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The RPG Forum Winter Ball 2014 [Take 2]

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RaZoR LeAf

Night Terror
In times long forgotten, in the darkest reaches of myth and legend, the people spoke of a gathering. A union of minds and souls from across the multi-verse. The meeting would take place beyond the reaches of time, space or reality, a place where these things meant nothing, night would last forever, and only those who attended would be able to count the days. Some said the meetings were held in great circles, others spoke of the freezing extremes. Still, there are few here today that know the truth. The myths are true, the legends tell no lie. For now, returning out of the darkness, it comes in a blaze of brilliant flame...

The RPG Forum Winter Ball 2014​

Many papers have been written of the Winter Ball, with many arguments over its purpose. However academics have been able to agree on a few things... The ball has a host, it takes place in a destination decided on by the host, the guests come from where and whenever they wish, and the ball runs through two major winter events, namely Halloween and Christmas. They say invites are sent to each person individually, though none of the guests ever recall seeing an invite themselves. The well documented historian and mythologist Archie O'Logist writes:

"The Ball, as it is known in the shortened vernacular, is open to all those who consider themselves a regular visitor of the RPG Forum. Each member is permitted to attend the ball using one character, be it as an avatar of themselves, or as an RPG Character they have created and wish to give a modicum of freedom to. There exist no rules on who or what may attend, there is no limit to size or shape and there is no class barrier, allowing gods to mingle with insects, or heroes to share drinks with villains.

The Ball takes place in a pre-determined location, known only to the host, and sometimes to a few other guests in advance. The destination is fully prepared to host the ball, with staff working around the clock to ensure the guests are happy. Food and drinks are served from all parts of the multi-verse and catering for all known species and ages. As the ball takes place during two events, all guests are encouraged to attend first in appropriate dress for Halloween, and are then given the chance to change into something more festive or formal for the later Christmas period. Anyone who does not celebrate the events, are encouraged to add their own celebrations to the mix."

Renowned researcher of Role Paying Games and forum posts, V.B. Ulliten writes:

"Attendance is simple. Attending guests are provided with a 'Sign Up Form', a list of fields that require them to enter the details of their guest so all other guests know what to expect. The notes provided suggest the the standard rules of the RPG forum are more lax for the ball, with less emphasis on length and more on 'fun'. As a result members can use images instead of descriptions if necessary, and do not need to reach the normally expected word count.


Costume: (Optional)

*Insert your own fields where required*

There are of course some rules, which is fully expected with an event such as this. The Ball organisers ask that any grievances and grudges be left at the door. No fighting will be permitted during the ball, unless it is a pre-arranged exhibition match (members wishing to participate in such a match should be in agreement and contact the host (who is identified as the creator of the thread).

In addition to this rule, as a result of previous disruptions, any attacks on the serving staff will be dealt with swiftly and severely.

Guests wishing to bring mascots of any kind (such as pokemon, digimon or anything else) must limit it to one partner."

RaZoR LeAf

Night Terror
Name: Dan / Dantoo
Age: 25 / Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Human Porygon hybrid

Personality: Dan is considered unique amongst hybrids, as his body is a perfect meld of human and pokemon, but his mind is not. He possesses his original human mind and personality, but also that of the Porygon he was merged with. Both exist at the same time, with one controlling the body at any given time and the other speaking within his thoughts.

Dan is timid, a man with low confidence, who is shy in front of people he doesn't know, who has difficulty making real friends and prefers the company of himself. He's a good friend, if people accept him for who he is. He doesn't like to make a big deal of things, and a quiet night is his idea of a good night. He's easily led and will often believe the first thing he is told and ends up in a lot of trouble for it, trouble he can't get out of because he doesn't have the self confidence to stand up for himself. If the situation turns sour, he's the last person you'd want to turn to, and if you did, he'd pass the buck or dodge the point until you found someone who was more willing to take control of the situation. Dan is more more in control when he's alone, with a computer and can be himself without any worry for what others think of him.

A Porygon without a name, one that lived with people all his life, but never touched one. Without a name to call its own, it took on the male persona of its host and copied his name, becoming Dantoo (aka 'Dan Two'). Dantoo is harsh and criticising, who always has something to say about anything, regardless of how nice or nasty it is. He doesn't care about upsetting people, he is brutally honest, and either doesn't know or doesn't care about the consequences of being so harsh. He's the total opposite of Dan, he's the first in line to make decisions, and wont back down from a fight. He wont be fooled, and he wont stand for any foolishness.

The two personalities have lived with each other for many years, and have been constantly arguing over who should be in charge, who's right, who's the best. Over time they have worked out their differences, and taught each other lots. Dan has become more confident, he stands up for himself and will place the feelings of others before his own. He's also a lot more grouchy than before and sarcasm seems to come to him naturally. Dantoo on the other hand has calmed down, he'll stop to think before saying things, and he doesn't run into every situation without thinking it through first. Though neither will admit it, the two are good friends, and when they put their minds to it, are a force to be reckoned with.

Description: The first thing you will notice about Dan is he wears a big brown trench coat that hangs down over his legs. The second thing you'll notice is he doesn't have any legs. Dan is assured that his legs are there, they just exist as invisible data as oppose to matter. He still walks, as oppose to floating, so they have to be there in some form or another. The trench coat has another feature, it's collar is constantly turned up to hide Dan's face as much as it can. His face is muzzled like an animal, pulled out at the nose and mouth, and has sharp contours, where it would normally flow smoothly, each angle of his face has a contour as if separating it into distinct sides of a massive polyhedron.

His skin is the normal colour of a human's, but it has shades of pink and blue much like a Porygon would. Nobody has ever seen beneath the Trench coat, so it's impossible to know what he looks like beneath it, the only other part of him that can be seen are his hands. While they are like normal hands, four fingers and a thumb, they appear to be constructed, with each segment of the fingers and hand made up of a block. They are entirely man made in appearance, but act as a human hand would. Unlike his face, these are completely pink or blue in colour.

History: Dan was a lonely teenager. His friends moved away as they began pokemon journeys, leaving Dan alone, the one person who didn't really want to go out and explore the world. He was happy to stay at home and play games all day. As a lone teenager in a big city, he had the world at his fingertips, and yet did nothing with it. It only took a few minutes with some people talking about a new game at the Casino to get him involved with the criminal organisation known as Team Rocket. Dan didn't know it then, but he was starting on the path to a future of uncertainty and danger. He spent a lot of time as the Game Corner, eventually getting a job behind the scenes, working with the computers there. His employers seemed ok on the outside, but there were things going on in the background that weren't quite right. One day while enjoying a coffee break he felt tired, and blacked out. A week later pictures of him were dotted around the city. Have you seen this boy? Nobody had, he was gone.

Dantoo had no name. He had no gender. He had only one purpose. To be untouchable. A velvet cushion, a glass cage, the flashing lights forever blinding him. He was a prize, something people would attain for, but never reach. They came in, in their hordes and droves, staring at him, pointing, talking about him, but they never touched him. Nobody ever touched him. The others were taken and replaced, even the young dragon who was so old now, even she went eventually, replaced by another young child stolen from his mother. Then one day the lights went off. He didn't know what it was. The darkness terrified him and he blacked out.

A screaming pain woke the two, a pain in their heads like nothing ever felt before. Dan saw 1's, Dantoo saw 0's, then they both saw the same thing. Fire, destruction, chaos all around them. Everything was breaking, falling apart, there was destruction occurring all around them. They had to escape. One went left, the other went right, but nobody moved. Dan lifted a hand. Dantoo lifted a hand? What was going on? It didn't matter, escape was the first thing to worry about. Whatever was happening would have to wait. Hours later they sat in a cave, away from people, away from pokemon, away from everything. What are we?

"Oh that's lovely, they said 'write a history' not an emo poem about your sad lonely life."
"It's your sad lonely life too, you miserable cyberpet."
"Where's the drama? Where's the care? Where's the bit about me dropping you off the edge of a cliff?"
"Well you're quite welcome to write it instead of me, except nobody here can read binary, so English will have to do.
"Well see who's laughing when this gets rejected and you have to start again. If you want me, I'll be translating my 900 page novel.
"Oh I'm looking forward to that. Like a hole in the head."
"01001001 01100111 01101110 01101111 01110010 01100001 01101110 01110100 00100000 01100110 01101100 01100101 01110011 01101000 00100000 01100010 01100001 01100111 00101110"
"Sticks and stones."

Abilities: Dantoo is unable to use any of it's original pokemon abilities save one, Conversion. It can change it's type, appearance and resistance's to any of the known pokemon types. He's not limited to only one type, and can change to become a combination of two. Misheard conversations and rumour suggest they can convert to types that haven't even been discovered yet.

Other: Dan/Dantoo usually goes by Dantoo. He's hosted several previous balls, and has a nasty habit of breaking the fourth wall. "I do not!". Dan's speech is in the default colour, whilst Dantoo's is in a different colour. When they are conversing in the mind, the speech is in italic. Unless someone is purposely trying to read their mind, the conversations are undetectable, as they can continue to have them whilst one is speaking normally.


