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The RPG Forum Winter Ball 2014

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RaZoR LeAf

Night Terror
The bright lights of the port bathed the city in pockets of gold, green and purple. Slateport City, the port where people and Pokemon cross paths was decorated from the start of the Bike Path to the lapping shores of the beach. Banners hung from every conceivable edge, candles and open flames burning with impossible black flames and people dressed in sharp suits and fancy dresses busied themselves with dozens of jobs at once. A great ship sat in the dock, and disembarking from it was line after line of people carrying barrels, boxes and all kinds of gifts and gadgets. Standing on the bow of the ship was a single figure, a man in a trench coat his hands resting on the barrier and looking down at the proceedings.

"We haven't had a Winter Ball in a few years, are you sure it's going to be a success this time?"
"It'll work this time. There are new people, so a ball will be good moral."
"Right-oh. So tell me what we've got here that's new. I notice there are no undead this time. I always liked them, they brought a certain macabre feel to any party."
"This is the first time we've hosted it in an entire city, so there are different things going on in different places."

"The Slateport Market has been set up with food and drinks stalls. Anything you want to eat, and anything you want to drink, from the four corners of all the known dimensions. Alcoholic beverages too, but we're not serving under 18's. There are also a couple of games there too, fairy ground sorts, you know, knock down the balls and get a prize."
"You know I hate games of chance."
"I know. These are genuinely fair, I promise. And no live prizes, only toys and things like that."
"K. Carry on."
"We've rented out the Museum, there's a band in there and a dance floor. It's a bit rock and roll, very loud, that's why it's indoors. We've got a couple of Exploud on the door keeping the noise inside. Down on the beach on the other hand, there's a quieter band and it's a bit more mellow. There's a food and drinks bar there too so people can chill out there and relax by the sea. We have a patrol just off the shore, so people can't go too far out to sea. For their own safety of course."

"We've got the Contest Hall set up for contests, and the Battle Tent set up for battles. Anyone who wants to participate is going to be contacting us to set up a battle. We've actually never had one before, so I hope someone takes part."
"Nice. You've well without my help. Well, except for the weather, that's me."
"Oh the perpetual night and summer warmth? You?"
"Groudon owes me a favour. I set him up with his wife."
"I don't want to know."
"Right, anyway. Shall we get this party started?


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"Well, looks like I'm the winner of this game again." Roth said with a confident grin on his face. "That was not even fair, Roth. Rage was constantly harassing my ***." Thieme replied, clearly annoyed at the loss against his brother. "Huraargh!" Rage shouted at random, not even noticing the results screen of their last game. "How about a rematch then?" Roth suggested, knowing he'd likely win again anyway, as Thieme and Rage often got into fights during the games, giving Roth the chance for an easy win.
Right as the next match started the doorbell rang. "Stupid doorbell." Roth and Thieme said simultaneously. Thieme paused the game and got up to open the door. Roth leaned back, taking the moment to rest his fingers for a moment after the hours of gaming he had been doing all day. "Yo, Roth! Mail for you." Thieme said as he threw an envelope at Roth's head. "Hopefully it's no complaint letter after that fight we had last week that levelled half of the nearby town." Roth said dryly while he opened the envelope. Thieme unpaused the game and he and Rage continued playing; Roth was too busy reading the letter to notice.

"You guys don't mind if I borrow the Battelite for a day or so?" Roth asked.

"Don't care, it's your ship." Thieme answered, too focused on beating the crap out of Rage and the immobile Roth ingame.
"Wait, what for?" Suddenly realising that Roth was hinting at going on an adventure without him and Rage.

"Oh, some party in the Pokémon world. But you guys are not invited."


"Hm, it says I need to bring a Halloween costume... any ideas?"

"With a haircut as ridiculous as yours you don't even need one." Thieme had already gone back to gaming, showing little interest in talking more about what's in the letter.

"How about I wear those Shade Grabbers we stole from Joe's castle on my hands and feet?" Roth said, not noticing Thieme's disinterest.

"Roth, you know we use those as our boxing balls, and we have little spares left. Rage would go crazy if they're all gone."

Roth was already checking the box in the back of the room that contained freshly stolen Shade Grabbers. "Five left, perfect! I'll use the fifth to put on my head as a mask. I'll look fabulous!" Roth said enthusiastic.

"You're not seriously thinking of wearing those, Roth? They look absolutely ridiculous. Why don't you take my Ganondorf costume or whatever. That would look a thousand times better on you." Thieme had paused the game to face Roth in their discussion, not wanting to let Roth take away the box with Shade Grabbers.

"Sorry, but I made up my mind, I'm taking these with me. Just steal another batch of them while I'm away, alright? Not sure when I'll be returning, could be a few days or weeks." Roth said while picking up the box and making his way to the door.

"Great. Well, seeya later then. I guess."

The Battelite was an enormous spaceship, parked in the backyard of their house. Roth entered the Battelite and took a seat in the cockpit, placing the box on the ground, next to his chair. Power on and ready for lift-off! Everything started to shake as the spaceship was slowly getting off the ground. "Let's see, the letter included dimensional coordinates for me to use to ensure I arrive in the right dimension -- Ah, there we go." Roth typed in the coordinates on one of the many computer panels that were in front of him and hit the enter button. "Not sure if that was the right screen, but let's hope that it was!" The cannon on top of the spaceship started to glow, then fired a huge beam of light that shattered a part of the sky, creating a hole in the dimension to travel through. "Man, I love this thing!"
Picture of the Battelite:

Only a few seconds passed until Roth saw the sky of another world come into sight. It didn't look much different than the one in his own world. He was flying above the ocean, all he could see was water. "Well, I'm not sure where to go from here." Roth said, and pushed the auto-pilot button. Roth leaned back in his chair, thinking how awesome it was that he was finally in the world of Pokémon... even though there was no Pokémon to be seen at the moment.
Then, suddenly a Meloetta appeared right in front of him. "Whoa! You're a Pokémon!"

"So, we finally meet. ♪"

"Whoa! And you can talk!? -- Wait, do you know me?"
Meloetta pointed at Roth's pocket and smiled.
"You're... from the videogame that I play? That's so crazy! Come to think of it, why you of all the Pokémon that I've used?"

"Are you implying you'd rather have had another Pokémon as your companion in our world?" Meloetta felt insulted, but tried her best to not show it.

"Well, a Nidoking would have been pretty awesome, ("You'd get poisoned by its spikes, idiot"), or maybe an Aggron ("If you wanted to sink your ship to the bottom of the ocean, sure"), or maybe even just a Fennekin." ("And get yourself burned") Meloetta countered every suggestion Roth made, even though he wasn't listening to her. "Oh well, I suppose it could have been worse." ("Every one of those you just named would have been worse than me, you ungrateful...") Meloetta didn't get to finish her sentence as she got interrupted by the spaceship's computer making noise, notifying Roth that land was in sight.

"Oh, damn. We need to brake, but I don't remember how to!" Roth jumped out of his chair and started to run around in panic, mashing buttons on all the panels in the cockpit.

"I'm already regretting this." Meloetta sighed.

