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The RPGers’ Profiles

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by RaZoR LeAf, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    The RPGers’ Profiles

    The RPGers’ Profiles​


    Here you can write up a little profile about yourself as an RPGer. It's a great way of letting other people know a little about your abilities, and it's a chance for you to share your interests and advice in one fell swoop.

    Username: Your current, or if you've changed it since you started RPGing, past Username.
    Name: Your actual name. This field is entirely optional, if you don't want people to know you can just leave it out.
    Age: Your current age.
    Gender:Your current gender. You might change it, it's a new world.

    Experience: How long have you been RPGing for?
    Favourite RPGs: What sort of RPGs do you like to write?
    Characters: What kinds of characters do you like to create?
    Strong Areas: What are you good at?
    Weak Areas: What are you bad at? Don't be shy, everyone is bad at something.

    Hints and Tips:Any tips on RPGing that you want to pass on to people, be it on writing, creating or etiquette, you can do so here.

    Current Projects: What RPGs are you currently running?

    Future Projects: What have you got planned for the future? Ideas, titles, it doesn't matter, just whet our appetites with some juicy snippets here.

    Feel free to return and update your profiles at any time, you can find the old topic here if you want to copy any information from it. Here's a list of all the members who have already made profiles, so if you're looking for someone in particular you can just check this list.

    RPGer Quick Links

    RaZoR LeAf
    Emerald Wolf
    Mariku -- kitten
    Erik Destler
    The Black Glove
    1# manga fan
    suicune lover
    Mariya Shidou
    Shinichi Misao
    .:Lemon Tea:.
    Tokyo Oranges
    Tearen the Absol
    Extreme Floatzel
    Autistic Lucario
    Fox Mulder
    Universe Chaser
    Unknown Guy 960
    Flame Mistress
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2011
  2. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    Username: RaZoR LeAf.
    Name: Dan
    Age: 27

    Experience: I started RPGing around late 1999, the first RPG I ever joined was about a rampaging Chimera, and my character was a lone Porygon called Prize (he was the Celadon Casino Porygon no less). Not long after that I took part in what would eventually become the most successful RPG those forums would ever have, the Pokemon School series based loosely on the then, relatively brand new book called Harry Potter. This RPG lasted through at least 8 different stories where my character grew from a troublesome first year into a confident teacher (they weren't chronological stories). I've written more than 80 RPGs, and while not all of them were successful or even remotely interesting, it's all been good practice. I joined SPPf when Serebii was looking for a R/B/Y/G moderator and not long after that begged him for an RPG Forum. The result you can see before you here. Since then I've moderated the RPG forum and will continue to do so until.. I don't know until I lose both my hands and eyes in an unfortunate whaling accident.

    Favourite RPGs: Most of my RPGs are fan-based. They're taken from a game, a tv show or a film. Mostly because they are the ones people tend to join more often. Most of these are set in Dystopian futures, so they have a darker feel to them and require more than the usual happy go lucky feel the original format had. I do like to write and join fantasy RPGs, and my big weakness is Zelda RPGs.

    Characters: Usually my characters are pretty run of the mill if the sign up doesn't ask for much. When it's a big RPG with a lot of information, I'll hit the internet and start looking stuff up to bulk the character out. I mostly play male characters, but I'm not unknown to play female once in a while. When there's a list of species or the like, I'll often go for the least likely choice (which tends to be human and everyone else a demon/angel/alien/monster/etc). With my own RPGs I'll end up making several characters whether they are needed or not, and it's something I enjoy doing in my spare time.

    Strong Areas: As I've said, character creation is my forte, as it's something I'll spend my spare time doing, even if it's not for an existing RPG. I give all my characters strengths and weaknesses even if their not obvious on the surface. I like to visualise my characters, so I'll dredge the internet for images, then take what I like from them and mix it with other things to describe them.

    Weak Areas: I've improved in a lot of areas over time, but I still shy away from big positive emotional responses. Fear, Anger, hatred, but things like happiness and love I tend not to put across as well as their opposites. I also suck at grammar and spelling quite a bit, but I am thankful for TextEdit having a visible spell-checker like Microsoft Word does, otherwise I'd have to use a massive Word Processor (which I hate).

    Hints and Tips:

    * Think about the RPGs you play on consoles. You start off on your own or in a very small group, and don't meet up with anyone for a while. Don't instantly seek out someone to join forces with, sometimes by going it alone you can do more than you thought and get a feel for the RPG as a whole.

    * If information isn't available, then ask for it. If you're trying to make up a character and there's something you think you need but it's not explained then ask about it. It may be a simple answer, or it may be that you've stumbled upon a secret of the RPG that you'll be privy to.

