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The Return: Memory Reversal


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The Return: Memory Reversal

Today is the big day! You, a friend to Pokémon, have had the opportunity to attend to Hoenn Champ Battles! Only once every year, at Lilycove City, experienced trainers called the Elite Four preform for the audience by battling other skilled trainers. The Elite Four as well as Gym Leaders hold high places in the world of Pokémon and this event is highly acclaimed. You are a lucky soul to be able to attend the games and the battles were exciting down to the end. As the people are filing out nearing the last minutes of battle, you linger in order to be sure of the true victor. Dark clouds begin to gather, nothing but a storm. Although, the sky was clear just moments ago. As suddenly as the clouds had appeared, there was a loud crack and the sky opened up.

What came out was something unbelievable. Two incredibly rare Pokémon, Dialga and Palkia, emerged in the middle of an intense battle. Lightening tore across the sky and the people panicked. Some run around in terror while others look up in fear and you join in. Seeing Legendary Pokémon is not an everyday occurrence. As things are happening all around it, everything abruptly stops. Time stands still. People are frozen around you, Dialga and Palkia having seemingly stopped, and you yourself cannot move. Then, in a flash of bright, white light, you hear a voice; This battle will be completely erased from everyone’s minds, and it should have been from yours too. But, you extraordinary individuals are the only witnesses to this event. Something about you has made you resistant to the Memorial Blast and as a result, you will be forgotten as well. Seek out the Legendary Pokémon and others who are resistant and you will find answers.

Rules Recap:
1. All RPG rules apply. Minimal to zero godmodding, bunnying, being invincible, etc. Just do what’s right.
2. Three strikes you're out. I warn you twice, the next time you screw up you're done.
3. Please try and stay dedicated. This is a re-vamp of my first RPG. We had a small group of posters who stuck to the end and it was amazing. Let me know if you’ll be falling behind and I’ll try and do the same.
3.5. If you look back at the first Memory Reversal RP and spoil crap, I'll break you.
4. On that note, be appropriate. Use language appropriate to the situation, use interactions appropriate to the situation, and just don't fight with each other (outside of character of course). You got a problem, you bring it to me.
5. Have a fun time! Take it easy with a simple RPG with some cool people and use your imagination to the max. Happy posting!

~Pokémon battles are carried out where the trainer is an active part of battle. While in fair fights, trainers refrain from attacking each other, they will move around the field while commanding their Pokémon.

~Your character can be anything from an elderly, experience trainer to a totally green coordinator. As long as you stay within the wide age limit and are reasonable in number of badges and skill level for your character.

~Leave Legendary Pokémon out of your characters life unless loosely connected. Go crazy with the history section, but I might ask for changes that affect the plot later on.

~Make your first post begin before the Dialga Palkia battle and end with your characters reaction after the "Memorial Blast." Things like that will be explained as time goes on, promise.

I'll be taking anyone currently reserved until we've gotten too far in and I'll take a few people who still would like to join after a day or two here~

Accepted Players:
Skillfulness~ Marth Kane
Monster Guy~ Timothy "Tim" Wolfe
InnerFlame~ Izefia "Izzy" Brill
Absoluna~ Calamity "Cala" Noctin
ApertureScience~ Nicolas James McCoy
Double-oh-Platypus~ Ryan St. Clair
AwesomeGuy~ Jack Coniff
goldensteambun~ Claude Gallois-Montbrun
Nightdreamer~ Pieto "Petey" Lazano

Marth Kane: Hoenn Champ Battles

It was a calm and pleasantly warm day in most of Hoenn, aside from the usually warm or cold climates. But at the Hoenn Champ Battles near Lilycove, things were heating up! (excuse the pun, I couldn’t help myself) A young girl sat at the edge of her seat, watching as exceptional trainers battled each other to win a shot at facing on of the Elite Four of Hoenn. So far, the event had been all Marth had hoped for; exciting, full of incredible battling techniques she never knew, and each trainer was honorable in battle. These trainers had worked hard alongside their Pokémon and made it clear that they deserved to be here today. Occasionally the commentator found a moment to tell a bit of a trainers experience and each person had a lot to be proud of. But the games would soon be over as the final battle between trainers ended and that between Elite Four and trainer would begin.

The Pokémon battles that happened next were perhaps the most impressive Marth had ever seen. Being a trainer herself, she could recognize styles and skills that trainers had and all these trainers were amazingly talented. The Hoenn Elite Four really had to work to keep the upper hand, but soon there was a victor for each match but one. The audience began to trickle out of the stands despite the intense battle below. Marth sat glued to her seat with still others who stayed to watch the final victor. A gust of wind caught Marth’s attention and she looked to the sky. Wow, it was really sunny and nice a second ago, she thought, Looks like a storm’s coming in. Not to be distracted from the battle, she turned back. As she did, a bolt of lightning flashed across the sky followed by a roar of thunder. The audience was startled and the battle stalled. After a second bolt of lightning streaked across the sky, this time a roaring, ripping sound filled the fields. What is going on!?

Most heads were turned to the sky when it happened. It looked like the sky began to split open. Two vicious looking rips spread apart rapidly in the sky to let something loose. A beast came out. This pink Pokemon resembled a dragon, but was larger than any Tyranitar Marth had ever seen. As it hurtled out of the portal in the sky, a blue, four-legged one followed it with a ferocious roar. The two of them began going at each other viciously and this instigated the panic in the crowds. People were running in every direction to get out and away from the deadly battle above them. Some stood stunned and staring, Marth being one of them. Nonetheless, no one was taking a moment to process the thing taking place in the sky.

Just as suddenly as that first bolt of lightning happened, the crowd was frozen in panic, literally. Marth herself couldn’t move, but she could see the movements in the sky had stopped as well. But before she could try and turn to see if the beastly Pokemon had frozen as well, everything went white. Yet another strange event happens as Marth hears a voice. ”This battle will be completely erased from everyone’s minds, and it should have been from yours too. But, you extraordinary individuals are the only witnesses to this event. Something about you has made you resistant to the Memorial Blast and as a result, you will be forgotten as well. Seek out the Legendary Pokémon and others who are resistant and you will find answers.”

The whiteness consumed her and in the span of a second, Marth was back. Sitting calmly in her seat, she was watching the end of the Hoenn Champ Battles, next to the odd couple she had been ignoring the whole time just like nothing had happened. She blinked a few times. She examined herself quickly, gave herself a pinch, and then finally accepted things were actually normal again. How the heck that happened, I’ll never know, but seriously, what was that? Turning to the girl sitting next to her, hugging her boyfriend’s arm tightly, Marth asked, “Did you see that crazy battle up there?”

