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A nice episode, i always like it if an E4 member shows up


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I thought this was one of the best battles Ash has had with an E4 member. That was probably because he didn't know Agatha was an E4 member...


I liked that Team Rocket got an assignment from Giovanni and that their rivals, Butch and Cassidy appeared too.

Ash going back to an old gym was unexpected, and so was Agatha and Scott.

The battle itself was great. Ash was winning in the beginning, but sneaky Agatha and her Gengar turned the tables. The closest Elite Four victory ever I think. 9/10

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Agatha would have to be very hard to beat since even Ash couldn't do it. I guess if you couldn't do it then you would have to go to a different gym which you can do. (I wonder if Agatha meant several months since she became the owner of it, would that give a sort of timeline from between the Earth Badge and this episode). Wasn't too sad to see May, Max and Brock go since I knew they were coming back,


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see E4 member Agatha for the 1st time. Her Gengar is really powerful! Even though Ash lost, the battle was very cool. It was cool to see Scott for the 1st time. Scott is my favorite Pokemon character. It was great to see Misty get an Azurill, and that it was the child of Tracy's Marill.



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What a lovely episode it was hilarious how jessie/james & cassidy/butch kept on fighting & cant forget the writers little surprise close to the ending of the episode :)
Team Rocket getting pogo-sticks was funny, while Cassidy and Butch got scooters. Ash calling Max while he was gone while seeing that super cute Poliwag was sad for him... Seeing Agatha as a temoraily Gym Leader was nice. Ash did a god job, even though he lost. I don't care about May and Max, and I knew Brock would return when I saw this episode for the first time, so I wasn't very sad about that. This episode introduced the Battle Frontier in a nice way. And the most awesome thing was seeing Ashyboy's boyfriend Misty back, and her Azurill is so cute! I'd like to see it as an Azumarill someday. 10/10 for an awesome episode!


Surprising that Ash did better than he usually does against Elite Four members. I'll just chalk it up to Agatha playing with him though. It was good to see Misty and the other Pallet Town group again.

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It was a good start to the Battle Frontier series. Ash battles Agatha, an elite 4 member, and does fairly well against her, even though he still lost. Misty also returns in Pallet town.

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I think it's really interesting to note that Scott said the BF Brains are "every bit as strong as Agatha". So I guess that when the writers have Ash at his best, he's at an E4 level. Hmm...

Can't believe I missed this line before, it's clearly direct evidence from the show that E4=BF and all that speculation from fans on which were more stronger was pointless
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I think it's really interesting to note that Scott said the BF Brains are "every bit as strong as Agatha". So I guess that when the writers have Ash at his best, he's at an E4 level. Hmm...

I think that was just to hype them up. Only Kanto BF Brain I can see at an E4 level is Brandon.


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Finally we saw Kasumi after a long time she has left the team. Her Ruriri is as cute as Togepy in my opinion. Also worth seeing that Musashi/ Kojiro against Yamato/ Kosaburo and the latter pair has too few screen time although they are not the main antagonist in my opinion.


Misty Come Back!
Wow! This episode was such a refreshing change from the usual this season! We got to see many old characters I thought were abandoned at this point! And on top of that, May left! Could the episode get any better? Oh it does! MISTY!!!!

The art is so odd in this episode though, haha. And I've never seen the characters travel so quickly before! They left Hoenn and reached Kanto all in a day.
Oh good, I was right in my guess that Misty appears again just before the Battle Frontier saga get's underway. :)


I teared up a bit when Ash and Brock split up from the group and May and Max went back home. Seeing Team Rocket hopping around on pogo sticks after visiting TR's headquarters made me cackle, and I liked seeing Ash arrive at his home at long last only for Misty to randomly be there and for Max and Professor Birch to arrive just as randomly.


That battle between Agatha and Ash was awesome, even though he lost.
I did notice the use of CG in the animation. Especially during the Team Rocket motto.
Glad that Misty's back, although ever since Pokemon Chronicles, I've converted from pokeshipping to orangeshipping.

Mrs. Oreo

I liked seeing Jessie and James arguing with Butch and Cassidy again and I was surprised that Viridian's gym had been restored and that Agatha was the temporary gym leader. Ash losing to her was expected tho.


Agatha running Viridian's Gym seemed like a demotion from her previous job as an E4 member but seeing her overwhelm Ash & Pikachu with Gengar was fun. 7.5/10


Oh man, why did Agatha get Viridian's Gym?! It should've been given to Gary just to mimic Blue's status in G/S/C...
I really enjoyed seeing the battle between Ash and Agatha and omg, it was nice to see Misty waiting for Ash at his home makes you wonder what she and Ash's mom talked about. ;)