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The Rumble Island Tournament Extravaganza (RITE Sign-Ups)

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Kohdok: o.o That's certainly interesting. There's just a couple of things: the RITE organizers wish to know your accomplishments in regards to placements in Leagues and such, you can only have up to four total Egg/TM Moves, and I can't guarantee that you'll do well when you have to battle trainers using six Pokémon, since the refs do have to be fair. You may want to give yourself one other Pokémon, or at least make Ralts a Kirlia...but if you want to take a chance, I'll see what can be done, so i won't disalow it - just keep in mind that you're up against the best of the best. Until you edit the rest, pending.

Gamekrazy: Looks fine now - just note that you can't use any other attacks than the ones you posted (if you'd like to change them before the RP starts, go ahead, though). So accepted!

Razor Shiftry: Everything looks pretty good here. You went a little overboard with the history (I wanted something brief, not a biography), the appearance of the head was all over the place (what I mean is if you're describing his eyes, don't do his eyes, then hair, then face, then go back to eyes later; if you're talking about the same thing, say it all at once) and the overall English is kind of clumsy (proofreading more may help - especially with mistakes like referring to Loony as male half the time). There's not much you can really do about that, save get out and read more; the more you read the better you write, really. I would also really appreciate it if you outright stated the Pokémon's TM/Egg Move in the Other section so I didn't have to go searching through the Pokédex.

Otherwise, everything looked fine, and the above-mentioned things are mainly just aspects that you should take into consideration for the future for the GM's sake. The character himself looks fine, though, so accepted.


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May I please reserve a spot? It sounds like an interesting RPG.


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The idea is that his Ralts is difficult to take down and has had the time and training put into it that the other trainers would put into 6 pokemon, making it a force to be reckoned with. I can toss in a backup pokemon if you really want me to.

Fixed the profile, by the way.


You know, it's been quite a while since I've signed up for an RP here on SPPf, especially a Pokemon-oriented RP, but I've got to say, this one looks pretty cool. Would you mind if I reserved a spot, too?

Razor Shiftry

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whoops, its been a while since i spent some decent time on one sign up and i guess i should have been more careful! thanks very much for highlighting my mistakes - i'll take much more careful note next time. thanks for accepting :)

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I know there are a lot of reservations, but may I too reserve one? I've got a character in the making, but I'm not done with the pokemon yet...


All done! Here it is:

Name: Fabrizio Ezra Cedolins (“Britz”)
ID Number: 75399
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Physical Description: “Britz” is a taller person. He has an obsession with physical fitness and though his muscles aren’t huge, he has great definition. His dark brown hair sits in a thick, messy mop on top of his head and he never even attempts to fix it. His eyes are dark green and always warm to match the big, toothy grin he’s constantly wearing. His nose is straight and average and his mouth/lips are bigger than the normal persons. His skin is naturally tan and he’s, overall, an attractive guy. Being raised in simplicity, his fashion sense has an undeniable plainness to it. He wears jeans or jean shorts, plain white shoes (always clean and tidy) and plain colored (somewhat tight) t-shirts. He also wears a necklace his grandmother gave him before her passing and feels that it keeps him safe. He hates hats and really doesn’t like any other jewelry than what he wears around his neck.

Personality: Britz is incredibly shy when he first meets people. As a result, he often doesn’t talk to, smile or even look at them and, as a result, tends to offend people from time to time. After he gets to know people, he reveals his true self: a laid back goofball who just wants to have some fun. Due to his upbringing, he’s always very courteous and, outwardly at least, respectful to his opponents. Britz never shows it, but he is extremely cocky and often looks down on other trainers. He would never say something like that though because he considers things like that rude. He loves to smile and has a loud, hearty laugh which he uses often. He is always even-tempered and calm, except when he feels that people are not being treated fairly. He’s very old-fashioned about the way women and children are treated also. He is, inside and out, a genuinely good person, though that’s not to say that he isn’t totally incapable of mischief. He often uses his good looks and natural charm to get what he wants and loves to play pranks.

Background: Britz is from Olivine City and was raised in a very humble situation. His family never had much money, but they were always extremely close. He worked hard fishing for his father from the time he was six until he was ten, when he was sent to study Pokemon at Earl’s Pokemon Academy. At the age of thirteen, he graduated at the top of his class and began to travel to the other regions. He spent around a year in Kanto and then traveled to the region of Hoenn. He hasn’t ever been to Sinnoh and doesn’t really have a desire to. He participated, and placed third, in the Kanto region league and placed fifth in the Hoenn region. When he returned to Johto at the age of sixteen, he chose to drop out of the league competition due to his grandmother’s sickness. After his grandmother’s death, he moved to Violet City, where he teaches beginning trainers about strategy. He has been a bit inactive as a trainer and still happy, but he became very excited about this competition as it gives him an opportunity to try and get back into the competitive battling circuit.
Other: He is extremely flirtatious. He has a weakness for cute girls and often takes it easy on them unless they show him that they’re as good as he is. His favorite style of music is opera.


Species: Haunter
Gender: Male
Given Name: Bot
Personality: Bot is huge spazz. He is Fabrizio’s first Pokemon given to him, as a gift from his father, when he was only a Gastly. Bot and Britz are best friends and can’t think of any better way to spend a day than to be laughing and playing jokes on people…except battling of course. When Bot battles, he is EXTREMELY playful. His favorite move to use is Hypnosis and he always uses it to make the opposing Pokemon see something that makes them act stupidly in front of everyone (Beedrills stinging them, or a rash on the hind quarters, etc.). He is excellent at improvisation, but he doesn’t always take the battle seriously and that leads to problems. He is loved by the rest of the team, but can be a bit obnoxious to them through pranks.
Other: He is a normal looking Haunter, but he knows Psychic through a TM.

Species: Miltank
Gender: Female
Given Name: Nurzz
Personality: Nurzz, as her name implies, is the caretaker of the team. She loves to heal and takes care of small Pokemon. She is very gentle and gets along with others very well. She is loved by the rest of the team, though she generally keeps to herself. She behaves as if the rest of the team are her children, in that she loves them and takes care of them, but sometimes can try to force them to do things when she feels that it’s for their benefit. In battle, Britz only sends her out after another one of the team members has been taken down. Being so maternal, anyone who harms one of her “children” is really in for it. She uses moves such as Stomp and Body Slam to demolish her opponents. She is quite powerful, but lacks confidence in her battling abilities.
Other: Her tail is shorter than most Miltanks. It was a birth defect, but doesn’t really affect her in anyway.

Species: Dragonite
Gender: Male
Given Name: Dwight
Personality: Very calm and laid back. Never one to start a fight, though he sure isn’t scared or incapable of finishing one. Dwight is Britz’s second Pokemon and they’re very close. He is protective of both Britz and the other members of his team. His best friend on the team is Cheroo, whom he is especially protective of. He is a leader because he is level-headed and knows the right times to be serious or play around. He loves to sleep and enjoys eating even more. He loves the intensity of battle and he’s one of the most competent battlers on the team (alongside Bot and Daisy). He works best with straightforward attacking, despite all of the strategy Britz has tried to teach him. Britz however, doesn’t seem to complain about this due to the fact that, against Dwight, most things don’t last long.
Other: Knows Earthquake through TM and Fly through HM.

Species: Jumpluff
Gender: Male
Given Name: Puffin
Personality: Extremely clumsy and unfocused outside of battle. He is extremely hyper and loves to be constantly moving. He is very goofy and loves to laugh almost as much as Britz. He is not the “sturdiest” of Pokemon (the wind takes him wherever it wants), but he understands his limitations exactly and often just has a giggle about his inability to stay in one spot. He has also learned how to use it to his advantage in battle. His battle style is definitely that of an “annoyer”. He is good with all types of status effects and is difficult to hit because of his constant “relocation”. He does, however, suffer in battle due to the movement because his accuracy tends to suffer a bit. The only move he is capable of landing without fail is Leech Seed, which he often uses to his advantage.
Other: He is quite a bit smaller than the average Jumpluff which is, in part, why he has so little control on when he moves.

Species: Lapras
Gender: Female
Given Name: Daisy
Personality: Don’t let her name fool you. Daisy is one tough sun-of-a-gun. She is absolutely cold and uncaring in battle and that doesn’t change much outside of battle. She is quite mean and laughs at her other teammate’s short comings. She doesn’t feel the need to fit in, but the team has basically decided that “she is what she is, and we should just run with it”. It’s not that Daisy doesn’t care for them, but she learned the hard way that weakness was not allowable. When Britz found her, she had been totally beaten and left by her Lapras clan for protecting a youngling runt whose fate, as decided by the leader of the clan, was death. Ever since Britz caught her and brought her back to health, she has been training so that something like that could never happen again. She only respects Britz and only considers the things he suggests when it comes to her battle style, which is merciless destruction of the opponent. She has everything planned out, but struggles when something comes her way that she wasn’t ready for. She and Bot have never really fully gotten along, but they’ve learned to tolerate each other and Britz has informed them both that the other isn’t going anywhere.
Other: Some of the Spikes on Daisy’s backs are cracked and they look more sharp and menacing now. She knows Ice Beam through a TM.

Species: Spinda
Gender: Male
Given Name: Cheroo
Personality: Very confusing. He loves to play with the others and gives the whole team (even Daisy from time to time) a good laugh. He is, without a doubt, the physically weakest member of the team, but Britz is attached to him almost as deeply as he is to Bot. He found Cheroo’s egg, abandoned, in a forest in Hoenn and has raised him since he hatched. He is quite uncoordinated and trips on just about everything. He works hard to become a better battler, but when you’re a Spinda, you’re a Spinda. Even though he is weak, he can be quite effective in battle. His movements are unplanned and impromptu, so his opponents often get quite confused watching him and end up making mistakes. He is quite capable of special attacks as well, and does decent damage with them.
Other: His head is bigger than most Spinda’s as are his ears. This gives him the effect of looking somewhat like a teddy bear.
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What's with all these reservations? I shall break the chain with my slightly scatter brained trainer!

Name: Tai Thorn
ID Number: 44462
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Physical Description: Tai has a somewhat lanky build, he’s got no real muscle tone but he isn’t exactly boney. His arms and legs look almost straight and seem to be longer then normal although they aren’t. He’s about average height for his age, maybe a little taller, and probably less then average weight considering he’s rather skinny. He has a pale complexion even though he spends a lot of time in the sun from traveling. His hair is really nothing special; it hasn’t been combed into any particular fashion. He has bangs which fall over his forehead in this way and that just hardly passing his eyebrows. The rest of his hair isn’t exactly cut short but it’s a bit longer then normal. It sticks out slightly in clumps and covers his ears from view. It’s a light brown in colour, and he’s bleached the tips of his bangs as well. Tai has light green eyes.

For clothes Tai wears a simple light blue short sleeved t-shirt and some tan coloured shorts that have large pockets on each side. He uses a black satchel as a bag, with six small clips along the front strap to hold his Pokéballs. He wears a pair of white runners and ankle high socks. Atop his head are some goggles he got in Hoenn, they are oval shape and blue with clear lenses. Lastly he has a black wristband on his right wrist.

Personality: Tai seems to be a rather carefree guy. Everyone who’s battled or had an encounter with him will say that he’s rather laid back, calm and collected. He takes losing graciously and winning as a privilege. To the on looking public, Tai is the picture of calm and collected. Sure this is true in some forms, but Tai can be a nervous wreck inside. Around other people, Tai isn’t what you’d call a social butterfly. He tends to be really shy and completely closes out people from what he’s really like. He feels more comfortable around Pokémon then he does humans basically.

Tai often suffers from being a bit of a spazz. He often regrets a decision in a battle, or something he did. Basically, he stresses out about something that already happened or doesn’t affect him in any way. Tai can be a bit scatter brained as well. Sometimes forgetting things or even forgetting where he is. He tends to be quite the worrywart as well, often fearing for his Pokémon’s health or wellbeing. Other then that Tai is always smiling and is quite silly when you get right down to it. He loves his Pokémon dearly and takes a less intense training approach. Tai is still very determined, if not for himself but for his Pokémon.

Background: Tai was born in the great region of Johto in Goldenrod City. His parents enrolled him in Trainers School at a very young age. In trainer school Tai was often the subject of bullying, which led him to be the socially awkward guy he is now. Tai was the odd ball you could say, he was often sketching Pokémon when others had practice battles. But even then he graduated a A student, and then at 15 received his first Pokémon, a Cyndaquil he named Flare.

Soon after his first gym battle, which he lost, Tai met a shy, hungry Pikachu on Route 30. He gave it some fruit and it stuck around after that. He had beaten five gyms when Flare evolved. After his eighth gym badge in Johto, Tai gained a thunder stone which he used to evolve Rei. He then prepared to travel to Kanto. While in the cave at Route 27, Tai captured a Lapras he named Lily. After gaining another 8 badges in Kanto, Tai refused an invite to the Pokémon League and headed for Hoenn. Just before his eighth gym badge in Hoenn Tai caught a stubborn Mightyena, which he calls Fang. After his eighth badge, he decided to participate in the upcoming Pokémon League. Unfortunately Tai lost early on and didn’t place. In the league Tai met up with a former classmate who made fun of him for losing in his second battle, which made Tai lose quite a bit of his confidence. Tai was slowly making his way through Sinnoh when he heard about RITE. Looking to prove himself as a trainer, Tai joined… and later freaked out about it. But his Pokémon all think this might be good for him.

Other: In Tai’s bag, he keeps the essentials. Potions, antidotes, food, ect. Tai also keeps a small binder with all his Pokémon’s information. Including pictures, sketches, all their moves and other random quirks about them.

