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~The RuneScape Club~

What is your combat lvl on RuneScape?

  • 3-15

    Votes: 4 13.8%
  • 15-30

    Votes: 1 3.4%
  • 30-50

    Votes: 5 17.2%
  • 50-70

    Votes: 6 20.7%
  • 70+

    Votes: 13 44.8%

  • Total voters
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Nido Master

This club has been approved by Shadowfaith.

This is a club all about RuneScape. Here you can discuss almost anything about runescape; items, levels, quests, ect. This is also a place where you can meet other Runescape players and create lasting friendships. This club can also be used to advertsise items that you are selling on Runescape.
We also have pking trips (in the future), and have drop parties(also in the future)
You can get help, tips, and guides if you are stuck on a quest.

If you want to join fill out this applicant form:

(This is my sample one with my info on it)
Runescape Account Name(s):Blair Knight, L i l baller
Your greatest accomplishment in the game:getting my ranging to lvl 40(alot of work)

If you fill that out your in!

Note:if you want to be co-leader you have to post alot here.

ranks from lowest to higest:
Golden(leader rank, and the armor type really exists)

(just to let you know, + means almost next level, and - means just above the level below)

Leader:Bob1224 Rank:
Co-leader:H@unt3r (Mr.J0tten)Mithril+
Co-leader:Lord Kyo-Ken(Dafhisk)Mithril+

Members: Rank:
MightyenaandBlazikenFAN(Dawg 2005)===Iron+
Lemurian(Lemurian 04)===============Iron-
Lord Crump(Ironknight85) =============Bronze
Dark Paladin(Dragonpunch3)===========Bronze
Pokefreak1017(zeldafreak 2)===========Bronze
Roy Mustang(andron777)==============Black-
Thief Bakura(Shadowmagus1)==========iron
code replay(static x222)==============bronze
solarbeam venasuar(jamesofdrace)======bronze+

Oh and here is the club banner made by H@unt3r...

This club does not tolerate:
Abusive/Offensive Language
Advertising other clubs in your post(okay in sig)
Tricking other members into going to wilderness so you can kill them
and other rules that are found on the rules page in the forums.
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Dawg 2005

Stone Trainer
OMG I love Runescape!! I'm level 6 or 7, but I got good stuff from scamming. I'm gonna train later!! I'm Dawg 2005


ooooh, can I join? I play runescape!

Runescape Account Name(s): spikeshere
What you could do for the club(optional):be co-leader :D
Your greatest accomplishment in the game: Not getting lost ^^;
Nah, probably getting my woodcutting level to lv.25 nd making loads of money on logs

Nido Master

You both can join! and sparkchu, you can be co-leader.

Let's start a topic. What is your best item? Mine is a rune pick that i got from a drop party or my green dargon hide stuff.

We also need someone who can make a banner for the club.
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My items are the rune pick that some guy gave me, and...thats it, I don't really have anything else ^^;


Lady Myuu's Opposite
Runescape Account Name(s): Lemurian 04
What you could do for the club(optional): Be a member!
Your greatest accomplishment in the game: Getting in a clan!


oo, can i join?

Best accomplishment: Pk for full rune
Wat i could do for club: Smith full steel for all members, and craft gold stuff (no diamonds tho, i can do rubies and below), can enchant emerald ammies, among other things. And if im lucky...co-leader?

I cant mkae banners for ****. My best item.....would have to be my pile of steel bars (over 125) that i plan to sell for 500-600 each.


woohoo! also, if anyone wants armor thats steel or worse, just provide me with bars or ores and an order of wat u want. Same with jewelry.

Nido Master

okay how about, what is your highest lvl non-combat skill? mine is my mining whick is lvl 78.

Dawg 2005

Stone Trainer
I think I'm level 8 now! Yay! >> << >> << cheer for me....now.......woodcutting? er, 8......-.- I suck...........


my mining is 59. Very irritating considering the fact im so close to guild, and its so hard to mine outside of it.


Gaze From Beyond
Can I join, Runescape is the thing I do most on my PC. My combat lvl is 60 and my nick is Mr.J0ttem <=== The 'o' is a zero =)

Runescape Account Name(s):Mr.J0ttem
What you could do for the club(optional):Just a standard member I guess....
Your greatest accomplishment in the game:Getting a Rune Scimmy, its my best purchase ever and getting 20 buddies on my buddy list

I think I'm gonna be a member soon
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Dawg 2005

Stone Trainer
Look at my last post, now I'm level 44. I got my account hacked and I easily changed my password and huzzah, my account is safe. Alot of my stuff is gone, including my money. So can anyone spare money? I had 4k and now I have .5k... I lost my axe, pickaxe and a MITHRIL Scimitar. Anyway, I became a member which is awesome. So I seriously improved and I hope everyone doesn't get hacked or scammed! XD


Gaze From Beyond
My brother got scammed by a guy who siad he could trim armour. He just lost full addy stuff. I've added that that guy on my buddy list to see where he was. I gave him some sucky iron stuff, but I reported him rightaway, he got banned and I've never seen him ever since.

I'm lvl 65 now, dan trying to get full rune. I got 108K, but I need 180K.

Lord Crump

Runescape Account Name:Ironknight85 (Sucky Name ain't it)
What you could do for the club(optional):Be a member.......
Your greatest accomplishment in the game:getting my Fishing,Mining,And Smithing skills up to 38 in just one day.
My combat level is 43 and I am a member.

Dawg 2005

Stone Trainer
I hate the noob range in there:

Non-members: Below 35
Members: Below 55

My friend is paying me 1k for every level I increase. So far, he owes me 5k...tonight....10k....huzzah

Nido Master

Lord crump, you can join.

right know i am trying to get a rune pl8, kite sheild, and full helm to replace my black sq, rune med, and rune chain. very tedious work.'

oh and i am also switching sparkchu from co-leader to regular member (very sorry) and putting H@unt3r as a co-leader. The reason I am doind this is because Sparchu has posted maybe 3 times and h@unt3r has posted like 7 times.
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