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The Road of a Gym Leader: Volkner's Story (Rated G)

Discussion in 'Completed Fics' started by GalladeRocks, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. GalladeRocks

    GalladeRocks Son of a Beach

    Welcome to my newest fic, and my first one-shot. The Road of a Gym Leader: Volkner's Story tells, as would be suggested, the road travelled by Volkner throughout his life, ranging from his childhood to his becoming a Gym Leader. Expect many other characters to appear along the way!

    Volkner, Age 6

    "Ha ha! You're it!"


    A small young boy ran happiliy across the smooth red rocks. The waves of the ocean crashed hard against the land, showering the boy with the cooling foam. Behind him, a short yellow Pokemon dashed quickly, laughing as it went.




    As the boy ran, his spiky blond hair whipping in the wind, more Pokemon joined him in fleeing the yellow one. An Aipom and Eevee ran beside him, and a Mantyke skimmed the water along the shore. The Elekid pursuing them shot forward suddenly, easily closing the distance between him and the boy. His large hand was mere inches from the boy's back...

    "Volkner! Dinner's ready!"

    "Coming Mom!"

    The Elekid tagged the boy's back lightly. "Kid!"

    Volkner looked down at the Elekid, grinning and shaking his head. "Hey! Game's over when Mom calls us in! That doesn't count!"


    "Does not!"



    "Boys! Quit fighting!"

    "Sorry Mom!"


    Volkner, Elekid, and the other Pokemon hurried inside the small wooden house. Inside, a Croagunk and Munchlax were lounging against the wall. A tall, brown-haired woman sat at the table in the middle of the kitchen. A steaming bowl of soup sat in front of her. "Honey, your soup's on the counter."

    "Thanks Mom." Volkner strolled over to the kitchen counter, picked up his bowl, and placed it on the table across from his mother. He blew on it gently, attempting to cool off the bubbling liquid.

    "Kid!" Elekid and Volkner's mother's other Pokemon each sat in front of a different food bowl, greedily scooping up their Pokemon food and shoveling it in their watering mouths.

    Volkner smiled. "Your Pokemon sure seem hungry tonight."

    "Well, you've been out playing with them the whole day. They're probably exhausted."

    "Yeah, I'm pretty tired, too."

    "Well, you'd better not be too tired. Flint called for you earlier. He wanted to show you something."

    "Oh boy! Mom, why didn't you tell me earlier?"

    "Well, you were so busy playing, I figured I'd just let you keep having fun."

    "Bye Mom!"

    In a matter of seconds, Volkner had drained his bowl, dropped it clattering in the sink, grabbed Elekid by the arm, and sprinted out the door. His mother could only watch in amusement as the small boy ran down the street, heading for his best friend's house. He dragged the starving Elekid the whole time, despite its scrabblings to return to its half-full food dish.

    Volkner knocked expectantly on the door down the street, but when it opened, no one was there.


    He looked down to see a short, plump one year old standing wobbly in the doorway. He smiled. "Hi, Buck! Is Flint home?"

    "Bobo!" Buck turned around and Volkner was clearly able to see that the little boy was clearly already growing in the trademark scarlet hair of his family.

    "Yes? Oh, Volkner! You're finally here!"

    Buck stumbled shakily away from the door, heading for the playroom at the end of the entry hallway. Now, standing before Volkner was his ten-year old best friend. His crimson afro had already earned him quite a reputation around Sunyshore City, but the boy was still liked by most. "Flint! What did you want to show me?"

    Flint smiled down at his young friend. "As you know, my tenth birthday was last week."

    "Yeah! I got you a comb, 'cause my mom told me you were obviously lacking one!"

    "Yeah, yeah, I remember. She's a funny one, that mother of yours. But anyway, my dad finally got my big birthday present!"

    The two boys walked through the house until they reached Flint's room. It was completely decorated in reds and oranges, with pictures of the famous Fire type masters on the wall. One was labeled Blaine, and showed a bald man with a Magmar standing atop a volcano. The other, labeled Flannery, showed an attractive young woman with an enormous shock of pink hair. A Torkoal stood beneath her, shooting smoke out of its nostrils. Even Flint's bed sheets were covered with Growlithe and Arcanine, and a plush Magby sat on the bed. Volkner didn't recognize the doll. "So your big present was a Magby doll?"

    "A doll?"


