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The Rumble Island Tournament Extravaganza (RITE Sign-Ups)

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Really and truly
The Rumble Island Tournament Extravaganza

Seba Wright sat in a lawn chair on the balcony of her estate, comfortably enjoying the midday heat as she admired the ocean view before her; calm blue water stretching on for miles and miles with naught but a few Wingull and some quiet water types I the expanse before her enjoying the day, no form of civilization in sight. Taking a sip from a cool, fruity drink resting on a nearby table, the some fifty-year-old woman allowed herself to bathe in the warmth of the beautiful day. She was just beginning to fall asleep when she was startled by a sharp ringing noise coming from inside the house. Seba grunted in agitation, annoyed that her would-be nap had been so rudely interrupted.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” she muttered, slowly getting up from her comfortable position with a groan, a sour look on her face. She shuffled into her cheery air-conditioned home, irritated at having to leave the pleasant outdoors.

The ringing was emanating from a cute little red telephone sitting on a coffee table. Seba shooed a Leafeon lying on a stool by the phone; the eeveelution yawned and slowly hopped off the seat in annoyance, not bothering to make a fuss. The woman quickly sat down, pointedly ignoring the Leafeon and picked up the receiver in the middle of another ring.

“Hello?” she said, unable to keep the agitation out of her voice. However, the moment the voice at the other end of the line began speaking, her face lit up. “Oh, why hello, Lisa! How are y- what? Slow down, slow down, you sound like a hyperactive Pichu!” Seba cried into the phone, then paused as she listened. “…Yes, of course, you know I could never forget- …you don’t say…what? No! Oh…oh dear.” The woman’s hand flew to her mouth in shock, bright green eyes wide in a mixture of complete shock and utter fright. “That’s…no, no, I can’t believe…wait, you were told this by…really, you actually saw…?!” She paused, furrowing her eyebrows in concentration as she listened. “Well, yes, of course, you know I would always– …what? And you were given…I see. Yes, yes,” her eyes darted about frantically, and she quickly grabbed a pen and notepad lying near the phone, holding the pen like a lifeline. The Leafeon turned to glance at Seba questioningly, but the woman was entirely focused on her conversation and she began writing out notes furiously. “No, that would never do…well yes, I suppose that does make sense. But really, shouldn’t you be telling the proper authorities? Surely…ah yes, I see. Yes. But you really think-…but it’s such a big…do we really have the time to organize such a thing? Yes, yes of course, naturally. Well, could you come over so we could discuss- why not? …Martin? Well I suppose he would- I’m sure if-…yes, alright. You know I would do anything…yes, I shall get to work immediately,” Seba said, putting the pen down to scan a page-full of notes, still listening to the person at the other end. “Yes, al…alright. But Lisa…please be careful, dear,” she said, her voice lowering and eyes softening with care. “If this is all true…no, I hope not. Pray to Celebi for time; without it, there is no hope.”

Seba hung up the phone with shaking hands, a heavy weight on her heart, and sought out her husband.

“Hellooooooo, Johto! This is Noontime Nancy on The Trainer’s Hour, broadcasting live from Goldenrod City’s lovely Radio Tower, channel 97.1; bringing trainers throughout the region everything you need to know on the go!” A young woman with bright, bouncy red hair and a pair of thick wire-framed glasses spoke enthusiastically into a large black microphone in the recording studio, a cheery smile on her face as she began the program.

“To start off the show we usually have Penny Pokéradar with the newest on swarming Pokémon, but before we get to that our station’s producers (the lovely Bella-Maybelle and talented DJ-JD!) have told me to pass on a special message to you lucky listeners!” Grinning, Nancy cleared her throat and adjusted the huge headphones sitting stop her head. “The current buzz is all about the newly-announced Pokémon battle tournament, a competition that was recently approved by the Pokémon League and is thus official, and we’re the first to bring you the news!

“The name of the game, my lucky listeners, is the Rumble Island Tournament Extravaganza, and as the name suggests will be taking place on a secluded island – the exact location of which is unknown at present. The competition, we are told, has a different structure from any other official tournament, and though we don’t know the exact details we do know this; while it will be held through a series of Pokémon battles, trainers can fight whomever they want whenever they want, having the choice of using up to six Pokémon in one round. The Rumble Island Tournament Extravaganza, or RITE is looking for the best of the best to compete, and apparently the grand prize is something really huge! Again, few details have been released, but if there’s anything we know, it’s that this is going to be one heated tournament that you won’t want to miss, and it is promised to “rock our world!” Applications are being taken at Pokémon Centers around the globe, so be sure to get further details from your local Nurse Joy!

“In other news, a flock of Starly will be passing over northern Johto late today, so if you want an opportunity to catch this foreign Sinnoh Pokémon, be sure to…”

All over the Pokémon world, every single radio station, TV report, newspaper and magazine was abuzz with excitement about the RITE. Everyone was trying to soak in as many details as possible, to be the first to tell their viewers, listeners or readers about some new aspect of the tournament that nobody else has heard of. Unfortunately, the details of the competition were being kept very hush-hush, and few reporters could find anything new worth mentioning. One thing that did slip out, however, was that the Rumble Island Tournament Extravaganza was, while having been approved by the Pokémon League, taking place on some retired couple’s private island, and no League officials would really be involved in the running of the tournament.

This was rather curious, but nobody really bothered to give it a second thought since it just seemed like such a minor, unimportant detail. The mystery of the entire tournament really played a large part in intriguing so many people and causing the RITE to become a popular topic of conversation (not to mention the request for only the strongest trainers and the promise of a nice big prize). Within a few weeks, everyone, from Cherrygrove City to Agate Village, had heard of the RITE, and the applications were being sent in fast. Everyone wanted a piece of the promised action, the added mystery of knowing nothing about their opponents or any other thing about the tournament making everyone hungry for a chance to show the world what they’ve got.

But as the world filled with excitement and talk about the upcoming event, something great and powerful was stirring as if from a deep slumber. Contained within naught but a womb separated from reality, its strength was building as it lay waiting, ready to burst forth from its constraints and take back what it had, for centuries, been hungering for…

The Rumble Island Tournament Extravaganza is a competition meant for the best of the best Pokémon trainers. The tournament is structured in a way that will give every trainer the chance to prove their worth so that each participant has an equal shot at the mysterious grand prize. The turnout is expected to be large, however only the strongest trainers of the many who apply will be accepted. Gym Leaders, Pokémon League Officials and even past Pokémon League winners are not permitted to participate (nor are there any Officials involved in running the tournament itself).

RITE will be held on a secluded island (apparently owned by a wealthy retired couple), the exact location of which has not been disclosed. The trainers who get accepted will be informed so and will be given instructions to meet for a specific date and time at specific ports to take ships to the island.

The Rumble Island Tournament Extravaganza has drawn the attention of the entire world, its mysterious nature perking the attention of many. It seems that every single Pokémon trainer is applying, however their reasons for doing so differ from person to person, and perhaps not everyone will be entering just for fun. Do you join to show the world what you’ve got? Is your intention merely to battle different people and train to become stronger? Are you just after the big prize?

Whatever your reason, RITE doesn’t care: just bring your Pokéballs and lots of courage, and you’re ready for the tournament of a lifetime!

So you, among many others, have decided to enter this strange competition. You step inside the nearest Pokémon Center and ask the Nurse Joy at the desk where to register. She smiles and points at a simple computer at the end of the counter. You are faced with the following application form on the computer screen that you are asked to fill out to the best of your abilities.

Name: (please include first, last and middle if you have one)
ID Number: (the five numbers of your Trainer ID; all participants must be licensed Pokémon trainers, and if you are accepted your ticket will be sent to you via the PC system)
Age: (must be 16 years of age or older for legal purposes)
Gender: (self-explanatory)
Physical Description: (please be sure to include hair, eyes, skin, build, clothing, and (not precise) height and weight)
Personality: (a minimum of fives lines describing the way you act, think, get along with others and so on)
Background: (just a bit about yourself, not a great deal of detail required; simply where you come from, what you’ve done, and be sure to include your current status as a trainer – please keep in mind we’re looking for the best of the best, however past League Champions are not permitted to join)
Other: (if you have something to add that does not belong anywhere else, include it here)

You may have between two and six Pokémon, no limit on species [naturally, any trainer found owning a legendary will immediately be arrested by the Legendary Protection Agency]. Please fill out a form for every Pokémon being used.

Species: (the type of Pokémon)
Gender: (male, female or genderless)
Given Name: (their nickname if they have one)
Personality: (minimum of four lines; please be sure to include how they get along with others, how they battle and so on)
Other: (please include any physical oddities such as scars or odd colourations, or any other piece of information that ought to be mentioned about them here [you may have up to four TMs/HMs/Egg Moves for your entire team, distributed between Pokémon however you want, listed here])

There you have it, folks. A tournament that nobody knows much about but everyone’s talking about, though perhaps has more going on than what it appears from the outside. Simple…mostly.

For this RPG, the restrictions are simple and few. Mainly, you must be a trainer over the age of 16 with no legendary Pokémon, and you have to want to apply. You MUST be of decent strength and have enough experience to get you through the tournament, else you’ll lose pretty quickly. HOWEVER to keep people from being too overpowered and crazy, at least one of your Pokémon must be not fully-evolved (such as Ivysaur, Shinx or Ekans, and yes they can evolve later on) and you may not have completely beaten/come in first place any League, Tournament or the Battle Frontier. First place winners on record with the Official Pokémon League aren't allowed to participate in RITE.

I am not asking for much in the Sign-Up Sheet; I don’t want just the bare minimum, but there’s no need to make your SU eight pages long. I do not want or need RPG Samples, however I expect that you know the basics of how to RP. The idea here is that I want as MANY characters as possible: I want lots and lots of Sign-Ups, and not only will I allow close to unlimited chances to edit your SU, but in fact I am also willing to allow people two (and in some cases three) characters to a person. It is, however, expected that you be able to keep track of your characters and properly control them, and you can only try to make another character after the first has been accepted.

I myself will be using a large number of NPC characters (none of whom will have any real importance) as well as be basically narrating the story and controlling the three characters who are in charge of the RITE. However, this WILL be a large RP and the fact that it is a tournament will require a lot more attention.