Tai’s goggles look like the ones Pikachu wears in Brawl. I’m sorry, but I love those things XD

Picture of Tai


Gender: Female
Given Name: Flare

Personality: Flare is a very determined Pokémon. She considers herself the leader of the small Pokémon group Tai has gathered. She is always trying to get better at battling, but still loves to fool around and play. Flare is constantly working with her team mates to get stronger when they’re all out together. Flare is a rather stubborn Pokémon at times and, being the unofficial leader, wants everyone to do what she wants them to do. She gets very mad very quickly if anyone disagrees with her. She and Fang aren’t on the friendliest of terms, and she and he often fight. Flare wants everyone to come together to become stronger and Fang does not. Otherwise Flare works well with her teammates, she loves Tai very much and is very close to him.

Other: Flare wears a black collar around her neck with an everstone and a Pokémon license with her basic information on it attached to it. By TM she knows Toxic. Because Tai often lets all his Pokémon out to do what they like, as long as they don’t run away, Flare often takes the time to either train herself and her fellow Pokémon, sleep, or play.

Species: Raichu
Gender: Male
Given Name: Rei

Personality: Rei is the mischievous one in the group. Rei is no longer shy like he was when Tai first met him; he’s quite bold and outgoing. He likes to pull pranks on Flare and Fang, like tripping them with his tail or stealing their food. Though quite playful and cheerful in nature, Rei can also be quite the fierce little Pokémon. He is very serious about battling and training, never missing one of Flare’s little ‘training sessions’, even if he does end up goofing off. Rei loves Lily very much, and often hangs around with her when she’s out. Rei can be very protective of his team mates, including Fang, and hates when Flare and Fang fight. He tends to get especially worked up when they fight, and has a temper tantrum. Only Lily or Tai can calm him down. He generally can get along with anyone, and is easy to work with.

Other: Rei wears a red headband on his head with a white Pokéball symbol on it. He knows the TM move Thunder.

Species: Lapras
Gender: Female
Given Name: Lily

Personality: Lily is the mother figure out of the group of four Pokémon. She cares deeply for all of them and constantly tries to keep everything in order. She is always very calm and cool, and only losses her temper when Flare and Fang won’t stop quarrelling. Lily prefers to watch from the sidelines then get involved with most of the activities the other Pokémon get involved in, unless a fight starts. She’s incredibly patient with all of them, especially Rei who has tantrums. She has a good relationship with Tai and is very loyal to him. In the water Lily is graceful, but a quick thinker. She is very intelligent and can solve almost any problem. On land Lily is more vulnerable but she doesn’t let that get in her way. In battle she’s very persistent and specializes in long range attacks as opposed to short range.

Other: Knows the HM move Surf. Tai made her a necklace out of a number of different seashells that she wears around her neck.

Species: Mightyena
Gender: Male
Given Name: Fang

Personality: The latest addition to Tai’s team. Fang prefers to be left alone and enjoys to train by himself. He’s rather snobby, especially to Flare, and enjoys causing trouble. You can basically describe him as the cool guy that’s mean to everyone beneath him. Fang is very hostile towards his team mates, and doesn’t seem to get along well with anyone. He is very stubborn and will stand by anything he’s said, ever if he knows he’s wrong. Fang seems to despise Flare’s attempts at friendship and trying to create a better team, and that has somehow created some sort of rivalry between them. He always wants to show up others and is quite the show off. In battle Fang is the fiercest of the team, he shows absolutely no mercy for his opponents and doesn’t care if he seriously harms them in any way. He often disobeys Tai when in battle, thinking that Tai isn’t skilled enough to know exactly how he should be attacking.

Other: Rather then a simple triangle shape under Fang’s eyes, he has a crescent shape. As such, Tai thought it would be appropriate to give him a black string necklace with a yellow crescent shape charm hanging from it. He knows Shadow Ball by TM.

Woot. Because I love his Pokémon very much, I'll probably switch between their pov and Tai's. They're just so cool <3
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HISTORY OVERKILL. It's not as bad as Razor Shiftry's, though.

Name: Laurence Jeremy
ID Number: 57375 (Palindromes FTW)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Laurence Jeremy appears to be the sort of person always seen on a sports field. Tanned skin from being outdoors, loose clothing to allow free movement, and a build to allow for all manner of recreational exercises (that is, not the thin and streamlined body of a swimmer nor the large and muscular body seen on wrestlers and weightlifters, but rather somewhere in between). He is also fairly tall at around six feet or so, but has yet to define an actual height for himself (not that he’s that interested in doing so). He has, due to the copious amounts of exercise he likes pushing himself with, a well-muscled body and he’s never afraid to show it off. His body is pretty much in proportion- his arms and legs are the correct length but his head still seems a little big.

Speaking of which, let’s get on with the more intricate description. His wild, untamable hair is surprisingly shiny and a red-brown colour that leans more towards the former. It often appears messily spiked up and around, yet this is just an odd natural feature. His semi-long fringe is kept out of his eyes via a navy blue sweatband as its second feature (of course its main job is to soak up the surprising amount of sweat that the teenager produces). His almond-shaped eyes are a vibrant green colour, contrasting completely with his hair. His nose is of the Roman descriptor- with a kink about one third of the way down. His lips are average to put it simply. His chin is squared, covered in a multitude of bristly hairs of differing lengths and a nick or two (due to a hasty job of shaving). The skin on his face is mercifully clear.

Laurence has a fairly casual approach to clothing. It’s a shirt and jeans for the quiet times, and a singlet and shorts for training periods. His usual polo shirt is a dull shade of red, with the number 14 in bold white on the back. Under both sleeves is a thick stripe of white that runs to the hem. His jeans are just that- faded blue denim jeans with scuffed knees and held up by a leather Pokéball belt. They’re a little long and loose, and cover the heels of Laurence’s white running shoes. His training singlet is almost the opposite of his shirt- white with a 14 on the back in bright red numbering, and two bright red stripes on the side. His shorts are black and loose and stop a little ways before his knees. In both changes of clothing, he wears his navy blue sweatband and two matching armbands around his wrists.

Personality: If you were to look up the phrase “over competitive” in a dictionary, you’d see a big picture of Laurence grinning up at you. That’s him in a nutshell- no matter the topic, no matter the cost; it’s Laurence who has to win. He’s both a sore loser and winner, prone to yelling out whatever the outcome though with different accompanying emotions. He’s also over confident and cocky, coming off as a bit of a jerk to those around him- despite the fact he is actually good-natured and friendly (though he loves giving little diminutive nicknames to people he knows). He has a dislike for the unmotivated, believing that they are lazy good-for-nothings- why try something if you’re not going to continue? He has an alarming habit of bursting into raucous laughter in tense times, even when the general mood does not call for that sort of emotion. Of course, like most men, he is attracted to the fairer sex, but despite the fact he’d seem to be a flirtatious pervert he’s actually a little shy around women.

His battle style can be summed up by the phrase “Hit hard, shake it off”. He’s trained his Pokémon to focus in both strength and durability, even if their species aren’t the best suited to this style. He generally ignores proper strategies unless one leaps at him clear as day. He enjoys the company of Pokémon, though he does get frustrated when errors of communication occur. Generally, whenever he’s interacting with his team, they’ll be exposed to his odd regimen of training. Despite this his Pokémon seem to enjoy his company because of his cheery attitude towards everything. Laurence never blames his Pokémon for any failures, it’s always his fault in his eyes.

Background: In a nondescript hospital somewhere in Lilycove City, a small baby boy was born the second child to two happy parents. His father owned a small hotel, which he constantly strived to get publicity for. Laurence was a fairly shy and gentle child initially- though he still loved his sports. His sister was four years older than he and his new little sister was two years younger. His parents seemed to dote on them more, leaving the poor middle child striving for attention. This led to his competitive nature: “Oh, Kasey drew a picture of you? Well, my picture is a lot better!”.

He was one of those little clingy children who suffered from separation anxiety. An older boy found him crying in the corner on Laurence’s second day. He introduced himself as Jackson Numelle, and was one year older than Laurence. He offered to show the lonely child around the school, thus starting a strong friendship. Laurence idolized Jackson, believing he to be the smartest (Not so true), bravest (Not particularly; but he did climb up a big tree which Laurence was afraid of leading to this assumption), and in general best person alive. However, this opinion changed radically when he was nine.

Jackson had left on his journey six months before, promising to be the next champion of the Hoenn League. Every month or so since he left off, Laurence checked the fan club to see if any of the fanatics had started gushing over his best friend yet. He kept telling them that Jackson would be much better than their obsessions. So the worst possible thing happened during one of those preaches- an older boy burst out laughing and apologized that he wasn’t all he was cracked up to be. It was Jackson. When Laurence inquired as to why he did not have a proper journey, he simply replied that “It was kinda boring, kinda hard and not really my thing”. How could the great Jackson give up so easily? Disillusioned and very angry at this quitter, Laurence disowned him as a friend.

Jackson kept his single Pokémon at his house, though he seemed displeased with it. When it came time for Laurence to start his journey, Jackson offered his Torchic to the younger boy, claiming that it was bored- and already trained a little bit. Indeed, the poor thing did seem bored whenever Laurence passed by Jackson’s house and peered into his backyard. He agreed in order to give the poor little thing the life it desired (despite the fact he wanted a Mudkip).

After registering at Professor Birch’s lab, he started his journey like any other child would. He captured a team that he liked, and trained them in his own special, albeit rigorous way. He defeated the gyms in turn, happily climbing up the ladder to the Hoenn League. Indeed, a year and a half later he did manage to defeat Juan in a very close match. He was ecstatic that he could finally compete in the league (and to show up that little quitter Jackson). Two months later, just before the league, Laurence was struck with a bad case of influenza. He held his own through the preliminaries, yet as he continued further, his flu impeded his thought processes making him sleepy and dizzy at the same time. Eventually, he lost one of the battles that would’ve taken him to the next round due to his lack of focus. He was devastated, and believed it was his entire fault for the loss.

At the age of twelve he set off to Sinnoh, in an attempt to actually train rather to compete. He went into the harshest environments he knew of to toughen his five going on six partners up for when he would eventually compete again. Occasionally he did faint from the strain that he put on his own body (“Training’s not just for the Pokémon!”), only to wake up in the nearest house with his Pokémon either looking concerned or slightly pitying.

Fourteen was the age in which he started visiting the other regions for the same reason, having become bored with Sinnoh. It was off to many of the hotspots which littered the two remaining regions. He found himself enjoying his stay in Blackthorn, often training near Dragon’s Den (And in it eventually). It was here that he happened to pass by two young trainers complaining about the age limit put on a particular tournament that was coming up. He interrogated the kids, who explained about RITE and how they had to be sixteen or older to compete. Laurence had only turned sixteen a week ago, and figured this was the perfect place to make up from that mistake he felt he made four years ago.

Other: He is allergic to peanuts, despite actually liking them. His Pokémon’s names are their last form’s name’s syllables backwards of how HE pronounces them.

Species: Blaziken
Gender: Male
Given Name: Kenziblaze, “Kenzy”
Personality: Kenzy is a calm soul, who finds peace in repetition. Generally this repetition involves striking something over and over again in time, leading Kenzy into a zen-like state. He’s not one to get excited, really, and though he enjoys battling he won’t be rushing about the place. In general he’s a very loose Pokémon, gentle and friendly to those who approach him. Unlike his younger years he does not easily get bored and can stand doing nothing for long periods of time. He holds no grudges against his former owner Jackson, for it was his long hours in that one backyard which taught him how to cope with boredom.
Other: Kenzy knows Focus Blast due to a TM. He looks perfectly normal, if a little beefed up.

Species: Manectric
Gender: Male
Given Name: Trikneman, “Trik”
Personality: Trik is generally very energetic, and quite rude. He’s almost a Pokémon version of Laurence, without the tendency to be a sore loser (in fact he’s quite accepting of a loss; it builds character according to him). He’s not the sort to allow women, the elderly and children ahead of him- he’s too self-centered for that. He holds a respect for those who have bested him, yet that still doesn’t mean he has to be polite to them in his eyes.
Other: The yellow fur of his species is golden on Trik. He knows Ice Fang as an Egg Move.

Species: Golem
Gender: Male
Given Name: Lemgole
Personality: Lemgole is almost a yes man, expressing silent agreement with whatever Laurence is doing. He has absolute faith in the teen, and never questions his actions. He’s not that intelligent, helping towards the “Laurence knows best” attitude he harbours. He’s quite the over protective thing, and won’t let Laurence or the other Pokémon on the team get injured outside of a battle. He’s fairly empathetic towards smaller Pokémon, and he tends to hold back a little when facing them.
Other: He looks perfectly normal. Knows Flamethrower due to a TM.

Species: Gengar
Gender: Female
Given Name: Gargen
Personality: Gargen is a strange one. She’s not particularly into pranks like the majority of her species, she finds them childish at this age. Rather, she is quite poetic and enjoys staring at natural scenery for a long time. She has quite the peaceful aura, which can be quite deceptive. Yes, she’s a gentle, almost motherly Pokémon, but this doesn’t mean she can’t let out a can of whoopass on the battlefield. Occasionally she’ll disobey Laurence’s orders if she sees a better tactic, and is very full-out in utilizing attacks.
Other: Her eyes are a gentle shade of blue.

Species: Machamp
Gender: Male
Given Name: Champma
Personality: Even though Laurence has some pretty unique Pokémon on his team, he also has a stereotypical one. Champma is all muscle, and not very much brain. He does have the odd, sporadic moments of ingenuity, but these are few and far between. He tends to be a bit of a show-off, lifting things with a cheesy grin towards the young and the opposite gender. He usually overlooks a lot of things in a drive to get a task done, so his battling style is very straightforward: “Knock ‘em out as quick as possible”.
Other: His skin is a richer blue than most.

