoped that the tournament would help him embrace his new life as a trainer and to forget about his hockey dreams.

Other: Ryan’s team is based around speed and mobility, the exception being his Lapras. It has been speculated by commentators at the Indigo League that his quick, hard-hitting team is to make up for the fact that Lapras is such an easy and open target. He also has other Pokemon that he took with him to the Indigo Plateau Challenge but they did not make the journey with him to Hoenn.

Pokémon Team:

Species-Gender: ;131; Lapras (F)

Nickname: Bree

Personality: Bree is a pretty laid-back Pokemon, the kind of personality you would associate with a person that spends the majority of their time at the beach catching waves. Much like her trainer, Bree is humble and doesn’t like to boast the accomplishments she has achieved with her team. She’s also extremely protective, and angers quickly if either Ryan or his other Pokemon are in any sort of danger. She and Ryan have the closest bond and she loves when Ryan takes the team to the beach and just relaxes on her back for an entire afternoon.

Description-History: Bree is pretty much your average looking Lapras, though she is a little small for her age. She first met Ryan off the coast of Snowpoint City when she was just a baby. Spotting Ryan, she became curious and wandered away from her pod. It was here that they struck up a friendship and played for several hours. When Bree’s pod decided to move on, Bree was reluctant to follow, and so Ryan captured her as his first Pokemon.

Attacks: Ice Beam, Surf, Dragon Pulse, Water Pulse

Species-Gender: ;025; Pikachu (M)

Nickname: Sparky

Personality: Rambunctious and mischievous, Sparky is the complete opposite of Ryan. He’s more of an “act first, think later” kind of Pokemon and he tends to leap into things head first without thinking things through, which has gotten Ryan into his fair share of trouble. He also enjoys pranking other members of the team, something no one seems to appreciate much but never seems to get stopped. He’s also cocky and often boasts how essential he is to team victories, which can get him into a bit of trouble as well. His energy and enthusiasm for everything brings a bit of life to the team, which Ryan appreciates greatly.

Description-History: Sparky is what is known as a “Shiny Pokemon”. His fur is a dark shade of yellow-orange compared to the normally bright yellow of the rest of his species. While Ryan often worries that Sparky will attract unwanted attention to their team, his Pikachu doesn’t seem to mind and often flaunts his uniqueness. Ryan met Sparky in Viridian Forest, early in his journey. He put up quite a big fight when trying to be captured, but eventually Ryan wore him down enough. Since then, Sparky has grown to enjoy traveling with Ryan and takes great joy in the victories that he and the team accomplish.

Attacks: Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, Volt Tackle, Double Team

Other: Sparky spends the majority of his time outside his Poke Ball, most often on Ryan’s shoulder (because he’s so tall and Sparky is so not). Since he’s there, he also likes to bug Ryan by messing up his hair, something Ryan doesn’t like at all. Sparky also has no interest in evolving, though Ryan does keep a thunder stone in storage if Sparky ever changes his mind.

Species-Gender: ;018; Pidgeot (M)

Nickname: Jack

Personality: Jack has a precise type of personality. He makes a great leader if others are willing to follow him, but will not hesitate to leave others behind if they don’t meet his standards. To him, everything needs to happen according to schedule, exactly when it should. Jack is a tough opponent to battle, being able to make plans quickly and efficiently and they almost always work out the way he wants them to.

Description-History: Ryan caught Jack as a Pidgey shortly before his Celadon City Gym battle. As a Pidgey, Jack was very … disorganized. Despite having the type advantage, Ryan lost his first battle at Celadon because of Jack. After a few days of training, however, Jack managed to pull a win for Ryan. This was the start of a great tag-team from Ryan and Jack, and as he grew and matured, Jack eventually developed his leadership skills and his habit for finding opponents’ weak spots and which attacks would work best against them.

Attacks: Fly, Aerial Ace, Wing Attack, Steel Wing

Other: Because of Jack’s personality, Ryan often sends him out last in a battle as a be-all-end-all type. He’s also the Last Resort Pokemon, the guy that Ryan uses in a desperate attempt to try and turn the battle back in his favor.

Species-Gender: ;038; Ninetales

Nickname: Lydia

Personality: Cold and calculating, Lydia puts herself on a pedestal that is much higher than the likes of regular Pokemon (aka, anyone that isn’t part of Ryan’s team). She’s snobby and standoff-ish and keeps things to herself, building up walls that even Ryan has yet to knock down. Lydia rarely lets herself enjoy things, but every once in a while Sparky will pull off a prank or she and Ryan will execute a battle plan exactly like they expected and she will allow herself to show happiness. Lydia is also the smartest Pokemon on the team and she doesn’t let anyone forget it.