"-PREPARE FOR: CRASH LANDING!-" The computer said in an alarming voice, and the ship took a nosedive towards the water. Roth was able to grab his chair just in time to avoid getting flung across the cockpit. The ship crashed into the water at high speed, making a gigantic splash. The ship dove down quite deep, before the engines finally cooled down and the ship started to float back up to the surface.
Roth was smacked against the front window of the cockpit during the crash, and his entire body felt numb. "Ugh..." was all he could utter.
He stumbled towards the exit, still feeling totally dizzy. He kind of fell out of the ship into the cold water, which helped him regain some of his senses. The spaceship had landed nearby Slateport, it would only be a short swim to the beach. Meloetta jumped from the ship onto Roth's head to avoid getting wet. "Hey, can't you float?" Roth groaned at her. "Oh no, my head hurts after you totally failed that landing. Besides, it's more fun this way. ♫" Ignoring any further discussion that could lead to his failure at landing the spaceship, Roth quietly swam towards the beach.
Apparently the party had already started, with a lot of people chilling out at the beach, listening to music, building sandcastles or playing with their Pokémon. Quite a few were staring at Roth as he got out of the water, wondering what the hell was up with him and the giant spaceship he landed in the water nearby.
"Well, all my clothes are wet, but at least I arrived in the right place." Roth said, wringing out his cape with both hands while Meloetta jumped off his head onto the soft sand.
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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
The last thing Andre remembered was getting a mysterious invitation to a party at an unknown location. After accepting it, he and his Cleffa suddenly found themselves in the the middle of Slateport City Hoenn. He had no idea how he got here, but he didn't really care. The city looked nice, and it wasn't like he was somewhere dangerous. He had traveled to the tropical a few times, mostly to film movies on location. He was dressed in the fabulous Shiny Mega Gardevoir costume he had custom made for himself some time ago, that he was only now going to be able to wear somewhere. He took his Cleffa into his arms, and walked through the city. As he did, the young movie star used Dazzling Gleam to make a few pink sparkles around himself, and shook his hips like a woman, and occasionally winked and blew kisses to some of the people he passed by. Some of the people liked it, while others cringed when they realized that the 'cute girl' in the Gardevoir costume was a man. Andre just giggled at all the different reactions he had gotten.

He made his way to what was normally the Slateport Marketplace, but now had food and drinks, and stood in front of one of the stalls."One glass of red wine. S'il vous plait." He said to the young man behind the counter. "And make sure it's Kalosian! Most other wines just make me gag." He had always found it silly that at his age, he could drink his wine just about everywhere else in the world, except Unova. He figured they probably have low tolerance for alcohol, they use way too much of it in their drinks, or theirs was much more potent than what he was used to.

"Ooh, and get me some Pokepuffs too, S'il vous plait!" Jolie the Cleffa added while clapping her stubby pink arms excitedly. Unlike her trainer, she wasn't dressed in costume. It was kind of silly for her to wear one, considering no matter what she put on, she was still going to look like a Cleffa. She did however wear her usual big red bow on the back of her head, as well as a real diamond studded collar that Andre dressed her with. The Kalosian native gently stroked the Fairy type's head, and translated what she had asked for. Unless everyone here also got a blessing from Xerneas like he did, then chances are they couldn't speak Pokemon.

The guy in the bar looked at the man in a dress, and his Pokemon, funnily for a few seconds before preparing the drink and snacks he asked for. When the server came back with his drink, he took the glass, swirled the liquid in the glass, sniffed it, then finally took a sip. "C'est magnifique! Merci beaucoup!" He gave the man a Sweet Kiss on the cheek, and put some money in his shirt pocket as a tip. This guy was the first person he saw this evening, and he was kind of cute in his little suit. A dopey grin appeared on his face, as he dizzily went back to work. Andre giggled at the sight of the confused server constantly wobbling, and barely able to stand up, but still keeping a smile on his face. He had always found the effect Sweet Kiss had on people amusing. The Kalosian boy sat Jolie on the counter, and gave her a pat on the head. The Cleffa munched on her Pokepuffs, while Andre leaned against the counter, sipped some more of his wine, and watched the guests arrive.
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Cole looked out at the sparkling lights of the city, already feeling a mite uncomfortable. "There's so many people here," he whispered to the Charizard at his side as he snapped his paperback book shut and tucked it away in the pocket of his long leather coat. He brushed a lock of brown hair behind his ear and sighed. "I don't know if I can do this. Maybe we can slip out and no one will notice...?"

Prometheus leaned his head down and rested it on Cole's shoulder, giving a low growl that Cole knew was similar to a feline purr. "We came all this way. No sense in running away when we've barely just gotten here. It will do you good to associate with people who don't have a blade at your throat." He thumped his tail against the deck as Cole reached up and scratched below his jawline. Cole had done a service for Zekrom in years past, and the black dragon had done... something or other that allowed Cole to "open up his heart" to pokemon and, once they had a sufficient bond, understand their speech. Many of the pokemon Cole had bonded with were dead, and he wasn't about to go out and catch any more just to watch them die down the line. He would make do with the handful of companions he had left and hope that by the time the last one passed on, he would be in the ground for a good long while.

"Fine, we'll stay," Cole murmured. "But I want to ease myself into this. It would be bad form to have a panic attack in the middle of all..." He gestured vaguely at the center of the city. "All that."

"Then let us find a quiet place," Prometheus rumbled as Cole vaulted over the railing of the ship. He plummeted two decks, much to the astonishment of the other passengers as he dropped by their windows, before Prometheus swooped down beneath him. Cole grasped the light flying harness the Charizard wore as the dragon spiraled up into the evening sky. They soared in a loop around the city, and Prometheus nodded down towards the beach, where a smaller gathering was taking place. A small string ensemble seemed to be playing by a bar pavilion. "That looks just about perfect, wouldn't you say?"

Cole laughed and threw his head back, relishing the feel of the wind in his hair. "I'll trust your judgment, brother." Prometheus angled up and beat his wings three times. When he reached the peak of his ascent, Cole leaned backwards and spread his arms, sliding off Prometheus's back and shooting towards the ground far below. As his rate of descent increased to terminal velocity, he threw his arms out wide and let his coat take some of the drag. Prometheus shot past him and snapped out his wings with a leathery flap, slowing his descent as well. Cole managed to get just above his partner and seized the flying harness, strapping himself in with well-practiced motions. Prometheus glided down the length of the beach, throwing up a spray of sand as he landed. With a few flicks of his fingers, Cole disengaged from the harness and sauntered over to the small bar. He tapped on the board and signaled to the bartender. "Can I get a whiskey? Actually, make it a double. Please and thank you."
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"Go ahead.. Open it." Moop said suspiciously as he stared at the envelope on the desk in front of him. On the other side of the table, Alec was sitting, leaning foreward on his arms as he stared in equal fashion at the envelope. "No way... you do it" He said, gaining a few peeks from the waitress behind the counter of the cafè they were at. The envelope had mysteriously appeared in their mailbox the day before, and both Alec and Moop agreed that it gave off a mysterious vibe, and neither one of them wanted to open it. They were now sitting at a cafè, thinking about wether or not opening it was a good idea. "Nu-uh, you do it" Moop said again, holding his stringy arms similar to how Alec was sitting. Feeling his curiosity build up sinside him, Alec stared blankly at the envelope. "I can't take this enymore!" Moop shouted as he flew up a few feet backwards, releasing a Gust-move to blow the envelope right into Alec's face. "Interesting.." Alec said, not even flinching. "Please keep your Drifloon under control, sir!" The cute waitress said to him as she swooped by with a backwards hairdo.


