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The School of Hard Knocks! (009)


I really liked this episode. Giselle is a wonderful CoD and I really thought that that wimpy kid, I have to look at other pages to figure out his name: Joe, was a boring character. He was a kid that was getting bullied and even then was still arrogant enough to brag about his supposed skill. I think it was one of the more memorable episodes simply because Ash and Brock both drooled over Giselle.


Ash's burn to Misty was good too :p


I'd love to have someone like Brock feeding me every day. =D
Those school guys were so mean bullying that little kid. D= But the school seems helpful with allowing you to go straight to the championships after graduating. And lol I love Misty in this episode. =D
Team Rocket again make the episode more fun by being the failures of the school. And is that Meowth in Lookers uniform? o:
Giselle was seriously annoying. D= And I'm sort of annoyed how this episode didn't really change her way of thinking. She may have became friends with the kid, but she was still just as annoying. Nice episode though. ^^


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So some people spend ages on a journey gaining 8 badges and then there's some school kids who can go straight to the championships after learning a little about Pokémon. Seems a little unfair to me.
Giselle was a *****, no question about it!


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Didn't like this one very much because it takes all of the worst things about real life private schools and uses them as the basis of this episode's plot. Ash, Misty and Brock "rescue" some Character if the Day called Joe from "bullies" only to find out that they were his "friends" and that they all attended Pokemon Tech, an expensive school populated by rich kids that trains its students without sending them to collect badges, and guarantees entry into the Pokémon League upon graduation. Joe said his "friends" were just "tutoring" him, prompting Ash to want to meet the Head student to get it to stop. Joe shows a picture of said Head student , Character of the Day Giselle, who becomes the first(and so far only) girl in the series to make Ash compliment her looks. Joe battles Misty's Starmie with his Weepinbell after he comments that he always beat her Gym's Water Pokemon on a simulator(R/B), Misty wins, Giselle calls Joe an embarrassment to Pokemon Tech, then she beats the holy hell out of Starmie with her Graveler.Giselle starts mocking Ash after he says levels aren't important. He said he has two badges, and Giselle said that he's still a beginner. When he revealed that he's been on his quest for 2 months, she snarks that Pikachu was traning him because it was always out of it's ball. Ash challenges Giselle with Pikachu while she uses Cubone and wins. Team Rocket starts their motto, the Tech student recognize them as flunkies, then defeat them, showing just how far Jesse, James and Meowth had fallen since EP002. Joe, probably because he finally realized being at Pokemon Tech would eventually make him an ******* like everyone else, decides to go home and start over, but keeps Giselle's photo because "they are friends now". This is the last episode of the anime that tries to follow the game so directly.


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What an odd school and Giselle's attitude was right down annoying...
OK, Giselle was really arrogant and mean, but that made her funny.

Bad that levels got mentioned here... That shouldn't be in the anime.

Bad idea, graduating at a school and being able to go to the Pokemon League. If you can go to the Pokemon League that way, your Pokemon probably aren't as strong as those from people who collected badges.

Good to see that Misty proved that types don't decide everything.

This episode was too game-like for a Kanto episode, but still enjoyable, 9/10.


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Lol I loved how Giselle turned from total arrogant female dog to friendliest girl in the world all within 15 minutes.


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She can violate my rights every-

Instantaneous win!

Well, I guess this episode was in some regards solid, but I did inexplicably enjoyed the previous filler episode more than this one.


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A nice episode, Giselle was very pretty but also vain, which made her unlikable. Glad to see Ash put her in her place. It was hot when Ash liked her because it showed he wasn't totally oblivious to girls even though it's the last time he's done something like this. Brock falling for her was hilarious because she's younger than him. I loved how Misty was jealous and wanted to confront Giselle.


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well, giselle was good character and an arrogant one..
misty was great there and she taught her about friendship " a true
friend wouldn't walk away from a
friend in need of help,"and that
Giselle's beauty is only skin deep.
I enjoyed watching this(finally I can say that). The kid was boring but the other CotD was an interesting character at least.

Don't know how someone can enter the pokemon league by graduating some school that teaches about type advantages. That makes no sense at all.

I liked this episode. It's good Starmie got its first win in the series. But, I didn't like when its gem got scattered by Graverler. :( Giselle was conceded to me it wasn't even funny. She reminds me of some of the girls today. It was funny when Pikachu was playing on the treadmill. xD He kicked it when he fell of.


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Cracking episode, shame we never saw any of Giselle afterwards. Would've been nice to see/ hear how Joe got on as well. Maybe even by him appearing at the Pokemon League.


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