Name: Alexander "Alec" Eberhart
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Type: Ghost

- Night Shade: Alec can summon realistic illusions to trap and immobilize his enemies
- Shadow Claw: Alec can manifest shadows to form razor Sharp claws at his fingertips, enabeling strong and fierce slashing moves.
- Lick: Alec have a bad habit of sneaking up on People and licking their ear, neck or nose (if he's in front of them). This move often leaves his "victims" vulnerable to attacks, as well as flinching them.
- Curse: With a huge rusty knife, manifested from shadows. Alec viciously stabs himself in his stomach while chanting a curse that inflicts his own pain unto his oponents. The obvious downside to this move is that Alec spend a lot of energy, and get really tired afterwards
- Phantom Force: Alec can disappear completely, and re-appear behind oponents for a strong suprise attack.

Due to being a Ghost, Alec can also enter an incorporeal state, where he can pass through solid Objects, deflect attacks, and levitate several feet off the ground. In this state, he's somewhat blurry to the eye, and his skin is even paler than it usualy is. His eyes are also completely black instead of pale grey. He can also turn completely invisible.

Appearance: Alec is a pretty tall Young man, standing a bit above average height. He have pale skin, paler than normal, and is totally incapable of getting a tan due to his Natural dislike of the sun. He have a fairly muscular physique despite his slenderness due to have been working out a lot. He keeps his medium long dark black hair styled at almost all times, as it's fairly easy to put into Place. Alec's eyes are of an unnatural grey color, and are usually locked in a serious, yet laid back look, giving him a carefree look overall. He also smiles a lot.

For clothing, Alec is the kind of guy to keep it simple and formal, yet stylish. His wardrobe consists of simple clothing like shirts in plain colors, dark jeans and so on. His regular outfit consists of a silk shirt that he's unbuttoned at top, revealing his chest. He also wear a pair os fashionable slim black jeans and a pair of simple stylish Snickers, fit for both looking good and running, if necessary. Alec isn't the kind of guy to overdress for an occation, and would gladly pick Comfort over luxury. He does, however, have a superpower of turning even comfortable clothing into fashionable outfits, mixed in With his own Natural beauty.

Personality: Alec is a pretty blend kind of person. He cares little about trivial Things like jewlery, Money and Things that could give you status in society. He's the kind of person that just likes to chill out and take Things as they occour. Despite this, Alec is a fairly Strategic thinker, and can often come across as manipulative, as a lot of his action are based on expected outcomes, personal gains. Alec does, however, always make sure that he looks his best whenever he's outside in Public. He's the kind of person that's satisfied With what he have, and he utilize his looks to the Maximum as a result of this. This can also make him less determined when it comes to personal tasks etc.

Alec is not an overly social person, and usually only enjoy the Company of Moop, or other Ghost-Type Pokemon. He does function in a Group, but he gets uncomfortable when in a bigger crowd of unknown People. He's somewhat socially awkward, and have a habit of saying weird Things out of nowhere, or just spacing out. He always seem to be looking at something that's not there. He does have friends though, and when With them, he feels genuinly comfortable, and is not set back by his awkwardness. Alec is also oblivious to flirting and romance in general, much to the agony of a lot of People that have met him during his Lifetime. He doesn't fancy a spesific gender, and just rolls to wherever life throws him.

History: Born in the quiet town of Lavender in Kanto, Alec lived a fairly normal childhood. He was the only child to a stay at home-mom and a dad that worked at Silph.co over in Saffron City. Due to his father always working, Alec spent most of his time With his mom, who taught him that you don't need to be Rich in order to have a suitable life. Alec suspected this was her way of apologizing for their fairly poor standard of living. Alec was never the kind of kid that was lonely when on his own. He always seemed to be looking at something that others couldn't see, or talk to 'himself' when alone. Though this wasn't too uncommon in Lavender Town, it still freaked a lot of People out. Alec was oblivious to this, and just enjoyed the Company of the Ghosts of the town. All in all, Alec lived a happy life, not really caring much about the bigger Things in life. He did fairly well in School, he eventually got more friends, and he had a promising future overall.

On the night of his tenth birthday though, Alec was outside playing near the Pokemon Tower. The People of the town had been warned before that it could be Dangerous there at night, but Alec had heard from the News that a Flock of Drifloons were expected to float through town at night, and he wanted the good view from top of the Tower. Being the fearless oblivious guy he was, Alec entered the Tower and walked to the top. Along the way though, the Ghosts of the Tower were warning him to turn around and leave. Alec did not listen, however, and continued walking. He was going to see a Drifloon no matter what! They were native to Sinnoh, and were rarer of a sight than a meteor shower!
As he got to the top though, the ghosts had fled the scene. Alec didn't think of it, and found a good spot, watching the Drifloons as they came across town, floating aroind in sometimes weird directions before continuing. Alec did not notice the vengeful ghost of a Marowak that had been warning him to leave behind him, and was beaten to Death by the ghost as it materialized behind him.

The total blackness that was Death, however, was interrupted when a being in between Alec and the light to th other side. She figure claimed to be the legendary Pokemon Xerneas, the entity of life itself. She told Alec a tale of legends, and that the world was slowly dying, and that she needed the help of Alec, calling him "one of the chosen ones". The dream-like state ended With Xerneas giving Alec a gentle kiss on his forehead, thus waking him up.

It was morning, and the sun was rising in the far North. Alec sat up in confusion, not recalling the events happening before the dream. Believing he had just fallen asleep, he saw a lone Drifloon, holding on to a pole, struggling to stay in Place in the Wind on top of the Tower. Alec let the Balloon fasten itself on his arm, and was shocked to learn that he could actually communicate With it. The Pokemon told Alec of Xerneas and that he was sent in order to be Alec's guardian, just like Xerneas had said in his dream. Alec spent a lot of time wondering about this, seeing as nothing really happened. He did notice, however, that he didn't need to eat, drink or sleep anymore. Moopy said that it was Alec's Connection to Death that made him the most suited person for the Ghost-Type Pokemon, but went quiet when Alec asked him about what he meant by that.

Now, several years later, Alec have figured out and mastered most of his neat New Ghost tricks. He also learned the truth behind them, and was shocked to realize that he had in fact died that night. With Moopy by his side, Alec graduated high School With above average grades, and sought out to study to become a doctor, ironically enough. His mother had now passed away due to cancer, which also strengthened Alec's wish to become a doctor, to save those People in need, as he couldn't save his mother. More or less forgetting about Xerneas and her pleas, Alec is now about to enter college.

Name: Moop
Species: Drifloon
Gender: Male

Appearance: Moop looks like every other Drifloon, and has no characteristic traits. Alec have put a small yellow bowtie around his "neck"
Personality: Moop is a friendly Pokemon that realy likes Alec, and that looks after him. He enjoy playing With him, and have a habit of tangeling around his arms and dragging him away to the skies when Alec is in his incorporeal state. Moop is also Alec's best friend, and the only one he really trusts, due to their shared status as ghosts. Moop is also playfull towards others, though it's no fun when you can't drag them along With you. This makes Moop sad.


*hugs Absol*
Got lucky that I had saved my RP character for this before the forum crash. Added a bit of extra information to Roth's background and Meloetta's personality.

Roth (the ThunderGod) (this is merely a title he uses for himself, the character is not a god)
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Element: Lightning
Powers: Besides basic punches and kicks, Roth has the ability to use lightning powers to his advantage. Using elemental abilities do drain his energy, so these cannot be used indefinitely. These can range from simple utility spells to powerful destructive techniques:
Ride the Lightning: A small bolt of lightning appears under Roth's feet and allows him to fly through the air at supersonic speed.
Flash Step: Allows Roth to move to another location at the speed of lightning. Only works for short distances (~100 metres at most).
Conjure Lightning Blade: Roth creates a longsword out of lightning that he can use as a weapon to fight with.
Photon Shield: A protective bubble of electricity will appear around Roth, paralysing any one who comes into contact with it. The shield can be detonated to send a large amount of electric particles in every direction, stunning whatever gets hits by them.
Focused Strike: A large beam of lightning strikes the opponent. The less people or large objects in the proximity, the easier it is to land and the stronger it will be.
Echoing Thunder: Roth will strike his opponent at supersonic speed with his Lightning Blade multiple times. Each hit sending a shock of electricity through his opponent, shortly stunning him/her and giving Roth enough time for another strike before landing the final, powerful blow.
Heaven's Judgement: Roth's most powerful technique, but also quite risky to use. Roth must be up high in the sky, and summons a lightning storm. He will then point his sword down towards the ground (where his opponent must be for a successful execution of the technique). Roth will stand with his feet on the hilt and pommel of his sword, then drives it downwards. Bolts of lightning will connect with the blade, further powering it up on the way down. Finally it will pierce the ground (and/or the opponent), creating huge cracks in the earth and resulting in a huge explosion.
Godmode: (I don't use this for the RP, but thought I'd add it since it's mentioned in Roth's history.) A transformation, that changes Roth's hair and outfit and increases his power, speed and techniques by incredible amounts. The source of Godmode's power comes from Irion, the Battlegod, himself. As Roth fights, deals and takes damage, this energy is transferred to Irion. Upon calling on the power of Godmode is taking from this source of energy that has collected itself over the course of previous battles, and can only be used for a short duration.