Not long after, Alec and Moop found themselves in a fancy city. Exactly 3 minutes later, to be precise. After Alec gave in to curiosity, and worried a cat might die someplace, he opened the mysterious envelope. It was an invitation to a fancy party at an "unknown location", and right afterwards, both him and Moop had been teleported to this big flashy city. "Interesting indeed..." Alec said after a short moment of silence. He wasn't really worked up or anything, and was mostly confused. Moop, on the other hand, panicked. "Oh gosh! Where are we?" he shouted franatically, gaining some laughs from a nearby Fletchinder passing by. "We're not in Kanto anymore! definitly not in Kanto anymore! Oh Gosh, where are we?!" Moop continued, wrapping himself around Alec's arm. Only now did Alec notice his outfit had changed. He was now wearing a fancy pale white silk shirt tucked into a pair of slim darker than black pants with a pair of matching shoes. He did not feel comfortable at all, and without even concidering why he was even wearing this, he un-tucked his shirt and opened the three top buttons. "There... Much better" he said, mostly to himself. "Oh Gosh, oh Gosh!" Moop continued, but even Alec could see that he was about to calm down, at least a notch. "Come on, Moop. this is a party! Look around, that is the Slateport city Market of the Hoenn region, let's enjoy ourselves while we're here" Alec said, as he folded his arms around his waist, tipping from one foot to another almost enthusiastically. "H..H..How do you know we're in Hoenn?" Moop asked, visibly scared. His little dotty eyes were filled with worry. "It says so on a sign there" Alec said and pointed to a flashy sign behind Moop. This made Moop laugh, and the two of them entered the market.

The Slateport Market was filled with flashy lights, people in costumes, Pokemon and even more confused-looking people than Moop. Since Alec did not know how to act in a situation like this, he figured he'd have a drink. After all, that is what all people in fancy parties did. at least in movies. After a short while, he was able to find a stand that served drinks. the stand had a vast majority of tropical drinks, and a very confused young man behind the counter. On the same counter, A Cleffa was joyfully eating a PokePuff. Next to it, its apparent trainer stood, in a rather extravagant dress. If alec did not know any better, he would assume the person in the dress was a girl, but he had way too boy-ish feutures to be a girl. Completely ignoring the guy in the dress, Alec stood in front of the counter, staring at the Cleffa with an expressionless gaze. Cleffa took notice of this, and seemed to strike a pose. ".... Please move" Alec said after a short while of staring. The cleffa seemed suprised, and disappointed as it moved closer to its trainer. Moop laughed. "Now, let's see. Tell me about the drinks you serve here" Alec said, staring at the counter, and the variety of colorful drinks it contained. The guy behind the counter managed to lean against the wall to warn off his dizzyness while he spoke, but Alec paid no atention. He was staring at the drinks. He wanted something. He did not know what. But he wanted something. Now. "'ll have a glass of that colorful stuff" he said, pointing to a bottle of Cherry Vodka. "Sir, that is strong stuff, you sure you want to..." the guy said, but he went quiet when he saw Alec stare at him.

After another short while, Alec was sipping to his vodka, Moop hanging unto his neck like a fashionable Pokemon-Scarf. "Do you feel like James Bond yet?" Moop asked. He had observed Alec watching a few James Bond movies in the past, and if not the drink screamed Bond, Alec's outfit certainly did. "No. Not really" Alec said disappointed. Moop laughed.
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Dalton sat perched on a tall rock at the edge of Mossdeep's coast. His bagon, Rook, sat impatiently beside him. Dalton ripped open the envelope while Rook strained himself to look. "Whatsit say, whatsit say??" Rook berated the young man, who paused in the reading to roll his eyes and toss the envelope away.

"An invitation to a 'costume party'. Dunno who sent it. What a load of crap." Dalton hopped off of the rock with a huff and turned toward the ocean. "C'mon, let's get back to training."

"Wait!" Rook exclaimed and clambered after the discarded letter. "I wanna go!" He snatched the invitation into his tiny claws and squinted at it. "...Uh, I kinda can't read, where's this shindig bein' held?"

Dalton sighed and took the letter from Rook to finish reading it. "It says 'a mysterious location' somewhere in the Pokemon universe..."

Rook's eyes shone. "Like, not on Mossdeep? Not in Hoenn?! I'm feelin' like it's somewhere interestin'! Ey, how're we supposed t'get there if we dunno where it's at?"

Dalton shrugged, but was more intrigued by the invite now that it could potentially be anywhere. Thoughts of Unova and Kanto rushed through his mind, and he hastily finished reading it, but still found no directions on how to get to the party. Just as he was about to get up and throw the letter away for the second time, there was an overwhelming flash of light.

Dalton blinked and inexplicably found himself in the middle of a large city. The letter he had been holding had vanished entirely. He gaped openly and turned around, trying to find some clue as to what just happened. "Rook?" Dalton asked, not immediately seeing his guardian.

"Ehehehe!" Rook giggled like a child and bounced joyfully around. Somehow, he had gained a pair of faux red dragon wings, and was flaunting them giddily. "I'm a salamence! Look!" He spurted a small flame from his mouth and jumped in circles around Dalton. "Rawr! Salamence!"

"...Rook, where did you get those?" He hastily examined himself to confirm that he hadn't also been assigned a costume. White sleeveless: check. Blue sweatpants: check. Red sandals: check. Wrist braces: check. He patted his scarlet hair in relief as he confirmed it was still there as well.

Rook paused at pointed at a shop stand that was selling various costume accessories. "I got 'em ova there. You'll pay for 'em, right buddy?" He grinned toothily.

Dalton sighed and reluctantly paid the shop attendant for the costume wings. "You owe me."

"Yes!" Rook cheered and finally paused to look around. "So uh... where are we?"

Dalton rolled his eyes and returned to the primary issue at hand. He walked back over to the shop attendant. "Excuse me, but... uh, I have no idea where I am."

The man running the shop chuckled. "I've been hearing that a lot lately. You're in Slateport City."

Dalton felt his heart sink. "Slateport City, Hoenn...?"

"That's the one."

Dalton facepalmed in exasperation. "Great. We didn't even leave the friggin region. Mossdeep and Slateport are practically identical! And I've already been here!"

"Stop your whinin' and relax!" Rook grinned. "I can see a big difference already: there ain't no party in Mossdeep!" The bagon took off deeper into the crowds at a run, and Dalton groaned before running after him.


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“Hm, having finally arrived at the party I don’t actually know what I’d like to do.” Roth said while having a look over the beach. A group of kids were building a sand castle nearby him; a little further away there was a bar surrounded by people who were filling themselves with alcoholic drinks. In the distance there was a band consisting of a few guys and their Pokémon playing some relaxing music that you could barely hear because of all the noise people were making over it.

“Hey! Look out!”

