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the sandshrew crew(ou sand)


all hax or no hax.
tyranitar @ lum berry
Ability: sandstream
EVs:252 att/ spe
- dd
- crunch
- fire punch
- stone miss

the old dd tyranitar(hes not dead yet!) one dragon dance and bang. he wrecks some faces. a major threat to this set is gliscor. he can wall every attack tyranitar can throw at it and stall him out. im considering using a support ttar, but it has almost no offensive presence, which doesnt sut ttar. the fighting weakness is pretty bad too, but im packing gliscor, so that isnt a problem. hes been eved to max speed, so after a dd, he can outpace all other weather starters and revenge them(besides defensive politoed). unfortuately, if he doesnt get in a dd, he is
easily revenged, so im pretty tempted to use the choice scarf ttar to revenge psychics. im also considering ice punch to deal with gliscor, but im going to miss either coverage on gliscor, or miss a stab move, so im reluctant on that. he doesnt have a hard time setting up, thanks to high sp def in sand.

gliscor @toxic orb
Ability: poison heal
EVs:252 def/hp
Nature: impish
- stealth rock
- earthquake
- swords dance/roost
- facade

my defensive glue. he can soak fighting attacks aimed at ttar and he walls half the fighting types out there. he can also soak hits from breloom, d nite(non rain), physical infernape, and toxicroak(no ice punch, though he can take one in a pinch) he cant deal with special attackers of any kind though, and he is murdered by rain, and has no hope of surviving rain boosted surfs/hydro pumps. should i use roost, or no? anyway, he forms an excellent core with ferro and tentacruel, which can wall a plethora of threats together. gliscor walls terrakion, breloom, scizor(which tentacruel also walls), and d nite, tentacruel walls conkeldurr, latios, heatran(somewhat, does not like earth power), jirachi, volcarona without hp ground, and xhoice specs poli.
i gave him evs so he can take even ice punch, with hp to spare, and the ability to not be koed by almost any physical attack.

garchomp @ life orb
Ability: rough skin
EVs: 252 att/spe
Nature: jolly
- earthquake
- stone miss
- outrage
- sd

my supporting sweeper, he just reeks raw power. heres an example, his +2 sd outrage 3kos skarmory, and he will kill anything that doesnt resist it. steels are a huge problem, even with fire fang. but, i can use this to my advantage, as i can pull in steels with my magnezone, creating a pseudo drag 2 mag core. any dragon and ice attacks aimed at him. im considering cs garchomp for a speedy revenger. but really, hes just for softening the foe for a dd ttar sweep, which he does well. he can break through mos of the tier with a boost, but he gets stopped by scarfed dragons, outrage recoil, ferrothorn, forrtress, and hippowdon to name a few.

tentacruel @ black sludge
Ability: rain dish
EVs: 252 sp def/hp
Nature: calm
- protect
- rapid spin
- ice beam
- scald

scizor counter and rapid spinner, he can also take water attacks very well, and can stave off jirachi. he can also take a ton of special attacks without trouble. this is the best(and only) tentacruel set i find worth using, but i am considering giga drain. he forms an excellent tag team with gliscor and ferrothorn, tenta can switch into ice beams and surfs aimed at gliscor,and fire blasts and ccs aimed at ferro, and ferro and gliscor can take eq, t bolt, and psychics aimed tenta, which creates excellent def synergy. the problem with tentacruel is his sheer lack of offensive
prescence, and a severe lack of physical defense, meaning he can be defeated with any neutral physical attack, but thats why i have gliscor, right?

ferrothorn @ rocky helmet
Ability: iron barbs
EVs:252 hp/ def
Nature: relaxed
- gyro ball
- power whip
- stealth rock
- spikes

completes the defensive core and stops rain from steamrolling this team.
he stops a ton of threats. gyro ball can turn a +1 speed dragonites speed against him, and power whip can nail gastrodon, politoed, keldeo(even though he wont like sacred sword) rocky helmet will severely punish physical attackers and make his prescence MUCH more threatening. in fact, soaking outrages will deal 50%/75% damage, and most importantly, he can set rocks while the opponent is hurting themselves. he can take hydro pump well too. in fact, most rain attackers will be hard pressed to kill him. the meta leans heavily toward scizor, so i can switch to ferro when scizor comes to bp ttar and proceed to set rocks. however, he fears superpower while tentacruel does not.

