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The ruling of the Dragonite

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by encerchris, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. encerchris

    encerchris Epic Spriter

    -All SPPF rules
    -Only 1st stage Pokemon in the beginning (only the GM has got a final stage in the beginning)
    -No legendarys
    -No Dratini
    -Don't go too hard with your weapons! For example: no cannons or poisened swords

    The world of Pokemon, In the year 1268. The lands of all regions are being ruled by the mighty Pokemon Dragonite. People live in fear. Once a week, the group of Dragonite search for food, to feed their children. Some people help the Dragonite, by making piles of food for the Dragonite to take. And sometimes, the Dragonite are peacefull. But most of the time, they kill

    But there is hope. Because in Unova region, a rebellion is starting. A group of men and woman that, with the help of their Pokemon and their weapons, want to defeat the ruling of Dragonite. If they succeed, the men and Dragonite can live in peace forever. But they need more men and woman than they have now. Also, in different city's, theres different kinds of rebellious groups. They are led by only one person, Luxonior. He doesn't like to be seen in public, but in a fight, he and his Luxray can be killers. The rebellious groups all together form a big army, witch is going to bring down the ruling of the dragonite

    In Castelia Castle, we have a big group of normal footfolk. They have a large amount of weapons, arranging from sharp wooden knives to big iron swords. The armor arranges from leather to metal. Most of the time, they have Fire, Steel or Ground type Pokemon.

    In Nimbasa town, we have the knights. They are given a Blitzle at the age of four, so, when it evolves, they have their horse to ride on.

    In Mistralton town, we have the archers. At the age of two, they are given either a Pidgey, a Starly or a Pidove, and their parents learn them how to fly. When they reach the age of 6, they go to a special archery school, when they learn to shoot. Also, the leader of the rebellion, Luxonior, was born here. His parents gave him a Starly, and he still has his Stareptor. Because of being born here, Luxorion lives here and is a very good archer.

    In the farms of Nacrene, fruit and vegetables are grown, and animals are held for slaughter. They provide the rebellions of food.

    In Driftveil town, the mining is going on. They also make the weapons for the knights and footfolk here. This, toghether with Nacrene, is one of the most important towns for the rebellion, since the weapons are made here. At the age of 7, everyone is given a Drilbur to be used for mining. At the age of 12, everyone goes into the mines. The hours of working aren't long, just 8 hours a day. from 12 to 18, you work 3 days a week. After 18, you work 5 days a week.

    These are the towns that exist now.

    Sign up form

    Character name:
    Physical apearence:
    Weapon (and what it looks like):
    Starter Pokemon (only for Castelia and Nacrene):

    GM is encerchris, with this sign up form:

    Character name: Luxorion
    Age: 26
    Physical apearence: Long blond hair. He is skinny and doesn't have much muscles. But, his index- and middlefinger are very strong. He is fast, and very inteligent.
    History: He was born in Mistralton town, in the year 1242. His parents where around 30, and had a normal income. At the age of two, his parents gave him a Starly and 1 Pokeball, so that he could catch one more Pokemon. He went outside to train his starly, and after three hours, he saw a Shinx. After a battle with Shinx, he caught it.
    When he was seven, he went to Archery school. Here, it was shown that he was a very good Archer. When he was 11, his mother was taken by the Dragonite. His mom left a note saying that it wasn't because they killed her, but because they needed someone to take care of their baby's
    Hometown: Mistralton town
    Weapon: A black bow. This is a steel bow, that was specialy made for him four years ago. It can shoot arrows up to two miles away.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2013
  2. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    Quoted from the RPG Rules:


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