“Ouch!” Roth yelled as his head got hit by a flying disc. He turned around and saw a guy running towards him, with a Weavile closely following him. The guy looked like he was around Roth’s age, but maybe a year or two younger, and slightly shorter than Roth. He wasn’t wearing anything other than some aqua blue swim trunks with a Starmie motif on it.

“Sorry about that, dude!” the guy said while picking up the disc from the ground. “I really didn’t mean to do that. Are you OK?”

Without warning, Roth pointed at the guy in front of him and shouted “I challenge you! To a Pokémon battle! Since I just entered the world of Pokémon I figured I may as well start off with a battle, right?”

“Duuude, you sure you’re OK?” The guy was caught off-guard by Roth’s challenge to a Pokémon battle that came completely out of nowhere. But with Roth showing no sign of making a joke about this, the guy said “Alright, I’ll accept your challenge. This should be an easy one, Weavile!” and his Weavile jumped forward, landing between its trainer and Roth. Meloetta was just as surprised as Roth’s opponent with the sudden challenge to a battle, but moved in front of Roth, facing the Weavile.

Out of the crowd near the beach, an agent suddenly appeared and positioned himself between the two trainers, with his arms spread. "Stop! No battles shall be held outside the Battle Tent during the party!" The agent wore a protective combat suit. He had several weapons on him, including two handguns, a combat knife and an assault rifle on his back. Actually, he looked more like a soldier equipped for a war than an agent. Also, he wore a pumpkin with a scary face over its head, making it hard to take his words serious.
"What's this? This wasn't mentioned anywhere in the invitation letter that I received!" Roth complained, disappointed that his battle was interrupted by a stupid agent.

"But it WAS!" The agent shouted with an angry voice, and moved up close to Roth and shoved a copy of the invitation letter into his face. "Read this, son! It CLEARLY says that battles are only to be held in the Battle Tent! No exceptions, got that?"

Roth, unimpressed by the agent's attempt to intimidate him with a lot of shouting, replied "Fine. We'll be going there then to continue our battle. You're happy now?"

The agent watched Roth and the guy with the Weavile as they walked away from the beach. "Geez, what's up with that guy's attitude, man. We were only trying to have a battle!" Roth complained some more. "Next time that guy shows up I'll teach him." Neither his opponent, nor Meloetta, cared to reply to Roth's rant. "Where is this Battle Tent anyway?" Roth asked after a while.
"Other end of town, dude. It's quite the walk from the beach." The guy didn't seem to be too bothered by the fact their battle was interrupted and was sent to the Battle Tent to have his battle against Roth. He was enjoying himself by looking at all the people wearing all kinds of funny, scary and interesting looking Halloween costumes as they walked the streets of Slateport City.

"Finally, the Battle Tent! Let's go inside!" A huge, finely decorated tent stood before them. Larger than any tent Roth had ever seen before. But its immense size made sense considering the fact that people were to be able to safely hold Pokémon battles inside it. Inside there were several Pokémon battle fields, surrounded by long rows of seats for people to spectate the battles. Surprisingly enough, the tent was pretty much empty, with no one holding a Pokémon battle. Roth and his opponent walked towards the field closest to them and took their position; spotlights turned on, lighting the field they were going to battle on. At last, the battle was ready to start!

“Feel free to make the first move.” The guy was fairly convinced he’d be fine going up against Roth; going by the way his opponent challenged him to a battle earlier, he suspected Roth to be completely new at Pokémon battles.

“Getting cocky, eh? You do know I have a legendary Pokémon on my side, right? Meloetta, use Hyper Beam!” Roth’s words were not followed by any action from Meloetta. “Yo, Meloetta. You’re listening at all? I ordered you to fire a Hyper Beam at that Weavile!” This time Meloetta turned around and got ready to slap Roth in the face.
“Idiot! I don’t learn Hyper Beam! What kind of Pokémon trainer are you?”

“Ahaha! Is this a joke?” Roth’s opponent was laughing out loud, too amused by Roth getting scolded by his own Pokémon to be surprised by the fact that the Meloetta was able to speak English. “Well, if you’re not going to make the first move, then my Weavile will. Weavile, Quick Attack!” The Weavile instantly moved from its spot and charged at high speed towards Meloetta, who was still arguing with her trainer. Weavile’s sharp claws struck Meloetta in the back; she let out a cry of pain, and quickly turned around, ready to block another potential incoming attack.
“Hey, that was hardly fair, attacking from behind like that!” Roth said angrily. “It’s our turn now, Meloetta! Use Psychic!” Meloetta closed her eyes to focus her mind, then spikes of purple energy appeared around the opponent’s Weavile and dug into its body, but apparently the Weavile was completely unaffected by the attack as it showed no sign of being hurt.

“Don’t you know, Dark Pokémon aren’t affected by Psychic type moves!” The guy couldn’t resist laughing again at Roth’s incompetence. “Weavile, use Icy Wind!” An icy breeze blew over the field where the two Pokémon were fighting. Meloetta shivered as the freezing wind surrounded her, but Roth had it even worse since all of his clothes were still wet from swimming to the beach just earlier. “Brrr, so cold…”
“Time to finish this, Weavile! Night Slash!” The Weavile jumped high up into the air, disappeared, then reappeared behind Meloetta and struck her with claws surrounded by black energy. Meloetta had tried to avoid the attack, but the cold had significantly slowed her down. A large wound caused by the Weavile’s Night Slash covered her body. She fainted and fell down in the sand.
“Get up, Meloetta! This isn’t over yet!” Roth yelled at Meloetta, but she wasn’t moving at all.

“It is over, dude. Isn’t it obvious, your Pokémon has fainted”

Roth was speechless, not sure what exactly just happened. This was nothing like he was used to in the videogames he had been playing for years. He knelt down and took Meloetta in his arms. Her body felt cold and weak, but she was still breathing. Mixed feelings of shock, fear and shame fell over him; he had treated her as nothing more than a tool for a meaningless battle. Holding her wounded body in his arms, he realised it has been entirely his fault that she got hurt.

The guy walked up to Roth, with his Weavile walking behind him. “Normally I would’ve asked for half of your trainer money, but you’re clearly a newbie at this. And I’m too cool to take money from newbies, so consider yourself lucky.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t have any money on me anyway.” Roth stood up, still looking at Meloetta. He normally wouldn’t have allowed anybody to call him a newbie just like that (especially not after losing a battle), but he wasn’t in the mood to cause any more trouble right now. All he wanted now was to bring his Meloetta to a PokéCenter to get her healthy again.
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Cole scoffed as he downed the last of his whiskey, watching an overly excitable kid at the Battle Tent get soundly trounced by another trainer with a Weavile on the bar's TV. "Don't know how a kid like that managed to get a rare pokemon like that when he's so incompetent," Cole muttered as he rapped on the bar for a refill. "I mean, if he had the practical wisdom of the average eight year old he would have known to-"

Easy, he's probably a foreigner or something," Prometheus said. "Could be he's never encountered something from the Sneasel line before. They're fairly rare outside of Sinnoh and northern Johto."

"Still, the kid should stay away from battles if he wants to spare himself further embarrassment. But hey, at least he ran into that guy with the Weavile before he found us. I'm not sure I could find it in me to be so accommodating as he was."

Prometheus growled low in his throat. "Try to lighten up, this is a party. It wouldn't kill you to have a little fun. Maybe crack a smile?"