Personality: Roth has an energetic, and in general, a carefree attitude. Despite having no issues dealing with social interactions, Roth has only few friends; but the ones he does have are best buddies for life. This probably has to do with the fact that Roth can be a little arrogant sometimes and his short attention span can cause him to abruptly end conversations to move on to something else. Roth isn't afraid to speak his opinion about matters he cares about, even if it's an unpopular opinion or something that may hurt the person he's talking to.
Roth has trouble staying patient in situations where he's forced to wait or when dealing with people who are... slow. Testing Roth's patience isn't a wise thing to do as it may result in an explosion of anger, in which he might destroy stuff or hurt someone. Luckily this is not something that happens all too often...
In his free time Roth likes to play videogames with his younger brother and friends. He also likes to play videogames alone. In fact, he always carries a portable gaming device with him in case he's forced to wait. This helps to distract himself from losing his patience. He's quite competitive when it comes to playing videogames, even if he likes to hide it by acting like he's playing casually.
His other hobby, which could also be considered a job, would be being a superhero. This usually involves the bashing of giant monsters from other dimensions or power-hungry dark lords invading their lands, as well as entering the occasional fighting tournament. He does this together with his younger brother, Thieme, and his best buddy, Rage.
In a fight Roth likes to act confident, but he'll rarely underestimate his opponent. He will strike hard and fast at the cost of reduced accuracy, although using the powers of lightning somewhat helps to off-set this weakness.
Appearance: The first thing you'll notice about Roth is his messy blonde hair. It's a real mess, and his friends like to make fun of it (which Roth does not appreciate). He's actually quite proud of the way his hair looks. Roth likes to wear comfortable clothes, usually wearing a red long sleeved shirt, dark jeans and a pair of generic looking brown shoes. Over his regular clothes he wear his superhero outfit, which consists of light armour plates covering his chest and shoulders and a blue cloak wrapped around his neck.
A picture of his regular look:

Costume: Roth will be wearing a costume for Halloween, which consists of a mask, gloves and shoes made of Shade Grabbers. Shade Grabbers are small impish spirits that work for the King of Darkness. They have a round shape, with a short spiky tail. Their skin colour is a very dark grey. They also have a pair of small, sharp claws floating next to their body, but these are not included with the costume version that Roth wears.
Picture of a Shade Grabber:

Background: The powers Roth and his friends originally come from Larn. A tortured soul, taken captive by Lucifer, the Devil. He sent out his powers as a last resort to prevent Lucifer from taking them for himself. At the age of 12 Roth received these powers, as did several other people on our planet. At first, Roth was unsure how to use these powers, and it often caused him pain and trouble as he couldn't control them. A side effect of Larn's powers being sent into this world was that it was getting warped by those who would control it. In the case of Roth and their friends, things they had created in their imagination and drawings would suddenly start appearing in real life. Sometimes these things are the cause of endangering the world they live in, while other times it gives them all the stuff they could wish for (like their own futuristic spaceship). This also sent a person from their imagination into their world which would help them control their powers and train them in the fight against evil.
At the age of 16, they were sent into another dimension to participate in a fighting tournament alongside everyone else who had received Larn's powers... as well as Slagdar, commander of Hell's armies in the body of Larn himself as a way to enter the world of the mortal. The plan was to lure Slagdar into a fight and hopefully take him out, but Slagdar was too strong for Roth and friends. And so, the dimension would be sealed off to prevent anyone from escaping, including Slagdar. Unfortunately the plan didn't work out as Roth, in a moment of desperation, underwent transformation into semi-Godmode (incredibly powerful, but highly unstable and draining a lot of the user's energy) and created a dimensional rift which sucked in everyone and spread them out over different dimensions.
Since then they have been brought back to their own dimension, and succeeded in defeating Slagdar in a showdown that took place on Earth, defeating the ultimate evil once and for all. Despite the greatest threat being taken care of, there are still plenty of things out there for Roth and friends to fight.
Thanks to them being superheroes, Roth and friends have their fair share of fans across the world, but they have just as many (if not, more) enemies since their heroic actions often leave behind great destruction. It’s not uncommon for entire cities to be wiped off the face of the planet while Roth and friends are fighting off otherworldly invasions or preventing the awakening of eldritch abominations.

Companion: Meloetta (only appears after the travel to the Pokémon world for the Ball)
Personality: Meloetta has a happy personality, but can be a bit shy towards strangers. She'll usually hang out around Roth, even though the two don't get along very well. She doesn't approve of Roth's bluntness and impatience and likes to critique whatever he's doing. Whenever Roth starts getting angry or impatient she'll start singing in an attempt to cool him down, which surprisingly works well; most of the time, at least. Despite not having a huge deal of respect for Roth, she'll still listen to his orders in a battle or competition (unless she thinks she's got a better idea herself) as he is in fact her trainer.
Meloetta is also a bit of a perfectionist with everything she does, and can be pretty hard on herself and everyone involved to get things the way she wants them.

Crash & Charm

Back I guess
Name: Charm
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Hometown: Floaroma Town - enjoys spending time at fuego iron works (Sinnoh)

Type: Steel
Coin shot- Allows her to push on metal objects at a distance. The power is based on weight, If she pushes on an object that is heavier than she will be pushed backwards. This power only works in a strait line and will not work on objects too far away.
Lurcher- Allows her to pull on metal objects at a distance. The power is based on weight, If she pulls on a metal object that is heavier than her she will go flying towards it. It functions in the same way her coin shot powers work but in reverse.
Iron body- Her skin becomes a sort of armor. You don't see any changes but the power does not protect her totally. It also makes her unable to float, much heavier than she should be, and if she gets hit by fire the armor is useless for the day. She can only activate the power once a day for one hour.

Standing at a little less than five feet Charm is smaller than most girls her age. She is strong however. This is the result of her swords training. Her skin is pale an her eyes are a piercing green. Her face is sharp and angular. She appears almost elf like. Even the tips of her ears are slightly tipped. Her body is less curved and more sharp and defined. She tends to wear tight fitting clothing. Her favorite outfit is her sparing mail. Her parents (mostly her mother) however have always forced her to wear skirts and dresses. This went on for long enough that she even started to like the skirts and dresses. What ever she wears the outfit fit always it the silvery chrome color of polished steel. She also carries a sword and sheath strapped to her back whenever she is allowed. This sword is actually her guardian Ensis. She always wears polished metal boots and because of that you can hear her coming from a long way always.

Charm is chivalrous. She was always taught that honor and life morals are essential to a warriors life. She will never hurt an unarmed or injured person. She should help the poor and sick. Bring up the weak. And repair the broken souls. She was taught these codes by her fencing trainer. Out side of the code she is a happy person. She is a bit awkward around other people. But around friends and family she is open and happy. She also has a great sadness in her that few people know about. Her parents had divorced around the time when she was 13. Her father moved away with her brother never visiting them again. When she is stressed she will become angry and violent often forgetting the codes she was taught. When this happens she grows sad and mournful. She retreats into a shell and it is hard to wake her from the daze she goes into. She can go from an exciting, playful person to a depressed shell in moments. She has a certain level of wit and can talk and laugh. People like being around her but she doesn't like being around people. She is afraid that they will leave too. After the age of sixteen she started considering suicide. She hasn't talked to anybody about it yet, but she has tried to cut herself. Her Iron body powers always stop her from taking her own life. She also is anxious seeking to figure out all of the things that could go wrong with something she could do. This often results in her not doing anything usefull. The only time she really feels like she is special and good at something is when she is sparing.

She was born and raised in Floamora town. She attended the trainer school in the next town over. She does well and learned everything she needed to. Her real passion however is her swords training. From the age of 10 she has taken fencing lessons 5 days a week. After the age of 13 when her father left she was torn with grief. Her mother contacted the famous Wikstrom Her brother and he came to live with the family and train Charm. Although he had to leave often he always returned and Charm grew closer and closer to him. It was from him that Charm met her partner and guardian Ensis. Wikstrom gave her Ensis when they started training saying that "he is your sword he will protect you." She learned that she could hear the thoughts of Ensis and they grew closer. He also told her of a dream she had. On the eve of her 10th birthday a pokemon named Xernias came and told her that the world was falling apart. She claimed that Charm was special and that she needed her help to save the world. Then she kissed Charm on the forehead and said goodbye.

Charm discovered her powers around the age of 15. She did this when fencing with Wikstrom. He seemed surprised and from then on the training included teaching her to master her powers as well. Now she carries around a small bag of coins. She uses these to fly. She can drop a coin and push off of it. This will shot her strait up into the air. During her life in Sinnoh she played in the Iron works near her house. She loved to spin on the floor panels, gliding around the place. The workers didn't seem to mind and the owner adored her. She learned a lot from the owner of the works and as a result can work with metal. Melding it into whatever she wants. She actually forged her chain mail and other prices of armor herself.

The only person that she loved more than Wikstrom was her brother Crash. When her parents divorced her father moved to the Kalos taking her brother Crash with him. He was older than her and she loved him. He loved her back and was kind to her. He never picked or was mean to her and always respected her. He left wiith his father because he was forced to. In the Kalos the went on a journey with a starter. His objective was to become a pokemon master. About half way through his journey he wanted to fly to Sinnoh to meet Charm. He tried He did not have enough poke. Charm often gets notes from him that she treasures and loves. She keeps them in a draw in her closet. She has often expressed the desire to go on a journey to her mother but her mother refuses to let her go.

