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The Screen-Actor's Guilt! (205)

Mrs. Oreo

Nah, Misty or Brock were better candidates. Ash didn't need a second feminine Pokemon in Johto IMO. ;)

I wouldn't have minded seeing him with Smoochum even if it's kind of girly. I think that if Brad had given her to Ash, she would've likely ended up as Togepi 2.0 however.


In hindsight, I wonder if Brad Kitao was meant to represent Brad Pitt or if he was just a generic "pretty boy" archetype. Still, I found the involvement of Muchul here to be kind of contrived since it didn't suit Brad.
The actor in this episode reminded me of those generic pretty boys from boy bands. The fact that he had to hide his Smoochum just because his manager thought it would ruin his image reminded me of actors/singers who have had to hide their sexual orientation for similar reasons, so this episode seemed way more realistic to me now that when it first came out.
I don't really like Smoochum but Brad's manager was a jerk.
Edit: Love the title reference
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