“Wha- you mean the Champ Battles? Well of course! That’s why we’re here!” She answered cheerfully, gazing at her boy who looked ready to throw her off his arm. People started getting up as the final match had finished. Marth hadn’t seen who the winner was.

“No, no, that’s not what I meant. I mean there giant were dragon Pokémon fighting in the sky! Everyone was panicking! Didn’t you see that?”

“Ummm,” said the boy, “I don’t think you’re feeling too well. There was no dragon fight. I’d get yourself checked out…” he finished awkwardly as the two started walking away from the strange girl. In her mind, Marth was panicking. What in the world is going on!? Did- did it really happen? I mean, I saw it, I’m sure it happened. But why… Her head snapped up as the idea hit her and she hurried to the balcony railing. Grabbing hold with one hand, she pointed the other at the sky.

“DID ANYONE ELSE SEE THAT BATTLE!?” she shouted. Those still in the stadium turned to see who it was. Marth didn’t know what that would accomplish, but she could figure it out later. It did make her feel a bit better so no harm done. She exited the stadium in a bit of a fury and released Sear, her Growlithe partner.

“Am I going crazy Sear?” she asked the fire pup. The dog scoffed at her and shook her head, trotting beside her trainer’s slow walk.

“Well, that voice… it said to search others immune to, to the… Memorial Blast? I’ve never heard of anything like that before. Well, maybe someone else is out there and they heard me make a fool of myself.” Sear snickered and Marth shot her a glare. “If not, then we’ll have to track down some Legendary Pokémon then. What do you have to think about that then, eh Sear?” She glanced back, half hoping someone would stop to tell her that they had seen the battle as well.
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Ryan St. Clair - Hoenn Champ Battles

Jingle. Jingle, jingle, jingle.

"Can't you control that overgrown rat?"

Ryan's head snapped up from where he had been watching the battle to scrutinize the person sitting next to him. It was a middle-aged man in a business suit and he was scowling heavily at Ryan's Pikachu. Following the man's gaze, Ryan watched his Pokemon absently as it played with the long lanyard that was usually stored in his pocket. The source of the man's displeasure, it would seem, were the keys hooked onto the end.

"Sorry 'bout that," Ryan said, plucking the keys from Sparky's paws. The Pokemon whined but Ryan studiously ignored it. "But please, don't call him an overgrown rat. I don't think he'd like it that much."

The man's scowl deepened, but he turned back to watch the battles again.

Ryan sighed, leaning back in his seat and allowing Sparky to scamper up his leg and into his lap. It was a hot day in Lillycove and Ryan was doing his best to keep the sun off his face with a baseball hat he'd bought cheaply at the department store. It wasn't doing anything great for his hair, but you couldn't win them all.

As the battle continued, the wind began to pick up. One moment it was sunny and the next the clouds were rolling in. Ryan was used to quick weather changes from previous places he'd lived, but this was a little extreme; the clouds had just appeared out of nowhere.

That's when the lightning started.

Ryan had never seen a storm blow in so quickly, but here it was, in all its glory. Down on the battlefield, the trainers had paused, glancing nervously at the sky. The crowd in the stands were making their way towards the exits, no longer wishing to be in the open air. Bolts of electricity zipped through the sky, lighting up the clouds in ominous shades of purple and blue and making the air crackle with ozone. The cheek pouches on Sparky's face illuminated, electricity sparking wildly. Ryan placed a hand on his Pokemon's head to calm him, but his efforts for futile, for the sky had just split in two.

Immediately, all eyes turned to the sky and the creatures that seemed to be descending from them. Ryan recognized both Pokemon immediately, their appearances resembling those of Pokemon he had only heard of from legends and books. They were Palkia and Dialga, legendary Pokemon of Sinnoh, the region in which Ryan had been born. With ferocious roars, the two Pokemon crashed together, engaging in a fierce battle.

People and Pokemon were running every which way. Ryan tucked Sparky into his hoodie, in the hopes that he would not be lost, and hunkered down behind the seats, his stormy grey eyes watching the battle hungrily.

And then, all movement ceased.

It was like Ryan was paralyzed, caught in a strange limbo. He was aware of everything that was going on around him (not much, because everyone else seemed to be frozen as well) but could do nothing himself. Ryan was just beginning to panic when he heard a voice. He wanted to look around to find the source, but it was almost as if the voice was coming from all around him.

”This battle will be completely erased from everyone’s minds, and it should have been from yours too. But, you extraordinary individuals are the only witnesses to this event. Something about you has made you resistant to the Memorial Blast and as a result, you will be forgotten as well. Seek out the Legendary Pokémon and others who are resistant and you will find answers.”

Ryan whited out, and when he came to again it was to a lovely day. The battle was continuing down on the battlefield and everyone around him was watching calmly.

"Are you alright?" The person in the seat in front of Ryan was just returning from ... the bathroom? The snack bar? Her mad escape from the battle of the Legendary Pokemon? She was glancing warily at Ryan, who was still crouched behind the seat.

"Oh, um. I was just looking for my ... keys," Ryan said, spotting the edge of his lanyard sticking out from under his seat. He snatched it quickly, let Sparky out from the inside of his hoodie, and quickly made his way out of his seat and towards the exit; he definitely needed some time to think things through.

Ryan was just about to descend the stairs when something caught his attention. It was a girl, a few sections over from Ryan, who was shouting something. Many people were glancing at her nervously, but something she said made Ryan pause.

"DID ANYONE SEE THAT BATTLE?" the girl shouted.

Immediately, Ryan was spinning on his heel.

"I did!" he called back, but the sound of the battle seemed to swallow him up again. With a sigh, Ryan, pulled the baseball cap from his head and stuffed it in his backpack before setting off through the stands towards the girl.

Up close, Ryan noticed she was at least half a foot shorter than himself, with wispy blonde hair. Sparky, who had been perched on his shoulder, immediately went over to investigate, leaving Ryan to play catch up.

"Sorry about that," Ryan said to the girl, hurrying after his Pikachu. "He's a little friendly with strangers. Um ... were you just mentioning something about a battle? Like, one between Legendary Pokemon in the sky?" Immediately, Ryan felt stupid for asking; what if the girl had simply been talking about the battle on the field at the moment? But still, he had to know. He was supposed to be looking for others that had been left as witnesses as well, and she was his only lead so far.


Black Version FTW!
>Ok, a couple of things: 1, if anything is in carats, like what I'm writing right now, then it's OOC. 2, this is my first RP, so if I'm doing something wrong, please tell me. Thanks, and on to the story!<

Calamity Noctin, Hoenn Champ Battles

Calamity watched the Hoenn Champ Battles intently, on the edge of her seat. The sun was out, and with her jacket, Calamity should've been getting pretty hot, but she didn't notice. She always enjoyed watching battles of this caliber - she could always learn new strategies to help herself get better. There was only so much you could earn from reading.

