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The Sands of Time (A Sandstorm RMT)

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Who Ya Gonna Call?
I've been using this team on Pokemon Online, and it performed well beyond
expectations, thus, I'm posting it here for your feedback. Enjoy. Also, my team
is a sandstorm/trick room team.


Hitmonlee @Normal Gem
Ev's: 252Atk, 252Spe, 4Sp.Def
-Fake Out
-Hi Jump Kick
-Blaze Kick
-Stone Edge
Hitmonlee is my multi-pupose attacking lead. He can simply destroy half of my
foe's team, and helps my team a bunch. Although, if I happen to fight a pokemon
that also does fake out, Hitmonlee must be switched for use later into the fight.
A jolly nature could be used if I needed to outspeed adamant excadrill
after the speed boost it gets in sandstorms.


Mamoswine @Focus Sash
Snow Cloak
Ev's: 252Atk, 252Spe, 4Def
-Ice Shard
Classic Mamoswine, this set does exactly what I need Mamo for. Ice Shard adds
much needed priority to my team, Earthquake is used when the situation calls
for brute force, Superpower is very handy indeed, and punishes many pokemon
that switch in. Last but not least, Endeavor allows mamoswine to take a huge
chunk out an enemy pokemon before he faints, and sometimes the weakened
pokemon faints from the sandstorm. Sash ensures mamo can take any single
hit move, and coupled with endeavor adds much to this set.


Tyranitar @Choice Band/Choice Scarf
Sand Stream
Ev's: 252Atk, 252Spe, 4Def
-Stone Edge
-Ice Punch
Tyranitar makes this a sandstorm team, as you can't have a sandstorm team
without a sand stream pokemon. The item is optional, depending on your
personal preferences. The moves are standard for a choice ttar.


Reuniclus @Life Orb
Magic Guard
0 spe Iv's
Ev's: 192Hp, 252Sp.Atk, 64Def
-Trick Room
-Focus Blast
-Shadow Ball
Reuniclus sets up Trick Room for the second half of my team, and is very valuable
to my team.


Escavalier @Choice Band
0 spe Iv's
Ev's: 252Atk, 160Hp, 98Sp.Def
-Iron Head/Rock Smash/Filler
Escavalier is my second Trick Room sweeper, the first being reuniclus. Megahorn
destroys many pokemon, and can cripple some on the switch in. Pursuit K.O.'s
many pokemon that try to switch out, Return is for neutral coverage, and the
last move is a filler.


Frillish @Eviolite
Cursed Body
Ev's: 248Hp, 216Def, 44Sp.Def
This is indeed just a frillish using smogon's standard set for jellicent. It does its
job surprisingly well though.

So there's my team. Feedback is appreciated.


Shadow of Prophecy
In theory, Jellicent has a base 100/70/105 defensive spread. Frillish has a base 55/75/127 defensive spread. It may seem better, but the difference in HP factored with the loss of Leftovers makes Jellicent the victor. Then, you factor in the offensive stats. 60/85/60 for Jellicent (Atk/Sp Atk/Speed) and 40/65/40 for Frillish. The fact you are using a NFE in a sandstorm with OU is rather brazen and won't often pay off well. Also packing Water Absorb on a sand team may prove better considering one of your biggest counters in a sand team will be water types and rain teams.


As a Sand abuser, and general Tank, I'd switch out Frillish for Gastrodon.

Synergises better with Storm Drain (Immunity+SpA boost), Takes no Damage from Sandstorm, plus has more of an offensive presence than Jellicient, whilst running a similar role with this sort of moveset;
Gastrodon @ Leftovers
Sassy (+Sp.Def, -Speed)
252HP, 252 Sp.Def, 4Sp.A (Can alter this spread)
0 Speed IV
~Earth Power/Ice Beam

Scald's your standard atacking move, nice for Burn Chance. Recovery and taunt - When in trick room environment would be potent for a "fast" Taunt And the last slot for an additional coverage move.