    * If you like the look of an RPG, don't ask to reserve a spot unless there are limited spots and you really can't write a form there and then. Don't reserve something when you're browsing then write a form a few hours later.

    * GM's, don't prioritise reservations over everything else. People who are willing to fill out a sign up there and then should be the ones you consider first. There's nothing worse than seeing an RPG you like, with a good few replies, only to find all the spots are filled by reservations and there isn't a single character posted in the thread. If you allow reservations, then only allow limited numbers, and only allow them for a short time, 24 hours at the most. Remember it's a reservation, not an acceptance. If a member wants the spot, then they still have to fill out the form.

    * GM's, you are responsible for everyone who joins your RPG, so you should set a good example. Have your own Sign Up form (if you are making one) done when you start the RPG. Make sure that sign up form has a sample too. You should be showing the people who join what you are capable of as a RPGer too, so they know what it expected of them.

    * Read through other sign ups and RPGs, even if you've no interest in joining it. You can pick up bits of information and ideas that you may use in the future.

    * Save your work. If it's your own RPGs or a sign up for someone else, save what you write. A few months down the line you may be trying to write something and think "Hang on, I did something similar in the past". You'll have that something similar to look at. You can take it, and remould it into what you need. The more you keep saved over longer periods of time, the more you'll look back and see how you've changed as a writer.

    Current Projects:

    Brotherhood of the Forbidden - Reworking of my first (ever) Zelda RPG. Close to being posted.

    Future Projects:

    Pokemon RPGs

    The Disgraced - An old RPG that I've run before but with plot tweaks. The old Team Rocket, Clones, Hybrid lark but with a more dystopian feel to it (as always).

    Zelda RPGs

    Birthright - Epic Zelda RPG with massive amounts of evil. Needs reworking to stop it being so epic.
    Unnamed: Good vs Evil - Relatively epic RPG with lots of time travel. Needs reworking to balance it out.

    Other RPGs

    Fantasy Land - Ultimate RPG Spoof, a comedy RPG where every RPG cliché and gimmick is taken to the extreme
    SMASH - Contemplating reviving my ill-fated Smash Bros RPG, with a little more balance and control this time.
    Supernatural - Based on the TV series of the same name.

    Other Stuff

    Last edited: Oct 12, 2011
  3. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    Thanks for redoing this RL.

    Username: Zincspider

    Name: Mr.Ronkartz

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Experience: I have been RPing for three years now. It's been a long ride, and I've had fun. My current project has exceeded my expectations and we not only had a long run, but I did a good enough job to keep my players interested for the next installment... so 'yay' for that!

    Favourite RPGs: You know, I used to be all 'I like Homegorwn RPGs the best, blah blah blah', but that's changed. I just kinda float with it now.

    Characters: I like playing the loud mouth large ham, and the sarcastic d-bag. I can play other just fine, but I seem to gravitate towards these.... hmmm... maybe I'm trying to tell me something about myself.

    Strong Areas: I may not use long words, or make my posts super complicated, but I get the job done. I'll get my point across even without a degree in English! HELL YEAH!

    Weak Areas: Staying in character when controlling too many. Sometime they rub on each other. I'm trying to improve on this, so fear not!

    Hints and Tips: Read other peoples tips and hints.

    Current Projects:

    Persona: Upon the Grave of Guilt/Overpowering Past (A continuation)

    Future Projects:
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2011
  4. Shadowfaith

    Shadowfaith Shinigami...

    Username: Shadowfaith and for those who have known me for a while I was known as Strider and RagingDragon (Along with a multitude of other names)
    Name: Rachel
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female

    Experience: Well I've been RPGing since before I joined this forum which was in 2003. I was part of another Pokemon forum from 2000 onwards but from what I can remember I can't remember doing much RPGing there because it was a waste of time. I found out about these forums from some friends on that website and so started an account here, but it took me a good year to get use to the forums because I wasn't really that confident in my spelling or my abbility to get to know people. Then in 2003 I took a look at the RPG section (A section I avoided completely because I wasn't completely sure of how to approach it). I started in an RPG made by an old friend which was basically your typical fantasy RPG, there were three of us Sonazoki Maya, Myself and Yami Ryu.