A cold wind blew through the stadium, making Calamity suddenly glad for her jacket. She looked up, wondering where it had come from, and noticed that the sky had gone dark and cloudy. Strange, she thought, but not unheard of. Especially in this region. Calamity smiled to herself and turned back to the battle. She didn't want to miss the battle worrying about a change in the weather.

Cala changed her mind when the first lightning bolt came down with a crash like the whole percussion section of an orchestra hitting their instruments at once. Cala looked back up at the sky, now wondering how the storm had moved in so fast. For that matter, where had the storm come from? Before she could come up with a decent explanation, another lightning bolt came, this one with a deafening roar and a sound like a giant piece of cloth being ripped apart. Things are definitely getting strange, Cala thought.

That was the least of it, it turned out.

A hole ripped open, then another one, reminding Cala of wounds left by wicked claws. A dragon, pink and silver, shot out of the hole in the sky, followed by a blue and silver one. They were huge, big enough to take up the whole field, had they decided to landed. They roared, a cacophony of sound filling the stadium, then started fighting, coming dangerously close to the seats on the other side of the stadium.

Some people ran in panic, and some stayed rooted to the spot in awe and shock, Calamity included. But Calamity wasn't just in awe of the fighting. She had read many legends, and these two dragons fit the descriptions of...

"Dialga and Palkia?" Calamity breathed. "Tartri flammis!"

Then, as suddenly as the dragons of Sinnoh had come through the tear in the sky, everything froze. The dragons, the people. Everything. Calamity panicked for a few seconds, then realized that she was frozen. It was strange, seeing the world truly frozen. Then the world went white. Why not? Cala thought. It wasn't any stranger than anything else that had happened this afternoon. Then a voice cut into her thoughts.

"This battle will be completely erased from everyone's minds, and it should have been from yours, too. But, you extraordinary individuals are the only witnesses of this event. Something about you has made you resistant to the Memorial Blast, and as a result, you will be forgotten as well. Seek out the Legendary Pokémon and others who are resistant and you will find answers."

What... Cala just had time to think before she was back in her seat, before the storm, before the dragons, before the voice. She sat for a moment, trying to figure out what had happened, before giving up and classifying it as "something that I have no idea about". Then she turned to the person behind her.

"Did you see them?" Cala asked.

"See who? The Elite Four? Of course I saw them!" answered the woman in an annoyed tone.

"No, not them, the dragons. The ones that came out of that hole in the sky."

"What are you going on about? There weren't any dragons!" The woman sighed. "I don't have any time for this." And with that, she got up and left.

"Well, she wasn't very friendly," muttered Cala. She asked another person, with more or less the same result. I guess the voice wasn't lying, Cala thought. Cala heard a girl yelling, and looked up, though she missed the first part of her sentence.

"... SEE THAT BATTLE?" she yelled, pointing at the sky. The girl looked about Calamity's age, with blond hair and dark clothes (not counting her jacket, which was tied around her waist). Most people looked at her as if she needed to go to an asylum, but Calamity's heart leaped. Could this girl have seen what she had - and remembered? When Cala looked up again, the girl was gone.

Calamity got up to follow suit. She needed to find that girl and talk to her.
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Claude Gallois-Montbrun : Hoenn Champ Battle

The ticket to the Champ Battle was a thorn on Claude's side, at least if his sister asked about them. To anyone, it would have been a treasure, a chance to see an once in a lifetime tournament, but not to him. It has came from his older sister with so much as another "You need to go out" talk. The poor girl has been trying to get her younger brother out of his shell for ages, to go and actually have fun and socialized. He did socialized, mind her, with the towns people and the pokemon. But through notes and ink that was, since he pretended to be mute for all those years. Claude was good at it, the not talking part. So convincing that his own sister though he was really mute after a few years, and insisted to get him treatment. After a series of fail, she got him a bunch of pens, and a lifetime supply of post it notes.

It wasn't like he didn't want to. Claude loves making friends, he enjoy others's company and sometimes he even craved for it. But his timidity has always been a hold back. Even if he open his mouth, he was sure something strange or weird would come out through his speech, and people would just be unamused as they were if he didn't say anything. The wouldn't want to befriend with him anyhow, that was what he though.

At his sister's constant nag and bothers, even begs sometimes, Claude took pity on her, and decided to travelled all the way to see it. "It will give you some air !" Said his sister, her voice excited "And who knows, you might even find a nice boy who would take you home" She snickered, and Claude was highly unamused. She might be right, maybe he could actually had some fun in a while, Claude though, and he hoped.

However, upon arrival, it was nothing seem like fun to him.

The flow of people were too much for him, too many people scared him to death, as the boy lowered his eyes and tried to walk through the crowd, his Minun tightly hugged to his chest. This began to sounded like a bad ideal, he thought, and little did he know that it was about to get worse.

Claude sat through the battles and mildly weirded out the person who was sitting next to him, as the boy remained at his seat and has poker face throughout the entire time, as if he was a statue, unaffected by anything happen around him. The battles were intense and pasisonate between talented trainers, and to some extend Claude was immersed in the fight. But to him, the constant roar from the crowd and the people moving around him were intimidating the most. never in his life has he ever been into events like this, where people were all over the places and there was never a quiet moment. The boy was certainly not used to any of these, and he wasn't quite enjoying it either, with all the panics raising in his heart.

All of the sudden, it began to get quite gusty, as the sky turned dark and the wind picked up. It was as if a storm was brewing, though the weather was just so delightful and sunny a moment ago. Much to his horror, a flash of lighting both appeared, and the thunders were growling from afar. Claude has always been scared of thunder, as he clutched even tighter to his Minun on his lap. It wasn't just him who was distracted by the sudden change of the weather it seemed, as everyone turned to the sound and seemed to be rattled by the second lightning bolt, even the trainers who were battling.

All he wanted to do was to get out of their, duck down and hide away at some other place, anywhere but here, but he could not do anything but froze in his place out of panic. As absurd as it may sound, but the sky was ripped apart, open huge gaps on the sky as the wind became stronger by seconds. No one seemed to have no ideal what was going on, as the event unfolded in front of their eyes. Two huge pokemon came flying through the rips on the sky, they were as tall as a building, looking nothing like the pokemon Claude has ever seen in his life. The two were quite vicious looking, as they began to engaged in a battle right above the Champ Battle ground.

