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The Review Game



Bobandbill approved!

Apparently this thread is allowed to be bumped no matter how old it gets and not violate the rules of the Cafe, so review away, even if it's been a while! UPDATE: And we're sticky now, so review away, even if the last post was like a year ago! That person is still eagerly waiting for their review, I guarantee it!

This is place to come if you want reviews for a story, and the review type is "depth", aka more substance and more constructive.

This is taken from a very popular forum over at Fictionpress.com. Think of it as the Review Exchange, but non-binding. Basically, you are only required to review one chapter of any given fic, unlike the Review Exchange, where you need to review the entire fic.

This is the basic structure of the Review Game:
Person 1 says: Review "Hero's Path"!
Person 2 says: Ok, I reviewed "Hero's Path", ch 1 . So can the next person please review "Ironside" or "Halvarsaga"?
Person 3 says: Done (I did "Halvarsaga", chapter 4), so can the next person review "Dark Pawn"? Thanks.
NOTE: Before you post here asking for a review, you must first write/post the review for the story ahead of you. You can't "claim" a spot. Go, write the review, and then post here saying you did it, and you will become next in line.


For Stories Depth, your review needs to fulfill these requirements, otherwise you will not be seen as someone who has fulfilled their obligation and you can thus not participate. (meaning, you will not be given a review in return).

Choose at least four of these eleven and comment upon with at least two sentences. Comments like "That was totally cool, update!" or "I want to read more" does not constitute as a sentence that is to be counted, in this case. This doesn't mean you can't put it in the review, just don't count it as a point.

Also, each sentence must comment on something different in the area. For example, 'I really enjoyed the piece. I thought it was very enjoyable' does not count as two sentences. "I really enjoyed the piece. It was enjoyable because I could relate to the characters' is acceptable.
So... here are some prompts for reviews. It does not need to come from this list, if you see something else worth commenting on. These are merely here as a guide.

- Opening (did it make you want to read onwards? Did it lack a hook? How so?)

- Ending (did it make you want to read onwards? Did you feel closure? Unfinished? How so?)

- Scene (what stood out to you in a particular scene? Was it good or bad? How so?)

- Dialogue (how did it flow? Awkward? Didn't fit the age group that were speaking? Forced? How so?)

- Characters (too empty? Not enough to give an impression? Feel sympathetic? How so?)

- Relationships (is it credible that those two characters behave the way they do? Too unnatural? Forced? How so?)

- Writing (too flowery? Too many adverbs? Too oldfashioned for a high-school drama romance? Perfect match? How so?)

- Spelling/Grammar (anything that stuck out and needed to be corrected?) Note: Pointing out an absence of flaws does not count.

- Enjoyment (how did you feel from reading this and WHY? Were you dozing off? On your seat with suspense? How so?)

- Plot (clichéd but well done? Interesting idea but poor execution? Suggestions on how to thicken it? Got no idea where it's heading, but interesting anyhow? How so?)

- Pace (are things progressing too slowly? If so, what should happen?)

- Techniques (how well you feel the techniques were used to convey the ideas in the story? How they were used an what effect it gave to that part of the story?)

- Other (anything you felt was left out from the other commentaries? Any areas you think weren't covered by the above categories?)

Note: Summary and/or title is not a category of its own, obviously. Neither is descriptions. The latter belongs to "Writing".

Here is a suggested way to format your review in order make sure it fits the qualifications. Again, doesn't really have to be this way, but it helps keep thoughts in order.

[Area 1 from above] = Two sentences about this
[Area 2 from above] = Two sentences about this
[Area 3 from above] = Two sentences about this
[Area 4 from above] = Two sentences about this

Please remember that you do not need to make your review in this structure. It can be one flowing text, like how you usually review, and after writing what you had to say, compare with the requirements and see if you fulfilled them. Otherwise, just add what is "missing". No need to be so formal unless you don't want to. And remember that flaming is prohibited.

Keep in mind, writers who are working on multi-chaptered fics, that it may not be the wisest course to ask for chapter 12 of your fic to be reviewed, because there is a sizable chance that your reviewer may not have read the preceeding 11 chapters. If asking reviews for a chaptered fic, please try and ask for reviews early on in the story if at all possible. I mean, there's nothing stopping you from asking for later chapter reviews, but don't take it personally if the reviewer has no idea what's going on in the story and remarks upon that in the review. That's not really on them.

