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The Savage Pack (Reopened)

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For generations Pokemon have battled to prove their power and ability. Alone they are strong but it is only when they band together that they can achieve exponential might. All Pokemon have a weakness weather it be a specific type or other Pokemon. With trainers it is no different. All trainers have strengths and weaknesses when it comes to battling. Here at The Savage Pack we combine our abilities and work together to overcome our weaknesses.

Welcome to the Savage Pack. Here we work together to help each other grow as battlers, breeders, and really anything else you want. Though we have ranks like most clans we treat everyone equally because we all have been newbies at one point or another. Here you can be yourself and grow by learning from others.


Obviously obey ALL Serebii rules
Do not flame, troll, or bully anyone outside or especially inside the clan
Respect the leaders
Stay active. It isnt hard to be on at least once everyday or 2 even if your busy. If your going away for a bit just alert a leader
No spamming the thread or double posts

Punishment for repeated neglect of rules will be enforced by leaders.


Clan Wars and Tournaments
Here we will post any upcoming Clan Wars and clan tournaments which will be run by Kyro12.
The War Roster will also be posted here.
The first TSP Clan Tournament will be held when we have 24 members (including leaders) and it shall decide our war roster. The Tourney will most likely be open battle, but I'll see what I can do.

Clan War Team:
(Available Slot)

The Savage Pack League

Okay, this is the starting phase of the clan league. Here are a few simple rules to consider while building your team (if you want to be in the league)
2. The teams will be 3-3 meaning 3 of your type and 3 wild cards.
3. You MUST be able to use Pokemon Online.

Current Claimed Gym Types:
Kyro12- Water
Supreme Predator Axel- Fighting
Black-Wolf -Steel
seancon93- Ice
Quilapras- Ground
ThePhoenixarisen9- Dragon
SuicuneScale- Ghost
Rafor- Psychic
blazing fire- Fire

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Clan Currency

Clan Currency

Here at TSP we use medals as currency. There are a variety of ways to earn medals which can be used to pay another clanmate for a job or at the market. After you have won a few battles or completed a job post it in the clan thread. However if you win more battles simply edit your first post to avoid spamming the thread.

Battling: Winning a battle will earn you 3 Medals. You can only earn Medals off the same person 3 times in 1 day.

Ev Training: 3 Medals per Poke.

In Game Items: 1 Medal per item.

There are also 5 medals given for referring a member to this clan as long as they state that you referred them in their Form.

if you have any other jobs you would like to be added just contact a leader.

Savage Pack Challenges
-No Challenges At The Moment

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The Serene Titan
Job Section!

Clan Jobs-
IV Breeder: ThePhoenixarisen9
EV Trainers: ThePhoenixarisen9, Black-Wolf
Artists: Kyro12, Cayzeo, Rezna, SuicuneScale (Xat avatars only Rezna)
Item Collectors: Yet to be added

Anyone wanting a job need only pm me and request a spot.
If you want to be an artist I'll require an example.
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Member List

Pack Members
Here we recognize all of our glorious Pack Members, as well as their number of medals. We also have the form if you wish to sign up for the clan

What Would You Like To Be Called?:
PO Username:
Friend Code:
How often can you battle?:
Rate Yourself as a battler 1-10


Like normal packs most of our ranks are based off of the greek alphabet.
To Rank Up you need to have the appropriate medals and have to win a rank up battle with a leader.

The 10th and highest rank. Earned only if the leaders think you are worthy.


9th RUB
costs at least 11 battles at Gamma and 90 medals to rank up. You will have 3 RUB's and have to win at least two of them to Rank Up


8th RUB
costs at least 10 battles at Delta and 80 medals to rank up


7th RUB
costs at least 9 battles at Epsilon and 70 medals to rank up

6th RUB
costs at least 8 battles at Zeta and 60 medals to rank up
Quilapras: 0 Medals

5th RUB
costs at least 7 battles at Omicron and 50 medals to rank up

4th RUB
costs at least 6 battles at Sigma 40 medals to rank up
Supreme Predator Axel: 8 Medals
Also earns you a free flawless iv Zoroark, Arcanine or Luxray

3rd RUB
costs 30 medals and at least 5 battles at Omega Rank to rank up
Black-Wolf: 54 Medals

2nd RUB
costs 20 medals to rank up
SuicuneScale: 40 Medals
Rafor: 24 Medals

If you stay active for 1 week you will automatically rank up.

seancon93: 3 Medals
ThePhoenixarisen9: 17 Medals
Sam40400: 0 Medals
Rezna: 16 Medals
blazing fire: 3 Medals
Wolf Prince: 6 Medals

This is the rank you get when you first join TSP.

Lelouche: 0 Medals
whaleiam: 0 Medals
Asimity: 0 Medals
Pokey70510: 0 Medals
Loreni333: 0 Medals
bebobloo: 0 Medals
Rawr!: 0 Medals
TheLuxray: 0 Medals
pokesprite3: 0 Medals
Wednesday13: 0 Medals
nikster 16: 0 Medals
Kitau: 0 Medals​
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Darker Than Black
Username: Black-Wolf
What Would You Like To Be Called?: Black Wolf
PO Username: Black -Wolf
Friend Code: 2880 9318 9232
How often can you battle?: When ever you want me to.
Rate Yourself as a battler 1-10 6.5
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Professional Badass
gl with the clan bro. may the savages of old look upon this clan 1 day and realize what they left behind and be proud to have once been a savage.
The clan will succed ;392;;306;;235; =:}


Darker Than Black
can you put the link to the chat?
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how do i join?;482;
Just fill out the form on my 4th post and you'll be good to go.

AND guys, no double posting, if you need to say something else, and no one else commented after you, simply edit your post.

EDIT: We now have a chat room! :D xat.com/TheSavagePack
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Username:Supreme Predator Axel
What Would You Like To Be Called?:Axel or La Dude
PO Username:La Dude
Friend Code:1678 3823 5639
How often can you battle?:When I can (constenly)
Rate Yourself as a battler 1-10
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Username:Supreme Predator Axel
What Would You Like To Be Called?:Alex or La Dude
PO Username:NIGGUM
Friend Code:1678 3823 5639
How often can you battle?:When I can (constenly)
Rate Yourself as a battler 1-10
Welcome to the clan!
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ok id like to join this clan
Username: sam40400
what would you be like to called? sam S.A.M or troll(dont worry i dont troll people here)
PO Username: none for now
Friend Code: 4985 4406 5235
How often can you battle?: around 9-12 but with coming of school may change
Rate Yourself as a battler 1-10: 5.9-6.4
Referral: i dont know what this is -.-


Don't Mess With Me
Username: ShadowSplash
What Would You Like To Be Called?: Splash is fine.
PO Username: ShadowSplash (or just Splash)
Friend Code: 0819-3080-2102
How often can you battle?: Whenever really.
Rate Yourself as a battler 1-10: Experience I would say 9, Skill probably 7-8.
Referral: Kyro12.

Note: I literally only do double battles. If you don't think I'm going to get a lot of them here, then don't add me. :|


Active Member
GL guys, Kyro Pm me, ill be more than happy to help out with a shop via donations (i have tons of events and i RNG so lemme know)
sup people :637:


Sam40400: Welcometo the clan! Please enjoy your time here and be sure to stop by the clan chat.

ShadowSplash: Pretty much everything up there ^^
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