Description-History: Lydia is an average Ninetales, well groomed and always put together looking (Ryan spends way more time brushing Lydia than he’d care to admit). She was a gift to Ryan from his parents when he came back to Cinnibar Island to battle Blaine, the gym leader. Ryan trained Lydia – then a Vulpix – and evolved her with a fire stone shortly before taking on the Indigo League. As a Vulpix, Lydia was much more prone to listening to Ryan and generally was a lot friendlier. After her evolution, however, she seemed to gain a bit of vanity that she didn’t have before.

Attacks: Ember, Flamethrower, Extrasensory, Dark Pulse


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Hehehe, Izzy is going to love Sparky when she meet him. Now if Ysa reappears everyone who was in the original RPG would be here (even if they aren't the same characters). Well I'm the only one to post so it not concrete that they'll join yet.
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Will be thinking of joining this. Actually, I do plan on joining.

Hopefully sign up tomorrow. TTFN, ta ta for now!


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Is it too late to sign up ? If not may I have a reserve spot ? ;; v ;;


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Sadly, I have to withdraw my reservation. I'm simply too busy at the moment as is. I am very, very sorry, but I wish you all the best.


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thank you u v u here is my SU ~

Name Claude Gallois-Montbrun

Gender Male

Age 21


Claude is one of those dainty flower boy type. At first glance, he might be mistaken for a flat-chest pretty girl. It didn't help that his face are small, round and very girl-like, with soft lips, nose slightly tall and double eyelids, with long eyelashes batting as he blink. However, Claude often always have a expressionless look, with blank and dead shark eyes of the color of amber, which often might make him seemed as if he was spacing out or being cold to others. In truth, he is just very bad at expressing himself and quite socially awkward.

The boy is quite skinny and somewhat fragile. He has a typical white caucassian complex, with snowy white skin and long legs. Though in restrospect, his height was only around 170cm, but since he is quite thin and has a small face it gave out the impression that he is tall. He has soft and fuzzy hair, cut neatly short and dyed with a light sky blue color, which certainly made him stood out from the crowd. Claude occasionally wear glasses to read, but otherwise he put them away since he thinks it might make him look old. Usually he is seen wearing stylish anf neat outfit, which is often up to date and quite fashionable. His clothes are often very tight, especially his jeans and pants, but sometimes quite dull and monocrome in colors.


At first, Claude appear to be cold because of his expressionless face and usually quiet self. Whenever he speak, it is quite awkward for him and very rare. Though, Claude is is just very shy, as in very much so. Despite being expressionless, he blush easily and sometimes furiously, especially when he is talking to someone he likes (even though he still has that poker face lol). The boy is quite timid when he is with others, usually seen in a corner of the room or hiding behind someone else he is acquaintanced with. He had a hard time getting something he wants since he was either too shy to ask for it, or too much of a coward to do something for himself. Often he isn't quite brave, so Claude is dependant to others and usually have someone to stand up for him.

As he always prefer action over talk, Claude might not speak to his friends a lot, but he would often slip them a gift or such, to express his gratitude toward them. He is quite kind and warm hearted, especially to pokemon because he can befriend them easily without words. To him, his greatest treasures are his friends and families, and he love them dearly with all his heart. The only problem is that he can't express himself and too socially awkward. He is quite submissive, which means he has no leadership quality at all and was born to follow others. Claude is a good strategist however, as he is quite intelligence, but not very cunning. Fighting is the last thing he would do, since he was afraid the pokemon and himself would get hurt. For the same reason, Claude avoid getting into love affair because he was too scared to get hurt.


He was born in Mauville city, in an avarage household with his parents and a 5 years older sister. As a child, Claude lives a content and happy life with his family. He was quiet and timid as a child, always being protected by his big sister and got pushed around constantly by his friends. Though, he smile a lot back then, despite not talking much. His world consisted of endless days running through flower fields, and the small pokemon he would befriended at the Day care centre. Claude stumbled on his first pokemon around that time, which was only an egg when he found it among the flowers.

It wasn't until he turned 16 which was when his parents decided to get a divorce, that Claude lost his smile forever. Both of them were having affair with somebody else, and they realized that their marriage was a mistake, and so was their children. As such, they abandoned Claude and his sister after the divorce, thinking that they were old enough to take care of themselves then. After their family broke apart, they all moved on as their parents disappeared into foggy absentia. His sister got a job at Rustboro city as a teacher, and Claude moved to Vedanturf town to set up a flower shop.