Consequently I would also like to have a few helpers of sorts. These are not co-owners, and they will not be running any of the main aspects of the RP. These people will be Referees, and their main job will be to control/judge the battles that take place on the island; simple as that. It’s not hard, but it WILL require a certain amount of effort and skill, so anyone who wants this job must have the extra bit of time on their hands as well as know a good bit about Pokémon battling.

Referees may still be trainers in the RP, but they won’t be able to ref their own battles. Anyone applying will be sent a test over PM to see if they have the creative potential to be a Referee, so I won’t accept every single person who applies (I’m being selective here, so please don’t be offended if you’re not chosen). If you’re interested, please just post the following:

Applying for Referee.
Previous Experience: (just mention what experience you have with battling, a basic summary of how much you know; it is important that anyone interested also be up-to-date with the new D/P battling system (the new attacks, abilities and Physical/Special division). The more experience and the more I know of you, the better)
Other: (anything else you want to note, perhaps why you’d be a good Referee and whatnot)

Pending Referees:
Dream Breaker​

Even though it's not really necessary since I intend to allow so many participants, I will be accepting reservations, however they have the potential to expire at whatever point I see fit (a week's notice will be given in this case).

The Doctor

So yup, that’s about it. Send in your applications and let’s get this ball rolling! Good luck, everyone, and we’re hoping to see you soon for the tournament of a lifetime!

Character List:
Dream Breaker – David Braeden “DB” Evans
storymasterb – Ben Arlos
Requiem's Eclipse – Eileen Verriline
Benandcheese – Joseph “Joey” Kolar
Xashlei – Christos Lifaine
Otter16 – Alec Sanders
Gamekrazy – Jiro Yuki Kimotama
Razor Shiftry – Jack Mariner
Kohdok – Kirkland
Iareto – Fabrizio “Britz” Ezra Cedolins
~*Nobody*~ – Tai Thorn
~Neon~ – Laurence Jeremy
InnerFlame – Liz Anaya Main

Sign-Ups are OPEN!

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The Doctor

Absolute Beginner
Do you mind reserving me a place? I need to tidy up my new character. Hopefully it should be well worth the wait.


There was a child here. They're gone now.
Ooh! Ooh! It's RITE- It's not SEFGL (*sigh*), but an entertaining roleplay nonetheless. So, I'd like a reserve please.
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Fire and Ice Combo
This look like fun I'm making a new trainer right away, I also might give being a ref a try though I don't think I would be qualified (low self-confidence kicking in)... Could you reserve me please?

Dream Breaker

The Accursed
Ref Application

Previous Experience: I'm currently a ref in the forum's ASB league and have been for around three years and counting. I have been a participant in the ASB for around four years. I've gained a certain familiarity with most attacks and how they work through the Attack Descriptions I'm forced to work with as a ref in the ASB. With the recent addition of DP to the league I've also gotten more familiar with reffing the new techniques from that generation. I'll admit that I'll probably need to adjust to implementing abilities in battle (they're obselete in the ASB unless something is specified in the Species Characteristics thread). Also, although it doesn't pertain as much as the previous information, I've had some experience as an updator in the Fizzy Bubbles RPG forum.
Other: I like to think my reffings are descriptive enough to give the battlers a clear picture of what's going on without sounding like I'm writing something for fan fiction. Due to my summer break I have plenty of time to spare in between summer coursework and spending time with my family to ref, though if this continues on into the fall I may have to talk with you about extended absences as my Junior year starts.


Name: David Braeden “DB” Evans

ID Number: 12229

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Perpetually tanned, slender, and rather tall are basic characteristics of DB’s body. He has shaggy dark hair, somewhere between a darker brown and black, falling just above his eye line and over the majority of his ears. His eyes are equally dark but just a touch lighter. They’re always brooding, harboring his thoughts and emotions rather well; his eyes are a good gauge of his mood and are the most expressive features on his face. DB’s ears are pierced with dull silver studs, memories of the life he left back in Pyrite Town.

He sports black running shoes and faded jeans, ripped at one of the knees and ragged at the bottoms. On top DB wears a plain white T-shirt underneath of a jet-black windbreaker with grey trim, still not used to the climate of the other regions. He has a small sports bag that he carries around on his back. It carries all of his necessary items as a trainer: Pokedex, Pokéballs containing his squad, and other miscellaneous items.

Personality: He seems quiet and brooding all the time, but when you get to know him DB is actually really expressive, easy-to-read because he wears his heart on his sleeve. Though for the cameras, he will keep his image of a dark and rugged teen; he’s a completely different person when you reach him on a personal level. It may take awhile to reach said level, though, because he isn’t very personable or friendly during tournaments for the sake of keeping his image up. He seems to hide behind it.

That said, he’s calm under pressure situations if you’re looking anywhere but his eyes when DB’s fighting. In other words, his exterior is calm and poised whereas his mind is flitting through tons of options at a rapid pace. Sometimes he inadvertently breaks character and has been seen messing with the studs in his ears in particularly stressful situations.

Background: Born David Braeden Evans, DB took on his current pseudonym after he ran away in hopes of creating a better life for himself. Evading the Pyrite police proved easy enough and it was only a matter of time before he escaped via ship to Hoenn as a stow-a-way. He was 13 years old at the time. He fit right in with the crowds of teens scrambling to start their own journeys, and though they were mildly suspicious of his hesitate answers yet gave him the benefit of the doubt; he became a certified trainer under his assumed name.

Since then, he’s traveled through Hoenn, proving himself quite capable. Within two years he’d beaten the eight badge holders and was graced with an invitation to the Hoenn League tournaments. Though he didn’t win, he placed high and gathered quite the fan base. He quickly boarded a ship to Sinnoh, where he continued to gain popularity overseas. DB beat his own record, gaining an invitation to the Sinnoh League tournaments within a year and a half. He lost in the later rounds, but his spirits picked up at the news of the RITE competition. With his loyal team in tow, DB has high hopes for himself and his loyal squad.

Species: Staryu
Gender: Genderless (though it considers itself a male)
Given Name: Cyril
Personality: Cool and calculating, sometimes even doing things DB didn’t tell him to perform. Nevertheless, he likes to get the job done, even if it means breaking a few rules. Outside the battlefield he’s incredibly lazy. It’s exactly why DB hasn’t evolved him yet; until he can get his act together and train DB will withhold the Water Stone he has for him. Cyril also possesses a sharp wit and he’s not afraid of breaking into your mind to deliver a particular harsh critique of your physique / personality / mistake you just made.
Other: His gem somewhat pale, devoid of the richer reds most Staryu gems are known for. In fact, DB would almost go as so far to say it’s downright white sometimes. It varies. DB has given Cyril the gift of Thunderbolt, though DB maintains he shouldn’t have taught it to him.

Species: Ninetales
Gender: Female
Given Name: Tethys
Personality: Pretty lazy and lackadaisical. She’s not very motivated to do anything but eat and sleep, really, and DB doesn’t mind. She’s paid her dues and gets off her butt long enough to attain a victory; her battling record is quite one-sided to the victory side. There’s some sort of mutual respect between the two. Tethys doesn’t respond well to heckling, though, and takes out her frustrations on those who dish out the insults non-stop.
Other: Tethys is capable of calling upon her genetics, employing the use of the moves Hypnosis and Energy Ball.

Species: Sceptile
Gender: Male
Given Name: Raeth
Personality: DB’s starter. Raeth has been with him through everything and even has been made aware of DB’s actual past. He surrounds himself with challenges for some reason, always desiring to test himself and build up his pool of experience so that he can always surprise his opponent with unique counters to attacks. He’s the obvious leader of the squad, building up and prepping his fellow teammates when they need it. When he's not in a tight spot he spends his time swimming in streams or rivers where DB and co. have camped out.
Other: Raeth knows Drain Punch courtesy of the TM DB gave to him.

Species: Swellow
Gender: Male
Given Name: Lorien
Personality: Flighty and a little hyperactive at times, Lorien is the newest member of the squad and probably the most entertaining. He’s always messing around with the other squad members when they’re all together but it’s all in good fun. Even Tethys doesn’t mind. Lorien’s different in battle, though. He carries out orders to the best of his abilities but always congratulates the opponent on a good fight.
Other: None; your average Swellow but with an eternal sugar high.

Species: Arbok
Gender: Female
Given Name: Circe
Personality: Despite her appearance and species, Circe is a friendly creature of prey. She’ll talk the ear off of any Pokémon in her presence, thoroughly enjoying gossip and any risqué humor between herself and other females. She tries her hardest in battle (though without DB’s training she wouldn’t battle at all) but gets easily tired of the monotonous battles. Circe also hates tough challenges. Rather than live up to the them, she finds it much easier to give up and make conversation with it.
Other: She’s not as bulky as your typical Arbok, being more slender and a touch longer than most.
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Knight of RPGs
Name: Ben Arlos.

ID no: 10495
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Physical description: Ben is about 5 foot 2 inches tall and weighs about 11 stone. He wears a red jacket (similar to the one Zoey from the anime wears, don't know the proper name) and black tracksuit bottoms. He has brown hair and grey eyes. Ben has heavily tanned skin due to his large amount of time spent in the sun. He is of medium build and has a lot of freckles on his face.

Personality: Ben doesn't really bond with people that well as he knows that at some point his friends may become his foes. He believes that being alone is best and that friendship makes you vulnerable. This comes from his dads harsh military point of view, but Ben considers it a wise policy to abide by. He also believes that Pokemon are only good for battling and that he has to train only the strong Pokemon, taking the view that only the strongest are worth training (in this case the tournament may have more than one lesson to teach him). He considers most trainers below him, respecting only those who beat him. Ben does however have what he considers weaknesses when it comes to pretty girls. He considers this "Adolesent behavior" as something he needs to deal with.

Background: Ben comes from Blackthorn City in Johto where he grew up learning about Pokemon from his dad, a captain in the Johto army. He started with Totodile on his journey and quickly aquired a group of strong Pokemon through his harsh training methods. The core of this team is his starter, now a Feraligator. He managed to get to the Silver Conference, but came in 5th place. After that he drifted throught the other regios, randomly challenging trainers until he felt ready to take on the league again. This time he had to fight the Elite Four and was defeated by the third member, Aaron from Sinnoh. Now Ben just does what tournaments he can, never realising why he always gets beaten. Then he decided to enter RITE to see what he could learn about his losses.


