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The Rumble Island Tournament Extravaganza (RITE Sign-Ups)

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Name: Robin Jay Ryder (Prefers to be called Ryder)
ID Number: 15136
Age: Nineteen
Gender: Female

Physical Description: Ryder has short layered hair which only manages to cup her face. The ‘fringe is flicked to one side giving her a boyish look, but not enough so as she is completely devoided of her girlish features, in fact it makes her look quite charming. Her hair is dark red in color which stands in stark contrast to her wide emerald green eyes. Her skin is lightly tanned and her physique is rather thin and frail but still manages to keep its well built frame. Her preferred clothing consists of a tight fitting, pinstriped black, button up shirt with three quarter sleeves to show off the light skin beneath. A pair of dark blue jeans flare to cover a pair of clumpy black boots with silver clasps and a pair of black studded leather belts wrap around her waste (creating a sort of criss cross on her behind) keeping the baggy trousers from hitting the ground. Over the black shirt she wears a plain black waistcoat which like the shirt is also tight fitting and almost strains to do up over her bosom, the garment is held closed by silver clasps and chains which run from the middle of her chest downwards, leaving to view an inkling of skin beneath the black shirt below. A blood red tie is tucked beneath the fabric of the waistcoat and stands out vividly against the black clothing, matching her red hair perfectly.

Ryder is a fan of accessories and so to begin are the silver hoops that decorate the very top of her right ear and the silver ball that has been embedded into her tongue. Another addition to her appearance is the loan red, triangular tattoo that runs from beneath her right eye to just above her jaw, so far she has told no one where she had gotten it from. Multiple chains hang from the belts around her waist and a pair of fingerless gloves grace her artistic hands as well as studded bracelets to match her belts. With her she carries a long cane decorated in the style of a snake; it reaches from her hips down to the floor and is entirely black in color apart from the snake head handle which is made from fine silver. When not in use the lower half of the cane is drawn into the top half and kept at her back by the belts around her waist.

Personality: Charming and a little insane, Ryder is quite the odd character among masses of young people and tends to stand out both in looks and personality. She seems to have a constant smile of her face, though it seems a little more psychotic than friendly and not many can tell the smile apart from a smirk. No one really knows what’s going on inside this characters head and she plays that to her advantage by remaining passive in stressful situations, yes even in the midst of battle her smile remains plastered on her face. She likes nothing more than to toy with peoples minds and will jump at the chance to poke fun or have fun with an opponent, it gets rather annoying to the person on the receiving end, but as long as SHE is having fun then the rest of the world is completely null and void. The only thing that manages to wipe the cockiness from her face is the fact of loosing…Ryder HATES to loose and it shows in the completely opposite personality that she adopts when such a thing happens. Upon loosing a battle Ryder turns quite aggressive…though she would not hurt anyone, one would get the fear that she might and is completely capable of doing so. Funnily enough after she has accepted the reality, she adopts her usual persona and returns to normal in the blink of an eye.

The terms: Partner, group and team to not seem to appear in Ryders vocabulary as she is never seen paired with anyone but her Pokemon. In all honesty, Ryder isn’t much of a team player and would more than often play for her own needs instead of others. Granted she isn’t a BAD person, but she believes in looking after number one, a rule that she has not broken since. Either way, there has been a handful of times where she has had to work as part of a group and she prefers to be the trickster, not the leader. She seems being the leader as being too much work and would much prefer to be the one coming up with the horrific ideas and putting them into action, though Ryder would only take orders from someone that is paying her well and even then would do it her way and not theirs.

Overall, Ryder is witty, sarcastic and quite the fun lover when it comes to life in general.

Background: (just a bit about yourself, not a great deal of detail required; simply where you come from, what you’ve done, and be sure to include your current status as a trainer – please keep in mind we’re looking for the best of the best, however past League Champions are not permitted to join)

Other: Ryder has a fear of Water from when she was a young girl. (Explained in background section)


Species: Murkrow
Gender: Male
Given Name: Trickster
Personality: Trickster acts just as his name implies. He likes nothing more than to toy with his foes and joins in on Ryder’s constant torment of others. He’s the closest friend Ryder has ever had and that how the both of them would like to keep it, he doesn’t need anyone else and is completely content on his current way of living. Though small and not physically strong, Trickster knows how to hold his own in battles and uses illusions and quick movement to win the battle rather than brute strength. Like his owner, Trickster hates to lose and unlike Ryder takes it a little more to heart and will continue to train until his flaws are long forgotten, he seems to think that because of his size there is no room for mistakes and curses himself for letting his guard down in battle. Fortunately all it takes is a practical joke to lift his spirits yet again.
Other: Trickster doesn’t live in his Pokeball unless he absolutely needs to. Ryder prefers to have the familiar weight on her shoulder at any time possible. A red bandana drapes around his neck as sign of his and Ryder’s partnership.

Species: Lucario
Gender: Male
Given Name: Loki
Personality: Another of Ryder’s sly little friends is this well trained Lucario. Like the rest of the team he is cunning, sly and masterful in the ways of trickery. Loki is normally rather quiet and prefers o meditate rather than trick others but that does not rule out the fact that he is taught by what he sees to be the ‘master of trickery’ Ryder has taught him how to battle slyly and use speed to his advantage instead of using brute force as many other Lucario choose to do. When it comes to other Pokemon and humans Loki simply does not have the time and turns his back on anyone or anything that tries to strike up a conversation, in fact the only time in which he will even take them into consideration is when they pose a threat or a battle is due.

Species: Alakazam
Gender: Male
Given Name: Seth

Species: Seadra
Gender: Male
Given Name: Kauai

Species: Ninetails
Gender: Female
Given Name: Kitsune

Species: Arbok
Gender: Female
Given Name: Veles

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Soo...has anyone else here ever finished pretty much everything in a sign-up sheet, only to get stuck on one last section that you just can't seem to finish no matter how much thought you put into it? Because that's pretty much where I am, and I'd hate to think it were just me. *sigh* Anyway, here it is, basically everything except the Backstory. I'll just edit it as soon as it's done...

Name: Blitz Maverick
ID Number: 18704
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Physical Description: Blitz is, to say the very least, an attractive teenage specimen, which is probably a major reason for his confidence. He is of a very athletic build with lean, refined muscles across the board, giving him the appearance of one who has conditioned his body extensively under the most intense of conditions. It’s not as though he’s at all bulky or incredibly muscular, he’s just in very good shape, and it shows. His shoulders are broad and surprisingly powerful, while his waist is quite thin, causing his torso to form a nice V-Shape. Overall, speaking in the way of his physique, he most closely resembles the samurai or skilled martial artist archetype seen in most Shounen anime; thin, yet powerful and agile. He stands at approximately 6 feet tall, making him somewhat imposing when he wants or needs to be, although he’s by no means a giant. Really, he gives off the look of one seasoned and conditioned by possibly years of intense training and experience in the art of combat, but who has given up such a life in favor of a more peaceful existence.

Of course, you’d never peg him as the fighting type by looking at him. Indeed, Blitz rarely puts forth any effort to appear at all threatening unless in the heat of battle, where it comes naturally for him. His soft emerald eyes seem almost tranquil, as if he’s at total peace with whatever might be going on around him. Granted, when faced with an enemy, he locks his eyes into a glare so fierce that it may very well strike fear in the heart of a particularly weak-willed person. His hair is a very unnatural color, at least for someone of his age. Blitz’s hair is a surprisingly healthy silver color and is styled in a rather spiky fashion, which serves to accentuate its length.

As far as his attire is concerned, Blitz prefers to dress casually regardless of circumstances. He’s typically seen wearing a black T-Shirt that seems just a little bit loose on him and, as such, will sometimes be ruffled by a particularly strong breeze. When it comes to his pants, Blitz always wears a pair of blue denim jeans, if only because “he likes them” and “doesn’t really see why he should have to wear anything else…” Aside from that, he really doesn’t wear anything else unless it strikes his fancy or is absolutely necessary for whatever reason. Well, that’s not entirely true. When traveling through particularly cold environments, Blitz will don a black ankle-length jacket that has a habit of flowing elegantly behind him. Additionally, while Blitz isn’t normally one to accessorize, he is always seen with a golden cross hanging from his neck on a chain. This is, however, most peculiar in that Blitz really isn’t religious in any way. In fact, he seems to be quite agnostic when it comes to his spiritual beliefs, but the cross is always there, even if it is tucked into his shirt at all times. Actually, Blitz seems somewhat protective of it.

Personality: Kindhearted, charming, and quite flirtatious, Blitz is a confident young man who seems to radiate a sort of natural charisma. Always self-assured and a bit on the impulsive side, Blitz typically isn’t one to be found mulling things over before acting. Rather, he prefers to shoot first and ask questions later in most cases, be it in the middle of pitched combat or simply in a minor social affair such as making pleasant conversation with a particularly cute girl who just so happens to catch his eye, though he’s certainly capable of thinking on his feet to come up with clever strategies. Personally, Blitz has found that this lifestyle tends to bring about the best results in most situations, mainly because it allows him to disregard others’ opinions of him, which, in turn, grants him a kind of magnetism. It works fairly well, too…to a degree, that is. Indeed, certain people seem to naturally gravitate toward Blitz’s self-confident yet overall friendly demeanor, whereas others are simply infuriated by his presence. Of course, being the determined little scamp that he is, Blitz seldom avoids those who seem put off by his self-confidence, instead welcoming their often-verbal and sometimes-physical challenges with open arms.

