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The Scuffle of Legends! (374)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Advanced Battle' started by Serebii, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Wow, that is the only word I can use to talk about this arc, wow!!! This episode had it all, even unfortunatly still pictures, not very much animated stuff in this episode. The techno music they pulled during the first half was good...but the rest was...:(

    Now, the storyline was good, but why did you use Lance?! This could have been the perfect situation for Wallace! Does anyone agree...do you do you do you?

    After all that, the arc was still enjoyable, but I'd rather have more shivers watching the world premiere of the Barboach episode then this!

    Pass X3

    Overall Arc Rating:
    Pass X5

    Attacks used for Contest:
    Hydro Pump
    Hyper Beam
    Mud Shot

    If you win XD, thank me for the info if you weren't paying attention!
  2. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    This was a fairly decent conclusion, but you know what this reminds me of?

    The movies.

    This 2 parter ended like almost all the movies do. The legendary Pokemon depart, and whoever the main villain of the movie was realize that they were wrong in trying to control the Pokemon.

    In movie 1 Mewtwo realizes he was wrong and leaves. In Movie 2, Lawrence III realizes he was wrong as the 4 legendary birds leave. In movie 6 Butler realizes he made a fake Groudon that went out of control. In movie 7 Deoxys and Rayquaza battle was misunderstood as Deoxys was only searching for it's other Deoxys friend.

    So really, if you watched any of the Pokemon movies, you would know what to expect from this episode.

    Granted I really DID wish they made a movie out of this, as movie animation would look excellent with the attacks Groudon and Kyorge were making.

    All in all it was a good episode. Kyorge and Groudon's powers were revealed just like the ones in the game, where Kyorge is suppossed to flood the world and Groudon is suppossed to dry up the sea and make new land.

    This is also one of the few episodes where the main characters lives were really in danger. When the group was standing on the cliff as Kyorge launced a tsunami, even Brock said that if they were to higher ground it would be pointless. They could have been killed, and it's sort of bad timing with all the natural disasters happening in the real world at this time.

    Also Archie/Kyorge probably would have attacked May, Max, and Brock on Gyarados had they not been distracted by Groudon.

    My only gripe about these episodes is we really don't get to see what happens to Team Magma and Aqua. They see that they were unable to control the legendary Pokemon, but we're not quite sure where they go or what they do. I guess we have to believe they disband themselves like in the games?

    I liked this episode, and this 2 parter as a whole, it's not nearly as bad as everyone made it sound. It just has the same kind of ending as the movies have, with the legends departing and with no real villain at the end. This is just the first time we've seen this type of ending in the series, as all the other legendary battles happen in the movies instead.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2005
  3. WaterDragon trainer

    WaterDragon trainer Freak Like Me

    What was that attack that Groudon used when it smacked the water to hit Kyogre? Was that a Slash or possibly an Ancient Power?(PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!)
  4. RaichuMaster

    RaichuMaster Guest

    I liked todays episode. It's only once in a long while that I get to see a new episode of Pokemon (I usually work on Saturday), and I'm glad that the one episode I get to see is the culmination to the Aqua/Magma conflict, which we've been building up to for a long time.

    The still-frames that were used when pokemon attacked were somewhat annoying, but easy enough to ignore. I guess they were aiming for some sort of dramatic effect, but I would've preferred to see the attacks fully animated. Also, Kyogre and Groudon looked disproportionate, but that's nothing that hasn't already been said in the last couple pages.

    Still, I liked these episodes. Despite their numerous flaws, these episodes may be on par with a couple of the movies, if only for the fact that the action was faster in these episodes. The ending to this episode was somewhat anti-climactic, considering the magnitude of what was taking place, but it's fitting nevertheless.

    If this is how Pokemon Advance Battle starts out, I may feel inclined to see more episodes.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 22, 2005
  5. Well I can see why people hated this episode, what with the unclonclusive ending, but one can assume that Magma & Aqua saw the error of their ways and just went on to have peaceful lives... man, that DOES suck! It would be better if they Archie & Maxie apologized to each other and to Ash's group, then annoucing the Teams have disbanded.

    But this episode had its good points:

    • Entertaining commentary from Team Rocket.
    • How long was Beautifly cooped up in its Pokéball thanks to Skitty and Bulbasaur?