    Volkner and Elekid jumped back in surprise as the doll blinked at him and stood up. "Aah! A real Magby?"

    "Yep!" Flint's beam stretched from ear to ear. "This Magby's my first Pokemon! See, I'm finally old enough to become a Pokemon trainer!"

    Volkner's eyes went wide with amazement. "Wow! I hadn't even thought of that!"

    "Yep! With this Magby, I'll be setting off to beat all of the Gym Leaders in Sinnoh! I'll have all sorts of travels! I'll catch new Pokemon, and maybe I'll even beat the Elite 4!"

    "Wait." Volkner's smile turned upside down. Elekid frowned alongside his partner. "So you're going on your Pokemon journey? You're leaving?"

    Flint's smile also faded a bit. "Yeah. I'll have to leave my little bro, and my parents, and you, of course, but I'll be back!"

    Volkner looked down at his feet. "Yeah..."

    Flint kneeled down to look at Volkner eye to eye. "Don't worry, little man! We've still got plenty of good times ahead of us! I'll be back here to visit as soon as I can. Though, that may be in a few years..."

    "Don't worry. I'll be fine here on my own."

    "See? You can take care of yourself. Plus, I'm sure ole Pearl can take care keep you company."

    "Yeah, but Pearl's not as fun as you..."

    "He'll take care of you. He's a good kid. So, this is goodbye."

    Flint turned and walked out of his room. He kissed each of his parents on the cheek, picked up Buck and whirled him in the air, making him giggle. He and Volkner stepped outside, with Flint standing facing into town and Volkner facing away. "Ok, Flint. Goodbye."

    The two shook hands, then pulled each other into a hug. Flint cast his best friend one last smile, then, with Magby at his side, he spun around and walked into the sunset.

    Volkner kept his composure until Flint was gone. Then, he turned around and, leaving Elekid far behind, ran all the way back home, bawling the entire way.

    Volkner, Age 10

    Volkner hurried down from his room, Elekid right on his heels. His mom looked up from the kitchen table, a bowl of milky cereal sitting across from her. "Honey, I've got your cereal poured."

    "No time, Mom! Pearl and I have got to get going!" He was out the door before his mother could respond.

    Just outside, another boy about his age waited. This boy also had spiky blond hair, though his was paler than Volkner's. A Dratini curled around his shoulders, which smiled when it saw Elekid. Elekid grinned up at its fellow Pokemon, too. "'Bout time you got out here!" the boy fumed. "Two more seconds and I was going to have to fine you $1,000,000!"

    "Sorry, Pearl. My dumb alarm clock didn't go off."

    "How could your alarm clock not go off on a day like this?"

    "Hey, everything always seems to work that way."

    As they talked, the two boys ran quickly to the entrance into Sunyshore City. They stopped, and looked out over the path leading into town. They waited. And waited. And waited.

    Pearl frowned. "Maybe he got held up."

    "No," Volkner argued. "That's not like him. He wouldn't be late."

    "Look out below!"

    The two boys looked up suddenly. A large, purple balloon-like Pokemon, a Drifblim, was floating down from the sky. A something, someone, very familiar was clutched in its arms...

    "Flint!" Volkner screamed with delight. "You're finally here!"

    Flint beamed down at his friends. He let go from the Drifblim and landed easily on his feet. "Of course I am! I couldn't miss my best friend's tenth birthday! I've missed you guys!"

    Pearl smiled. "We've missed you, too! Especially Volkner, I believe..."

    Volkner blushed. "Well, naturally. Even that weird kid next door was asking about you."

    "You mean Surface?" Flint tilted his head, trying hard to remember.

    "No, his name's Cyrus," Pearl remembered. "He still doesn't come out much."

    "But forget about that!" Volkner snapped back to attention. "How's it been going? How many badges do you have? Can we see your Pokemon?"

    Flint smiled. "Woah, woah, slow down there, buddy. One thing at a time. I have all eight of my Gym badges, so I'm heading on to the Pokemon League once I'm done here!"

    "Wow!" Volkner gazed up at his best friend in awe. He couldn't believe how far in the world he had come.

    "And here's my team!" Flint continued. He threw up five more Poke Balls in the air and Drifblim was joined by its other team mates. Magby was still among them, but now there was also a Monferno, a Buneary, a Flareon, and a Houndoom. "I've gotten quite a few new partners, as you can see." Elekid walked up to Magby and the two grinned at each other, shaking hands in greeting.