Species: Gabite
Gender: Male
Given Name: Chomgar, “Chom”
Personality: Chom is a shy, affectionate creature. He loves nothing more than praise and a pet from Laurence when he’s done well. He views Laurence as a father/brother figure, due to the fact he was caught very young and impressed upon the teen. He’s very loyal, and like Lemgole he’ll obey without fail. He does have a slight dislike for the training regimen that Laurence has for his team, but Chom has noticed that he got stronger due to it. He’s friendly towards other Pokémon.
Other: The orange of his stomach is brighter. Like Lemgole, he also knows Flamethrower due to a TM.
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I’m done and I will tell you now… some of my pokemon have more personality than others. I pray my grammatical mistakes are down to a minimum... I put it through a spell check; I proofread it forwards and backwards and then put it through another spell check. Oh I have questions too.

#1: I’m pretty certain about making another trainer but I was wondering. Is there area of water on the battle stage for water pokemon such as Goldeen and Seaking? Unless there is water these pokemon can’t move and they’re stuck flopping around on the ground.

#2: ….. I had other question but I can’t remember it….. Dang, I’ll ask you when and/or if I remember.

Name: Liz Anaya Main (Get it, Liz-Anaya=Lasagna ha-ha aren’t I funny ^_^)
ID Number: 46667
Age: 22
Gender: Female

Physical Description: Liz is short, clearly below the 5 feet tall mark (she legally a midget: people under 4‘11 feet tall that’s 18 or older) and couldn’t weight much at all; her build has a little groove in the chest and butt with a little dip in the hips. Her skin is actually quite pale in place such as her feet and ankles due to lack of sun contract; her overall skin is tanned that gives her skin a slight bronze color. She has a few scars and marks but nothing major or even noticeable. Long really dark brown (looks black from a distance) hair is fashion in: two ponytails at the sides of her head that rest in front of her shoulders and one messily put up bun at the back of her head. The ponytails have a curly fluffiness to them while her hair is straight elsewhere on her head. Semi-thick eyebrows place above of her hazel eyes, which have a golden tinge.

Wearing a purple long sleeve shirt that stops at her wrists and long legged jean overall with jean dress like cloth that cover over the pants part; the attire seems extremely childish. On the large pocket near the chest area of the overall is a print of a Wiki Berry; those same berries outline the top of the side pockets and are the buttons of the overall. Blue gloves that match her overall are wore on her hands or tied around her wrist depending on the situation; though whenever she going to handle Camellia she puts them on. A pretty loose blue and purple camouflage choker rests at the top of her chest. On her feet she has boots but not just any boots Arbok skin boot (Made from their shed skin) with the same purple color, golden spots on left and right of the shoes and a curving black stripe across the front of it.

Personality: Liz is a well-educated girl understanding much about pokemon, history and legends (well not so much legends). She really nice to a point where it seems unbelievable but that changes in the instant you see her barking out insults and sarcasm when annoyed or angered. She has a sisterly complex (often mistaken for motherly complex) that makes her seem overly affectionate toward those who look under the age of 20. At time she just like an adult in the way she speaks and deal with things though; when it comes to fun and pokemon she like squealing little girl getting ready to go the circus. One of her negative traits is that she so easily grows bored of things that aren’t constantly moving/changing and it take forever to get things done in such condition (if she get it done at all). Another bad trait is that she lacks self-motivation so once something becomes boring, she has no way of continuing unless she feels it’s important. She really dislike people who treat her like a little girl but she can understand why they act that way because she really short (it still make her mad though). With most people she gets along just fine without a single problem but of course there are people she just can’t stand being within the same world as them. If and when Liz is sorrowful it is all over her face, in her voice and movement; she normally goes off alone to talk/cry to herself until the sadness vanishes.

Background: Liz was born in Celadon City; she is the oldest child out of 5 but the last one to go one a pokemon journey. Before setting out on travels across the world she decided to graduate at least high school so if she were to get bored of the whole pokemon battle thing, she had options on other things she could do in the future. Her other siblings however started their journey as soon as they reached that trainer age. Starting her pokemon journey at the age of 17, shortly after graduating school; she soon became a very skilled trainer despise starting so much later than other the average trainer. She became good at battling with different type of pokemon and has caught dozens of different pokemon but traded them off or put them in the care of one of her younger siblings.

She had won many gym badges from the stronger gyms from every region except Sinnnoh but never had the motivation to get all of them. Liz also battle a member of the Elite Four, Bruno though the battle ended in a tie. Slowly, she was starting to grow bored of training and battle pokemon all the time when she heard about Rumble Island Tournament Extravaganza (RITE). It perked her interest and she decided to sign up for the competition.

Other: Liz clothes are actually custom-made; they are made from hard to obtain/harvest Lucario and Skuntank fur (they are not killed so you know) which are resistance to high level of toxin. This material is also very hard to tear yet very flexible and very expensive (she is still paying off). This gives her ability in hold and touch Camellia without worry of being poison or having to buy a new outfit. Another thing her clothes has a stench lingering to it (you‘ll know why after you see her first pokemon X|). She has a black and purple backpack with two back strands and a set of wheels. The many storing selection are massive, bulking outward.


Species: Muk
Gender: Female
Given Name: Camellia

Personality: Camellia is quite cheerful and curious; if most things she touches didn’t become contaminated/poisoned/dead due to high level of toxins in her skin would, she probably touch everything. Even though she is a nice pokemon, rarely loses her temper; she avoided by pokemon and people alike for her look (which is consider ugly) and the horrid stench that her body gives off. This Muk loves her trainer because despise of all of that, Liz kept her and given her much affection. Out all of Liz other pokemon only Spike and Dewey really interact, because their poison attribute let‘s them be unaffected in becoming poison. Spike doesn’t spend at a lot of time with her mainly because of her foul scent, while Dewey sweet fragrance counteracts the Muk’s stench. Needless to say because she is lacking feet, Camellia movement quite sluggish which is a good thing that most of her attacks don’t require physical contact. Though her physical defense taking isn’t her strong point, most pokemon don’t want to come in contract with her body. Her malleable body can absorb a good amount of special attack and using them herself is quite powerful.

Other: She has a rose shape dark spot in the center of her forehead. She know the TM Rock Tomb, which is an often used to slowdown her opponent so she can increase her chance of hitting her opponent.


Species: Nidorino
Gender: Male (can you believe it!)
Given Name: Spike

Personality: Spike can easily be described as a flirt and show off. This Nidorino will never flirt with Camellia or Ocho because Camellia lacks a feminine touch and Ocho just annoys him. If he sees another female (that he think is pretty) he will grateful go over and flirt with her. He tends to do things to prove how strong and intelligent he is, normally to impress a female. He’ll help damsels in distress and anyone else who's in need of assistances. Kind and sweet are also some of his traits but it is often overlooked. Competing with other males, he is strongest just to show how powerful he really is. He often goes easy on girl because he feels that girls are the weaker gender. If he loses (especially to a girl) or is harshly rejected by a girl he goes into a temporary depress state when everything said only seem to make him feel worst. Spike doesn’t really talk very much with any of the other pokemon, but they still get along and fight beside one another if needed. He can take a lot of hits, dish back physical attack with much power. Using his quickness, he avoids attacks and sends quick blows back at his opponent. When it comes to special attack and defense, he is lacking but it not terribly horrid.

Other: Spike knows the TM Shadow Claw and Water Pulse. A violet scarf is tightly tied around is front right leg; poking out from the top of it, is a Poison Barb that the Nidorino treasures.

Species: Gardevoir
Gender: Male
Given Name: Greg

Personality: Greg is a very depress and sadistic ever since he evolved into a Gardevoir. The expression of deep unhappiness and loathing of what seem to be his very existence is constantly planted on his face. He prefers to be left alone to mope in silence but will occasionally exchange words with other pokemon. Being already so sorrowful, he couldn‘t possible by anymore depress and angering him is a rare feat for anyone to do since he normally couldn’t care less. Believe it or not despised his obvious depression his battling and maneuvering is off some chart. His dodging skill is beyond amazing which is good because he doesn‘t take physical and special hits well. Doing physical attacks aren’t very powerful but any special attack he sends out is give his opponent quite a jab.

Other: Bent circular and worn on Greg’s left wrist is a Twisted Spoon. He has been wearing ever since Liz caught him as a Kirila.

Species: Spinda
Gender: Female
Given Name: Ocho

Personality: Ocho is one nail short of being place in a mental institute. This clumsy pokemon walks around like she drunk pulling pranks, stealing stuff for laughs and doing the most random things (such take a bit of a fruit throw it in the face of other pokemon and the lick it off). Liz other pokemon just don’t want to deal with this ‘special’ pokemon so they often don’t socialized with her or even give her attention; Ocho however doesn’t seem to care and regularly mess with everyone except Camellia. She seems to prefer Spikes out of all of them. Liz puts up with her partly because she promise her friend that she would take care of her and she find the Spinda intriguing; Liz can only take so much of the panda. Although she constantly running about causing havoc, she is surprisingly slow when it comes to running; even when she gets a good starts she stumbles over her own feet. Her dodging skill is so much better though it normally seems accidental (but is it?) such as: stumble over feet away from an attack or slipping and attack goes right over her head. She can take quite a pounding before her health begins to fail. Her attacks however have no oomph in it but she can keep lashing them out until they wear out her opponent.

Other: Ocho has a unique spot formation on her forehead that look like an eight. The Spinda knows the TM Trick Room to help with the fact that she is a slow when it comes to speed.


Species: Roserade
Gender: Male
Given Name: Dewey

Personality: Though Dewey is in the exact boat as Greg (male with a feminine body) his personality is almost the exact opposite of the Gardevoir. He is collected, seeing the beauty of the world around him, and carries a happy expression around with no problem with how he looks. Nature: flowers, plants and outdoor scenery, are enchanting to him and he can easily lose himself in it. Even though he is very mild and cool temper, when he feels that nature is being threaten or people/pokemon disrespect it infuriate him; there are other ways to anger him but that is the main thing to get his leaves crumbled. Friendly yet untrusting unless he knows the pokemon/person but get along with the other pokemon on his team especially Carmellia despise the fact when she comes in contact with plants causes to them wilt. Dewey sees that the Muk doesn’t intentionally do it and seem sad about it as well. Fast in both movement and dodging, can endure special attack, and can also lash out powerful special attack, this Roserade is one tough pokemon. Though when dealing physical attack it lacks the same power as his special attacks and he doesn’t take physical attacks well.

Other: …. Being a male Roserade, he has a shorter cape than a female…..
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Should I redo again, or should I just give up?

Because well... Serebii ate my post. Once again.


Goddamn, it wasn't that long.


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Should I redo again, or should I just give up?

Because well... Serebii ate my post. Once again.


Goddamn, it wasn't that long.

Might I advise writing it in notepad first?


I'll be joining at some point when I get today out of the way. So I guess I'll reserve a spot even though its pretty much unlimited.
Name: Kimber-Leigh ("Kimmy") Lannah
ID Number: 07819
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Kimmy is a short girl at 5'5, barely growing any taller since she was 13. She has the curvy and slender silhouette some girls covet but she hardly has any muscle about her. (And she hates the fact she's physically very weak and light) She has a natural light olive tan despite traveling a lot, because she always walks under the shade of her parasol. Kimmy a small scar on her right, but it's not very noticeable because it is covered by one of her armbands. Her wavy, shoulder-length black hair (which looks brownish in bright light) is tied back by a blue hair ribbon and curls out slightly at the ends but is mostly straight elsewhere. On days when she doesn't feel like wearing her bandanna, her hair fringe covers her left eye. If it weren't for her brightly coloured clothes, you could probably mistake her for someone more...Gothic. He eyes were a soft brown, the colour of the bark on an oak tree and were slightly protected by a pair of frame less glasses.

For this adventure, our heroine has decided for the adventurous yet sophisticated look. Kimmy wears a red button down mini-dress with navy finishing that cuts off at mid-thigh and skin-tight black biker shorts patterned with a single white Pokeball on her left leg that cut off a few inches beyond that. A black choker with frilly white cloth sewn to it (A mini cravat, Kimmy hears) adorned her neck. Red and white fingerless gloves with matching navy armbands wrap her arms and hands in colour. Red and white sneakers and light blue leg warmers leave her lower half as colourful was the rest of her. Around her waist, a studded leather belt hangs around her waist, slightly at an angle. Completing the look, frame-less glasses, and a brick-red messenger bag (slung over her shoulder) with multiple pockets and zippers (with all the essential and not-so-essential things). To the untrained eye, she was similar to the pirate cosplayers in Poketopia. What makes her stand out is the she carries a red parasol made in the Traditional Japanese style, patterned with black butterflies. For colder weather, a knee-length, belted, lavender-tinted satin trench coat is in order.

Personality: If you looked up “mood swing” in the dictionary, Kimmy’s smiling picture would be next to the definition, while a picture of an angry, furious counterpart glared back right next to it. Kimmy's loud, confident, and impatient and can still be the opposite when the situation calls for it. (And sometimes doesn't) To the public eye, she is a cute, well-educated, and polite trainer. (If a little bit naive) But public opinion aside, she's really competitive, honest to the point of being a total jerk and a little bit proud. Negatives aside, she's kind-hearted and cares very much about her friends and family. (Pokemon included) She can be a little clingy at times, but that's because she hates it when one of her friends leave her. She can also be very forgetful, sometimes forgetting things that should be well known to her. Although rather good-natured on the outside (sometimes), she knows much more than she lets on and is darker and more emotional than one can perceive. She also frets over mistakes that could've happened months, even years ago, because they seem so haunting. Among these mistakes are the ones that have lead her to a harsh loss, and she blames herself for whatever action she made, even if it wasn't directly her fault. Kimmy also detests people who just have no motivation to do anything, because she knows no-one would get anywhere if people weren't motivated, and it disgusts her when people just give up, especially when they're so close to what they're achieving.

