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The Ribbon Cup Caper (396)

Oh yeah the ep with Harley i thought it was this cuz i justed watched both again.


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Woah, so much hate for Jenny's new voice. XD I personally didn't care because I've never liked her original dub voice. She always sounded rather ditzy to me. I really don't care either way about it but I can see I'm alone in this opinion.

I've never cared for Jenny, she always came off really silly to me and a really bad cop. Letting four kids help in the capture of a dangerous criminal? Riiight. I know they do this because they want Ash and everyone to be involved but it would make more sense if she told them to stay out of it and Ash and co. went out on their own trying to help only to meet up with her at the end while making the capture or something.

Is it just me or does Joy's voice keep changing? I swear one episode it's really wispy and high and in the next it's rather calm and more natural sounding.

Anyways, I fast-forwarded through half of this episode, if that should give you any indication of how well it kept my interest.


This episode was pretty good, I enjoyed seeing Brody again. But he didn't have Ditto, that kind of sucked. I thought Ditto was like his trademark. It was basically a good filler before the Grand Festival.

This is the first episode i've seen in along time. I kinda see why. It was OK, But, they still act the same from Kanto.
Adn anyone wanna tell me HOW Team Rocket flew OUT OF THE WINDOW from the MIDDLE OF THE ROOM?


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Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix said:
Adn anyone wanna tell me HOW Team Rocket flew OUT OF THE WINDOW from the MIDDLE OF THE ROOM?
The same reason Pikachu's electricity can cause 1. explosions that don't damage the surrounding area, 2. explosions that throw people far away (like a couple hundred feet) without breaking any of their bones, and 3. explosions at all without something explosive. That's what the script writers wanted.


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I finally watched last Saturday's episodes, and it only took a week. :p Oh well, at least I've had fun watching the Star Wars movies in the meantime.

-- Yay for the return of Brody. :) I don't *love* the character, but I do like him, especially because I find it interesting that he can disguise himself so very well. Here's hoping that he'll make another appearance someday, even though Hoenn is long over.
--I didn't mind Officer Jenny's new voice that much. In fact, I do like it better than her old one, which tended to grate on the nerves sometimes. I just have to get used to it, like I did with Nurse Joy.
-- Two (or three) lotads in two straight episodes (this and HHSW)! :D Man, I adore Brock's lovable dunce pokemon no matter what his form, but I do miss the old ones. It was great to see a wurmple and marill too.
-- And speaking of Brock, GREAT episode for him. :D The scene where he points out the difference between the Jennys was definitely classic. It's nice that Max didn't pull him away during the scene too. I liked the look on Jenny's face when Brock was talking about their bonds. LOL
-- Great episode for Team Rocket too. I liked how they thought they were responsible for Team Aqua and Team Magma breaking up. It was nice to see James do a boss fantasy for a change too.

Overall, 9/10. Terrific episode.


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::is wiping tears of laughter from her eyes::

I halfway expected to hear Brock sing "Two Perfect Girls" again!


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I honestly didn't really like this episode. It was kind of boring, and at the end he just gave the cup back. I mean, come on -.-


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You no in real life if something valuble like that was stolen then they would do a complete search of the ship, search everyone and their luggage and not let anyone off the ship


YAY BRODY! He's so evil, just like me. Muahahaha!


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A good episode leading up to the Hoen Grand Festival, interesting to learn that Team Magma & Aqua both disbanded after their encounter with Groudon & Kyogre, this news mean Team Rocket has no competition in the Hoen region and move right in. I liked the seeing the Ribbon Cup it was certainly beautiful, well now it's on to the grand Festival so hopefully May can win that cup.
Yes, the return of Brody. I thought the episode was good, but I would've liked it better if the gang actually battled him. And I lol'ed at the part where Brock figured out that Officer Jenny was really Brody by using his female sensing whatever thing


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Thank god for Brody. His nickname of "the man of 1,000 faces" really made the episode for me. Seriously, him and his tricks are the only thing that kept the episode interesting. Sadly, he probably wasn't all that necessary, since Team Rocket were up to their usual tricks again... who needs to showcase Brody when we can show off Team Rocket's 10,000th attempt to steal something! Seriously! =\

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This episode was cool, I was so happy that Brody returned. But this time he didn't have the demented Ditto with him. Watch out for demented Ditto!


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Even though it was just a filler, it was nice to see Brody again. I could care less about them not being able to make the contest. But whatever.

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How can you not love Brody?

He was more than a match for Officer Jenny.


that brody is such an annoying person if you ask me-_-
anyway i shouldn't complain it was a nice episode.


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This episode was really funny! It's in my top five most memorable pokemon episodes ever!

Also, I think that they should bring Brody back for another episode. just as kind of a filler, but it would cool because Dawn would be entirely clueless as to who he is.