    Volkner looked down at Elekid and smiled. "Hey, Flint, so do you know my tenth birthday present?"

    Flint scratched his chin thoughtfully. "I give up. What?"

    "Kid!" Elekid leaped up in his face, cheering.

    "That's right!" Volkner laughed. "My mom let me have Elekid as my first Pokemon!"

    Flint laughed heartily. "So you finally got your first Pokemon! You know what this means..."

    "Yep!" Volkner nodded. "Let's battle!"

    "Ooh boy!" Pearl punched the air, his Dratini slipping off his shoulder and falling to the pavement. "This ought to be good!"

    Flint pointed at Volkner. "You're on!" He pulled out his Poke Balls again and recalled all of his Pokemon but Magby. "Get out there, Magby!"

    Volkner looked down at Elekid. "You ready for this?"

    "Kid!" Elekid nodded vigorously.

    "Alright then!"

    Flint waved to Volkner. "You're the rookie, here. You can have the first move."

    "Ok! Elekid, Thunderpunch!"

    Elekid's fist crackled with electricity and it leapt at Magby.

    "Fire Punch!"

    Magby's fist also lit with energy, but with flames now. It jumped up to meet Elekid and as they crashed into each other, there was a huge explosion. Both Pokemon were thrown back.

    "Now Flamethrower!" Magby drew back its head and belched out a stream of fire.

    "Charge Beam!" Elekid spun its arms rapidly and the plugs on its head sparked brightly before shooting out a jagged ray of lightning. It struck the Flamethrower head on, once again resulting in a large explosion.

    Volkner grinned. Energy flowed through his body that he didn't know he had. 'So this is what it's like! This is a Pokemon battle! This is the greatest feeling in the world!'

    Then, before he knew it, Magby had rocketed through the smoke, its fist glowing blue. Volkner heard Flint's order too late. "Mach Punch!"

    Magby punched Elekid full in the stomach, driving the Electric Pokemon to the ground. Elekid didn't get back up. "Elekid!" Volkner cried, rushing to his side. "No!"

    "Oops." Flint covered his face with his hand. "I got a little out of control there." He ran over to Volkner. "Here, we've got to get Elekid to the Pokemon Center."

    The boys scooped up Elekid and hurried toward the Pokemon Center. Pearl and his Dratini were not far behind.

    Volkner, Age 11

    Volkner sighed. He sat on the front step to his house, his Elekid sitting on one side of him and his newly captured Raichu sitting on the other. His mom opened the door and looked down on top of him. "Volkner, honey? What's wrong?"

    "Mom, I'm still trying to train some more before I go on my journey through Sinnoh, especially now that I caught Raichu-"


    "Yes, Raichu. But Flint's too busy and too powerful to battle me now that he's the Gym Leader here, and I can't battle Pearl since he moved to Twinleaf Town. So now I've got no one to fight."

    "What about that boy next door?"

    Volkner frowned. "You mean Cyrus? Nah, he never comes out. I'm not even sure if he has any Pokemon."

    "Well, it can't hurt to ask him."

    "Ok Mom, if you say so." Volkner rose to his feet and strolled next door, Elekid and Raichu following obediently behind him. He knocked gently on the door and waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, after a few minutes, the door opened.

    The boy who stood in the doorway was pale and thin, his cheekbones prominent. His hair was bright blue and spiky, standing out against his white skin. "Hello? Oh, you're Volkner. Hello."

    "Hey, Cyrus," Volkner greeted nervously. "Um, I know we haven't really spent much time together, but I was wondering...Do you have any Pokemon?"

    "I prefer to spend my time with my computers and other mechanical equipment."

    "Oh, sorry to have bothered you then."

    "I didn't say I don't have Pokemon."

    Cyrus stepped outside and Volkner realized that he had two Poke Balls on his belt. "Oh, so you'll battle me?"

    "Why not? Seeing that we both have two Pokemon, we should have a double battle."

    "Oh, great!" The two boys faced off in the street. Elekid and Raichu stepped out in front of Volkner, and threw his Poke Balls into the air. Two murky shadows burst out, but after a moment in the sunlight, the two Pokemon were revealed.

    "Sneasel, Murkrow," Cyrus ordered his Pokemon. "Ice Shard and Shadow Ball."

    "Sneasel!" The weasel-like Pokemon launched an orb of icy energy at Elekid.

