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The School of Hard Knocks! (009)

Darkness Angel

Lover of Fate-Chan
Always thought Giselle was cute


Turnabout Pokemon
It was a OK episode.

Stop spamming all the forums with that one sentence! Jesus! It's such a cheap way of getting your rank to go up.

Anyway, this episode is one of my favorites from the Kanto series. It did introduce a lot of aspects that were later retconned, such as levels and Ash thinking a girl was hot. Still, I rather liked seeing those things in the episode. Joe was a cute character of the day. His reserved demeaner reminded me of myself in high school. Giselle is one of my favorite characters [see current avatar]. I liked her Pokemon [Graveler and Marowak], her elitist attitude and how she changed in the episode. Pikachu versus Marowak is one of my favorite battles.

All that I could say that wasn't great about the episode was the animation. Then again, the first season had pretty below average animation in many of its episodes.


The King of Karp
Being one of the earliest episodes, I've watched it numerous times, and of the old ones, it's one of my favorites. It was much more like the GB games, and showed that not everyone in the Pokeworld trains like Ash and that there are more statistics rather than will-power and goodness.

They didn't mention levels again, primarily because Ash didn't seem to care too much, and no one else seemed to either aside from the schoolkids, who never reappeared anyway.

I liked that Ash & Misty actually lost. (Well, Ash lost intially, but came back). However, I think this episode made Weepinbell & Cubone look terrible, which might be a reason they're so unpopular.

SOS! Its Not Healthy..

He Say Whaaa...
I actually liked this eppie and I watched it recently before the new year, Jesus lord Giselle was a biotch but at the same time sweet aqnd cute. (She reminds me of the rich snotty girls I deal with every day. Laguna Beach)

And levels mentioning in the anime since the show was still finding its path, and most people refer too, and my god PIkachu riding the treadmill, funny.

And too bad this is only Ash's in love moment, hoping one day in DP or something the could have the writers to fall a girl and have an heart ache, would make it interesting, but like that ever happen.

But the moment Ash fought back in PIkachu vs. Cubone made me smile since it reminds of the job I have to do. Shut the rich snots down! But overall good eppie and JOe was cute.


Master Coordinator
i liked the idea of a training school

Snorlax Max

While Supplies Last!
It was a good episode but why does pikachu sound like a jigglypuff in a scene?

Snorlax Max

While Supplies Last!
It was a good episode but why does pikachu sound like a jigglypuff in a scene?

Snorlax Max

While Supplies Last!
My bad, didnt mean to put it twice. I thought my comp was lagging.


Well-Known Member
A nice episode, it had it's points. Giselle is pretty but she's very arrogant, I think she may be even more conceited than Jessie, glad to see Ash put her in her place. I would love to see Misty wearing one of the Pokemon Tech uniforms she'd look good in it. Nice to see Ash isn't totally oblivious to girls and that he likes them and look at Brock drooling over a younger girl. Anyone else notice that Pikachu's voice was different turns out it was being voiced by Rachael Lillis guess 4kids couldn't get good Japanese audio for this episode.

Shiny Rokon

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I loved this episode, showed that although there are stats, and levels, the anime prefers to fly its yasashi approach true to the end. Funny thinking Team Rocket attended this school, how would jessie afford it though? I like how Brock fits everything in his backpack, and is always totally prepared, and that Ash expects firewood to come out "here firewood!". That poor guy under the tree studying desperately to pass XP Joe was sweet, i wonder Cubone's head must be quite short since pikachu was able to spin the skull around. I always thought its head was similar to the skull shape, but i guess its more like a praire dog and those old cartoons with the cattle skull, resemblance. Anyway good episode, "A simulator is one thing, but this is real life!" good quote from Misty... yup :p


Don't die, ketchup!
This episode never appealed to me. Although, I love the part when Pikachu gets angry at the treadmill.


Back! =D
I love this ep! Some good jokes on Brock's behalf, Misty saying "romantic", and a story that would put obsessive EV trainers to shame completely. I'm surprised this was invented before EVs. Misty's lines in this are amazing, I think. Joe was cute, I really want to ship him with someone, pronto. But not Misty. There's only one true love for Misty. <3


Well-Known Member
Its funny how they brought up levels in this episode and then pretty much not again. I agree with them not mentioning it anymore though, you don't need that aspect in a cartoon, just have the pokemon evolve after a period of time, as they did show later on.
Gisselle would be a good candidate to come back, great character.


from the first series this episode was one of the ones that i liked less, defending against school bullies is old in movies.


<---Meh Fave
i wierd because they used levels and exp like in the game but i don't know how the trainers know what there pokemon levels and moves are.