    Needless to say my RPGing skills were weak back then and I got in constant trouble when the rules were tightened because of my inhability to spell and make long posts, but that soon changed when Yami (Modded back then) gave me some tips during a re-make of the before mentioned RPG. From then on I got better and better at RPGing and felt confident to make my first RPG (the likes of which I can't remember). After the forums were re-booted in 2003-2004 I was made mod in the RPG section along with Lily Pichu and from then on I have been a mod here in the RPG section (along with other forums) before I found college work to be too much and asked to be de-modded in 2007 for a short amount of time and then was re-modded in 2008. So I've basically stuck it out with RaZoRLeAf since 2003-2004 ^_^;;

    Favourite RPGs: I'm a massive fan of fan-based RPG's, mainly Kingdom Heart's and Digimon. I'm not against the odd Pokemon RPG as long as it is well thought and I am deffinantly a fan of fantasy RPG's. I prefere to take part in more mature themed RPG's as I do like my RPG's to take a darker turn and not have to worry about the gore content, but this being a Pokemon forum, my mind is a choiced are a little limited XP

    Characters: I love to make an array of different character, some up-beat, some dark and some completely twisted. But I would have to say my prefered characters are either the brave and outgoing type who doesn't really give a damn about theymselves and keeps an eye out for others and of course my ultimate favourite, the completely mad a psychotic. Yes I love the abnormal characters and much prefere those who are unpredictable, sarcastic and know they have the upper hand and relish in that fact. I love the saddistic characters who take pleasure in other peoples pain and fear and just have that maniac laugh XP Creepy...eh?

    Strong Areas: Character creation! I can spend ages coming up with characters even in my spare time. I have a complete file dedicated to character's I have created along with pictures. I love the idea of making a character completely from scratch, giving them a back story and making them as mad or as wird as I like. Though sometimes I feel limited with the RPG's I partake in, I am not against giving my characters a twist as long as it fits with the RPG. I do tend to stick to my prefered characters but don't let that fool you into thinking I do not have other characters wiating to make they're debut.

    Weak Areas: I find it hard to hold an RPG. I plan my RPG's out to the point where I need people to follow them exactly which never happens. I plan it like a story instead of a free choice RPG. I am learning to avoid doing this and my RPG's have been lasting a little longer at least, but I still suffer from it =/

    Hints and Tips:
    Do not try to control the RPG completely. Like I stated in my weaknesses, it only leads to people destroying your ideas and the RPG going under. by all means make sure the RPG flows smoothly and no one steps out of line, but always remember that people cannot read your mind and determin what you would like them to do and character's ahve they're own ideas and cannot be expected to act as you want them to act. So be leanient with your RPG's whilst still maintaining control.

    Current Projects: What RPGs are you currently running?

    Future Projects: What have you got planned for the future? Ideas, titles, it doesn't matter, just whet our appetites with some juicy snippets here.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2009
  5. Manix

    Manix Another round?

    Username: Manix
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male

    Experience: I can say that I'm quite lacking in experience, but I intend to work on that through 2009. The first RPG I sgned up for was in June 2008, but it never actually started due to the GM having problems in real life. Still, the sign-up was accepted for that RPG, regardless. Haven't had as much luck after that. Shows the slight lack of experience.
    Favourite RPGs: Where to start? Well, anything based on something I know is always good. Although, more recently, I'm steering more into Fire Emblem things. A good Fire Emblem RPG would be good.
    Characters: Well, can't say there is any particular character I'd like to play. I play as any characterr, given the sitaution. My stubborness towards not using "perfect characters" does mean that you won't see me play as any of those. Otherwise, I don't have any particular character favourites.
    Strong Areas: Plot advancing. When I start thinking, and just start typing, I can go for a long time.
    Weak Areas: Well, character description is rather lacking at times, and that's probably the only thing I can say I'm weak in.

    Hints and Tips: Well, all I can say is, just never try to force yourself into making an RPG or joining one that you won't give your all into doing. You're just wasting your time by doing that.

    Current Projects: None.

    Future Projects: Possibly a Fire Emblem RPG. We shall see how it falls...
  6. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    Username: Brando95
    Name: I. Amnottelling
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male

    Experience: I've been RPGing since I joined Sppf. Since July 22, 2008. Okay. Maybe not that exact day.
    Favourite RPGs: I like to write RPGs that have previous fan- base. Something like a Pokemon or a show that I like other than pokemon. Sometimes even a mix between Pokemon and another show.
    Characters: I like to create an inteligent, compitent character. But, not so much that he is... oh... what do you call those God Characters. Nevermind.
    Strong Areas: I'm good at nagging other people to make their posts larger and nagging other people to add detail to their posts.
    Weak Areas: Adding detail to my posts. Ironic, huh.

    Hints and Tips: Don't start an RPG that you know that you aren't going to follow through with. I've done that too many times.

    Current Projects: Only one-
    Pokemon: Legend of the Avatar (Johto). It's a mix between Pokemon and Avatar the last Airbender.

    Future Projects:

    1. Un-named:
    I'm thinking about maybe making a The World Ends With You RPG. That's my new obsession.

    2. Pokemon: Legend of the Avatar (Hoenn). The triquel to Pokemon: Legend of the Avatar and the sequel to Pokemon: Legend of the Avatar (Johto).
  7. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Pokémon Sun!