magnezone @ choice scarf
Ability: magnet pull
EVs: 252 sp tt/ spe
Nature: modest
- charge beam
- t bolt
- flash cannon
- hp fire

my steel lure, he can kill most steels with hp fire. steels are drawn in by garchomp, which can lead to a combo play. once steels are eliminated, you can do one of two things. 1/revenge killer, or 2/death fodder. magnezone can also take dragon attacks in a pinch, and can substitute ferro if he gets defeated. his coverage is just enough, but it tends to fall short on some targets, and in rain, he will be unable to kill steels due to hp fires 35 base power in rain, and an unexpected bulldoze from ferro can be deadly. in fact, if any steel pulls out or has a ground move, he is forced out, which can be problematic when trying to eliminate the opponents steel types. magnezones sole purpose is to eliminate steels(and occasionally revenge kill) and without him, garchomp wouldnt be worth using(well, thats an exaggeration, but he wouldnt do as well).

so this is my team, what can i do to improve it? please be honest. (and no, this team doesnt have sandshrew)

replaced magnezone w terrakion.

terrakion @ choice scarf
252 att/spe evs
close combat
stone miss
x scissor
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Artistically angry
You were suppose to vm me D:

The first threat I can think of when looking at your team is conkeldurr, who once Tentacruel is removed seems to not have much difficulty against your team. Once he has a bulk up he will easily be surviving earthquakes from gliscor (unless you have a SD up of course) and can deal some massive damage with ice punch. In fact the combo of ice punch/ drain punch hits almost every member on your team for super effective damage bar Tentacruel. I would recommend something to revenge kill it such as Lati@s, Gengar, or starmie. If you want calcs I can do them for you but +1 Conk deals at least 99% to your Gliscor


all hax or no hax.
hmm, youch. i guess ill use latios, but who should i replace?


Artistically angry
I'd replace Garchomp as your team is already a little physically oriented and out of your other two sweepers it is the most droppable. I'd recommend this set since you otherwise won't have a guaranteed Ohko on Conk;

Latios @ life orb/ expert belt
4hp / 252 sp atk/ 252 spd
Dragon pulse
Surf/ hp fire
Recover/ hp fire

This set has some immediate fire power and deals with the conk problem pretty well. Calm mind can be run but you need psychic with at least an expert belt to Ohko conk


all hax or no hax.
alright. i would rather run offensive calm mind though, but with the same evs.


all hax or no hax.
im gonna replace magnezone with terrakion.


Hey, this is a nice team! like dragon said, conk does a number to this team. other threats to this team include, but arent limited to,

- air balloon heatran. with air balloon, it koes both gliscor and garchomp if it switches in safely, which wont be a problem. fire blast ohkoes ferrothorn, and tent can only wall it, as scald is pretty pitiful even with super-effective damage.

- mamoswine. it 2hkoes gliscor, and 2hkoes everything else bar ferrothorn, who doesnt appreciate a superpower.

be careful switching in with terrakion, as it is ohkoed by earthquake. to fix this, you might want to try Focus Sash Lead Terrakion. It will help you better, as right now you lack a dedicated lead. this will allow you to beat mamoswine better, being able to switch into an attack and ohko it.

If you go with this change, it frees up a slot on ferrothorn. you might want to try Thunder Wave as it will allow you to check rampaging dragons better, as well as a slew of other things. Tyranitar will really appreciate the support.

Now, like i said, air balloon heatran really hurts. to fix this, try Dragoon Claw>Stone Edge. Stone edge only hits volcarona hard, but you now have terrakion to wall it to hell and back. Dragon Claw helps ease prediction a little and lets you use a dragon STAB without being locked into it.

I'm not sure what you are trying to do with gliscor, but Offensive Pivot Landorus-t can probably do its job a lot better, and gives you better assurance against random physical threats. It also gives you momentum in the form of u-turn.

thats all for now, as i have a headache and need to go lay down or take a handful of advil or something. good luck with your team!


all hax or no hax.
youch, hope your headache gets better. ok, im at a loss for which ones to use, i can only do 3 ground types at most. i dont have access to landorus t except in simulator though.


Thats easy!

Landorus-t>Gliscor. Just use it in simulator matches, as its illegal to trade get therians without dream radar.

and when you edit, you can just bold the editted part over the one replaced. for example, instead of having the magnezone description, just replace it with terrakion.

and lastly, i still recommend focus sash terrakion>choice scarf terrakion. terrakion already has blazing speed, and the only things you outspeed are keldeo, other terrakion, gengar, starmie, alakazam, and the latis. and a lot of those are commonly scarved, so there's no point in scarf-terra


all hax or no hax.
alright, so, foucus sash terrakion, and landourus t(though ill use gliscor in non simulator battles) and garchomp(considering sand force hippowdon).