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The Secrets of August Manor (RPG Thread, Rated R)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by VampirateMace, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Okay guys! Let’s get ready to start:

    Approved Players:
    1. VampirateMace (Miru Stone, Butler/Caretaker)
    2. DVB (Diego, Film Major/English Minor)
    3. Schade (Ambrose, Art Major & Witch)
    4. Kiruria (Daisy, Botany )
    5. Kiruria (Tiffany, Nursing)
    6. Corrosion *INACTIVE*
    7. Sketchie (Daria, Mechanical Engineering major/Mechanics minor)
    8. Monster Guy (Max, Art Major)
    9. Pir8Heart (Sonali) *INACTIVE*
    10. GoldenHouou (Alexis Thebault)

    Some Additional Info, not covered earlier

    * It is currently Spring. Let’s say about… Thur April 24.
    * You do not need to post what time it is, but keep some track of if it’s morning or evening. Miru serves meals regularly, so it won’t be too hard.

    Concerning Entities/Ghosts:
    (The Lady in White, the Specter, etc…)
    * These are classic ghosts, so they only appear occasionally (you may choose when, but not every post please), and are often only partially there, or transparent. They don’t really talk or otherwise communicate, at least not often, so ask my permission first if you want to engage in any sort of communication with them (EVPS, pointing, dreams, ect).
    * Remember that there is often paranormal activity around when entities appear; the Lady in White is usually associated with positive activity (rose scent, humming), and the Specter with negative activity (shaking doors, thrown objects, indistinct angry whispers), and his presence is also followed by misfortune/danger, so be prepared for that. If you make up any minor entity, you can assign their usual activity.

    Secrets of the Manor:
    * Like stated in the sign-up thread, how this RPG ends will depend on how everyone plays and if any players try to see the story through to the end. Every little thing you do or decide can affect the outcome (like in Silent Hill for Wii), but I do have several base endings for it. - I may also add in additional secrets based on what you do.
    * Feel free to add in details and discoveries, otherwise the above system won’t work as well. Is there an old journal in the study desk? Does the landline phone have dial-tone? Are there ghosts other than the Lady in White and the Specter?


    1. Don’t Bunny (control other’s characters), without permission or a really good reason (like they stop posting for weeks, or you’re agreed that you’re going somewhere together).

    2. Don’t post stuff you couldn’t know (such as; knowing where a room is located when you’ve never been here, mentioning Miru’s bruises when they’re hidden under his collar, or knowing the manor owner’s name before Miru mentions it).

    3. Put your character name and location at the top of your post. You don’t need to add time, but try to keep some track of it.

    @ Everyone:
    Location: Parlor

    (I’m not necessarily going to describe every room, but this should give you a good feel for what the manor is like.)

    Miru leads you to the parlor, not that you couldn’t have found it on your own, but rather as a formality, then heads calmly back towards dinning room. Presumably the kitchen is also on that side of the house. Presently you can hear his steps quickening as he gets further away.

    The parlor is a large room, and just as sparkling clean as the foyer. It is lit by a combination of the fireplace, and dim gaslights globes on brass fixtures along the walls. The top halves of the walls are lined with an cream and dark blue colored flower and stripe wallpaper, and the bottom halves by dark wood paneling, it not ugly, but clearly way out of style. The floor is also laid with wood planks, though they’re a shade redder in color, indicating that the floors and walls were not done at the same time.

    Form the entryway (near left corner), there is a large roaring fireplace in the back right corner. It is decorated with intricately painted tiles, with a runner and several interesting trinkets on the mantel. Above the fireplace is a oil painting of a rather fat man in an old fashioned suit, he has a cane in one hand and a beagle by his side. A few red velvet armchairs with black and gold silk throw pillows sit before the fire, on top of detailed area rug. There is a small almost round burl wood table beside one of the chairs, holding a knitting basket with a half-done grey scarf in it.

    In the far left corner, across from the entryway (near left corner), is a shiny black grand piano and piano stool, with a plush mahogany and black velvet loveseat nearby. A faded and yellowed music book sits on the piano’s music stand, looking much older than the piano itself.

    Looking to the near right corner, there is a draped area full of silk pillows of all colors, shapes, and sizes. You may recall some vague memory of reading about the popularity of ‘Turkish or Asian Corners’ in parlors during the Victorian Era. Along the wall between this corner and the fireplace are a couple curio cabinets full of bizarre and exotic trinkets, and on the near wall is a bookcase of classical works such as; H. G. Well’s The Time Machine and William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

    In the center of the room is a round intricately woven rug, underneath a complex chandelier of glass crystals and unlit candles. Though the chandelier is dust free, you get the impression that the off white candles have not been lit since the gas lights were installed. But though the candles are unlit, the crystals still sparkle brilliantly, catching the firelight and gaslight.

    (Miru will come here to get you guys for dinner in my next post… though you’re not required to stay in the room.)

    Miru Stone
    Location: Dinning Room > Kitchen > Garden

    Miru walked quickly through the unlit dinning room, pulling off his bright white gloves and stuffing them into the vest pocket opposite the one hold his spare pair. He moved into the kitchen, and washed his hands thoroughly. It was very old fashioned, but it was beautifully clean, and had everything he need to prepare delicious meals. Pulling open the freezer he took out some fish fillets and soup stock. It was late and the travelers looked hungry, so he needed something he could cook faster than a roast or fryer.

    He lit the old gas oven and stovetop, and placing the soup popsicle in a pot with some water and a touch of oil, set it on the stovetop to defrost. He took a moment to pick up the phone on the wall from the fridge, like the rest of the kitchen it was antique. He spun the rotary, dialing the number for the local sheriff’s direct line, “Miss Sanders… No, nothing at all Miss, I simply calling to inform you that we have guests… I’m putting on dinner for them now, should we expect you Miss? … As you wish… Good evening Miss Sanders.”

    Miru checked the soup stock, only a few chunks of ice remained. He got a can of water chestnuts from the cabinet and added them. Then he laid out the fish fillets on aluminum foil. And washed his hands.