Species: Feraligator.
Gender: Male
Personality: Feraligator is Bens starter and has inherited most of its trainers personality. It is a tough Pokemon with almost no respect for those it considers inferior, but has a severe rivalry with the Drapion belonging to Aaron of the Elite Four due to the Pokemon sharing similar personalitys and attitudes. It also has inherited Bens weakness of liking cute girls, but Feraligators crushes are limited to Water and Dragon Pokemon. The list includes gym leader Clares Kingdra, a wild Dragonite and strangely Whitneys Miltank.
Other: Feraligator has a scar on its arm caused by an Air Slash during Bens failed attempt to catch Lugia in the Whirl Islands.

Species: Roserade
Gender: Female
Personality: Roserade is the most caring of Bens Pokemon and is known to use Aromatherapy to heal its opponents after battles. This earns it little praise from Ben, who considers such behavior a sign of weakness. However he still keeps it due to its formidible arsenal of Grass and Poison moves. Roserade does get romantic attention from male Grass type Pokemon, which it mainly ignores.
Other: Roserade knows Leaf Storm.

Species: Houndoom
Gender: Male
Personality: Houndoom is the very image of what Ben believes his Pokemon should be like. It is uncaring and has been known to take battles too far, which ends with Ben getting disqualifyed. It constantly argues with Roserade, who believes that emotions give strength. Houndooms counter to this is that emotions can be used against you.
Other: One of Houndooms horns has been snapped off at some point, leaving a stump.

Species: Aipom
Gender: Male
Personality: Aipom is Bens most recent catch. Beside Roserade it is also his most caring Pokemon. Aipom is always willing to help others, even its opponents. On one occasion a Pikachu belonging to one of Bens opponents got trapped in a forest by a gang of Spinarak and Ariados. Aipom went in and rescued it before returning the Pokemon to its trainer. Ben was not impressed and kept Aipom in its Pokeball for a week.

Species: Gabite
Gender: Female
Personality: Gabite is the Pokemon that is most loyal to Ben. This is becuase he saved its life when it was attacked by a garchomp for not showing the proper respect (as well as refusing to mate with its son). Ben stepped in and knocked out the Garchomp. However for a strange reason he took pity on Gabite and caught it instead of garchomp, perhaps predicting how loyal it would become. Gabite is the natural leader of bens team out of battle and keeps order in the group.
Other: Gabite knows Iron Tail. It also has a torn fin from the garchomp attacking it. This sometimes leads other trainers to think it is male.

Species: Weavile
Gender: Male.
Given name: Frost.
Personality: Apart from Gabite Weavile is one of Bens most loyal Pokemon. This could be backed up by the fact it is the only one of Bens Pokemon with a nickname. It is cruel and sadistic. When it speaks it usually does so to insult or emotionally hurt whatever Pokemon is unlucky enough to talk to it. It shows nothing but respect for Ben however.
Other: Weavile has a torn tail feather. It also has sharp lines sliced into its crest. It knows Dragon Claw.

Requiem's Eclipse

Hopelessly Hopeful
Name: Eileen Verriline

ID Number: 30098

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Eileen's stand out feature is her dirty blonde hair. It almost looks as if chocolate was pored on pure gold. She has caramel brown eyes with a swirl of green in her left one. She is pretty small for her age. She is usually said to be younger then she really is. Eileen has a fit enough body for men to salivate over but she isn't muscle bound.

Eileen's wardrobe usually consists of mini skirts and layering t-shirts and tank-tops. But, her favorite outfit is a denim mini skirt with a small Wingull emblem on the left pocket and a red t-shirt with faded letters spelling "Suny" on the front left side going vertical and "Shore" on the back in the same fashion but on the right. She usually wears some red and white sneakers with them. The sneakers are from the same brand as her shirt and skirt. Sometimes she may swap the shoes for some sandals. She carries a rather large handbag around with her. The bag has three main compartments. The biggest one is usually filled with extra clothes and potions for her pokemon. The other two are used for her TMs and pokeballs.

Personality: Unlike the blonde stereotype, she has a lot of common sense and knows what's right from wrong. But, when it comes to algebra she just shutters. She can't comprehend letter and numbers together or numbers being letters, it's just all too confusing. When it comes to pokemon battling she can be clumsy at times using the wrong move on the wrong pokemon but, she is a great trainer. When she sets her mind on the battle she can be absolutely devilish in her attacks and movement.

Eileen is a very cheery girl and unintentionally ditzy at times. This reinforces people to believe she is a typical blonde. She is also quite flirty when it comes to men. She may sneak a glance at them in a very sensual way. Men seem to love her but, women call her a common prostitute with better looks and no herpes. This makes her gravitate toward having more male friends since she is so good at seducing them. On the other hand, with people close to her she is rather caring and courteous to them. Those friends believe she is wrongly judged because of her first impression on people.

Background: Eileen was born in Sunyshore City in Sinnoh. She always dreamed of becoming a pokemon champion but, fate would take that chance away from her. After becoming ten Eileen traveled to Twinleaf Town in order to register for the League. She did and choose Piplup as her starting pokemon as it was the only one that was water. She loved water pokemon since she lived on the beach in Sunyshore City and that's the only type of pokemon she saw. As she began going through the ranks, badge after badge after badge, battle after battle after battle. She finally got back to her hometown in Sunyshore. She just had beaten the all the gym leaders. She then applied for the league tournament and ultimately lost in the semi-final rounds. Though she caught many Sinnoh pokemon, she only kept her then Prinplup, or Evan, to Kanto.

After her defeat in Sinnoh Eileen went to try her hand at the Kanto league. She met a plethora of pokemon but, kept only Harley, a Arcanine. She too lost there but, only in the semi-finals once more. Johto and Hoenn ended in the same fashion with new pokemon added to her party. William, a Altaria, from Hoenn, Serena and Romeo, a Glaceon and Gallade, respectively. She just about given up on the dream for league champion until she heard the news about RITE. What she once believe was a farce, could be finally coming true, her maintaining a title.

Other: She suffers from Panic and Anxiety Attacks in stressful situations. So, she needs to take medication for them.


Species: Empoleon

Gender: Male

Given Name: Evan

Personality: Evan has a very strong personality and is steadfast. He is faithful to Eileen no matter what she does. He is caring to all of Eileen's other pokemon. Evan acts as the father of the team. He always follows the less mature pokemon who get themselves into trouble. With other trainers and their pokemon he is always suspicious about them even if Eileen trusts them. During battle he seems to never miss the opponent and has a lot of stamina. He tends to be a show off sometimes when he is partnered with one of the girls but, he always messes up if he tries. Eileen also gave her the name ‘Stud’ because of this.

Other: Knows Surf by HM. One of his triton spears are missing a spike. This happened when Harley fought him

Species: Glaceon

Gender: Female

Given Name: Serena

Personality: Serena is a tad lazy when it comes to anything other then battling. When ever she lets him out she is always curled up sleeping. In battles she usually wakes up and lands the first blow. Serena doesn't like when Eileen wakes her up and always blasts a Ice Shard on her. On the other hand, once she wakes herself up she is the mother figure of the team. She is caring and loving and not judgmental like Evan is. She trusts Eileen's faith in other people. In battles she is strangely swift and attacks hard. She is like a Special Sweeper.

Other: Knows Ice Beam by TM. Her tail is seams separated because the hair is really unkempt there.

Species: Aipom

Gender: Female

Given Name: La La

Personality: La La is extremely playful and acts as the baby of the team. She usually cries if she doesn’t get her way. This usually leads her not to listen to Eileen and is extremely stubborn. This is why she hasn't evolved yet. La La doesn't want to be a ugly Ambipom and stays in her form she is now. With fellow pokemon she seems bratty and takes food from them just for a prank. Like Evan she is rather suspicious of new people. Eileen got Kristia as a egg from her father. That's probably why she doesn't like Eileen that much. Aside from that, she is rather strong and is very fast.

Other: Knows Slam by Egg.

Species: Altaria

Gender: Male

Given Name: Doonan

Personality: Doonan is the trouble maker of the team always playing pranks on his team members and sometimes even Eileen. He usually picks on La La because she is the baby of the team. He usually puts bitter berries that Eileen gives him and puts it in La La's sweet food. This then makes La La cry and a whole battle ensues between the two of them. He is also the clumsiest of them all and usually trips when he lands and he even runs into trees when trying to take off. One thing Eileen notices about Doonan is that he usually has affections only for males and not females. Doonan is the best pokemon defensively of the group.

Other: Knows Fly by HM. He is also Homosexual as hinted in the personality so, he too swoons over the other men in the team. He is a shiny Altaria.

Species: Arcanine

Gender: Male

Given Name: Harley

Personality: Harley is, well, conceited. He believes he is the most powerful one in the team and can take anything down. This usually leads him to get into a lot of scuffles with Evan since he is the “alpha male” of the team. However, Evan wins because he is a water pokemon. Harley doesn’t do that all the time though, he usually is what a canine should act like, loyal and intelligent. He knows common sense unlike the team mates and continuously seems to help win battles. Harley is a genuine heartthrob that allures Glaceon, who Evan has a crush on thus, creating more of a rift between the two. He is almost as strong as Evan but is quicker then him. He has a plethora of fire moves at his disposal. These move include Flamethrower and Fire Fang. He is also able to use Reversal.

Other: Harley has a crescent shaped scar under his left eye from a scuffle with Evan.

Species: Gallade

Gender: Male

Given Name: Romeo

Personality: Romeo is what you call a hopeless romantic, and that's where she got his name. He would always find a female pokemon to flirt with. Most notably Gardevoir. So this may make him show off in front of La La and Serena making his battle a bit....."show-offy" making Evan a tad jealous of him. This also means that he is the in competition with Harley for Heartthrob of the team. However, this determination to show off makes him undoubtedly stronger then Evan but, he doesn't feel that he should beat him to take over the Alpha Male position. He feels this way because it's immature to him to have a caste system within the team. That philosophical standpoint on the subject makes him a bit more approachable for La La and Serena. However, he only wants to impress them and not get to involved with the girls. That usually ends up with him leaving when the swoon over him or follow him around.