Blitz, you see, is the proud owner of an infamously dry wit. He can and will poke fun at the world around him and its many intricacies in a tone of voice that could easily be mistaken for a deathly-serious one but is really just sarcastic cynicism. His possesses a lightning-fast sense of humor, perhaps owing itself in no small part to Blitz’s considerable ability to think on his feet with a note-worthy success rate. Always one to improvise and never one to stutter, Blitz can end a battle of wits just as quickly as he can end a figurative crossing of blades. Actually, his style of debating is very similar to his fighting style, which may or may not be a coincidence given their respective connections to Blitz’s own personality. Blitz prefers a very fast-paced method of fighting that has been described by many as unorthodox, flashy, and perhaps overly stylish, yet remarkably deadly. He doesn’t like his Pokemon taking hits, and instead strives to adapt to whatever situation his opponent might send his way in hopes of overwhelming them before they can so much as mount a defense against his all-out offense.

Of course, despite his sharp tongue and deadly sarcasm, Blitz is not without a heart. In fact, he’s quite an empathetic lad when push comes to shove. Rarely will he be found tormenting someone who doesn’t genuinely deserve it, and even in battle, he doesn’t generally shoot to kill unless innocent lives are at stake. His integrity is not boundless, of course, nor is his foresight. Blitz is certainly human and will sometimes mess up in his assessment of a given situation. However, he will always be more than willing to risk his life for those he perceives as innocent. He would gladly fight tooth-and-nail for someone he cares about, even when clearly outnumbered or outmatched. It is perhaps this innate desire-- this subconscious impulse to defend the weak that draws people to Blitz. He may hide it behind a decidedly thin veil of sarcasm, but his heart is undoubtedly a strong one.

Despite his impulsive behavior, there are times when Blitz finds himself caught up in a period of self-doubt or reflection. While his exterior is certainly one of confidence and resolve, he is all-too-often found conducting a sort of introspective in what can only be described as an attempt to understand himself. Blitz, though confident in his own abilities on a smaller scale, has never thought himself capable of making a difference in the grand scheme of things, nor does he consider himself in any way a good leader. He’s usually able to push feelings of inadequacy to the wayside and bottle them up inside, but still has a habit of becoming all-too-aware of just how small he really is compared to the macrocosm that is the universe. In truth, Blitz fears the future; especially the idea of his inevitable death. He has no idea what the future has in store for a single individual such as himself, and this uncertainty scares him. In truth, Blitz’s greatest fear is dying without serving a purpose. He wants to do something big, but finds himself constantly struggling with what can only be described as a total inability to do so.

Really, Blitz works primarily to please others and strives to never let anyone down. He has, in the past, been warned about his motives. He has received a fair bit of criticism for this, primarily because he never really does anything for himself. That’s not to say that he’s totally selfless, he simply can’t deal with the possibility of disappointing anyone. This is probably because he feels the need to make an impact on people before he finally leaves, or perhaps it’s simply because he enjoys the attention it garners for him. Whatever the reason, Blitz just has a total inability to accept failure, leastways when it involves something he was doing for somebody else. Even for the most trivial of things, he probably wouldn’t be able to live with himself for failing to complete a task. This has earned him a bit of criticism from those who are closest to him, who feel that he should just do something for his own gratification every now and again.

In all honesty, while Blitz is quite confident, this self-assuredness only comes into play when he’s dealing with other people. While in public, he’s a spontaneous, fun-loving, overall easygoing person, Blitz can, in private, often be found scrutinizing his every flaw with unyielding precision. When one of those aforementioned failures occurs, he’s especially hard on himself. It’s as if he expects perfection of himself, despite knowing full well that nobody could ever hope to reach such a lofty plateau. What he does is rarely good enough in his eyes, at least when it comes to things he does for others. In short, Blitz has a nasty habit of over analyzing himself, and probably has a much different perception of himself than those around him.

This inability to accept failure also leads to an inability to tolerate the manipulation of his will or psyche. Put simply, Blitz hates to feel as though he’d been manipulated in any way. As far as he’s concerned, there is no greater shame than having one’s will contorted to meet someone else’s ends. For this reason, he will vehemently resist any attempt made to trick or control him in any way. This can, at times, make him a bit paranoid of other people, as Blitz will become suspicious of someone he thinks is attempting to deceive him. He tries to suppress this paranoia, though, because he’s very much aware of its existence. Fortunately, he manages to retain his confident exterior in public.

In spite of this, he tends to be very forgiving, which probably accounts for the majority of people thinking fondly of him rather than in a begrudging way. Generally a friendly person, Blitz isn’t one to open old wounds and genuinely has trouble holding grudges against other people. Unless facing an unambiguously evil dark overlord, he is typically able to simply forgive and forget, however annoying this is to him. As it were, Blitz has tried to hold grudges in the past, but the results are usually more humorous than anything. A simple “I’m sorry” will result in almost instant forgiveness, after which Blitz will mentally curse himself for forgiving the person so easily. In spite of evidence to the contrary, he can’t seem to see anyone as an enemy unless they do something inexcusable, such as murder an innocent person or something to that effect.

On that note, Blitz has never really thought in terms of indisputable good and evil. As far as he’s concerned, everyone acts on their own core conviction, following the path that they consider righteous. Nobody, in his eyes, performs evil deeds for sake of being evil, and everyone can justify their actions somehow. Of course there are certain acts that Blitz believes should be stopped be it through negotiation or physical force, among them being pointless slaughter and manipulation of the weak. Those and several other acts of maliciousness are, in Blitz’s eyes, unjust. In other words, while he doesn’t really think of people as inherently “evil,” he won’t hesitate to fight to the death for what he, personally, believes is righteous.

To recap; confident, sarcastic, compassionate, and flirtatious, if a bit bogged down by moments of self-doubt.


Other: Blitz is well-versed in hand-to-hand combat. He follows the philosophy of Jeet Kune Do, but concerning the styles he practices, he bases his fighting style primarily around Western kick boxing mixed with Jujitsu, making him a competent fighter both standing up and on the ground. Of course he realizes that his Pokemon will probably do a much better job of protecting him than he ever could given that they can shoot fire or lift many times their own weight, though he feels it can’t hurt to be prepared for an instance where he can’t reach his Pokeballs.

Pokemon Signups: (x6)

Species: Dragonite
Gender: Male
Given Name: Ichigo
Personality: Ichigo is the main powerhouse on Blitz’s team and often serves as his ace-in-the-hole. He’s essentially the Pokemon Blitz sends out when he wants to simply plow through the opposition with pure offense; his primary sweeper, in other words, typically saved as a “fail safe mechanism” of sorts. This was not only decided by his statistics and raw power, but also due to his personality. Ichigo is an amazingly determined Pokemon capable of withstanding impressive amounts of punishment before finally blacking out from sheer exhaustion. Unlike the typical, carefree Dragonite who wouldn’t hurt a fly unless provoked, Ichigo wholeheartedly enjoys the art of battle. He regularly engages in training whenever let out of his Pokeball, though often at the cost of socializing with the other Pokemon on Blitz’s team. It isn’t as though he doesn’t like them, he simply has trouble with social endeavors, so chooses to avoid them. As for the rest of the group’s opinion on Ichigo, they pretty much just let him do his thing without bothering him. He does, however, seem to have an undying respect for Blitz and actually appears somewhat fond and even protective of the other Pokemon he owns, but because he doesn’t really know how to handle himself, he still manages to come across as rather stoic or distant.

Ichigo’s fighting style, as you might imagine, revolves around the total obliteration of anything and everything that stands in his way, and he is very good at doing that. As mentioned, he regularly conditions his physical strength, flying speed, aim with his long-ranged attacks, and durability. He strives to become the perfect offensive machine of battle, something Blitz attempts to help him with whenever possible. Ichigo is well-aware of his huge weakness to ice moves and Pokemon, and has been trained to help predict when such a dangerous technique is coming. It’s obviously not completely fool proof, so Blitz tries to send in other Pokemon against opponents he suspects are packing an Ice Beam or Blizzard up their sleeve whenever possible. However, the fact that the opposition might be toting a powerful Ice-type move doesn’t make Ichigo any less eager to charge head-first into combat. He aims to prove himself stronger and will stop at absolutely nothing to do so, even if forced to sustain serious injuries to emerge victorious.
Other: Dragonite was taught the TM move Dragon Claw

Species: Lucario
Gender: Male
Given Name: Spike
Personality: Spike is rather lackadaisical and surprisingly aloof for the strategy-oriented martial artist of Blitz’s squad. He often sleeps when given free time, though he can be found training his hand-to-hand combat skills when he’s not relaxing. Of course, his favorite form of training is dormant meditation, but when he does condition himself physically, he’s quite intense about it. Still, this perceived apathy towards the world around him is nothing more than a facade, perhaps used to fool his enemies into thinking that he’s not any sort of threat. As seen from his social interaction with the other Pokemon on Blitz’s team, Spike is really a rather friendly, outgoing Pokemon and appears to be on good terms with his teammates. Specifically, he seems to have adopted the role of “big brother” toward Alucard the Houndour, helping him out when his lack of imposing stature works against or defending him against those who would use their own size to intimidate the little guy. As well, Spike has a bit of a rivalry with Guts (Blitz’s Rhyperior). The two often butt heads, likely because Spike’s inner tranquility clashes with Guts’s…shall we say, aggressive nature.