Her battle style is summed up with “Change with the opponent.” Kimmy uses sweepers, tanks, and annoyers, depending on the person she’s facing, or what Pokemon she feels like using. But for the tournament, Kimmy will use mostly sweepers, or attack-oriented Pokemon. Her training style remains the same, though. (“Fight ‘till you drop!”) As such, she can be quiet stingy with healing items and tests the limits of her team, making sure that they use their full potential. Despite some miscommunication, Kimmy and her Pokemon have grown closer and closer with each passing day, despite their ‘strange’ quirks. (She tries to ignore them) If her Pokemon ever lost, Kimmy placed the blame on herself, for ever sending them into the battle in the first place.

Background: Around 17/18-ish years prior in Lilycove City, a little girl was born to two loving parents. The eldest of three siblings, she decided early on what she'd do and when she'd become a trainer; Become a trainer at 10, capture a legendary or two and become champion. But of course, not everything went according to plan. When she turned ten, she decided to wait a little and study before going on her journey. She studied at the Pokemon Trainer's school in Rustborough City and achieved top marks until deciding to leave at 12. Every time she visited Hoenn, she stayed a few weeks to catch up on her studies.

Kimmy eventually became a very skilled trainer, despite making many mistakes early on that hindered her a bit. She won badges in Hoenn, Kanto and Sinnoh, and even went as far as the Pokemon League. However, she never won each time but still managed to place herself high among the ranks. (Top 8, 4, and 16 respectively) She caught many Pokemon on her journey, most of which are at the moment in the care of her siblings or her many cousins that traveled throughout the world. Kimmy specializes in water and psychic types, but she's decided to spread out for the tournament. That being said, her Pokemon have no idea why the Blaziken (see the Pokemon) is there in the first place.

A week after the Hoenn league, Kimmy was offered a ticket by a strange man, claiming it would lead her to rare Pokemon. She accepted, and it leads her to Southern Island where she found a Latios and a Latias. The Latias fled, and Kimmy failed to capture the Latios. Why? Blazer was the only Pokemon she had with her, because the rest were transferred to a cousin in Kanto for training. The battle was long and hard, and Blazer eventually lost. She didn't know why, but the Latios then tried to attack her with a Dragon Claw. Using what strength he had left, Blazer leaped in front to save the girl. (Latios left right after that convinced they had enough.) Kimmy escaped with a small scratch on her shoulder, but Blazer came out with a large gash on his right arm. And despite that, no-one would believe the story about the encounter. ("Maybe it was meant to be this way?") The events of that day still haunt Kimmy, so she avoids talking about it. Attempting to coax the story out of her will result in the silent treatment.

Prior to accepting the application, Kimmy was recently returning from Poketopia to continue her studies in Hoenn when she heard about RITE. Since she figured she wouldn't find anything exciting until she's decided to head to Orre, she accepted in a heartbeat. Her Pokemon are quite concerned that signing up 'just for fun' might've not been a wise choice, though... But in truth, Kimmy wants to show the whole world what she's capable of. Besides that, she turned 16 a long time ago.

- She brings a bright red, Traditional Japanese-style parasol (a gift from her parents for managing to get into the Hoenn league) wherever she goes, because she simply hates high heat and UV rays.
- She also has the habit of giving her Pokemon full names, just like humans. Trying to coax the reason out of her will result in a fury of furious glares.

Pokemon (All six of them!)

Species: Absol
Gender: Female
Given Name: Abigail Darkressa Absol ("Abby")
Personality: Considered by the rest of the team two things: The leader of the pack and the devil in Pokemon form. Although, the latter of which isn't very accurate. Abby is slightly sadistic, manipulative, and ambitious, stopping at nothing to get what she wants. However, she holds great respect for her trainer and the more 'senior' members of Kimmy's team and is willing to hold back a bit of her evil for them, although, she has a soft spot for her six little children, Darkly, Ame, Riku, Ana, Amy, and Seras. Strangely, when around them, she seems to become a completely different person, a caring mother. A natural born leader at heart, she commands the Pokemon party with an iron...paw, along with the 'senior' members. (Blazer, for starters) Abby also likes to scheme. Just ask the others, who've always been convinced (sometimes forced) to help. They don't always work, but Abby doesn't care. It's her way of having fun. Abby's battle motto is "Don't stop moving." Abby is constantly on the move, despite her rather low speed. She knows that if she lets down her guard for even a second, she'll be attacked. She runs around the arena, powering up with Swords Dance as she dodges attacks and analyzes the opponent. And depending on what the opponent does, she'll either defend with Detect, strike with a powerful attack, or something else. Usually, it's the first two. If not, she's very good at thinking while on the run.
- Her eyes are a very dark shade of blue.
- She has six children, all adorable little Absols. The father of one of them is unknown to everyone except Abby. (And really, it's not our place to ask...)

Species: Blaziken
Gender: Male
Given Name: Blazen Pyro Blaziken ("Blazer")
Personality: Kimmy's laid back, calm yet slightly sarcastic starter. Blazer has been with Kimmy since the beginning, watching strong Pokemon come and go but always stayed by her side through it all. Despite how long he's been with her, he plays second-in-command to Abby. Blazer is as competitive as his trainer, challenging other Pokemon, sometimes without his trainer knowing until she is dragged into a Pokemon battle. Despite keeping an eternally calm and laid-back demeanor, he has no tolerance of insults, whatsoever. Depending on the insult, it will be met with a witty remark or an argument that eventually turns into a battle. Blazer also likes to challenge himself and perfect his moves through countless battles and private training sessions with his trainer. He wants to make himself better than he could be; sharing Kimmy's passion of showing the world what he's capable of. He also tends to wear himself out, because he's always testing his limits. Blazer's style can be described by the saying "Hit them hard and hit them fast." Most of Blazer's moves are offensive, two of which induces recoil damage. (Brave Bird and Flare Blitz) Therefore, he has to take the opponent out quickly using brute power and speed.
- Knows Earthquake via TM
- Has a scar on his right arm from the Dragon Claw a Latios gave him when Kimmy attempted to catch one, and failed. The scar eventually healed, but is hidden by the white bandage wrapped around his arm.
- Relating the above point, he can't use his right arm as well.

Gender: Male
Given Name: Tanio Luna Gardevoir ("Tanio")
Personality: Insecure and lacks confidence in almost anything he does. As a little Ralts, he dreamed of becoming a big and strong Gallade, but became a Gardevoir because Kimmy lacked the right evolution stone at the time and is often teased by the other party members because of his feminine looks. Tanio prefers to avoid other people because of his extreme anxiety, and hardly talks when socializing with others. He is also prone to suddenly crying when under pressure. However, when the situation calls for it (Usually when Kimmy demands it), he can gather the courage to stand up for himself and accomplish anything. His fighting style is like this, "Immobilize the foe, power up and attack. If all else fails, keep attacking." Most (all?) of Tanio's moves don't require him making direct contact with the opponent, so he uses his special attacks to attack from a distance.
- Extremely feminine looking, despite being male and is often mistaken for a girl.
- Relating to the above point, he can sometimes (often unknowingly) charm other hot-blooded, male Pokemon.
- Wears a pink ribbon around his neck, but it serves no purpose in battle.

Gender: Male
Given Name: Vendetta Rosetta Roserade ("Vendetta", sometimes "Ven")
Personality: One of the newer members of Kimmy's crew. Despite that he, like Tanio is a male in a feminine body, he could care less about what form he takes because he's accepted that even if Kimmy choose to not evolve him, he would still be rather feminine-looking, and he can't control that. Vendetta is flamboyant, confident, a little vain, and a bit of a show-off. This is possibly explained by the fact that he became proud of his looks, since he seems to charm every beautiful Pokemon that makes eye contact, regardless of gender. He's always eager to please others, especially Kimmy, whom he has unwavering loyalty for. His battle motto is "All or nothing." Two of his moves, Weather Ball and Solar Beam, are more deadly when Sunny Day is in effect. Needless to say, he needs the first turn to use Sunny day or else his fate is sealed. He either gives the whole of his power, or none at all. He also knows Synthesis 'for extra assurance'.
- He wears a white mask in battle, mimicking Tuxedo Kamen/Mask from Sailor Moon.
- Knows Sunny Day, via TM
- He's been known around Kimmy's Pokemon for his bisexual tendencies, and can be seen flirting with Pokemon, regardless of gender.

Gender: Female
Given Name: Princessa Royal Togetic ("Princess")
Personality: Princess is the 'nurse' of the group. She's constantly worried about the other Pokemon and the consequences of the schemes Abby tries to drag the group into. She's very polite and mindful towards other Pokemon and seems to be the only 'sane' Pokemon out of Kimmy's Pokemon. (Besides possibly Blazer) She loves gossiping with others, (Mostly to obtain information on other Pokemon, and whatever trouble Kimmy's might be in) making new friends and she always does her best to keep Kimmy's Pokemon out of trouble, although she usually fails and gets dragged into the scheme at the same time. Her Battle motto is, "How lucky are you?" Princess relies on Metronome a lot, making an unpredictable foe. If she's not feeling lucky, she has other moves, both offensive and defensive, to back her up. Depending on her battle situation, her strategy will change.
Other: Nothing, really...

Species: Dratini
Gender: Male
Given Name: Ryuuto Draco Dratini
Personality: Ryuuto is like your typical little kid; dreams of being big and strong one day and admires anyone who is, easily influenced by the more senior members of the team, and is cute yet mischievous. Ryuuto is also gullible and painfully naive, believing whatever the older ones tell him, giving him an almost fantasy-like view of the world. Like most other youngsters, he tends to wander off due to his extreme curiosity, giving the others a very big headache trying to find him, despite the fact he follows Kimmy around like a baby chick. Ryuuto loves to make friends, and can often be seen playing with other young or baby Pokemon. However, he shies away from those who are older than him, hiding behind Kimmy (or whoever happens to be there). Ryuuto's battle style can be described with "Fight or Flight." As a budding powerhouse, he uses brute strength (and his tail) to wear down his opponents, but will use his speed and small size to give chase at any given time, usually when cornered. To give him a little more advantage, he'll use Mist to hide himself, and maybe get in a surprise attack.
- Knows Iron Tail via breeding
- Knows Mist via breeding
- Wears a red scarf around his neck, because Kimmy thinks it makes him look cooler.
- He's smaller than the average Dratini, because he's still quite young.
- Relating to the above point, he's small enough to wrap himself around Kimmy's neck and can sometimes be seen doing that.
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Name: Adam Matthew Zeppelin

ID Number: 13920

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Physical Description: At 18, Adam stands tall at a good six feet, but this only makes him slightly taller than usual and not that much difference over the average height of an 18-year old. His build is slim and would be normally considered as an athletic physique by most, more adept to running or swimming than any other type of sport, but he doesn’t really have a great deal of muscle mass to make him super-strong. It basically just gives him the appearance of being in shape – which he is. Adam’s head is pretty straightforward in design: it is configured like an upside-down heart, albeit one with a rounded top, whilst in the middle of his face is a regular-sized straight Greek nose.

Adam’s skin is quite pale, but not overly so; it simply looks lighter than usual. His complexion is best described as fair, as it burns far more easily than it tans from the sun. As he’s gone through puberty, or has at least made it to the final stages, his skin feels rather coarse; having lost the softness he once had when he was younger. His eyes are typically European in appearance: a vague oval shape with the irises taking up most of the white space. In Adam’s case, his irises are a startling deep blue. His hair is unidirectional; it juts out in every which way known to Man and then some. It’s of medium length, cutting off before it reaches the nape of the neck, and in a dirty blond colour, slightly darker than the typical blond, in a shade between blond and brown, but could probably be better described as light brown.

As for clothing, Adam dresses in a type of suit or school uniform; he feels more comfortable in the style best described as “geek chic”, which is no bad thing. Basically, his usual set of attire consists of a white, short-sleeved button-up shirt, with every button with the exemption of the topmost one - that which joins the two parts of the collar together - done up. It's unlikely you'll see these buttons, however, as they're usually covered by a straight, black tie done in a Windsor knot running down the front of the shirt. To make up for the lack of arm coverage, he dons a jet-black double-breasted blazer over his chest, with the edges of the lapels gilded with white. Two large pockets drape down on either side of the blazer, just a few inches above the hem of it, storing his glasses. For everything else, he has his backpack. Like his blazer, it is ebony in colour, with red stripes across the bottom and arcing upwards across it, and contains his spare clothes, a standard first aid kit, food for both him and his Pokémon, a silver-and-black sleeping bag, and other necessities needed for travel.

The attire on Adam’s legs basically carry on the whole “school uniform” look he has going for him. They're a very dark grey, and cover his legs entirely down to his ankles, which in turn are covered by a pair of black socks. Adam holds them up with an ebony, faux-leather belt with a silver buckle; otherwise, they'd slip down to his ankles, and give the whole world a nice view of his underwear; that, and they hold his Pokéballs for him. His feet are encased in a pair of dress shoes in the same colour as his blazer, and while they have been cleaned pretty thoroughly, it's still possible to see the faint remains of mud near the soles. Adam's slightly shortsighted, and so sometimes wears a pair of wireframe, gunmetal-grey glasses to correct his vision. On his right wrist is a standard silver Pokégear with black and red highlights.

Personality: For the most part, Adam comes across as being rather shy, quiet and introverted, but also rather friendly. Afraid of being judged and hated, he tries to appeal to as many people as possible so they won’t turn their backs on him. Maybe because he hasn’t spent a great deal of close social contact with people, but he has trouble expressing his emotions and often chooses not to as he isn’t sure how to do so. As such, he appears rather withdrawn and indifferent, and has often been described as lacking a backbone. This isn’t down to self-loathing, but he doesn’t have a great deal of confidence. Whenever he goes into a battle, he goes in believing he isn’t going to win, and even if he’s formed a brilliant strategy, he will pick holes in it and second-guess himself.