Other: Just a normal Gallade.
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Another round?
Oooo...this looks really interesting. A sign-up beckons.

Name: Nina Woodley

ID Number: 40945

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Nina's hair leaves something to be desired, since it only goes to waist length. The black strands occasionally cover her dull, sapphire coloured eyes. There is some contrast between her hair and her pale skin. Other than that, what you usually expect from a 17 year old girl. Thin structure, average height and weight.
She doesn't have any piercings or tattoos. She does have a small scar on her left elbow.

Personality: Nina generally gets along with people, and calmly responds when necessary.
She has friends, but is not particularly good at making friends.
She has a small tendency to only trust her friends.
She tends to work better alone, but can work in a group relatively well.
Nina also has, the ability to always to against things that are "in".
She irregularly conforms to others beliefs, because she knows that some are right, some are wrong, so her philosophy is, "Never believe what others think you should do something, think of your own way of doing that certain things."
She always wants to know what is happening, and sometimes takes extra steps to learn who someone is, or what is actually happening.

Background: Nina originates from Celestic Town in Sinnoh. Her everyday life until 14 was continusly the same, day in, day out. On her 14th birthday, she was asked if she would like to start a pokemon journey. She agreed happily. She was taken to Sandgem, where she got her starter, Chimchar.
She has beaten most of the gyms in all the regions with official pokemon gyms. She has not got the badges from: Viridian, Sootopolis, and Sunyshore.

Other: None.
Species: Monferno
Gender: Female
Given Name: Monko
Personality: Monko is Nina’s starter. Because of that, it thinks it’s better than the other team members on her team. Monko prefers to use only offensive moves in battle, so there can be more rest afterwards. And, it seems active, however, it is actually quite lazy otherwise.
Other: The blue stripe of most Monferno’s eyes is actually green on Monko.
Monko has learnt Poison Jab. Not sure why.

Species: Rampardos
Gender: Female
Given Name: Smasher
Personality: Smasher is a rare case. In double battles, it attacks whoever it wants, even its teammate. It does have great respect for Monko, because Monko saved it when it was a Cranidos from falling into a river. Smasher generally uses high power moves to get the battle done really quickly.
Other: Smasher’s rocky surface is more jagged and rough than a regular Rampardos.

Species: Luxray
Gender: Female
Given Name: Sparker
Personality: Sparker is the loner of the group. Doesn’t like confrontation much. Sparker prefers a long, drawn out battle, using status moves to immobilize the opponent. When cornered, Sparker will use an offensive move to get out of the situation.
Other: Sparker knows Ice Fang and Thunder Wave. Sparker also has a green scarf with a white stripe through the center tied around her neck.

Species: Vibrava
Gender: Female
Given Name: Flicker
Personality: Flicker feels it’s on an eternal sugar rush, so it just speeds around, confusing the enemy quickly. It’s teammates don’t mind. Despite being quick and hard to stop, she is actually calm, surprisingly. She has a rivalry with Sparker, because they have a little conflict between them unresolved.
Other: Flicker has learnt Roost. Nothing else spectular.
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I wrote this a loooong time ago when RITE was around earlier. I hope it's okay if I use it here.
Name: Joseph “Joey” Kolar
ID Number: 12506
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Physical Description: Joey is average height for his age, leaning toward being short, he is not heavy, but he isn’t very skinny, not to say he is fat however. Overall Joey is very a average 16 year-old. Joey’s hair is black and short, it stands up slightly in the front and is furry in a way that the edges of his hair are soft and fuzzy. His eyes are a deep green. Joey’s expression is almost always unreadable, this is because he doesn’t talk to people a lot and has learned to keep his feelings inside. He has to feel something extremely strongly to express it, this however barely happens. Joey has a fair skin tone. Joey always wears a black t-shirt with an orange hooded jacket over it, the jacket is usually unzipped. Joey wears faded blue jeans all the time, they are slightly big on him because he needs to be able to grow into them. Joey’s shoes are black sneakers with a vertical yellow stripe down the front, reaching down to the toe of the shoes. Since he returned home before the RITE Tournament, he got the shoes new and hasn’t worn them often, they look good as new.

Personality: Joey is giving and loyal to those he knows, he will never leave anyone behind. He believes that there is good in all people and that everyone deserves a second chance. The only problem with his giving nature is that he is afraid to speak his mind because he is afraid of what others will think of him. This makes him rarely talk to people unless he has known them for a long time. Since Joey doesn’t speak what he thinks a lot of the time, there is always something he wants to say, but he can’t, he is too afraid that he is wrong. Joey is very intelligent and acts without speaking if he knows what to do, he will do it without telling others or asking questions. The only people Joey will speak his mind to is his Pokemon, there has always been something about Joey that allows him to feel open and friendly toward Pokemon.

Background: Joey was born to a family of Pokemon trainers in Lilycove City, Hoenn. Joey was friendly to Pokemon since a young age, growing fond of his fathers Gardevior, Joey used to play hide-and-go-seek with it, which usually just turned into the "chase-gardevior-around-the-kitchen" game. Joey competed in little Pokemon battles with his five brothers and sisters, all of them older than he, all the kids used there fathers Pokemon. It was odd that Joey, being the youngest, had a natural gift and usually beat his brothers and sisters in their mini-tournaments.

Joey was eight years old when his last sibling started their journey, he was quiet upset that he was the only one left who hadn’t gotten their own Pokemon, it made him feel like a baby. Joey began to stop socializing with others and speaking out, he thought he was to young to have a say in anything just as he was too young to have a Pokemon. However Joey still played with Gardevior and talked to her, she was like a journal for him to let his feelings out in. Joey could speak openly with no one else.

On Joey’s tenth birthday he awoke to a surprise on the foot of his bed, an egg with a ribbon wrapped around it lay there, right in front of Joey’s face. Joey was happier then he had been in a long time, he grabbed the egg and ran downstairs. He bust into the living room where his mom and dad sat, he asked excitedly “Is this my Pokemon, is this egg for me?!?” When his parents nodded Joey was overjoyed, all of his siblings had been flown to Littleroot to get their Pokemon, but he had an egg on his bed, his very own egg own egg. Joey’s excitement was interrupted by a psychotic rumbling in his hands. The egg was hatching! A small green head popped up, and Joey’s first Pokemon stared up at him, “Ralts.” it squeaked happily. Joey knew immediately that it was Gardevior’s son.

Joey has come a long way since he hatched Ralts, he placed in the top two in the Hoenn league, losing to his oldest brother in the finals. When Joey tried his luck in the Kanto league he was surprised when he lost in the top eight, but decided that loss is a path to victory another day. Joey now has six very powerful pokemon, fresh out of the top 4 in the Sinnoh league he is signing up for the RITE Tournament.

Other: None


Species: Gallade
Gender: Male
Given Name: None
Personality: Joey may lack the ability to socialize, but Gallade makes up for that by himself. Gallade in energetic and cheerful, he loves to talk to other Pokemon and make friends. Gallade battles with seriousness and an inner flame, he loves battles and is loyal to his commander in any battle situation. Gallade is also a born leader, able to fend for itself if needed and protect the other pokemon Joey has.
Other: Gallade is the son of Joey’s father’s Gardevior

Species: Pikachu
Gender: Male
Given Name: Ben
Personality: Ben was named after Joey’s oldest brother, he was caught as a Pichu in Hoenn and reminded Joey so much of his brother that he named him Ben. Ben is very self-confident and powerful. He tends to brag about his strength and try to show off to female Pokemon. Underneath Ben’s hothead exterior, he is caring and gentle, he has a soft spot for baby Pokemon and has always been known to be caring and nice when babies are involved. Ben battles very intensely, often rushing into an attack or attempting to finish off opponents quickly with one very powerful attack. Ben never likes lengthy battles.
Other: None

Species: Roserade
Gender: Male
Given Name: Rozure
Personality: Rozure is very rushy and clumsy, he runs around a lot and often trips on nothingness. Rozure is very quick to judge others, and he often does not like what he sees. Caught in Sinnoh as a Budew, it it Joey’s newest team member. Rozure uses his speed in battle and focuses enough to stay on his feet. He loves to overwhelm his opponents with his quick feet and attacks.
Other: None

Species: Sceptile
Gender: Male
Given Name: None
Personality: Sceptile is shy and acts very much like Joey, he does not speak often and likes to stay as close to Joey as possible. Sceptile doesn’t like to battle, however when he knows he must he is ready to attack. Sceptile prefers to attack from afar. Sceptile is actually very powerful when he will fight.
Other: Sceptile is the son of Joey’s youngest sister’s starter, a Sceptile named Leafa.

Species: Arcanine
Gender: Male
Given Name: Blast
Personality: Blast is a loner, he isn’t nice to smaller Pokemon and very often he wont acknowledge their presence. He is the powerhouse of Joey’s team, this is because he possesses loads of attack power. Arcanine was caught in Kanto, while being attacked by a group of Spearow, this encounter could be the reason for his coldness towards other Pokemon. Blast, although mean to Pokemon, has always revered humans as his superiors, mainly because he was defeated by a human when he gave up his life in the wild.
Other: Blast has a number of scars on his paws due to his life-threatening encounter with a flock of Spearow when he was smaller.

Species: Salamence
Gender: Male
Given Name: Draco
Personality: Draco is very chivalrous, allowing females and smaller Pokemon before him. He is loyal to his trainer and will not harm a defenseless Pokemon. When Draco is commanded to attack however, he is a force to be reckoned with, possessing deathly power and speed he is a mainstay in Joey’s team. Salamence loves flying high in the air, carrying his trainer on small journeys, because it allows him to escape the world and be by himself in the vast open blue of the sky.
Other: None


Well-Known Member
Name: Jiro Yuki Kimotama
ID Number: 89537
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Jiro stands at just over five feet tall, being a bit short for his age, with light colored skin, messy blonde hair, and large, brown eyes. He is somewhat skinny, weighing in at about 115 pounds, and can usually be seen wearing a white shirt with a baggy brown cargo jacket over it, and a pair of brown cargo pants.
Personality: Jiro tends to keep himself in a very good mood most of the time, and the personalities of his pokemon reflect that (well, except for Taro and Picasso.) He is very sociable, and tends to voice his opinion on any matters that seem to arise before him. He is very open-minded, and usually is able to tolerate other peoples interests, and detests arguments between people, especially over stupid things.