She eventually left on a journey on which Ensis Evolved. She had received a call from Xernias to come and help soon after starting her journey. Traveling to the designated meeting point she found that no one was there.

Costume: Dressed in her sparing outfit she is dressed in full armor, Appearing to be a knight, On her shield she bears a Crest. two crossed blades and a shield outlining the two.

Guardians (Our lovable companions have a joint sign up)
Name: Ensis
Species: Doublade
Gender: Male

He looks like most others of his species. Except the blade and hilt are not connected. The blade also changes color depending on Ensis's mood.

Costume: He is painted a shiny silver color with the crest on charms shield appearing near the hilt on the blade

Personality: Ensis is a violent sword. He loves to fight and will often cut or chop something without warning. He is detached to his hilt, which spends most of the time strapped to charms back. He takes orders well trusting Charm to know whats right. When not fighting however he is a little anti social and he can be harsh and mean.
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Fairy type Trainer
Name: Andre Bellamy
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Type: Fairy

Attract: Andre has the ability to charm and seduce others to get what he wants, using his voice. It's not quite Mind Control. The victim still maintains control of their actions, and can resist if their will is strong enough. He can also use this ability to make people/Pokemon fall in love with himself or with others. Unlike the Pokemon attack this is based off of, it works regardless of gender (or lack thereof.) The effects eventually wear off on their own.

Sweet Kiss: By channelling his Fairy powers into a kiss, Andre can leave others in a giddy stupor. Victims are left feeling happy, but are disoriented and confused for a time.

Photokinesis: Andre has the power to control light to some extent. At present time, he can use this to replicate the move Dazzling Gleam, as well as illuminate a dark room. With more practice, he can learn to do other things with it.

Play Rough: A Physical attack where Andre emanates magical Fairy energy, and delivers a painful Fairy beatdown in a playful manner. It obscures the violence with cartoonish effects such as smoke, hearts, and stars. This is usually a last resort move, as Andre doesn't particularly like violence.

Appearance: Andre is a tall young man, standing at exactly six feet. Although he doesn't like to do so, he excersises a little bit so that he doesn't look like a fat slob, and is physically fit and toned as a result. He doesn't spend too much time in the sun, claiming it is bad for your skin, and so he has a fair complexion. He keeps his blond hair short, and neatly styled at all times. There is never a hair out of place. He has a round boyish face, a small nose, and large baby blue, almond shaped eyes, which he claims are his best feature. His mouth is usually in some kind of smile. Except for his hair and eyebrows, he has no hair on his upper body. He's also pierced his earlobes so he can wear earrings.

Andre is very much into fashion. He likes expensive designer clothing, and he usually dresses more formally than kids his age. Being famous, he has a certain reputation to uphold, so most of his clothes are very expensive made by well-known designers. His wardrobe mostly consists of button down dress shirts, vests, trousers, and dress shoes. He even wears a tie and blazer often. He always keeps his clothes neat and tidy. It is rare to see him in a simple T-shirt and jeans, but he does own a few. His wardrobe contains a lot of bright colors, especially pink, his favorite color. He carries around a pink heart shaped messenger bag that has a red ribbon tied into a bow attached to it, and he occasionally wears a pair of pink, diamond encrusted, sunglasses. His favorite outfit is a pink dress shirt that fits him well, paired with a red vest over it. Around his neck is a red silk tie, and a burgundy blazer with gold buttons over that. On the bottom he wears beige trousers held up by a belt. His choice of footwear include a pair of black dress shoes with pink spats on them, and brown socks that go up to his calves. He accesorizes this with a pink beret on his head, and a pair of diamond stud earrings decorating his ears.

Andre has developed a taste for diamonds and gemstones. He will occasionally be seen wearing random pieces of jewelry every now and then, regardless of whether it was intended for a man or not. He enjoys experimenting with fashion, and likes trying out many different things including wearing women's clothing. He feels women get nicer clothes than men do, and it lets him get away with wearing more jewelry than a man can. He can pass for a convincing woman when he's all made up. He often wears lavender scented perfume.

Costume: Andre is dressed like one of his favorite Pokemon, Shiny Mega Gardevoir. He wears a fancy, floor length, strapless, wide, black gown, with a low back, and an orange bow on the chest. The skirt is ruffled, has multiple layers, and a short train in the back. Sitting on his head is a light blue wig that curls down the sides of his head like Gardevoir. On his eyes, he wears orange contact lenses to simulate shiny Gardevoir's eye color, as well as some black sparkly eyeshadow and mascara. He wears a pair of white earrings that stick out from the wig that are supposed to resemble Gardevoir's facial spikes. Covering his forearms are a pair of black opera gloves. He accessorizes his costume with a lot of jewelry, because he can afford to do so. He wears a big sparkling diamond crown on top of his head. Around his neck is a black pearl necklace with another sparkling diamond attached. He wears a ring with a large diamond on his left ring finger, and on his wrists are a pair of diamond cuffs. Around his waist, is a diamond belt. All of jewelry is real, not costume jewelry. He sometimes uses a weakened version of Dazzling Gleam to create pink sparkles around himself to look more Fairy like. Due to the fact that the gown is floor length, Andre wears men's dress shoes on his feet instead of women's shoes. Mainly because walking in high heels with such a long dress on would be a disaster. He brought with him a black, diamond encrusted purse that matches his outfit to carry his money, and whatever else he may need, as well as for Jolie to ride around in when she doesn't feel like walking.

(Pretend that's a Cleffa next to him)

Personality: Andre has tastes that are usually considered femmine. His favorite color is pink, and a lot of his things are pink and have hearts on them. He likes fashion, and he has a taste for cute things, and he's not really emabrrased by it. He really doesn't understand why boys in this country have an issue with guys liking that kind of thing. He just guesses it's because they're insecure about their masculinity. Andre is very obsessed with beauty and looking good. As a movie star, he feels he has to maintain a certain image, and because people don't want to be friends with an ugly person. He always makes sure he is perfectly groomed before leaving the house, and as such it takes him a while to get ready in the morning. Because he puts so much effort into looking good, he hates getting dirty, as it ruins all the work he put in.

He really values his relationships. He goes to great lengths to make friends and fans everywhere he goes. He often attends parties to meet new people. Someone not wanting to be his friend upsets him, and he will try to make that person his friend whether they want to be or not. For the same reason, he also likes love and romance, and as such he comes across as a flirt. He openly hits on people (he's openly bisexual, so guys as well as girls) he considers to be attractive, though he is usually more polite about it then most guys, because he is genuinely looking for a relationship. He also likes pairing people up who he thinks would make a good couple, regardless of gender and orientation, and jokingly teasing the two involved.

He can be charming and manipulative when he wants to be. He uses his charm, charisma, and the occasional bribe to get what he wants from people. He knows just what to say to win people over, which sometimes helps him get his way in many situations. While he is polite and well-mannered, and typically acts friendly towards others, he treats people like objects to make himself feel better. He can be self-centered, and disregards how other people feel and what they need if it's not benefiting him somehow. It's not something he does consciously, it's just how he is. He was brought up believing that people's affections can be bought, and it's worked out for him so far.

Having become used to being given whatever he wants, Andre has been spoiled by wealth. He has an appreciation for the finer things in life. He wears expensive clothes, drives around in fancy cars, takes exotic vacations, and freely spends money like it grows on trees. He is very generous with his money, since he has so much of it, trading a a few dollars for something better is no problem. He's also found it much easier to woo people with money. He especially enjoys being famous, and being adored by many. He doesn't mind the the craziness that comes with being a cleberty either. Bad publicity is still publicity, as long as people are talking about you, then that's all that matters. Andre has always been accustomed to life on top. His worst fear is losing it all, whether that be ruining his movie career, or losing his hard earned friends.

He speaks with a noticeable Kalosian accent, and uses French words a lot. However, he can speak Englsh just fine.

History: Born in Lumoise City, Kalos, Andre's childhood is not what one would consider normal. His parents are both famous actors, and since his birth he's been in the lap of luxury. Due to his parents being famous actors, and therefore often busy, Andre rarely ever saw them. He was also homeschooled for a while, and was rarely able to leave the house. He felt lonely being in a big empty mansion with only caretakers that were too busy to keep the kid entertained. Andre's parents brought him expensive toys to make it up to him. For a while the shiny new toy would make him feel less lonely, but soon he would get bored of it, and the loneliness came back. He thought something better would solve the problem. When his parents announced a new trip, the young boy cried, and of course, his parents brought him a new, better, more expensive gift once they got back. The same thing happened, it would make him feel good for a while, but soon he'd get bored again. He would continue to ask and receive more and more expensive things throughout his childhood. It was great, and Andre grew accustomed to wealth and having anything he wanted on a whim. It was nice, but it still wasn't enough, the bad feelings still didn't go away.

