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The Review Game

Just reviewed the prologue and first three chapters of The Curse of Forgotten Time. I hope it's okay!

For the next poster, can I request a review of "Exit Interview"? Should you not want to review that one-shot, you can also review one of the two other one-shots I posted this year (last year if you're reading this in 2016), "24 Months" or "Stationary". Thanks in advance! :)


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Here's my review of "Exit Interview".

1/23/16: I've edited this post (again) because all of my Pokemon stories now have at least one review. So...

I'd like to request that someone please review The Multiversity, the original story I started for NaNoWriMo 2015. Currently it has no reviews, so I'd really appreciate one.

The Multiversity is non-Pokemon, however, so if you prefer to review a Pokemon story, you can anything I've ever posted on the Fan Fiction forum. That's right, anything. Here's my Author's Profile, which is also in my signature.

Thanks in advance to whoever reviews one of my stories. :)
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My review for "The Multiversity"

I was really out of my element for this one, but I did my best.

I'd like to get a review of my Fic, linked in my signature. If possible, for at least the first three chapters. I've heavily edited it since the last go-around and would like to see if I missed anything.
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Yagami Kyo

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My review of Pokémon: Sanguine Edition is up. I wrote quite a lot, so I hope it was helpful.

I'd like a review of my fic Credite Posteri. There's only a prologue and two chapters (I think it's just over 10000 words actually). And for the one who reviews it, I do hope you enjoy it, even with all my possible grammar faults!


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My review of the entirety of Credite Posteri so far. Even though I had to read a lot, the fic was an interesting read, so I didn't notice the fic being long at all.

I'd like to request a review for any chapter or combination of chapters of Broken Promise. Of course, the more, the merrier. :p Most of the chapters are old and short. I'm currently trying to get the first version of the fic finished, but I plan on going back and revising the story once I finish it. Therefore, I'd really appreciate if someone could point out what I need to work on. :)

Chibi Pika

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I reviewed the first five chapters of Broken Promise. They were super short, so one would not have been enough!

Could someone review at least the Prologue and first chapter of The Legendarian Chronicles? (The prologue is really short and contains backstory only, so the plot starts in chapter 1.) Or any other chapter if you've already read the first chapter before (it's been around...a while...) Click the banner in my sig!

Stepping in real quick to say that to qualify for the review game a reviewer need only read and review one chapter. They can choose to do more if they wish but it is not required.

Because this needs to be reiterated every once in a while
Hence why I said any. :D


Hence why I said any. :D
Ah, sorry, didn't see that. Hope I didn't come off like I was calling you out though! It's just been a problem in the RG in the past that people have asked for multi-chapter reviews and seeing your post made me go back and check the rules post from four and a half years ago and I realized that I never actually explicitly said that. It has since been rectified.

Anyway, my babbling aside, Shattersoul is up next with any one of the first ten chapters of Curse of Forgotten Time


Thanks, Jax!

Hopefully this can breathe a little life back into the forum, and in case things do pick up again, I would like to direct all of our attentions to the rules laid out in the first post. Take a sec to read those over please, and then review away. Pi is still up and long overdue for a review of a chapter of either Broken Promise or Shifting Game.


Reviewed the first chapter of Broken Promise: The Story Of Ash's Pidgeot

Here from the review game. Hello Americian-Pi. I don't get much time to come on Serebii anymore as I've been promoted as a head mod on another forum, but I still like to check on Serebii every day and I still enjoy reading the fics here. Now I can't remember if I have read or reviewed this fic in the past, so I'm considering this a fresh start for me and review the first chapter.

I'm going to go straight in with the opening. The large bold text threw me off a bit as it's almost as half the size of the little introduction. Whilst I think the little introduction is a nice touch, I think it would benefit with it being merged with the first chapter cause I think it flows quite well together. But it does make me want to read on. I'm curious to how Pidgeot got the name, Thunder.

The ending was a nice way to end the first chapter. Even though it was shorter than expected, though I think it's fine though. It was short and to the the point. Having Articuno in, made it a really nice touch. I bet Thunder felt honoured to see such a wonderful legendary.

The scene near the beginning where Thunder remembers Ash's promise that he would come back to her, when he never did really stood out for me. It's a shame that Ash has seemed to have forgotten his promise as he is in Alola now. Now I want to read the other chapters to see if they every do reunite in the fic.

I liked the dialogue cause it showed how important Thunder has become since leaving Ash. The fact that Thunder is told that her protection is needed shows to me that Thunder is a very strong pidgeot and that she is highly respected.

I really enjoyed the characterisation in this, especially when they mention Faulkner's pokemon. It makes the relationships between the characters natural and believable. I also think your writing in this makes is easy to read and also easy to imagine the scenes.

So overall, I really liked the first chapter. I liked how Ash's Pidgeot is called Thunder and I liked Sky in this too. It's good that they have names in this. I have a feeling that Zapdos and Moltres will be making an appearance in this fic soon. Especially Zapdos because of Lighting and Thunder.

I would like a review for the first or second chapter of May's Justice. I think I need more help with the 2nd chapter though.
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My review for The Curious and the Shiny

Requesting a review for any chapter of The Legendarian Chronicles (link in signature.)

(At the risk of preventing thread stagnation, if you're wanting to keep the game going, but you've already caught up with LC, I'll also take one for New Flock. But otherwise LC is preferred.)