    Username: Torpoleon
    Age: 11
    Gender: Male
    Expierence: When i first joined SPPF, I didn't know much about RPGS. Then in Slate August(2008) I signed up ofr Brando's RPG.(Pokemon: Legend of Avatar) After that, I started liking RPGS and I kept getting better at RPGing.
    Favourite RPGs: Basically, anything that sparks my interest. It doesn't have to be Pokemon.
    Characters: I like to create good characters. One's that fit the criteria of the GM and aren't overpowering or underpowering.
    Strong Areas: Telling people to post 7 lines, or if their post doesn't make sense. Also with my RPG elling them to fix their sign up.
    Weak Areas I guess putting descriptionin like Pokemon battles.
    Hints and Tips: Make sure you and the RPGers cin your RPG follow the rules, like yourself, and that you will be commited.
    Current Projects:
    Naruto: Clash in the Land of Pokemon

    Future Projects:
    None.....so far.
  8. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    Revised on March 6, 2012.

    Name: Slipomatic

    Age: 21


    Experience: Mmmm, I've started Role-playing roughly during summer of 2004. I didn't roleplay much as I lacked description and abilities to make good, decent sign-ups. Over the few years, I improved quite a bit and was getting better with my weaknesses. With every RPG I try to join, I improve a little with my overall areas.

    Favorite RPGs: I've broadened out a bit and don't really prefer any RPG over the other. I still like RPGs with action and adventures in it, and a bit of romance in it, just to spice things up.

    Characters: I like to do female most of the time, tend to make them a little too powerful, but they have a flaw that helps with that. I also make it according to GM's specification, but I do like a little room to make it interesting. I'll make a male character from time to time, depends on really what kind of RPG it's going to be. I tend to like making Pokemon, fantasy characters though. Female characters are still common for me.

    Strong Areas: I haven't lost my touch at making plots and perhaps interesting twists. I can always come up with a new character with a new name though sometimes the names are a little out there, get my drift. I am good with originality and can come up with something different.

    Average Areas: I'm okay with typing my posts now. The posting length is still improving and I'm becoming better at being descriptive.

    Weak Areas: Tendency to forget what other RPG players have and how they look. I do not do well with controlling NPCs.

    Current RPGs: None that I have made.

    Future RPGs:

    A Spyro RPG - Don't have all the details, but I'm planning on it happening after the trilogy events (the new beginning, eternal night, dawn of the dragon) All was peaceful for several centuries, but as all creatures became more advanced, the dragons remained the same. A conspiracy has begun with a group of creatures, envious of how the dragons lived, hardly doing any work and playing around a lot. They seek revenge and slowly turn the creatures against them, killing them off until very few dragons remain, all hiding for their lives... (Plot in progress and could use some ideas and a better rpg name.)

    Kanto Revived - As a young trainer, you aspire to become a pokemon champion or coordinator or a breeder and have come to Gary Oaks laboratory to get your starter pokemon. Ash Ketchum is the Kanto's reigning Champion and Gary Oak is the new professor of Kanto, taking over what Samuel Oak left off. Underneath it all, a group, long thought to have finally been disbanded, makes their move to retake what is rightfully theres. Gym leaders and certain things will be different, like the pokemon tower being a radio tower now. (Plot in progress, NPC list and key member pokemon list not started yet.)

    Hints and Tips: If you are a first timer at making an RPG, it is always a good idea to ask a seasoned RPG player to help you with running your RPG. A little help goes a long ways.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2012
  9. Peter Quill

    Peter Quill star-lord

    Username: Moogles4ever
    Name: Nicholas
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male

    Experience: Technically I have been doing text based RPG's since I was about 10 years old. It was all around those forums that made their own regions. If you were a RPGer of that type you'd know about the Lehm Region where I fancied myself until it's downfall. (Though I made complete one-liners)
    After quitting the Internet I find myself back at Sppf with a completely diffrent username. Well I have been doing more decent roleplaying for about a few months now. I have currently made two RPGs, one of which won the SPPF seal of approval.

    But in all honesty, I wouldn't say that I'm all that experienced at all. I haven't roleplayed in a long time, I just sort of have the skills that I cling onto from when I did used to roleplay a lot.

    Favourite RPGs: I am facinated with history. So I tend to do my RPGs within settings of the olden days, let's be honest having a person discover in a RPG things like travelling to other countries makes it more alive, it gives a whole lot of oppourtunities and that makes a RPG very interesting in my opinion. I also tend to go towards RPGs that are original, they just seem to be lot's more fun to me. It doesn't even need to be a total historical tidbit, because I actually realized I'm a lot more inclined to the fantasy genre. Magic, swords and witches? That's just interesting.