Despite this, Adam isn’t one to run away. Even if he doesn’t believe he has a chance of victory, he will go in and give it his all anyhow. He’s fully aware of his own faults, and is always trying to improve, and can appear gentle, polite and compassionate; he empathises towards the plights of others, but this is negated by the fact he wouldn’t normally be sure how to deal with them. Still, you have to give him points for trying, at least. Adam seems to enjoy training, and while it was mainly for his own self-serving reasons to start with, he has gained a sort of zest as time has passed; there’s a real thrill in it, and this has ultimately given him resolve and a fair bit of confidence as well.

Background: Adam was born in Goldenrod City to a young couple, Jonathan and Laura, who had married a few years after they left college. When it came to naming their child, they decided to make his first and middle names begin with the first and middle letters of the alphabet respectively; “A”, “M”, and “Z”. Jonathan had managed to acquire a job as an assistant to Professor Birch, so the Zeppelin family moved to Mauville City in the Hoenn region, and threw himself into his work. As such, Adam spent his early years with his mother and didn’t see a great deal of his father, so naturally grew attached to her. However, at age 8, the spark in his parents’ marriage died out, and they divorced, but on equal terms, and have a…decent relationship, for want of a better term. This was a major shock to Adam, and ultimately the reason why he has become rather withdrawn.

Laura obtained the greater part of custody over Adam, so in that sense, nothing much had changed, with the exception of possible mental scarring from the divorce. A year after that, he got a sort of “stepfather”: Ryan Krohn, a journalist and photographer who worked for The Mauville Times. The two hit it off as the result of a chance meeting in the centre of Goldenrod and struck up a relationship. Adam was initially weary of the stranger, and didn’t talk to him much, but following the boy looking at one of Ryan’s articles and finding it rather funny, he eventually warmed towards him. Interestingly, Adam had no plans to become a Pokémon Trainer; he planned to be a journalist, and had even started writing articles of his own under the pseudonym “Tabris”, which quickly became his name for all things online.

However, Adam started training at the age of 15, simply because Ryan thought it might be good if he tried something new for once. Initially taken aback by this and refused almost from the off, eventually he was persuaded into doing it after he was told it would attract more people to his own personal webpage if he regaled them with derring-do tales of battling and adventure. His first Pokémon was a Ralts he nicknamed Rave; the two didn’t get along too well when Adam took one look at the Pokémon and immediately assumed it was a female, only to be told gently by Ryan that it was biologically a male. Needless to say, they didn’t get along too well to start with, mainly due to Rave’s aggressive personality and Adam’s passive, timid nature, added to his need to call his mother every step of the way to assure her he was OK. Fortunately, once Adam had mustered just enough confidence to direct Rave in battle – once he had learnt Confusion – the two hit their stride.

During his travels, which he updated on his website whenever he had access to a computer at a Pokémon Centre, he managed to assemble a team and earned all eight Gym Badges, with the aim of entering the Hoenn League. Adam didn’t aim to win, just to get as far as he could, but in his journeys, and throughout the tournament, to his surprise, he discovered he genuinely enjoyed battling. Eventually, he lost, finishing 15th altogether. Naturally, he felt disappointed, but when he returned to Mauville, he was greeted enthusiastically, almost – dare he consider it? – like a hero. This was a massive step for Adam; he had travelled independently across an entire country for a whole year and entered a tournament! He never even dreamed of doing it beforehand.

With this newfound confidence, Adam eventually started travelling across the Pokémon World, visiting Johto and training all over the country, sometimes visiting the Dragons’ Den, but usually getting thrashed by the master. While there, he decided to earn the Badges there, but not with the aim of competing in the Johto League. Adam currently has started training in the Battle Tower in Olivine, and has given himself the aim to try and get further up with each challenge. Following the end of one of his challenges, he overheard two kids talking about the Rumble Island Tournament Extravaganza, or RITE for short. Searching the Internet for it, information on it was scarce, but had his mind set on entering it, viewing it as the ultimate challenge.

Other: Adam is right-handed; his favourite phrase is “Kyôka Suigetsu” (Mirror Flower Water Moon); and he enjoys sweet foods like desserts or fruits, notably Rawst and Sitrus Berries for the latter. He uses the name Tabris when online and it’s listed as his name in the Pokégear, in the same manner as a username.


Species: Gallade
Gender: Male
Given Name: Rave
Personality: Having spent his earlier years being mistaken for a girl, Rave is now blatantly determined to appear – and act – as masculine as possible. He’s very cocky, viewing anyone apart from his teammates as worthy to sit at his heel for all he cares. Due to his half Fighting-type bloodline, Rave isn’t one to turn down a fight, and will battle until either he or the opponent are knocked out, or he gets interrupted. Rather stubborn, Rave doesn’t let things drop, and will attempt to continue battling through an affliction until it’s physically impossible for him to do so. The risks he often takes leaves his fellows and Adam to wonder whether he’s crazy; as far as the Gallade is concerned, however, only he can call himself crazy. He’s somewhat of a male chauvinist, but in the sense he’ll intervene to try and save any females from getting a beating. This attitude, and their two styles of fighting, has led Rave and Savate to develop a rivalry of sorts, and the two often spar against each other. Hence, Adam has made it a point not to send them out in a double battle unless he’s really stumped. Despite his somewhat arrogant attitude, Rave fights fairly, bowing to his opponent and not pulling any sort of dirty tricks. As such, he isn’t one to use TMs unless it gives him an advantage in some way. The Gallade’s strengths lie mainly in his arm-blades; he has mastered Night Slash, Leaf Blade and Psycho Cut, as a way of trying to overcome Shadow Ball and Psychic – for the first and third moves – by his own effort. The method of using his arm-blades is similar to typical Japanese swordsmanship. Rave’s style is mainly “hit-and-run”, making light clean attacks and then speeding away. As a Fighting-type, he has a good deal of physical strength, but his Psychic abilities are prone to faltering, so he doesn’t really rely on them often.
Other: He’s very much a normal Gallade in appearance only, and can be seen sparing – albeit casually – with Savate. Rave is also rather well-versed in battôjutsu, or quick draw, so the speed of his slashes are increased; since he lacks sword sheaths for this, he merely pulls his arms back and rushes forward instead. He also has the unique ability to delete parts of his memories if he doesn’t like them or is embarrassed by them. He knows Thunderbolt from a TM.

Species: Pidgeot
Gender: Female
Given Name: Arael
Personality: Like most Pidgeot, Arael is very calm and collected, and isn’t one to rush in without any sort of thought. She’s pretty much the tactician of the group, and with her incredibly sharp eyes, doesn’t make a move unless she’s calculated all the possibilites…or as many as she can think of, that is. Her mindset is pretty straightforward: every solution has a problem. Don’t argue with it; just accept it. Trouble is, in battle, the circumstances are forever changing and her teammates make it more complicated. Analytical by nature, Arael will be the one who scans for the window of opportunity, and then zoom straight for it, akin to a hunter. The Pidgeot is confident in her abilities, but doesn't let it go to her head like Rave, and takes battles seriously. She does get annoyed by his teammates’ “antics”, shall we say, but respects everyone and does care for him. Still, she takes the middle ground in arguments; she maintains a neutral disposition in cases like that. Arael’s strengths lie mainly in her speed, and is more skilled in Flying-based attacks, notably Air Slash.
Other: Arael’s name comes from the patron angel of birds, is used as aerial transport, and is slightly larger in size. You’d be hard-pressed to spot this, however. She knows Fly through an HM.

Species: Golduck
Gender: Male
Given Name: Savate
Personality: Savate is quite perceptive and calm for a Golduck (well, when compared to his previous form as a Psyduck), and does tell people what they need to hear, rather then they what they want to hear. However, he’s quite emotional, and loses his temper or bursts into tears pretty easily. Savate is also extremely amorous, flirting with every attractive female Pokémon he runs into, leading many to dub him as “perverted”. He is constantly trying to get a partner, and often does flatter them, breaking his “rule” on telling people what they need to hear and fabricating elaborate descriptions on how beautiful and divine they truly are. Clearly, he needs to read more of Mr. Shakespeare’s work. He’s also not above using his own psychic abilities to probe his object of attraction’s mind, much to Adam’s annoyance, so he is also a voyeur in that regard. Tying in with this, Savate would never hurt a woman, nor will he let them be insulted; he considers himself a handsome fairytale prince. Nobody has yet to agree with this. Naturally, this code of honour is a hindrance against female opponents, and will refuse to attack until a) he’s knocked out; or b) they hit him hard enough to temporarily force him to break his credo. Despite being a bit of a pervert, Savate is really quite good-natured. Savate is one of the stronger Pokémon on Adam’s team. He fights in a fighting style he devised called Ayanami (Cresting Waves), a combination of Capoeira and the damaging/sacrificial Blood Leg, mostly relying on dance-like kicks and seldom relying on his hands except for supporting his legs. In the way of special attacks, Savate shines in Water and Ice-types, but also knows Zen Headbutt as well. Savate is also a good tactician, his psychic abilities helping in that regard; however, this is only if the situation needs it, so pretty rare in battle.
Other: Savate's name comes from a French fighting style similar to Capoeira, which was developed by sailors when fighting on rocking ships; it utilises the hands to support the body and add force to the kicks. This is similar to how Savate fights. Ayanami is the name for a class of Fubuki battleships. Savate also has an interest in cooking and plans to be a Pokémon chef one day. The gem in his head is also slightly faded, so it appears pink. While it doesn't appear to be of much difference to his abilities, this may explain why he doesn't use much of his tactician skills in battle often. He knows Ice Beam through a TM.

Species: Houndoom
Gender: Male
Given Name: Sirius
Personality: While he’s technically one of the older Pokémon, Sirius is very happy-go-lucky, taking life in its stride and extracting great pleasure in exploring the world. Because of his somewhat headstrong attitude, he’s prone to getting himself into difficult situations, but attempts to rough them out to the best of his ability. Sirius is always alert, despite his rather goofy behaviour, and doesn't let down his guard quite so easily. He isn't exactly a "dumb puppy" either, as he does have a bit of brains; however, Sirius is quite simple-minded, and is more prone to taking the direct approach than an intricate, complex plan, because he can't quite get his head around them. Rather, his intelligence is more based on perception; while he lacks the abilities of Arael, he can pick up minor details pretty well. This simple-minded way of thinking is probably best: give Sirius one thing to focus on, and he'll strive to do it; give him many things for him to focus on, and he just won't know where to begin. He's prone to fits of aggression, which kick in when he's out of options or trying to protect Adam. Fiercely loyal to his Trainer, he'll follow his instructions to the letter.
Other: Pretty much a normal Houndoom in appearance. He prefers sweet foods, like Adam, but has a certain love of cotton candy.

Species: Manectric
Gender: Male
Given Name: Blitz
Personality: Compared to his teammates, Blitz comes across as a more serious character. Generally, he's quite reserved and focused, and isn't at all arrogant or cocky; Blitz is aware of his abilities and his limitations and isn't one to try and push those boundaries in the middle of battle. He works hard at everything he does, and doesn't believe in taking life easy. Every day represents a new challenge and he's only too keen to try and overcome them. He's staunchly loyal to Adam, and won't disobey an order; he follows them the instant they're given. Despite his patient nature, Blitz is prone to losing his temper in a rather exaggerated manner; a notable telltale on how this is going to happen is his fur starts to slowly build up with electricity. The more volts that start to dance, the angrier he gets; it's basically a type of mood ring. Blitz is good friends with Sirius, and the two have a rather healthy competitive relationship, unlike Savate and Rave. Battle-wise, Blitz is very competent, and specialises in making quick, damaging blows. He's more focused on dealing damage than boosting his abilities. His main strength is his Electric-type moves, but unusually has even learnt Fire-type moves. This was mainly done to add a bit of variation on Blitz's behalf, but since he knows Rain Dance, they'll be weakened anyway.
Other: Blitz wears a collar of sorts: it looks like a crimson bandanna with golden thunderbolt markings covering it, and is tied around his neck. However, attached to the bandanna is a shard of a Damp Rock, designed to draw out the effects of Rain Dance for longer; that is, a hole has been drilled through, and the bandanna looped through it. The effects of the Rock don’t change a great deal, however. He knows Rain Dance through a TM.

Species: Roselia
Gender: Female
Given Name: Reinette
Personality: Reinette is probably the only one amongst Adam’s team that is the most “normal”; she keeps her emotions under control and doesn’t go into rampages as a result, and always seems to remain calm, with a serene smile ever present. The only “quirk” she has is her touch for the macabre; Reinette is the one to point out the facts that are considered gross or morbid, which creeps out her fellow Pokémon. This would help some, as she wouldn’t easily be scared by Ghost-types. She's well aware she's one of two females in a team of males, leaving many to suspect she was captured just for a bit of variation; and in all respects, that would be a good assumption. However, Reinette describes being amongst a pack of rough-and-tumble males as “her place”. If Adam could describe her as an attack, he’d choose Ingrain; she is stubborn and honest and will keep going even after another Roselia would have given up. Reinette is highly intelligent, one of the smarter members of Adam’s team, and is capable of outwitting most – if not all – opponents. As a combatant, Reinette is a good tactician and doesn’t tend to move, instead delivering attacks from where she stands; however, when required to move, she “dances” – for want of a better term – around the field elegantly. One strong blow is enough to knock her “dancing” off-balance. When combined with Ingrain, this makes her quite formidable.
Other: A normal Roselia in appearance. Reinette is a keen historian, and can understand the human language to the point she has an in-depth knowledge of modern history and culture.
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Oh my Arceus. This thing restarted and I missed it? Applying NOW.

