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The Scuffle of Legends! (374)

This episode was literally plain fantastic. It was so exciting as well, and really unexpected. I didn't think they'd ever show Archie get merged with the red orb like that. Plus, I couldn't believe they managed to fit all this in 2 episodes, I thought this plot deserved a movie, but they did it really well.

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I thought thiis episode was aswesome as well, defiently a good two parter episode. And Pikachu looked a bit scary like that as well.


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Not a bad episode. But it was wasted potential (how about Rayquaza, the Cave of Origin, Sootopolis being involved, Steven and Wallace, and the reactions of the TA and TM about the aftermaths???), and the ending sucked because it was anti-climatic and it didn't make any sense. I'm talking about the original japanese version of the episode. In it, Kyogre and Groudon were mindless battling same as in the games. Groudon wasn't trying to stop Kyogre because of being a good guy, as in the stupid dubbed version. He hit Kyogre really hard, and then the red orb came out of Archie. Then Pikachu's blue orb came out too, for not reason whatsoever _-_

The Incarnation Pokemon said:
I wonder if he said that in the original? If so, then heh, at least it shows that he really doesn't know crap about the legends of a region to which he's a total stranger. Otherwise it shows that the dub made him even stupider and more annoying than he already was in this mini-arc.
I hope you aren't being serious. But if you were, then only a loser like you would dislike such a great Pokémon character. Care to elaborate HOW was he stupid (excluding the stupid dub of the episode, of course), or you just said it because of your bias against him?


I would not really say that they battled they just shot a couple attacks


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Ow, I saw off-model drawings in this. Courtesy of the team behind 'Judgement Day'. And it stings seeing someone like May off-model.
4Kids probably paid the Japanese producers to scale the drawings anyway they want them because they hate Pokemon and destroy it.


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This was truly astounding. I mean, it was the best episode with more than one legendary in it EVER
i like the the voice of maxie but i hate the bits with lance in it;412; ;479; ;389; ;486; ;464; ;411; ;manaphyegg; ;430;


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The Scuffle of Legends!

They Gave Maxie A very Beepy Voice. And Archie... Sean Schemmel. Wow, What a surprise. ;328; In the first episode Gaining Groudon though, I was super suprised when Shelly Punched out those two magma guards. I Like her though! She is my favorite character on all of the teams. I dont like Tabitha. (By the way, isn't that a girl's name?? :\ ) But I think this episode was really cool!


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*sets out to kill 4kids for Maxie's voice*

As I've already stated, this and "Gaining Groudon" are my fav episodes.

But... I have one more thing to say...


That is all...


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*shouting* I DIDN'T THINK MAXIE WAS GOOD ENOUGH THOUGH! But this is still te best episode!


Codenumber 242
Sorry for the double post but no-one else posted
I watched this on this WICKED video website

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
4Kids probably paid the Japanese producers to scale the drawings anyway they want them because they hate Pokemon and destroy it.

I certainly hope you're being sarcastic, because otherwise that's one of the dumbest things I've ever read.

I liked Maxie's voice. Partially because I was able to predict it. However, I thought for sure Archie would be Dan Green.


i like the the voice of maxie but i hate the bits with lance in it;412; ;479; ;389; ;486; ;464; ;411; ;manaphyegg; ;430;

That was TOTALLY necessary!

Archies voice was funny. Sounded like a pirate


This might of been my favorite episode of the series, besides the one with, oh wait, that was in my game.


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Just saw it (I know I'm late) Not really a fan of the pokemon series, but Groudon vs Kyogre = awesomeness. The fight between them for the most part was why I watched it. Wataru-sama is pretty cool as well. Satoshi's erm... annoying-ness didn't really get in the way that much either. I need to see the first part of this. I herd wobbefet totaly owned team aqua. As for the rockets calling in Giovanni... I think Giovanni wouldn't even talk to them over a phone, since he basically just threw them in a garbage can when they went to hoenn. I give it a 10/10 (the fight, for the episode itself, a maybe a 8.) I would have preferred Steven though. Oh well.


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An Epic episode the battles were awesome, Groudon vs. Kyorge very nice, though I would have preferred these two coming together in the movies so the battle could be even more Epic, but it's a shame that Aqua and magma weren't used more in the series I would've liked to have seen the two teams actually capture their respectful Pokemon.

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Great episode, but I really would like to know what happened to Team Aqua and Team Magma at the end. I would have preffered somebody other than pikachu to be possessed by the Blue Orb, like maybe Maxie. I mean Pikachu already practically gets the spotlight of every episode, now he gets to rule Groudon? The only good thing about Pikachu possessed was it being evil...He was so powerful