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The Rivalry Revival! (118)

Gary vs Ash was supposed to be a reference to Yellow version now that I think of it since Gary had Eevee like Blue and Ash had Pikachu like Red. I didn't like how Ash lost since Eevee seemed no stronger than Dragonite and we all know that Pikachu defeated that a few episodes ago. I thought that the dinner scene was awesome and I'm only mad that Tracey didn't go with Ash to the Johto region.
What was up with the scene where Brock couldn't tell which direction Johto was in but Misty could? I always thought it was meant to show that Misty was familiar with the region but it was never brought up again. I liked that Gary now had an Eevee that was stronger than Ash's Pikachu and Gary seemed grown up unlike Ash. Ash leaving to deliver the GS Ball was the only downside of this episode since once again he was treated as an errand boy. 7/10


Had Satoshi used his Lizardon against Shigeru's Eievui in their short battle here, he would've undoubtedly won, which was probably why that scenario didn't happen. I certainly would've been irked if Lizardon had lost to something as small as Eievui at the very least.
Pikachu: beats an OP Dragonite
also Pikachu: loses to an Eevee in one hit
Can't wait for Johto, it's home to some of my favorite Pokémon


Perfect stuff. This might be the best "send-off" episode ever. Pikachu and Eevee battling is an obvious homage to Yellow Version, Gary is quite different than the last time he was seen. The way he treats Eevee after the battle and talks to it, it becomes a little more clear why he easily won 10 badges even before he matured as a person. Brock re-asserting himself as one of the main 3, the dinner with Oak, Tracey being accepted as Oak's intern, Ash getting a new Pokedex, Jessie and James crashing the dinner and the hilarious reactions of everyone to them, the accidental name-drop of someone Brock doesn't want to be reminded of right when he's almost figured things out, Tracey and Scyther getting to shine one last time, Ash and Pikachu in bed mirroring the scene before Ash woke up late to begin his journey, all of this episode is just pure good feelings and I can't get enough of it every time I revisit it.


beanDude said:
Ash getting a new Pokedex
Speaking of which, I found it odd that they had Okido-hakase give him a new one instead of having Utsugi-hakase give it to him in the next episode. From my viewpoint, it would've made Utsugi-hakase more important in his debut episode if he'd been the one to give Satoshi the Jouto Zukan.