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The RPGers’ Profiles

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by RaZoR LeAf, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou your deadman

    Realized I haven't done one before so ehh, why the hell not.

    Username: GoldenHouou, GH for short.

    Name: John Smith \cleverness

    Age: Old enough

    Gender: I play both, but my real gender is

    Experience: Started when I was around fourteen, so that'd make it seven years? I had like a two/three year hiatus somewhere in the middle though. Make of that what you will.

    Favourite RPGs: Depends on my mood, really. I love silly rpgs as much as I love horror ones and original rps as much as fandom ones and so on, it all depends what I feel like playing at the moment. The only things I'm not too fond of are mecha rps, but I could be convinced to try one out with enough bribing convincing. Generally though, I love rpgs that offer opportunities for interesting character dynamics and interactions above anything else. The rpg's plot could be about kitchen sponges going on a guest to save the house's sink from cat piss for all I care, as long as the characters interest me and differ from each other enough to offer room for all sorts of different relationships (rivals, enemies, etc. not everyone needs to be a friend or a loved one or even get along.)

    Characters: I love to play all sorts of characters, and I've tried pretty much everything once. Seriously. Throw me any concept, I've most likely tried playing it at some point. No, seriously, don't do that, it wasn't a dare. But if I had to choose, my favorite kinds of characters to play would be either leches/flirts, jerks and troublemakers, energetic happy-go-lucky people or slightly... hum, unstable individuals. I usually like to write at least a few comedic scenes no matter what the character though.

    Strong Areas: I'd say characters overall; getting inside their head and making them believable, keeping them in character and so on. I can also make long and detailed Sign Ups and posts sometimes too much so.

    Weak Areas: Hm, well, English is my second language, and sometimes I just feel it shows in the way I write. I also can't write English dialects at all, as I don't know their rules and whatnot.

    Hints and Tips: Don't be afraid to try out new things and play characters you've never played before. You can't know what you like and what you don't before you try. Yeah, cliche, but very damn true. Also, don't take roleplaying or your character too seriously. All's in good fun, let your character fail and be laughed at from time to time. Give them weaknesses. Make them human; nobody likes boring pinnacles of perfection.

    Current Projects: None, never run one before.

    Future Projects: A Trainer RP set in Orre some generations after the whole incident with Shadow Lugia. Also an original rp loosely based on the Baten Kaitos games, but both are just in the very first planning stages and probably won't be launched anytime soon. Then a few other ideas I might actually release soon.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2013
  2. TorrentiousTwister

    TorrentiousTwister Uniter of Ransei

    Username: TorrentiousTwister
    Name: Jessi N W.
    Age: Around 14
    Gender: Female

    Experience: Well from what I can remember, since sometime in April of 2010 when I joined a website called Pokefarm.org that I still RP on to this day.
    Favourite RPGs: I've done many different things, but at the moment, my favorite one I created/am in is a Mortal Instruments RP. Action RPs are what I enjoy the most. Something boring will destroy my interest really quickly and I'll stop posting.
    Characters: Well sometimes I RP characters that are already made, like if I'm in a RP based off of something. I will sometimes play the villains, but I'm not the best at being a bad guy. Most of my characters can be shy at the beginning, but they end up warning up to the other characters. Some of my characters are really talkative, but are also shy when they want to be.
    Strong Areas: Guess being in character? I'm pretty good at sticking to certain ones, but others are hard for me to be.
    Weak Areas: Being a villain and/or hurting characters. If the plot needs it, then okay. I'm also not so good at RP sick/hurt people. I've tried it before and my characters seem to get rid of their pain a bit to quickly

    Hints and Tips: When you can, write paragraphs. Writing one or two sentences does not put your point across as much as a paragraph or two. Also makes sure you fix your mistakes. Read over everything before you post, so you won't embarrass yourself in front of your fellow Rpers.

    Current Projects: On a different site, I've got two or three that I made.
    1]Rosario + Vampire- The Next Human!
    2]Night World: Drawn Souls
    3] Dn Angel- The Lost Tamers
    4] A Hero's Call, A Villain's Plan [Super Hero RP]
    5]The Mortal Instruments- The Disappearing Of Many

    Future Projects: Nothing at the moment. To busy writing and RPing the things I'm in.
  3. Aura Of Twilight

    Aura Of Twilight Forever Clueless

    Username: Aura Of Twilight

    Name: Kristen

    Age: 16, but soon to be 17

    Gender: Female

    Experience: I've been Rping off and on since I got an account on this site, which was about a year ago. I've still got a lot to learn though...