In the way of combat, Spike is a masterful strategist who works quite well in tandem with Blitz. The two have worked out and practiced a multitude of plans to use in a variety of situations, most of them overcoming the weaknesses that Lucario has due to his type or perhaps limitations on his move pool. This shaves a second or two off of Spike’s reaction time, mainly because he was taught to memorize the end of each sequence of moves and to associate them with the first few moves in the sequence. Of course, if the opponent should catch on to the pattern before it happens, valuable time must be expended while Blitz orders Spike to take evasive action while he thinks up a new strategy. Still, for the most part, they fight normally, unless, of course, Blitz calls for a certain sequence, in which case Spike will take free reign for a bit as he carries out the rest of the plan. Overall, Spike is simply very tactical. The emphasis has, however, been placed on his reflexes and agility when it comes to his training. He simply hits the opponent quickly and gets out to launch another attack. Since he deals in hand-to-hand combat, though, Blitz has personally helped him train.

Species: Houndour
Gender: Male
Given Name: Alucard
Personality: Alucard strikes Blitz as…someone who will be quite badass with maturity. His determination is certainly very impressive, and he strives to appear calm and collected even against opponents many times his own size. This outward appearance and unshakable nature may come either from his devotion to Blitz or perhaps a past that required him to toughen up or face the consequences. Granted, it often becomes obvious that Alucard is still a rather young Pokemon. He still, for examples, occasionally shows weakness where a truly hardened adult wouldn’t, and he seems to be opening up more often and to more people. Alucard was actually Blitz’s first Pokemon, and the two have developed an incredibly strong bond over time. Alucard will not, under any circumstances, let someone insult his trainer and get away with it, even though Blitz is capable of returning the comment with a witty retort of his own. They’re simply very close, if only from the amount of time they’ve spent together. Alucard tends to look up to Spike as an example of what he should be someday, though this respect may come from the fact that Spike will often defend the Houndour against the sometimes-overly-aggressive Rhyperior.

Blitz never seemed to mind that Alucard wouldn’t evolve. Actually, he works specifically to overcome that weakness. As with Spike, the emphasis in Alucard’s training has been placed on its speed and agility. The way Blitz sees it, Alucard isn’t going to be able to become an offensive powerhouse until he evolves, if that happens at all. He figured he’d be better off cultivating Alucard in areas that he’d actually excel in, like using his small size to his advantage. It’s true that, when using Alucard, Blitz has to be a bit more careful, but the two have developed methods that work pretty well against most Pokemon (of course, against some of the more threatening foes like a Tyranitar or Machamp, a larger Pokemon such as Ichigo or Guts is needed). Alucard’s fighting style tends to revolve around avoiding whatever the opponent throws at him, attempting to get out of their line of sight to hit them when they least expect it, slowly chipping away at their health.
Other: Houndour knows Toxic from a TM.

Species: Rhyperior
Gender: Male
Given Name: Guts
Personality: Guts is…rather psychotic. Sure, you’ve probably seen a few angry Pokemon in your time, but Guts is, well, he’s quite dangerous, actually. It is strongly recommended that you avoid making him mad whether you’re a Pokemon or human. Naturally, given his species and habit of going into unstoppable rage, Guts has taken on the role of a physical tank of sorts. This is primarily due to a unique ability of his to ignore and endure vast amounts of physical punishment before finally succumbing to his injuries and blacking out. Well, either he ignores it or he simply is that determined to keep on fighting. It’s sometimes a bit frightening to those watching to see him let out his deafening battle cry even when obviously pushing himself far past his normal limits. Blitz worries a great deal about him and repeatedly attempts to get Guts to stop this reckless behavior. Guts appears to respect the compassion Blitz shows for him, which may be why he fights so determinedly for him in the first place. However, while he genuinely appreciates his sentiments, Guts refuses to listen, even when his injuries force him to sit out of the next fight. It’s also remarkably easy to get him mad, though this is pretty much just due to extremely poor social skills; Ichigo may be a bit awkward in a crowd, but Guts is, unfortunately, totally inept in this field.

As you might imagine, Guts’s strategy involves barreling through the opposition without much thought to anything except tanking anything that the other trainer throws at him. It’s similar to Ichigo’s fighting style, except focused more around defense than pure offense. Of course, Guts has been taught to avoid certain attacks that will surely render him too damaged to battle effectively. Generally, though, when faced with a Special Attack that Guts is weak against, Blitz’s strategy changes from “tank everything in our path” to “get Guts out of there and switch in Misato”. He won’t let Guts stay for longer than he has to in a hopeless battle, in other words, but otherwise, Blitz can generally rely on Guts when he needs someone to outlast his opponent. One of his favorite strategies actually involves simply outlasting everyone on the opponent’s team. However, that won’t be revealed just yet. Either way, Guts gets the job done quite nicely, but while he doesn’t know his own limits, Blitz does, and won’t let him go into a battle that he knows Guts simply cannot win.
Other: None.

Species: Milotic
Gender: Female
Given Name: Misato
Personality: Misato is one cool customer. She seems to take after Blitz in the sense that she tends to be very calm and collected at all times. Even when she’s clearly outmatched, you could never tell by looking at her. In a sense, she’s similar to Spike, which makes sense because the two tend to hang out together. Misato is simply a very laid-back Pokemon who rarely takes anything seriously, even combat. For such an elegant creature, she really doesn’t act all that regally. That’s not to say she lacks manners, just that she often treats things like they’re no big deal whether it’s a problem within the group or fighting an uphill battle. It’s true that she has a temper, of course. It just doesn’t see the light of day very often and is typically stomped down by her unshakable demeanor. Misato is, however, different from Spike in the sense that, whereas Spike is a bit on the withdrawn, distant side, Misato is actually somewhat expressive. She tends to be quite down-to-earth, as well, and one to assess a situation in a realistic fashion rather than an idealistic one. Due to her overall friendly nature, though, she usually gets along with most people quite well and makes friends with other Pokemon rather easily.

Misato fights in something of an unrestricted style. Much like the water most of her attacks center around, Misato moves freely and without hesitation, acting rather than thinking about acting to produce the best results. She’s mainly sent in against special attackers and is the Pokemon Blitz will most often bring in when Guts isn’t cut out for the job. Though a tank by trade, Misato does strive to take as few hits as possible while returning the favor with a powerful counterstrike of her own. In short, she’s a tank with some speed. She doesn’t have that much in the way of offense, but can deal some serious damage when her strengths are utilized correctly. She might not have the power of Ichigo. However, she can be completely devastating to the opposition when used to her full potential and in conjuncture with her fellow teammates.
Other: Blitz taught Milotic the HM Surf.

Species: Manectric
Gender: Male
Given Name: Vash
Personality: Vash is quite friendly, to say the least. He tends to get along well with others and seems to have inherited a bit of Blitz’s charisma. He tends to joke around a lot, often coming across as a bit on the cynical side but overall a kind Pokemon at heart. Vash generally attempts to portray himself in such a manner; sarcastic and a bit goofy yet friendly, perhaps to come across as unthreatening to those who might oppose him. Interestingly, he and Ichigo seem to be good friends despite the two of them more or less being polar opposites. Vash- lighthearted and easygoing- serves as a stark contrast to Ichigo’s frighteningly intense, almost unnatural determination, yet the two get along very well. In fact, Vash is essentially the only person Ichigo is willing to trust or is at all capable of socializing with without accidentally slipping into a fit of frustration. Likewise, Vash is probably the most adapted to seeing past Ichigo’s anti-social behavior and recognizing the true meaning behind his actions. Then again, he’s like that for most everyone, always trying to see the best in people regardless. Actually, he seems rather idealistic in most respects.

Blitz trained Vash to be the ultimate speed demon. Through specialized conditioning, he managed to build up Vash’s raw foot speed to the point where he can easily run circles around even the quickest of foes. He effortlessly glides across the battlefield hurling lightning bolts every-which-way, serving as the primary Special Sweeper simply due to how powerful he is and how difficult he is to hit. What he lacks in defensive strength, Vash more than makes up for in the field of evasion. His typical strategy is to keep some sort of distance between himself and his opponent, making it less likely for them to hit him while he can simply strike at them from afar with his electric attacks. He tends to be quite flashy in all that he does, as well, as far as combat goes, preferring to get extra points in style rather than in efficiency. Vash likes to mess around a bit, which may be his downfall one of these days, but he is willing to stop playing and conduct the finishing move when Blitz commands it.
Other: None
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Gold E Lox1

Elegent Power
Name: Mathew ‘Mo’ Orlandis
ID Number: 10698
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Mo is another average teen boy with teen features. He has black hair parted to the left hang just over his eyebrows. He’s got stormy blue eyes reflecting his past and future. Usually smiling, he has an easy smile that shows he likes having fun. He usually where’s an orange polo shirt buttoned all the way up but the top one. He also where’s baggy blue jean hanging just over the heels of his black shoes. Mo is six foot 5 and hundred and thirty pounds.
Personality: Mo is usually in a good mood, which for others can be kind of creepy. He has a calm grin that can relax other people in tense situations. When one of his pokemon disobeys him he gets a little frustrated but continues to remain calm. He always uses his surroundings in battle to his advantage. He looks to the future brightly and doesn’t dwell on the past for very long.
Background: Mo has traveled through many regions but could never get all the badges. He would battle through seven of them but lose the eight, or something would come up and he’d have to leave. But he uses that failure to win the next time.
Other: Started in Kanto.