In battle, Jiro retains his happy and carefree attitude, and at times even happily giving his opponent advice. He has nearly unstoppable confidence in his pokemon, and a great amount of determination, just what every great trainer needs. He is in no way a sore loser, and is a full believer that making mistakes only gives you more things to learn from. He tends to let his pokemon out of their pokeballs often, except for Taro, whos weight may harm the structural integrity of whatever place they may be in
Background: Jiro had always been overshadowed by his older brother. In school, social life, athletics, among other things, Ichiro was just better. Anything that Jiro accomplished had already been done by his brother. This made Jiro feel a bit underappreciated, but nonetheless, he still was on very good relations with Ichiro, the two of them being very good friends. It was then one day that Ichiro decided to set out to become a pokemon trainer. Jiro never was quite into the whole idea of pokemon training, so he simply stayed behind, while his brother went out into the world.

The first year that he was gone, Jiro had gained more attention from his parents. Without Ichiro around, the little things he did became much more impressive. When his brother returned for a visit on new years day, he was happy to announce that he had assembled a rag-tag group of pokemon whom he called his team. It consisted of a Pikachu, Munchlax, and a Spoink, and over the past year, they had traveled all over the Hoenn region, bringing back several photos of the many exotic places that they had traveled to. In their next year, they planned to begin training to take on the Pokemon League, as Ichiro had already expressed that his biggest ambition was to one day become the greatest pokemon trainer in the world.

He would never be able to fulfill that dream himself, however, as that very night that they had welcomed him home, he became very sick, and at the hospital was diagnosed with a deadly bone marrow disease, which he died from a few days later.

The entire family was crushed by this sudden loss, especially Jiro, who found himself missing his brother more then ever now. It was then that he decided to fulfill his brothers dreams himself, and train his pokemon team to be the best, and one day be called the best trainer in the world.

And so Jiro set out to accomplish what his brother started, training his brothers old team as well as making a few additions of his own. In the few years that he has been away, he spent most of his time training his pokemon to be the best, rather then participating in gym battles right away. When he felt they were strong enough, he started taking on gyms, and won a total of five badges so far. Upon hearing about RITE, Jiro immediately decided to join up, seeing this as a perfect time to prove himself and test his strength.
Other: Nothing else to say really…


Species: Pikachu
Gender: Female
Given Name: Hekili (Kili)
Personality: Kili is your average cheery chu on the outside, enjoying putting people in good moods. She is slightly mischievous, and enjoys swimming in the water. However, she has a tendency to forget that water conducts electricity… to the dismay of anybody who happens to be swimming with her should she need to unleash an attack. In battle, she hits fast and hard. Her thunder attacks are a force to be reckoned with, and her volt tackle, propelled by her already high speed, packs a punch. However, she has very low stamina, only being able to take a few hits before going down, so she is always on her feet, prepared to dodge the foes moves.
Other: She knows Volt Tackle as an egg move, and Hidden Power (Water) through a TM.

Species: Chatot
Gender: Male
Given Name: Zazu
Personality: Following Kili and Lyle’s example, Zazu is an upbeat and cheery fellow, seemingly always in a good mood like his Trainer. When outside of his pokeball, he usually rests on Jiro’s shoulder, and tends to repeat what he says, as if for emphasis. Like Kili, in battle Zazu is made to give hits and to avoid taking them. He can circle his opponents in the air, spewing out random chatter he has heard at a high pitch, damaging his opponents ears and possibly confusing them. He also utilizes his loud voice to send out his Hyper Voice attack, which hurts opponents as well.
Other: Nothing. Everything normal here.

Species: Grumpig
Gender: Male
Given Name: Lyle
Personality: Once again, like Kili and Zazu, Lyle keeps up the parties happy and carefree trend. He loves to dance more then anything else, which happens to transfer over to his battle strategy. His dancing has hypnotic powers, normally motivating opponents to dance along against their own will, usually long enough for the effects of a pre-used future sight to kick in. This has its setbacks however (such as the opponents body not being constructed to dance, opponents with strong minds breaking free/resisting, and the small period of time before the attack hits them when they are released from his psychic hold) and Lyle may be forced to resort to some of his other psychic attacks in his arsenal. While lacking in the speed department when compared to Zazu and Kili, Lyle is nimble enough to avoid many physical attacks, and has enough HP and special defense to take a few more hits then they can.
Other: Lyle happens to know Future Sight as a egg move.

Species: Snorlax
Gender: Male
Given Name: Taro
Personality: Taro is just like your stereotypical Snorlax: Lazy, and gluttonous. Ever since he evolved, Jiro has tended to keep him in the PC system when going on long trips, because there is no way he can pack enough food to keep up with the massive pokemons appitite. When he is awake, he tends to be a gentle giant, but on the battlefield, he is anything but. This pokemons massive body makes his physical attacks a nightmare to be dealt with, and for the same reason he has stamina higher then a slab of concrete. His movements are very slow though, making his attacks very easy to dodge, but opponents may wear themselves out with their constant attacks.
Other: Knows the formidable attack Fissure as an Egg move.

Species: Smeargle
Gender: Male
Given Name: Picasso
Personality: Picasso doesn’t fit in with the rest of the team. Originally found trying to steal food from Jiro’s campsite, Picasso has followed Jiro around ever since the boy offered him something to eat. He usually keeps to himself, is very shy, not interacting with the other team members at all, and can frequently be seen either drawing something in the sketchpad Jiro bought for him, or staring at one of his pre-drawn pictures, one of a smeargle (Jiro expects that it is him) standing on a cliff with the sun setting behind him. He detests fighting, and as such, Jiro does not usually send him in. For the rare times he does find himself in battle, his moves are suited to get him out of it as fast as he can. Being fairly nimble to avoid as many attacks as he can, he usually uses the hypnosis he sketched off of Lyle to send his opponent to sleep, which gives him time to get away from the scene. He hates being in his pokeball, Jiro keeping him outside all the time, except when he can’t help it.
Other: Picasso has sketched several moves over the time he has traveled with Jiro, but the main ones he uses when faced with opponents are meant to get him out of said situations. His more notable attacks are Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, Agility, Double Team, Teleport, and when there is no other option then to fight, Extremespeed, Dream Eater, Metronome, and Slash.
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Name: Christos Lifaine
ID Number: 74108
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Though 16, Christos has a very childlike appearance (say around five or more years younger looking), common in his family’s bloodline. His hair is pale blue with some white streaks (no, he didn’t dye them there) and his eyes are approximately the same shade of blue (just slightly lighter and brighter). Chris has fair skin, not too pale and not too fleshy. Byfar, he had no real dangerous adventures, so there are no scars or wounds on him. He expects some as he enters the tournament though.

Christos, coming from a very rich family, has so many clothes to choose from that it is practically impossible to pinpoint a favorite outfit (he rotates them all so his parents don’t waste money). But as he goes to the Island, he will wear a long-sleeved white and blue jacket paired with his khaki-colored knee-length shorts. His boots are leather (somehow furry) and colored white primarily. He doesn’t wear gloves, but has yellow and white wristbands tied around his palms (at times, he wears them normally).
Personality: Since he looks so young, no one can seem to take him seriously or believe his age. Fortunately, his personality makes up for it. He thinks calmly, not too fast, straight, and just about his age. Docile and understanding, Christos easily makes friends, but sadly, usually feels inferior to everyone else. Might it be his babyish appearance or his “soft” personality.

Despising battles and prefering peaceful activities, Chris in the past is often seen helping out in the Daycare, participating in Contests, helping out new trainers to catch Pokemon, or simply playing with Pokemon as pets and friends. The slow and easygoing lifestyle is what he preferred, but he can adjust to faster paces quickly if required.

Background: Born in prosperous and peaceful Lilycove, Christos was born with a love for Pokemon and contests. He disliked battling from the very first one he saw, but knew at times it would have to be done. All his closer friends enjoyed battling more, and one by one he watched them leave to take part in Gym battles and against the Elite 4. They had very big dreams. And suddenly Chris felt his passion to be the best Coordinator was… well… a very lowly goal. His parents motivated him it wasn’t that, and he continued in his career. It was soon enough when he had won several Master Contests, and his Pokemon were featured in the museum. Chris was proud, and set his goals higher, as he heard about RITE.

He had trained in all those years after he took a break from coordinating. He even had his own tempo in battling now. But those who knew him well—maybe unintentionally—mocked him. They told him he wouldn’t survive a second in it. Shaking this off his mind, Chris took the application without hesitation, and prepared his battle team.

-His starter was a Togepi that he hatched, it is now a Togetic in a Daycare
-His favorite color is yellow, so his Pokedex, Poketch, and even Bike are this color
-(Ironically to above statement) None of his Pokemon are yellow
-He has a fear of most Ghost and Poison Pokemon.


Species: Butterfree
Gender: Female
Given Name: Precious
Personality: An anxious Butterfree indeed, Precious lacks a carefree moment. Skittish and constantly checking behind her back, Chris is still trying to calm her down. Because of these things, most Pokemon avoid her. An unusually colored Butterfree that can’t even stay still? Exactly. But deep inside, Precious really just hopes that she can be stronger (after all, traded Pokemon grow faster), and takes all opportunities for training. Her fighting style involves using winds and powder to her advantage.
Other: Precious is a shiny Butterfree, hence her name. Traded as a Caterpie (from one of Chris’s friends who disliked bugs but received her as a starter) for Chris’s Dratini: Light.

