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The Return of the King

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Greetings, folks. I am not quite a new member, but a returning member from way back in 2004. Off course, due to my inactivity, my account has apparently been deleted. So I am here again.

Some things you should know about me:

*I'm 19, so I'm probably older than 90% of you all.
*I'm a moderator at Pokecommunity (2nd largest Pokemon forums after SPPf)
*I did the artwork for Smogon.com
*I do the Pokemon of the Week movesets for PokeJungle.net
*I'm a Gym Leader at Pokemasters.net's ASB League


hooray, it's Jetx!
I know you. Anyway, welcome back to SPPf I guess. (is surprised at the list)



Hi, Jetx! Nice to see you here.
Yeah, I do team ratings for your forum too, even though no one posts teams anymore. =\


hooray, it's Jetx!

Yeah, I do team ratings for your forum too, even though no one posts teams anymore. =\

Yeah, that's true. And all the teams that do get posted seriously need help. Nice to see you here too, anyways. Although I did actually think you were already a member here under another name. XP


Well-Known Member
Welcome back. I probably wasn't here when you were originally but oh well. And you'd be surprised how many people are over 19 here.


It's a suit! *_*
'Sup AB =D (This is Sammi if you didn't know. ;p) And yay, your animation is back XDDD *always loved that animation*

Hope you have fun here again. :3



Omg, hey Sammi!
Yeah, I haven’t used my little animation in a while. PC being down made the internet a bit more boring.


Welcome to the forums. If you need a friend or anything, just send me a pm.


Blaze Dragon

T3h Blazing Ranger!
Hey, re-welcome here aragornbird. I remember I saw that animation in your sig when I entered, but now I could download it, so thanks I guess. Hey, do you know what happened to Pokecommunity?

(((Kuwagata Kross)))

I was here back then, I was probably Kuwabata Is Back or Kuwabara The Outlaw or somethin' hehe.....welcome back...


Josh trainer
I know you from PC and Smogon too. Welcome back.

Nice animation, by the way.

Sharpedo Boy

< Don't take drugs!
Wellcome back.(love the animation)
The return of the king?I thought you ment the moive return of the king.


Slow and steady baby
Holy ****...

Only 8 days and you nearly have 1000 posts...

Calm down there sailor.

edit: Nevermind, i misread your account for 10-10-06.

But still... you sure move fast.
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