On the night of his tenth birthday, Andre had a strange dream. He was visited by the legendary Pokemon Xerneas. She told him that the world was slowly dying, and that she needed his help. Xerneas gave him a kiss on the forehead, bestowed him the power of Fairies. At first, Andre dismissed it as only a mere dream. However, that same day his parents gave him a special gift. His first Pokemon, an adorable Cleffa he named Jolie. He bonded with this Cleffa quickly. Not only was it cute, but Andre soon discovered he was able to converse with this Cleffa. She claimed that she was his guardian, much like Xerneas had said in the dream. After that, he realized that dream he had was very real. Although, he didn't know what the ramifications of this would be, and forgot about it for a while. He didn't discover his other abilities until later in life. Jolie is the only gift his parents gave him that Andre hasn't grown tired of. She is the closest friend Andre has ever had, and ever since meeting her, he had decided that he would catch and train Fairy types exclusively,

At some point, his parents thought it was a good idea for him to start interacting with other kids, so they enrolled him in a private school. When Ande started going to school, and meeting other people his age, he got a lot of attention from them due to the fancy toys he had that they couldn't afford. At Recess, every kid wanted to play with him. Being with others made him feel just as good, if not better, than opening up a brand new toy. It was then he thought that if new toys won't help, then maybe people will. He made lots and lots of friends, and Andre was happy for a while. Soon his family had to move away, and Andre was transferred to a new school. Having lost all the friends he made, Andre was upset for a while, but he soon worked to make new friends in this new place, and he was happy again. Then his parents moved once more, and the cycle continued. He was never truly content though, because he always had to leave all his friends behind.

At the age of thirteen, Andre's family moved to Virbank City, to further their careers. There, his parents encouraged their son to follow in their footsteps, and become an Actor. They put him in acting classes, and used their connections to pull a few strings, and get him and his Cleffa a starring role in a major film. He didn't want to do this at first, but did it anyway to please his parents. While making the movie, he came to enjoy being on a movie set, and acting. When his first movie went to theaters, and became a box-office success, he enjoyed all the fame and attention it brought him. Or more specifically, he liked all the adoring fans. He also enjoyed the piles of money, expensive things, and all the glamour that being a movie star brings. He decided to pursue a film career, while also attending school when he wasn't filming. It was during these times, Andre discovered he had the ability to charm and seduce others with his Fairy powers. Not only did it help him make friends easier, it was also the reason for much of his success as a movie star. After doing that for a few years, he became as famous and successful as his parents. He is often chased by Papparazzi and crazed fans, and he is also often the subject of ridiculous rumors in gossip magazines. Usually, they involve him spending absurd amounts of money on something lavish, being seen at a party, or romance rumors with various other celeberties. (Not long after hitting puberty, he discovered how attractive people were, and the joys of love. Although he's never had a serious romantic relationship, much to his disappointment.) He doesn't mind all the craziness that much. As long as he has all his adoring fans, then all is well.

Andre has everything now, devoted fans, a luxurious life, and piles of money at his disposal. Despite this, he still isn't satisfied. He feels like something is missing, but he isn't sure what that is.


Name: Jolie
Species: Cleffa
Gender: Female

Appearance: She wears a large red bow on top of her head, and a diamond studded collar around her neck. Occasionally, Andre will dress her up in clothes made for her. Otherwise, she looks like any other Cleffa.
Personality: She is very much like Andre in a number of ways. She has starred in several movies with her trainer, and is also a celebrity herself. She likes being the center of attention. When no one is paying attention to her, she will do something cute, to get noticed. In general, she likes to dress up, and she enjoys using her cute looks to get what she wants. Aside from that, she is a friendly and playful Pokemon, who really loves how much her trainer spoils her rotten. She has also starred in a few movies with her trainer, and is a celebrity in her own right. She flirts with male Pokemon often, and she also speaks with a Kalosian accent like Andre.
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Excuse me as I also copy/paste my Children of Legend character and age him to alcohol legality... the RP died fast and I'd like another opportunity to use him. xD

Name: Dalton Boone
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Hometown: Mossdeep City, Hoenn

Type: Dragon
Regeneration - Dalton can heal himself from minor wounds completely within minutes. Something like a paper cut would only take a few seconds. This power does not negate effects of blood loss / poisoning (corrosives he can heal, though) / illness etc. He cannot heal other people with this power. More major / life threatening wounds may either be too difficult or impossible to heal, as it would take more energy to heal than he can muster when injured to such a degree. Activating it can cause him to tire, so he will avoid using it unnecessarily if stamina will be an issue. He can only activate this power if he is conscious. This is based on how lizards can regenerate lost limbs (he doesn't plan on testing whether he can also regain lost limbs anytime soon).

Dual Chop - similar to the pokemon move, Dalton deals dragon-typed damage by brutally punching his opponents multiple times. His go-to attack for offense.

Outrage - typically reserved for emergency situations. Dalton flies into a furious rampage that deals strong dragon-type damage. He is impossible to stop while in this form, and can potentially hurt allies who get in his way. It leaves him exhausted and disoriented after useage, effectively rendering him useless for several minutes while he recuperates.

Dalton is a bit below average height for a male, but is heavily muscular thanks to vigorous training. As such, he is comfortable going shirtless and would typically prefer to be shirtless at all times, but wears a white t-shirt or tank top in public. He prefers loose-fitting, baggy pants or shorts, and usually wears either black and red sneakers or sandals, depending on what the environment calls for. The black braces he wears on his wrists are more for medical reasons than fashion (he finds his wrists get sore after training without them), though he does like the look of them. They are black and the clasps have silver studs (ignore avatar reference), which makes them look more like large bracelets than anything.

His hair is died a dark brownish red. He tends to be a bit lazy in keeping up with the red hair dye, and his natural dark-brown roots often stick out underneath. His eyebrows are his natural colour of brown (again ignore the avatar reference). He has narrow, stormy grey eyes. He has a vertical scar that touches the top of his left eyebrow and goes up about an inch. He's had it for as long as he can remember, and his parents are vague as to how he received it (he theorizes he was dropped as an infant, but is too embarrassed to openly admit it). His complexion is naturally tanned, but being outside in the sun shirtless most days certainly helped darken him as well.

Personality: Dalton tends to keep to himself, and doesn't have many close friends outside of Rook. He isn't one for long conversations, and if you attempt to engage him in one, he finds it difficult to hide his boredom. In fact, it's rare to see him smile, as he doesn't often do it around other people. It's hard to get more than a few words out of him at a time, but he does have strong opinions which can be dragged out of him with enough persistence. He is patient and stoic most of the time, but if the right buttons are pushed he can turn very angry very quickly. As his guardian Rook often says: "ya know, he doesn't bite often, butcha gotta watchit cuz when he bites, he bites hard!"

Dalton is far more interested in athletic pursuits than school, and he often skips class to go train outside with Rook. Despite his abysmal study habits, he manages to scrape by with Cs in most of his classes (except for physical education, which he usually bothers showing up for). He considers himself intelligent, but feels that schoolwork is simply unimportant to his life endeavors. His handwriting borders on illegible and he's far better at math than he is at English (which is saying something as he isn't particularly great at math to start with). Asking him how to spell anything is a very poor idea. He feels as long as he can speak English, then it doesn't matter how well he can write it anyways.

He's always up for a challenge, and loves exploring new areas above anything else. He may not come across as a particularly competitive or cocky person, but he privately assumes that he will win any physical contest thrown at him, and can be a bit of a sore loser if he doesn't. He tends to underestimate females, and therefore goes easier on them. He finds girls that can hold their own against him to be very attractive. He also tends to prefer females who are outgoing rather than quiet. In fact, he oddly doesn't get along very well with personalities similar to his at all (considering he rarely initiates conversations himself, he doesn't often talk to other quiet people). He also has a high tolerance for heat, but a low tolerance for cold. Despite this, he dislikes the feeling of long-sleeved shirts and rarely wears them.

History: As a child, he would often get into trouble. His parents divorced when he was young, and he spent every weekend with his inattentive father. During these times, he and a few of his classmates would sneak away from their homes and spend hours exploring Mossdeep's island coast, much to the anxiety of their oblivious parents. Eventually, the other citizens began to recognize them and learned to call their parents if they were spotted. This put an end to Dalton's friends adventures, but Dalton learned he was less likely to be spotted if he was alone, and continued escaping the house by himself. His father was never too concerned, figuring that he couldn't go far on an island anyways, and simply didn't mention it to Dalton's mother.

By the time he turned ten, he became bored with Mossdeep. He had explored everything on the island by this point, and he had never once stepped onto Mainland Hoenn. A few months prior to his 10th birthday, he had received a message from Xerneas via a dream. She had begged him to help save her, and the rest of the world, with his dragon-type bond. He had initially dismissed it as nothing more than a dream... until one weekend while walking along the coastline, he managed to start a conversation with a wild wailmer. The water-type pokemon was eager to help Dalton in any way possible, so he asked the wailmer to ferry him across the sea to wherever dragon-type pokemon lived. He knew relatively little about his region's geography, so upon landing in Lilycove City, opted to ask the native wild pokemon for further directions, food, and shelter. After all, any adult would rat a lost child out to the police, and he was too excited by the prospect of fresh adventure to have it be prematurely ruined.

It only took him about a week to reach Meteor Falls, especially thanks to the help of a particularly friendly tropius who flew him over the Route 118 river and a good portion past Mauville. Of course, even though he could speak to pokemon, that didn't mean that all pokemon were necessarily friendly. He learned this the hard way, as Meteor Falls was full of less-than-sympathetic solrock and lunatone. He soon found himself surrounded by a territorial mob, when a little flash of blue with a mean jaw jumped in and scattered the wild pokemon with a super-effective bite attack. Dalton quickly realized that he had finally stumbled on a dragon-type - he had travelled across the entire region just for this pokemon. Even more intriguing, the little bagon had a chip out of his head-armor in the exact same location that Dalton had a scar above his left eyebrow.