"Going to need more booze for that," Cole replied, tilting his glass back. "I saw the contest hall from the ship. Think anything's going on there? Man, it's been ages since we saw a contest." He drummed his fingers on the bar for a moment, thinking back. "It was a while back, so maybe I don't remember correctly, but we got banned from the Sinnoh hall, right? Because they thought we were tied to the bombers and even after it all got straightened out-"

"That Weavile before moved like Maeve," Prometheus said, ignoring Cole's rambling. "Same movement styles, albeit with different execution. Didn't quite have the combat pragmatism either..."

The mention of Maeve made Cole snap up straight. "For all the good her tactical brilliance did in the end." He clutched his glass with white knuckled intensity. "What a waste. I don't want to talk about this, brother."

"I'm sorry I brought it up," Prometheus said, resting his head on Cole's shoulder. He growled as he sought a way to change the subject. "I thought this was a costume party? Weren't you supposed to dress up?"

Cole traced a scar running along his jawline with his index finger. "I figured my face was terrifying enough." Then he barked out a mirthless laugh. "No, I remembered." He dug in one of his pockets and drew out an eyepatch and neck cloth. He fixed the patch over his left eye and unbuttoned the top three buttons of his dress shirt, deftly tying the cloth into a crude imitation of a cravat. "Instant pirate. Yarrr, keelhaul the filthy landlubbers. Walk the plank with a bottle of rum, yohoho and all that." He chuckled again. "Speaking of... bartender! Dark and stormy, if you would." When the man behind the counter had fixed him his drink, Cole slid a wad of bills across the board. "Keep the change."
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Dalton hurried through the Slateport marketplace in search of Rook, but to his surprise he didn't have to search for long. Rook came running toward Dalton and hid behind him. The bagon cowered and clung to one of Dalton's legs.

Well, with so many pokemon hanging around it wasn't surprising that Rook would find one he was afraid of. Taking into account that Rook wasn't having a full-blown panic attack, it probably wasn't a fairy-type. "What was it?" Dalton mused, glancing down at his guardian. "Piloswine?" Rook shook his head. "Uh, snowrunt?" Rook shook his head. "Sneasel?" Rook pointed up. "Weavile." Dalton snorted and started walking again. "C'mon, I'll protect you."

"B-but...!" Rook argued, scurrying to keep close to his trainer. "You're a dragon-type too! He's gonna kill you!"

At times like these, Dalton was thankful that most of the human population had no idea what Rook was saying. "I'm not going to fight it. I'm going to walk past it. Scary, I know."

Dalton walked straight past the other two boys, but managed to overhear that they were headed to the 'Battle Tent'. "So they have a place set up for battles, huh?" Dalton glanced down at Rook. "Want to go?"

"No!" Rook said, his eyes wide and his pupils the size of pinpricks. "No way I'm goin' anywhere near that death-trap 'til the ice-type is gone!" He swiveled his head around to examine his surroundings, then grinned. "Ey, I know what we can do 'til then!" He ran to the nearest bar - it was already occupied by a dark-haired man and his rather large charizard - and leapt onto the stool beside the man. Ironically, Rook's large plastic wings hindered his jumping abilities, and he just barely managed to grab the edge of the stool and scramble to the top. He placed his tiny hands on the bar and stared at the bartender, who had his back turned and was busy washing glasses. "Ey bud! Whatcha doin', don't y'know how to serve a guy?! I don't see nobody else here! Ey, I'm talkin' to you!"

"Rook!" Dalton groaned and walked over. "I don't think pokemon are legally allowed to drink."

The bartender had finally noticed the angry bagon and raised an eyebrow at Dalton. "Would he like something...?"

"Fireball whiskey, on the rocks." Rook said smugly. The bartender blinked uncomprehendingly and looked at Dalton again.

"He said he'd like some tamato berry juice." Dalton eyed the drink that the dark-haired man had ordered. It looked alcoholic. Good enough. "And I'll have whatever that is." He gestured to the drink, and the bartender nodded before going to make the requested orders.

Rook glared at his trainer. "You suck." He let some steam loose through his nostrils, but otherwise settled down fairly quickly. He was eying the charizard curiously, as if not quite sure what to make of him. Rook tended to be aggressive toward other dragon-types, so Dalton was thankful that he was at least sort of behaving himself. ...Or was charizard even a dragon-type species? He was a bit foggy on anything outside of Hoenn.

"So uh, you come here often?" Rook cheerfully asked the charizard. Dalton rolled his eyes and kept his focus on the bartender who was mixing their drinks.
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"Can you believe that?!" Jolie exclaimet to her trainer as she put her small hands on her hips and tapped her foot. "He completely ignored me! Très désagréable! I am gorgeous, how dare he treat like just another Pokemon! I am a star, I deserve better than this!"

Andre giggled and pat his Pokemon's head. "Calmez-vous, ma chérie." He smiled as he watched the ghostly looking fellow with a Drifloon around his neck order a drink. He was the first person Andre had seen this evening, and he wasn't that bad looking either... "He did not even notice me. Maybe he did not recognize me in these clothes. or he was just unsure how to react to the two of us. It is not every day one meets stars such as ourselves."

"I suppose you have a point... Speaking of your clothes, let me ask. Why did you not wear a Clefable costume? You would have looked much better in that than what you have on now."

"But... this dress is so stylish. I just could not resist wearing it. Besides, it goes so well with all my diamonds! Tu n'es pas d'accord?" He took another sip of wine, then put the glass down, picked up his Cleffa, and sat her down inside his bag. "Now, if you do not mind, I think I am going to have a chat with him." As he continued observing the ghostly man, he couldn't help noticing that he was having a conversation with his Drifloon much like he was with Jolie. The gears in Andre's head started turning, but Jolie was the first to say something.

"He seems to speak Pokemon too. Is it possible he has met Madame Xerneas as well?"

"It is possible..." Andre replied. "But there are many people that have conversations with their Pokemon. There is no way to know for certain..." He decided now was the time to start a conversation. "Bonsoir mon ami! He then greeted him the same way he greeted everybody, with a kiss on both cheeks. "It is always a pleasure to meet new people. My name is Andre Bellamy. I am sure you have heard that name before, non?"

Jolie cleared her throat and pointed to herself. "Ahem! You are forgetting someone important!"

"Yes, and this is my companion Jolie."


Note: Andre is not using Sweet Kiss there.
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Prometheus huffed out a breath at the Bagon. "No, I'm not one to be a repeat visitor at most places," he said with a gravelly chuckle. "Mind you don't spill your juice all down your front, little one." The Charizard leaned his head down close to Cole's ear and muttered, "I don't have the heart to tell him that his getup is patently ridiculous."