Species: Blastoise
Gender: male
Given Name: none
Personality: This was Mo’s starter in Kanto. Acting as a normal pokemon should with basic respect for other pokemon, listening to his trainer, and training hard. Blastoise has never left his party and is always his first choice for battle. Blastoise has made many friends throughout the years on traveling.
Other: none

Species: Dragonite
Gender: male
Given Name: none
Personality: Dragonite loves the spotlight at all times. He fights to be seen by all spectators. With a series of strong close and long ranged attacks, he’s an overall good battler. When traveling through Jhoto, Dragonite fell in love with Clair’s Dragonair. An egg ‘appeared’ within a few days and the parents, though obvious, was left unknown.
Other: none

Species: Leafeon
Gender: female
Given Name: none
Personality: She is the weakest out of all the pokemon in Mo’s party. Mo keeps her in there because she can prevail when the odds are low. She is kind towards all pokemon but will give it her all in a battle. While training she won’t quite even if all odds are against her.
Other: none

Species: Electrivire
Gender: Male
Given Name: none
Personality: Electrivire can hold it’s own in many unbeatable battles. It is a fighting machine, and because of its strength it doesn’t listen to Mo sometimes. It is a physical fighter and it uses its brute force to its advantage. This pokemon is the powerhouse of Mo’s team.
Other: Instead of yellow and black, Electrivire is cameo colors.


Really and truly
Words can not express how insanely sorry I am for taking so long with this. Other crap has come up, and I haven't had a huge amount of time to work on going through this thread. But I will not abandon this RPG, not at this stage!

I'm not even done going through these, but some people have been waiting a REALLY LONG TIME, and I thank you all for your patience. So here's my replies to about half of you. I will try to get to the rest asap. I apologize again for all this. >>

.:Lemon Tea:.: Of course – reserved.

Kohdok: Hm, well if you are absolutely sure that this is what you want and that you can handle it, I’d like to see how you do it (you should also provide a last name). Accepted.

Scar: *blinks repeatedly* Nine paragraphs for the personality of a trainer? ._. Most of them could have been summed up in just a couple of lines, and even so, quality is more important than quantity; if it's written well, I don't need to know about every single part of his personality. Pokémon don't need to be quite so long either. Seriously, long, drawn-out paragraphs aren't a way to impress a GM.

Either way, I'm going to wait for you to add the history. And so you know, your character really made me raise an eyebrow; he sounds like a typical animé character that a lot of fangirls would want as their bishie. o_O Pending.

Razor Shiftry: I’m glad to hear that you’ll take it into account for the future. ^^

Iareto: Looks good to me (but you may want to use less commas at times). Cheroo seems quite cute, though I’m not entirely sure how all that will be integrated with the battling system. Still, accepted! ^^

~*Nobody*~: So cute. X3 Nicely-done, neat characters, definitely accepted!

~Neon~: Other than a couple mistakes in Champma’s personality, it looks good to me, so accepted.

InnerFlame: You won’t always have them, but sometimes yes, you will have access to a body of water so that water Pokémon can battle. And feel free to ask your second question later.

Your English isn’t unreadable, but there’s really a lot of mistakes, a big one being that it should be he/she eats/likes/wants/waves/etc. with an s at the end in the present tense. :S Also, I seriously don’t explain what the heck she’s wearing for clothing. All I know is that it’s a lot of jean material, but it’s also fur. But you can’t get a pelt without killing a creature (and getting enough otherwise would mean shearing off its ENTIRE coat, not collecting bits of fur that fall off, and somehow I don’t see a Lucario allowing that to happen), and I don’t think that shed scales can be used to make boots.

Anyway, other than that it looked decent enough. I’d highly suggest brushing up on your writing by reading a book or two (you’d be surprised how much reading alone can do). Otherwise, I’ll say accepted, but please explain the clothing a bit better.

ankokuryu: Erm, yeah, just type it out on Word and post it when you get the chance. No need to beat yourself up over it. ._.

Shadowfaith: Will wait for you to add the rest of your Pokémon. :p

Will get to the rest as soon as I have the chance/motivation. Again, sorry for the wait.

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Name: Nick Aarendil, goes by Nick.

ID Number: 41191

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Nick is an average teenage male, a bit on the lanky side, but nowhere near being deemed tall. He has short, messy hair and wears thick glasses. He is usually seen wearing khaki cargo shorts with a black belt, and a plain white undershirt with a floral button up over top of it. He wears waterproof hiking shoes, and has a red backpack that isn't ever completely full.

Personality: A hormonal teenager, Nick is conflicted with opposite sides of himself. Incredibly empathetic, Nick is able to sense when something is wrong with others and feel their pain, yet is so stunted by his own lack of confidence that he whenever he acts upon this empathy it is just plain awkward. Having lived with the fact that he is a social failure his entire life, Nick is somewhat of a recluse, though deep down he really wishes to engage and be engaged, which is why he does push himself to talk, even if the idea scares the crap out of him.

Background: Nick was born in a small town off the coast of Celadon City, Kanto, to an impoverished yet close-knit family. Nick left Renn Town at the age of 13, when his parents had saved up enough money to buy a Pokeball so Nick and the Ralts he had befriended could start a journey. Traveling through Kanto and Johto, Nick and his team defeated all the Gym Leaders before heading off to Hoenn. In Hoenn, Nick focused instead on Contests, both for the change of pace a money prizes, but returned to the Gym challenge in Sinnoh, where he became fascinated with the mythology around him. After coming in the top eight in the Sinnoh League, Nick turned his attention to study and helping young trainers where he could.

Other: Nick has all of the Kanto, Johto, and Sinnoh badges, and is a Master Coordinator by Hoenn standards.


Species: Gardevoir

Gender: Female

Given Name: Idrial

Personality: Idrial was Nick's first Pokemon, befriended outside of Renn Town before voluntarily joining Nick on his journey. Having come with Nick by choice, the two share a strong bond, and the more latent empathetic aspects of Nick's personality are evident in Idrial as well. Idrial is very powerful, but does not enjoy fighting so much as the congratulations after the fight. She does not hurt without reason, and is quite opposed to any sort of Pokemon or human cruelty.

Species: Ampharos

Gender: Male

Given Name: Earendil

Personality: Earendil is a solemn battler, training and fighting in complete silence at times. Able to focus on the task at hand, Earendil is a force in the arena due to his single-mindedness and skill. Earendil, though fierce on the field, is like a gentle teacher in post-battle, always striving to help his opponent better themselves. Regarded as a sage among the team, Earendil commands the respect of all Pokemon he encounters, even if they meet on the battlefield.

Other: Earendil has learned the TM Iron Tail.

Species: Corphish

Gender: Male

Personality: Corphish is pretty young, especially when compared to other member of the squad like Idrial, and is very hyperactive and competitive. Corphish is a joy to be around, and is pretty much a guaranteed laugh when around, although he can, and will, get serious when faced with a battle. And fast. Many opponents underestimated Corphish due to him not being a Crawdaunt, and those opponents found themselves in for a rude awakening. Corphish may be a kid, but he's got the power of an adult in the field.

Species: Medicham

Gender: Female

Given Name: Ilyana

Personality: Ilyana is the recluse of the group, though when she is needed she does not hesitate to help her squad. Rescued from a blizzard on Mt. Pyre, she withdrew until she was almost lost within herself. After being rescued, and coaxed out bit by bit, she has expressed the desire to master the element that nearly killed her, and has evolved in order to do this. Ilyana has astonishing determination and resilience, and absolutely refuses to give up, her body eventually giving while the spirit blazes. She is very intelligent and gives her knowledge where it is needed, believing that she is repaying a debt.

Other: Ilyana has learned the Egg Move Ice Punch, and she has a small scar on her right arm from where a shard of hail got her during the blizzard.

Species: Ninetales

Gender: Female

Given Name: Arianne

Personality: Arianne was won by Nick in Hoenn as a prize for the Master rank Beauty Contest, and has had an affinity for contests ever since joining Nick's squad. Since her days as a Vulpix, Arianne has enjoyed playing with fire, and has developed an eye for trouble, often resulting in many an awkward conversation to say the least. Arianne's playfullness spills onto the field as well, where she will commonly mess with her opponents head before getting serious.

Other: Arianne knows the Egg Move Faint Attack, and wears scarlet ribbon around her neck.

Species: Honchkrow

Gender: Male

Personality: Honchkrow and Nick met when the then-Murkrow was playing tricks on them at night in Sinnoh. Nick felt the Murkrow's longing for companionship, and his fear of having it, and decided that Murkrow should be given the choice to face his fear/wish and offered Murkrow and spot on the team. Three days later, after thouroughly thinking over the proposition, Murkrow walked up to a spare Pokeball and was henceforth a squad member. After evolving, Honchkrow has kept this calculating attitude, and is a very patient Pokemon. In battles, Honchkrow is known to study an opponent, analyze a minute weakness, and use it to turn the tide of a match.

Other: Honchkrow knows the Egg Move Drill Peck.
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May I reserve a spot? This sounds like an interesting RPG but school is kinda in the way for parts of the week. So its gonna take me a while to sign-up.

And I have a question about the ID Number. Its stupid but its confusing me...is it suppose to be from a game? or is it just random numbers lol. Sry to ask but...ya. lol.
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Could I also reserve a spot?

my problem is that as awesome as this RPG sounds I'm gonna be away for week, maybe a day less as of friday for reasons outside my own control plus I have some ther stuff to sort out between now and then so sign up will take a little time. However I have a good character in mind so please bear with me ^^;
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Hey Psychic!
I’d really like to participate in this pokemon rpg if that would be ok?