"Ey, I know you!" the bagon exclaimed in excitement. "Whaddaya know. Listen close bud, I'm your guardian! ...Whatcha givin' me that look for? You dunno what I'm talkin' about?"

The bagon proceeded to introduce himself as Rook, and claimed that Xerneas had sent him to be partnered with Dalton. ("I was trainin' here, y'know, so I could grow wings and fly to Mossdeep. ...I-I was real close, really! Would this face lie to you?! C'mon!") They returned to Fallarbor Town and Dalton contacted his mother from the nearest Pokémon Center. Needless to say, his parents were not impressed by his disappearance, but were so relieved that he was safe that they allowed him to keep Rook with one exception: he wasn't to go off of the island by himself ever again.

He left the island every weekend regardless, with Rook by his side, via the abundant wailmer that Mossdeep is well-known for. He simply is sure not to go further than the neighbouring islands and to be back before he can raise suspicion. Together, the pair spend most of the days training. Dalton hopes to improve his dragon abilities in preparation for whatever mission Xerneas has him set up for, and Rook hopes to finally evolve and fly like he has always longed to do.


Name: Rook
Species: Bagon
Gender: Male
Appearance: Identical to any normal bagon with the exception of a small hunk missing from the armor on the left side of his head (the bagon equivalent of a scar).
Personality: Speaks with a Brooklyn-esque accent (obviously only detectible by those who can speak to Pokémon). He tends to "attack first, ask questions later". He typically will go all-out in battle, but because of that wears out quickly. In social situations, he's generally more friendly to humans than Dalton is, and can be a bit of a chatterbox if allowed. He tends to judge others based purely on first-impressions, and it takes a lot to convince him otherwise. He's instinctively aggressive toward other dragon-type pokemon, and fearful of ice and particularly fairy-types to the point where he will go into a panic and hide behind Dalton if he so much as sees a fairy-type. He is most comfortable around pokemon of types that he resists (fire, water, grass, electric). He can be honest to the point of rudeness, and often makes snide comments about those he dislikes behind their backs.
Costume: Unlike his trainer who didn't bother putting effort into a costume, Rook persuaded Dalton to buy him a pair of fake red dragon wings. They tie around his abdomen to make him look like a salamence, much to Rook's delight and Dalton's reluctant amusement.


A lot of children of legend-characters here. This will be cool. lol

Crash & Charm

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The thing is that Rp got to initial posts then died completely, I blame the Gm but anyways...They are good characters and everyone will probably want to reuse them and get a second change with them. (so to speak)


Name: Cole Culain
Gender: Male
Age: 23

Description: Cole is slightly above average height with dark hair and dark eyes. His skin is naturally quite pale, but his time living out in the wilds left it quite bronzed and ruddy from exposure. He tends to stand quite straight, with an arrogant and proud bearing. His facial structure would be considered rugged and perhaps handsome if it wasn't quite so gaunt, and as it stands his face looks a little severe, almost hawklike. He has a proud brow and a noble cast to his features, often one or two days growth of stubble because he neglects or forgets to shave. He wears his hair cut to military standard and moves with a controlled tension, like a coiled spring. He walks quickly, generally leaving those he is with two or three paces behind and struggling to catch up. He dresses in black denim jeans, a slim reed button-down shirt, combat boots and a long leather coat that has seen better days. He sometimes wears a gray and red scarf as well.

Personality: Cole can sometimes appear aloof or rough, but he tends to leave himself closed off to strangers. When one gets to know him, they will see him become quite passionate and animated about anything that has caught his attention. Cole is a bit of a maverick and has been known to disregard orders that he felt foolish or frivolous in the interest of getting the job done. He is quick to anger to slights both real and imagined but also quick to forgive and forget. His rash nature was tempered by his past trials, and has turned him into a pragmatic tactician. He has learned the value of patience, though it is a virtue he is loathe to practice. Cole has a charismatic, if domineering, personality and he has a habit of inspiring loyalty in those around him, even if he would rather not shoulder that burden and work on his own. People unfamiliar with him will think he's something of a dandy, constantly preening his shoulder-length hair and straightening his clothes. In actuality, he is just trying to appear a little bit more civilized than normal, due to his rough life on various campaigns. The only other clothes he has are in even worse shape than what he is wearing now, so he is doing his best to give off a good face to the other ball guests. He has a deep fondness for classical music and, at some point in his travels, picked up how to ballroom dance.

History: Cole took off on the traditional path of a pokemon trainer at a young age, but circumstances conspired to force him from that path. He became involved in a group of guerrilla fighters working to topple the rampant criminal empires around the known world. When he managed to extricate himself from that group, his infamy got him dragged into a drawn out ground war against a group of deicidal fanatics. He has spent the past five or six years alternately hiding from his past as a blood-soaked war veteran and embracing his blood knight nature and leading almost suicidal charges on the front lines of whatever conflict he happens to find himself in. He tried to make a study of philosophy and literature at university, but a bombing by a terrorist sect in a nearby city forced him to come out of quasi-retirement and take up his warrior mantle again.

He has traveled the world and seen many wonders, but at the same time many horrors. His past has made him jaded and set him on a downward spiral towards alcoholism, and he periodically checks himself in and out of various support groups for it. Cole was once an adrenaline junkie, but now he has become a borderline death seeker who has come to the disturbing realization that he only feels alive in combat and tries to numb the pain of old wounds and lost friends with drink. He came to the ball as a form of "shore leave" to try to find something to occupy his time for just a little while.

Nickname and Species: Prometheus the Charizard

Description: There is scarring around Prometheus's wing tissue from an old battle. The wings have made a complete recovery from the long-ago fight, but the scar tissue will never heal. There are also several scars on Prometheus's chest and neck from similar encounters. Prometheus is also slightly larger than the standard Charizard, standing just shy of seven feet. This is a result of several generations of breeding.

Personality: Prometheus is far more sensible than his trainer, and the two share a deep bond. Oftentimes, Prometheus serves as Cole's anchor, reining in his fury when he goes on a tirade. He cares very deeply for Cole and will go to great lengths to keep him from harm, sometimes even putting himself in harm's way. He is also not really given to theatrics in battle, preferring to incapacitate or kill his foes in as efficiently and quickly as possible. To a stranger, Prometheus might appear ruthless or even brutal, but his battle-hardened exterior belies a kind heart.

History: Prometheus was Cole's first pokemon, given to him as a gift when he was quite young. The two of them grew up together, and when Cole briefly tried to strike out from home on a traditional pokemon journey, Prometheus accompanied him. He has been at Cole's side through all the trials of his life, and the two of them have an almost psychic connection. Often, Cole refers to Prometheus as his "brother". Everything Cole has been through, Prometheus has as well.


Name: Suzy Yorke
Codename: The Saboteur
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Ecruteak City, Johto.
Trainer Class: Breeder


Normal / Shirtless

Suzy is a very pretty young lady. She's around 5'6" and about 150 pounds, her face is very soft and rounded, making her look rather young while still giving her a 'cutesy' face. She has rather pale white skin and usually accents it with pale pink blush ad her large green eyes are accented with black mascara. She wears a set of brown hipster glasses due to her nearsightedness, however these accent her facial type and overall look quite well. She has pale blonde hair which is somewhat short and quite nice and curly. Her body type is somewhat girlish, giving her an nice hourglass shape accenting her wide hips and her larger than average breasts.

In the clothing department, Suzy likes to wear a type of hipster clothing which represents her simplistic nature quite well. She dresses like a cutesy individual. Her shirt is a nice shade of beige (or cream), which is actually a nice long autumn sweatshirt which is usually covered by a light brown overcoat. To make sure her cleavage never shows, she enjoys wearing a light brown scarf. Her lower half is covered by a cream coloured skirt with black tights and little black dress shoes. Her fashion sense usually makes her look much older than she actually is, and most people assume she's actually around eighteen rather than sixteen. She also usually carries a small brown satchel which is usually filled with all sorts of medical supplies, allowing her to be the teams nurse. Her arm can be summarized as a hunk of metal, lazily put together by Jon for Suzy from whatever materials he could gather. It has a cusp that fits over her shoulder and the rest could just be described as a long metal rod. it's slightly longer than her other arm and pokes out of the sleeve of her sweater slightly. It is secured by a band that sits under the underside of her bra, it's red in colour and is only seen when she's getting ready for bed before she takes it off.

Personality: Suzy is very sassy. She often has witty remarks to spit out of her mouth when she gets upset or anxious. She's also a rather aggressive person in nature, often getting upset. She's actually a very short and damaged fuse. She gets very angry if someone points out her arm, which, she'll probably need to get used to because it is an oddity that makes her stick out from the rest of the world. Despite her short temper and her obvious discomfort with her deformity, she believes herself to be very pretty. Although, she is unconfident because no one else has ever told her that. However, Suzy is also very intelligent. Able to plan things without a lot of thought, she has a very abstract thinking pattern that can come up with solutions to her problems rather quickly. She's supposedly a natural born leader, able to get people motivated and allow them to aid her in whatever she needs help with. However, Suzy has some negative traits, in that she is far to sarcastic which irritates many people. Suzy is also somewhat of a downer, sometimes putting people in a negative mood due to her sometimes making negative comments about the world or about her life as a whole.