    Favourite RPGs: Well, I've never written an RP of my own, but I do have a favorite, which I had been in, but mostly lurked around and read other peoples' posts because I couldn't think of anything to write. It was called Orre Shadow War I believe, GMed by Avengel Angel. It was absolutely amazing and action packed, overall great storyline. I love being in Si-fy rps, especially ones where the players face an almost impossible obstacle that they must somehow solve. I don't care if the rp's bloody and involves alot of cursing as long as the characters are intresting and there are a lot of plot twists.

    Strong Areas: Overall, I guess it would be describing the inner turmoil and emotions of my characters throroughly. On a good day I'm pretty decent at physical description as well.

    Weak Areas: Oh boy...My number one weakness would have to be making sure my characters actually follow their personalites and aren't all OOC. My second one would have to be writer's block, which hits me quite frequently.

    Hints and Tips: This is going to sound horribly corny, but whatever you do, don't give up if your stuck no matter what. Inspiration will come to you sooner or later. Also, even if you think your posts are terrible, continue writing to the best of your ability because in time you are bound to improve. Relax and just let your ideas flow.

    Current Projects: Haven't ever written one.

    Future Projects: A dark pokemorph story involving evil scientists, brutality, and pyschological torment where the players must figure out how to survive while at the same time save themselves from possible insanity.
  4. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Username: *Jean Grey*

    Name: Diane

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female

    Experience: 4 years.

    Favourite RPGs: I enjoy different kinds of RPGs, especially Persona ones, Pokemon ones, as well as those that are similar to the style of JRPGs. Powers are usually fun for me. XD Also, Avenger Angel's military-flavored Pokemon RPGs. XD

    Characters: Mostly females of the rebellious, rough-hewn type. Usually a sexpot, whether overtly or in terms of vibe. I suck with males…though I do have one! Usually wears lots of black as well. A variety of personalities too, though I enjoy playing heavy drinkers with different "drunk" moods. I also seem to like playing varying degrees of Tsundere at times. If she's a Pokemon character, she would have a Dark-type team and despise pink Pokemon and Fairy-types. In terms of class-based RPGs, my characters tend to be more melee than magic, though I enjoy having characters that use guns or bows as well…I don't enjoy playing healers, though.

    Strong Areas: Descriptions, I just love describing clothes and weird histories (which are usually pretty dark). Also, finding pretty nice names and making my characters really likeable or really unlikeable. I'm more likely better at the latter of the two, considering the sexual nature of most of my characters. XD

    Weak Areas: Playing males. Also, I can't seem to make my female characters entirely innocent or a "girly-girl" type either! I have tendencies to sometimes make my characters do inappropriate stuff despite some RPGs having certain ratings. >.<

    Hints and Tips: Enjoy and have fun. Also, don't be too forceful on other co-players if you want something to happen in the RPG, ask nicely and don't push it.

    Current Projects: Not as of yet. I think I'd make a pretty bad GM.

    Future Projects: If I ever become a better fit as a GM, I think I'd like to start a MapleStory-related RP, or perhaps a Fire Emblem RP.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2015
  5. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Username: SoulMuse
    Name:. I don’t feel like telling you my real name….if you need to call me something, Muse, Soul, Voldemort(Don’t ask), all work.
    Age: 4/16.
    Gender: I am male

    Experience: Um…Almost a year, with a three month long break early this year
    Favourite RPGs: Darker things, and more military related RPs. Somehow I suspect I will am going to take a liking to Persona ones. Avenger Angel has yet to offer up a disappointing RP in my opinion as well.

    Characters: I don’t think it is possible for me to create a character that isn’t dark, psycho, or something like that. Any character I create seems to wear black or grey clothing, and a number of them have a serious Volcarona fetish, not sure why. I guess it serves to note that most of my characters have a personality that is based around some aspect of either my own, or someone I know, but that aspect is usually twisted in some way.
    Strong Areas: Apparently making dark/badass characters. Writing about personalities, and justifying them is something that I feel I do pretty well, since I try and ground my personalities with my history.
    Weak Areas: Female/Not depressing characters. I just can’t seem to create happy go lucky characters at all, and female characters fall pretty flat as well. Oh and names. I suck at coming up with names.

    Hints and Tips: Stick with what you know, and work from there. If you play to your strengths, you can work on what you aren’t quite as good at.

    Current Projects: Well, I am trying to get my own SU up for Even Gods May Die and start that up. Nothing else just yet.

    Future Projects: Well, I want to try and come up with a more original sci-fi RP based around Warhammer, but that hasn’t left the thinking process yet. Mixing Pokémon and Warhammer is another goal of mine, just for private laughs. I think that is all my current ideas….I think.
  6. *Kyurem*

    *Kyurem* Call me Pollyanna!

    Username: *Kyurem*

    Name: Kody

    Age: 13

    Gender: Male

    Experience: About a year.

    Favourite RPGs: I love to be in RPG's with lots of character interaction. Pokemon RPG's are my favorite at the moment!