    Taking up a small basket with spade, and a pair of small shears from the drying rack, he headed out the back door into the garden. He’d prepare a nice salad for the second course, and get some young potatoes to serve with the fish, green onions for the soup, as well as some additional herbs.

    Being spring, there wouldn’t be much for lettuce and spinach, so he gathered up a mixture of other editable leaves as well; kale, beet, radish, mustard, dandelion... Might be a little spicier salad then they were used to, but it was mostly supposed to be a pallet refresher between the soup and fish anyways. Then some rosemary and lemon grass, with pepper from the spice cabinet, that would give the fish nice flavor.
    Last edited: May 21, 2014
  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Maxwell "Max" Hudson

    As soon as Miru went into the kitchen, Max went over to sit in one of the red velvet armchairs near the fireplace, and sat down. This house wasn't his style, but it was nicer than anything anybody could afford. Not even Max had enough money to actually get a decent hotel. His dad didn't give him any money for college, and he needed Financial aid for school, and a part-time job to pay for everything else. As grateful as he was that they were being allowed to stay here, the house wasn't exactly his style, He would have preferred something more modern. The place vaguely reminded him of a haunted house you would see in a movie. If it weren't for the fact that people were actually living there, he would have assumed the place was haunted when he first saw it.

    "Well guys, it looks like we're gonna be stuck here for a while!" He said to no one in particular. "May as well get comfortable." He pulled out a sketchpad and a pencil from his shoulder bag, opened it up to an empty page, and started sketching. He wasn't particularly inspired to draw anything specific at the moment, but just putting random lines on a paper still kept him occupied while he waited for dinner to be served.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2014
  3. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Ambrose Deveraux
    The Parlor
    Affected players: Monster

    After a quick introduction round between Miru and the Group, Miru disappeared towards another door that apparently led to the Kitchen. So, he's not going to eat us all after all? At least not yet. Ambrose didn't like Mieu that much. as if someone that Young and attractive wuold work as a caretaker of a huge, creepy old mansion. That would be the same as if Ambrose the witch would work in a kindergarden. And speaking of the manor. It was an extremely pretty Place, looking way out of the Groups payrange. Though, this manor was interesting. Ambrose was able to Catch small eerie energies in the air around here. Nothing huge but.. the Place was definitly Haunted. But ghosts never bothered ambrose anyway.

    What caught Ambrose' attentino was the fireplace in the back corner, and the crepy painting painted above it of a rather unattractive old fart With a cane and an eagle. The painting was incredibly out of Place, in Ambrose opinion. His attention was then drawn towards the Bookshelf NeXT to the fireplace, where he could read a few titles he recognized, as well as a few ones he knew had magical qualities to them. Did the caretaker know about those? Quickly skimming through them, Ambrose saw that they weren't of that huge importance. He put them back, and decided to check them out later

    "Well guys, it looks like we're gonna be stuck here for a while! May as well get comfortable.", Max said from an old-looking stool before he took out his sketchbook and started sketching something.

    "That might not be a bad idea.." Ambrose mumbled to the other art student before Fishing out his own small notepad ,where he started writing. Unlike most artists, Ambrose got a lot of his inspiration from writing. Either that or his dreams. A perk of being a witch, it seemed, but future seeing is a great inspiration for some interesting artworks

    In the light of the stormy night
    From the manor of concealed fright

    Ambrose stopped up, as he ran uot of inspiration. He snapped his fingers and wrote something to make him remember the feeling he had now.


    Once he got settled, he'd probably Paint a painting of the manor for the kind caretaker that took them in. Nothing too fancy, but it was still better than being completely broke in this overly priced Place, though Ambrose doubted that they took People in on a regular basis. the classic horror-Movie scenario flashed before his mind again, and he shrugged before sitting politely Down in a Chair of similar fashion near max
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2014
  4. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    Daisy Gardner and Tiffany Elderwood
    August Manor Parlor, Early Evening
    Affected Players: Schade, perhaps

    Ever since they had arrived here, Daisy had been clinging onto Tiffany's shoulder, hiding behind her a slight bit, looking around anxiously to make sure there were no evil spirits lurking about. The whole place gave her the creeps - and not just the old-fashioned style of the manor, but the fact that it was a manor, literally in the middle of nowhere, with a host who was unusually kind to them. Daisy eyed the young butler with caution, yet her cheeks still turned a carnation pink at the sight of him. For him to be running this place in lieu of the supposed owner Miru mentioned... a small part of her had to admit it was impressive.
    Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh, I think I better stick with either Tiffany or this weird butler fellow, Daisy thought, with a brief glance at her best friend Tiffany. On second thought, maybe the butler.

    Tiffany, on the other hand, had quite a different reaction. Ever since she so much as caught sight of this manor, she was in awe. Truly, it reminded her of those classic horror films where ordinary people got stranded and needed to use a phone, only to find their host to be an awkward individual indeed, whether his intentions be deviously malicious or kookily kinky. Nothing seemed odd about Miru thus far, but Tiffany wasn't paying any attention to him. Her focus was on the manor itself - it felt just as if she was stepping back in time, almost to the Victorian era it seemed. As she took a look around, at the kitchen Miru headed off to, at the parlor most everyone was gathered in by now, at the dark stairway at the end of the hall, a broad grin spread across her face, and a few tears managed to escape her eyes.
    This place... is simply wonderful! she thought, paying no attention to the fact that Daisy had left her shoulder. What I wouldn't give to live in a place like this... If I can accurately plot the murder of whoever owns this place, perchance...

    Without even realizing it, the two had split up; Daisy headed off to the left towards the kitchen, whereas Tiffany joined the others in the parlor.

    Daisy watched with caution as she followed the young and handsome butler into the kitchen, pressing her back against the wall next to a dish rack. At the very least, she enjoyed the aroma of this room - the faint scent of soup stock, the faint wafting of old-fashioned gaseous fuel. Here was someone who really did like to stick to old traditions, using an old gas stove to cook meals, apparently abolishing all microwaves and other electronic cookware. Apparently there was soup and fish on the menu tonight... and some sort of vegetable, evidenced by the fact that the butler headed out into the garden. Cautiously as before, Daisy decided to follow.