Think I'll RP as Marina again. Serious lack of female applicants here (think the ratio is something like 10-3 applied, 7-1 accepted). Let me know if anything should be changed.

(NOTE: Vector will not evolve, period, so don't worry about overpowering. Marina might catch another Pokémon or evolve Blue while on the island, in which case I will make an update here.)

Name: Marina Ann Rose

ID Number: 03317

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Marina is a tall, college-age young woman with pale, freckled skin and dark, hazel eyes. Her straight, thick black hair has just a tinge of blue in it and falls to her shoulder blades if not tied up in a ponytail. At 5'11" tall, she is respectably fit from the active lifestyle of a trainer, though she isn't particularly thin. She isn't very concerned with fashion or makeup, and hence dresses very simply and usually wears no jewelry. Some people may find her to look a little plain, but this does not seem to deter her. Marina will often wear a plain, blue short-sleeved shirt, black athletic shorts and worn red sneakers with pale blue socks. This may vary, but she does always wear a blue-and-black Pokégear on her left wrist. Most of her supplies are carried in a black duffel bag with a Pokéball insignia and her name embroidered on the side. Though Marina usually wears contacts, she will occasionally wear a pair of frameless glasses.

Personality: Marina don't take no sass, and you'd best get that straight here and now. She has never been and never will be a shy or sensitive girl. In fact, she gets very disappointed when men will go easy on her due to her gender. Never one to beat around the bush, she is blunt and up-front about almost everything, even yet she will care about people's well-being, even if she doesn't often smile or go out of her way for others. She has her own agenda, and even if she didn't, she refuses to bend over backwards on another's whim. While she isn't overly soft, she does have respect for people she knows well enough, usually told by the fact that she becomes less and less annoyed at them. Marina isn't very good at relating with others, but she doesn't come across as entirely unlikable, either. She will work with whatever she's got to give her an advantage, from the terrain about her Pokémon to (reluctant) gender appeal. If things go awry, though, she can quickly lose composure and break down. When she does, she does not cry, but instead sulks and gains a nasty temper. Marina enjoys playing video games as a pastime and generally does rather well at them. She has a certain fondness for root beer and is rather afraid of heights.

Background: Marina was born and raised in Blackthorn City, though she always spent the summers with her grandparents in Cherrygrove. She was the only child in her house, but part of a very large but tightly-knit extended family. She left home as was custom at the time and took on the Johto Gym challenge with another young girl when she was thirteen, but Marina never got past Pryce in the end. She returned to school and studied for a few years before setting out again with a pair of boys named Matt and Chrom. This time, she chose to compete in the growing sport of water chariot racing. She had a strong season, finishing sixth in the annual cup at Altomare. After this success and not wanting to leave the group she had bonded so well with, Marina competed again the following year in a far-off island region, though with with lesser results. Now seventeen, she had to forsake Pokémon training when the others left for other areas of the world. She moved back to Cherrygrove and took on a job overseeing the south beaches as a lifeguard and the area ranger, her water expertise making her ideal for such an occupation. Her Pokémon had even become League-grade battlers in the years spent journeying, and she did eventually go back and beat the last two Johto gyms, though she did not make it past the first round of the Silver Conference. Marina recently heard about the tournament on the radio and decided to apply, restless to get back into Pokémon competition. After borrowing a few Pokémon for competition, she has been training her team for over a month, eagerly awaiting a reply of either acceptance or rejection.

Other: Marina has a genetic defect - low levels of iron in her blood. Hence, she needs to take vitamin supplements every day or else she risks fainting and/or weak spells. Though she has mostly trained water-types in the past, she is trying to fan out for the tournament.


Species: Poliwrath
Gender: Male
Given Name: Jack
Personality: Jack seems to have taken after his trainer - he is very much headstrong. Rather rude at times, he takes offense to anything and everything. Out of this proneness to tantrums, Jack has started more than his fair share of fights. I's a good thing that he can handle himself in a battle - and well. Jack can be absolutely furious in battle, exhausting foes quickly. The downside to his reckless, head-on tactic is that he is often tired himself not too long into the fight, making him a poor choice for drawn-out battles. As long as he remains calm and is given no reason to go off on anyone, Jack is a very straightforward, likeable fellow.
Other: Jack has learned the move Ice Punch after training with a certain Hitmonchan.

Species: Kangaskahn
Gender: Female
Given Name: Taryn
Personality: Having been raised since her days as an egg by Marina, Taryn has undying loyalty and trust in her trainer. This goes to the point where Taryn will constantly trust Marina with her own child, Elena, while she battles. When not battling, though, Taryn is always looking after and nurturing her child, like any good mother would, though she often ignores the world around her when doing so, leading to ditzy actions such as walking into things and remaining oblivious to many events. When not obsessing over her child, Taryn likes keeping herself fit and healthy with proper exercise. She is outwardly kindly and warm toward all, and has bonded with Blue well, looking after her to a small extent. In battle, she is set for endurance, solid and able to take many hits while still dishing out strong moves like Mega Punch and Crunch.
Other: Taryn's horns are quite a bit smaller than the normal size.

Species: Metang
Gender: behaviorally Male (technically genderless)
Given Name: Vector
Personality: Vector is very much an introvert and prefers not to be with strangers, only really comfortable with his own trainer and his team. But, since he was the most readily available, he was sent to help Marina. Vector has been around Marina enough to trust her, but still is rather uncomfortable being away from his trainer and prefers to remain in his Pokéball. When he is released to battle, though, he is a very formidable opponent. He likes to pick his foes apart with deadly Psychic precision, simultaneously deadlocking them with his physical ability. He is very calculating, and will proceed with great caution against opponents, often choosing to buff himself up with Agility, Calm Mind, Iron Defense or any combination of these before attacking.
Other: Vector is technically owned by Vincent "Chrom" Olinn, a close friend of Marina's. Vector has been temporarily traded to Marina for the tournament.

Species: Leafeon
Gender: Male
Given Name: Yutaka
Personality: Consistently level-headed, Yutaka is a voice of reason on Marina's team. Always one for the logical, practical approach, he is often able to see solutions to problems that other Pokémon would not, though he is aware that humans are still capable of superior outside-the-box thinking. He is a very serious and focused battler, making every move count and not taking any unnecessary risks. For how severely he takes these battles, though, he has learned to accept loss and is gracious about any outcome. Several other Pokémon look to him as a sort of source of wisdom. Yutaka is very forgiving of others and always open, and can be quite comforting. He does seem to be aging slightly, though.
Other: Yutaka is technically owned by Aaron Olinn, Vincent's older brother, and has been leased to Marina for tournament use.

Species: Prinplup
Gender: Female
Given Name: Blue
Personality: Blue is a kind, soft-spoken creature in general, though she has a slightly impulsive nature. She has very little self-confidence and becomes extremely upset and flustered when she makes a mistake, which often leads to her undoing in battles. At the same time, she is prone to mood-swings, quite often causing herself embarrassment by saying or doing things that she doesn't mean to. Although Blue is rarely confident, when the occasion calls for it she can be very passionate both in defense of herself and others. Although she tries to follow rules and do what's right for everyone, her lack of confidence can cut her short. Marina has brought Blue to the tournament in the hopes of giving her some much-needed experience.
Other: Blue is the offspring of Vincent's Empoleon.

And, because I want to help out....

Referee Application

Previous Experience: I've been into Pokémon for (*counts*) eight years now. I've played and completed games from every generation of the main series, have followed the animé, and am currently a four-star trainer in Sinnoh with a complete Pokédex and 325+ hours in the field. I have a vast memory of the Pokémon universe, and I know random little tidbits (such as move types/effects, type advantages and abilities) that nobody else could remember off the top of their head. I theorize about Pokémon frequently enough, and have raised many, many Pokémon over the years.

Other: Um... I do try to be as impartial as possible, and nine times out of ten I'll look things up on Bulbapedia and/or the Serebii.net Pokédex/Attackdex before writing out a battle scene. I've RPed and wrote for quite a while, so I shouldn't have a problem writing them out, either.


______ is your fault
It looks like there's fun to be had here, and I definately should be in on it.
This took me awhile, but I feel like it's terribly less substantial than it should be, tell me if it should have more and I shall fix it.

Name: Jamal Liggans
ID Number: 12490
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Jamal has short black hair, dark brown eyes, and not-so-dark tanned skin. He’s about six feet tall and weighs about 150 pounds, he’s not fat, but he’s far from chiseled. Normally he wears a dark green short sleeved shirt under a black zip-up hoodie. He wears khaki-ish cargo pants, sometimes shorts if it’s warm outside or if the mood strikes him.
Personality: Jamal is a slightly shy individual, usually opening up to people he considers friends. Being as shy as he is he doesn’t really make friends easily, but he is a very easy person to get along with, and makes friends easily once he gets to know them. Jamal is very friendly and polite with most people, unless they’re rude or disrespectful for no apparent reason. Despite his reserved attitude, Jamal tries to be outgoing and spontaneous with others. Jamal is in no way reserved or shy in a battle, in battle Jamal is almost a completely different person, he is strong, capable, and a great deal more self-confident than at any other time, this is how he wishes he was at all times.
Background: Jamal was born in Cerulean city, Kanto and lived there until the time he turned fifteen, at which point he set off on his Pokemon Journey. He has collected eight gym badges from the Kanto region, and was therefore able to compete in the Pokemon league at the Indigo plateau. He made it to the top twenty-four, he also collected eight badges from the Hoenn region, and competed in the Hoenn league where he placed in the top sixteen. Jamal is currently traveling through Jhoto, and has so far collected two of those region’s badges, if he is accepted into the RITE he will be putting his Jhoto travels on hiatus, to compete. He has also competed in many tournaments, both unofficial and League-sanctioned. He placed highly in most of them, winning some, but from others taking away only valuable experience, but no tournament or challenge that Jamal has been in has been as mysterious or as unusually structured as the RITE.
Other: Jamal is interested in the mystery and the challenge presented in the RITE, much more so than the big prize. Though entertaining thoughts of what that prize might be can be fun at times, he is more interested in the mysterious private island that the RITE is being held on and its mysterious owners.


Species: Typhlosion
Gender: Male
Given Name: Heat
Personality: As Jamal’s starter Pokemon, Heat is the center of Jamal’s team, typically the polar opposite of Jamal, he is outgoing and talkative and confident. Heat enjoys battles very much, mostly because that’s when he and Jamal are the most alike, confident, strong, and Determined. He will sometimes wander off and start talking to complete strangers, which keeps Jamal on his toes, but sometimes this is a good thing. It has actually led to Jamal meeting one or two really good friends.
Other: Heat knows Flare blitz as an egg move.

Species: Poliwhirl
Gender: Female
Given Name: Polly
Personality: Polly was actually caught by accident, while trying to catch a Mankey an unexpected gust of wind threw Jamal’s pokeball off course. It landed and rolled off toward a little pond that was nearby. Polly, the perpetually helpful, who was at that point a Poliwag, sidled up and tried to return it. Due to the fact that she had no hands, this did not work out very well and she ended up being caught. She is constantly trying to help others, due to this she is kind of the mother of the group. She looks out for everyone, including Jamal, who believes that if he didn’t have to feed her, she would be in charge. Despite being so helpful, she is a strong battler attacking with a mixture of powerful water and normal attacks. However, she always apologizes in the end.
Other: Unlike most Poliwhirls, the swirl on Polly’s belly did not reverse when it evolved from Poliwag. She also knows Ice beam from a TM

Species: Ursaring
Gender: Ursa
Given Name: Female
Personality: When Ursa was a Teddiursa she idolized Polly, and mimicked her by helping others too. When she evolved she became much bigger and much stronger, she now lack’s the dexterity and the gentle touch that is needed for some tasks. She still tries to help people, but sometimes messes up. Her lack of gentleness is, however, sometimes a plus in battles especially since most of the moves she uses are physical.
Other: Hyper beam TM

Species: Flaaffy
Gender: Male
Given Name: Cotton
Personality: Cotton loves sleeping, whenever he isn’t in a battle he is either incredibly groggy or actually sleeping. Whenever Cotton is outside of his pokeball Jamal constantly has to remind himself to check for him or else he might walk off and leave him asleep on the floor someplace. Because of his sleepiness Jamal taught Cotton Rest from a TM. Because of this Cotton can last for a really long time in a battle, but using that move is very risky, because sometimes Cotton just doesn’t wake back up.
Other: Cotton knows the move Rest by TM and the electricity from his attacks is blue instead of the usual yellow.

Species: Skarmory
Gender: Female
Given Name: Skar
Skar is the fiercest battler of the group, she greatly enjoys battles, sometimes a little too much. This may be due to the fact that Jamal and the rest of the team rescued her from an abusive trainer, who would literally work his Pokemon to death. She is incredibly grateful to all the members of the team, and is unfailingly loyal to Jamal. Her strong steel and flying type attacks add greatly to the team’s power
Other: Skar’s armor is chinked and scratched in many places, due to her time with her abusive trainer. Skar is romantically involved with Draygon the Flygon.

Species: Flygon
Gender: Male
Given Name: Draygon
Personality: Draygon is somewhat of a ladies man, he becomes infatuated very easily. He is, however, in a romantic relationship with Skar the Skarmory, and as such he needs to be constantly reminded that he can’t go ogling the pretty girls all the time. Whenever one of the members of the team catch him stairing at anyone besides Skar they give him a sharp thwack on the head, except in the case of Skar herself, who’s punishments vary in intensity and duration depending on her mood.
Other: Draygon is romantically involved with Skar the Skarmory.
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Another Male in the pot, I may make a female secondary character to balance out the odds but it depends on whether I have enough time.