Cole snorted out a laugh, nearly spitting out his cocktail. He managed to put a cap on his mirth and covered any slip of composure by taking another sip of his drink and popping a few of the bar peanuts into his mouth with a lazy, well-practiced flick of his wrist. He inclined his head towards the newcomer and scratched below his eyepatch. "Evening, mate," he said, tilting the rim of his glass at the youth. "Not a big drinker, are you? But hey, dark and stormy is a good place to start. The ginger beer'll take the edge off the spiced rum for you. On its own, it's not for everyone's palette, but mixed up with a little root extract and it's divine. Not sure I ever met anyone who disliked a dark and stormy." As the bartender slid the newcomer's drink down the board to him, Cole lifted his glass again. "Drink up, mate." He tipped back his cup and downed the last of the amber liquid before tapping the glass on the bar twice. "Get me two shots of vodka, if you'd be so kind." When the bartender placed the shots in front of them, Cole used his little finger to slide one over to the kid. "This next round's on me. I've been drinking this stuff for years and I still can't get it down without cringing. It's a bitter pill but it's best to take it all in one gulp, understand? It does the job well enough." He lifted the small shot glass in his left hand and extended his right. "The name's Cole Culain, kid. I like to be formally introduced to my drinking partners."

Prometheus nudged Cole's shoulder. "You shouldn't do this, you're going to wind up trashed."

"Screw you, mom," Cole whispered back. "I drank three times this much that night in Undella Town and it took me hours before I passed out in that ditch. I'll just go have myself a little stroll to clear my head when this is all through."


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"Oh, uh..." Rook blinked at the charizard and glanced over to see that the bartender had delivered the ordered tamato juice. "Uh, y-yes sir!" Rook rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly and turned to drink the spicy concoction, but continued to throw curious glances at the charizard as he did so.

'Jeez, I wish I had the power to shut him up like that...' Dalton thought to himself. Granted, that charizard did look pretty intimidating. The scars on his wings suggested he'd been through the wringer more than once. This guy had a story, and Dalton had to admit that he was a bit curious as well.

Dalton was startled out of his thoughts as said-guy started talking to him. Not a big drinker? "I, uh... I've only been eighteen for three days," he admitted. He'd stolen from his parents' liquor cabinets before, sure, but drinking in public was new to him. He'd never even been in a bar before, let alone knew how to handle himself in one. He watched the man down his drink, then he lifted his glass and swirled the amber liquid around a bit. He sipped at it. It was sweeter than he had expected, with a bit of a kick at the end. Rook would probably like it. He took a more generous drink but had to stop as the man pushed a shot glass over to him.

Dalton was a bit taken aback by the gesture, but shook Cole's hand gratefully. "Thank you. My name's Dalton. Dalton Boone." He took the shot glass in his left hand and nodded at his bagon, who was still preoccupied with his juice. "And that thing's name is Rook. You can ignore him. I usually do."

As Dalton figured, Rook turned at that comment. "Ey! I ain't the one pesterin' you awake every mornin'!"

Dalton made a point of ignoring the bagon and turned his attention back to the vodka shot. He'd never done one of these before.

What better way to learn than from a pirate?

He took the shot all at once, then shuddered as it threatened to come back up. He chased with the rest of the dark and stormy, and pushed the two empty glasses toward the edge of the table. He could hear the charizard's warning, and though he didn't acknowledge it as he wasn't supposed to be able to understand it, he took it as a challenge. "That sucked..." he breathed, then gave a rare grin. "Let's do another one."


Cole chuckled stretched his arms up over his head. "Normally I would be more than happy to drink the night away, but it's been so long since I've been to a soiree that I think I should at least go see the sights before I pass out. Besides, I plan on drinking more later, and there's some top-shelf quality stuff around here. I'd like to sample the local quality, if you catch my meaning. I just wanted to get myself a little tipsy before flinging myself once more into the breach." He swung off the barstool and wrapped an arm around Prometheus's neck, snatching up another handful of peanuts as he did so. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Dalton Boone. And happy belated birthday, many happy returns."

"You're doing the thing again," Prometheus said, baring his fangs in a draconic grin.

"Thing?" Cole replied. "What thing?"

"When you get a little drunk, you start being real careful with your language. You use bigger words and enunciate to sound posh, but you're really just trying hard not to slur." The orange dragon bumped his head against Cole's. "You never noticed? It's honestly quite funny."

Cole thumped his fist against the Charizard's shoulder. "I do not slur my words, sir! To even propose such a thing is... is... patently absurd, to borrow your turn of phrase!"

"Sesquipedalian loquaciousness, I think it's called," Prometheus scoffed.

Cole thumped him again and turned back to Dalton. "What you must think of me, yammering away like that. Well, regardless, I shall see you around, I suppose." He thought for a moment and then shrugged. "I would say we ought to meet at the battle tent later on, but I fear we are in slightly different weight classes at the moment. Charizards are quite stuffy about that whole 'never torching a weaker foe' thing." He reached over and patted the hard crest on Rook's head. "Maybe in a few years, eh little one? Once you've got your wings for real, you and Prometheus can battle it out, yes?" He smiled and turned away. "Enjoy your night, Mr. Boone." He raised his hand in a jaunty wave before scratching underneath his eyepatch again, sauntering off into the press of the city proper.

Fortified with a few drinks as he was, he felt he could probably handle the crowds now. He thought he might go check out the contest hall and see if there was anything interesting there, and then if he needed to blow off some steam, he'd find someone to pummel in the battle tent. And somewhere along the way, more alcohol. He'd see if he could just find a bottle to carry around with him. Maybe some Fireball. He hadn't tried Fireball in a while.


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"Heh... if you're sure." Dalton waved him off. "I don't really know what's up with this place, so have fun figuring it out. I'll be along."

Rook looked utterly dismayed as Cole patted him on the head and turned to leave. He sunk down in his bar stool and pouted. "They called me little twice," he whined. "I... I ain't that little..."

Dalton glanced down at him as Cole left with his charizard. Dalton had spent the better part of the last eight years training with Rook. He did wonder on occasion why he had never evolved. Perhaps he was too engrossed in his own personal training to be a good trainer for Rook as well... "No, you're not... but still..." He sighed and stood up, suddenly feeling a bit uneasy in his abilities as a trainer. "C'mon, let's go."

"Huh?" Rook leapt to his feet. "Go where?"

"To find a more size-appropriate battle partner." Dalton started walking, and Rook clumsily lumbered behind with his fake wings. "Maybe if you win, that charizard would let you battle him."

Rook's eyes shone. "Respect, thou will be mine!"

Dalton gave a brief laugh. "I bet I could've taken him, though."

Rook crossed his tiny arms and huffed. "The charizard? Yeah right. You're all talk."

Dalton raised his right fist in front of him and grinned as it began to glow blue with dragon-type power. "You wanna bet?"

Rook smirked back, recognizing the challenge. "Ey, but no battles are supposed to be held outside of the tent!"

"True..." Dalton dropped his fist and continued walking. "I would've won." They continued to banter lightheartedly as Dalton followed the signs in the direction of the battle tent.

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"What is this?" Charm asked, a letter had just floated down and landed in her lap. She glanced up and she saw the Dragonite flying overhead. Ensis unsheathed himself. The dual sword whirled around a little, the effect produced was a little hypnotic. “Well open it!” Ensis said Charm ripped open the letter eager to find what was inside. Inside was an invitation. “What does it say” Ensis asked one of his blades shifted closer as if he was peering over Charm’s shoulder “Its an invitation to a costume party. I can sense something pulling us closer but, we have to accept for it to bring us. You want to go?” “Sure, maybe we will find someone to spar with” Then a ripping sensation drove through and forced both of their eyes shut. When they opened them again they were on a beach. On the beach was a booth. “Lets get some costumes.” Ensis said They wandered over and took a look at what was avalible.