    Murkrow also launched an orb at Raichu, though it's was purple.

    Volkner grinned. He loved great battles. "Elekid, Raichu, Charge Beam!" The two launched their electrical blasts simultaneously.

    The battle raged on, neither trainer letting up on the other. All four Pokemon were wearing down fast, but they weren't slowing down.

    "Finish it!" Volkner called triumphantly. Sneasel and Murkrow had both been paralyzed by his Pokemon's Static abilities, and he'd found the opening he needed. "Elekid, Cross Chop, and Raichu, Shock Wave!"

    "Chu!" Raichu's attack pulsed out from its body, striking Murkrow full on and electrifying the Flying Pokemon, which dropped to the ground.

    "Kid!" Sneasel had no time to move as Elekid's crossed, glowing arms smashed into its chest. It fell in a faint.

    Cyrus smiled faintly as he called his Pokemon back to their Poke Balls. "Wow, that was some battle. I'd almost forgotten what fun was like." Without another word to Volkner, he turned around and stalked back into his house.

    Volkner frowned after him. "Forgotten fun? What a weird kid..."

    Volkner, Age 16

    With a crash, Monferno and Luxio were both thrown hard to the ground. Flint and Volkner both recalled their Pokemon, grinning at each other as they did so. "Wow, Volkner, this has been the best battle I've had for a long time!"

    "Same here, Flint. And don't plan on winning this, either! I didn't win my other seven badges for nothing!"

    Flint pulled out his final Poke Ball, as did Volkner. "Enough talk! We both know who this final battle comes down to."

    "Yep," Volkner nodded. In a flash, Elekid appeared from his Poke Ball.

    Flint frowned. "Hmm, you still haven't evolved Elekid?"

    "Well, I never really thought about it much..."

    "This is going to put you at a little bit of a disadvantage, then." Flint tossed his final Poke Ball up into the air and a large, firey Pokemon appeared.


    Volkner reeled back. "Magby's evolved? Wow, this will be tough." He looked down at Elekid. "But we're not letting that get to us, right?"

    "Kid!" Elekid punched the air. Its entire body crackled with electricity. It leapt at Magmortar, striking it under the chin with Thunderpunch.

    Flint grinned. "Nice hit, Volkner. But now the real battle begins!"

    "Mortar!" Magmortar blasted Elekid into the ground with twin, cannon-launched Flamethrowers. It followed up with Fire Punch, sending Elekid shooting across the Gym. It smashed into the wall, but Magmortar didn't stop. It was back on Elekid in an instance.

    Volkner could barely watch as Elekid was battered back and forth around the Gym by Magmortar. Every now and then, it managed to get in a hit, but things were not looking good. Suddenly, Elekid smashed into the ground right in front of Volkner. It was incredibly battered, but still it rose again, not giving up. "Elekid, you're too injured! Just give up the battle!"

    "Kid!" Elekid shook its head defiantly. Magmortar was rushing in with Fire Punch yet again. It brought its fists down, right on top of Elekid...

    And there was a flash of light.

    One minute, good ole Elekid was standing in front of Volkner. The next, it was barely recognizable. Now, it had a tail, and its arms and legs were much longer. Its head was even seperate from its body now. "Elekid!" Volkner gasped. "Y-you evolved!"

    "Electabuzz!" the newly evolved Pokemon roared. It slammed its Thunderpunch into Magmortar's stomach, sending the large Pokemon flying backward, crashing hard into the floor.

    "Wow!" Flint remarked. "Electabuzz! I may be in for trouble here! Finish it with Hyper Beam!"

    Magmortar struggled back to its feet. "Mortar!" it bellowed. It launched an orange beam of energy from its arm, shooting straight for Electabuzz.

    "Buzz!" Electabuzz launched forward, its body surrounded with a swirling purple and blue mass of energy.

    Volkner gasped again. "That's Giga Impact!"

    Electabuzz struck the Hyper Beam head on. There was an enormous explosion and both Pokemon were slammed into the ground by the shock wave. Eventually, the smoke cleared. Both Pokemon struggled to their feet. They stood glaring at each other for a minute, then, with a thud, one collapsed.

    Flint grinned at Volkner over his fallen Magmortar. "Well well well, little man. You finally beat me."

    Volkner, Age 17

    "Alright boys, let's get this training done right! If we're planning on being a Gym Leader, we've got to give it all we've got!"