Name: Vincent Tatasciore (can be abbreviated to Vinnie)
ID Number: 28642 (12 seconds, props to anyone who gets the movie reference)
Age: 22
Gender: Male

Physical Description: Vincent is a man of average height with a slightly muscular build. His pose seems relaxed most of the time as though he isn’t troubled by the challenges ahead and sees this more of a vacation than the tournament of a lifetime. Moving on, Vincent’s hair is chestnut brown in colour, of medium length (down to the back of his neck) and is usually combed into a neat style. His eyes irises are both a light shade of blue, his right one entirely though his left one has a slight case heterochromia meaning that a small segment of it (top right) is brown rather than blue. These are occasionally hidden behind a pair of dark sun glasses should it turn too bright out.

Vincent’s typical outfit, due to being born and raised in the climate of Sinnoh, consisted entirely of wintery clothes. Whilst he may have packed his trusty Mamoswine hair parka (so good against the cold) as well as a few thicker clothes for the return trip, these would be murder to wear in the warm climate of the Rumble Islands so Vincent has packed his suitcase with more summery clothes. Vincent comes off as more tourist than contestant with his bright red shirt complete with a Hawaiian floral design that just screams I’m not from here! This shirt is usually open to reveal a plain white t-shirt underneath to help prevent sunburn. Moving downwards and what do you expect to see, shorts? Well they are “comfy and easy to wear” but Vincent doesn’t seem too fond of them instead opting to don a thin pair of khaki brown trousers complete with serial pockets.

Personality: Vincent is, in essence, a tourist. He comes across as very friendly and very laid back treating everyone as a friend and seemingly having no worries about the tournament whatsoever. This may lead some to believe that he is naive about the challenges ahead and will be a bit of a push over in battle however they’d be wrong. Vincent is far from unprepared and tries to pick up information from everything be it little conversations or former league records (which are accessible via the net), he’ll usually enter battle aware of one of his opponents strategies or Pokémon. Sneaky, yes but Vincent expects many others will be doing the same to him however whilst some may assume his cheerful personality to be a farce it isn’t. Vincent truly wants to enjoy this tournament as a vacation as well and, if he gets particularly close to someone, rely on his own skill rather than his findings.

Vincent also seems to be quite passionate about the myths and legends of the Pokémon world and seems to have come to the tournament, purely for the chance to meet such creatures. Trainers with dragon types, stuff like Milotic and starters (well they are said to be rare) can expect to be stalled for a while as Vincent swoons over their Pokémon and takes several pictures for his collection. Vincent would be lying if he said he didn’t want to win the tournament and revive the fame/prize however just being accepted seems, to him, like a prize in itself.

Background: Vincent was born and raised in Snowpoint City where he spent most of his pre-trainer life at School, playing in the snow and exploring the outskirts of the temple at the end of the town. Vincent also spent a lot of his time indoors too, due to the cold weather, and would spent a lot of his time reading tales about the many legends of the world such as the battle between the titans of the earth and sea, the beings of knowledge, emotion and willpower and, of course, the Pokémon that resided in the temple that pull the contents together with rope. Vincent was awe struck by such tales and desired nothing more than to see one. This was a dream that stuck with him till his fifteenth birthday, which due to the aggressive nature of the wild Pokémon of the area, Snowpoint’s children were held back till they could handle stronger Pokémon, when he received his first pokemon, a Snorunt (HA!). Vincent upon receiving his Snorunt (which he nicknamed Slush) didn’t head in the direction of the nearest gym unlike his fellow trainers and instead headed towards the temple expecting to be allowed access now that he had a pokemon. No such luck, the guardian stopped him and said Vincent would have to prove himself worthy of entry by collecting gym badges and competing in a league. Vincent, knowing that this would be the only way to see the Pokémon depicted in legend, decided to take up this challenge.

Over the next few years Vincent travelled the land of Sinnoh seeking out and battling the gym leaders as well as building up his squad. He probably could have collected all the badges in a year like most trainers if he didn’t keep getting distracted by places such as MT Coronet and the Oreburgh mines. Eventually, he managed to get all of Sinnoh’s badges and competed in the league where, surprisingly, he did rather well in (though some matches he won by pure luck) and managed to get to the top ten before he was knocked out. He returned to Snowpoint expecting to be turned away from the temple once again however he instead returned to cheers and celebrations of his achievement and, surprisingly, was allowed to explore the temple.

You know how they say you shouldn’t meet your heroes? I think that applies fairly well to Vincent’s experience of Snowpoint temple as he made it to the bottom only to find a statue of the Pokémon he had longed to meet (oh if only he knew what we know ay?). Vincent was understandably crushed by this however he did let it get him down, instead opting to go to Jotho where numerous legends where stemmed from and where people had claimed to have sighting of some majestic beasts (albeit the LPA made sure they didn’t go beyond that).

This is where Vincent has been spending the last few years exploring the continent and taking in the local culture. Starting out from Elm’s lab, Vincent has visited most of Jotho’s tourist hot spots and challenged most of the gym leaders. Since arriving there has only been one time Vincent has left in Jotho and that was due to a hot tip he received in Goldenrod. Apparently there was a rumour going round that the winged mirage, Articuno, had been spotted at the Seafoam islands. Quite naturally Vincent got his hopes up and headed straight to the islands however he wasn’t the only one who was interested in seeing a mirage first hand and by the time he got there a group of disappointed trainers were leaving. Though he knew there wasn’t any hope of seeing the bird now, Vincent didn’t leave and instead stuck around in hopes of finding something that proved the bird had once rested there which he did. A small blue feather that was cold to the touch, it was quite easy to over look and if it hadn’t of been for Vincent’s Pichu, Kerau, he would have too. Sure it was a small souvenir but that one feather helped strengthen Vincent’s belief’s that he would one day meet one of the creatures of lore.

Afterwards Vincent headed back to Jotho once more to seek out the hot spots and acquire badges but as he reached Mahogany Town word got round about the Rumble Island Tournament Extravaganza. Vincent was originally going to pass it up however after considering that the best of the best would be participating and what creatures they would bring his interest began to grow plus he could use a vacation from seeking the legends.

Other: Among the typical trainer items Vincent has in his bag there’s also a bowie knife (due to not acquiring the cut HM), a camera, a blue feather that is cold to touch and an odd book with Unown across the cover.


Species: Steelix
Gender: Male
Given Name: Strum

Personality: Strum has quite an intimidating appearance, as do all Steelix, which leads many to believe him to be aggressive however Strum is actually a docile creature with a very gentle personality. Somewhat of a pacifist outside of battle Strum will attempt to break up any battles that occur without Vincent’s consent which can be a bit troublesome when dealing with friendly matches or wild captures however it does have its benefits particularly when Casan’s involved (see third poke). A peaceful Pokémon indeed Strum only seems to lose his temper if something manages to get lodged between his sections (as do all Steelix) in which case he’ll go on a mad rampage worthy of a Gyarados attacking anything and everything in his path (including his trainer). In these situation’s Vincent will usually send out his trusty Dewgong, Polynya, to cool him off with a water attack. Thankfully instances like that are rare as Vincent is cautious about where he releases Strum.

As for battling Strum’s intimidating appearance isn’t misplaced, as he can be as menacing as he looks. Very tough and very strong Strum is both Vincent’s tank and main powerhouse able to dish out such devastating attacks as iron tail and earthquake and take quite a lot of damage before being brought down however he is by no means invincible. Strum takes up a lot of the battlefield (quite literally) meaning doesn’t need to move a lot to attack his foe but also making him a very easy target to hit. He’s also rather sluggish so quicker opponents will be able to move around a lot of his attacks and deal damage in the process. Climbing/Flying Pokémon should also be able to get to Strums head quite easily which is the “weak spot” of the spices which isn’t saying much but an attack to his head affect him more than one to his lower segments.

Other: Strum has several scruffs and dark patches (contamination marks) all over his body and around one of his spikes (third segment back) he has a black belt (Expert Belt); Whilst present Strum’s super effective moves seem to gain a little more kick to them. He also has received TM26 Earthquake from Vincent

Species: Shuckle
Gender: Male
Given Name: Endo

Personality: Endo is, to be blunt, a coward. He seems to be terrified of anything and everything that’s bigger than him and given the height of the species, it’s quite the list. Now there are many ways to deal with fear. Some turn tail and run. Others lose control of their bodily fluids. Endo’s way of dealing with it is to retreat into his shell and hope it all blows over him. This, quite clearly, means that Endo isn’t good battling material or even contest material, something that Vincent appears to be well aware of. So why has he brought such a useless Pokémon to this tournament? It’s quite simple Vincent’s quite found of the berry juice that Shuckle’s make and that appears to be something that Endo is rather good at, fermenting many drinks a day. Vincent assumes Endo’s above average production of juice is due to his nervous disposition.

Endo’s battling style is, well, none as previously mentioned he simply retreats into his shell and just hopes he’s left alone. His high defences will protect him from attacks but, given his strategy, he’ll be disqualified long before he needs them (terrific). Thankfully, however, he does have one move at his disposal, rollout. He’ll use this if it looks like his assailant isn’t going to leave him be and will simply spin into them in hopes to deter them. It can be quite devastating if combined with a power trick however since Endo lacks the guts to use constrict or wrap this is his only form of attack and is quite easy to figure out once seen. This makes Endo the one trick pony of Vincent’s team.

Other: Endo can be identified by the corks lodged into every hole on his shell expect for his head hole. This includes his leg holes (albeit if he ever musters the courage he can pop them out). Also he has, as previously mentioned, learnt rollout at some point. (I’m assuming Tutor Moves, despite not being stated as such, are counted as one of the four non-level moves your character can teach their Pokémon)

Species: Toxicroak
Gender: Male
Given Name: Casanova (usually shortened to Casan)

Personality: Casanova, as the name implies, is quite the romantic and will, more often than not, attempt to flirt with members of the fairer gender whenever outside of his pokeball/battle. Many would assume that this would be harmless, that Casan would simply whisper sweet nothings to the object of his affection, but no Casan’s method of flirting is much more… well, violent. Casan shows his affection by pummelling the living daylights out of whoever caught his eye (most likely due to his fighting type heritage). Not exactly the best way to tell someone I love you is it? Even Vincent isn’t safe from these bouts of affection as Casan will usually sucker him in the stomach upon being released however this isn’t a one way deal Casan expects to be hit in return and even seems happy when Vincent hits him in retaliation. He will get depressed if he doesn’t get a reaction and will burst into tears if a girl faints/runs away/is recalled without striking him back (which is the general case). Vincent is currently trying to teach Casan the better ways to show his love (which is having mixed results).

Around Males (and the few females he doesn’t propose too) Casan seems rather boisterous and loud but in a somewhat friendly manner. Vincent can’t understand what Casan’s saying but assumes from the frog’s body langue that he’s boasting or joking most of the time. Casan’s battle style varies but usually it starts off showboaty, making an exaggeration of every move in an attempt to please the crowd, and should the opponent be slow/weak enough he’ll keep up this style for the rest of the match however should the opponent be pose a threat/make him look bad Casan will become serious. Casan is very fast and strong, often using his speed to disorientate his foes and land as many hits as possible. This in theory is a good battle strategy however, unlike when showboating, Casan gets caught up in the moment and will not consider his defences, a few well placed hits is all it takes to put him down for the count.

Other: Casan’s lip-tache curls at the ends (think cheesy villain) and he has a yellow scarf with red eye marks (a muscle brand) tied round his right arm, it seems to give his physical attacks a little more kick. Casan has also received TM52 Focus Blast from Vincent.

Species: Xatu
Gender: Female
Given Name: Tarot

Personality: Since Tarot evolved recently, she’s begun to get on Vincent’s nerves. You see with evolution came the ability to see both past and future yet Tarot has yet to learn how to control this ability and seems to only see disasters which in turn causes her to screech (coincidently an attack it can’t learn) at the top of her lungs. Vincent wouldn’t mind it so much if he could tell when they would occur but Tarot’s visions occur at random intervals leading to startles and sleepless nights. The problem is so bad that Vincent has even consulted Nurse Joy’s about it but they all say the same thing “she’ll grow out of it”. Vincent’s even removed her from his quad but his storage manger couldn’t cope with her and since Vincent didn’t have the heart to release her, he’s, reluctantly, kept her on his squad.

Seeing nothing but disaster has an effect upon a person- err Pokémon. Tarot can be considered a free spirit or hippie when free from visions. She is a joyful and peaceful Pokémon that tries to find happiness in everything. Even in battle she manages to keep a joyous disposition. Her strategy is to attack from afar and use her foes abilities against them (sometimes quite literally with power/guard swap). She is quite strong spiritually (or should that be specially?) and is quite fast (thanks to teleport) however her psychical abilities, both offensive and defensive, are quite weak. She also may suffer from a vision in battle that’ll paralyze her and leave her defenceless, a great advantage if the opponent can get close enough.

Other: Tarot has a daisy chain band atop her head and two peace symbols painted upon her wings in what appears to be Smeargle paint.

Species: Pikachu
Gender: Female
Given Name: Kerau

Personality: Affectionate, friendly and a little hyper on paper Kerau seems to be a typical Pikachu however it’s her hobby that sets her out from the rest. You see Kerau is rather passionate about surfing and to say she loves to ride the waves is somewhat of an understatement. She even appears to have a special ability related to the waves, no it’s not the ability to summon them or use them as an attack in battle but rather the ability to sense when they are about to occur. This is most likely due to her being a descendent of Puka (though Vincent and, possibly, Kerau are unaware of this).

Since Kerau is still a Pikachu many assume that she doesn’t want to evolve or that Vincent doesn’t want to evolve her. This isn’t the case, Kerau doesn’t mind being a Pikachu however she wouldn’t say no if offered the chance to evolve but since she/ Vincent has yet to find a thunder stone she’s stuck in this form indefinitely. In battle she’s, quite naturally, fast and a bit of an all rounder in other areas. She’s also a strong swimmer (not surprising given her hobby) and fairs better than most Pikachu in water based battles however she is still only a base one Pokémon and, therefore, isn’t as strong as fully evolved Pokémon. She’ll need to put more effort into battling a final staged and will be taken down more easily by them in turn.