    Daisy was immediately impressed by the large cherry tree looming over the garden, filled with light pink blossoms and the beginnings of light green leaves. As the occasional breeze blew through the garden, petals rained down from this tree, falling about the rows of herbs and vegetables below. Actually, there were quite a few flowers out here in the garden besides the ones on the cherry tree - although the daffodils standing around nearby were looking a little shabby, the roses lining the perimeter of the garden were certainly not - in fact, many of them were just starting to bloom. Whenever Daisy saw roses she always thought of Tiffany, particularly if they were red roses, and even more particularly if they were dead so that they looked almost black. But oddly enough, none of these roses were red - they were mostly either white or pink, and the occasional pale purple.

    Presently the butler was gathering dandelion greens, it seemed. While he was bent over, Daisy took a few steps towards him, a slight look of nervousness on her face.
    "Erm, excuse me..." she began. "I apologise if I'm interrupting, but would you like any help with anything here? I do have a lot of experience with gardening after all. Perhaps that is why they call me Daisy," she added with a small giggle, before gazing off towards the cherry tree. By that time, she noticed a rickety old swing hanging from one of its branches. "Quite a lovely garden you have here, though it does look like it could use some TLC. Though with the way those blossoms on that tree are looking, I'd guess the cherries will be delicious in the summer."


    Meanwhile, Tiffany got a look around the parlor. Two young gentlemen were already looking around there, one of them writing something down and then sitting next to the other. This guy captured Tiffany's eye for a short while; perhaps it was the dreamy look on his face, and perhaps it was because of the shade contrast on his jacket that nearly matched Tiffany's own style of dress. At any rate, she peered around the corner of this room for a while, gazing around at the bookshelf, the fireplace, the chairs and sofas about the place... and she took a brief look right into the blonde guy's eyes, which she didn't even realise were two different colours at the time. For a while she put on a little smile, but then she disappeared back into the hallway, focusing her attention on the dark stairway at the end.

    Interested, Tiffany took steps towards this massive yet spooky stairway. Although it looked to have been recently dusted, it still had an ancient feel about it, as if it had been forgotten for so long. There were hallways leading off to the sides of this stairway, hidden from the entrance by the pedestal full of mints, but Tiffany didn't bother with them. Instead, she climbed the first stair... and immediately paused, for some strange feeling had come over her. But after a few seconds of pausing, she shrugged it off and continued up the stairs. As she ascended them, the surroundings seemed to become darker and more silent, and the smile on Tiffany's face grew ever broader. Darkness, silence... these were her two closest friends, closer to her than Daisy or any other mortal on the planet.

    "Is anyone there?" she whispered as she continued to climb up the stairs. "This is a lovely place. I hope it never gets any fluorescent lighting."

    As she went further up the stairway, she started to feel very cold, as if the stairway itself was stealing all heat away from her. This eventually forced her to cross her arms and shiver slightly, but didn't really bother her otherwise. Before long, she came to a landing. From there, the stairway continued off to the right, where it seemed to end at a corridor with many little doors leading off of it. Tiffany supposed these must have been the guest rooms, because almost every old-fashioned house in the middle of nowhere has to have them. Moreso if this were an abandoned castle, but this was close enough.

    But something happened when Tiffany reached the landing. A soft breeze blew down the stairway at that point, rustling the white ribbons in Tiffany's curly black hair. For a brief moment, she couldn't move. She wanted to continue up the stairs, but her legs somehow refused to walk up there.
    "Oh... is this a bad time?" Tiffany apologized matter-of-factly. "Please, forgive me for disturbing the lovely spookiness of this place. I would've thought I'd be contributing to it, but alas, I am still a mere mortal, it seems. By the way, may I..."

    Before Tiffany could finish her sentence, she felt something push her backward, although she couldn't see anything. Gradually, she backed up, until she stepped clear off the landing, tripping at the edge of the stairs and falling onto her side. After falling, she rolled down the stairway, until she hit her left elbow on the rug at the bottom. Though her elbow hurt for but a brief moment, she could see a bruise on it, just showing above the fancy lacy glove covering her forearm.

    Though she was a little bit startled, she decided it was no big deal and started to get up... but she didn't quite have the energy to. In fact, at that point she felt very tired. So tired that she wanted nothing more than to just lie in that very spot until dinnertime. In fact, that was precisely what she did, letting out a yawn as she lay her head on her right glove, curling up a slight bit right at the foot of the stairway and gently closing her eyes, a peaceful little smile still on her face, the bruise on her left elbow still visible.
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  5. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    @ Everybody: If you haven’t posted yet, instead of back-editing, please assume your character was keeping to themselves to avoid derailing the RPG - thanks. Also if you don’t post this week (or otherwise contact me) I’m going to go ahead and mark you as inactive, which may result in your spot being up for grabs.

    @ Monster Guy: You ended your first paragraph with a comma instead of a period. It makes it look like there was more to the sentence, but you forgot it.

    How things stand on the mysteries:
    Schade’s unlocked a point towards a certain ending (S-M).
    Kiruria meanwhile has unlocked a point towards a different ending (AF), and a point towards resolving a past mystery.
    Yay! The points don't mean much…

    Miru Stone
    Location: Kitchen > Dinning Room > ? > Parlor > Dinning Room

    Miru didn’t notice his shadow at first. She was quiet, and didn’t interrupt his focus on his cooking. Though out in the garden she remarked, “Erm, excuse me... I apologize if I'm interrupting, but would you like any help with anything here? I do have a lot of experience with gardening after all. Perhaps that is why they call me Daisy… Quite a lovely garden you have here, though it does look like it could use some TLC. Though with the way those blossoms on that tree are looking, I'd guess the cherries will be delicious in the summer."