"It is always a pleasure to meet new people. My name is Andre Bellamy. I am sure you have heard that name before, non?" the guy in the dress said after having a heated discussion with his Cleffa. He proceeded to give Alec two kisses on his cheeks in a friendly gesture, like they did in France. He seemed to be in a pretty good mood, even though his Cleffa seemed rather angry, for some reason. "Yes, and this is my companion Jolie." he proceeded to say. Alec gave Cleffa a blank stare, and Moop did the same. After staring and not really doing anything besides, Alec turned his attention to the guy in the dress, Andre, as he called himself. Alec had not heard of him before, but concidering his choice of words, it seemed like he was someone famous. "No." Alec said, looking at him with the same gaze he had given Cleffa. The silent that followed was somewhat awkward, but Alec didn't mind. He liekd conversing with people, and this guy seemed nice, if not a bit odd.

"So... Now what?" Moop said. "your social skills are poor, Alec.". He un-tangled himself from Alecs neck and proceeded to float around midair. "Now.. we wait" Alec said, taking a big zip from his vodka. He didn't really know what to do next, so he figured he could just stand around converse some more with this Andre guy.


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After their battle ended, the spotlights above the field turned off again, leaving the near empty tent dimly lit. “Well, I’m outta here. I still have a party to attend to. Seeya!” And the guy with his Weavile walked away. An eerie feeling fell over Roth as he was left alone with his fainted Meloetta in the huge tent. Suddenly, a slow clapping sound broke the silence. Roth turned around, his eyes scanning the rows of chairs that surrounded the fields in the centre of the tent. He could make up a human-shaped figure somewhere in one of the back rows, but it was covered too much by dark shadows to show any details. Then, a spotlight somewhere in the back of the tent turned on and was aimed directly at the figure… revealing that it was a Mr. Mime. The Mr. Mime continued to slowly clap, not at all bothered by the bright light.

“I think it’s time to get out of here…” Roth thought to himself, and slowly took a step backwards, then turned around and went for the exit.
As soon as Roth left the tent the eeriness he felt earlier immediately left. The colourful and brightly lit streets were filled with crowds of people and their Pokémon companions. After that miserable battle he just had, it was hard for Roth to not just want to join in on some fun and forget about everything that happened. But he could not join the festivities just yet; his Meloetta was still in need of medical treatment. A large board by the side of the street showed a map of the city, apparently he wasn’t too far away from the PokéCenter. He kept looking at Meloetta while he made his way to the PokéCenter and thoughts started to fill his head. “Man, everything happened so fast… I didn’t even have time to think of a move to counter after that Weavile attacked. I can’t believe I expected it to play out like the videogames. Those always give me time to think… I don’t even know what moves Meloetta has learned in this world.”
Roth was so lost in thoughts that he almost walked into the sign in front of the PokéCenter. “Oh, I’m already there. Well, let’s go inside then.” The PokéCenter was bigger than he had expected, but a lot of it was empty space, most likely to give large Pokémon a way to move around. The light yellow-coloured floor was so clean, Roth wondered if he was the first person to ever walk over it. There weren’t many people inside, which wasn’t surprising considering the fact that the Battle Tent seemed to lack any kind of popularity. Roth made his way to the counter where a single Nurse Joy lookalike was sitting. She was completely focused on him, looking happy that she was finally getting a client to deal with.

“How can I help you?” She said with a super sweet voice; eyes closed and smiling.

“Well, I have this Pokémon that needs healing. You can do that for me?” Roth said, unsure if he was supposed to hand over Meloetta to the PokéCenter lady. The lady bent over the desk and put her hand softly on Meloetta’s forehead. “Aw, the poor thing… she’s in a bad state.” Her voice was filled with pity and made the feeling of guilt return to Roth again, knowing he was the cause of this. The lady sat down behind the desk, picked up a phone-like device, and moved her fingers over the touch screen at a speed Roth could barely follow. “One sec, I’m calling for a nurse who will take care of your Pokémon.”
Only seconds later, a door opened in the back of the PokéCenter, and a lady that looked like an exact copy of the one that just helped Roth at the desk appeared. “Please bring your Pokémon to me.” Even her voice was just as sweet as the other lady. Roth was amazed.

Roth walked up to her and showed her Meloetta. She quickly examined it by touching Meloetta’s head, feeling her arms, legs and body. “She will be fine, but it may take up to an hour.”

“That’s fine. I guess I’ll wait then until it’s done.” He handed over Meloetta to the PokéCenter nurse and went to another corner of the PokéCenter where some comfortable couches were standing around a low table covered by a bunch of random magazines.


Some woman in a glittery blue dress flounced across the stage and pirouetted as her Kingdra spun a sparkling whirlpool of water around her, concluding their contest routine. "Brava!" Cole roared, standing up and applauding. "Molto brava!" In the boxes around them, other showgoers were likewise cheering, some just as animated as he was. When the next act, a young man in a well-tailored suit and his Alakazam, took the stage, Cole sat back down and peered at their light show through a pair of cheap opera glasses he had bought from a street vendor.

Prometheus shifted his weight to better curl around Cole's chair in the private box and thumped his tail. "You were only cheering so loud because you were staring at her chest the whole time."

"I was not!" Cole protested before grinning. "I was checking out her legs too." The Charizard rolled his eyes and said nothing more. As the contest wore on, Cole propped his feet up on the balcony and spun his wineglass between his fingers. As the last act, a well-known local pageant queen and her Plusle, left the contest floor, Cole tossed back the rest of the Cabernet and leaned forward to listen to the result. The MC gestured up at a large screen behind her as the scores were read off. The woman with the Kingdra placed third, and when the crowd stood to cheer the winner, a boy and his Scyther, Cole loudly decried the results. "Robbed!" he called. "Robbed, I say! That act was a vision of earthly perfection! Undoubtedly the competition was rigged!"

Prometheus laughed and rose to his feet with a groan. "I say, let's get out of here. I'm getting bored. I could do for a stretch and a little exercise. Shall we go to the battle tent?"

Cole shrugged and slid his opera glasses into one of his coat pockets. "It's your turn to pick anyway. Lead on, brother."

The pair of them left the concert hall and made their way down the main artery of Slateport to the battle tent, where a sizable crowd was milling outside waiting for their turn to matched up with an opponent to battle. Cole sighed and begrudgingly took his place at the end of the queue. He had only been standing there a few minutes when a tanned young man with long blond hair muscled through the press towards him. "Hey man, that Charizard of yours looks tough. You want to come have a double battle with us? The line is much shorter for double battles, but it's just my girl, her brother and I. We need a fourth."

"If it gets me out of this line faster, I'm down for anything." He held out his hand. "I'm Cole. Nice to meet you."

"Seth, likewise. Come on, we're over here." He steered Cole through the crowd to a much smaller gathering and waved over two other people, a man and a woman approximately Cole's age and with similar enough facial structures to be brother and sister, though their hair color was different. The man had dark hair, the sister was a platinum blonde. Seth gestured to them in turn. "This is Alexa and Lucian. You two, this is Cole. He's our fourth."