    Characters: I try to make different types of characters - although the physical archetype is turning out to be the same. We'll see about that though. I don't really have a niche.
    Strong Areas: I love story telling.

    Weak Areas: I'm a french canadian so I tend to screw up a lot with my grammar. Stupid stuff like phrasing my phrases awkwardly, it's no big deal though. Also, I like to, overuse commas, as you, can, see.

    Hints and Tips: Read all the stickies, they actually have useful things in them.

    Current Projects:

    Future Projects:

    Hahahaha me running a RPG what a good one.

    Will They Hear You Scream?
    A horror RPG. This was my first work, it isn't the best thing out there. However it was fun to make the plot, unfortunately I had a little stage where I left Sppf so it didn't lift off the ground. Maybe one day I'll re tweak some stuff to it.

    Angel's Requiem
    If I needed put my best work on a resume this would be it. This whopping RPG took me two days to type up (actually 48 hours exactly). It got a Sppf seal of approval from RaZoR LeAf and Shadowfaith. Unfortunately this beauty didn't step off the ground because I got grounded >_<. Trust me it will be back until I finish it completely.

    Angel's Requiem v. 2.0
    Me restarting my RPG so it can pickup.

    The World Ends With You: The Reaper's Game
    I wrote the plot, and everything. The GM left so it withered and died like most RPGs.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2011
  10. ShadoWolfDemon

    ShadoWolfDemon Live Without Warning

    Username: ShadoWolfDemon

    Name: I go by many names, but my most common names are Shadow or Smiff

    Age: Seventeen

    Gender: Female

    Experience: About five years online. Before that, I played "real life" Role Playing Games with my friends (an imaginary game of sorts, though we moved onto forum posting eventually as we aged).

    Favourite RPGs: I like to base my RPGs off Mythology, Anime/TV, and Fantasy/Sci-fi. I especially like post-apocalyptic type things, and supernatural type things to be in an RPG somewhere. I've also enjoyed your general "adventure" RPGs, war RPGs, and even enjoyed an RPG based off complete and utter stupidity. I'm basically open-minded to anything really.

    Characters: I have a few personas I really like to play. The "bitter/loner type" has always been my fallback favorite, because I just love dark characters, but I also have the very headstrong/punk-like characters going for me. Lately I've been getting into the quiet/serious type of character, and even a few naive/energetic characters. I am really trying to broaden my range of personas as I become more skilled.

    Strong Areas: Storytelling. I can make up ideas and plot-twists fairly well. Sometimes I can be very descriptive in my posts, but not always, though, I do try hard. I can get a plot moving well, and involve people that are off to the sides, since everyone should get a chance to play.

    Weak Areas: Spelling and Grammer are my worst nightmares, though a run through Word usually solves those problems. That, and relying too much on dialouge to move the plot forward. Though I can be descriptive, I'm often not descriptive enough, though I've come a long way since I started.

    Hints and Tips: If you're trying to make your character NOT turn out to be a Mary Sue, try putting it through this test.

    Don't be afraid to try new things in an RPG. Make up your own twist, because more likely than not, others will go along with it (so long as you don't take over the idea of the RPG).

    Current Projects:


    Future Projects:

    -A cross between Silver Fang (Ginga Nagareboshi Gin/Ginga Densetsu Weed) and Pokemon.

    -A "Warriors" (Books by Erin Hunter) RPG.

    -An original RPG based off a story I'm writing with a post-apocalyptic theme

    "War Of Red Moon"

    This was an RPG loosely based off the anime Amatsuki. Unfortunately, it died before it really even got started. Probably because the anime was confusing, and therefore, the RPG itself wasn't very solid. It was still interesting, however.

    "Reaching For Paradise"

    Another RPG based off an anime, Wolf's Rain. This never made it further than sign-ups because it was lacking in people playing. Probably because Wolf's Rain is a more obscure anime than something as mainstream as Naruto or Bleach, and harder to Role Play properly.

    "Digimon: Tamers 02"

    My most recent RPG made to be a sort of sequel to my favorite season of Digimon, Digimon Tamers. Unfortunately, the start was very, very slow, and due to some personal problems, I was unable to make this progress. It will make a comeback someday, when I'm sure I won't be swamped with issues.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2009
  11. Emerald Wolf

    Emerald Wolf 0bs3ss3d w/ 3m3r4lds

    Username: Emerald Wolf
    Name: Cristina, please call me Criss, as in "Criss Angel"
    Age: 13
    Gender:Female(Kinda obious, ain't it?)

