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The Scuffle of Legends! (374)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Advanced Battle' started by Serebii, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Satoshi

    Satoshi リーリエの為に戦ってるトレーナー

    This episode was okay, but they should've made the two-parter an arc. --;

    The episode was good in general, and 4kids actually managed to keep Archie insane like in the original. LOL But here are the my two cents:

    • It should've been more like in the games, where the Red Orb actually corrupts Kyogre and Archie loses control of it.
    • The episode should've took after Satoshi-tachi gets the Mossdeep badge, that would've been, a great chance to take the gang to Sootopolis with something to do there, other than beating the Gym Leader and leaving.

    Although all of that, this was still a pretty good episode, I give it a 6/10.
  2. E-S-P-E-O-N

    E-S-P-E-O-N Guest

    I think that they could have done so much more with the fighting scenes. For me it was rather kind of boring. Just my opinion though.
  3. Four reasons why this arc was lousy:
    No Rayquaza.
    No Sky Pillar.
    No Cave of Origin.
    And worst of all...No Wallace.

    Odd thing is, I heard that the CoO was mentioned in some previous ep, but was it EVER mentioned in this arc? Dun think so...Maybe I just missed it?

    And I guess the anime folks didn't want to shatter the image of their perfect cliché superhero as a Dragon Master by having Wallace come in with Rayquaza. Pity, as that would've been so much more thrilling than "OMG DRAGONITE HYPER BEAM!11!!" (Plus, we might have gotten a chance to see a Milotic use its powers in a truly dangerous situation. Even the Sootopolis Gym Battle wouldn't have compared, since fending off a Pikachu =/= fending off a Legendary.)

    And personally, I don't believe any of that crap Lance is spouting about coming to Hoenn to stop TM and TA. This ep proved that he obviously came to Hoenn to stalk Ash. Yes, of course Ash would like a ride back to shore on your Dragonite...two feet away from you in midair with nowhere to run... *rolls eyes*
  4. E-S-P-E-O-N

    E-S-P-E-O-N Guest

    LoL that's really funny!
  5. Yes, the artwork and animation was lousy. But I can't help but really like this episode. Not only does it feature the tag team of two of my favorite Pokémon(Pikachu and Groudon); most of the BGM was either really good for 4Kids, or they kept it from the original(which I watched last year). The dub also had a better place to go to commercial, as we wonder if Pikachu's alright(the Japanese version went to the eyecatches just as Groudon appeared, and they had to replay the scene over). Trainer's Choice was fine, as well as damn easy.:p Absolutely loved Archie's acting after he fused with the Red Orb(maniacal laughing was top notch), and Maxie's wasn't too bad either(I like him better...shut up-_-; ). Overall, 9.5/10.
  6. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    This episode was good and bad at the same time.

    First of all, they shouldn't have one-sided the battle, making Groudon and Maxie seem like heroes while Kyogre and Archie were the villians. Second, the possessed Pikachu thing was cool and all, but I think that was just to make the two-parter more interesting. There really wasn't a need for Pikachu to be in that situation. And I thought the red orb controlled Groudon while the blue one did Kyogre. Also, I thing the drawing was at its worst in the scene when Max first noticed the tidal wave, and it would've been better if Lance didn't come. This should've occured after Ash and May got all their badges and ribbons, and it should've been longer. Plus, it should've affected all of Hoenn, not just that area.

    On the bright side, at least there was a Groudon VS Kyogre battle, and at least some of it was cool. It's not really surprising to me that one Pokemon didn't beat the other, because that would really one-side the story, which would one-side the Ruby and Sapphire games, as well.

    (Compares the size of the pros paragraph to the size of the cons paragraph, which really shows something...)
  7. If only there were many other people,such as Wallace,Steven and maybe even Rayquaza not to mention some Team Rocket going on,that'd be interesting.
  8. I watched it today.It was good.Pikachu's gone nuts.Sometimes the signal's gone cockoo.But it was better once you changed the channel.
  9. zonic the hedgehog

    zonic the hedgehog HUR HUR USER TITLE

    I can safely say some parts of this episode were already screwed up as it is, so I'm going to try to mainly point out what 4kids did to the episode instead (based on what my sister said, since I didn't catch it this morning):

    : Harlan is still called Tabitha.... WTF.

    : Ash's stupid comment of, "Why are those orbs dancing?"

    : Archie sounds like even more of a maniac than in the original...