The boy seeked refuge in the quiet town and live as a florist, and live his life confined in the small town and the flower fields. Unlike make young people his age who wanted to travel and see the world with their pokemon, all Claude wanted was to have a peaceful and ordinary life in the small town of Vedanturf, surrounded by pokemon, flowers and the honest people of the town. Feeling bad for her brother whom never set foot far away from the town, Claude's sister got him tickets to see Hoenn Champ Battle so that he can have oppotunity to travel, and so it all began....


- pretend to be mute but in truth isn't
- carry post-it notes with pens around to write down what he wants to say
- has a flower shop in Vedanturf town
- has slight french accent, though hardly ever speak
- almost always has poker face expression on him
- usually prefer to keep his pokemon outside of their pokeballs
- quite good at cooking

Pokémon Team

Species Minun ;312;

Gender male

Nickname Francis

Personality He is quite a cheerful and happy pokemon, always bouncing around and generally act cute to attract attention. Francis is obedient to his trainer, but quite naughty and playful sometimes.

Description-History Francis is Claude's first pokemon, hatched from an egg Claude found on a flower field when the boy was 7. Claude cares for him as if he is a little baby, and in truth Francis always act like one. He is always seen outside of his pokeball and in Claude's arms.

Attacks Thunder Wave, Spark, Sweet Kiss, Discharge

Species Poochyena ;261;

Gender male

Nickname Rodolphe

Personality Roldophe is a serious and loyal pokemon. He would always obey Claude's command, and very protective over Claude. The Poochyena is very determined and brave, unlike his trainer.

Description-History Claude capture Rodolphe when he was 9, when his siter was giving him lessons on how to catch wild pokemon. He was the first pokemon Claude ever catch, and maybe the last too since Claude was too mortified by the ideal of hurting pokemon to capture them.

Attacks Bite, Snarl, Fire Fang, Ice Fang

Species Meganium ;154;

Gender male

Nickname Emile

Personality Emile is relax and quite laid back, as he is often seen as slow and a bit aloof. He has an appetite for berries, flowers and honey, and he absolutely love the smell of them.

Description-History When Claude just set up his flower shop, the smell of all the flowers attract the attention of this Meganium. As such, Emile ventured into town and befriended with Claude, who provided him with his favorite food. He is often used as Claude's transportation when he go out to deliver flowers.

Attacks Aromatherapy, Synthesis, Petal Dance, Earthquake

Species Gengar ;094;

Gender male

Nickname Darius

Personality Despite his scary look, Darius is very friendly and affectionate to people and pokemon. He loves hugging, and usually the first to welcome customers coming to the shop with a big hug. He is always smiling and kind toward others, contrast with his appearance.

Description-History Darius was traded to Claude as a Haunter, from his sister for his Vibrava. He evolved after got traded to Claude, and since then stay at the shop to assist Claude, often wearing a flowery apron like his trainer.

Attacks Hypnosis, Nightmare, Venoshock, Shadow ball

Species Lairon ;305;

Gender male

Nickname Leopold

Personality He is a timid giant, quite shy like his trainer is. Often he would hide behind Claude when people come, of retreat into the pokeball on his own. For Claude though, he would do anything though even if he is afraid.

Description-History Claude found Leopold in the Rusturf tunnel, injured and quite weak. As such, the boy took him home and treat his injury. When Leopold got better, Claude planned to release him but the Lairon wanted to stay with him, and he did.

Attacks Metal claw, Iron head, Bulldoze, Stealth rock

Species Ninetales ;038;

Gender male

Nickname Pierre

Personality This Ninetales is prissy, fussy and generally a drag queen. He doesn't like to get himself dirty and care about his look a lot for a pokemon. Pierre has quite a bad temper, as he could get mad quite easily and very stubborn and hotheaded.

Description-History As a Vulpix, Pierre hatched from an egg given to Claude from the Day care as a gift, since it was an abandoned egg. Afterward, Claude purchased a firestone and evolved him.

Attacks Heat wave, Flamethrower, Will-o-wisp, Fire spin
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I know this is extremely, extremely late, but would it be possible to have a last-second reserve?
I can most definitely have a SU finished by tomorrow.


I really hope I'm not too late to throw my hat into the ring with this! Here's my SU all laid out for you.

Name: Jack Coniff
Gender: Male
Age: 19

Appearance: Jack is about 5'11" tall, with a physical build that could be described as decidedly average. He's not very strong, at all, though don't let that fool you, Jack is fast on his feet, and more athletic than one might assume. Whatever he does lack in physical strength he always makes up for in speed. Jack's hair is long, blonde, tangled and unkempt. It's always is hanging down low, but it's far from mullet length. Though this never stops it from constantly obscuring his hazel eyes. Jack's face is clear and free of blemishes, and his teeth are a sharp white color. Two qualities that he certainly has no qualms with, and he's nobody else does either.fter all, looking good is one of his favorite past times.