Here is my signup though I do think I over did it a bit ^^; Sorry if it’s a bit long …

Name: Logan James Starwood
ID Number: 22098
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Logan’s hair is a dark brown which is short and spiked up on top and outwards at the front, he has white skin and deep dark brown eyes and though his eyes are dark they have an air of innocence and deep compassion in them. He stands at 5’7” and weighs about 150lbs with a not over weight but a healthily fed shaped figure. He wears a black torn piece of cloth which is tied around his head at a slight angle to cover his left eye because thanks to a freak accident a couple of years ago he has badly damaged the eye, the bandana of sorts also has two tails coming from the not which stop just at the base of his neck. He also has a black piece of cloth tied around his left arm like a tourniquet to give extra support to his slightly weak muscle which was another trauma he received in the freak accident, His top is a short sleeved white top with a red trim around the neck and arms but over his he has a black sleeveless jacket which has its zip done up to below his chest. On his hands he has a pair of white fingerless gloves and on his left wrist a bright red watch, he has slightly baggy cargo pants on which are grey, beneath these baggy trousers he has black and white trainers.

Personality: Because of his rough looking exterior he gives off a rough first impression though in fact he is an extremely emotional character, he acts confident to draw away from the fact of his disabilities (his eye and his weaker left arm) he hates discrimination in all form’s and believes that anyone and anything has a chance of becoming something special. Logan can also be jumpy and on edge sometimes especially when on a boat and he is cursed with nightmares of the accident and doesn’t handle pressure well. Because of his first impression he finds it difficult to find people who are willing to give him a chance, but those who start talking to him realise that he is a kind person who values friends and family above all else.

Background: Logan left his home town of cerulean city to travel to pallet town to get a Bulbasaur from professor oak at the usual age, his love of the sea and sailing brought him to the port town of Lavender town where he caught a boat and got off at pallet town. After getting his desired pokemon from professor Oak Logan started on his journey catching and training many different pokemon. He took part in the indigo league and managed to get all 8 badges required but while at the indigo plateau he failed at winning the cup and came in the top 24. After this journey he moved on to the Hoen region where one of his brothers was hoping to become a Gym leader, studying under Winona the flying gym leader, after meeting up with his brother Gavin, he decided to challenge Winona to a gym battle. Winona stated a 2 on 2 battle and Logan used the two best pokemon in his arsenal, Bulbasaur and Pidgeot but even with his best two pokemon, also being the only two he brought with him to Hoen, he lost the battle.

His Pidgeot seemed to have fallen for Winona’s Swellow and as Gavin himself was chasing after the gym leader, Logan left Pidgeot under the protection of his brother. Logan then decided to go back to the beginning and travelled to little root town and met with professor birch, from there he learned a lot about getting to know pokemon and he made his way up through the gym battles and even taking on Winona for the second time and winning, he made it to the Hoen league but still only managed to secure a place in the top 12. While in Hoen he discovered pokemon contest’s which he discovered his newly acquired Beautifly enjoyed being a part of, leaving Beautifly and Roselia with his mother who decided to enter the pokemon contests now starting in Kanto he moved on to Sinnoh, where after meeting a lot of great trainers and new pokemon he once again failed in an attempt to become a pokemon league champion and only making it to the top 24.

Logan took a year out of collecting badges to train with his Bulbasaur which hadn’t evolved yet because it didn’t feel ready, after some soul searching and some sailing across the water gap between Pallet town and Fuchsia city his Bulbasaur finally evolved into a slightly small but no weaker Ivysaur. One day only a couple of months ago now, Logan was sailing across the ocean to make it to the region of Johto when suddenly his small boat was bashed by something under the cover of the sea, looking beneath he noticed nothing except the water being a much darker and brighter blue and a strange red line running under his boat and out of sight. He couldn’t investigate any more as his attention was ripped away by the sudden downpour of rain and the roar of strong winds. The storm caused the mast of his boat to snap off from its holders and fly towards him; putting up his arm instinctively he felt a piercing pain in his left bicep and a sudden pressure on his left eye and then darkness.

He awoke hours later on a bed of leaves being taken care of by an elderly man who had bandaged up his arm and his eye, sitting up in a panic he ripped the bandage off of his head and immediately wished he hadn’t as he felt a huge pain as he did, looking around at the old man he realised that half of his sight was missing. Since then Logan now is staying in Cherry grove city with the elderly gentleman who showed him around town, Logan decided to send all of his pokemon but Ivysaur back to professor oak and retrieve a couple of his previously captured pokemon to train and to use in the up coming Johto championship tournament.

While in Cherrygrove city Logan heard talk about new pokemon tournament called The Rumble Island Tournament Extravaganza he immidiately went to the pokemon centre in Cherrygrove and asked the nurse behind the counter and asked if she knew how to apply for the said tournament, the nurse smiled and walked him over to the computer at the end of an isle of computer's and loaded up a page on the screen. Logan sat at the computer and completed the application form and sent it off, hoping that he would hear back soon and that he would get the chance to prove himself as a trainer.


Species: Ivysaur
Gender: Male
Personality: Ivysaur is shy, kind and gentle, he loves to relax and is what would be called a romantic. Ivysaur loves to do things for his trainer and to surprise people but only with nice surprises, though he is a gentle natured pokemon he still doesn’t have a problem throwing down in a pokemon battle with other pokemon and though he is rather modest he feels a certain pride at being a powerful grass type pokemon and gets quite competitive when he comes into contact with other grass type pokemon.
Other: He is slightly smaller than the usual Ivysaur and always seems to have a smile on his face.
Other: At a young age Ivysaur could use a move which Logan first thought was a powerful razor leaf which turned out to be the move Leaf Storm.

Species: Vulpix
Gender: Female
Personality: Vulpix is an extremely hyper and curious pokemon, always running to investigate things with her nose and acute sense of smell, though she may only be small and cute looking a flame burns inside this fire pokemon, a flame of passion to prove that she is the best though she dreams to evolve into a Ninetails she refuses to use the firestone Logan bought at the celadon mall back when he first encountered Vulpix until she feels she is ready to evolve.
Other: When Logan first came across Vulpix he used his water pokemon Poliwag to capture it which was a mistake, the Vulpix retaliated in using a green ball of energy move which he has now discovered is a grass type move known as Energy ball.

Species: Buizel
Gender: Male
Personality: Confident, slick and cool are the words Buizel would use to describe itself, annoying, clumsy and show off are some words which spring to the observers mind. But even with this personality fault he is a protective pokemon and an under estimated powerful pokemon. Always showing off for the cute female pokemon Buizel has developed a bit of a crush on the fire pokemon Vulpix, but she is oblivious to the fact.

Species: Phanpy
Gender: Male
Personality: Phanpy is the first and only pokemon Logan has caught in the Johto region, being a reasonably young pokemon he loves to play and likes to stay outside of the pokeball and roll around with Logan. This Phanpy at this age is much like other Phanpy's where he loves to curl up into a ball and role around when excited. Not much is known about what kind of pokemon Phanpy will become as it is still quite young and a bit scared when it comes to pokemon battles.

Species: Flaaffy
Gender: Female
Personality: Flaaffy is a nurturing pokemon, she likes to take care of the other pokemon on Logan’s team and Logan himself, whenever its lunch time its always Flaaffy who is by Logan’s side helping him prepare the food and always moaning at him to wash his hands before dealing with the food as well, in short she would make the perfect house wife. And just like most mums when a threat is near they will rise to the occasion spectacularly using a strong array of lightning attacks she stuns the opponent before coming in for a final flash of victory.
Other: Flaaffy was caught with the strange ability to use the move Heal Bell and though Logan doesn’t know how she managed to learn the move he is very glad she did as it has come in handy quite a few times.

Species: Altaria
Gender: Female
Personality: Altaria was quite a nervous pokemon as a Swablu but since evolving into Altaria she has the confidence to stand with her head high, she has kept the trait of being a determined battler but with the added boost of confidence and power evolution has given her she stands up to all opponents even if they are stronger than her she shall fight to with all of her energy to defend her new found pride.
Other: Since evolving into an Altaria Logan has come across an elderly couple who both had powerful dragon pokemon, after meeting them they asked Logan if he had any dragon type pokemon which of course he said he didn’t. They requested to see his pokemon and after seeing his Altaria proclaimed he did have a dragon pokemon and after discovering this fact Logan and the elderly couple worked together to help teach the powerful move Draco Meteor to the Altaria.

Ok there’s my signup, reading it back I think I may have written a lot too much lol But I hope its ok ^^
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can i reserve a spot i've got a book report to finish by monday so i dont get a bad grade on the first day back to school.

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Hey, I made a typo and meant to say that Daisy (Britz's Lapras) learned Thunderbolt by TM. Ice Beam is learned naturally. Any chance I can switch that?


Solar Powered
So I thought I’d sign up… hope you like it!

Name: Russel Elliott
ID Number: 56526
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Physical Description: Russel looks on the outside like a typical African-American male. He has smooth, dark brown skin, large brown eyes which look with an open view to the world, which is amplified by his notably broad nose. Not a single hair resides on his bulky, seemingly flattened head. He’s a big boy: about 6 foot tall, and weighs about 100 kilograms (that’s 220 pounds). Despite his slight obesity, his strength is nothing to underestimate. He does work out, and built up some good muscles on his arms, shoulders and chest over the years, which is disproportionate with his oversized belly. Also because of this, his wardrobe mostly consists of oversized shirts and trousers, sporty sneakers, and he regularly wears a cap. For the tournament, his outfit is simple: a large, white T-shirt with a graffiti-like print on the front, oversized blue jeans and white sneakers. A broad, black coloured belt with a large buckle wraps around the trousers. The whole is finished with a white/red patched cap.