Suzy is also a flirt, even if she was in a relationship she'd probably still make flirtatious comments towards people of the opposite gender. However, Suzy enjoys battling her Pokemon and having battles of the wits. Suzy is also very talented at using her false arm as a weapon, similar to a police baton. Although under her somewhat aggressive and sad exterior, lies a very caring and compassionate person who will always help people no matter what happens. If you get wounded it battle she will take it upon herself to get you back to 100%. She has somewhat of a motherly personality.

History: Suzy comes from very meek origins. Both of her parents were very poor individuals who were not really able to afford too much for Suzy, although they loved her dearly and only wanted the best for their daughter. When Suzy turned eight, her parents were able to send her to the local gym to learn things from the leader, who ended up being a family friend of them. From him, Suzy learned a lot about Pokemon and wanted to learn so much more. She decided it upon herself to become a breeder, following in the footsteps of her father. Morty, the gym leader, taught her many things that would allow her to raise Pokemon with the compassion she needed and the ability to make them happy. She became more interested in this study when a sweet couple came to their city.

This couple consisted of a man named Jon, and his wife Marion. The two had been breeders for about ten years and wanted to help Suzy by teaching her the basics. Jon realized how talented Suzy could become and wanted to allow her to grow and prosper by becoming much bolder and more knowledgeable. Suzy began spending a lot of time with the couple, although she didn't realize that her dear mother and father were planning to leave Johto, and move to some far off region known only as Unova. Suzy found out about a week before her parents were set to move, and being at the age of fourteen she argued that she was old enough to take care of herself and they could leave her behind. Her parents originally didn't even consider the option but then they realized that their daughter's destiny was here, and left her behind with Jon and Marion. Suzy was pleased, and her parents often contacted her through phone calls to keep in touch with their daughter who was now slowly working her way towards her destiny.

Around the time she was fourteen, she was given a cell phone. This phone had skype compatibility and she immediately made an account on the website, in the hopes of finally maing some friends. Through a site, she managed to meet a boy named Daniel, who she came to know better as Danny, or Dan. She rather liked Dan, sometimes as more than a friend, but she would never let him know that. The two became close, even though neither of them had the faintest idea of what one another looked like. But she didn't care. She never cared.

A few days after her sixteenth birthday, Suzy obtained Ross, her small Chikorita who she immediately loved. But on the same day she was confronted by Hector, the leader of what she came to know as Team Rapture. Using his evil looking Tauros, he attacked Suzy, causing her to loose her arm. On that same day, Johto was taken over by Hector and his team, who took over the Bell Tower and threw all the innocent people into workshops and labs to manufacture his odd Pokemon. Jon's wife was captured as well, but Jon did manage to save Suzy and manufacture her a false arm out of the scrap metal he found laying about their new hideout. During the time that Suzy was recovering from her ordeal, Jon found an egg outside of his home, the egg was slightly dented, but he gave it to the young girl nonetheless.

Currently, Jon has supplied Suzy with enough money to move to Orre, where she has set up a base of operations for her cause at the Pokemon HQ Lab. Suzy has attempted to contact various trainers, like herself, in an attempt to gather as many people as she can. She's already sent a messaged to Dan, and to as many random trainers as she could get the names of, she really hopes they all join her.

Weapons and Equipment:
- One silver longsword
- a satchel
- bandages
- Pokemon healing items.
- Her metal arm is technically a weapon

Anything Else?:
- One armed, it was replaced by a metal rod.

Secondary: Togepi (Female)
Nickname: Araxie
Short Bio: Araxie was given to Suzy by Jon, who had found the egg slightly cracked next to his house. Due to this, Araxie has a small nick in one of her head spikes, which is a disfigurement due to the egg being slightly smashed. She's a very shy Pokemon and usually hides behind Suzy rather than interacting with others.

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Name: Nerissa Lovell

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Hometown: Undella Town, Unova

Type: Dark

- Night Slash: Nerissa's basic offensive move. She uses Dark energy to form a grim scythe, and slashes at the foe with it.
- Night Daze: This is a move where Nerissa gets to control pure darkness outside of her own energy, by concentrating on the negative thoughts of people within the vicinity and forming black, evil shadows out of them (without removing the thoughts of course). She fuses the darkness and throws it at the foe, causing an explosion.
- Sucker Punch: If a foe gets into position to attack, Nerissa channels her Dark energy into her fists and makes the first shot. If the foe doesn't intend to attack Nerissa, the Dark powers throw her backwards instead.
- Hone Claws: Nerissa uses her Dark energy to strengthen her upper limbs, making her physical attacks hit harder.


Nerissa stands at 6 feet tall, and has long, wavy strawberry-blonde hair that reaches her waist, usually tied in a ponytail or left loose. Her eyes are a stormy gray, and her skin is very light in tone. Her face is slightly angular, with pouty lips, an aquiline nose and strong eyebrows of medium thickness. Nerissa's body is long and lean-muscled with large, ample breasts that she doesn't mind showing or emphasizing, and long legs that are sometimes bruised and scratched. Her hands are rough and strong, with nails that are painted with black polish. Nerissa generally doesn't like makeup…unless black mascara is involved. Around her upper right arm is a tattoo in black ink made to look like barbed wire, and ears have three piercings each.

Nerissa wears a lot of black, and has a weakness for leather jackets, as well as motifs such as skulls, crosses, spikes and the like. She usually wears a cropped black leather jacket with 3/4 sleeves and a popped-up collar. Sharp silver spikes decorate its shoulders, and a gunmetal skull adorns each sleeve cuff. Under this, she wears either a low-cut black vest with silver cross-shaped buttons, or a cropped, ripped black top with silver chains. For bottoms, she wears either a short black-and-red plaid kilt or black mini shorts. Always present however, is her thick, black leather belt with dangling chains and a detachable skull buckle that comes in both gunmetal and silver with red eyes, allowing her to swap them whenever she wants to. For shoes, she wears black, lace-up combat boots that go up to her knees. Black leather fingerless gloves adorn her hands and a simple black leather choker with a dangling skull hangs around her neck. She has a trademark black leather flat cap that she often wears as well.


True to her taste and her favorite Pokemon, Nerissa is dressed as a Mega Houndoom. She wears a sleeveless black leather duster coat with long dark chains tipped with dark metal skulls draping down its back. Under this, she wears a tight black leotard with a black sheer cut-out in front. This leotard is decorated with dark silver, distressed armored pieces resembling carved bones or demon's horns. On her feet are black leather high-heeled boots that go up to her thigh and are decorated with belts and distressed metal buckles shaped like skulls. She also wears black fingerless gloves with distressed tops, that reach up to her elbows. Her headpiece is ornate, consisting of a black canine skull and curved, black metal horns. For the occasion, she dyed her normally strawberry blonde hair black, edged with red ombre.

Personality: Nerissa is one who most can consider as "running hot and cold" in terms of personality. At first, she may seem to be rather arrogant and abrasive towards others. Very outspoken and direct, her sharp tongue and words could be hurtful to most. Add that to the fact that she doesn't usually take back what she says, and that she's very easy to anger makes her pretty difficult to get along with. She's also one who believes that the best way to accomplish things isn't always the fairest way, which manifests itself in her straightforward way in dealing with things and the dirty tactics she uses to get what she wants (Cheating back in trainer's school beng the prime example) whenever she needs to, often getting her into tight spots as a result. She's a smart girl, though very impulsive, preferring to take things head on and think on her feet, rather than strategize. She always speaks her mind about everything, never hesitating to insult and show disgust towards things that are not of her taste....especially flowery Pokemon and pink Pokemon. Nerissa is a tomboy, having a rough manner of speech, less-than-feminine gestures and has no patience for taking a support role in battle. She engages in activities many might consider unsavory despite her young age. She knows how to gamble very well (be it in slots, cards or even in pool), and drinks a lot, using the fact that she looks older than she is to her advantage. Nerissa also dislikes losing...a lot, and takes it very heavily if she does lose due to her pride. Of course this usually manifests in battles. Nerissa is a determined girl who doesn't back down or give up even if put in a corner, preferring to give everything her all. She is very adventurous and brave, to the point of being experimental, and would usually be the first to jump into a dangerous situation.

Nerissa is not all that difficult all the time though. Her harsher side stems from an inferiority complex towards her older brother, Dorian, that she had when she was younger, making her someone who sees giving in negatively. She just dislikes feeling like she's weak or useless. When people see past her roughness, Nerissa shows a different, but not-so-obvious side. She is determined and loyal towards her friends, standing by them no matter what, despite her apparent harshness. She also puts others first before herself, though she shows this in rather unconventional, even reckless ways, and she often denies this. She might get angry at someone who tries to steal her thunder, but won't hesitate to take care of her friends as well. She could also be quite sweet when given the chance, cooking for her friends and staying up for any of them if she needs to, but does not like to be reminded of such. Though it may seem that she's rather harsh on the outside, it only takes the right people to help her soften up and make her nicer side come out a little. Don't expect her to fully acknowledge the existence of this side though…she would much rather do things as she sees fit. Nerissa's taste in just about everything is dark and edgy. She despises things that are cutesy, girly and too elegant.

