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The Sacrifice (One Shot)


Well I'm SO hyper at the moment so I'm going to post this now. I'm entering it in the Myths and Legends One Shot contest= http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=156770

The Sacrifice

He stood alone, the rain beating down on his leather like skin. His breathing was deep and slow, his chest slowly moving in and out. His purple tail swung around like a cat’s would. His extremely light lavender skin was stained with crimson blood, it was slowly flowing out of his mouth as he tried to steady his breathing. He had no heart, no compassion and couldn’t feel love. He could only kill and not save. His cold twisted mind was filled with the thoughts of killing Mew.

“Don’t you understand?” He said not turning to the once bright pink creature. His voice was rasp and dry, as if he hadn’t seen a drop of water in days. She also had crimson blood stained fur. Unlike him, she had soft pink fur, while he had skin like leather. She sighed still watching him look at the battered and destroyed environment around them.

“I do, but it’s you who doesn’t understand.” She said silently, her voice was soft and sounded like an angle’s. “You see, Mewtwo, you were made from my DNA. It’s impossible to kill me without killing yourself.”

“YOU’RE LYING!” Mewtwo shouted turning around and hitting the pink creature in the chest with a psychic blast. She had been caught off guard because she had been lost in her own selfish thoughts. “I am nothing like you! You have done nothing but feed lies to me Mew. You and you’re so called creations.”

Mewtwo winced in pain as Mew hit the wall of a fallen building. She slowly got up and floated into the air behind Mewtwo. She struggled to keep her psychic powers in check, to keep herself floating in the air. “I can’t save any of my creations without dieing for them. If this is the way it must be then so be it.” She thought to herself, I tear came to her eye. She fell to the ground unable to continue floating in the air.

“Well, the Legendary Mew has at last fallen.” He hissed at the fallen Legendary. She looked at him clenching her teeth because of the decision she was about to make. Mewtwo laughed as he was about to kill the fallen Mew. She could only stare at hime as he came closer, untill she was able to get up and turn Mewtwo's plan against him.

“I’m not done yet.” She said in pain, Mewtwo clenched his teeth now too. He took his right arm and held his chest where his heart was. He clenched his teeth and gave Mew the fiercest face you would ever see.

“What have you done to me?!” He hissed through his clenched teeth. Mew smirked even though the pain for her was also great she was able to be happy that she was destroying the threat that could destroy her creations.

“I’m destroying both of us so that my creations can live.” She replied. Mewtwo fell to the ground unconscious. Mew knew he would wake up soon if she didn’t work fast. She had to tell her creations though, so that they wouldn’t think she was just killed.

“To all my Creations, I’m sorry but I must leave you now. I’m doing this for all of you. Someday I will return to you all. Until then I leave Rayquaza in charge of Hoenn, Lugia Johto and Ho-oh Kanto. Remember I am always with all of you. Mew.” After sending the message to everyone she fell to the ground, dead.

Ok hope you some what enjoyed. Feel free to throw anything you want at me I'm ready for it. I may continue this One Shot someday if I feel like it and a number of people enjoyed it. Again hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.


Ok I'm a bit mad now. People have the time to read and rate this but not review. PATHETIC. People have rated this bad, why not telling me why? I mean really thats just pathetic. I thought AT LEAST Yami Ryu would through something at me. I didn't think people would just read and leave a rating, that hurts my feelings and just makes me mad. [/rant]

Sorry for double posting.


Well thanx for reviewing, it's a one shot and those are mostly short little stories. BUT anyway:

Mewtwo is the ultimate Pokemon and I was just describing his voice, it doesn't mean he didn't have any water. It was even raining. I didn't do much fighting because I wanted it to seem as if Mew was in real fact to weak to even put up a good fight. But thankyou for giving me your perspective of my fan fic.

Edit: And I forgot to tell all of you, I'm pretending that all the D/P pokes haven't been discovered, kind of like D/P hasn't existed yet.


I'm weird accept it
technically even when Silver/ Gold wasn't created yet the region was still there we just didn't know they were... I mean you can't pretend something hasn't been created yet because it was there even since kanto...

I liked it Mewtwo seemed really ticked off... Mew committed suicide, to save everything? Also (MY OPINION ALERT) technically just because mewtwo is a clone of Mew doesn't mean that everytime Mew gets hurt so does Mewtwo or vice versa. Now I see that because there psychic types maybe it could happen like that, since there DNA is basically the same except for a few variations (like Mew being able to learn every attack, while Mewtwo couldn't) and Mewtwo's Muscular physique and Mew's cute fluffiness.

Also if you continue this you said that Mew would come back, Technicality serves that if Mew were to revive then due to Mew and Mewtwo's link Mewtwo would revive as well, so a little snitch in Mew's plan... unless its like Mew comes back as like a new being like a decendant or something. alot of possibilites.

yeah I liked it but, should you choose to continue then ya know you might have some problems. then again maybe not because you might have it planned out right now or something.


A bit short for my tastes, but I liked it... It had a wonderful story.

BTW, UltraFlame, Mew could have just killed Mewtwo as it died... They didn't have to be "linked" for them both to have perished.


*glad people are reviewing*

Ultaflame: I just didn't want the people who like Arouses(Can't spell) wouldn't kill me. ANYWAY: When you have a twin, or sister or brother you two are connected in some way besides having the same parents. Mew and Mewtwo probably share the same thing so I put that into perspective.

Even though I said I might continue it, I probably wont.

Burninator: Thankyou for your really nice review. Mew did sacrifice herself for the good of her creations. It's kind of like what happened in the lion the witch and the wardrobe. But thats besides the point.

Thankyou both for the review.