    Miru cringed slightly at the suggestion his garden needed more love. Composing his thoughts he picked up his basket and turned to her, “Of course Miss, if you would like to like make improvements to the garden, you are welcome to. I’ve been tending to it alone since the death of our gardener, and with my sun allergy limiting my ability to be out here, it may have suffered.”

    Miru returned the kitchen, washing his hands and giving the soup a stir. Then he washed the vegetables, and seasoned the fish and baby potatoes, then wrapping them, placed them in the oven. He cracked some eggs into a bowl and scrambled them up, before slowly pouring them into soup, and stirring gently. Then chopping up and tossing in some green onion, he had egg flower soup.

    Miru removed this from the heat, tossed the salad greens into a large bowl, and got down some gold rimmed soup bowls and saucers. Water glasses and golden silverware were already set around the table. The table was always left set, except for when he regularly washed the glasses, silverware, and tablecloth; to keep them from getting dusty. He portioned out the soup carefully, and ran the bowls into the dinning room. He returned preparing a pitcher of ice water, and after filling the glasses, made sure Daisy knew the first course was ready (wherever she is now) before returning to the Parlor.

    “Excuse me. If you would all like to come with me, the first course is ready,” he announced, and continued back to the Dinning Room, “and please, let me know what would you all like to drink this evening?”

    The dinning room had the same lower wall paneling as the Parlor, except it was a couple shades darker, but the upper walls were a brick orange color. Along the walls were couple of dark colored china cabinets housing old and expensive painted plates, and two small chandeliers hung over the table. The table itself was long, with tall chairs, and set with a crimson tablecloth and delicate white table runner. The silverware, candlesticks, and dry condiment containers (salt, pepper, sugar, etc) were golden, and the bowls of soup and saucers at each seat were ivory white with gold painted rims.

    “Let me know if there is anything else you require,” requested Miru before returning to the kitchen to get their requested drinks.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2014
  6. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Daria Lemon
    Parlor ---> Dining room
    Affected RPers: Monster

    Daria yawned, sprawled out on an old chair and fiddling with her favorite screwdriver. She wasn't exactly sure why she was still here, but hey, dinner's dinner. It wasn't long before Miru, the pale house-keeper, walked back into the parlor.

    “Excuse me," he announced, his soft tone catching Daria's attention. "If you would all like to come with me, the first course is ready.” Daria sprang up, and put her screwdriver behind her ear. She followed Miru down the hallway, until they came to a large room, presumable the dining room.

    Daria marveled at all the shimmering plates, the antiquated although charming walls, and -- the alluring smell of the soup Miru had prepared. "Wow..." she said, inhaling it all in. "This is amazing!" She looked to Miru, her wide eyes sparkling. "This... this wonderfulness you've cooked... it's for us?" she squealed. Miru nodded. Daria ran her hand through her hair, and sat down on the middle right side of the long, gorgeous table.

    “And please, let me know what would you all like to drink this evening?” Miru said.

    Daria smiled, still overcome with the thought of tasting what was in front of her. "Water, please, with some lemon if you have some."

    “Let me know if there is anything else you require,” Miru said, after the others had taken their seats and requested their drinks. Daria sighed with amazement. Old things were her style. The elegance, the simplicity... even the air of darkness made the mansion feel comfortable. Daria closed her eyes, drinking in the smell of the old home. Then she heard it -- a small bell. It rang twice, and then... nothing. She opened her eyes, and looked around. Nothing. She furrowed her brow in confusion.

    "Hey... hey Max," she said, "Did you hear anything just now? Like, a small bell?"
  7. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego Vendrix
    Location: Dining Room

    Diego Vendrix was in thought. Deep thought. He kept mostly to himself as he was entering the strange place with the others. He had been traveling with these guys for a while now. He liked them, they were all pretty nice people and he hoped to get to know them a bit more. He needed this, he thought to himself.

    He was looking around and taking in the scenery of everything. He had a big excited smile on his face and was radiating a form of warm and positive energy from him. He snapped from his day dreaming when he saw who appeared to be but a butler named Miru. He smiled at the guy and nodded at him.

    “Excuse me. If you would all like to come with me, the first course is ready,” he announced, and continued back to the Dinning Room, “and please, let me know what would you all like to drink this evening?”

    The dinning room had the same lower wall paneling as the Parlor, except it was a couple shades darker, but the upper walls were a brick orange color. Along the walls were couple of dark colored china cabinets housing old and expensive painted plates, and two small chandeliers hung over the table. The table itself was long, with tall chairs, and set with a crimson tablecloth and delicate white table runner. The silverware, candlesticks, and dry condiment containers (salt, pepper, sugar, etc) were golden, and the bowls of soup and saucers at each seat were ivory white with gold painted rims.

    Diego admired it all. "This is fantastic. Absolutely fantastic," he said with a big smile before looking at Miru. "Thank you so much for your hard work, sir," he said to him before he was asked of his beverage. Diego responded with some lemon-lime cola. Diego went and sat near some empty seats. He was saving them for a couple of people. Despite his joyous front, Diego was a bit nervous. He felt something a bit weird here.

    He blinked. He thought he saw something from the corner of his eye... Probably nothing. He was a believer of the supernatural however.

    "Tiffany! Daisy! Come on! I saved you some seats!" Diego told them with a smile.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2014
  8. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Maxwell "Max" Hudson
    Location: Dining Room
    Affected RPers: Schade, Sketch

    Max thought something to draw, wasn't getting any ideas. As he chewed on the eraser of his pencil while deep in thought, he saw that the other art student in the group had taken a seat in one of the other chairs near his, and started scribling something in his own sketchbook. Max was starting to get bored waiting for inspiration to hit, and he found that talking to people helped give him ideas, so he decided to strike up a conversation with his fellow artist. "Hey Ambrose! What cha writin' in there? Can I see?" He didn't wait for an answer, and peered over his shoulder, and saw the poem he had written. "Aw, poetry. That's cool. I'm not really good with poems myself. I have a hard time making the words look pretty. Heh! I know that's odd for an Art Major." He turned his sketchbook around showed the sketch' he had been working on, which was nothing more than a bunch of squiggly lines. "I don't have much goin' on yet, but I'm sure I can turn this into a masterpiece somehow! I always do."