    Characters: Male characters, I just have a tendency to do male characters considering I would know a male better than a female because I'm male. I have been planning to enter an RPG with a female character, though. I love to give my characters dark pasts like losing a family member and I love to make their features close to things having to do with myself. I love to use colder colored clothing for my characters such as blue, purple, and green. Their personalities are ALL different, though. I usually love to use loner characters who don't necessarily dislike being around other people, but just prefer to stay away from them.

    Strong Areas: History... I wish I could write a whole book's worth of words in that section!

    Weak Areas: I struggle a bit to pick out how the character looks, so descriptions! I just can't find a good look for their certain lifestyle or personality, but when I do, I get a bit excited because I have so many ideas in my mind.

    Hints and Tips: Always remember to have fun and don't be mean to the other players if they did something wrong. Work it out by telling them something is wrong or asking them to change something politely. Just because you're on the internet doesn't mean you shouldn't use your manners!

    Current Projects: Well I did have one... a Kirby RPG called Star Warriors Elite Vs. T: A Kirby RP After a while everyone just stopped posting. So I closed it down...

    Future Projects: Maybe after I go through a whole 1 or 2 RPG's, then I will probably start a Pokemon RPG of my own.
  7. EllenCeladon

    EllenCeladon Member

    Username: Ellen Celadon
    Name: Justin Lindley
    Age: 25
    Gender: Gender Neutral, Biologically Male

    Experience: 9 years
    Favourite RPGs: I enjoy Slice of Life and Comedic RP's the very best.
    Characters: Dynamic odd-balls. I love playing characters who might be viewed more as supporting cast than the main character.
    Strong Areas: I am best at character creation, I find it exhilirating.
    Weak Areas: Keeping posts a Uniform length, my first post will usually be like a novel, as I set moods and tomes and drop the base line of my characters back story. Then they tend to get progressivley shorter, with randomly long posts sprinkled in.

    Hints and Tips: Have Fun with it! The number one thing that kills an RP is people taking themselves too seriously!

    Current Projects: I just joined this site, and have only been accepted to 1 RP so far, Kanto Adventures

    Future Projects: I hope to get involved in some amazing RP's, but I don't really have anything planned at the moment.
  8. Sketchie

    Sketchie blue.

    Username: Sketchie
    Name: Chase
    Age: 18
    Gender: Genderfluid, male

    Experience: far too long
    Favourite RPGs: Post-Apocalyptic, Pre-Apocalyptic, or Daily Life.
    Characters: Masculine characters, usually having some tragedy in their history. Usually have a mental illness or show signs of a mental illness, because Whoops.
    Strong Areas: HISTORY. I'm wonderful at creating histories! I write both sins and tragedies, and I can really make sure a character suffers, allowing for some messed up perceptions and opportunities for growth.
    Weak Areas: Women and overcoming the temptation to change everything five days after I've made the character.

    Hints and Tips: Haah... just have fun. Don't get too overwhelmed, keep up. If you have to drop out, drop out.

    Current Projects: I do a lot of private RP's these days, tiny RP's with a friend or two. I used to be active on Cherubplay and MSPARP, but not as much anymore.

    Future Projects: I'd like to make a Post-Apocalytic RP... after I finish the ones I'm in. Or maybe I'll start it soon. I.. don't really know.

    Ongoing RPs

    Kalos Chronicles Take 2 - Joshua Hoffman [SU]
    Titans: Control Freak's Island Paradise - Lucas Moncrief
    The Legendary Awakening - Chance Bingham, Camilla Cartwright [SU]

    Finished RPs

    Control Freaks Contest Royal - Lucas Moncrief [SU] [Discussion]