History: Hailing from the seaside town of Undella, Nerissa, the younger of two siblings and six years behind her brother Dorian, was born to very well-known and wealthy scientist parents that prized excellence and family reputation above all. From a young age, the girl was pushed to be the best by her parents, even before she was eligible to attend Trainer's School. Because of this, she did not get to live a real childhood, though she longed for one. Because of her parents' pressure, play and fun were afterthoughts for the young Nerissa, for the sake of excellence. Though Dorian was effortlessly good, Nerissa on the other hand wasn't an academic, despite trying. She was great at battling, that was for sure, but she wasn't much for written theory and concepts. Staying up late developed into a habit of hers, just so that she could make her parents proud of her and be happy for her, even for a short while. She ended up not enjoying her life, however, and decided that it wasn't worth her happiness to excel in things she deemed "stupid". Battling, survival and physical activities were things she loved and had no problems with, while she disliked anything that required strict protocols to follow, thinking that rules were dumb. Nerissa often got into a lot of trouble in school, something that made her relationship with her parents very strained, though she loved Dorian very much. Often, her parents would keep ranting on how she should be more like her older brother, while Nerissa would retaliate by deliberately not studying at all. This, combined with her numerous detentions for breaking rules and cheating, led to her being expelled from school, something that upset her parents greatly, though for their own reasons and not because they understood her. Thankfully, her life started looking up before she was ten, as her parents had to move to their property in Lacunosa Town to do their research in the Giant Chasm. Dorian, at that time already an accomplished Trainer and concerned about his younger sister, decided to stay on the Lovells' Undella property and take care of Nerissa, something that relieved the young girl. The last thing she wanted was to transfer to Lacunosa, where the emphasis on order and rules were bound to make her uncomfortable and likely to be detained a lot. Dorian decided to take matters into his own hands and teach Nerissa what he knew. He enrolled her in a battle institute in Undella, knowing that the environment would work better for her, while he took it upon himself to teach Nerissa the things he learned and picked up as a trainer.

Xerneas visited Nerissa one night, a week before she turned ten, revealing to her that the world was slowly dying, and that she needed her, giving Nerissa a kiss that filled her with the power of darkness. Nerissa of course did not understand why a legendary Pokemon decided to visit her that night, so she shrugged it off, forgetting about it after a few days, thinking that it was just a dream…it was just too implausible after all. On her birthday, Dorian surprised her with a Pokemon he caught for her: a tiny Houndour. The girl loved her new Pokemon, and when she discovered that somehow, she could talk to Cecil and understand him, he claimed to be her "guardian" and would watch over her. Naturally, she didn't understand, but loved the fact that he was both adorable and strong, as he proved to be when she started using him in battles. She succeeded in her new school, becoming one of the star battlers, though she also became infamous for her tendencies to use less-than-fair tactics in battle, and the fact that she always chose Dark-types to battle with. She made a number of friends, most of them having the same tendencies as she did, and started engaging in activities many uptight people might consider unsavory. Undella, being a literal "vacationland", was a very loose and relaxed place with many pubs and establishments for both locals and tourists alike. Nerissa and her friends often went out at night, frequenting pool halls and game corners. This was something that she ended up enjoying, and she shortly found out that she was a natural at pool and card flip in particular. Nights were spent betting in roulette, watching people lose, using her height and looks to her advantage in order to purchase drinks and making grown men cry out in frustration after beating them in pool. Dorian, knowing that Nerissa never had a proper childhood, allowed her to do what she wanted, as long as she did not get herself killed. He also took her with him whenever he could when he had to train, helping her with her skills and training Cecil along the way.

It was inevitable that Nerissa would learn about her abilities. It was a few weeks before her seventeenth birthday and at this time, she was expanding her horizons towards Lacunosa (of course crazy things are a lot more fun if they're forbidden), camping and having not-so-subtle drinking parties near the research stations at the Giant Chasm well past curfew. That day, Nerissa and the others were feeling particularly daring, so they decided to go down to the chasm and mess with the scientists and the research station. However, Nerissa's grudge towards her parents was still as strong as ever, and she unwittingly focused on them and their feelings by thinking about them. In a sudden flash of anger, her dark powers manifested and she unintentionally blew a hole in one of the station's walls. Shocked, her gang took her and all of them managed to escape narrowly, taking a hidden path out. None of them understood what exactly happened…except for Nerissa, who realized that the events of seven years ago perhaps wasn't entirely a dream after all.


Name: Cecil

Species: Houndour

Gender: Male

Appearance: Cecil is very small for a Houndour, standing at only 1'04", with bright green eyes, rather than the usual red eyes. He wears a black leather wristband with silver spikes around one of his legs.

Personality: Despite his small size, Cecil is stubborn, fearless and plucky, not being one to shy away from battle and actually enjoys it…even if his opponents are way bigger than he is. Loyal to a fault, he's very attached to Nerissa and would always stand by her, and those whom he trusts…not that it's hard for him to trust. He's also very much a puppy, being playful and he especially likes sneaking up on other Pokemon and frightening them. He's very hostile around feline Pokemon however, and his demeanor changes from into a more aggressive one.
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Really and truly
I unfortunately lost my SU when the original thread went down, so here's a quick recreation of it.

Name: Kaylie
Gender: female
Age: 20

Appearance: Kaylie is tall, with long limbs and big hands and feet. Physically, she’s fairly weak, and she doesn’t have much in the way of curves. Her hair is dirty blond and ends around her shoulders. She has sharp facial features, with a pair of thick glasses framing her grey-blue eyes. It is rare for Kaylie to be without eye makeup - she loves black eyeliner and mascara, even if it can be a bit much with her fair complexion. Kaylie is a big fan of costume jewellery, and is usually wearing large bangles and earrings at the very least.

Personality: Kaylie is rather introverted. She is friendly, but tends to be a little awkward at times. Kaylie likes to stay within her comfort zone, but she has gotten accustomed to Mew pushing her out of it. She tends not to rush into things, and takes time to appreciate the little things. Taking time to make decisions or pass judgements, Kaylie thinks before she acts. This also makes her a fairly decent judge of character. She used to be a bit too emotional, and while she has mostly grown out of this, Kaylie still has moments of rashness when upset or under a lot of stress.

History: Kaylie was one of the humans to be partnered with a legendary in order to save the world from dark forces. You know, the usual.

Costume: Kaylie is dressed as her role model, Caitlin of the Unova Elite Four. She is wearing the signature pink dress, and has done her best to style her short hair like Caitlin’s by clipping locks of hair to two magically floating hearts. Naturally, she has also added plenty of costume jewellery to the outfit.

Partner: Mew
Personality: Despite being ancient, Mew is energetic and enthusiastic in all things, if a little childish and naive. Unsurprisingly, she’s an eternal optimist. Mew is very outgoing and friendly, and is often forcing Kaylie into social situations. Deeper, more complex emotions seem to lie under the surface, but even Kaylie has only seen this side of Mew a small handful of times.

Costume: Mew is dressed as Caitlin’s Sigilyph, with yellow, red and blue wings and a tail. She’s also holding two small black forks for the hands.
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Royal Knight of Avalon
Name: Storm Toopka
Species: (Young) Toon Anthropomorphic Chinese Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Fire Breath – I don’t think I need to explain that
Invisible Dream – Due to his personality, whatever he imagines typically becomes real, but cannot be touched or seen by anyone except him and his clone. For example, this one time he thought he was helping Luke Skywalker destroy the death star. He was flying in the air in an X Wing fighter…that nobody (except his clone, Hurricane) could see.
Guardian Armor – With his G-Crystal around his neck, he can call upon the guardian of courage to give him power, changing his appearance in the form of golden armor, which allows him to fly (because of a giant jetpack) and shoot energy blasts (because of a summon-able blaster and tail-gun). It also increases his strength.

Personality: Storm, in summary, is bonkers, really, a well-minded one though. When you first meet him, he’ll typically just stop everything he’s doing (like building a giant [invisible] cannon) and greet you nicely, without realizing any expression of being befuddled. He’s nice and courteous, but rather oblivious, which can be viewed as recklessness to some people.

After a while, you’ll realize that he means well and that he’s much like any teenage kid, likes video games, doesn’t like school so much, has rather “hero-like” thinking and likes to hang out with friends. But then you’ll also realize he’s saying all sorts of strange things, like “we’ll be fine, the master user won’t let us die” or “wait a second, if you’re here, then that means the show’s started!” That’s because he, like the rest of the Toons, knows his life is being filmed for TV entertainment, hence his species’ name Toon from “cartoon”.

“Yeah! Everything will eventually be on TV!”

He also breaks the fourth wall, but many people around him that aren’t Toons get confused to whom he’s talking to.

Description: He’s a light red scaly skin lizard with one horn-like crest and is about four feet seven. He stands on two legs, with the right leg being mechanical, as well as his right arm and eye. He wears a yellow crystal around his neck, held by black string.

Costume: On his head, is a crude helmet that was made to look like the top of Omnimon’s head. Over his right hand is a makeshift MetalGarurumon head and on the left is a rough WarGreymon head. He’s holding a cape, and has a belt to hold the plastic “Grey Sword” he has, as well as a com. link.
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