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Did this egg come from Tracy's Marril in some Pokemon special, or was it just referenced in the Japanese episode?
No, Azurill was shown for the first time the same way in Japan. Misty shows off her Azurill in Ash's house, saying she got the egg from Tracey.

The episode after this goes into a tiny bit more detail about the Azurill/Marill thing.


This episode ws awesome! I missed the battle between Agatha and Ash though. I left the room right after Butch and Cassidy left on jetpacks and then came back imediately after the battle. I completely forgot about it. Urgh...well, that's ADD for you. Thank God I caught Jessie's and Jame's new motto, though! It was awesome!

Haven't seen a episode with B&C in it since the end of summer vaca so I was happy to see them make an appearance.

Cassidy' new VA is annoying though
Really? I didn't find her voice that different. I noticed a small difference but I thought her voice is a whole lot better than what I was expecting. I liked it. I HATE Joy's voice and Jenny's voice though and I thought since the new girl messed their voices up so much that Cassidy's would be bad, too.

Everyone was calling Butch "Biff" - I thought that was kind of funny. Those collars weren't fixed when this ep went through dubbing -_- but I pretty much knew they weren't so oh well

I was kind of confused when I heard Misty's voice at first from not hearing it for so long. I was like "Who is that??" then she appeared. Also...I noticed she didn't say that Azurill was Tracey's Marill's child. She just said Tracey gave it to her.
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Geodude said:
The dub did not specifically say that Azurill was the offspring of Tracey's Marill, no. Only that Tracey gave her the egg.
Actually, the dub didn't say *anything* regarding Azurill, Misty, *or* Ash's arrival in Pallet Town(at least not in the Shreveport/Bossier area). As a matter of fact, nothing whatsoever past Scott's departure from Viridian made it on the air.

What really ticks me off is that this is the second *consecutive* time that KidsWB's chopped off the final segment from the second episode of their weekly Pokemon airing(the first victim being Mean with Envy, with it losing the scene showing whether May had progressed past the appeals and everything thereafter). This is, to put it kindly, getting ridiculous.


Serebii said:
Indeed these threads are for discussions of the episodes with facts and opinions not speculations. The Speculation thread is in Anime Spoilers
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Team Rocket's rockin
pokemon8909 said:
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What the heck are you talking about?

EDIT: Oh, all your posts on the forums so far have been spam. >_>


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I don't know who thought Cassidy's voice actress was worse. She sounded exactly the same to me. It was great seeing Butch and Cassidy again. :)

I wasn't sure what to make of this episode going into it, but I ended up liking it a lot. I was apprehensive about Scott, since he seemed to me like the annoying uncle from out of town who keeps showing up unannounced at family gatherings. Luckily, the way they dubbed him made me like him after all. At least he didn't bomb with me like Harley did. Agatha was pretty interesting too.

I LOVED the new motto. :D :D :D This was a really great episode for Jessie, James, and Meowth. I liked how Jessie thought Antarctica sounded like a nice place to go. LOL I also liked the confrontation between Jessie/James/Meowth and Butch and Cassidy. Interesting that Butch and Cassidy are still working with Professor Nanba. I often have trouble keeping straight which Team Rocket scientist (Nanba or Sebastian) was from which Master Quest arc, and it took me a moment to remember Nanba was from the Lugia trilogy. Nice continuity.

The ending of the episode was great too. At least Misty's just around for a couple of episodes, but I did like Pikachu when he saw her again. :) Max showing up at the end was nice too. The parts where the twerps split up was touching, too. At least we'll see May again next week.

Overall, 9/10. I'm eagerly looking forward to the return of all of Ash's left behind pokemon tomorrow. :D I miss Bayleef, Cyndaquil, Noctowl, Totodile, Muk, etc. etc. etc.


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I believe with this episode they've introduced all of the elite 4 for Kanto. I also really enjoyed seeing the battle between Ash and Agatha, also nice to see Misty waiting for Ash at his makes you wonder what she and Ash's mom talked about.

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I absoluely loved the new Team Rocket Motto. It makes them sound less wishy-washy and more evil.

I also liked how Butch,Cassidy,Jessie, and James met up. It was really dramatic.

When Team Rocket took Pikachu I loved the music that played afterwards. What is it called? Also is this that same music from the Jirachi Wishmaker movie?


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I was sad that the Hoenn Saga had ended there, and now it was time for something new. But then, once Ash considers the BF, I knew it wasnt over yet. It never was. Since Max came back with Prof. Birch. And I think May as well with someone else.

I was so glad to see Misty again, since the 4th and 5th episode of Season 7. Misty really needs to appear more often.

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It was nice to see Misty again, and Agatha's Gengar had some serious power.

How would anyone get an Earth badge away from her?


It was nice to see Misty again, and Agatha's Gengar had some serious power.

How would anyone get an Earth badge away from her?
I think a really strong Dark pokemon can beat Agatha's Gegar.Mabey Gary's Umbreon.

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
I think a really strong Dark pokemon can beat Agatha's Gegar.Mabey Gary's Umbreon.
That's a good point, but it'd still be difficult seeing as how Agatha is a member of the Elite 4.