    Miru soon came back out, and announced that it was time for dinner. “Excuse me. If you would all like to come with me, the first course is ready,” he announced, and continued back to the Dinning Room, “and please, let me know what would you all like to drink this evening?”

    "Oh goody, food!" The blonde haired boy exclaimed as he put his sketchbook away, and followed Miru down the hallway, and into the dining room. Daria seemed to be in awe of everything, but Max had grown up in a fancy house. He was used to elaborate dinners in fancy houses. He grew up in a fancy house himself. He did have to admit, the food smelled good. He took a seat next to Daria. "I'll take a glass of water too, thank you!"

    "Hey... hey Max," she said, "Did you hear anything just now? Like, a small bell?" Daria suddenly asked.

    "Uh..." Max stayed quiet for a second, and before he knew it, he did in fact hear a slight ringing sound. "Now that you mention it, yeah I do. Why?"
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2014
  9. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Ambrose Schade
    Dining room
    evening, aparently. lol
    affected RP'ers: Sketchie, Monster (possibly)

    While sitting in the Chair, finishing the weird little poem he had come up With for inspiration, the other art-student, Max, suddenly appeared to Ambrose's attention. Not so discretly asking to see his work, Max was over Ambrose before he could even answer. "Aw, poetry. That's cool. I'm not really good with poems myself. I have a hard time making the words look pretty. Heh! I know that's odd for an Art Major." he was babbeling now, and Ambrose could only smile and nod, trying to Digest everything Max was saying. Then, Max decided he would share With Ambrose his own sketchbook. the lines he were drawing into some peculiar pattern were looking ominously a lot like.... lines. "I don't have much goin' on yet, but I'm sure I can turn this into a masterpiece somehow! I always do."Max said in an ambitious tone. Well, that might work out well for him too. Not just anyone is able to peek into the future, and With a photographic memory, it worked out ni Ambrose's favor pretty much always.

    “Excuse me. If you would all like to come with me, the first course is ready,” Miru suddenly appeared from somewhere and announced that it was time for the Group to take their seats in the dining hall. and please, let me know what would you all like to drink this evening?”

    "Oh, goodie! Food!" Ambrose said joyfully, only now realizing how hungry he really was. He started following Miru Down the hallway, observing Daria, one of the other students, who seemed to be in awe about how "incredibly awesome" this mansion was, as he had observed her say earlier. At the dniner table, Ambrose took the seat next to Max. If anything, he'd provide him With some interesting conversations. Art-students usually had a rather special view on Things, and Ambrose loved hearing about it from others.

    "Hey... hey Max," she said, "Did you hear anything just now? Like, a small bell?"Daria asked Max, to which he went silent as a reply. "Now that you mention it, yeah I do. Why?" He said to her. Ambrose decided it was his turn to take some course of action in this rather boring conversation.

    "It was probably one of the ghosts here!" He said in an ominous, monotone voice, covering his green eye With the palm of his hand, manifesting a slight magical glow to his golden eye, that he stared into both Max and then Daria. They didn't reply to him, so he continued.

    "It's not like their prescence is such a huge Secret. you guys can sense them too, right?" They probably couldn't, but hanging out With a bunch of humans had its limits as of how interesting they could be, and sometimes, Ambrose had to create his own fun.

    "Who knows?" He continued, fading out the Magic and returning his eyes to normal before continuing. "This seems to be a pretty old house, in the middle of the forest. Perhaps there are ghosts here of other teenagers that got lost in these Woods, just like we did?" He finished off With a diabolical laugh, that ended in a soar throat and coughing, ruining the moment.
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  10. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    @ Everyone: Try to keep the bunnying (controlling other’s character’s without permission) in check, so far it’s only been minor stuff, but I know how easily it can escalate. Thanks

    Also, the people who are now marked inactive are: Corrosion and Pir8Heart. Corrosion has willingly offered up ou’s slot, and Pir8Heart still hasn’t posted a sign-up.

    Nothing has really changed - Sketchie has unlocked a point against the (AF) ending, while Schade has unlocked a point towards it.
    - Of course, everything could still change on a dime, so the points still don’t matter…

    (Schade: you mean sore throat, not soar throat)

    Miru Stone
    Location: Kitchen > Dinning Room > Kitchen > Dinning Room

    With drink orders; water, water with lemon, lemon-lime soda, and more, stored in his head, Miru retreated to the kitchen. Their guests seemed pleased, some of them exceptionally so. He shook his head realizing that he’d forgotten to put out the water, well, this did give him a chance to add lemon. He got one out of the produce drawer in the fridge. It seemed a shame to cut up a lemon for single slice, he’d have to make lemon something tomorrow… Lemon bars? Tarts? Cake?

    He set the lemon down on a cutting board, and slid a knife out of it’s drawer. There was a small sound. The double chiming of a bell. Miru looked up, then back at his work. He knew who it was, and it was nothing to worry about.

    Somebody in the dinning room was laughing, er, coughing. He hoped everything was alright. It didn’t sound like choking.

    Miru set the selected drinks, and waters, on a tray, then walking them quickly out, quietly set them before their perspective owners. He was glad to see everything was alright, but was careful not to register this emotion on his face. The drinks also gave him a chance to gauge how quickly the soup was being eaten.

    (Don’t ask Mire questions right here to avoid back-editing, do that when he returns with the salad.)

    Returning to the kitchen he tossed the salad greens, portioned small salads out onto gold rimmed plates, and added in a few additional ingredients from the produce drawer and pantry; such as tomato, cucumber, baby corn, pickled beet slices, croutons, pine nuts, and a pinch of shredded white cheddar. He drizzled each salad with a touch of house dressing and filled a golden condiment bowl (complete with tiny gold spoon) with extra dressing, just in case. The cream based house dressing should balance nicely with the spicier components in the salad.