Jack's clothing style is casual, yet sharp. Fist of all, he wears a forest green t-shirt with a bright blue wispy sort of design on it. Jack can't be bothered to explain what it is, but he will happily brag that it looks cool. Over this he wears a dark brown Native American style jacket, which is made from fur, soft to the touch, and certainly keeps him warm. For pants, Jeans always suit Jack just fine, and it's rare to see him in anything else. His shoes are a pair of dirty grey converses, battered and bruised from long days on the road. On his head, Jack wears none other than a navy blue headband, which slightly helps in keeping his hair out of his eyes, although not by much. When outside, it's not uncommon to see him wearing a pair of aviators as well.

Personality: Despite his self proclaimed status as a veteran trainer, one thing can be said about Jack that is much more prominent to his character than anything Pokemon related. That being he's a party animal through and through. A man who wants nothing more than to get down on the dance floor and start grinding. He'd much rather get drunk and meet some bodacious babes at a shindig rather than travel across a region with the hot sun blaring down on him all day. Unless he's rolling with his buddies, then it's all cool. Of course, as soon as he enters any sort of major metropolis, Jack never wastes any time seeking out the local hot club, and only at the end of what usually is a long and hazy night, returns to wherever he's boarding. Usually either wasted, with women on his shoulders, or both. Though 95% of the time it's the first of the three.

Despite a (at the very least) slightly perverted disposition, Jack is a generally amicable and likable fellow. He's not against striking up casual conversation in the middle of a battle, and always tries to get to know every trainer he fights. If they happen to be an attractive girl, bonus points. Jack is a good sport too. If he loses, he'll happily shake hands and say good game, if he wins, he doesn't make a big deal about it. The mistake also should not be made that just because Jack likes to party, he's an incompetent battler. His claims of being a veteran certainly have some ground beneath them. Jack has a sort of charismatic ferocity about him in Pokemon battles, letting loose a fiery side to him that frequently guides his team to victory.

However, despite the blatant underage drinking, and constant shirking of his "duty" as a trainer to try and become champion; Jack has a strange sense of responsibility. It constantly creeps up on him any time he's caught in an even slightly introspective moment. On the inside, he knows that he should be more responsible, he knows that he shouldn't be drinking underage, and he knows that the hedonistic lifestyle he lives will catch up to him sooner or later. That it will eventually probably put him in some sort of jeopardy. But none of these issues are ones Jack really wants to face, and to escape them he just dives into the parties and loose living that have been "safe" so far. A viscous cycle at its finest.

History: Jack Coniff was born in Lavaridge Town, a city that usually was thought of as being filled with the elderly and tourists; not high level battlers. Yet it was here in this sleepy town that Jack Grew up, and gained an attachment to Pokemon early on. Jack's Parents were two very diametrically opposed people, his father was a Stock Broker who was all about order, scheduling, and getting the job done. He was apparently a very strict man, but it's not like Jack ever saw much of him after all. The man was near constantly on business trips or doing his work far, far from Lavaridge. Jack's mother on the other hand, was at home all the time as her husband made all the money. She was perhaps the most lenient person to ever walk the face of the earth. She taught Jack the values of living life not to make money, gain power, or for anything else material. But to merely live it to enjoy yourself and squeeze as much enjoyment out of it as you can. It's obvious who Jack took after more, to say the least. That being the case, Jack spent most of his time outside of his home, and even outside of the town. Usually in the wilderness, where as said before, he made more than a fair share of Pokemon friends.

He was never one for schoolwork, rather Jack would frequently play Hookie to play with the wild Fire Types on Jagged Pass, which had already become his type of choice. At the soonest possible opportunity, Jack left Lavaridge with his starter, a Charmander he had named Czar, to "Conquer the Pokemon World" as he put it. Though at first he wanted to be a Fire type specialist, and become a gym leader. Jack quickly found he had neither the want, nor the drive to put that much effort into one type only, and it wasn't long before he branched out. Jack indeed "blazed" his way through the Hoenn gyms however. The leaders along the way commenting on his natural battling ability, his skill in thinking on his feet, and of course a hunger for thrills. It was then that the 14 year old decided to move on to Unova, skipping the rigid league challenge for a new life of danger altogether.