Other: Kerau’s eyes are an eerie shade of blue and seem to glow upon occasion. She also has a tuft of hair sticking up in a feminine style on her forehead and a puka seashell tied around her neck by a piece of string in a makeshift necklace. Kerau also appears to have inherited the move Wish.

(Yeah I’m kinda unsure how Kerau will be received so just making one thing clear. Despite being able to Surf Kerau won’t be able to use it as an attack or ferry VT over water, it’ll just be a little niche like the mice that inspired this idea)

Species: Dewgong
Gender: Female
Given Name: Polynya

Personality: Polynya is a rather playful and happy creature who seemingly always wants to entertain and be entertained which, thankfully, is an easy feat. She appears to have some Sealeo in her blood as she’s quite found of balancing spherical objects on the end of her nose and, if possible, twirling them much to her amusement. It doesn’t matter whether the objects living or inanimate if its circular its going up which has led too many life threatening instances with Voltorb’s and Endo panic attacks. She is also rather loud and desires to be the centre of attention at all times, the former is often to get the later.

Polynya’s effectiveness in battle varies upon the presence of water. If there is a lake present at the battlefield she becomes a force to be reckoned with and, possibly, the strongest Pokémon on Vincent’s team. She can swim through waters at blinding speeds and launch fairly powerful attacks up close and afar. Many non water Pokémon will struggle with her given this environment however she also gains a substantial weakness and that is the water itself. Should a Pokémon know an electrical attack it is strongly advised they aim at the water as Polynya will be in contact with it for almost the entirety of the battle and therefore will be unable to avoid such an attack. On land Polynya’s effectiveness diminishes because, least under influence of aqua jet, Polynya struggles to move at all, literally having to throw her weight around to make any headway. Her defences, while adequate, will mean nothing if almost every attack is a hit. To compensate Polynya has not only attack to win but also to counter any that head her way as well (a task she cannot maintain for too long).

Other: Polynya has a star shaped mark over her left eye and has a necklace with a crystal drop tied round her neck (mystic water); whilst present her water attacks seem to gain a little kick.

Well, I feel like helping out so...

Referee Application

Previous Experience:
Well let’s see I’ve been into Pokémon since it first came out in the UK (still can remember the day I got blue). I have played almost every incarnation of the series and ranked up over a hundred hours of playing time on each of them (Diamond is currently at 202). I have a fairly good idea about how most attacks should look like, where they stand in 4th gen and how type match ups work. I’m also like to think outside the box and will consider strategies that wouldn’t normally work in game (an example of this is using rapid spin combined with spikes to make a projectile attack that normally would be ignored in game). I’m prepared to commit myself to this role (aside from 2 weeks from the 2nd of August due to being on holiday).

Other: Um... to show you how far I’m willing to commit, I could at one point tell a Pokémon by in game cry alone ^_^; (albeit it was in blue)

Manaphy Mare

1000 Words
Here's my Sign up. I know there are some problems, but I hope it's good enough.


Name: Matsu Hikari
ID Number: 07770
Age: 17
Gender: male
Physical Description: Matsu is tall and skinny, but with an athletic build. His eyes are sea-green in color with a look of child-like innocence, and his hair is short and naturally forest-green.
He wears a jade-green, short-sleeved hoodie with a crescent moon design and emeraldtrim on the sleeves that is usually unzipped, a soft-yellow shirt with a treble clef design, and faded jeans. To complete the outfit he wears green running shoes with Mint-green laces. He has a medium-light tan and no acne. He always has a gold rosary hanging out of his pocket.. He also wears a silver cross necklace with three small rubies, one on Jesus' three piercings.
Personality: Matsu is one of the wisest people anyone will ever meet, but he is also naïve and innocent like a child and occasionally gullible. He cares about all life, and will often put someone else’s safety before his. His most obvious qualities are his extremely strong sense of justice and his piety. He is always kind and caring. His tendency to be emotional often gets annoying for anyone who doesn’t know him well; however this also makes him more sensitive to other’s emotions.
Some of Matsu’s faults are his tendency to be easily distracted and the fact he has a major inferiority complex when it comes to singing. He also can be a major klutz, and he has been known to be scatterbrained at times. He is often described as a dreamer, because he is so often hopeful. Matsu is often described as a calm crybaby but at the same time he can be very energetic. He is often shy around others and only feels comfortable talking to a select few.
Background: Matsu was born in Eterna City. When he was young he would always be found playing either in Eterna Forest or in the gym helping Gardenia (who was just the gym leader’s daughter at the time) care for her pokemon. On his 10th birthday his father, a local pokemon breeder, gave him a pokemon egg that hatched into a Budew. When he was about to leave for his journey his father gave him two things: a wood rosary and a pokenav that he had imported from the Hoenn region.
As he was about to leave he decided to go to the gym and say good bye to his old friend. When he arrived he was telling Gardenia he was going on a journey and she said she would like to battle him. He politely declined and told her he was going to head to Sandgem Town to get his pokedex and register for pokemon contests, and that he would battle her another time.
Matsu did keep his promise and seven months after he left he returned to challenge Gardenia, who had recently become the Eterna Gym leader. He, after some difficulty, defeated her and told her he would come see her again when he had collected all the contest ribbons and entered the grand festival.
Other: He is good friends with Gardenia


Species: Oddish
Gender: Male
Given Name: Hoshi
Personality: Hoshi is a quiet and shy oddish who only feels comfortable talking to Matsu. In battle he often will use more defensive moves. He also tends to be pacifistic and will rarely use his attacks to harm another; he has even been known to refuse to attack. Matsu generally uses him in double battles, and he will often use his attacks to support or protect whomever he is partnered with.
Other: Hoshi has five golden yellow leaves rather than green ones

Species: Roserade
Gender: Female
Given Name:
Roserade is among the calmer and wiser of Matsu’s pokemon. She will often give advice if it is asked of her or needed. She is abrasive and has been known to intimidate a gyardos. In a battle she is calculating and will use an opponent’s abilities against them. She often will avoid hand-to-hand combat because she lacks physical strength. She is Matsu’s starter and gets along well with him, but she sometimes ignores commands in a battle.

Species: Clefairy
Gender: Female
Given Name: Trebble
Personality: Clefairy is an incredibly humble pokemon who never flaunts the talent she has with contest appeals. Her tendency to be energetic often surpasses those of her trainer’s. She is often sweet and kind towards others, but she has an incredibly short temper. In a battle she will never hold back and is incredibly stubborn. She will often help others by doing little things such as gathering ingredients for a meal.

Species: Lapras
Gender: Male
Given Name: Bass
Personality: Bass is a vigorous fighter who tends to go all-out on his opponents. He tends to be clumsy, but he recovers from these times quickly. His perkiness does get annoying, but everyone who knows him seems to be used to it. If he ever sees someone in a bad mood, he will often try to cheer them up even if he isn’t in a good mood. He often will make a humorous observation about a situation or give a serious observation comedic wording. He also tends to be a bit of a romantic, he has even gone as far as flirting with his opponent in the middle of a battle.

Species: Happiny
Gender: Female
Given Name: Fuuga
Personality: Fuuga is often pacifistic, but she will fight if she has to; however she has been known to loose her temper and beat whomever caused her to loose it to a bloody, near-unrecognizeable pulp. She is sweet and caring towards Matsu and the rest of his team, but she is abrasive and controlling at the same time. She is a born leader, and is sometimes known to take charge in the midst of disaster. She sometimes acts spoiled because she is Matsu’s most recent hatch.
Other: Fuuga knows the TM move water pulse. She also wears a heart-shaped pendant.
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It's that one guy
Name: Richard (Rick) Leslie Cook
ID Number: 57760.
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Richard is dressed in a surprisingly neat and tidy way for a pokemon trainer who has travelled as far as he has. He has a stainless, clean red and black cap on his head. It’s red and black stripes cover the front, bill shaped part of the hat, the back being completely black with a red pokeball symbol on it’s centre. It covers up his long, brown, luscious hair that dangles down to shoulder length. It shines whenever the sun reflects off it. The face in front of the hair is one of a happy expression. His eyes are wide, and deep. They are blue in color, and glisten in the sunlight. His mouth is almost always smiling, and his teeth are perfectly brushed and clean. His nose is slightly larger than the average nose, so it can make him stand out slightly. It is also positioned slightly closer to his left eye than his right. His ears are average sized, with no piercing, although one has a small birthmark on it’s back.

He wears a red sleeveless vest which is slightly too small for him, as it was bought when he started his Pokemon journey two years ago. It has two, white rings were the start of the sleeves should be, with a floral pattern on them. He wears a grey and black stripped jacket over his vest, which was bought fairly recently so is in quite good shape. It covers up many bruises on his arms, and is also fairly stylish and works well with his cap. He has a pair of dark, naive jeans, which cover, up many bruises on his leg. They are held up by a long, winding belt which is a little too lose as his trousers fall down quite frequently. The belt is made with black leather, and it’s buckle has a picture of a serviper on. He has two black sandals with red straps. One of the straps on the left shoe is broken, and whenever Rick tries to kick a ball his shoe comes flying off.

His skin color is a semi-tanned gold color, yet not as dark as Asian skin color. He is a average size for a 18 year old, though he is a fair bit underweight compared to other children off his age, mainly because he hasn’t had a proper meal in a while.
Personality: Richards personality is very interchangeable, as in, he can be a very calm and sophisticated person, but then suddenly explode in anger at the simplest of things. He is usaully, on a good day, a calm, happy teenager who is friendly and will not say a mean word. But on other days he can get a bit depressed or down and will just explode at the smallest little things, trying to cause as many arguments as he can. Generally though he is friendly to new people, and in fact, loves to meet them, it’s just some days every once in a while he gets slightly homesick, resulting in bad emotions.
Background: Richard was born in the northern reaches of Snowpoint city. He lived with his mother, a teacher and his father the sailor who would allow trainers to sail to the battle islands. He lived there for many years as a child enjoying his life, when he met his Abomasnow, rose in the forests as a Snover outside of town, he caught her and they have lived together since as his oldest Pokemon. He didn’t leave for his Pokemon journey when most trainers did, however, as he decided he would stay in school and try to master everything he needed to know about Pokemon before he left. When he graduated school at the age of 16, he headed out to start his Pokemon journey in Sinnoh. The early gyms were easy as he had been training all that time.

He entered the Pokemon league after getting his badges and got quite far in the competition seeing as two of his Pokemon are Ice types. He got through to the final eight, but was defeated by a fire type specialist. He is still determined to win something, though.
Other: Three of his Pokemon are Ice types, as he spent a lot of time in Snowpoint.

Species: Combee
Gender: Female
Given Name: Buzz
Personality: Buzz is a very friendly and sociable Pokemon. She loves meeting new people, and is very good at forcing people to like her. She is very disobedient at certain times, and refuses to battle, eat, or do anything Rick says until she gets her way. She is friendly to other pokemon, however, and gets on with most pokemon easily. Flying types are a different story. She hates the sight of flying types, and will attack any that get close to her or Rick. She has a strange addiction to cheese, and refuses to eat anything else but it. Buzz is the newest member of the team, and was found in a egg at the Sinnoh regions Amity square.
Other: She wears a green ribbon on her top right head.

Species: Gallade
Gender: Male
Given Name: Zain
Personality: Zain is a very, overly calm and dedicated Pokemon. He has a very different look on the world to most other Pokemon. His idea of fun is sitting down with his back against a tree and thinking. He would much prefer his own company than any others. He does, however, have a fun side, which is shown whenever he sees any form of the ralts line, when apon seeing, he would become the most active you’ll ever see him. Even in a battle he’s surprisingly calm. And won't flinch even after being attacked unless it's a part of some sort of stratergy of his master.
Other: The blades on his arm are longer than average Gallades.

Species: Abomasnow
Gender: Female
Given Name: Rose
Personality: Rose is a very free-spirited type of Pokemon who hates people who tell her what to do. This can be a very annoying factor for Rick when he’s doing battles, as Rose will most likely do something that really annoys him. She is, however, very friendly to pokemon she hasn’t met before, and will most likely spark off a friendship with many off them straight away. She does however hate other Snovers and Abomasnows, as she is slightly smaller, making her feel angry and left out. This also shows that she feels slightly unhappy about herself, thinking that she could be improved in many ways.
Other: She is smaller than most Abomasnows.

Species: Delibird
Gender: male
Given Name: Flutter
Personality: Flutter is a very smart, sophisticated, picky Pokemon. He will stick his nose up to anything other than the finest Pokemon food there is. He will take orders in battle, but will willingly disobey his trainer if he knows he’s asked him to make a bad move. This causes a argument with his trainer quite often, causing them to fall out, causing him to act more stuck-up. He hates hurting fellow delibirds, and wouldn’t lay a finger on one. He is also completely blind in one eye, so sometimes he can’t see enemies about to attack him. Which can be a serious problem in a battle. He loves the thrill of a battle though, as well as the thrill of exploring the world.
Other: Blind in one eye.

Species: Mamoswine
Gender: male
Given Name: Slam
Personality: Slam isn’t exactly the brightest Mamoswine in the world, but what he lacks in brains, he matches it with brute strength. Slam is strangely reluctant to actually do any fighting, being that his strength is enormous would make many people think he was born to battle. He is also very caring towards young pokemon, and has seemingly taken the young combee under his wing so to speak. He loves the cold, and would rather stay in a cold place all year than explore the world. That last quality has caused Slam to stay at home for a full year in snowpoint, when Rick eventaully came and got him so they could stand a chance in the league.
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