    But only two reasons, sheesh. X_x 8/10

    Next episode: It's Still Rocket Roll To Me!
  6. Bpcmario

    Bpcmario Rainbow Trainer

    This should have been a movie, or at least a three part episode, with Rayquaza.

    Part 1:
    Groudon & Kyogre awaken
    Start Fighting

    Part 2:
    Groudon & Kyogre fight
    Group learns of Rayquaza ability to stop G&K

    Part 3:
    Rayquaza awakens
    Rayquaza stops Groudon & Kyogre

    See, isn't that better?
  7. ~Ψ_Madame_Leota_Ψ~

    ~Ψ_Madame_Leota_Ψ~ Charming Ghostess

    As a dedicated and passionate pupil of Marine Biology and Oceanography I am THOROGHLY dissapointed in how they painted Kyogre as the bad pokemon and Groudon as the good one.

    The whole theme behind these episodes is the BALANCE of nature, how can they possibly support that by showing favoritism towards the terrestrial pokemon?

    I liked 'Gaining Groudon' better . . .

    *mumbles explitives under breath*
  8. The Phantom Thief

    The Phantom Thief Well-Known Member

    That was an awesome episode. I recorded it as I always do with the new episodes. I liked The Animation for this episode. I also liked Possessed Archie, Possessed Pikachu and Groudon vs. Kyogre.

    Ash, Shelly, Lance and Maxie were great in this episode also. Overall I thought both episodes were great but this part was the best, IMO.

    I hope Team Magma and Team Aqua come back. Both Teams are awesome, IMO.

    10/10 for this episode.
  9. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that they brought back the Crayon thing on Meowth's plan! Nice to see something reused from the endless Johto season!
  10. Gravy

    Gravy Contaminated KFC

    WHAT animation?
  11. CM


    Anyone else notice Ash called Pikachu a "he" in this episode?
    They usually try to avoid that. oo';

    Anyway, I liked this episode alright, though you can tell the ending was slapped together at the last second.
  12. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    I'm kind of split on this episode. Things just don't add up for me (let's leave it as that). One good thing I can say about this episode is that I got to see one of my favorite pokemon (Dragonite).
  13. You forgot Solar beam! XD
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2005
  14. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    They did? That's pretty nice. I mean I'm sure 95% of people who watch the anime have always considered Pikachu to be male anyway, but it's nice to see 4kids say something, even if it is obvious.
  15. Tazzler

    Tazzler Well-Known Member

    No one really needs to guess the attacks b/c once again we have Max fill his only role by saying 'Groudon used mud shot' and 'that's a hydro pump'.
  16. PDL

    PDL disenchanted

    this episode turn out alot better then people were saying... though it would have been better if it was made into a movie rather then just a 2-parter...

    I guess the 2nd movie music was okay... :\

    I also liked how Archie went mad with power, you don't usually see that often in pokemon...
  17. Masato's and Haruka's (More importantly Haruka...) eyes were quite noticable in some parts.
  18. I liked this episode
    better than some previous ones...

    If they had gotten the Trainer Choice wrong I would have laughed for a while
  19. Puffs

    Puffs ...NINE-THOUSAND!!!!

    This was a great episode. I don't like it that they favoured one beast over another, but at least it was my favorite! ;383;

    During the part where the Orbs were being destroyed, I loved the "Lugia's Song" from Movie 2 as the background music.

    I give it 9/10.
  20. Silver Ryu

    Silver Ryu ~Aqua Dragon~

    Hey, this was a cool episode. It satisfied me, and wasn't as horrible as everyone said it was. I liked it. 9/10. It could have been better, but it was good. I don't like how they seemed to make Kyogre the bad guy here. ;_; Then again, it would have drowned them all. But it's not like it's Kyogre's fault. Archie was controlling it. LOL at the crayon drawings when Meowth was talking. That was funny.
    Some parts of this episode vaguely reminded me of something on a certain other show, but that's beside the point.
    Pikachu looked cool, I guess. I'm still freaked out by the whole thing with the Orbs, though. You know, I never noticed this before, but Lance is kinda hot. ^^
    Enough of that. So yeah, this was a good episode. (I'm sure someone came up with a shipping between Shelly and Archie. Some people always are on the watch for potential shippings.) I do wish Rayquaza had made an appearence. But then again, Emerald wasn't out yet when this was shown. Or was it? I'm not sure.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2005

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