As his badges further increased, so did the respect people gave him, and it wasn't long before Jack realized how attractive it is to a lady to have both good looks and a hefty badges case. As his journey continued to new regions, and he grew past the awkward early teenage years, Jack gained a taste for partying, and taking up one night stands. First it was only local shindigs that he crashed and enjoyed himself at. But as he grew older, he wanted a bit more than that, and when Jack hit 17 he began to sneak into the Unovan nightclubs. Sometimes with success, most of the time with failure. It didn't matter, because once he was 18 and legal, the man he had more than a lions share of the debauchery. Clubbing at nearly every city he passed through, it wasn't long Jack's appetite for parties overtook his appetite for Pokemon battles. He forgot about the Unova gym challenge entirely and went from city to city on foot through the region for a year. Tasting adventure, and illicit liquor he always managed to sneak hold of, at every corner. Clubs, battles, women, it was all the thrill he wanted, at long last.

Nonetheless, the nostalgia of Hoenn gripped Jack once more when he found out about the league champ battles. The young man had no qualms simply saying "What the hell." and going for it, returning to his home region to watch some quality Pokemon Brawls and maybe pick up a few fine ladies on the way...

Species: Charizard ;006;
Gender: Male
Nickname: Czar

Personality: Czar could very well pass off moreso as the child of Jack's father than Jack does. He is strict and too the point, and since evolving feels a sort of responsibility for Jack's well being. While Czar reluctantly lets his trainer go out of his stupor filled shinannigans, the Charizard is always sure to keep an eye on his trainer. Sure it may be true you can't have Pokemon out in the club, but what bouncer is really going to mess with a dragon?

Description-History: Czar was the first, and despite his differences with his trainer, holds a strong bond with Jack as such. Before he was officially Jack's pokemon, Czar was a innocent little Charmander who played with the trainer-to-be whenever he happened to be at Jagged Pass. Which back then was quite frequent.

Attacks: Flamethrower, Thunderpunch, Air Slash, Roost

Species: Camerupt ;323;
Gender: Female
Nickname: Pele

Personality: Pele is a lazy and slow moving individual, although surprisingly to most not slow witted. She's a passive sort of Pokemon who rarely gets mad at much of anything. Though like the volcanoes on her back or the goddess she's named after, watch out, when Pele gets mad she really does explode.

Description-History: Pele came not too long after Czar was actually captured. In fact only seconds later, as Jack figured "What the Hell" while on Jagged Pass and might as well catch another Pokemon. Though she doesn't have the pre-capture history Czar has with her master, Pele's bond is still likely just a strong to Jack all the same.

Attacks: Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Yawn, Eruption

Species: Solrock ;338;
Gender: N/A (Leans Male)
Nickname: Helios

Personality: Helios doesn't speak much, and doesn't do much but likely ponder the great mysteries of the world in ways others can't hope to understand. Even Jack is forced to admit Helios's spacey-ness is enough to unsettle him at times.

Description-History: Helios was caught still early on in Jack's career when his hear was "ablaze" with dreams of becoming a fire type specialist. So when he met Helios, Jack was at a bit of a conundrum because it was fiery, but in reality not really. In the end Jack just ended up shrugging and catching the Pokemon anyway, giving the team much needed variety early on.

Attacks: Psychic, Explosion, Rock Polish, Stone Edge

Species Electrode ;101;
Gender: N/A (Leans Male)
Nickname: Bravo

Personality: Bravo is a smug bastard who seems confident his explosion is enough to wipe the floor with anyone and level entire cities. He's quick tempered and a bit of bully when it comes to those he's not fond of or unfamiliar with. And even when he warms up to you, Bravo is one for harsh pranks.

Description-History: Fraught with fear, when Jack and his gang were exploring through the ruins of New Mauville to obviously not loot anything at all, they kept a sharp eye out of any faux pokeballs. Obviously lest they get blown to kingdom come. When an Electrode finally did show up, Jack was so on edge that he just tossed and Ultra Ball at it before it had a chance to do anything.

Thus enter Bravo.

Attacks: Thunderbolt, Explosion, Sonicboom, Mirror Coat

Species Vileplume ;045;
Gender: Female
Nickname: Yoko

Personality: Yoko has a neverending thirst for battle, and victory through glory in said battle. A tenacious brawler, Yoko never gives up in a fight ever. And lives day to day training for her next battle.

Description-History: Realizing that his team lacked some serious holes in it without something that could ravenge certain types. Jack was reluctantly forced to seek out a grass type for his party. At first thinking that they were the flimsiest and weakest kind of Pokemon, Yoko quickly proved him wrong.