    Dead RPs
    From Oldest to Newest

    The Blight of Dragon-Fall - Merenwen Nenharma
    Pokémon 2012: Überload - Sophia Larson [Sign Up] [Discussion]
    ~Prof. Gureshaw’s Midnight Course~ - Chase Lewis [Sign Up]
    Team Freewill - Jutta Flamme, Aiden Bradford, Mary Williams [Sign up] [Discussion]
    Be Human - Rose Allen [Sign Up]
    Escape From PokeTopia - Millie the Ralts, Taylon the Buizel [Sign Up]
    The Shadows of DarkeBramble Heart - Merenwen Nenharma [Sign Up]
    Honor - Jarrith Mann [Sign Up] [Discussion]
    Pokemon: Return of Darkness - Katrina "Kat" Becker [Sign Up] [Discussion Thread]
    Project Gijinka: Reborn - Anna "Zeke" Meyer
    Autumn Nights - Lucas Moncrief [Sign Up] [Discussion]
    My Little Pony: The New Elements - Feather Stormm [Sign Up] [Discussion]
    Pokemon: the New Gen Chronicles - Emma Riker [Sign Up] [Discussion]
    Rose Red - Chase Lewis, Samuel Issak [Sign Up]
    The Secrets of August Manor - Daria Lemon [Sign Up]
    Honor v2 - Jason Parker [SU] [Discussion]
    Kindred - Rosemarije/Jackson Agrona Archer [SU] [Discussion]
    Innistrad - Titania "Titan" Andronicus
    Repercussion of Sin - Nicolas Michael Vespero
    First Time for Everything - Lucas Moncrief [SU]
    Titans: Red War - Lucas Moncrief, Kathrine Smith [SU] [Discussion]
    Mythos: the Return of Magic - Derek van Velde, Lexa Valencia [SU] [Discussion]
    Legend's Guardians - Joshua Hoffman and Isaac [SU] [Discussion]
    Gligar's Island - Eduard van Houten
    Tropical Apocalypse - Lucas Moncrief [SU]
    Amrita Academy: the School of the Gods - Nani Mahelo'a, Nicolas Vespero, Lucas Moncrief [SU]
    Enraptured - Joseph Rheam
    War: Want to Rule the Pokemon World - Seneca Elèison
    Johto Adventures - Joshua Hoffman [SU] [Discussion]
    Summer School Paradise - Markus Moncrief
    Justice League AU - Lucas Moncrief / Batman - [SU]
    Camp Ever After - Maribelle Charming, Aurum
    Carefree Worries - Karen Finch
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2019
  9. goldensteambun

    goldensteambun loanshark prince

    lol half *** profile

    Username goldensteambun

    Name Julien

    Age 17

    Experience I have been RPing for a year now but only drawing-based RPGs on Deviantart, so I don't have much experience on literature-based RPGs on this forum.

    Favourite RPGs Ones of my favorite fandoms such as Pokemon, Digimon, Persona... I also like original ones with creative ideals and unique plot.

    Characters Mostly male, good looking bishie ones since I'm not quite creative with character design and can't RP girls for my life.

    Strong Areas I'm very descriptive ? And I can draw for RPG //useless

    Weak Areas Everything. English, since I'm not a native English speaker. Active participation, since I do have an unusual schedules IRL or and just got bored very quickly.

    Hints and Tips Don't design your character with too much details, seriously Q 7 Q it kills to draw them

    Current RPG


    - The Eevees that Bind
    - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Journey Into the Frontier
    - The Return: Memory Reversal


    - Morphos Metaphor
    - The Digital War
    - Pokejinka Park
    - PokePokeGO
  10. Schade

    Schade Nothing to report, professor!

    Username: Schade
    Name: I would like to keep that to myself.
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male

    Experience: Started RP'ing around 2 years ago here on the site. I try and build up my experience and master the way I RP by bringing back old characters, etc.

    Favourite RPGs: Mostly the darker ones including the supernatural. Though my favorite kinds are the Pokemon themed ones. Mostly the ones where you're a trainer and you have one Pokemon to start out with. These are the best RP's to expand your experiences on, imo. I am also a fan of Pokemon-themed action RP's with lots of action, guns, etc. etc. Basically Die Hard, Pokemon version!

    Characters: The ones that would eventually get on everyones nerve. They're usually short tempered and downright mean. Due to my lacking skills in overly detailed personas, they tend to be pretty blend, and stripped of emotion, though some Plot twist always turn that around. Lately, I've tried to re-use some old characters, and spicing the up. Oddly, all my characters in Pokemon-themed RP's are filthy rich. Heh.. oh well.

    Strong Areas: I use a lot of hints and referrences when I write. Oddly enough, this is often only seen in Pokemon-related RP's, as there is a lot to get inspired from in those. I like to think I am good at bringing some humor to my characters, intentional or not.

    Weak Areas: The History section. Oh, the history section of a character SU. I always tend to get boring, short and downright dumb history sections. Though I have improved a lot, there is still a long way to go. I am also quite weak in the dialouge, often relying on others to write before me so that I only write responses to others.

    Hints and Tips: Don't try to expand your own limitations when writing. Take it slow, and improvement will start to show eventually.

    Current Projects:

    A Tale of Heroes: Valmiro Eberhart

    Kanto skies: Zachary Lascelles.

    Teen Titans Undercover: Alexander Lascelles

    Future Projects: I sometimes help others out with ideas.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2015
  11. SteelKing 2012

    SteelKing 2012 An Iron Fist

    Username: SteelKing 2012
    Real name: Not telling.
    Age: 16
    Gender: Obviously, I called myself SteelKing because I'm a girl. Yes, I'm male. Of course I'm male. In RP'ing? I make characters of both genders, but tend to write male characters more frequently.