    Experience: I have been role playing for about a year now, maybe two. I guess you can say Im a good role player.
    Favourite RPGs: Mainly fantasy, I base mt RPs mostly on my favorite animes or games, such as Kingdom Hearts and Wolf's Rain.
    Characters: Animals, Vampires, mythical creatures, man this list is endless.
    Strong Areas: Interacting with other characters.
    Weak Areas:Keeping up with the action.
    Hints and Tips: Don't stress when writing an RP. I get mine off of something I dream about overnight, but just use your imagination.

    Current Projects: My pokemon RPG.
    Future Projects: I hope to one day make a successful Full Metal Alchemist role play.
  12. Serris

    Serris Jewel Of Osiris

    Username: Serris
    Name: Mitchell
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Experience: I've been RPGing since I joined another forum just about 3 years ago. Although I don't do it often, when I find an RP I like, I will attempt. Although I haven't RPed in the last year due to school.
    Favourite RPGs: I love Pokemon, Dot Hack, and Naurto RPGs. I've done few RPs though, but get involved with any I join or start.
    Characters: I create all kinds of characters and never really have a preferred type of character I create. Before I RP though, I tend to draw my characters and think of personality as I draw them.
    Strong Areas: I'm not sure I have a strong point. I try to use my use of words to make it more descriptive and to make the piece of writing a lot deeper. And how I tend to link a scanned picture of my character at the end of the description area.
    Weak Areas: My worst point of RPGing is I always tended to god-mod. I always end up making my characters too powerful, or too instrumental, and that was also another reason why I took a break from RPGing for the past year.

    Hints and Tips: Don't make your characters ultimately powerful, and incredibly instrumental. Make them unique. Interesting characters are always good as well. But don't fall into the trap of god-moding, becoming a Mary-Sue or a Gary-Stu.

    Current Projects: I'm currently not working on any RPGs, but am working on finding one to join when I am ready.

    Future Projects: I'm currently pondering something for a Pokemon RPG
  13. ~Neon~

    ~Neon~ Illusion trickster

    Username: ~Neon~, formerly Bao Dragonite. I may change it back...
    Name: Well, I've given a character the same first name as me before. Have fun guessing.
    Age: Fourteen and a half at time of post. Seventeen now.
    Gender: Female

    Experience: ...Three years, I think. And by God has the experience helped my writing.
    Favourite RPGs: Elemental and magical roleplays are good, and rebellions are always fun to do. I participate in most genres, favourites being humour and suspense/horror. And anything which can make life living hell for the characters, which is so much fun to visualise.
    Characters: I generally create male characters on the uppity, brash side. Even though I hate hate hate real boys with the personalities I create, it's a little more fun getting into their mind than listening to them waffle on about inappropriate subjects. I feel the need to throw dreamy, innocent characters into the toughest situation.
    Strong Areas: I don't really know. Imagination? I'm pretty good with plots, as long as I can catch those goddamn bunnies.
    Weak Areas: Dedication is a problem area. I find myself on ICanHasCheezburger when I should be writing a post.

    Hints and Tips: Try to vary the characters in a roleplay. If you see a sassy, headstrong girl in a roleplay you wish to join, don't make a carbon copy or else it's just not that good.

    Current Projects: None

    Future Projects: I dunno, maybe a Guardians rehash or a parody of one of the more popular roleplays on this site, Dystopia.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2011
  14. Username:

    Mark, though I could probably care less about what people call me. Anything that's not insulting will do.

    Sixteen, turning Seventeen this year.


    Hmm...as far as I can remember, the first RPG that I played in this site was EspeonFan's Spellbinders...which was about a year and a half ago? I can't rememeber that well (bad memory + bad sense of time). I actually started playing RPG a few months before that, so that means I've been playing for an estimated two years.

    Suffice to say, I started out as a poor rper. Well, when it came to this site's rules at least, which I have to say helped me improve. One-liners, short posts, and "left-much-to-be-desired" sign-ups were common in the site I used to go on, so the shift here was a bit difficult. I really have to thank my stubborn ability to learn. Well, that, and the many rpers that helped and influenced me during my time here. I got a lot of help just by reading sign-ups and posts made by InnerFlame, PokemonBreederChris, cdra, The Doctor, ~Neon~, and so so many other people that I enjoyed the priviledge of rping with.

    Well, I have been absent for a few months, and I'm pretty sure that I've become a bit rusty. Hopefully, I'll be able to polish my writing skills again.

    Favourite RPGs:
    Fantasy based RPGs are the ones I frequent. I just love being able to imagine and read my characters come alive in worlds so different from ours. I’m a sucker for anything involving magic and/or animals. And maybe for something whacky to give myself a good laugh.