Attacks: Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Sleep Powder, Moonlight


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Name: Pieto ‘Petey’ Lazano
Gender: Male
Age: 17

Petey Lazano is a fair compliment to a stick for a seventeen year old. His height at about six feet and three inches, he weighs a measly 148 pounds. His skin juts out bone indentations at random angles. His complexion is a ghostly pale, as those who hide inside often are. He lacks any physical marks of approval, a boy unscathed by his youth. His arms and legs are rather gangly, hanging down awkwardly down his sides. His width has been compared to that of a ten year old girl.

His face is somewhat of an oval, curved lines turning to straight at his hairline. His eyes are a light blue-gray shade, with almost no eyelashes to speak of. He wears glasses with a plastic black frame which consumes half of his face. His nose, peeks out slightly farther than the average, but not quite so to be considered crooked. His eyebrows are rather thin and unnoticeable, while his ears are rather large and shaped like apples. He has black, curly hair, in a slight jew fro.

Typically Petey finds that he tends to sweat a lot when nervous, thus taking his wardrobe in account for this. He wears either a muted color polo with a pair of dark jeans, a light gray jacket draped over if the weather gets cold. A bowtie is usually on his neck, and a porkie pie hat attempting to contain his hair. His sneakers are a muddied white with brown laces. An old brown leather shoulder bag is his usual accessory.


The first thing you notice about Petey is that he is overly timid and paranoid. He jumps at the smallest actions and stutters helplessly in the presence of others. Not very eloquent, he tends to fiddle off during contact with any other humanoid. He has a bad habit of nail biting in public, and often sways side to side nervously. He is a notorious sweater when he gets emotional.

Petey is also very naïve; a mere simpleton had he has been deemed his entire life. He takes things seriously, sarcasm and humor are to no avail. Easily manipulated, he tends to believe everything that is fed to him. Not only that, he has a slight hearing problem, which causes him to never quite hear fully what another is saying. Because of this, he is easily overwhelmed and frustrated.

However around Pokemon, Petey transforms into someone else. Although he is not the best Pokemon trainer, he loves talking and playing with his Pokemon, who happen to be his only friends. After he embarked on his journey, he became reliant on a sort of freedom with them.

Born to a pair of busy scientists who reside in Mahogany Town, Johto, Petey was usually left to various aunts and uncles for care, along with his twin brother, Aspro. Aspro was quite the contraire to Petey, bold and brash, acting irrationally often and constantly getting into trouble. An odder pair had not been seen around Mahogany Town for quite some time. At a young age, Aspro was quick to use Petey, involving him in his dastardly plans to twart the childproofed cookie jar. Petey was almost always left with the blame, but still continued onward with his brother, thinking he knew best.

The twins’ parents were not home as often as they would have liked; investigating the Lake of Rage by day, exploring the Ice Caves at night. But when they returned home, they felt compelled to bring presents for the both of them. Aspro was and has always been the favorite, yet Petey seemed to always get the better presents. Aspro has never forgiven his parents for letting Petey get his first Pokemon before he did. The grudge bore him a deep resentment towards Petey as well.

As they grew older and Aspro’s soul grew colder, he began to do darker, more twisted things to Petey; tell people to beat him up, blindfold him when he was trying to find the Pokemon Center, crushing his Pokeballs so he could not catch more Pokemon than him. Petey began to become slightly depressed, stopped smiling entirely, and moped around the town for years to come. People began to call him ‘Poor Petey’.

At the age of fifteen did their parents began to notice their children’s behavior and became concerned. They encouraged them both to set off on their own Pokemon journeys. Aspro was gone within a week, and Petey has not seen him since. But Petey, reluctant to leave his home, stayed and trained (at his amateur level) for about a year and a half. Only then, with his parents literally forcing him out the door, did he ride off to Elm’s Lab to begin his adventure.

He gathered four gym badges within another half year, before his parents called to say they sent tickets for both of them to attend the Hoenn Champ Battles. When he arrived and took his seat in the arena, no one showed up to sit beside him.

Other: Petey is not a very good trainer. Petey is a simple and easily manipulated person.

Species: Phanpy ;231;
Gender: Female
Nickname: Heffalump

Personality: Heffalump is like her trainer is many aspects, very timid and easily startled, not very good being around other Pokemon. However, she shares one quality that her trainer does not-bravery. If her companions or trainer are in trouble, she would go to incredible lengths to help them. Will also go incredible lengths to eat.

Description-History: Heffalump is quite portly compared to other Phanpys. He trunk is slightly shorter, but with more red markings on it, as well as a particular dark gray one. Her tail is also quite stubby, with normal legs. She was Petey’s first Pokemon, hatched from an egg that his parents gave him.