People screamed and run, panic spread through the crowds, and yet Claude was just sitting there, his eyes widened as he gasped. More than anyone, he was scared, enough that he though he might faint right there, but he could not bring himself to move away like others, too afraid to do anything. It was too real to be a dream, to terrified, as if a nightmare came true. And he willed himself to close his eyes shut, taking in the sound of panic and terror in his ears.

Out of the sudden, everything went quiet around him, The sound stopped as if it was suddenly turned off, and the silent that bestowed the atmostsphere was almost eerie to him. Claude open his eyes, and there he was, sitting all by himself in vast of whiteness, the blankness seemed to go one forever as he gazed into distant. It was like a blank canvas, nothing beyond that point, nothing was there except for him. A voice rang in his head, made him squatted down on his knees and clutched to his ears because of the sudden loudness. Claude shut his eyes closed again, telling himself it wasn't real, that it might be a somewhat twisted dream that was realistic beyond belief.

”This battle will be completely erased from everyone’s minds, and it should have been from yours too. But, you extraordinary individuals are the only witnesses to this event. Something about you has made you resistant to the Memorial Blast and as a result, you will be forgotten as well. Seek out the Legendary Pokémon and others who are resistant and you will find answers.”

As soon as the voice stopped, the quietness disappeared along with it, as Claude could heard the rumble of the crowds again. Slowly he opened his eyes, and saw himself sitting in his seat once again, the crowds cheered and roared at the battling trainers, and the boy sitting next to him was staring at Claude weirdly. It was as if nothing happened at all, and no one but him seemed to be affected by it. Feeling nauseous, he excused himself and exited the place, still with shaking legs and wobbly knees as he stood and walked away.

Maybe it was a hallucination of his messed up mind, Claude though as he climbed the steps to the balcony that lead to the exit. He had never had one before in broad daylight like this, but it must have been, dspite that it felt all too real to be one. Claude was sure he was going mentally ill after this, and maybe it was a right time to see the doctor or a therapist like his sister advised him too...

In the midst of his thought, Claude snapped up when he heard a girl shouting right in front of him. "DID ANYONE SEE THAT BATTLE?" Her voice was clear and lou enough to hear, and he gasped in shock. Could it be that she have seen the same thing too ? Everyone else but him seemed to stared at her in confusion, seemingly not having any ideal what she was saying. The girl stormed out the exit in frustrastion before Claude could react, and all he could do was just standing there, frozen once again, Nothing made any sense to him, and all he wanted was to run away.

Claude exited after her with unsure step, thinking that he must really have gone lunatic. He had to hold onto the railing to support himself, as he got to the entrance. In front of him, the girl was still there, and this time she was with another boy, who just seemed to be just approached her with his pikachu. He was talking of the battle too, and now Claude realized it wasn't just him.

It was too much for Claude to handle, his heartbeat was fast and rapid, his head hurts because of all the noises, and he fell on his knees on the ground, shaking uncontrollably as he clutched his head . His minun bounced around in worry, as the small pokemon desparately tried to calm his trainer down. Claude was having a mild panic attack.


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Timothy "Tim" Wolfe: Hoenn Champ Battles

Tim let out a sigh as he sat in his seat watching the battles. He wasn't really paying attention to the battle that was taking place. He was still upset about having lost two contests in a row. He had hoped attending these battles would help get his mind off these losses, but watching a bunch of skilled trainers who appeared to know how to get their act together in front of an audience when he didn't was not helping.

Casty, his Castform sitting on his lap, was much more into the battle than his trainer, looked to be having a great time. He cheered for the two Pokemon that were fighting. "Form Castform!" When the battles were finished, Casty turned around, and smiled at his trainer. After seeing his expression, he could tell that he was not happy. He floated up to his shoulder, and cuddled up to him an effort to cheer him up. "Caaastform"

Tim appreciated the gesture, and smiled a bit. "Heh, thanks bud. You always know what to say." He said while patting his Pokemon's head. "Hm, it looks like the battles are finishing up here. Let's make our way out of here before things get crazy."

Just then, Tim felt a gust of wind blow past his face. He looked to the sky, and saw gray clouds forming. "Hm, that's odd. It was nice and sunny a second ago..." Tim looked at Casty. "You didn't do that did you?" He asked while pointing at the sky. "Castforms are known for being able to affect the weather after all."

Casty shook his head no.

Then, a bolt of lightning flashed across the sky followed by a roar of thunder. The audience was nervous, and murmuring amongst themselves. After a second bolt of lightning streaked across the sky, this time a roaring, ripping sound filled the fields. What is going on!?

Everyone's head turned to the sky when it happened. It looked like the sky began to split open. Two vicious looking rips spread apart rapidly in the sky to let something loose. Two Pokemon came out that he had only read about in stories. First a pink Pokemon that resembled a dinosaur. A blue, four-legged one followed it soon afterward. Tim's jaw dropped. Omigosh, Dialga and Palkia! Tim thought. The two of them began beating each other up furiously. People were running around panicked, in every direction trying to get away from the battle that was ensuing in front of them. Some others, Tim included, stood staring, not really knowing what to do.

Just as suddenly as everything happened, everyone froze. Tim found that he couldn’t move, The action going on in the sky seemed to stop as well. Before he could do anything further, everything went white, and Tim heard an ominous voice. ”This battle will be completely erased from everyone’s minds, and it should have been from yours too. But, you extraordinary individuals are the only witnesses to this event. Something about you has made you resistant to the Memorial Blast and as a result, you will be forgotten as well. Seek out the Legendary Pokémon and others who are resistant and you will find answers.”

Within the span of a second, everything returned to normal. Tim and Casty were sitting in there seats calmly. He blinked a few times. examined himself quickly, and then finally accepted things were actually normal again. What was that?! Tim wondered to himself. Things like that do not happen everyday! His eyes were wide, and he had a shocked look on his face.

The gentleman sitting next to him seemed to notice the look on Tim's face. "Ey, you ok kid? You look like you just saw a ghost."

He didn't want to tell him the truth, and look like a crazy person. Everyone else in the stadium acted as if that whole situation hadn't happened, so maybe he had just imagined it... "Me? Um...uh...yeah...I'm fine... That was just an intense battle.. Heh." Tim stammered.

The man didn't seem to buy that, but accepted his answer, shrugged his shoulders, and walk away.

"Yeah, I definitely think it's time to go." Tim sighed as he took Casty in his arms, and tried to get out of here, and forget all of that ever happened, a girl nearby who looked like she was close to his age shouted out, “DID ANYONE ELSE SEE THAT BATTLE!?” Tim wondered if she was refering to the Champ Battles or... There was also a guy with a Pikachu nearby who had mentioned Legendary Pokemon, and saying he saw them too. Wait, so I'm not crazy then?!