    Experience: I started roleplaying a few years ago, on a Pokemon RPG forum. I stayed there until it died a sudden and unnatural death. My experiences with it mainly stretched to posting though, as you were limited to one character. But still, I stuck with the same character for the three years I spent there, and when the site died, he'd had all the Kanto badges, moving onto Johto, and I myself was a moderator. Of course, I had a different username back then. Its been a year since I stopped RP'ing though, so I'm getting into it again.

    Favorite RPG's: Sure, I'm a fan of Pokemon RPG's, but I spent so long doing them on the other site, so at this point in time, anyway, I'm looking for RPG's that have more of a fantasy element. I imagine I'll start RP'ing Pokemon again once I find something that catches my eye. I don't think it'll be just one of the normal journey ones, though.

    Character: All the characters that I've created have had very different personalities, but each one of them seems to have quite a dark history. Oh, and for some strange reason, all of their parents are dead. Yay. I find backstory to be one of the hardest things to do, though I don't have too much trouble with appearence or personality.

    Strong Areas:Um. I think I find it easier to write posts with a bit of action in them, because there's more that I can describe, and do.

    Weak Areas: Honestly, my weakest area is just getting my posts up to length, but in the RPG I've been in, the other posts were a bit short, so I couldn't really make much of them. But still, I'm getting better at lengthening my posts, so I can generally reach a decent length, nowadays.

    Hints and Tips: I can't actually think of much, but well... I've made characters for a lot of RPG's that have died. The problem I've seen, though, is that with most of them, they've simply given too many player slots to fill. Don't give thirty character slots. It doesn't work, in my experience.

    Current Projects: Not running any RPG's, and I don't imagine I will until I have plenty of experience on the forums. But I'm taking part in two RPG's, Tale of Heroes: Part 1, and The Archetype, which has basically died.

    Future Projects: Right now? I don't think I'm GM material. Maybe someday, but only if I can think of an original concept, and feel like I have the skill to make that concept into an RP.
  12. Janice Quatlane

    Janice Quatlane helloooo ladies

    Username: Janice Quatlane.
    Real Name: Awen. (Unusual, huh?)
    Age: 14. 15 on the 3rd of August.
    Gender: I am female.

    Experience: I started Rp-ing about 3 yearsago. I may seem a bit inexperienced, but I love roleplaying. My first character was actually a dragon. Since then, I've had many characters, "Evolving" from each other.

    Favourite RPGs: Pokémon ones. Where you're just a regular trainer, with your regular friends, on a regular journey.... I really can't stand the ones with evil beings holding you hostage, and your friends turning into mutants or whatever. I like simple RPGs where you're just a regular, boring human.

    Character: I've had a lot of these. For Pokémon, I used to use a Ninetales. It was 500 years old, fell in love with a Genesect, then some stuff happens, about team plasma, there's another 500 years go by, and Genesect and Ninetales meet again. Then it dies. My human characters, are a bit more creative. I had a runaway Princess named Caseryn, who eventually got a clone named Crystal, she wasn't very good though, as she wasn't very, well, made. She didn't have a decent back story, which meant that the whole story kind of failed.
    My latest character, Janice, is featured in a darker RPG. One about war in Unova and things. She was supposed to be a healer, and her job was to bring peace back to Unova, along with other guardians.

    Strong areas: Creating the RPGs.

    Weak areas: Actually DOING the RPGs.

    Hints and tips: Even if you have the option to create more than one character, don't. It's very hard to control them both.

    Current projects: 2, at the moment. However, they are run on different sites. One is called Anrivia, which is about a new region, and Darkness, is the war one. I've had many others, but they are dead and forgotten.

    Future projects: ..... Um..... I'm hoping to create some happy ones!
  13. Kamehamehadouken

    Kamehamehadouken New Member

    Hey. I'm new here, and I really don't know how to introduce myself, so this'll be my debut.

    Username: Kamehamehadouken
    Name: Hunter
    Age: 15

    Experience: I've been roleplaying for a solid year now on the website Pokecommunity. If any of you know me, it's as Heretostay123.
    Favourite RPGs: Normally I go for adventure-style roleplays of any kind. I like SAO, Pokemon, Naruto, the like.
    Characters: I either like to create goofy comic relief characters, suave heroes, or epic villains.
    Strong Areas: I'm good at joint posts, I believe, and my opening post may or may not be amazing.
    Weak Areas: Sometimes opening posts. They tend to be on either extreme. Otherwise, sign ups. It takes a while for me to get one together.
    Hints and Tips: Don't join more than you're capable of. I'm participating in quite a few though.

    Current Projects: 0, as of now.

