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The RPGer's Guild

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Pyroli, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    | The RPGer's Guild |
    For the nerdy buff in all of us

    Welcome one and all to The RPGer's Guild! This club is for anyone who either:

    • Partakes in RPing
    • Plays RPG Games
    • Is a huge fan of RPGs in general
    Basically this club is designed for anyone who would like to discuss the elements of RPGing, or perhaps talk about a recent RP they had they just left them in stitches, or maybe to even get advice on how to GM an upcoming RPG. It has many uses and welcomes all who would like to partake in it. We also welcome any genre of RPG, and are open to any ideas a person may have!

    | The Rules |
    Before you officially decide to join our ranks, please be wary of the rules of these strange lands.

    1. Follow all Serebii rules. This is the law we rule by.
    2. Respect all other members, no matter what sort of interest in RPGing they have. Please don't cause unnecessary drama.
    3. You must have an interest in RPGing in order to join. It doesn't matter if you like RPG Videogames or actually RPG on a site, or maybe you've never played either and just really like looking at RPGs or manging them without playing.
    4. Feel free to start a new discussion topic! Just make sure it's related to RPGing.
    5. Please be active. No posts for a month will have you booted from the club.
    6. Need character help, or idea help for an RPG you're VMing? That's awesome! Feel free to ask us what we think.
    7. Lastly. Please don't ask me to be a Co-Owner.

    | Joining |
    Want to join? Well we have just the thing for you!
    [I]I'd like to become part of the guild![/I]
    [B]How you got into RPGing/RPGs:[/B]
    [B]What sort of RPGing do you do?:[/B]

    | Guild Members |
    Beirut | Guildmaster

    | Guild Rankings |
    Curious about the ranking system? Look here for info!

    • Guildmaster - The Guild's Owner (Only awarded to me)
    • Officer - The Co-Owners of the Guild
    • Champion - Be an active member of the Guild (Have at least 50 posts)
    • Veteran - Be an active member of the Guild (Have at least 25 posts)
    • Casual - A normal member/starting rank

    | Club News |
    No current events

    | Userbars |
    Coming soon!

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