    Faintly, a child’s laughter echoed from somewhere in the house. Miru smiled, August Manor, and her spirits, were always happy to have guests.

    Miru set the salads on the tray, and stepped into the dinning room with them. Careful to avoid contamination, he place each salad and the extra dressing bowl, then took up any finished soup bowls.
  11. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    OOC: Since I missed the last round of posting, I'll recap a bit what Tiffany and Daisy were doing while the dinner announcements were made... though for Tiffany, she would just be sleeping at the bottom of the stairs. Frankly, I'm surprised nobody noticed her...
    Daisy Gardner
    August Manor Garden
    "The Flower Princess and the Mistress of the Black Rose"

    The butler seemed a bit displeased at Daisy's comments, especially the one about the garden needing more love, but that didn't phase her too much. What did was his mention of a sun allergy. Allergy? Why would he call it that? There were several people (herself included) who were sensitive to sunlight, especially those with lighter skin, but allergic? Daisy hoped Miru had merely made a mistake in his choice of words, because otherwise that would imply he was a vampire of some sort. Though, in this creepy place, that could be likely... She made a point to keep a safe distance from this butler, and to watch his mouth closely for the presence of fangs. You never know...

    At any rate, before long Miru headed back into the kitchen to finish preparing the salad for tonight's supper. Meanwhile, Daisy decided to investigate the cherry tree further. As she walked up to it, a breeze blew by, causing some of the petals on the tree's flowers to rain down and land on her hat. When they did, she smiled; it was as if the tree was giving a gift to her--Daisy, the Flower Princess. Finally she approached the tree, placing a hand on its trunk and sliding it gently down the bark.

    Next she decided to check out the swing. Though the ropes looked rather old, they looked sturdy enough--but just to be sure, Daisy leaned on the swing a bit to make sure it wouldn't collapse. Even if she did fall off the swing, at least she would be landing on grass and dirt rather than concrete. When she sat down on it, the rope gave an eerie creak, but everything stayed intact. The creaking continued as Daisy swung on the swing, only gently so as to not disturb the tree, enjoying the last bit of sunlight slowly disappearing from the world.

    The garden had a sort of magic about it, a sort of serenity despite its relative unkemptness. As she swung around, she noticed a gathering of mushrooms a short distance away from the tree, and some small stones scattered about. And she was reminded of times when her own mother would give her a gentle push on a swing under the oak tree in her favourite childhood park. She even felt it as she swung on this swing now, due to this memory. And then there was singing. She heard her mother singing, a song she had longed to hear for the longest time from her. Her lips even moved along in an attempt to sing along.

    "Beautiful garden in the sky
    Atop a mountain way up high
    Where it is always daytime
    I want to be here forever..."

    A garden paradise of eternal daylight... it was Daisy's dream come true, pretty much. For a while she swung there, taking in the gentle melody of the song. However, then an awkward silence came about, and she swung to a stop. Meanwhile, the surroundings were becoming darker as the sun continued to set. Worry welled up inside Daisy, and she kept looking between the garden and the manor. And then she caught a whiff of something... but it was not pleasant. It reminded Daisy of... some sort of dead animal.

    She freaked out. Jumping off the swing, she ran back towards the manor, panting heavily as she entered back into the main hallway, the entrance through which they first came. Though this manor was creepy on its own, at least it was better than being in the garden at night, for there was just something offputting about it. Still panting a bit, she peeked into the parlor... but there was nobody there. Apparently dinner had started and Daisy missed the announcement. Oh well, at least she could be with the others now... Tiffany, the other college students she had arrived with, and that suspicious butler. She decided not to think about the latter for now. But she did head into the dining room next, as that room had the most light at the moment.

    Presently Miru was serving salad. Nearly everyone was here... that tall girl who decidedly believed less clothing equaled higher appeal, that guy with the glasses who was awkward yet nice, that mysterious young man with eyes of different colours... The latter currently had his hand over one of his eyes, and the golden one seemed to be glowing. Either the lighting in this place was weird, or something really freaky was going on around here. First the place was creepy, now the guests themselves were being influenced by its creepiness?!

    "Um, sorry I'm late, I kind of got distracted in the garden," Daisy remarked while standing in the entrance to the dining room. She noticed everyone had different drinks in front of them. "Er, do you have any kind of herbal tea, by any chance? Chamomile would be preferable, but anything is fine. And for Tiffany... a glass of water will do." Daisy remembered that Tiffany would always order a glass of wine at a restaurant ever since she turned 21, but Daisy was a bit concerned for Tiffany's safety and thought it best if she stay sober for now. "Speaking of whom, have any of you seen Tiffany anywhere?" Nobody replied. "No? I-I-hope... she hasn't..."

    Visibly fearful now, Daisy turned around and searched the hallway.
    "Tiffany!" she shouted. "Tiffany! Where are you? Tiffany!"

    She took another look around the parlor, behind chairs, around corners... nothing. Then she took a look out into the hallway, but it was too dark to make out anything. Moreover, when she looked that way, she heard another voice...
    "My blood... is yours..." The voice was a soft mumble, with an oddly gleeful tone to it. But to Daisy it was anything but gleeful. Her knees were shaking. Her lips were trembling. The hall was too dark, too silent... she had to shout.

    "Who's there!?" she blurted out, her voice echoing down the hallway.

    Daisy took trembling steps backward as she heard a muffled rustling coming from straight ahead, where she vaguely remembered seeing a stairway earlier. And then she heard footsteps.
    "Oh my, did I really doze off?" came the voice again, still sounding soft and weary. Yet it seemed... oddly familiar. Daisy backed up some more, until her back hit the pedestal atop which the mint container rested. Her mouth hung open for a while as whoever--or whatever--spoke got closer... And then she let out a shrill scream.