Personality: There are two distinct, even opposing sides to Russel’s personality. In general, he's an optimistic, kind, outgoing guy, who loves to have fun, and being with friends. He's very open, loves to meet new people and to learn more about them. He tries to see the good things in everything, due to his (sometimes too naïve) optimism, and always wants to make the most out of any situation. He does take his and his Pokémon’s training and education seriously, and is willing to work hard to achieve great things; while having great fun in the process. But, hidden under this veil, there's another side: a ruthless, cold, heartless person, quite the opposite of his normal self. When in this mood, he only cares about his own and his Pokémon's welbeing, and everything and everyone else comes in second place. This side doesn't surface much; mostly when people mess with his trust, abuse his kindness, or if he doesn't feel safe. It developed greatly during his tough childhood, in which nothing could be taken for granted. But usually, he’s very social, and mentally virtually unbreakable. He enjoys small things: birds singing, the sun on his skin or the pounding of the rain, the murmur of the city. Trustworthy and loyal to his friends, friendly to strangers, he’s generally liked by many.

Background: Born in the vibrant city of Vermillion, Kanto, Russel experienced a turbulent youth. His parents divorced when he was only five years old, resulting in a dirty tug of war on who would raise the young child, with him as the obvious victim. Gaining distrust in his own parents, and grown-ups in general, he spent much of his childhood out on the streets, where life was just as unforgiving. Friends came and went, and he never knew if he could trust anyone.

However, things changed when he found an injured Ivysaur on Route 11, away from home much further than his mother allowed. He took it to Vermillion’s Pokémon Center, after which he decided to keep it, much his mother’s discontent. However, Russel and Ivysaur quickly warmed up to each other, becoming good friends even. Subsequently, his relationships with other people improved significantly.

He only started training more seriously at the age of twelve, when none other than Lt. Surge saw him defeating another trainer, and saw that he was very talented. The Gym Leader convinced Russel that he could be a great trainer, and could even beat him and other Gym Leaders some day. That day came sooner than both expected, for within three years, Ivysaur evolved into a powerful Venusaur, and Russel beat Lt. Surge with it at the age of fifteen. This victory inspired him to travel the world to become a full-time Pokémon Trainer, again against his mother’s will. But Russel had built up enough confidence and experience over the years to handle it.

Since then, he has experienced many successes and defeats as a trainer, always on the way, always trying to find ways to improve his strategies, tactics, and physical strength of both him and his Pokémon. He managed to gather as many as seventeen badges from all regions, however only his Kanto’s badge collection is complete. He participated twice in the Indigo League, placing a respectable eighth the first time, and fifth the second time. And when he heard about RITE, curious as he is, he decided to apply, if only to see what all the fuss was about.

Russel’s Pokémon


Species: Venusaur
Gender: Male

Personality: Being Russel’s first Pokémon, the bond Venusaur and his trainer share is very, very strong. The Grass/Poison type is kind, carefree, and enjoys everything about nature: he can often be seen sniffing flowers or lying on a field, soaking up sunlight, attracting bugs with the soothing aroma from his flower. He was the one who opened the then wary Russel up to the world around him and to the people he loved. Being Russel’s first Pokémon, he also sees himself as some kind of father of the group, resolving quarrels and taking care of the others if Russel’s not around.

In battle, because of the bond the two share, they’re both willing to go through fire for each other. Venusaur uses his calm demeanor and pleasant smell to fool his opponents into lowering their guard, before striking hard with a powerful attack. He always gives his all, no matter how tough the opponent is, with the same confidence and love of good fun that his trainer has. Focused and determined in battle, and capable of taking quite the beating, Venusaur will never go down without a fight.

Other: Venusaur is slightly larger than usual, and his petals are coloured a little deeper shade of purple. He knows the TM Sludge Bomb.


Species: Slowbro
Gender: Female

Personality: The second Pokémon Russel obtained was a Slowpoke. Initially, Russel didn’t know what to make of this: she was so weak and slow that she hardly won anything. Things changed however when she finally evolved, and Russel taught her Calm Mind. Ever since, Slowbro has been a very reliable and solid force on the team, though she’s not the smartest. Calm Mind is helping in this department, though her development is… slow. She’ll never fail to follow an order, however she does need constant orders to keep her out of trouble against more intelligent foes.

In the group, she prefers her peace and quiet. Sometimes ashamed of her somewhat low intelligence, her clumsiness in trying to deal with this is adorable. Every team member holds a soft spot for her, whether they admit it or not, and will protect her at all cost.

Other: The Shellder on her tail is spikier and more rugged than normal. Slowbro knows the TM Calm Mind.


Species: Hariyama
Gender: Male

Personality: Hariyama was a vital member of the team during Russel’s travels through Hoenn. Opposite to Slowbro, Hariyama is very intelligent, ruthless, and powerful. His sheer power is formidable; he single-handedly defeated a Gym Leader on his own more than once. In the team, he’s quite the loudmouth, much to the annoyance of Slowbro. He always makes his presence clear, and never seems to be able to shut up. Also, he has a huge appetite: he gobbles up anything from fruit to rice balls to melons, preferably at the same time.

In battle, he uses his loud temper to try to intimidate the opponent, with mixed results. However, he surprised even Russel many times before by out-smarting the foe, anticipating it’s move and striking at just the right time to deliver the most powerful blow.

Other: After he saw a Machoke using Dynamic Punch, he also mastered the attack.


Species: Dragonair
Gender: Male

Personality: Caught as a Dratini but evolving not long afterwards, Dragonair has always been the epitome of grace, politeness and serenity of the team. He seems to do everything with ease, executing each attack with the slightest flutter of his tail or body. However, his behaviour is somewhat odd lately. He became more and more insecure in his battles, making mistakes he usually never makes, and his politeness seems to have changed to an utter shyness, preferring to return to his Pokéball as soon as possible. The other Pokémon on the team don’t know how to handle him now, so they mostly leave him alone (apart from Venusaur, who sometimes checks on him); something that also saddens him greatly. Russel however thinks he knows the reason of his behaviour, and consequently sends him out to battle even more, which the others don’t always understand.

Other: The ball on Dragonair’s throat is almost twice as large, and the feathers on his head are also larger, and more defined than usual. Dragonair knows the TM’s Thunderbolt and Ice Beam.


Species: Marshtomp
Gender: Female

Personality: The most recent addition to the team is also the most energetic and unpredictable. Marshtomp just cannot sit still, and is always training, running, or just goofing around. This can get very annoying; the other team members frequently have to put her into place, more often than not resulting in fisticuffs with Hariyama or Slowbro. However, the scuffs usually end when there’s food in sight, for Marshtomp’s appetite is comparable to Hariyama’s.

Her playfulness is very useful in battle, however. Most opponents don’t even know what hit them when this little thing runs around them, only to lunge out and attack in an instant. Many opponents also underestimate her power, which they soon learn to regret; even for her small size, she can pack quite the punch. She still has a lot to learn however, but she’s more than willing to.

Other: Marshtomp’s left tail fin has a triangular dent, much like a female Pikachu; it’s the result of an accident during one of her games. The points on her gills are somewhat smaller than usual.
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Name: Aaron "AJ" Johnson
ID Number: 13710
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Physical Description: Aaron is slightly tanned although that is normal because of where he lives. He has a white shirt with a navy blue vest, unbuttoned over it. He always wears his tan cargo pants with a rip in one knee. On his feet he wears brown sandals. Clipped to his pants are a pair of sunglasses and a pack with pokeballs in it.

Personality: Aaron almost always is serious. Although that may be a little bad in some cases, he is most likely to get out of tough situations. If he isn't serious he's either extremely quiet or a little "crazy". He is also observant which adds to the seriousness. If you make friends with him before he thinks your an enemy he'll stay loyal til the end.
Background: Born in the city of Sunnyshore, Sinnoh, he was always outside. Sometimes he would even travel to the nearby sity of Pastoria. Although he got in a little bit of trouble there. One time he got locked in Pastoria Swamp after hours. Although he made a few friends there. One of those friends was a Croagunk. This became Aaron's starter pokemon. He used it to capture a few pokemon around Pastoria and Sunnyshore.
When the time was right Aaron went to challenge Pastoria's gymleader, Crasher Wake. He lost the first match. Next Aaron went back to the swamp to train. A few of his pokemon evolved during this training. On his next match he beat Wake. Next he went to his parents to ask if he could leave and go on a journey. They said he'd have to prove it. So he went to challenge Volkner of Sunnyshore City. Volkner and Aaron had a 1 on 1 match, Luxray vs. Toxicroak. Aaron won, barely and showed his badge to his parents. They let him go on a journey. While he was in Veilstone he heard of RITE. Aaron quickly went to sign up.

Aaron's Pokemon

Species: Toxicroak
Gender: Male

Personality: This was Aaron's first pokemon except he was a Croagunk. Obviosly they share more of a bond then Aaron's other Pokemon. Toxicroak is almost exactly like Aaron except he is ALWAYS serious. You probably hit your head on something if you saw Toxicroak playing around. Toxicroak is normally outside of his pokeball and travels next to Aaron.

Other: Toxicroak is normal except his pouch/cheeks is a little

Species: Azumarril
Gender: Female

Personality: Azumarril is probably the most happy pokemon on Aaron's team. Aaron found her as an Azurill and captured her with Croagunk. As Azurill she hardly could fight. She gained most of her experience off double battles. When she became a Marill she became more of a battler. This is when Aaron used her most.
Other: None

Species: Luxio
Gender: Male

Personality: Aaron found this pokemon as a Shinx wandering around the Sunnyshore Lighthouse. He befriended this little Pokemon and with its help was able to beat Crasher Wake. After the battle Shinx evolved into Luxio. Luxio seemed to like this form and shows no signs of wanting to evolve.