Species: Blaziken
Gender: Male
Given Name: Scorch
Personality: An overconfident Blaziken that is brave, hasty, and always prepared for a battle. He is easily bored, and trains or exercises whenever possible as any jock would do so. He’s not very good with other Pokemon, as he is often thought of as arrogant, bullyish, or too busy with fighting. However, all those Pokemon that had beaten him have earned his respect… it’s just not shown at any time at all. He is an aggressive battler that tries to finish quickly, using signature moves that usually involve flames mixed with close combat.
Other: He was caught as an already-powerful Combusken in the wild. Then temporarily put to a friend’s care for training.

Species: Meganium
Gender: Female
Given Name: Meadow
Personality: Meadow was the first Pokemon that Chris caught himself in the wild while she was still a Chicorita. This makes her share a closer bond with her trainer than most of the others in Chris’s battle team. Cheerful, vocal, and of course happy, she took part in many of Chris’s Hoenn contests--from his new days to his expert years. Despite her very sweet personality, she has very powerful moves and doesn't hesitate in battle. Her fighting style is the conservative counter-attack position.
Other: Has Ancient Power as an Egg Move. Chris’s first wild Pokemon caught.

Species: Wartortle
Gender: Male
Given Name: Rain
Personality: The cool-headed and melodic member of the wholeparty, Rain enjoys playing around with his attacks in his spare time, while not acting too childish--as he refuses to be called cute. Among Chris's Pokemon, it is rumored he's younger than he acts, and actually dances and sings when no one looks. He is also quite flexible even with a shell, and can do several different kinds of acrobatics even outside water. He is smart and a thinker, unlike fellow sparring partner Blaziken, Scorch. His main tactic in battle is speed, using water moves while not staying still or getting hurt.
Other: Knows Surf through HM. Received from Proffessor Oak over computer (supposed to be starter, but Togepi hatched before).

Species: Blissey
Gender: Female
Given Name: Cura
Personality: The natural guardian and mother of the battle Pokemon group, Cura is caring, ditzy, and somehow, clumsy when trying to help out. Because of this, she isn't allowed to touch valuables. Cura enjoys sticking around with Precious (different as they are), and they can understand eachother since their OT's (Original Trainers) were not even Chris. Despite her somehow scatterbrained personality, she is more of a steadfast supporter both in and out of battle, but she can use Thunder as an offense (mainly self-defense actually).
Other: Knows the move Thunder from TM usage. Originally from Celadon City and known as a clutz, Nurse Joy suggested that maybe Cura could learn better in a new environment, where no one knew (since to know is to fear) of her clumsiness.

Species: Altaria
Gender: Male
Given Name: Skye
Personality: Carefree and innocent, Skye is the lax and childish Pokemon of the group. This is because he was taken care of by humans from an early Swablu age, not knowing why it would need to fend for itself in any near future. Napping around and dreaming even when told not to--he seems disobedient and disloyal. But when there is adrenalin, he knows how to battle and listen to commands--but in all honesty, relying more on instinct than skill. And his original method is to find weak spots in short periods of time and attack there.
Other: Injured among a flock of Swablu and raised to health by Chris’s family. Has Fly as HM move.
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Leaf Storm
Name: Alec Sanders
ID Number: 16262
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Physical Description: Alec is thin and fairly short for his age. He has short dirty blonde(blonde/brown) hair and dark brown eyes. His skin is slightly tanned. Alec wears a black hooded sweatshirt over a dark green shirt with brown cargo pants.

Personality: Alec is a very quiet and shy person. He doesn’t show much emotion and often looks unhappy even though he may not be unhappy. He doesn’t have many friends, but he feels he doesn’t need many as long as he has his pokemon. He has a strong love of nature and because of this he prefers to train grass types. Alec is annoyed by many different types of people. He is most annoyed by people that are over confident and cocky. Alec is known to become surprisingly loud while in a heated battle. He tries to train his pokemon with speed and strong defense.

Background: Alec grew up in Fortree City, but was forced to move to Jubilife City when he was ten. So his first journey was in Sinnoh. Alec didn’t receive his first pokemon, Turtwig, until he moved to Sinnoh. Alec collected all eight badges, but didn’t enter the Sinnoh League Tournaments. After traveling through Sinnoh, Alec decided to move back to Fortree City and live with his aunt where he received some much needed tips and training from his aunt(who herself had once won the Hoenn League Tournament. When Alec first heard of RITE he did not want to enter it. But eventually his aunt was able to talk him in to it. Alec is entering to see how strong he really is.

Species: Torterra
Gender: Male
Personality: Alec’s first pokemon. He received him at the start of his journey in Sinnoh. Torterra is a strong willed pokemon who likes to have its way. He can sometimes be mean to other pokemon. Torterra acts like it is more important to the rest of Alec’s pokemon and often tries to boss them around. Torterra does not take losing well and often tries to attack pokemon that aren’t even ready or expecting a battle. Torterra battles its absolute best every battle and has become one of Alec’s strongest pokemon.
Other: none

Species: Shiftry
Gender: Male
Personality: Shiftry is Alec’s most serious pokemon. Shiftry hates to lose in any type of competition. Alec evolved his Shiftry after being a Nuzleaf for quite some time. Shiftry tends to hold grudges with who he has been beaten by, this make it hard for Shiftry to get along with Alec’s other pokemon especially Torterra. Shiftry in battle uses whirlwinds to immobilize its foe and then attack. Alec has raised Shiftry to use nonphysical moves and to keep the foe far away as possible during battle.
Other: Besides knowing many moves that Nuzleaf learned, Shiftry has learned Shadow Ball through TM

Species: Cloyster
Gender: Male
Personality: Cloyster is a very relaxed and calm pokemon. Alec uses Cloyster in many of his battles because of its use of many moves that slowly lower the foe’s health. Cloyster likes to battle, but enjoys napping and relaxing more. Even though Cloyster acts lazy outside of battle, it does not slack on Alec while in battle. Cloyster battles a more defensive style and is used to counter Alec’s other pokemon’s weaknesses. Because of this Cloyster has become one of Alec's most trusted pokemon.
Other: Cloyster still knows many moves that it knew when it was a Shellder

Species: Vulpix
Gender: Female
Personality: Vulpix has been on Alec’s team for a long time. Alec hatched from an egg he received from the Daycare in Sinnoh. In battle Alec uses its speed and use of status effecting moves, such as will-o-wisp and confuse ray, to stop the foe from landing a hit. Although Vulpix was hatched some time ago, it still acts immature and will often times rather play than battle. Because of this Alec is still not sure if Vulpix is ready to evolve. Alec depend's on Vulpix a lot in battle because of its type.
Other: Vulpix knows the egg moves Energy Ball and Hypnosis

Species: Banette
Gender: Male
Personality: Banette was the first pokemon that Alec caught in Hoenn. When it was a Shuppet it was a very timid pokemon. Now that it has evolved all that has changed. Banette has become a very outgoing and loud pokemon. Banette enjoys scaring other people and pokemon. He scares other just for his own personal enjoyment. Alec still gets scared when Banette jumps out at him, which makes Alec get very mad at him. Alec uses Banette for its strong attack stat and because it learns many status effecting moves. In battle Banette is energetic and happy to fight for Alec.
Other: Banette has learned Shadow Claw through TM


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Sorry this took so long, everyone, but here we go!

The Doctor, ~Neon~, Innerflame, taxfreesobuyme and assassinsceptile: Reserved a spot for each of you. ^^

ankokuryu: ._. Oh gawd I hate when that happens. Reserved, of course.

Dream Breaker: I’ll send you the ref test via PM, but you look like you can handle it. Anyhow, your sign-ups looks pretty good – you may want to think about more about how he acts around others, if he’s friendly and such, and perhaps explain why he left home in the first place, but it was fine otherwise, so either way, accepted!

storymasterb: I specifically said I didn’t want a precise height and weight, I don’t see how Ben could have battled the Elite Four if he didn’t get any Gym Badge and you spelled “Feraligatr” wrong. However, it was decent enough otherwise, and I really have no other complaints. Just note for grammar purposes that when something belongs to someone, you put an apostrophe (a ’) before the s; for example, “Ben’s starter,” “Houndoom’s horn” or “Ash’s hat.” Otherwise it looks good, so accepted.

Requiem's Eclipse: Just so you know, your Pokémon are able to know all the moves they know naturally; the only moves you need to mention are the TMs and such. Looks good, though, with some cute problems within the team. Accepted!

Manix: Is Nina naked? Please describe her clothing unless she’s a nudist. When I ask for a personality, I don’t want you going to the sign-up sticky and just copy/pasting/editing certain lines from the personality section; I want a paragraph written by you that actually flows, not just a bunch of random sentences. And we’re not really interested in trainers who haven’t participated in many leagues, and considering that she can’t have traveled four regions in only three years, I suggest saying she competed in at least two and saying how she placed.

Why does Monko think he’s the best because he’s Nina’s starter? Is it because he’s cocky? You need to describe both Monko and Smasher’s personalities better, and if Flicker seems to be on a sugar rush, how can she be calm? Doesn't really make sense.

There are really only a bunch of small problems that need fixing. Denied for now, but I’ll be happy to accept you once the proper edits are made.

Benandcheese: Yup, no problem that you reused an old sign-up, as it looks fine. Accepted!

Gamekrazy: Everything looks great, except that if you want Zazu to have some king of mega caw attack it should be based off another attack it has (probably either Chatter or Hyper Voice, whichever you prefer), and since Smeargle can Sketch any attacks, please choose up to ten moves Picasso has Sketched and put them in your Other section for future reference. Like I said, it looks good otherwise, so until you add those two things in, pending.

Xashlei: Interesting character. Overall very nice, and I have no complaints, so accepted!

Otter16: You may want to be less skimpy with your physical description in the future, but you did get the job done, and it looks fine overall. Accepted!

Doing great so far, guys!



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Mind if I try something interesting?

Name: Kirkland
ID Number: 41392
Age: 18
Physical Description: Kirkland stands around 5'8" with unruly black hair and brown eyes. He has fair skin and is an average build; all in all not a very remarkable looking fellow. He wears a white headband around his forehead, a blue jacket, a long blank white T-shirt and jeans with a pair of large sneakers.