Tim stood there for a minute wondering what to do, when his Pokemon decided to act for him. "CAAAASTFORM!" Casty shouted in response, and jumped out of Tim's arms and floated up to her.

"Casty, get back here!" Tim hissed as he chased after his Pokemon, and grabbed him before he got a chance to do anything. "Um...s-s-sorry about that..." He said quietly. There was already a small crowd gathering around. He wasn't prepared to have all this attention on him. "Uh...he gets excited easily..."

"Castform!" Casty pouted.

Um.. I saw the battle too... Tim whispered while trying blend in with the rest of the crowd, and get out of here before he made a fool of himself.
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Marth Kane: Outside the Stadium

As she paced around the outskirts of the crowd, her mind played over the message again and she wondered what it meant. Forgotten, what does that mean? How can I be forgotten? Seems like people still notice me. To prove her point, a Pikachu bounded over to introduce itself. Sear sized it up quickly and glanced to her trainer, expecting an order to attack. Marth gave her a look that said, ”Not gonna happen,” and turned back to the Pikachu. It didn’t seem wild, and in fact a trainer was trotting towards her looking for the electric mouse. When he was close enough, Marth noticed he was significantly taller with some swooshy brown hair wearing an orange hoodie.

“Sorry about that,” he said, reclaiming his Pikachu, “He’s a little friendly with strangers. Um…” Marth raised an eyebrow. If he had seen her screaming at the sky she doubted he would be so friendly, so maybe-

“Were you just mentioning something about a battle? Like, one between Legendary Pokémon in the sky?" Marth caught her breath as her stomach did a summersault. Was he really suggesting he had seen the battle too? She could only assume the Pokémon she saw were legendary and maybe this guy knew more than her.

“Are you serious? Of course I saw it! I don’t know how anyone could miss it,” but at that moment she remembered the voice and suddenly things made sense. She gasped and said, “Wait! That voice! It said, ‘This battle will be completely erased from everyone’s minds.’ So that’s why no one remembers.” Marth was lost on her tangent before realizing she had just been approached by someone who claimed to have witnessed the battle as well.

“Oh gosh I’m sorry, my name’s Marth, and yeah, I saw a battle between Pokémon happening in the sky.” She was distracted by the call of a Pokémon and its trainer trying to calm it down. It was a boy with bushy black hair, khakis and a stripped t-shirt. Carrying his Castform, he got near them and whispered, "Umm… I saw that battle too…”

“Alright, let’s move a bit this way and talk, there’s less people there.” She moved towards a bench beneath some trees and sat down, Sear hopping into her lap. The boys followed and Marth reintroduced herself.

“So you guys really saw what went on up there? Do you have any idea what’s going on?” She glanced into the crowd and saw someone kneeling on the ground. She waited for the two boys to respond, but wondered if she help the person out. I’ll give it a minute… she thought.


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Izefia Brill: Hoenn Champ Battles Stadium

The day was warm in the Lilycove City, Hoenn; not that it really register for Izefia Brill. She sat in the stand watching trainers battling for Hoenn Championship. People screamed, cheered and shouted at the battles though not Izzy. She had no interest in pokemon battles in the least. The only thing on her mind was the pokemon and there were so many different ones she had never seen in person. Every bit of her being was screaming with enthusiasm and she sooo badly just want to jump down in the ring and touch those pokemon. But she knew she couldn’t… what a strange mixed of happiness and disappointment.

Then the events follow like this: a strong gust of wind, darken skies, lightning racing across the sky, thunder grumbling and then the sky just split opened. Izzy eyes had been locked up at the sky and she saw two large pokemon. They were the most amazing creatures she had ever seen they looked reptilian though one more look more dragon and the other looked like dinosaur of some kind. She wasn’t sure how everyone else was responding but she was so incredibly thrilled and if she could only move she would have tried to climb higher to get a better look at them. Then everything went white and the large behemoths vanish from her view, aww…

”This battle will be completely erased from everyone’s minds, and it should have been from yours too. But, you extraordinary individuals are the only witnesses to this event. Something about you has made you resistant to the Memorial Blast and as a result, you will be forgotten as well. Seek out the Legendary Pokémon and others who are resistant and you will find answers.”

A weird voice that from nowhere suddenly told her, but that just fell second in her mind as her thoughts just remain focus on those pokemon. With her ability to move again back she jumped up from her seat and she frantically scoped the sky for any sign of them. Nope, there was nothing. Examining the area everything seemed normal it was like the thing with the pokemon had never happen. Was that the pokemon’s power; how amazing if it was. Turning to the guy next her, she began to spill her heart.

“Did you see that?! That battle was awesome!” She high-spiritedly shouted to the guy. She was so excited she was nearly trembling. The brown-haired lean away a bit slightly startled at the screaming enthusiastic girl.

“Yea… it was a really good battle; that trainer was sure skilled.” He replied and he was sure why but the girl didn’t seem happy about his comment.

“Not that, fight! The giant pokemon fighting in the sky! They made the sky completely split open and they were so amazing!” She explained as her happiness of seeing those pokemon ooze out from her. After awhile she noticed that he and people around her were giving her a look she was so accustom to. “How could you not see it? The sky turned dark and everything!”

“Yea, sure…” His looked didn’t dwindle and his voice had nothing but disbelief about her story. He just got up and left… As she looked to the arena it seems the final battle had ended and people were leaving. With no reason to stay she got up and headed for the exit; she didn’t let the stares of those people get her down. She knew what she saw; she wasn’t crazy. There were others… where did she hear that from again? Oh right weird voice; though she was little suspicious about hearing random voices from nowhere decided to ignore it.

Outside of the stadium, she saw a group of people as well as a Growlithe, a Pikachu and a little gray pokemon she hadn’t seen. Izzy almost went sprinting over there but her eyes caught a little yellow and blue pokemon and a sky blue haired person sitting on the ground. He was trembling and the pokemon worriedly called out to him; it sounded like it said 'Mi num' or something like that. Walking up to the front of the boy and pokemon, she crouched down so she was eye to eye.

“Hello there, are you all right? Your little friend here is worry about you?” Izzy’s green eyes stared as she looked at the pale, frighten looking man.


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Claude Gallois-Montbrun : Outside the stadium

Out of the blue, Claude did not expect to have another approached him, as he was suprised by the appearance of a girl in front of him. He looked up at her in daze, his eyes went wide as he looked at her. The girl might not understand what was going on like others, or remembered exactly what happened like he did, who knew ? There were high possibility that even if he said it, she wouldn't believe him anyhow.