Other: NONE


Species: Piloswine
Gender: Male

Personality: This is one of the two pokemon Aaron captured on his journey. While going to get the Glacier Badge Aaron found a Swinub. This turned out to be a Swinub from the gym. He had gotten lost and wandered away from the gym. When Aaron went to return him the swinub trainer said that he didn't want him. The trainer also told Aaron that the Swinub was a runt. Aaron asked to keep him and the trainer let him. The Swinub was always smaller than normal even after it evolved into Piloswine. Being this way it always wants to prove that he's good even if he's a runt.
Other: Undersized for a piloswine.


Species: Alakazam
Gender: Female

Personality: This is the second pokemon Aaron caught on his journey. He found it in Celestic Town as a Kadabra. Her had been wrecking the town. With its telekinetic powers it was tearing everything up. It turned out someone had stolen her spoon. I had to travel into the nearby mountain looking for it. The was a group of thieves hiding inside. I stole back the spoon and returned it to the Kadabra. She followed me all the way to the next town where I decided to catch her. Later I trained it to an Alakazam. Due to what happened its a bit trusty.
Other: NONE


Lord Ventnor

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Name: Brian Edward Forrester
ID Number: 24601
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Brian stands about 5’ 11” tall (although he says he’s 6’ 0”), and has brown, mussy hair which was inherited from his father. His eyes are a weird violet shade that he got from his mother, along with his smallish nose. Brian is fairly muscular from all the hiking he did around Sinnoh. His favorite clothes are a white T-shirt with a brown vest over it, and blue jeans with black sneakers. He wears a small gold chain as a necklace. It used to have a Dawn Stone inset on it as a jewel.
Personality: Brian’s shy, but he’s friendly If one gets to know him. Brian feels more comfortable around a small group of people than with a lot of others, and he’s most comfortable when he’s just together with his team. Brian’s usually not willing to risk a lot for people he doesn’t know, but when a person he cares about is in trouble, Brian will leap into action.
Background: Brian’s parents were researchers working at the Rowan Pokémon Lab in Sandgem Town, where he grew up. His Pokémon journey began when he turned 16. He had been helping his parents with their research for a while by caring for a Pokémon egg they’d given him. When it hatched, the Ralts that was in it imprinted on him. Being young with a fair amount of wanderlust, Brian decided to head out and take the Pokémon League Challenge. His parents, while hesitant at first, allowed him to do so in the end.
Brian learned many of his lessons as a Pokémon Trainer by trial-and-error. His only mentor was defeat, and his only companions the partners he found on his travels. And yet, this has been enough for the young man, who has been all over Sinnoh, and won battles against all 8 gyms. Unfortunately, he earned his eighth badge too late to compete in that year’s Sinnoh League, so Brian has been mostly refining his skills in hopes of participating in the following year’s challenge. When he heard about the Rumble Island Tournament, Brian decided to enter to see how he ranked against trainers from all over the world.
Other: Brian once possessed a Dawn Stone that he kept as a lucky charm. It has since been used to evolve Arcane.


Species: Gallade
Gender: Male
Given Name: Arcane
Personality: Arcane was Brian’s first Pokémon. He hatched it from an egg his father gave him on his 15th birthday. Because of this, Brian and Arcane share a close bond. Arcane is easily the most intelligent of Brian’s Pokémon, and can actually telepathically communicate with Brian in English. Arcane also tends to be the calmest and most rational of the group, calming down the team when tensions rise and Brian can’t seem to do a thing.
In battle, Arcane’s favored tactics are to bewitch his opponent, using moves like Will-o-Wisp and Thunderwave to cripple his opponent before cutting them to ribbons with his arm blades.
Other: Arcane has learned Thunderwave via TM. His right eye is also the same shade of violet that Brian’s eyes are.

Species: Staraptor
Gender: Female
Given Name: Skaia (Sky-yuh)
Personality: Brian’s first capture was a shiny Starly. Naturally, he trained her to be as strong as she is to day. She acts as a big sister to the rest of team, and was close to Bamuto up until he evolved, although she still tries to get through to him from time to time.
In battle, Skaia strikes fast and strikes hard. She’s not as fast as Nilo nor is she as strong as Bamuto, but she strikes a healthy balance between the two.
Other: Skaia is shiny. She is also a bit bigger than a usual Staraptor.

Species: Floatzel
Gender: Male
Given Name: Nilo
Personality: Nilo was the second official capture Brian made. He was the only Pokémon who outright evaded a Pokéball throw. Nilo’s the comic relief of the team. Whenever tensions are high, he’ll pull some kind of wacky stunt or use self-depreciating humor to lighten the mood, and although it doesn’t look that way, he will take his fights seriously.
Nilo is Brian’s speed demon. He’ll use agility once, and can expect to always get the drop on his foes for the rest of the match. He’s also no slouch physically, using techniques like Waterfall and Cruch to tear the enemy to shreds and the using moves like Pursuit to take down a fleeing foe. The fact that he’ll usually do all this while taunting a foe can be infuriating.
Other: Nilo has learned Waterfall via HM. He also has bluish “racing stripes” down his sides, which were probably birthmarks.

Species: Gabite
Gender: Male
Given Name: Bamuto
Personality: When he was captured as a Gabite, Bamuto possessed an inferiority complex that resulted in a lot of mistakes in battle. During that time, everyone on the team treated Bamuto like an endearing little brother. Brian never lost faith that Bamuto could be an effective battler, and was proven right when Bamuto evolved. Unfortunately, a side-affect of this was that Bamuto’s ego went from non-existent to gargantuan, and this became even worse after training in the Celestic Valley. His arrogance has alienated him from his teammates, and it seems only Skaia will tolerate his presence, along with Arcane occasionally.
In battle, Bamuto is Brian’s powerhouse. Bamuto will often start a battle with Draco Meteor, before closing and tearing an opponent to shreds with Dragon Claw and Earthquake.
Other: Bamuto learned Draco Meteor from training in Celestic Valley

Species: Monferno
Gender: Male
Given Name: Lee
Personality: Brian captured Lee as a Chimchar on the slopes of Mt. Coronet. Lee was defeated in battle by Arcane, and thus sees Arcane as his ”rival” that he must surpass. Early on this caused some friction between the two, since Arcane didn’t see Lee as a team player, but the two are now good friends, although Lee’s ultimate goal is still to defeat Arcane in one-on-one combat
When battle, Lee prefers to use his flamethrower of grass knot attacks from a distance before closing to use more physical options. His versatility as a fighter has been key in several of Brian’s victories.
Other: Lee has learned Grass Knot Via TM. He also wears a headband with the Japanese Kanji for “Guts” scribed on it.

Species: Togetic
Gender: Female
Given Name: Polara
Personality: As a Togepi, Polara’s parents were captured by other trainers before she could learn much, so she was left alone on Mt. Coronet until Lee took pity on her, and took her under his wing. After Lee was captured, Polara voluntarily went along with Brian’s team. She seems to be dependent on Lee, and although she’s comfortable with her teammates now she still will hang onto Lee when in an unfamiliar situation. She’s the weak link on Brian’s team, although she tries her hardest to be a valued member of the team.
In battle, Polara prefers to attack from afar, using techniques like Ancient Power and Magical Leaf. Polara has recently been wondering if she’s cut out for battle at all, since she’s often overshadowed by her teammates.
Other: Nothing, really.
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Reserve me up a spot, please, as I'm working on my char in Word right now. Q: What attacks can our Pokemon use besides the aforementioned 4 EM/TM/whatever?


Shadow Pokemon FTW
Name: Sid Harker (NOT short for Sidney)



Age: 16

Description: Sid is an average-sized 16 year old. He wears a midnight blue t-shirt with gold rings on it, one in the middle of the shirt on the front, and 3 smaller rings in the same position on the back. thre is also a jet-black stripe going vertically down the front and back, which the rings are in the middle of. His pants are the same design, except that the stripes and rings go vertically down the seams on the side of the pants. he wears the same midnight blue on his sneakers, with the rings on the sides. he wears jet-black fingerless gloves and elbow pads. He is deceptively strong, posessing only light musculature. His eyes are the same shade of blue as his outfit. his skin is slightly tan. His hair is blond, as well as a backward spikyness, with the spikes flat against his scalp, pointing to the back of his head.(think Colosseum hero)

Personality: Sid is a fun loving guy. he's a real joker, but he comes through for his friends. however, getting him mad can be very hazardous to the health of the object of his anger. he loses all self-control and lashes out at the aggravator without any mercy. once he calms down, he's back to his party animal self.

Background: Sid lives with his mother, father and 3 little sisters. He was born and raised in Canalave City, which is represented by his love of water. On his tenth birthday, his dad gave him an egg, which hatched into a shiny riolu. Sid then traveled by himself all over the world and caught various pokemon. he never really committed to the Pokemon Leauge, occaisonally challenging a gym for fun. However, upon finding out that ther were no champions from canalave, he entered the sinnoh leauge after collecting the necessary badges. he lost in the final round when it came down to his final pokemon, Luc, versus his opponents Rapidash. He saw a poster for RITE, and decided to enter.

Pokemon: Lucario
Nickname: Luc

Luc is a rather serious pokemon, almost the antithesis to sid. he is constantly scanning the area, as if constantly expecting attack. He uses his speed, as well as his aura sense to dodge almost every blow. in battle, he is utterly merciless and will not forgo any chance to attack. He is very loyal to the team, to the point of self-injury. he also has an overwhelming desire to defeat any Rapidash he comes across, stemming from his losses to members of the species.
Other: Is shiny. has a King's Rock around his arm.


