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The Right Place and the Right Mime (410)


A Kingler appearance. What a comedic thing to do. I wouldn't have minded seeing Misty travel with the group for a while longer as well as Brock staying out of the group a while longer. Maybe Tracey could've went along and it would've felt like the Orange Islands again sans the Lapras riding. I also felt that May and Max returned way too early. Maybe they could've rejoined the group at the site of the first contest.
One of my favorite episodes, really. All the main characters reunited, all the original English voice actors (makes me really sad this is the last time we'd ever get to hear them all together again-- they had some amazing chemistry with one another and it blended together beautifully to me), all of Ash's old Pokémon...perfection for me, really.

Dub: 100/100
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Pokegirl Fan~

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A pretty good episode, all of the companions meet and I enjoyed seeing the meeting between Ash's older Pokemon and his Hoenn team. Also May gets a Squirtle ^_^


Misty Come Back!
Oh... May's back...

Well, how heart warming was it to see Ash's reunion with all his pokemon! I wish there was some more time spent with him and his old friends!

Once again, the art is super odd in this one too!
Really cool seeing all of Ash's Pokemon he had with him during his Hoenn journey meet all the other Pokemon he's caught over the tears. :)
I was hoping that, along with Phanpy, he would take Bayleef with him. Bayleef was my top favorite of his Johto Pokemon.


I liked that Ash's Snorlax and May's Munchlax met, although their simple interaction wasn't what I expected. Seeing Ash riding on his Tauros after the Pokemon stampede made me cackle and I liked that Bayleef was still very affectionate with Ash. Seeing Ash depart with May, Max and Misty was cool, although Brock randomly showing up was kinda weird imo.


After weeks of nonstop Alpha Sapphire, finally found the time to watch this.
Glad Phanpy joined the team again, at the expense of Glalie and Torkoal unfortunately.
What a shake up ! Very cool to see all the characters again :)

Pokegirl Fan~

Good riddance serebiiforums
I wish the anime would have another episode similar to this and have another reunion like episode in Pallet Town. I loved seeing Misty making another return here. I liked the May and Squirtle interactions too as well as everyone's interactions in this episode as well.

I rate this episode 10/10

Mrs. Oreo

Well once we saw the crying Squirtle in May's arms, I kind of figured May would keep it even tho it came at the cost of Bulbasaur leaving. I liked how Misty tagged along with Ash's group at the end. :3

Mrs. Oreo

Ash dumped Glalie and Torkoal in Pallet just to mollycoddle his weak baby Phanpy?! Trololol. What a sad decision.

I wish he had only left Glalie at Oak's place cuz I liked Torkoal due to his crying gag. But I thought May's Bulbasaur staying behind was even more frustrating than that.


This was an enjoyable episode mostly because of the reunion scenes. Seeing Misty again made me happy and so did May getting the baby Squirtle from Oak. 8.5/10
I wanted to see May keep both Squirtle and Bulbasaur, so it's sad that she only kept one. I thought that Ash's interactions with his Pokemon were great though.
I didn't mind May's Squirtle here. Of course I know what happens in the future, but it's okay for the moment. May now had 3 Pokemon the same or similar to Ash: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Munchlax/Snorlax. Coincidence?


I loved getting to see the following people again: Misty, Tracey, Professor Oak, Professor Birch, and Delia. That was great, Oh yeah, and by the way, I thought it was interesting how Misty's sister called her on a PokeGear. We haven't seen one of those in a while. :)


I absolutely loved all the little character interactions here, such as Kenji and Masato speaking with each other, and even Gonbe meeting Kabigon. What I didn't think was as great was that Haruka swapped her Fushigidane for a Zenigame, or the fact that she left Eneco back home. But the departure from Masara Town scene was wonderful.


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This was such an incredible episode, it feels amazing to be back in Kanto again and to see Misty back and with Ash again for a while which is awesome. I loved it when Brock showed up also. I can't wait to see the rest of this saga!