Attacks: Rock Tomb, Return, Attract, Protect

Species: Porgon2 ;233;
Gender: Genderless
Nickname: Machina (or Chi)

Personality: Chi is very docile, and does not do must unless asked. It tends to float towards electronics a great deal and is known to hack programs at the request of a manipulated master.

Petey’s second Pokemon, his parents gave one to him as a Porygon and an Eevee to Aspro as prizes from their trip to Goldenrod City. It evolved when his parents traded it to him. A typical Porgon2, it spends long periods staring at Petey, which terrifies him that he might be a bad trainer. The floating pokemon has a serious tendency to stare. It also likes to steal berries by a strange means to use.

Attacks: Conversion2, Recycle, Natural Gift, Recover

Piloswine ;221;
Gender: Male
Nickname: Piggy

Personality: Piggy is very vicious, and tends to attack things randomly and without care must to Petey’s concern. It does not care much for Petey’s more docile training tactics, thus acts like he is not Petey’s Pokemon at all. When Piggy is not fighting or roughing up other on his team, he tends to be extremely lazy.

Description-History: Petey caught Piggy in the Ice Caves while training, when he was a mere Swinub. He bore many bruises, brunts, and was missing a tusk. Shortly after catching him however, he sees his lack of control of the Pokemon. Afraid to let it go, he remains a large powerhouse of Petey’s team, packing more damage then the rest of his Pokemon combined.

Attacks: Earthquake, Ice Fang, Rock Tomb, Sandstorm

Species: Bayleef ;153;
Gender: Female
Nickname: Chai

Personality: Chai is a very focused Pokemon, devoting her entire attention to whatever she is doing. Easily attacked, Chai is unfazed by most anything around her, and tends to be, self-absorbed. She likes eating flowers, even when in battle. In that occurrence, she becomes very tactical, tending to disobey Petey to put her own wits to the test, must to her trainer’s dismay.

Description-History: Chai was Petey’s most recent Pokemon to date, obtained from Professor Elm to officially start his journey. Chai was of a coloring between shiny and regular, giving her light pink petals to hot pink or orange pedals. When they started out, she tried to be patient with him, waiting for him to become a better trainer, but after a while began to do her own thing.

Attacks: Synthesis, Giga Drain, Poison Powder, Stun Spore
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Name: Severin Haze
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Appearance: Standing at a 6'1", Severin is a caucasian male with slightly tanned skin, he has a number of scars on his arms and chest, due to when he first met his Seviper. He wears neither glasses, nor contacts. He has slightly long, black hair and gray eyes. His body is built with slight muscle tones. That being said, he can handle himself in a fight. As for clothing, he is usually seen wearing the colors of red, purple, and black. Sometimes, it's a button up shirt and tie. And at others, it's a simple long sleeve shirt on top of a t-shirt. Dark, worn jeans are always part of his attire, and black shoes are always seen during the day. He always wears two chain spinner rings, one on each index finger.

Personality: Severin is, without a doubt, not a people person. The only person Severin is relatively close to is his mother. He tries to rely on himself and his abilities at all times, and doesn't like people offering to help him. That being said, he always contacts his mother, Sevreen every now and then, always making sure how she's doing. Since his mother lives alone while Severin travels, he sends half of his winnings and earnings to his mother to help support her. But in the case of other people, it's either necessary to interact or the cold shoulder. He usually prefers the company of his Pokemon, most of which being his Seviper, Poicasso. Severin loves and cares for his Pokemon, each and every one of them. Even on occasion, Severin would often spend to feed his Pokemon rather than himself. Thus, resulting in having to look for berries or such.

History: Severin was born and raised in Sinnoh, namely Veilstone City. His mother, Sevreen, had become a single mother by the time Severin was born. His father was, and is unknown to him. Sevreen and Severin's father were a vicious couple, with Sevreen having had her money stolen over time and no culprit. That was, until she realized Severin's father had been stealing from her monthly for illegal purposes. Sevreen had ordered his father to leave and never come back, thus leaving Severin with no father figure. But, Severin was never bothered by it. He grew to learn there were people as awful as the mind could imagine. During Severin's childhood, Sevreen would have him learn through her, as she was a top coordinator in her time. This left Severin without much interaction outside of his mother, but she did allow him to play with her Pokemon from time to time. That would include her Hydreigon, nicknamed Maleficent. Sevreen at first was wary of introducing Maleficent to Severin, but he grew to love her like a member of the family in no time. As Severin was allowed to leave the house and explore more of the outside world, he met up with a Seviper, caught with an angry group of Zangoose. As Seviper began to lose it's strength, Severin ran in and protected the Fang Snake from the angry pack, causing scars across his body from Crush Claw attacks. Seviper was able to drive them away with Severin's help. From that day on, Severin and Seviper (or Poicasso) were a perfect team. After leaving home, he began battling with finesse and flashiness. He met and caught a number of Pokemon, performed in a number of contests, and has since become a qualified coordinator. Soon, Severin heard of the Hoenn Champ Battles, and left for the Hoenn region after his trials in the Sinnoh region.