    Volkner looked down over his Pokemon. Electabuzz stood at the head of them as usual, along with Raichu. Now, however, his Luxio was evolved into Luxray, and more Pokemon had been captured. An Octillery, an Ambipom, and a Jolteon stood with the others. Each of the Pokemon began to stretch, pumping their arms, or other appendages, in the air. Their exercises were rigorous, but they all knew they had to be in tip top condition for what was coming next.

    After Volkner's victory over Flint, he had went on to the Pokemon League. He wasn't able to defeat the third Elite 4 member, a woman named Bertha, because of her powerful Rhydon, but he was now in the running to become a new Gym Leader. Every year, everyone who had beat at least one Elite 4 member, along with all of the current Elite 4 members and Gym Leaders, had a tournament. The top twelve in the tournament would become the eight Gym Leaders and four Elite 4 members for that year. They rarely did change, but this year, Volkner was planning on making it change.

    "Come on guys, come on!" Volkner urged. "We've got to keep going!"


    Volkner whirled around. A young girl, probably his age, stood behind him, watching him train. He was immediately striken by her beauty, and it was all he could do to keep from gaping. Her pale blonde hair hung all the way down her back. She was dressed entirely in black: Black t-shirt, black pants, black cloak. Despite the tropical weather, she even wore a fluffy black scarf. But her most striking feature were her eyes. They were a soulful gray, and as they gazed across Volkner, he felt as though they were peering into his very heart. It was love at first sight.

    "Um, hello. I'm-"

    "I know who you are," the young woman smiled sweetly. "You're Volkner. I know all of my future companions." With that, she turned and walked away. Volkner didn't stop staring in her direction even when she was out of sight.

    "Well well, it looks like Volkner's got a crush on the Champion."

    Volkner whirled around once again, blushing deeply. "I do not!"

    Standing behind him was a very familiar boy. He wore a green coat now, but the spiky blonde hair gave him away from the start.


    The boy shook his head vigorously. "No no no! I don't go by Pearl anymore. It's too girly. So, I just rearranged the letters a bit. Now, you can call me Palmer."

    "Wow, I can't believe you're back!" Volkner ran over and hugged his old friend. "And I do not have a crush on the..." He trailed off. "Wait, what do you mean by 'the Champion'?"

    "She's the Champion. Of the Pokemon League. Duh!"

    "Th-that's Cynthia?!"

    "Yep, that's Cynthia."

    "W-well, what about you?" Volkner changed the subject as quickly as he could. "What have you been up to?"

    Palmer pointed a thumb at himself. "This guy's been up to a lot! I'm the apprentice to the Tower Tycoon at the Battle Tower!"

    Volkner frowned. "What's the Battle Tower?"

    "It's on an island just north of Sinnoh. All the toughest trainers go there to train. And now, I'm one of them!" He pointed to Volkner's Pokemon, which had gathered behind their trainer. "And it looks like you've been at work, too."

    "Yep!" Volkner grinned. "Elekid finally evolved into Electabuzz while I was battling Flint for a Gym badge, and I caught Raichu not long after you left. Then, while I was travelling around Sinnoh getting Gym badges, I caught Luxio, which evolved into Luxray not long ago. Then, not long before my battle with Flint, I caught Octillery and my mom gave me her Aipom and Eevee. I evolved them both, naturally."

    "I've caught quite a few powerful new Pokemon as well. A few of the Gym Leaders stopped at the Battle Tower for a challenge, and I beat them all easily with my new super-team of Pokemon!" He remembered it fondly, seeing his Milotic and Rhyperior tear through Gym Leader Pokemon like they were simple Ratatta.

    "Wow, you sound like you're doing well, then. I'm in the running to become a Gym Leader."

    "Great! We're three of a kind, you, Flint, and I! We're the best there ever were!"

    "Yeah! And hey, since you're such a powerful trainer now..."

    "You're asking for a battle, right?"

    "Of course!"

    "Now, I'm warning you, that little Dratini of mine's gotten a lot tougher!"

    Volkner and Palmer grinned at each other. Electabuzz stepped out in front of Volkner as Palmer through his Poke Ball. A Dragonite burst from within and it bellowed up into the sky. "This'll be the battle of a lifetime!" Volkner whooped. "Electabuzz, Thunderpunch!"

    "Dragonite, Dragon Claw!"