    Future Projects: One day I hope to create my very own roleplay.
  14. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Mogar (Formerly Beirut/SpyroxPikachu)




    I had little to no idea what the term RPG meant before becoming an active member of a forum, as I was not an avid gamer at the time, I had really never seen the term used. So in turn, I really didn't start RPGing until I joined this forum. And low and behold, I was awful. There was nothing descriptive about my first character, and there was certainly nothing special about the first RPG I decided to make. However, as time went on I began to get better at my ability to tell stories, as well as in my ability to create interesting and balanced characters. Now that I'm older, I tend to enjoy RPGing more and more, I do it whenever I have spare time and I've even joined other sites that allow me to RPG.

    Favourite RPGs
    I adore horror as a genre, with the being said I adore horror RPGs and really wish that there was more of those existing on this forum. I'm also quite plain and don't really mind just adventuring Pokemon RPGs where you play as an ordinary trainer and just explore the realm of Pokemon. I also rather like Pokemon RPGs with a twist, or some sort of interesting gimmick. Fantasy RPGs that are almost like an MMORPG are also something I find insanely interesting and will always attempt to join.

    I like all sorts of characters, I also like making all my characters very different and giving them all sorts of quirks. I usually don't reuse characters, usually only creating new characters and making them to exclusively suit that individual RPG. I like making their names puns on things I enjoy or names that relate to their role in the RPG, one of my newer characters, Nova was named to be a fire character like a supernova but her full name, Nova Aalto actually means "new" and "age" respectively. Being someone who loves music I liked the pun of new age.

    Strong Areas
    I've found myself to be very good at creating characters, and I take great joy in making characters as interesting and relatable as I can. I want people to view them as people, not just a character that they found between the pages of a book. I take a lot of inspiration from the works of Conan Doyle, as he made two men who weren't exactly relatable, but they're two of the most realistic and wonderful men that I've ever had the honor of reading about. I also take pride in my very wide vocabulary.

    Weak Areas
    Plot. Plot is the bane of my existence. I know that it is truly the foundation of a story, but I struggle desperately with it. Making an interesting and perfectly flowing plot, is insanely difficult, as any writer will tell you. I take a very long time perfectly working out my plot, often making sure that everything flows before even beginning my RPG. This is why anything I write takes a very long time to ever see the light of the internet. The same goes with posting for RPGs.

    Current Projects

    Future Projects
    I dunno man maybe a Persona themed RPG but those never seem to last.

    Currently Partaking
    Honor [Redux]
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2015
  15. ChintzySnail

    ChintzySnail Banned

    ChintzySnail's RPG Profile

    Username: ChintzySnail
    Name: Richard
    Age: Twenty-three
    Gender: I haven't decided yet. I'm still supporting my my default build, male 1.0, but ya know, it's a crazy world...
    Experience: Forum RPing since I've discovered the internet. Table top RPing since I discovered my local comic book shop (five months now.) I've occasionally GM'd in the past, more so being an assistant.
    Favourite RPGs: I like RPG with realism. Anything that isn't nonsensical.
    Characters: Aliens. What I mean by that is foreigners outside the comfort zone/familiarity the setting of the RPG takes place in.
    Strong Areas: I'll let you decide. People tell me I'm very creative, if that counts.
    Weak Areas: I'm incredibly insecure, which affects my writing. Grammar also isn't so strong. I suck at writing Histories.

    Hints and Tips: Motivation is hard, find what you enjoy and use it as a reward system. What I do is pace around in random circles narrating the entire story in my head. It works for me.

    Current Projects: Nada
    Future Projects: I'm working on a modern-day science-fiction Pokemon RPG
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2013
  16. DarkraiFan999

    DarkraiFan999 Trainer of Legends

    Username: DarkraiFan999
    Name:I'm not putting my name here but you can call me X.
    Age: 13

    Experience: 1 year
    Favourite RPGs: Fantasy and Pokémon related
    Characters: all-round
    Strong Areas: character creation
    Weak Areas: Plot

    Future Projects: I want to re-make my Pokémon: Kalos Adventures RP with more detail but I think I need some help on the plot
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2013
  17. Sebax

    Sebax Member

    Username: Sebax
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male

    Experience: I have been roleplaying for around six years or so. Off and on. I am an Actor in RL, so my work on stage is pretty equal to playing a part in an RPG.
    Favourite RPGs: I like to make games and creates stories. Perhaps something a bit competitive, but fun to play.
    Characters: Musically-talented characters tend to be my M.O. Thespians, Sober-minded Gentlemen/Ladies are another Hallmark of mine.
    Strong Areas: I like the worlds I can create for people to play in. I think I give people pretty solid options in my RPs, and when I play in the RPs of others, I find that I can really adapt to their world.
    Weak Areas: Organizing and keeping things down a notch. My ideas tend to get a little big and out of hand, and people have a tendency to not know what to do because the idea is so vast.

    Hints and Tips: If you must do something cliched, then own it as your own. There are a reason that Mary Sues exist, and that is because the notion of them was once new and interesting. Challenge yourself, and even the most seemingly bland character can leap from the words and touch the reader.