Species-Gender: Seviper, Male
Nickname: Poicasso
Personality: Poicasso is a vicious battler, and a loyal Pokemon to Severin. Able to perform masterful combinations, Poicasso has earned his spot in Severin's most powerful. Poicasso loves to show off his Poison-type attacks, and weaken his opponents until the right time to finish them off.

Description-History: Poicasso, living somewhere outside of Veilstone City, had become caught in a group of Zangoose. Nearly torn to shreds, Severin came to save him, thus his loyalty was won over.
Attacks: Coil, Poison Tail, Crunch, Venoshock

Species-Gender: Dustox, Female
Nickname: Toxy
Personality: Toxy loves being out at night, but doesn't mind daylight too much. She loves Severin as he caught her just as she was born, raised with love and care. She usually sits on Severin's shoulder, being out of her Pokeball more often than most of his Pokemon.
Description-History: Toxy was but a small Wurmple in the Eterna Forest. During Severin's travels, Toxy was found alone and helpless. Severin took Toxy in and gave her the love she needed to keep going, thus her loyalty to Severin.
Attacks: Toxic, Poison Sting, Moonlight, Silver Wind

Species-Gender: Carnivine, Male
Nickname: Carny
Personality: Carny loves to dance, usually incorporating dance moves into his attacks. He also loves to nibble on Severin, as he loves his trainer. He enjoys the contest life, and shines in the spotlight.
Description-History: Carny was met at the Great Marsh one night, when the Warden has the radio out for the other Pokemon to have fun. Carny was the life of the party, dancing the night away for the other Pokemon. Severin met with Carny, and Severin was very impressed with Carny's dancing skills. Carny simply chomped down on Severin when he proposed going with him, and his dancing moves.
Attacks: Bullet Seed, Crunch, Power Whip, Growth

Species-Gender: Lickilicky, Male
Nickname: Lickums
Personality: Lickums is a peaceful Pokemon. He doesn't normally enjoy fighting, but will do so on Severin's order. He'd much rather prefer being out and about with Severin and the other members of Severin's team. That being said, Lickums is probably the most powerful of his on-hand team.
Description-History: Severin met Lickums outside of Pastoria City, where a group of them were relaxing near Lake Valor. Severin had picnicked with his Pokemon there, Lickum having joined them politely. After a nice afternoon, Lickum wanted to join Severin. One day, in a full battle, Lickums was the last of his Pokemon against an Ursaring, a Golem, and a Blastoise. When Lickums is presented a challenge for Severin, Lickums is easy to please, taking out all three. Lickums thus came to be known as one of Severin's strongest.
Attacks: Body Slam, Power Whip, Rollout, Lick

Species-Gender: Mismagius, Female
Nickname: Missy
Personality: Missy loves to fight, and moreso like Carny, compete in contests and perform beautifully. She usually hangs around Severin because of her "crush" on him. She, like Toxy, likes to be out at night. She also is a bit of a snob, acting superior and believing Severin loves her the most.
Description-History: Missy met Severin shortly after he caught Toxy, in the Old Chateau. He was training with Poicasso, taking out countless Ghost Pokemon. She was more than impressed with Severin's talent, developing a crush of sorts for him. She had hinted at Severin for him to catch her, and so she became a big part of the team.
Attacks: Shadow Ball, Nasty Plot, Ominous Wind, Thunderbolt

Species-Gender: Stunfisk, Male
Nickname: Stunsy
Personality: Stunsy loves hiding in wait and shocking his opponents, and Severin on his good days. They have a love/hate relationship, where Stunsy usually tends to shock Severin for giggles. Stunsy is still a reliable member of the team, especially when he's attacked. Stunsy usually shocks attacking Pokemon from below.
Description-History:Stunsy was a revenge capture, so to speak. Severin met up with this nasty Trap Pokemon one day when he traveled a bit in Unova, performing his contest skills. One day, Severin was taking a walk, eventually stepping on Stunsy, resulting in a nasty shock. Severin got agitated quickly, as Stunsy was a new species to him, thus not knowing much about it's tricks. Nonetheless, Severin was interested and caught Stunsy.
Attacks: Discharge, Scald, Dig, Stealth Rock

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