    The two Pokemon rushed at each other and bounced back, ready for more. Volkner grinned and let loose his trump card. "Now, Electabuzz!"

    "Buzz!" Fist glowing blue, Electabuzz smashed its hand into Dragonite's jaw, sending the Dragon type reeling back with pain.

    Palmer gasped. "Ice Punch! I should have expected as much!"

    The two Pokemon continued battering each other, wearing each other down bit by bit. Eventually, they were both panting and wheezing. The next hit would finish it. "Ok, Dragonite! Dragon Pulse!"

    "Charge Beam, Electabuzz!"

    Dragonite's orb of green smashed into Electabuzz's blast of lighting. There was an enormous explosion and both Pokemon were shoved to the ground. Neither rose again.

    Palmer clapped slowly. "Wow, Volkner, I'm impressed. Not many people have managed to make Dragonite faint for a while."

    "Thanks!" Volkner helped Electabuzz to its feet. "That was a great battle!"

    Palmer walked up to Volkner and handed him a small yellow box. "Now, I'm going to have to leave. I was only here for a short visit. I figured I'd come see you while I was here. As for that little box, it could come in handy..."

    "And now, onto our next semi-semi final match! Volkner vs. Flint!"

    The two friends stood across from each other, smiling. They knew this moment would have to come eventually, and here it was. No words could be used now: They would just have to battle, and do all they could.

    "Go, Magmortar!"

    "Go, Electivire!"

    The two rivals appeared on the battlefield. The other potential Gym Leaders in the crowd oohed and awed. This battle looked like it would be a good one.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, the Pokemon have been chosen! It looks like it'll be Flint's trademark Magmortar against Volkner's newly evolved Electivire! This'll be a battle to remember!"

    "Fire Punch!"



    "Charge Beam!"

    "Hyper Beam!"

    "Giga Impact!"

    The Pokemon collided over and over, always coming out evenly matched. The raged on and on and on, but neither made any progress over the other. But Flint had a plan.

    "Sunny Day!"

    "Mortar!" Magmortar pointed to the sky and launched a beam of white light into the sky, blasting away all of the clouds so that the sun shown down brightly.

    Volkner frowned. 'It seems useless, but Flint wouldn't use a useless move in a match like this. I'll have to be on my toes.'

    "Vire?" Electivire, which had evolved using the Electrizer Volkner had recieved from Palmer, looked back at its trainter, awaiting an order.

    "Er, sorry Electivire! Use Charge Beam!"

    Electivire smiled, its antennae sparkling with electricity. It fired the jagged bolt of lightning straight at Magmortar.


    Magmortar grinned. In that instant, Volkner knew he was finished. He suddenly remembered that Sunny Day boosted the power of Fire type attacks. He knew that Flint had won.

    The raging inferno easiliy overcame the Charge Beam and came bearing down on Electivire...


    The crowd gasped as Volkner called back his Electivire before the Overheat could strike. Flint grinned at his best friend. "You made the right move, little man. You knew that Electivire would be greatly hurt by that attack. That was the right move."

    Volkner smiled back. "Thanks, Flint. You would have won that battle, so you're going on ahead. You'll be in the Elite 4, I know it."

    The two shook hands. "Best of luck."

    "And now, ladies and gentlemen, we'll announce this year's Gym Leaders!"

    The crowd cheered loudly as the announcer called the competitors onto the battlefield. "Now, first up: Gym Leader Byron!"

    A large, muscled man with an Aggron stepped up ahead of the rest. "I LOVE FOSSILS!"

    "Byron will be retaining his position as the Gym Leader of Oreburgh City. Now, Gym Leader Gardenia!"

    A young woman with a Roselia rose from where they sat along the side of the stage. "Hello!"

    "Gardenia will be retaining her position as the Gym Leader of Eterna City! Next, Gym Leader Marley!"

    A girl dressed completely in black was standing at the back of the ground, a Grovyle at her side. "I'm sorry, Marley, but you'll no longer be a Gym Leader. Taking your place is our new Veilstone City Gym Leader, Maylene!"

    "Ho!" A young girl with a Lucario stepped up ahead of the crowd, kicking the air.

    "Now, continuing on, we have Gym Leader Fantina!"

    "Bonjour!" A Gengar stood beside a strange looking woman dressed in an elegant purple dress.