Also, please keep in mind, to qualify for the Review Game you only need to review one chapter. Please do not ask for reviewers to look at more than one chapter in a multichaptered fic. If they wish to review more, they are welcome to, but only one chapter is necessary for the review game.

(I suppose the exception to this would be if your chapters are super-short, like just barely the two-page requirement. If you think that applies to you, then let me know. We'll settle it on a case-by-case basis.)

And finally, if you are going to ask for a review on a non-pokemon fic, please give the reviewers a second (preferably pokemon fic) option, in case they are not in that fandom, and/or have no interest in that fandom. This prevents the RG from stagnating.

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There it is.
Seems like a good idea. Could someone please review the prolouge of "PMD: Expectations?" The link is in my sig.


gmoyes, you have to actually review and post said review before you can post here. I thought I mentioned that, but it appears I didn't. I'll go edit the OP.


That review only had one point, on the characters. The requirements state that reviews need to have 4 points. Sorry, but I can't really count this.

Everyone, Phoopes is up next with "PMD: Expectations"


My Loyal Feraligatr
This is a great idea.

Here's my review of PMD: Expectations. I hope I did it right.

Can someone review either of my fics and possibly give me motivation to continue them?

Heroic Potential is a Yugioh fic where the main character is new to the game, so you don't need to know the rules to enjoy it.

Tamer's Archive is a Pokemon fic that takes place in an ancient Rome/Egyptian region.

Pick your poison.
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Mrs. Lovett

Rolling writer
A reviewing game? Sounds like fun. I keep telling myself that I should get out and review other people's work, but I never get around to doing it... and as a result I miss lots of great stories like the one written by the member above me.

Your review is posted, SP! I chose Tamer's Archives because I can't relate much to Yugioh. Plus, for some reason, the title is familiar to me. Either I've read your fic before and don't remember it, or I wanted to read it but never got the chance to. Hmm.

My hopefully lovely and rule-abiding review. I didn't write it while referring to the list, but as I went through it I found that I had already addressed some of the requirements. If I didn't do something right, let me know.

And now...

*Shamelessly shoves her multichaptered fanfiction into the next poster's arms*

Nah, just kidding. You can just take a look at the first chapter or two of Roots. It's fine with me. xD

As a side note, I hope this game doesn't die. It's a really good way to get people reading and reviewing.
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The King of Town.
Here's my review of Chapter 1 of Roots.link

Please review my Jetshipping oneshot, Undella Beach, in the shipping fics section.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
ZOMG I READ THE WHOLE THING, but I had fun reading it, honestly.

*rubs hands together* Now, who wishes to completely read my novel of a fanfic next >:3?

I kid, I kid (or am I?). It doesn't matter how many chapters you read, the choice is all up to you. But since I want to keep part of my meanie status, you have to start at the beginning. No spoiling for you! *lightning clash*

Have fun! Banner is clickable :3.
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There it is.
I accept your challenge, Kutie Pie! (Now I have to make me an FF.net account) I'm going to read the whole thing, but I'm only going to review Chapter 1, if that's all right. Will edit later with a link to the review.

Please review Chapter 1 of my fanfic. Link is in my signature.

EDIT: @Kutie Pie: FF.net is giving me trouble and not letting me make an account. I'll let you know when I'm able to review. Sorry for the inconvinience! I'll edit this post sometime when it does end up working.

EDIT AGAIN: My review of your fic is up! You can find it here...


Should be at the top of the page.
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reviewed. will someone review mine. there's nothing good happening for the first few chapters but they are important to the story so could someone review any part of it?

The Great Butler

Hush, keep it down
I reviewed the Prologue of Avarice and I think I might have a new story to follow.

Could someone have a look at The Firestorm Rebellion? It's rather plot driven, so I'd encourage beginning at the very start, however if you do that I'd prefer if you do the Prologue and Chapter 1 together because the Prologue is really just a basic introduction. The story itself is only three main chapters.


Lone Wolf
I've read the entirety of The Firestorm Rebellion, and I've reviewed it. You can find my review right here at the bottom.

I would truly appreciate it if a person could kindly review the first chapter of Revenant. The entire fic is four chapters (the longest of which is 4,300 words), but I won't ask the reviewer to go further than the first chapter if they don't want to. As a precaution, it is an R-rated fic, and the genre is psychological horror. Thank you very much.