    Hum. I usually like the big brother type characters. And yeah, they tend to be guys (not that I have anything against girls; I’m just not confident enough to play them). However, I said like, so, yeah, my characters are usually varied…depending on my mood and mindset most probably.

    Strong Areas:
    Creativity and plot making are my best fortes. I have so many ideas swimming in my head. Unfortunately, I tend to forget them. Given the time, though, I could probably whip up a really interesting twist.

    Weak Areas:
    Being a GM. Honestly. I’m not really fond of being a leader, so this must be one of those side-effects. Oh, and due to reasons, I usually get to be one of the rpers to post the least. Oh, and same as Shadowfaith: though I’m really creative, my rpgs follow some sort of rigid flow that I really need to get rid of.

    Hints and Tips:
    Look at the posts and sign-ups of other people. Don’t copy them; learn from them. Try to integrate what you’ve learned into your own style of writing.

    Current Projects:
    None whatsoever.

    Future Projects:
    A lot, but only the big guy in the sky knows whether I’ll post ‘em up.
    *ESpERs - Ethereal Spirit Enhancing Regulators
    Special, unique and sometimes queer abilities come show in the form of ESpERs. Based in an Academy, students learn to use these ESpERs...which people will find out about if I actually go through with it.
    *No Title
    It's now the modern days...along with gods and goddesses. "Child" gods and goddesses, though they are more likely to be called teens, have to attend classes like normal teenagers due to some unforeseen predicament in the heavens above...and they don't know about it.
    *No Title
    You're trapped in a large dome building that was supposed to be a safe haven. You're in danger of being attacked by mutated creatures infected with a virus that could cause you to become one of them. You may or may not be part machine. Only one thing matters: survival.
  15. Stoc15

    Stoc15 Leon is Pro!

    Username: Stoc15.
    Name: Sean.
    Age: 13.
    Gender: Male.
    Experience: 6 months.
    Favourite RPGs: Vindex, Smash, Winter Brawl.
    Characters: Super cool characters, freaks, geeks, nerds, and guys who wear sunglasses.
    Strong Areas: Grammar, Descripiton and Battle Scenes.
    Weak Areas: Writing about a certain character who's tough to write about.
    Hints and Tips: Keep on doing good work, and using a lot of description.
    Current Projects: Pokemon: Akatsuki Bending Crisis: A crossover of the ages!
    Animal Crossing: The Chronicles of Nook: What if you had to guard the town of Nook?
    Future Projects: Paper Mario RPG, and a Naruto RPG.
  16. Skeith

    Skeith (◕‿‿◕)

    Even though I haven't been Rpging much as of late, I might as well fill out one of these. Ya never know when an rpg may catch my eye.

    Username: Skeith... is this really necessary? I mean it's right at the top of my post.
    Name: Will be given out to people who I've gotten to know well.
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male

    Experience: Hrrm I'd say it's been about two to three years now.
    Favourite RPGs:
    Pokemon Orientated - Tournaments are usually the ones that pop up but I also like the school based and exploration based as well.

    Fantasty - Give me stuff with magical powers, psycopathic robots or any real oddities about it and I'll find some interest in it.

    These are the two big ones for me but there are orignal and fan based rpg's that catch my eye so I wouldn't limit myself intirely to those two categories.

    Characters: I usually create characters that are interesting to me, often with odd quirks or ablities. Unless I want to play a specific type of character, they will usually be ethier laid back or rather loud and will often be realistic. I'll often have my characters object to discissions that other characters make without evidence to back it up just because there role player contorls what happens.

    Strong Areas: I'd say envisioning what my character looks like, I can usually get a clear picture of them and my fellow rpgers characters.

    Weak Areas: I'd say personality; I find I usually stray from the characters writen way of acting over the coruse of the rpg and would find it alot easier to show my character's quirks as the polt progresses.

    Hints and Tips: Whilst it may not be from myself, I think http://coelasquid.blogspot.com/2009/01/things-to-consider-dont-lose-character.html is some of the best advice that anyone can be given when designing a character.

    Current Projects:
    None. As stated above I haven't really been in any rpg's as of late due, in part, to a drought of rpg's that spark my interest but mostly because I've become obsessed with OCT's on DeviantArt *sheepish grin*

    Future Projects: Hrrm none as of yet. There are some which I've been saying I'll make for ages but the more I look at them the less I them. Who know's maybe I'll try and run an Tournament based rpg someday.