Personality: Kirk is really calm and not too talkative. He puts on a stern expression but is actually a little shy. He keeps his sentences as short as possible, which can make him seem aloof and even dismissive at times. In truth, despite his unremarkable looks and relations, he's actually a genius with a knack for battling and his mind can be racing and filled with thought even if it seems like he's not concentrating. He often thinks several steps ahead in his strategy (He has no choice; he uses a Ralts) and has an almost perfect poker face.

Background: Kirk's background is about as unremarkable as his looks. His life was fairly typical and he appeared like a slacker in school, but did fairly well. He had one big problem between him and his pokemon liscense, however: He was terrible at catching pokemon (And still is). The rules in his town required him to capture a pokemon of his own to start with, rather than getting a starter pokemon. Kirk tried many times, but even with his brilliant mind he always failed to capture them. When he was on the verge of giving up, a ralts sensed his despair and approached him to try and make him feel better. They bonded a little and the Ralts was captured willingly.

Soon Kirk caught his Ralts and they soon left on their journey. However, Kirk's bad luck persisted and he never caught another pokemon. To make up for that, he began training Ralts as best as he could to get it to evolve. He battled against trainers, Gym leaders, and even a few league tournaments to try and get his Ralts to evolve, often times being victorious, but without Ralts evolving. It was frustrating to Kirk, but it's possible that his Ralts is the most powerful Ralts on the planet, even downing opponents it was thought it wasn't possible to.

Kirk's devoted training with his Ralts has made their link second to none save to a psychic. Kirk barely has to utter the attack and Ralts is already launching it halfway through his saying it. Kirk uses this high-speed connection frequently in his battle plans.

Possesses these Badges: Fog badge, Thunder Badge, Hive Badge, Relic Badge, Plain badge, Rising Badge, Mine Badge, Mineral Badge (Gyms that either use only one pokemon or use types he'd have trouble with)

Has been in a league tournament and gotten 2nd place and was a regular at the Johto battle tower (As seen in Crystal).

Pokémon: (Can I be crazy and try with just one?)

Personality: Ralts is a little odd, often energetic and very outgoing for a pokemon of its type. It's eccentric and carefree when out of battle, and totally devoted to Kirk.

However, it takes battle quite seriously. Together, She and Kirk know all of her strengths and weaknesses. The battle strategy they often use involves deceiving the opponent and dodging their attacks while keeping it a ranged fight. Teleport is often used in this strategy, allowing Ralts to suddenly attack from virtually any direction. It's also trained itself to launch most attacks almost instantaneously (Quicker on the draw than most pokemon using the same move). Using its Trace ability, Ralts can copy some of its opponent's special powers. Ralts has learned some blocks and rolls to lessen damage from any hits it takes, but it's still somewhat frail and knows this well.

Kirk has devoted all his time to training Ralts, as he has no other pokemon, so this Ralts is exceedingly well trained and VERY powerful. There's a recorded video of it defeating a Tyranitar once.

Other: Ralts looks pretty ordinary. It's notably unusual feature is that when it uses Thunderbolt, it shoots it from its mouth (Since its an egg move). It's also a surprisingly fast runner.


Grass Knot, Shadow Ball, Protect
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Razor Shiftry

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meh, my turn. hopes ya likes it Psychic :) tis a lil long but i got carried away xD

Name: Jack Mariner
ID Number: 68543
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Jack has a surprisingly wild untamed looks for someone so young about him. Most say it’s the rough light brown stubble which coats his cheeks and chin along with the hard cold blue eyes of his. Add to the mixture his natural 6 feet 2 tall and lithe frame and Jack give a rather interesting look similar to a weather tough old tree ready for anything the elements throw at him. Jack has tawny light brown coloured hair which comes down to rough his eye line and around his flattened ears. It’s often wild and unkempt apart from being flattened first thing in the morning rather pointlessly as the slightest breeze through it ruffles it up again. He has a fairly manly angular face centred with a smoothly curved nose which is probably the only elegant part of him. His mouth is surrounded by a mess of facial hair but it’s often tweaked at the edges into a slight smile – as if everything Jack’s seeing amuses him. His eyes, while generally hard and cold icy sky blue, occasionally seem to sparkle with interest and generally when he faces a challenge.

His body, as previously said, is tall and lithe. Ever since he was a child, he would spend his free time running around bounding through tree-tops in his home of Fortree. And then under the instructions of his teacher Winona, Jack began to work out – in motivation being that his pokemon will only ever be as strong physically and mentally, as he was. Mental strength Jack was never sure of, but to make sure he never failed with his lack of psychical strength, Jack often goes running and exercises to constantly keep himself in a perfect state of health. His body itself is pretty muscular and while its not bulging in muscles, there is a definite hint of a 6-pack on his abdomen.

Travelling a lot, Jack doesn’t really change his clothes much. His normal attire of clothes includes an old light green t-shirt which rather shows off his body, a pair of dark blue jeans, a pair of beefy skater trainers and a stone-coloured beige jacket. When it gets colder, Jack also has a black woollen zip-up jacket with a hood which he swaps or wears over his other jacket for a bit of added warmth.

Personality: Jack had always been a rather wild and carefree – ever since he was a child. Falling under the guidance of Winona helped him even more to the extent that Jack now favours battling in a fast paced style of full frontal attacking and dodging as much as possible. This obviously means that Jack is rather impatient and will often not bother waiting around for something and run off to do something else instead. Jack is a friendly guy, not bothered with grudges of feelings for revenge, always looking for someone to challenge and have some competition to. It’s almost like a drug to Jack; to always look for someone to match wits and power against, to see who the best out of them is. This has led to Jack being a little egotistical and boastful sometimes. But sometimes these boasts are pretty truthful as Jack firmly believes in a hard form of training in order to fully bond himself with his pokemon so that he doesn’t have to give them orders all the time. Jack has a very relaxed attitude when it comes to his pokemon free-lancing in battles. As the case goes, most of the time his pokemon do what he was thinking anyway so it doesn’t bother him that much. When he loses any battles though, this only serves to fuel Jack on further in training his pokemon. Losing is a lesson to him and Jack appreciates it.

Jack is rather an open kind of guy, seemingly to others like an open text book for all his emotions and feelings. He can be quite blunt towards others and talks without a care in the world when he does. His apparent open-ness is merely a façade though and Jack is constantly measuring up to size his opponents and likes to pretend he’s playing a great big game against them. Jack is also, ashamedly, a bit of a flirt and enjoys ‘the chase’ purely for the hell of it. He feels life Is too short to be wasted.

Background: Jack was born in Lilycove but has always referred his ‘hometown’ to be Fortree, the mysterious tree top city in the heart of the great forest of Hoenn. Naturally bright and energetic, Jack was a very active child and often made his parents worried sick has he bounded dangerously through the tree tops. It was in the deep forests when Jack was around 8 that Jack met Blade. Of course, Jack didn’t call him that then. Blade was only a young Seedot hanging on a tree. It took Jack a lot of persistent prodding before the Seedot relented and joined Jack in his wild games.

Jack’s wild mannerisms didn’t go unnoticed though. Winona, gym leader of Fortree, saw some potential in Jack and slyly began to train him after she got his parent’s permission. Disguising her lessons to him as mere games, she began to teach him the basics of pokemon battling and various other things such as noticing subtle changes in a pokemon’s movement to see what it will do next. Without realising, Jack’s natural ability was honed and the building blocks for greatness were set. As he grew up and his Seedot evolved into a Nuzleaf (for now Jack saw the little grass pokemon as his own), he began to properly gain an interest in pokemon battles. Winona took her underneath her wing gladly and although surprised at how good he was at first (Winona would always give Jack a strange style whenever Jack caught on to an idea or tactic that she taught him much faster than her other students), Jack began to gain more confidence and his own style as Winona tutored him and as he battled other local trainers and fellow students.

At 14, Winona decided that it was time for Jack to start travelling to getting more experience. His parents, still a little worried for him going off into the world at such a young age told him to head for his Aunt’s house in Mossdeep city. Jack agreed to. After several weeks of travelling, Jack reached the famous island, met up with his aunt and stayed there for a few months. Along the way, he caught a Pidgey on the outskirts of Lilycove and during his time at Mossdeep, he caught a rather jolly Spheal on one of the islands to the north of the city where loads of the sea lion pokemon beach to mate and bring up their young.

And so Jack trained hard on the beautiful island and the surrounding seas of Mossdeep for nearly year before taking a long route back to Fortree. By now, Jack had evolved Nuzleaf and Spheal to their final stages and Pidgey to Pidgeotto as well as catching a Trapinch in the desert north of Mauville and evolving her into a Vibrava. Winona was greatly impressed at Jack and how far he’d grown and the next day they had a monumental battle in which Jack challenged his old teacher in a 4 vs 4 simultaneous battle, the last pokemon standing winning for the trainer. It was close, Winona’s Altaria trouncing over Vibrava and Pidgeotto with worrying ease. In the end though, Jack triumphed and Winona deemed her teaching to him complete. She bade him to challenge the Hoenn pokemon league being that at this point, he already had 5 badges from taking his long route home from Mossdeep. Jack agreed and won the other 3 badges and caught himself a Rapidash and a Ledian in order to have a full team of 6 to compete in the Hoenn pokemon league. Finally, he found a place that tested him to the limit. It was a harsh trial for Jack and over and over again, Jack was pushed to his limits. It was here that Jack and his Shiftry began to gain some fame. At last, Jack was put to a halt by a fiendishly pretty blonde and her Alakazam who beat up Blade with his Miracle eye and psychic combo. There was no way Blade could dodge and attack in that pokemon’s mental iron grip.

Jack returned home at a loss but his family praised him and Fortree celebrated him as a hero, getting into the top 16 in his first pokemon league attempt.

Restless and determined to prove himself, Jack took part in the Battle frontier, a park in the southern seas of Hoenn in which trainers can take part in the various abnormal versions of pokemon battling, each section testing for the qualities a trainer of the highest rank needs. Jack spent several months of hard work here. His first frontier medal he won was the Spirit gold medal. Spenser highly praised the boy, his team of three, Walrien, Pidgeotto and Shiftry winning out over his Lapras, Slaking and Crobat. By the time Jack left, he had gained the gold ability and tactics medals along with the silver Luck and knowledge medals.