Lucian gave him a once-over with an appraising eye. "Well, he doesn't look like a pushover. I guess he's on my side, since you two will obviously want to be partners?"

Cole held up a hand. "Not so fast there. Prometheus and I have been through some scrapes before and, to be honest, standard battles just aren't that interesting to us anymore. What do you say we make this a bit more interesting?"

"Interesting how?" Alexa asked, her mouth turning up into a winning smile. "Stakes or something?"

"Stakes? Maybe. I'm thinking the battle itself. Okay, how about this? The three of you versus Prometheus and I. For you, it's just like a standard triple battle, except there's just one target on the opposing side."

Seth raised an eyebrow. "You sure about that? Don't you think you're being a little overconfident?"

"If I am, then on my head be it. Maybe I won't win, but it'll be a good test of our strength." Cole turned to Prometheus. "What do you say, brother?"

"I'd prefer it, I'm not so good at holding back."

Lucian clicked his tongue. "There's always the question of whether or not the organizers will even let us do this..."

Seth shrugged. "Worth a shot, at least. Okay, how's this for stakes? Last man standing doesn't have to buy a drink for the rest of the night. The other three will spot the victor all night long."

Cole grinned. "Sounds great to me!" He flagged down one of the battle organizers and explained what they wanted to do. The organizer had to fetch her supervisor, but after a little haggling, they managed to get the okay. The supervisor correctly guessed they would want greater fly space than that allowed by the ceiling of the battle tent, and so he led them out to an amphitheater-like temporary structure behind the tent and had them wait until the current battle finished. A Steelix and Espeon battled ferociously against a Nidoking and Tropius. The Steelix provided an obvious lure for the Nidoking to try and use various groud-based attacks on, and it was able to continue to sponge hits with its thick armor. As it did this, the Espeon managed to get behind it and surprise it with a vicious psychic attack. However, as focused as it was on the Nidoking, it was unable to defend its partner from the Tropius that descended from above on its leafy sails, exploiting the already weakened Steelix and battering it into submission with ranged attacks. It then diverted the Espeon's attention from Nidoking long enough to allow the Nidoking to retaliate. The Espeon fell, but in a last effort it released an incredible amount of its psychic power and knocking the poison-type out cold. The assault hit the Tropius as well, but the sauropod managed to stay standing, and the battle was declared in its favor.

Cole whistled through his teeth as the field was cleared for them. Though the battle had been brief, it was quick and all four trainers had known what they were doing. The battle tent was no place for novices, and most of the lesser talents had been knocked out of commission early, like the young fool with the Meloetta on TV earlier. Anyone left would be a seasoned contender, and not someone Cole and Prometheus should take lightly. Well, all the better for them, then. No one liked a battle too easily won. "You ready to go, brother?" Cole asked.

"Born ready," Prometheus replied before following it up with a primal roar of challenge that never failed to get Cole fired up. The dragon flared his wings wide and braced himself to lift off. "Come on, let's see what you got."

Cole reached up and put a small wireless speaker into the Charizard's ear and affixed a mic to his collar so that he could communicate to his partner even when the dragon was soaring out of earshot. "Give 'em hell," Cole murmured, patting Prometheus's jaw and extending his fist. Prometheus bumped it with his claw and fixed his steely glare on their opponents on the opposite side of the field. There were three flashes of light as they called out their respective pokemon. Cole gave his foes a once-over and nodded appreciatively. Prometheus was not going to have an easy time of this one. Alexa was running a hand through her Electivire's coarse, bristle-like fur as Seth scratched underneath his Aerodactyl's jaw and Lucian gave whispered commands to his Hydreigon. Cole had been up against the latter a few times before and knew that their trainers generally had to expressly tell them to keep to non-lethal force beforehand. Three tough opponents that Prometheus either did not have an active advantage over or was specifically disadvantaged against. "Sweet," he whispered.

Cole took a step back to his box and cracked his neck as Prometheus shot into the sky as soon as the referee gave the signal to begin, followed closely by the Hydreigon and Aerodactyl. It was time to get serious.

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"Your friend over there has a point you know." Jolie said. "You have awful social skills. I do not know why you would even come to a party if you are just going to stand there and drink! And how could you not have heard of us! We are stars you know!"

Andre frowned when the guy said he hadn't heard of him. How could this guy not have heard of him? His face was practically everywhere! Surely he must have been living under a rock. Andre then smiled once he realized that this may not be such a bad thing. That meant he would be easier to impress. "Hm, you do not go to movies? Well, it does not matter. You will hear of me eventually. In the meantime, we should get to know each other better, hm?" Andre leaned close to the guy, and put his arm around his shoulder. Now that you know my name, how about you tell me yours."

Jolie was getting bored with this conversation. No one was paying any attention to her. So, her eyes wandered around, until she spotted something that caught her interest. Not far from where Andre and Jolie were, there was a tanned skinned trainer talking to his Pokemon. This guy had an obviously male Bagon with fake red wings attached to his back. Jolie smirked mischievously when she saw him "Oh là là!" She enjoyed flirting with male Pokemon in general, but especially Dark, Fighting and Dragon types. Back when she was a Normal type, those big macho Pokemon treated her like garbage. Now that she became a Fairy type, those same Pokemon who had bullied her in the past were now intimidated by her. Their reactions were always priceless. So, without Andre noticing, she jumped out of Andre's bag, and made his way over to where the Bagon. She then started walked up to him, and started talking to him in the the same flirtatious manner that Andre had done to the ghostly looking guy. "Bonsoir mon beau monsieur!" Also like her trainer had done, she gave the Dragon type Pokemon a kiss on each cheek. "It is so nice to see such a manly Pokemon here, and such a handsome one at that! Hehehe!"


(OOC: I don't know how far Dalton is from Andre, but I don't really care. I need to get them talking somehow! :p)
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"Your friend over there has a point you know." the Cleffa said, not too much to Alecs suprise. He had already determined that this Andre fellow was one of the chosen ones that Xerneas had talked about in his dreams. "You have awful social skills. I do not know why you would even come to a party if you are just going to stand there and drink! And how could you not have heard of us! We are stars you know!" the Cleffa continued, sounding outright offended.

"You may have a point there.. you're a Star-shape Pokemon, aren't you?" Alex asked, mostly for himself while staring blankly in an off direction. That was probably not what the Cleffa meant by what she had said, but Alec didn't bother with the details. The Andre guy seemed suprised when Alec said he hadn't heard of him before, and put his arm around his shoulder. Alec shrugged by the touch, and went incorporeal. Andres arm fell off through him as he floated a few feet away to get a distance. He did not like up and close physical contact with strangers. and at least not strange strangers. "The name is Alexander" he said, taking another sip of his Vodka. Alecs sudden ghostly movements got Moop excited. "You can't go around doing stuff like that in public! What if anyone saw you? Oh God, someone did see you!" Moop then flew around with his stringy little arms flailing in odd directions as he mumbled something about spoiling the entire atmosphere of... something. "Pardon Moop here. He have a habit of over-reacting." Alec said, bowing gracefully. "May I ask for under what circumstances it is that he have magically transferred to Slateport City? I was in the Kanto Region only 15 minutes ago"
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