    Current Projects: None, at the moment.

    Future Projects: I know it's probably been done to death, but I would like to try an RP where players choose one Pokemon to play as. What I would be bringing to the table would be my own particular way of story-telling and world creating.
  18. tatsu-okami

    tatsu-okami New Member

    Username: tatsu-okami
    Name: I share my name with a trombonist from England.
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male

    Experience: I believe between seven and eight years at this point. If memory serves, my first dive into RPing was on a Balto fan site, and for a good couple of years, I really didn't RP anything outside of that franchise. Around four-ish years ago would probably have been when I started trying out different RP premises, and most of those are the ones that I stick to today (even though the number of those premises are in the single digits).

    Favourite RPGs: As far as premises go? I honestly tend to re-visit four in particular, and two of said four much more often than the others. My first and most used setup is a crossover between Digimon and Pokemon; granted, the usual extent of the former franchise's appearance is the Digimon that I tend to play, which has been displaced into the world of Pokemon and has to befriend a trainer and accompany them on whatever endeavors they are currently on. My second most used premise is an RP set in the Okami franchise, essentially picking up a while after the end of the first game. My third and fourth RP premises are (in order of frequency of usage) an RP set in the Kung Fu Panda universe (taking place after the end of the second film) and a Star Fox RP, the latter of which I have rarely partaken in, mainly because not much was established before starting it.

    Characters: Well, I technically have only ever made two original characters (one of who has only been used once so far) that I have used in RPs as of now. But in general, whether original or canon characters, I typically RP as characters that are not to be trifled with due to their strength (and in the case of the Digimon that I mentioned before, temperament), but likely have some degree of self-doubt about themselves (although for my newest original character, that may or may not apply yet due to how recent he is). In the case of the Digimon in the aforementioned crossover premise, he has a past that haunts him and is causing much more harm to him than he realizes; he also has to adjust to an environment containing creatures that are most of the time much weaker than him, but which he still must sometimes do battle with.

    Strong Areas: I'd like to think that I'm good at writing the type of character that I described above. I also tend to make reasonably long posts, have great grammar, and I'm always eager to help people with their writing if they need it. I might have more specific strengths, but I honestly never really think about that kind of stuff; too many other things going on in my head at any given time.

    Weak Areas: I most certainly do not do a good job at writing happy-go-lucky characters, for one. I often have a really hard time with humans; in fact, my first and so far only human character that I created is the one that I only recently made, and I'm kind of surprised that I'm writing him as well as I have so far. I can handle canon human characters more easily because their personalities and mannerisms have already been established. I also tend to need a fair few details (at least one or two major plot-related ones, and sometimes a character arc for a less major character) to be established for an RP before I can start it, otherwise I rarely know where to go after a short while. And as mentioned before, I have only worked with a select few RP premises, and I have never really done well at trying new ones. Plus I'm a grammar freak, although that's something that I keep to myself pretty much 100% of the time aside from my just now bringing it up; typically the only time that I bring that side out during RPs is if another RPer asks for my input on sentence structure and the like. Also, I'm not sure if this is a weakness for me, per se, but I've never had the easiest time doing an RP with more than one other RPer, as group RPs that I joined ended up dissolving fairly quickly; then again, on the site where I had tried doing those, the other RPers weren't exactly as into it as I was, so maybe that was just bad luck on what I picked. Hopefully I was not too self-deprecating.

    Hints and Tips: I'd say that depending on how casual or serious the RP is, never be afraid to inquire about possibly establishing something to happen later on (of course, this is much easier if it's just you and one other person) in the RP; doing such a thing is probably the main reason that my current ongoing RP with a close friend has shifted to being a fanfic-in-progress that could potentially reach 400 or so pages in length by the time that it's done. And never be afraid to ask for help or input on your writing if you are unsure about something; feedback is your biggest tool to improving your skills.

    Current Projects: To be honest, the only ongoing RP that I have is not even an RP any more, but a fanfic: It is the premise mentioned earlier crossing over the Digimon and Pokemon franchises, and it is probably the biggest reason that that premise is my most frequently visited one nowadays. It started as a casual RP back in July of 2013, but after a couple of chance events that either I or my co-writer threw in out of nowhere (and with no forewarning to boot) and ended up asking each other 'hey, how far could we go with this?', it eventually ended up turning into a fanfic that is still being written, although I'm thinking of turning it into a comic if I can make enough progress on learning to draw, as I think it would work much better in a visual medium than a written one. That fanfic is currently close to 160 pages long, and since many plot events have still yet to happen, I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being in the 350-400 page range whenever it is finally finished.