As Claude slowly regained his calmness back, he shook his head lightly at her and pull out the post it note with the small pen he always had by his breast pocket. I'm fine. Thank you. Was the note he gave to her, scribbled down quickly as he passed it on her hand, holding it in his palm. He brushed down the dust on his pants, his Minun was still fussing around him as he considered the moment. What now ? He wondered. Could he just leave home, hide and pretend nothing has happened ? It was all Claude wanted to do at the moment, to seek refuge from hiding once again. But somehow he could not.

At the back of his head, the voice from earlier was still nagging him, and it made him feel too uneasy to just leave it behind like that. And as he glanced at the girl who had came to his side, he despratedly hope she would have known what happened to him, even though the chance was so slim. So he wrote down another note for her, even though it might seem absurd to the girl.

Did you see the storm and the battle earlier ?


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Nicolas James McCoy l Hoenn Champ Battles Stadium

And as expected, that Milotic of his enjoys recovering damage and using Refresh to clear off damage… might be useful to get Nilia Taunt then. Nicolas observed in his mind, watching the battle carefully to see how each pokémon moved, how they evaded attacks, and their overall strategy. He scribbled on a small notepad in his hand, each page containing information on a Gym Leader’s tactics. Nicolas didn’t like to be surprised. Now, if only that’s not exactly what happened.

A rare case of expression came from Nicolas when sudden lighting came from the sky, striking the arena. Dammit. Now I’ll never get to see Steven’s pokémon… He thought, expecting the battle to be canceled. He stayed put, and other than putting up his hood, he didn’t move. And, surprise, something else unexpected occurred, although this was a bit more obvious. A great pink dragon streaked across the sky, a blue one following close behind. Palkia is blue and Dialga is pink, right…? Nicolas unclipped his Pokedex from his belt and scanned the pokémon. A blue screen came up, indicating results. He had swapped the colours, sadly, but they were still legends. The heck…? Why are they even here…

The world suddenly froze around him: the screaming idiots had cut it out, finally, in addition to cutting out movement and gravity. ”This battle will be completely erased from everyone’s minds, and it should have been from yours too. But, you extraordinary individuals are the only witnesses to this event. Something about you has made you resistant to the Memorial Blast and as a result, you will be forgotten as well. Seek out the Legendary Pokémon and others who are resistant and you will find answers.” A voice said within Nicolas’ mind, an odd experience for one without Psychic types.

And as suddenly as it had come, the world came back to the way it was before. He still had his notepad in hand as well, so he had been sent to his original position, which he assumed meant the world was reverted back to before that event. “DID ANYONE ELSE SEE THAT BATTLE!?” A woman shouted from somewhere on the other side of the arena. Good. I’m not hallucinating. Find the others, they said. He stood up and twisted out of the stands to begin walking over to the other side, hopefully finding the girl.

He did, however, find the girl, along with two other boys. The three were sitting on a bench outside of the stadium. Yeah, sure. Ask people to come to you and then run away from where you were. Gah. He walked over to a tree, careful not to let the trio see him. The man selected a pokéball from his belt, and tapped it. In a flash of red light, a Kecleon appeared and glanced around. He crawled up Nicolas’ side and rested on his shoulder, watching out around Nicolas. “Kek?” It said quickly, looking for orders.

“Tanner, listen in on those three’s conversation. Stay hidden.” Nicolas said, almost as quickly as his pokémon. The lizard nodded and crawled down before scampering up the tree, his skin becoming the colour of bark. He bounced from that to a nearby tree, wobbling before latching onto the branch and his scales becoming a combination of leaves and twigs, along with the red line. He listened to the people’s conversation, ready to relay it to Nicolas.
Pieto "Petey" Lazano: Hoenn Champ Battles

Petey's popcorn was getting cold. He had arrived in the early morning for the event, getting the 'ultimate' snack pack, complete with extra large soda, a box of chocolate colored pretzels, two Pokemon sized trays, and; the premium bag of buttered caramel coated popcorn. He fiddled around with one piece, rolling back and forth, the full bag secured in his lap. He had no stomach for food today. Heffalump was occupying the empty seat to his right, sipping a small soda with a straw. Eventually, he gave up messing with the popcorn and flicked it away. Sighing, he turned to his Phanpy. "He's not going to show up at all, is he?" The Phanpy paused a moment, looking up at him from it's drink. Her little black eyes must have been comforting him, but he could not fathom any reaction. She turned back to her drink. With another sigh, he buried his face in his hands.

"I know I'm very good trainer Lumpy, but is my brother a better one? Here I am at the Hoenn Battle Champs, but I bet he's probably earning more Gym Badges while I sit here and loaf around." He shook his head. "He always was the smarter one." The Phanpy rolled its eyes.

Three hours had past before he'd let her occupy the seat. His parents had been very clear in the phone call two weeks before.

"Honey? Petey? Oh you wouldn't believe how pretty Tohjo Falls is! Your father and I took a whole bunch of pictures to show you and Aspy."

"Wow that's great Mom!" his voice was filled with excitement.

"Erm, yes it was honey. I've been meaning to talk to you and your brother lately..."

"Don't worry Mom, I brush my teeth every night and gargle every morning! I try and change my clothes every week at least!" he saluted over the phone.

"Uh...that's... nice sweetie. But it's about something else."


"Well your father and I have decided t-"

"-have another child?"

"N-no! Not that!" her voice sped up. " We've decide to send you and brother two tickets to Hoenn! To watch the Champ Battles! You both can see each other, for the first time in who knows how long." she hesitated slightly, "You both must be so strong right now, you'd ought to be the best-est friends..."

Petey paid no attention. He was too busy jumping all over the Pokemon Center, laughing in joy. He shouted into the phone, "THANK YOU MOMMY. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU MOM!"

Petey saw some people stare jealously at him. That made him smile more. He calmed down a bit. "I love you Mom, with all my heart."

A slight pause. "I love you two, honey."
He had literally ran to Goldenrod Station, and gave his bags to a nice fellow who said he'd put it on the train for him. Petey thinks that he must not have known to put the stamps for Hoenn on it.

But apparently, Aspy knew better, as always. "Come on Phan. We should go now. Nothing interesting has happened so far." But the small elephant was engrossed with the final battle. He reached over and shook the Pokemon, as a Salamance used Draco Meteor on a Tyranitar. "Come on! Nothing's happening at all!

He had heard stories of the people angering the weather with there emotions, but he'd never believed he'd be the one to do it. The sky turned black. The sky turned black. The heavens split open and bolts of lightning randomly began to hurdle outwards. He would have liked to say that he took this completely calmly, that he rode on to save the day, but sadly, that did not happen.