    : Instead of saying "Pikachu's run out of energy," they say "Pikachu's falling!" Feh. Pretty silly to say something that's already happening. D:

    Original's score: 7.0/10

    4kids dub score: 6.0/10

    Why: 4kids screwed up an already screwed up ep, so that makes it 2X more screwed up. X__x
  10. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    That's because Tabitha is his name from the games. Nintendo or someone must have told 4kids their mistake so they changed it to Tabitha after his first appeareance.

    Ever hear of the dancing lights? It makes sense as it's a real phenomenon.

    That's bad? :p He was possessed you know.
  11. Kamex

    Kamex Team Rocket's rockin

    This wasn't as bad as many said it was. It may have been rather rushed, but that's generally the only problem.

    All of this 'island hopping' led to this amazing ending, and next week we finally get to see them get to their destination.

    I don't really have anything else to say about this. 8/10.
  12. WaterDragon trainer

    WaterDragon trainer Freak Like Me

    This episode was pretty good. Kyogre's attacks(surf, hyper beam, hydro pump) were awesome and so were Groudon's(solar beam, mud shot, ancient power). I give this episode a 10/10.Also, I'm a big fan of legendaries.
  13. ShoOCha0tic

    ShoOCha0tic Hey Hey You You

    it was a good episode, but the ending was rushed -_-
  14. Faerie

    Faerie MONS

    Despite what some people said, this episode was better than I thought it would be. I do have a few gripes, but only a few. The animation was great and reminded me of that of the movies, and the plot was good. The music was what really got me, though: the song they played parts of was called The Legend Comes to Life and it was used at the very end of Pokemon 2000. IMO, it's the best song in Pokemon, and I was so happy they used it. ^__^

    I'll post more later. :x
  15. There were so many still frames in this episode I swear I could use them for a manga!

    I can see flaws too such as no Team Magma or Team Aqua visible break-up or no Steven or Wallace (sp?) but I usually don't like to talk about that. :(

    Team Rocket's fantasy scene is great with crayons. It even had Cacnea! Do I sense a parallel or luck?

    I loved Archie's manical laughter. The voice actor must really enjoyed doing that. If he didn't... *shakes fist*

    On the bias of the writers' favor towards Groundon, I'm reminded of this paraphrase from someone:

    "Why should one side win if neither one is any better?" Sure it doesn't really fit well but for that instant the scientist (in another episode) favored one side.
  16. Kamex

    Kamex Team Rocket's rockin

    Well, seeing as I favor Team Aqua, I was quite glad to see that they dominated Team Magma in each episode. And Groudon got, like... fifteen minutes of action at the end? Kyogre was destroying everything everywhere it went in the whole two-parter. ^^

    And it was strange how Groudon was suddenly a good guy. Pfft. It should have been in some sort of a rage, trying to destroy everything, like Kyogre was. I guess it's 'cause Archie was sort of controlling Kyogre. Anyway, it was nice at the end.

    BTW, did anybody else think it was strange/cool how possessed Pikachu made this sort of a skydive for Groudon? Then it was on Groudon like some sort of a king, lol. Pikachu beats the best, and it beasts all the rest. I'm gonna use that quote in my signature someday.
  17. Ralts Master

    Ralts Master Knight of White Eye

    No, that they got right.

    This ep needed Rayquaza. Badly.

    And I still say Possessed Pikachu is freaking stupid...
  18. S.Suikun

    S.Suikun Thank you, SPPf! :)

    This episode did NOT need Rayquaza, people. That would have made it worse. What it needed was a third part to extend Kyogre vs. Groudon, and give the two teams closure. We didn't even see Maxie after his talk with Lance.

    Speaking of Lance, I believe his talk about Groudon defending them and asking Pikachu for help was BS. It was simply fighting Kyogre because the two of them are natural born fighters, and Kyogre was rampaging on its territory.

    Something just struck me about one week late - They actually referred to the orbs as Red and Blue instead of Rose and Indigo. Thank God.
  19. I wonder if he said that in the original? If so, then heh, at least it shows that he really doesn't know crap about the legends of a region to which he's a total stranger. Otherwise it shows that the dub made him even stupider and more annoying than he already was in this mini-arc. [spoil]And proves that the real reason he came was to stalk Ash.[/spoil]
  20. Geki

    Geki Guest

    I watched the episode at PRA yesterday, they actually showed it on the big screen!! It made me feel like Kyogre and Groudon were fighting right next to me, it was so damn loud. Anyway, I liked the episode to be honest with you. I think I'm going to like Advanced Battle, it offers so much.


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