    But the scream didn't last long. A cold-fingered hand clasped over her mouth, and somebody was pressing her against the mint pedestal. Slowly, a face moved into the dim light emanating from the dining room, bearing dark shadowed eyes that seemed to stare right into her soul, and dark lips pulled into a menacing smirk. Whoever this malevolent lady was, she raised a finger and gently pressed it against an exposed part of Daisy's mouth.
    "Ssssssshhhh," she whispered. "Fear not, Daisy doll. It is I, Mistress of the Black Rose."

    Daisy squirmed about, desperately trying to free herself from this woman's grasp, but yet she couldn't find the proper strength to struggle. She had ceased her muffled scream by now... and knowing this, the woman grabbed Daisy's shoulders instead, shoving her over towards the dining room... and more importantly, the light filtering from it.
    "Honestly, does your memory suddenly draw a blank when you're frightened?" the woman spoke in a decidedly plainer and more mortal voice, carrying a dry yet slightly amused tone to it, that Daisy knew all too well. The light confirmed it, exposing the woman's curly black hair and gothic style of dress.

    "...T-t-tiffany!?" Daisy stammered, pointing a shaking finger at her.

    "Ahahahaha!" Tiffany laughed, removing her hands from Daisy's shoulders and holding one up next to her face. "I got you good, didn't I? Although, I do eagerly await the day where I actually can be an evil spirit haunting a place like this. At some point this lovely red rose has to die and turn black, right?"

    Daisy's cheeks flushed scarlet, and she grabbed the top of Tiffany's vest. "That's NOT funny! I'm serious! This place is creepy enough as it is, and you're only making it worse!"

    Gingerly, she let go of Tiffany when her forearm brushed a button on it. Rubbing the spot on her arm that touched the button, she walked back into the dining room, towards the seat Diego was reserving for her.

    "Erm, Miru, s-s-sir?" Daisy asked the caretaker. "On second thought, if you have any red wine, could you pour a glass of it for Tiffany, please? I-I-I think she might need it."

    Ignoring anything Daisy was saying, Tiffany walked around her and sat next to Diego, looking incredibly satisfied with herself. Resting her elbows on the table and propping her chin up on her folded hands, she gave another mysterious smile to Ambrose, and then to Diego, and then back to Ambrose, then off towards the dark hallway.
    "You know, I could really get used to this place," she remarked in an almost dreamy tone. "Just now, I had my very first dream about dancing with a ghost. It was a wonderful little nap indeed, though for a second I thought I would never wake up." She finished with a tiny little giggle. "Oh come on, what's with all this tension all of a sudden? You look like you've seen a ghost--or heard one, perhaps. That ghost wasn't me, was it? I'm still alive, right?" She lifted a finger against her throat and felt her pulse.
    "Drat," she muttered to herself.

    On the other side of Diego, Daisy grew uneasy, sinking back in her chair, picking a tentative green out of the salad in front of her and nibbling on the edge. Seemed safe enough to eat.
    "How are you holding up here?" Daisy asked Diego, though her tone was soft and uncertain. "I don't know about you, but I hope we don't have to stay here for long and can come out in one piece..."
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  12. Corrosion

    Corrosion Hello Kitty =/= Cat

    Qing “Sam” Wei
    Dining Room
    Affected RPers: Schade, Kiruria, DVB (maybe)

    The first course of dinner was delicious, if Qing was to comment on it at all. She still did not trust the inhabitants of the manor, or indeed the manor itself, yet, after watching her friends become more comfortable with their surroundings she relaxed just a bit. Refraining from remarking upon house to avoid accidentally offending the butler, she had kept silent and just followed, taking in the sights.

    Having used all the fancy utensils as intended and followed the rules of etiquette -- which she was convinced were in place only to prevent meaningful conversation as all the participants were all too concerned with making sure that remembered that they were supposed to use the utensil with which they had inserted the bone to take it out...with the exception of fish -- Qing was rather vexed. ’Absolutely superfluous,’ she thought as she absentmindedly bounced her foot.

    Ambrose, of course, seemed pretty determined to reveal his status as a non-human to the rest of the group, what with that comment Oh, Qing had known for quite a long time...it was pretty difficult for her not to recognize another supernatural being. Despite her attraction to his current form, she would not touch him, for she had no idea what was under the glamour and had not the desire to know. “Oh? Ghosts?” She had met a few spirits herself, but only benevolent ones--her parents had been far too over-protective to let her near the malicious ones.

    As she was halfway through her bowl of soup, a laugh like that of a small child’s could be heard, if only at the volume of a whisper. ’Funny. I didn’t hear Mr. Stone mention a child when he welcomed us, but perhaps he thought it not important.’ She was not all too concerned with it, as it could be the owner of the mansion’s. Then again, the odd feeling about him made him seem just a bit suspect. Qing assumed that he was like her: a non-human blending in with humans for the sake of convenience.

    The doll-like Daisy Gardner, who had sat next to Deigo, asked him about his condition and then confessed that this place felt off to her. Qing felt that this was potentially her place to mollify her, and so said, “Well, if we come out in one piece, we’ll probably be resembling Legion more than actual humans.” She smiled and laughed a weak laugh, as if to communicate that it was merely a joke. “More seriously, what about this place makes you think that?”
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  13. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    (Kiruria: Well then, I’ll just pretend Daisy didn’t hear Miru call her to dinner)

    Miru Stone
    Location: Dinning Room, Foyer, Basement, Kitchen

    Daisy entered quite late, excusing herself as distracted. Miru could roll his eyes, he didn’t of course, but he felt like it. She asked for herbal tea, and water for her friend, then left shouting, to look for her friend.

    Silently Miru hauled the tray into the kitchen, where he signed, placed the soup bowls next to the sink, washed his hands, and put on the tea kettle. Chamomile.

    There was some more screaming. Really? Did she not have an indoor voice?

    He poured another water for her friend, and got down a dainty teacup for the girl. Chamomile. At least she had reasonable taste. Hmm, maybe he was kind of grumpy. How long had it been?