Jack, now 16, decided to start again with the pokemon league. His parents, so very proud of their young son and his accomplishments, volunteered to pay for the ship to the northerly land of Sinnoh where the next pokemon league tournament was to place. Arriving in Pastoria city, Jack took to the road and began challenging gyms so he could take part in the Sinnoh pokemon league. Here, he made some team changes and swapped out Rapidash and Ledian for a lonely Drifloon he caught in the wind works valley near Orebough and an irritatingly mischievous Chimchar he caught up in the cold mountains.

And once again, Jack found himself at the league tournament in Sinnoh and Jack lost himself once more in the mad thrill of battling the best of the best. This time, Jack got beaten at the semi finals, coming in the top 4. He was disappointed but it was at this moment with the adrenaline of the previous battle still running through him that he came across a poster for the RITE tournament. Jack instantly knew he had to take part and instantly went to get an application.

Other: Jack is homosexual and loves sherbet lemon sweets. He also owns a mountain bike which Jack rides simply because walking is just too slow for him. He also has a rucksack full of various useful gear for hiking in like a water bottle, some snacks, first aid kit etc.


Species: Shiftry
Gender: Male
Given Name: Blade
Personality: On the surface, Blade seems to be a complete polar opposite towards Jack, intimidating and cold, dark and uncaring, completely arrogant and aloof towards others, rather stereotypical of a dark typed pokemon. Spend time with him however and you soon realise that this persona of his is merely a façade and that Blade is quite the cheery, if some what black humoured, pokemon. He always tries to get the best out of his team mates, even if his methods are a little blunt and harsh. He firmly believes in that a little competition with each other to be the best is the best motivator – an aspect of his personality he has gained from his trainer. Over the years, Jack has found Blade’s passion for battling unrivalled and he has the perfect attitude towards battling. Together with his trainer, Blade has become a master at using the terrain to his advantage with the move ‘Nature Power’, enabling him to perform attacks he shouldn’t be able to. The other focused aspects of his battling style Jack has trained him in is his reflexes and his ability to make gale force winds with as minimal effort as possible, slowly wearing down the opponent so that Blade can strike at the opportune time to strike and finish the opponent with a Razor leaf attack from his sharp leaf-fans.
Other: Blade’s leaf fans are considerably longer and wider than your average Shiftry, which is how he got his nickname. Blade also appears to be rather lithe and slender which may have been caused by Jack’s training of Blade to become as agile as possible. Blade has a rather particular detestation for psychic pokemon, in particular Alakazams.

Species: Pidgeotto
Gender: Female
Given Name: Hawk
Personality: Hawk is a bit of a grouch and more stubborn than a Girafarig with the jitters. She always seems to be in a huff with something and hates it when she’s wrong. She’s not much of a conversationalist and seems to get stressed out over anything and takes everything seriously and straight to her heart, making her easy to fall for torments and taunts. However, while she becomes rasher when she’s made fun of and insulted, her anger makes her a formidable opponent, focusing her rage and energies to deliver deadly precise and lethal attacks. And she won’t hold back. For some reason, Hawk refuses to evolve and refuses to explain why; one of her little mysteries. Hawk likes to attack using her natural ability to abuse her speed when she can although she also likes to fuse her twister attack with her air cutter move to form a mini hurricane with lots of tiny blades of air that cuts and dices. Incredibly dangerous has it is also incredibly tiring for Hawk to use, as is the case for most fusion moves of more that one attack at a time.
Other: Hawk has a natural ability to use the move ‘Air cutter’. Her wing and tail feathers are also highly developed for a Pidgeotto enabling her to fly and have exceptional reflexes in the air rivalling that of the fastest of bird pokemon when she has a tail wind to help her.

Species: Walrien
Gender: Male
Given Name: Rien
Personality: if you personalised Rien into a human being, the image would be one of a huge, rather fat, bearded man who laughs a lot in a deep booming voice. In fact, when Jack challenged Mauville gym leader Wattson, the old gym leader couldn’t help but get into a fit of giggles over how much Rien was like him. Unlike the other pokemon of the squad (barring Loony), Rien isn’t built for quick speedy fights but as the power house and wall of the group. His massive bulk means he has great stamina which has lead him to gain a somewhat cocky attitude, although he is very good natured and optimistic and wouldn’t hurt a fly outside of a battle. Rien likes to alolow his opponents to try and batter him to death so that he can wait till they’re in a bad position or make a mistake so that he can come crashing down on top of them, most of the time physically as well…which HURTS.
Other: Rien is HUGE, much larger than your average Walrien which means that he has a hell of a lot more stamina and thick fat covering him. In fact, his bulk almost rivals a Snorlax some people have said and elemental attacks really DO bounce off him like nothing. He doesn’t particularly like being beaten up though and tends to get rather touchy about that. His added bulk means he’s very slow at moving about on land although he can compensate this by freezing the ground so he slides around. While he doesn’t know how to surf, Walrien can give Jack a ride on water, although obviously not at the pace of a surfing pokemon.

Species: Monferno
Gender: Male
Given Name: Ferno
Personality: Ferno is rather impish and mischievous by nature and everything seems to send him into a sly smirk and a little fit of giggling. His relationship with the other pokemon in the squad and Jack is pretty tight, his natural affection towards others helping a lot. No one has ever has a particular dislike for Ferno – his loveable personality always seems to shine through to people and pokemon alike enough to melt the most cold hearted of persons (barring anomalies like Hawk who always seem to be grouchy).he likes to play jokey tricks with everyone like tickling them form behind or making them jump and hates it when things start turning deadly serious. In battle, this flaw surfaces many times and Jack often gets a little frustrated at Ferno’s lack of will to engage the foe in battle. Most of the time, Ferno eventually gets the idea, if somewhat half heartedly, and can attack with very surprising agility. Jack has trained Ferno just like Blade hawk and Tara to be swift and to evade as much as possibleand attack from any angle, using the terrain to gain an advantage such as leaping from walls and other objects to launch quick powerful assaults from varying places to constantly confuse the opponent. Being serious for Ferno is a hard chore and the little monkey often becomes depressed when he has to injure others. After battle, he’ll always try and help his opponent to get back on his feet. Rejection of his help severely hurts Ferno’s feelings however – which highlights how emotionally insecure he really is and the only way he copes it through his charade of light-hearted laughter.
Other: Jack has taught ‘Flamethrower’ to Ferno after using a TM and then 2 weeks of consistent training on the attack to perfect it. Ferno can now use the attack from his tail to propel himself up into the air up to 20 feet and to a certain extent, make a ‘flame whip’ by utilizing a variation of the movements of he move ‘flame wheel’ and the stream of flames from the flame thrower. This can also double up as a ‘fire shield’ – however, this ‘shield’ is neutered by other elemental attacks of a similar or great strength and takes up a lot of energy to use repeatedly. However, physical contact with this move has a very high chance of burning the opponent due to the large concentration of heat surrounding the little monkey.

Species: Drifblim
Gender: Female
Given Name: Loony
Personality: Loony is a sad pokemon. Jack has surmised that something terrible happed to her before Jack caught, or rather, became friends with her. Similar to Ferno, Loony needs to be around others for her mental stability – the difference being that she would break down if got left alone while Ferno merely adopts his happy-go-lucky charade to hide his true hurt of being left alone. Any form of violence behaviour towards her sends Loony in a spiral of despair and several times, she has contemplated on just drifting away and ending herself somehow, especially when the depression takes over. While this side of Loony is of great importance in understanding her personality, there is much more to her than that. When someone is affectionate towards her, a sparkle of life enters her aura (which is mildly ironic considering she’s part ghost typed) and she becomes so much happier and optimistic, incredibly loyal and loving towards others. Jack doesn’t enjoy putting her into battle much, only allowing her to for her own safety when she’s in her ‘happier’ moods. There’s also the fact that she doesn’t have the greatest of attacks in the world. She CAN however, be a pretty good staller when the need arises. His combination of Stockpiling and minimising as well as using hypnosis to disable opponents has surprised Jack many times, along with his opponents. And in the mst desperate of times, Loony has sacrificed herself for the greater good with Explosion – which combined with one of her natural abilities, has lead to devastating effects.
Other: Someone as quiet as Loony seems perfectly suited to be able to perform the move Hypnosis as an innate ability. Sometimes, Loony gives off an aura which makes anyone in the vicinity become almost mortally depressed. Some might say this is a ‘memento’ attack but, Jack argues, Momento makes the user faint. It may be that this is a lesser form of the move as it doesn’t lower the opponent’s stats, but lowers self esteem and motivation of those around him – along with Loony as well. Several times, Loony has just gone too far and used the move ‘explosion’ just to try and break away from his unknown severe depression. Loony can also inflate himself to such a degree that Jack and Blade together can ride on or be carried by him. This isn’t like the move fly as he can only be directed where to go from Blade’s or Hawk’s Whirlwind attacks. However, this form of aerial travel is much more comfortable than riding on Tara and occasionally when Jack’s not in the mood to get anywhere fast, he prefers Loony’s gentle drifting…

Species: Flygon
Gender: female
Given Name: Tara
Personality: Tara is rather…twisted. While Blade is actually an alright kind of pokemon, Tara is just insane. She laughs at others misery and enjoys inflicting unnecessary pain, mostly physical although sometimes not the case. She also has a very sarcastic nature and in certain occasions, rather childish. She doesn’t harm her team mates and her trainer but she does act cold and spiteful towards them and only fights and works with them on the thought of beating her opponents into the ground. Tara’s style of battling is somewhat…slyly intense and incredibly brutal. As soon as she inflicts some cut on to her opponent and sees the blood, its like she gets blood lust and she starts fighting even more and more brutally with super fast strikes, mainly of a physical nature. She likes to trap her foes with a mixture of ‘sand tomb’ and the paralysing ‘dragon breath’ before coming in for the killer strike. Tara is a true heartless predator.
Other: Tara has the innate ability to use the move Quick attack as well as being able to fuse her attacks together, such as sandstorm and sonic boom. She also lets Jack ride her while she flies, somewhat reluctantly although not with the efficiency of a pokemon who knows the move ‘fly’ so she can’t fly him very far and has to rest a lot on long trips.
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