    If you have an rpg that you think I'll be interested in (or needs more rpgers) please let me know and I'll at least give it a look/offer advice.
  17. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    Username: Stabberz
    Name: Nathan
    Age: 13.
    Gender: Male.
    Experience: End of December 2008
    Favourite RPGs: I Dunno, mainly Rpgs about things that I am already a fan.
    Characters: I stuggle with characters, most of my characters in Rpg's that I am in are of the same mold, but I will be changing that.
    Strong Areas: I am alright at description and I am good at designing a plot,
    Weak Areas: Naming a character and making different characters,
    Hints and Tips: Practise, practise, practise, it helps
    Current Projects: Pokemon : Heroes of the Future
    Future Projects: Unamed: If any one has ever read the Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan, then you will know about it, baisically the Olympian gods come to earth and have children, althought Hades, Possedon(Spelt wrong) and Zeus aren't aloud, but they still do. In my Rpg the gods will have split into three sides. The good(Zeus and his allies), the bad (Hades and his allies) and the Neutrals (Possedon) and each of you plays a half blood from each god, and fights take place, etc.

    And I am going to Continue the Pokemon Hereos series.

    and a Kingdom hearts one intitled: The Final Key Blade War. This is strictly under raps.

    and a Naruto Rpg which I don't have many ideas for.

    Rpgs I am taking place in.

    Pokemon:Heroes of the Future.
    Pokemon: Akatsuki Bending Crisis!
    Naruto: Clash in the Land of Pokemon.
    The Wrath of Regigigas.
  18. TurtwigFan1

    TurtwigFan1 burning it down

    Username: TurtwigFan1
    Name: Robert
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male

    Experience: About 3 months.
    Favourite RPGs: Pokémon with a lot of action
    Characters: Normal people, but with a deep passion for something
    Strong Areas: Speech and grammar
    Weak Areas: Description

    Hints and Tips: Always use proper grammar and speech techniques.

    Current Projects: None
    Future Projects: None

    Current RPGs you're in: Pokémon: Heroes of the Future. I play the lovestruck Saturn, in love with the gorgeous Mars.
  19. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Username: TheSequelReturns

    Name: TSR, Sequel, TheSequelReturns, they all work fine.

    Age: I'll just say I'm in College and leave it at that.

    Gender: Male

    Experience: I've been doing RPs for quite a while now. I started about 5 years ago and have been actively involved in at least one RP since that time.

    Favorite RPGs: Anything creative with a good story. I'm really not too picky, but its usually the more off-the-wall ones that catch my interest.

    Characters: I use a variety of characters, and by this point I actually have a stock of my favorite characters that I can adapt to fit nearly any role. As a writer, I always keep track of my characters, just in case I might need to use one in the future. Although, I'm pretty good at spontaneously creating new characters as well. I almost always give my characters a strange personality quirk, just to keep things interesting.

    Strong Areas: I'm pretty good at creating back-stories and unique appearances. I especially like writing my character's dialog, although I tend to do a lot of introspection with my characters. Blame my inner novelist.

    Weak Areas: Attempting to give NPCs created by other characters dialog. To me, it just feels like I don't have a good grasp of the character so I'm not entirely sure how they would say something. I'm also not too good at describing facial features on human characters.

    Hints and Tips: Stay in character at all times and pay attention to other people's posts. I can't stress the second one enough.

    When it comes to character creation, I've noticed that some people (like my brother) have trouble reaching the length set my the GM on sign-up sheets (such as at least 7 sentences for personality). The best way to do this is to simply ask yourself questions about your character. What would they do if a friend got hurt? What's their work ethic? Does the sun bring out any highlights in their hair? Do they have any hobbies and why did they pick them? Before you know it, you'll have easily passed the length requirement. A similar strategy can work if you have trouble making long enough posts.

    Current Projects:

    Myth Busters
    Greenhouse of the Dead (2.0)
    Devil Survivor

    Future Projects:

    The Afterlife Battalion
    Radiance: The War of the Runes
    Reflections of Darkness
    Code Geass: Alternate Colors

    Rpgs I am taking place in:

    Digimon: Devil's Ascent
    Digimon: Codename BAN-TYO
    Legend of Delodaro
    Hidden Ones: REDUX
    Digimon: The Chronomacy
    Persona -Falsum Animae-
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2011
  20. AzerWrath

    AzerWrath 「深弾幕結界 -夢幻泡影-」

    Username: AzerWrath

    Name: Katelin

    Age: 20

    Gender: F

    Experience: 6 years and counting.

    Favourite RPGs: Depends, really. I like things like the Geneforge series which are really story-intensive...

    Characters: Most take up my name, but everything else is mostly different.

    Strong Areas: Creativity. I'd like to think of myself as a unique individual when it comes to designing characters and storylines.

    Weak Areas: Hard to say, maybe making things over-complex? It's hard for me to comprehend being "too strong" as I counteract overpoweredness with other overpoweredness. Ugh.

    Current Projects: N/A

    Future Projects: N/A

    RPs im currently in: N/A
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2014

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