His knees buckled inwardly. He covered his eyes and fell to the ground, hiding beneath his seat. His breathing was coming out in short pants, not believing what was happening. He had lost Heffalump in the confusion. He felt the quake of the people running away from him for this horrible deed, screaming in terror. "I'M SORRY!" he shrieked to the skies, "I SHOULD HAVE NEVER TOLD MY POKEMON ANYTHING! ASPRO WAS RIGHT! I AM A FOOL! I AM A FO-"

”This battle will be completely erased from everyone’s minds, and it should have been from yours too. But, you extraordinary individuals are the only witnesses to this event. Something about you has made you resistant to the Memorial Blast and as a result, you will be forgotten as well. Seek out the Legendary Pokémon and others who are resistant and you will find answers.”

He shut his eyes as tight as he could. /I'm ready to die now. Take me already. I'm waiting. Now? Now? NOW?/

The noise around him subsided. He opened his eyes. Shakingly, he shook up and looked around. All was normal, the battle was finished and people were leaving. No sign of raging winds and a freak thunder storm here. "Oh..." he whispered, the joys of the last half-month diminishing. "I guess I'm just a crazy fool after all." He gave a deep sigh.

...just a crazy fool...


His ears perked up. So he wasn't insane? The girl who shouted exited the stadium and he was about to follow, before he realized he was missing his hat. He looked down at the asphalt, to see his hat moving on the ground. It moved left. Then right. It turned in a circle. /Is my hat possessed?/ he thought, smiling, /Am I really that lucky?/ He tried to pick up his magical porkie pie, only to find that it weighed ten pounds. /What?/ he thought, grunting at the effort. He tried to put it on his head, but it was trembling. He looked inside. "Lumpy!" he laughed, "And I thought you were magical!" The traumatized Pokemon was still trembling, it's eyes widened to the size of grapes. In the corner of his vision, he saw a little puddle where the hat once rested.

"Come on Lumpy!" he picked the Phanpy up and placed it between his sweaty armpit and side. "I need to go apologize for causing a mini-apocalypse now!" Before the elephant could give a reaction he began sprinting off in the direction of the girl who had yelled.

He made it outside the stadium and spotted the girl, who was talking to two others who looked as equally traumatized as Heffalump. He decided that he had to go clear up this confusion. But as he began walking towards the trio, he failed to see the signpost positioned in front of his face. He hit it with a bang, falling to the ground, dropping his Pokemon and his other belongings. "Aspy told me that being tall had it's perks...


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Ryan St. Clair - Outside the Stadium

To Ryan's relief, the girl clearly knew what he was talking about. “Are you serious?" she asked, sounding slightly miffed. "Of course I saw it! I don’t know how anyone could miss it.” She paused for a moment and then gasped. “Wait! That voice! It said, ‘This battle will be completely erased from everyone’s minds.’ So that’s why no one remembers.”

The thought had also briefly crossed Ryan's mind. What he wanted to know now, however, was why. Why him? And this girl? Why had they been chosen to remember this battle and no one else?

There wasn't anything especially significant about Ryan, unless one looked at his potential hockey career. That wasn't good enough anymore, though, Ryan knew that. Besides, he had a feeling it was something else. Something different that set him apart from the others.

As Ryan snapped back to focus, he realized that the girl was introducing herself to him. Marth, she said her name was, and from what Ryan could gather, she was more than a little flustered; she was beginning to repeat herself.

A voice behind Ryan made him turn slightly, having noticed Marth's focus change as well. He was only a little bit taller than Marth, which still made Ryan the awkwardly tall guy, with dark black hair and big, brown eyes. His words were barely audible over the crowd, but from the sounds of it, he also had seen the battle.

Ryan was just about to open his mouth to comment when Marth cut him off again. “Alright," she began, "let’s move a bit this way and talk, there’s less people there.” She led the way outside, Ryan and the other boy moving to catch up with her. Outside the sun was shining and people passed by without so much as a glance at the stadium. It was like nothing had changed.

Marth led the way to a bench under a small crop of trees and sat down. Ryan took a seat next to her, letting Sparky clamber up onto his head. Normally Ryan disapproved of this, but considering the ordeal that they just went through, he was willing to ignore the fact that his hair was going to look a little mussed. He was pretty sure that other people would forgive him as well.

As Marth reintroduced herself to the boy that had joined them, Ryan took the opportunity to introduce himself as well.

"I'm Ryan," he said. "And this is Sparky." He gestured to the Pikachu on his head and turned his attention to Marth, who looked like she was just bursting to get another word in.

“So you guys really saw what went on up there? Do you have any idea what’s going on?” Her attention was drawn elsewhere for a moment and Ryan decided it was a good time to speak up. With someone like Marth around he'd be lucky to get another word in elsewhere.

"I can't believe what I saw," he replied truthfully. "My teachers back in Sinnoh used to read us legends about Dialga and Palkia all the time. But they were just that: legends. Not actually real or anything. But now ... And no one else seems to remember it. Or a select number. I just want to know why. It's all so confusing."


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Izefia ‘Izzy’ Brill: Outside of the Lilycove Stadium

Quietly, he shook his head and took out a little pad of paper and wrote down the words. “I’m fine. Thank you.” He then stood up and dusted off his pants leg. So this one wasn’t a talker, bummer, there wasn’t going to be any long chat with him. Her attention was again taken by the little pokemon. The yellow pokemon seem to be fussing worriedly about its trainer. As she watched, observed the pokemon she was about to go for the pokemon and give it a nice squeeze when another note was shown to her. Izzy took the note and read it.

“Did you see the storm and the battle earlier?” The blonde bang girl read it a second time. Yup it definitely said that. She had found another one already, how lucky!

“Yes I saw that, it was so amazing! Those pokemon were so spectacular! I wanted a better look at them! I’m so happy that I came here or else I would have never seen them!” Remembering it just revived her enthusiasm of that moment. A large grin came to her face as her talked about it. “Hey, do you know what those pokemon were call? You have tells me if you do!” Her face was really close to his as her eyes contain look of anticipation as she awaited an answer.

Monster Guy

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Timothy "Tim" Wolfe: Outside the Stadium

“Alright, let’s move a bit this way and talk, there’s less people there.” The girl lead Tim and the other guy towards a bench beneath some trees and sat down, an her Growlithe jumped into her lap. She introduced herself as Marth.

The guy with the Pikachu then introduced himself. "I'm Ryan," he said. "And this is Sparky." He gestured to the Pikachu on his head and turned his attention to Marth.

Tim waved his hand in response "I'm Tim..." Tim said quietly, then let his Castform free. "And that's Casty." As Tim struggled to figure out what to say next, Ryan proceeded to start talking. Tim breathed a sigh of relief, and smiled. He sat listened to the conversation, grateful that there was someone else who was more talkative there. Tim nodded at the end of his statement to show he agreed.