    Future Projects: Does something even bigger than the potential 400 page fanfic/hopeful comic that only got started about a month ago count? Because that's the closest to 'future' that I've got. While this is not so much an RP as a proper RPG (when I hear RPG, I think something like D&D or the like), it might as well be worth mentioning, as it's the only other major project that I am partaking in at the moment, and it's decently close to being in this territory. Namely, I and several friends are seeking to revive an old RPG system using a universe known as Gnod, which in of itself we are kind of re-inventing after it basically vanished into nothingness some time ago. Think D&D, but entirely set in a world that is in of itself part of the afterlife, wherein all manners of dark and sometimes quirky beings and environments await.
  19. Genkai

    Genkai Wild Writer

    Username: Genkai

    Name: Maura

    Age: 23

    Gender: F

    Experience: 15+ years

    Favorite RPGs: I do enjoy fandoms (ex: Doctor Who, Pokemon, Fruits Basket, Dot Hack, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, etc) as well as fantasy (not supernatural), modern fantasy, modern slice of life, light sci-fi/cyberpunk.

    Characters: I write as male or female, I enjoy strong willed characters, as well as the geekish sort who are into science. I don't like to limit myself to types or anything, each role I make is for the story I'm in, I don't make anything prior to learning a plot. I also play as canons from fandoms, sometimes OCs but I don't like to these days.

    Strong Areas: I write well. I'm fairly prompt in posting where I can.

    Weak Areas: I'm awful with battle scenes or gore. It doesn't make me uncomfortable, I just have a hard time getting my vision to my fingertips.

    Hints and Tips: If you're not having fun, it shows. Communicate often and everyone so be happy.

    Current Projects: None as of yet.

    Future Projects: I could move some successful RPs from my main site to here, once I get my footing. It would be a group project but I enjoy one on ones more.
  20. Milennin

    Milennin *hugs Absol*

    Username: Milennin
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male

    Experience: Less than a year. I've signed up for several different RPs since I started, but like half of them never even got past the sign up phase for reasons such as: not enough sign ups, taking too long to get started and people losing interest, too many reserves and too little actual sign ups, inactive GM. The others that I've been a part of that did start died after a few entries. I think only like 2 of them managed to get more than 1 page of entries before dying off... I guess I'm just bad at picking the right RPs to join. I feel this is also holding me back somewhat; it's hard gaining experience when none of the RPs I'm part of last more than a couple of entries.

    Favourite RPGs: I'm mostly interested in Pokémon-based RPs, but I'm fine with other stuff too as long as the setting is not too dark/serious/grim. Not really too interested in joining other fan-based RPs, since I'm not enough into most other games/series/movies to want to RP in their worlds or with their characters.
    As far as structure goes, I like something that knows where it wants to go with its plot and doesn't spread out the players too much or gives them too much freedom as in where to go or what to do. This doesn't mean I want an RP in which everyone is very restricted, I just like there to be something to play for, rather than being a complete free-roam.

    Characters: I like to put a bit of myself in my characters while still keeping them different (but I think that's pretty common with RP characters). While I don't really like using the exact same character over again, I don't play a huge variety of different personalities either; but that's something I'll be trying to work on as I get more experience with the whole RPing thing. I prefer playing a somewhat neutral aligned character that leans more to being the good guy, rather than being the bad guy. It's just that I don't like my characters to be purely good or evil. As of now I also play primarily male characters, but I intend to try out playing some female characters in future RPs some time.

    Strong Areas: This is hard to say, because I'm pretty critical when it comes to my own stuff, and I don't have a whole lot of experience with RPing yet. But I guess I'm alright with coming up with characters that fit the world and story of the RP I join. Having worked on my own cartoon/comic series for years really helps when it comes down to selecting characters to play as, as I can just take one of my established characters and only change the things that need to be changed for the RP, and I'm ready to go.
    Something not directly to do with the quality of my RPing, but still really helps I think, is that I can really get into an RP I signed up for if I like the story and characters. I'll spend a lot of my free time thinking of how scenarios would play out if this or that would happen, and what I want to do for the next entry with my character, maybe plan out future character development etc.

    Weak Areas: Since English isn't my main language, anything to do with writing on here will never be as great as I'd like it to be. Another weakness of mine is that I have trouble going into great detail. This ranges from my character descriptions to their actual actions in the RP itself. I like to keep stuff short and to the point, and this forces the reader to use their own imagination quite a bit when reading my entries, which isn't ideal in RPs.
    A final big weakness I've discovered is that I have trouble taking initiative when it comes to taking action in an RP. I just need some sort of guideline of where my character should be going, or what kind of thing we're trying to do during a scene because I'm afraid of messing it up if I don't know at all. But maybe this lack of confidence is still part of my inexperience with RPing in general.

    Hints and Tips: Sorry, I got nothing. I'm the one who should be reading these from other people's entries.

    (edited to fix some of my writing and add some more things to some of the fields)
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2014

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