Ryker is the definition of power. Sid caught him by accident when he dropped a pokeball. Ryker, then a rhyhorn, stepped on it, it up, catching himself. Ryker is often looking for things to test his power on, be it pokemon, people, buildings, he doesn't care. any attempt at challenging him results invariably in him holding the challenger, then Horn Drilling them into oblivion. he often lumbers around randomly, looking(as Sid believes) for more targets. Sid has to look around often to make sure Ryker hasn't wandered off. His erratic behaviour aids him in battle, making it hard for opponents to land shots. Sid rarely orders Ryker directly, just telling him to start target practice, meanig that the opponent will be dodging rocks all day.
he often enjoys fining Geodude and launching them, which he find amusing.
Other: Avalanche TM.


Magmos is a cruel, sadistic monster in battle. he never stops attacking until the foe drops. outside of battle, he is merely cranky and short-tempered, especially with Ryker. Sid caught him using CC, possibly causing the hatred. Despite his faults, Magmos is a loyal pokemon, obeying without question.
Other:Cross chop genetics

Toge is a steam-driven maniac. she is super energetic and often runs the others ragged. she hatched from an egg tha sid got in a tournament. She loves to move around and make noise. Sid often has to contain her in her poke ball to keep her from driving everyone nuts.
Other: none


Nessie is very sociable and affectionate, something that comes from he life in the pod. A damming of the lake she lived in stranded her alone until sid found her. She will do anything for her friends. she is often the peacemaker of the team, keeping it from imploding.
Other: Thunderbolt TM


Tangl is an outgoing, cheerful pokemon. he enjoys the company of others, and often is the life of the party. he was given to sid as a gift by his grandpa, who owns a Shuckle Juice Farm. In battle, he uses Wrap and Withdraw to start, Then Power Trick and Rollout to finish.
Other: Rollout genetics
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Swapped Picasso's Perish song out for Teleport, if thats ok. I felt it would be a better choice considering his personality.

Ninterror X

The bird brain.
Name: Seth K. Ninterror
age: 16
Gender: Male
Description: Brown long hair and, Brown eyes that are actually Red in the right lighting.
Wears a Orange Jacket that's usually Tied to his waste, Revealing A Red shirt, A Orange Hat with a pair of fancy Specs. Tan baggy pants With lot's of goody's in them. Fairly tan Skin For someone that doesn't live near a beach. A pair of White sneakers, And a Special Bracelet on his right Wrist.

The specialty that he seems to do is disguise In different out fits To Fit a condition or just for the heck of it. different out fits include Rancher, Ace, Scientist, Mermaid (don't ask), King Bowser, Brenden, Plant, Meta knight, Women, pokemon, Skier, And anything that you can think of. He's able to do this by simply studying The object from looks to Personality.

Personality: His personality is kinda odd, Most of the time he's Happy and calm, often thinking about What is going on lately in his Life. He likes to have a fun time at Different events that Appear, even Sports and games he likes. He has a odd habit of eating very fast and Sleeping in random places. When Action is happening he seems to Become more clever and Tough then usual, This helps him in battle and in A dispute. His personality gave him the name, Kirby (Which is what his Middle name is). For some reason he seems to be nervous around women that's not related to him, even though he as a good amount of will power in everything. If you get his respect, he may teach your pokemon a new move. But he doesn't seem to mind if he looses or wons as long as he was involved, this means he's never a Bad Sport To anyone for both the winning team and the losing team. He seems to stare at everything, This is his "Scanning" Of everything that's going on. But he's no where gullible, He won't believe anything until the facts are their in bold print and signed in red ink.

When ever he puts on a costume, He mimics the personality almost perfectly on who ever he's mimicking, To back it up he uses Items and moves to mimic the Real thing making him the best copycat around, But he still gets somethings wrong like secrets and Keys the original has.

Background: Seth was boy raised in Eternia City, Just like anyone in this small town, He's been to the Eternia Forest Many times before looking at the Pokemon running around, After a while he attempted to Give others those moves through demonstration (it helped with the Mimic habit he has). He started this trend at 8, and still does to this day.
His reputation has been known as the Move tutor of the town. at the age of 11 His Mother got an illness, which was Not good news since She's the only one taking care of the Family, which consisted of Seth, Mom, Seth's younger sister Maria, and The family Pokemon Mailing. She soon died In the middle of the night, as a final request in a will, She stated that Seth and Maria should travel around the world, To become strong and to met friends. His first task was simple enough, Beat the elite four. During this time he trained hard to be the best, Since he knew moves from of his hand, His pokemon know clever Attacks. At the age of 13, His sister got Kidnapped by Darkrai. He decided To abandon The elite four challenge to Save his Sister. At the age of 15, He gave up finding his Sister, Speculating her to be Dead. This did make him a sad that he was the only one left in the family, UNTIL He found the entrance to the torn world. After going from platform to platform in this crazy twisted land, He met up With Darkrai and Maria, But Maria seemed to want to kill Seth, The first battle was to Snap Her out of this trance, But it wasn't easy as she had incredibly Strong Pokemon that seem to out class Seth's. Seth barely Survived the Long battle With only his Roserade floro left. Since Maria failed Darkrai, She got the honer of Being Destroyed. This was countered With the traditional Charge and punch tactic, Of course Darkrai countered repeatedly. The will power was too stong, it was unbelievable that after all those Dark pulses that He was still a live. The endurance made Darkrai have respect For Seth, as a present He let Maris free and was not heard of since. His main task is to be The best, and to do that he joined the R.I.T.E. Tournament.

Other: Is a huge fan Of video games.

species: Roserade
Gender: Male
Nicknamed: Floro (Or as he prefers to be called "King Croacus")
Personality: he act's Like a royal spoiled pain, he Wants the best of everything From food to shelter. he does act Like a cry baby if his roses are ruined, and starts to attack the victim with no mercy. Mostly, He's very feminine Which often Using moves in a graceful way. He's often mistaken for a Girl, Which makes him mad. He often makes up Storys about many things from Romance to action, Making him a good Flower in a chat. He seems to be motherly to younger Pokemon (Judging from Him taking care of Lucas) He was A Pokemon given from a spoiled Child that doesn't want him any more. His method of attacking is to Heal the others and attack when ever necessary.
Other: The rose on his head Is Gold.

Species: Hounchkrow
Gender: Male
Nickname: Giovanni
personality : This is Seth right hand (Or wing) Pokemon that is seen the most. He's the Bad mouth of the group, often Trying to get a challenge from others. This Bad pokemon can ambush you at the last second with no after thoughts, And can even steal with no warning. Seth keeps a sharp eye on this one. He was the only Pokemon that choose to Go with Seth to find out about the secrets of trainers. But he's still nice to hang out with from time to time, As he knows lot's of secrets about People from the rich to the poor. During the day-time he's a bit more quiet and tired, at night he's more active and lively. He's often seen with a tow of Murkrow Behind him that he calls "his Henchmen". He has a huge grudge Agents Floro for The Spoiled Attitude. His tatic of battling is to Strike the weak point of the foe, and his Keen eyes can make him do that with ease.

Species: Blaziken
Gender: Female
Nicknamed: Mailing
Personality: The most calm Pokemon on the team, this One would rather Meditate then fight others. She's The wises Pokemon in the whole team, giving smart yet confusing advise to others. The training She goes through Makes her strong in Body and mind. The thing that's handy is That it can dodge and hit like a good blaziken, In fact, She's Pretty Fast for some one of it's kind. She will respect those that are stronger then her. all the training does make her tired as she will sleep often in the most random places. Her tatic of battle is to Hit hard then Dodge away from return fire. (Or thunder)
Other: Knows thunder punch

Species: Luxray
Gender: Male
Nicknamed: Simba
Personality: Now looking at this mighty cat, you maybe thinking it would be a power house of destruction. But he's a cowered, Often hiding from things Bigger then it's self.
as a result, Training is hard and long. To motivate Him you have to scratch his ear just right to get results, But this rarely happens to prevent spoiling it to the bones. despite this, he's the Ladies kind of guy, Trying to find a date by... Fighting them to the bitter end. Of course it leads to Both good and bad things (mostly bad things). He's been watched By Giovanni, You could say their Teacher and student. Since he's a cowered, He often got a steel wing to the face By Giovanni when ever he hides from a battle. He prefers to Bite the foe, then run away.

Species: Wiscash
Gender: Female
Nicknamed: Jade
Personality: Despite the species, this pokemon is very hyper Often Having so much fun, it losses her Mind! despite this she can listen to plans easily And react to them easily, But she can be picky on the command; wrong command and get a mud-slap to the face.
of course she's a tad sneaky and hectic, Causing trouble if she can. Meaning she can Cause Big trouble if things don't go her way. But shes a bit slow with Big words and complicated Tasks that doesn't seem natural to do, and is a bit confused on what is right and what is wrong.
She's often used for travel across water, thanks to surf.
She was found Swimming in the near by river, panicking like crazy.

Species: Larvitar
Gender: Male
Nickname: Lucas
Personality: The newest member on Seth's team. Lucas is very curious, often looking ever where for something Nice to look at.
of course it can lead him to trouble, but since he's still young, it would be natural for this behavior.
He never fights yet due to him being young and scared. He's Been under Floro's Care ever since the day They met, luckily Floro didn't influence Lucas...yet... to be a spoiled Pain.
He came from an Egg that Seth's Mother gave to him Before she died.

I may edit somethings later.
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