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The School of Hard Knocks! (009)


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Oh my, any nostalgia creep like myself loves Giselle. That school was great, i remember watching it the first time and thinking how great it was, the simulators, the battles, Giselle, everything. Her Cubone is charming!


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"She can violate my rights anyday"

Fav. quote from Pokemon:p

Really? I didn't even notice that. It's not something you'd here in Pokemon.

Let me guess, was it Brock who said that? Was he talking about Giselle?


Catching up on XY
I'm currently re-watching the entire first season on DVD. I'm currently up to this episode... And it is without a doubt my favorite so far (even topping my previous favorite "Ash Catches a Pokemon").

The humor within the first half of the show is by far the greatest it has ever dished out, and the action in the second half was excellent.

There were also too many funny bits put into the first half of the episode. Some of my favorites included:

- Brock's French Accent
- Pikachu on the treadmill
- Ash and Brock drooling over Giselle

Best Quotes:

Misty: *sees picture of Giselle* It's a girl?!
Ash: Oh yeah, you're right about that.
Brock: She can violate my rights if- (maybe he was going to say "if you know what I mean")

[^This quote was one of the best ever dished out by the anime, if not the best.]
Ash: Here, firewood! Here, firewood!
Misty: It's very brave of you to take on all five by yourself.
*Ash gazes at the gang of boys nervously*
Misty: I'll be on the sidelines, cheering you on, waiting to drag your carcass away at the end.
*Ash has a face of complete horror on his face*
Misty: Show 'em your a man, Ash!
Ash: *sees that Misty and Giselle are about to fight* I better do something!
Brock: *whispers into Ash's ear* Wise Pokemon Trainers never get involved in a cat fight.
Ash: Huh?

Other Notes:

Giselle was a great character. I wish Ash's early rivals like her reappered in the Pokemon League or something. But, like Samurai and AJ, she just reappears in the Orange Islands opening...for some reason...

The Cubone battle was awesome. It also included one of my favorite music pieces from the anime entitled "I Got a Pokemon". (Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7j90pHhZgf0)

This episode was a classic. I don't know why most of the thread completely disagrees with me. This just might end up being my favorite episode of Pokemon... ever!


One more thing:
Wouldn't it have been great if Ash got to battle characters like Samurai, AJ, and Giselle again in the Pokemon League, instead of just random, unknown characters? The writers definitely should have done that. Anyone agree?

Oh, and I just want to say that I'm doing reviews on many of the Indigo League (Season 1) episodes, so I'll be posting in this area very frequently now.
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Gisselle is pretty sexy. I never noticed till today lol. I hope they bring her back.


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quote ash*

"Each of my pokemon has the power of 2 !"

classic line and a great episode this was a classic IMO, its pretty much one of the last episodes where they were following the original game and not making their own anime agenda, I wish the anime and game would follow each other more often its a shame...

I wish they would air these episodes again on TV indigo league episodes are a classic it is what started it all.


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I really liked this episode. Ash has really proved type advantage it's not all. Besides, this all ep was focused on that, with Graveler and Misty's Starmie. I'm happy Ash won and there was justice.


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I have a question: When Brock is setting everything up in the beginning he puts down some "prune juice" which is obviously an edit, what was it originally?


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I have a question: When Brock is setting everything up in the beginning he puts down some "prune juice" which is obviously an edit, what was it originally?


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Loved the Pikachu vs Cubone battle, showed a different side to pokemon battling. Can not stand Giselle though... Great to see Ash put her in her place.



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I have always the part at the beginning where Brock pulls out his tea set to be funny. I guess I thought it was strange for someone to go around carrying tea cups and the like in their backpacks. ;)

I did not really like the Pokemon school they went to in this episode, it seemed really harsh and I disliked how the Joe kid was being bullied by everyone. I also never like Giselle, she was a jerk in the way she treated Ash. I was very glad to see Ash beat her, she really deserved it. :p


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This episode in my opinion was great. It was funny when the kid showed them a picture of the girl. Cubone was really cool, I liked the battle it and Pikachu had.


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I honestly don't remember this episode from back in the day. Maybe I missed it?

Anyways, this is one of the episodes that I didn't enjoy. Giselle was not a very good COD in my opinion, and I didn't like how the episode incorporated the whole level system into its plot.

Hopefully, the next episode will be as good as the first several were. These past two or so have been awful in comparison.


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I couldn't watch this ep when it aired because I wasn't born then so I just saw it and I personaly think that the 1st season was the funniest. Awesome episode!


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I really liked this episode a lot. The 3 striking features of this episode were(IMO):

*The mentioning of pokemon levels.
*The alternate way to enter pokemon league.
*Ash blushed for a girl for the first and only time in anime as of this date.

overall 8/10