    "Gym Leader Fantina will be retaining her position as the Gym Leader of Hearthome City! Next, Gym Leader Wake!"

    A man with bulging muscles and a wrestling mask flexed for the crowd, his Lombre at his side. "Call me Crasher!"

    "Crasher Wake will be retaining his position as the Gym Leader of Pastoria City! Now, Gym Leader Candice!"

    "Hi!" A Froslass floated in the air above a girl, who had a blue sweater wrapped around her waist. "I'm Candice!"

    "Upon her own request, Gym Leader Candice is being transferred from her one time post of Canalave City to her own hometown, Snowpoint City, where she shall remain a Gym Leader! Next up, our first new League Challenger, Riley!"

    A young man with an Absol stood and smiled to the crowd. "Greetings."

    "Riley, who was able to defeat the first three members of the Elite 4 before being taken down by the fourth, will now be welcomed in as our Canalave City Gym Leader!"

    The crowd applauded wildly. It was always so when a new Gym Leader was welcomed in. "Next up, Gym Leader Aaron!"

    A man with green hair managed to pull himself through the crowd, a Scizor following obediently behind him. "That's me!"

    "Gym Leader Aaron will no longer be the Gym Leader of Snowpoint City. Now, he is the first member of our Elite 4!"

    The crowd cheered even more loudly. Volkner gulped. Things were starting to look bad for him.

    "Now, Gym Leader Flint!"

    "Howdy!" Flint stepped up ahead of the crowd and Magmortar waved happily to the audience.

    "Gym Leader Flint will no longer be the Gym Leader of Sunyshore City. He is now the third member of our Elite 4, which pushes Elite 4 Bertha down to the second member. Lucian shall remain the fourth member of our Elite 4."

    Bertha and Lucian, with a Golem and a Gallade beside them, respectively, bowed silently to the audience.


    Volkner looked to Electivire beside him. "I don't know, Electivire. There's only room for one more Gym Leader."

    "And now, our final Gym Leader! The new Gym Leader of Sunyshore City!"

    Flint and Volkner both held their breath, as did Magmortar and Electivire.

    Out in the crowd, Buck, now twelve years old, twitched impatiently. "Man, when are they going to say it?"

    Palmer, sitting next to him, only smiled. Volkner's mom also smiled. "Come on, Honey!"

    "Our new Sunyshore Gym Leader is..."

    Volkner, Age 18
    Volkner stood happily, his Electivire at his side like always. He stared down across the Sunyshore Gym, and he knew he was at home. Flint, as he had guessed, had made it into the Elite 4. He was even the third member, a powerful one indeed. But Volkner was simply glad that he was able to be a Gym Leader andstay in Sunyshore City.

    "You look happy."

    Volkner jumped in surprise as he heard a voice behind him. Cynthia stood behind him, smiling sweetly as usual. "Oh, hey Cynthia. What are you doing here?"

    "Just doing my check-up on all the new Gym Leaders. Gotta make sure that everyone's got it under control, after all." The whole time she was talking, Volkner could feel those soulful gray eyes piercing into his soul.

    "Well, as I'm sure you can see, I've got it all taken care of. I even re-rigged all of the traps! Let's see a challenger get through those!"

    "You'll only get the boldest of the bold!"

    "Yep!" He grinned, then, blushing, turned to Cynthia. "You know, I wouldn't mind battling you sometime, too."

    Cynthia blushed as well and looked away. "Well, I'm sure you'll be ready some day." She leaned in close to Volkner. "But why do we need a battle when we can have this?" She kissed him on the cheek.

    The last thing Volkner saw was Cynthia's beautiful gray eyes. Then, he passed out and fell into Electivire's arms. Cynthia giggled. "Take care of him, Electivire," she said.

    Electivire smiled. "Vire!"

    Hope you all like it!
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  2. TomDraco

    TomDraco I'm a /tr/ainer.

    I certainly liked it. Would have never thought of a story about Volkner's childhood.

    10/10 from me! :)
  3. Wow! What a nice story! But here's something I didn't get.
    I thought Bertha was the second Elite 4 member. But other than that, the story was great! This is the first story I've seen with the mild pairing VolknerXCynthia. Keep up the good work!
  4. GalladeRocks

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    Actually, the way I have it, Bertha was the third Elite 4 member in my story. Actually, I was going to put who the other Gym Leaders are in my story, but I forgot to. I'll edit that in now.

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