Meanwhile, Casty happily floated around the group. Now that they've stepped out into the sun, Casty changed to his sunny form. Casty's lower half became pure white while his head turns orange with smaller orange balls surrounding it, like a sun. Tim tried to keep an eye on his Pokemon. Casty's feelings changed with the weather, and sunshine was the happy form. He could get very hyperactive when the sun was out.
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Severin Haze - Hoenn Champ Battles

Severin was sitting in the bleachers, with Toxy the Dustox sitting on his shoulder. "Tooooxxx. Dust-Tox! Tox-tox." "Yes, Toxy. The battles are simply wonderful. Though, I'd hope for a little space." Severin was obviously uncomfortable with the crowds, but wasn't under stress.

As the wind picked up, Severin and Toxy were rocked back a bit. Poicasso's pokeball that hung from a magnetic necklace shook a bit. "Hmm... What the-" The clouds began to form and darken as far as the eye could see. "That's strange. Abnormal weather conditions, indeed..." Severin focused back onto the battling, but what followed would leave even Severin speechless. The weather had turned to a nasty storm, lightning and thunder across the sky, and the wind only got worse for Severin and Toxy.

"What's going on?!" Severin held onto Toxy, as the sky itself split apart, revealing what can only be described as a calamity taking place. Both Dialga and Palkia were fighting in the sky, causing panic across the stadium. Severin and Toxy could only sit there and watch in awe, as other people ran for their lives, trying to get out of the stadium as quickly as possible.

When the last strike of lightning had occurred, everything appeared to freeze almost immediately. The people, the two legendary Pokemon, even Severin and Toxy were frozen. But, Severin could SEE that he was frozen in place. Trying to make some sort of movement, a voice rang in his mind, "This battle will be completely erased from everyone’s minds, and it should have been from yours too. But, you extraordinary individuals are the only witnesses to this event. Something about you has made you resistant to the Memorial Blast and as a result, you will be forgotten as well. Seek out the Legendary Pokémon and others who are resistant and you will find answers."

White light had consumed all around Severin and Toxy, including themselves. In just a second, they were back to what appeared to be just minutes ago. The battle taking place, the cheering crowd. Only Severin and Toxy were the only ones who appeared to remember the terrible battle, the raging sky and the pure panic. He immediately got up, and looked around to see if anyone else had any recollection of the battle.

“DID ANYONE ELSE SEE THAT BATTLE!?” A voice shouted throughout the stadium, catching both Severin and Toxy's attention. Toxy immediately flew off towards the person who shouted, leaving the stadium. Severin took chase. He wanted to know what on Earth just happened, and know right away.


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Marth Kane: Outside the Stadium
Marth was happy to see an orange-haired girl approach and help the blue-haired person on the ground. She only took a second to think of how their hair colors were opposite on the color wheel and then reasserted her attention on the two boys.

The one boy wearing orange with the Pikachu, now on his head, introduced himself and Ryan and his Pikachu’s name was Sparky. The other boy, shy, was named Tim and his Castform nicknamed Casty. She nodded and smiled at each in turn.

“I can’t believe what I saw,” Ryan stated. “My teachers back in Sinnoh used to read us legends about Dialga and Palkia all the time. But they were just that: legends. Not actually real or anything. But now ... And no one else seems to remember it. Or a select number. I just want to know why. It's all so confusing."

Dialga and Palkia. So that’s what they were. Marth pondered again what the voice said. To seek out Legendary Pokémon, and if what Ryan said was true, maybe they could talk to Dialga and Palkia for help.

“I really have no idea either. What were they doing fighting each other in the first place? Not that that’s important. But you’re right,” she said, trying to get her mind on the right track. Honestly, this was all really unbelievable. “I think,” Sear suddenly stiffened in her lap and let lose a quiet growl to warn Marth of something.

“Sear,” Marth glanced around, not noticing the hidden Kecleon, “It’s ok, there’s nothing there. Anyway, I think we need to find some of those Legendary Pokémon that voice talked about. Also, do you think there are other people, or is it just us three? I mean, if we’re supposed to be so special, then there shouldn’t be that many of us, right?”

There was a sudden loud bang as a tall boy with a Phanpy ran into a nearby sign. Marth jumped which startled Sear out of her lap. She glanced at Ryan and Tim. She felt bad for not helping the other boy and wanted to make sure this one was ok, but she didn’t want to offend the only other people she knew that had seen the battle as well. She simply shifted uncomfortably, noticing a Dustox fluttering through the leftover crowds in the distance. Sear settled herself beside her owners feet and sniffed the air, trying to trace the scent of that unfamiliar Pokémon.


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Toxy, fluttering nearby a group of trainers, noticed some of them talking amongst each other. She turned to Severin's direction as he made his way through the crowd, guiding him to the group. "Tox! Dus-Tox!" Severin, meanwhile, was trying to get to Toxy, when he noticed a group of trainers outside the stadium Toxy was gesturing towards. He sighed out loud, reaching a fellow trainer with a Growlithe. She looked a bit young, but to him, he's seen stranger things.

Toxy then landed back onto Severin's shoulder, glancing over at the Growlithe. "Have you heard of this 'Memorial Blast', young trainer?" He looked her in the eye with those gray eyes. Toxy was looking around at the other trainers. "Surely, all of you are grouped out here for a reason," he commented to the young girl.
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>Sorry I haven't posted. Took a trip to a place with no wi-fi or internet.<

Calamity Noctin - Outside the Stadium

When Calamity got out of the stadium, she went off to the side and sent out Sable.

"Did you hear any of that back there from in your ball?"

Sable nodded.

"Ok. Just making sure."

Cala put Sable's ball in her black backpack, leaving him out. Looking for the blonde girl she had seen earlier, she saw a kid with dark hair, pale skin, and glasses lying on the ground - the very image of the typical nerd. His belongings were scattered around him, and a Phanpy was getting up off the ground. As Cala was sizing him up, he started to get up as well. Cala decided he would be fine and and kept looking for the girl from earlier.

Calamity saw her talking with three other people - one with a Dustox, one with a Pikachu, and one with a Castform, unless someone had more than one Pokemon out. Calamity wished there weren't so many, but she'd just have to deal with it.

As she walked over, she also noticed a Growlithe. He kept growling at the tree, so Cala spared a glance, but didn't see anything.

Calamity let Skylar out as well, then promptly picked her up and started petting her. Skylar could always make her smile. Cala glanced back over at the group, hoping one of them would notice her, and cursing herself for hating introducing herself to large groups.
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