    The girls were just sitting down as he returned with the waterless teacup, saucer, and water. The girl had changed her request, “On second thought, if you have any red wine, could you pour a glass of it for Tiffany, please? I-I-I think she might need it.”

    Tiffany. Gothic, Tiffany. Miru cataloged this information away as he set down the cups. He smiled pleasantly, and replied, “of course,” just as the tea kettle started to hiss, “Excuse me.”

    Miru returned presently to pour hot water over her tea leaves. Then leaving the kettle on a special stand in front of her, headed out into the foyer. Behind the base of the grand staircase was hidden a much smaller and simpler staircase, one that lead to the servants quarters, workstations, and cellars. Wine of course, was kept in it’s own special cellar, at the optimal depth to preserve the wine’s flavor for many years.

    Miru ran his hand over several bottles, considering the options. He didn’t know much about this girl’s preferences. Probably best to pick something with a balanced flavor. Not that he was too sure about any of them, not being one to drink wine, especially his employer’s expensive wines. He pulled a bottle out of it’s slot and checked the label, this would probably do.

    As he turned to leave, he saw a dark shape out of the corner of his eye. Miru took a deep breath and swore, “sh!t.”

    Not you. Not now. He hightailed it for the stairs, cradling the bottle. He could hear a bottle shattering behind him as he charged upstairs. Whatever did I do to you? Why were you in the wine cellar? Now I have to clean that up.

    Composing himself Miru passed through the dinning room and returned to the kitchen. Quickly he filled the wine bucket with ice water and set the bottle in it. He checked the fish and potatoes. Then got down a wide rim wine glass.
  14. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego Vendrix
    Location: Dining Room
    Affected RPers: Corrosion, Kiruria

    As Diego was enjoying the area, he heard the faint sound of a child's laughter. He looked around. There weren't any kids here... Or at least that he saw. Then the hair on the back of neck stood. It hit him. It was so obvious. There were ghosts here. Diego was a believer of the supernatural. It would explain why Tiffany looked giddy.

    On the other side of Diego, Daisy grew uneasy, sinking back in her chair, picking a tentative green out of the salad in front of her and nibbling on the edge. Seemed safe enough to eat.

    "How are you holding up here?" Daisy asked Diego, though her tone was soft and uncertain. "I don't know about you, but I hope we don't have to stay here for long and can come out in one piece..." Diego smiled at her. "Look Daisy, everything will be all right. I'm sure there is nothing to worry about. I mean you are here with friends," he says to her with a smile. However, he was interested in the supernatural. He then leaned over to Tiffany and decided to talk.

    "Hey Tiffany. You look really happy. What was it that you saw and or heard?" he asked his fellow believer in the supernatural. He gave her a smile. He always liked Tiffany and Daisy the most. He then looked to his buddy Qing, whom he always suspected something about her.

    "Well, the atmopshere, the giggling and the fact I can just feel it. It's my Aztec/Mayan blood," Diego said good-humoredly. He smiled at her. "Well, how is everyone doing by the way? I'm happy being here with my friends," he said to them with a smile.
  15. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou aberrant

    Alexis Thebault
    Affected RPers: Uh, anyone who wants to pay attention to his arrival? Idk. I also left his seat choice open on purpose.

    "Oh, come onnn, what the hell kind of a house has no wifi nowadays?" Alexis finally blurted out loud after staying silent for a good half a dozen minutes, one hand raised to amplify his disbelief. Of course, neither the motion nor his words helped his situation any; the wifi bar stayed unmoving and gray, and no amount of walking around the room (or the rooms nearby) helped him any. The general signal wasn't commendable either, which meant he couldn't really even use his prepaid data transmission to do his bidding. In other words, goodbye civilization and the wide, wide world of the Internet for at least another day.


    Popping another mint candy he'd grabbed earlier into his mouth, Alexis stuck a frustrated hand in his pocket and threw his back to lean against the wall behind him, all the while mumbling out his displeasure in silent grunts as he stared at his smartphone screen. Not a lot of things could ever push him into a sour mood, but being stripped from technology like this managed it. Yeah, sure, the manor was pretty and all that crap, and he could definitely see some of the more... uh, fanatical members of their group - namely Tiffany - enjoying the supposedly creepy atmosphere quite a bit. He? He just wanted to check Facebook. Maybe tweet a few pictures of the place while he was at it. Honestly, he'd thought that by now, they would've reached their next hotel and he'd finally gotten reception after days of going without in the boondocks, but no. Nope, another day in the wilderness it was. Why did he agree to this fieldtrip again?

    Oh, yeah. 'Cause he was bored.


    Alexis closed the cover of his smartphone with a slightly echoing snap, his shoulders rising into a brief shrug. Most signs of annoyance vanished from his face as quickly as they'd come, and another candy met its fate as he threw it between his teeth, biting down forcefully enough to crack the thing on impact. Well, fine, guess it couldn't be helped then; he was stuck here in the manor with no way out, and the truth was that there was no changing that right now. He was enough of a comfort seeker to not want to freeze his behind outside, after all, and the inside was tons more interesting and explorable than the forest that surrounded it. Plus, if the dinner was even half as good as the candies, he'd-

    "Oh, shit, right, the dinner!" He suddenly exclaimed, only now distantly remembering the butler-what's-his-face had come to say something a few minutes ago - something he'd dismissed with a vague wave of a hand with his nose buried deeply into the smart phone screen. And, looking around now, it seemed like the rest of the guys were, uh, gone, in a word. Man, was he really that oblivious of his surroundings when on his phone?

    Chuckling, mood restored, Alexis pocketed his phone and figured he might as well join the others before some people gluttoned down on his share as well. Before that though, he figured he might as well grab a few more candies for dessert. So, with a quick turn on his heels, Alexis walked back towards the entrance and the bowl of sweets he'd left half-emptied the last time they'd passed it - only to find it empty.

    After a quick double-take, Alexis blinked and picked up the bowl as if to make sure he hadn't just gotten blind from all the screen-staring he'd done. But no, no he hadn't; the thing really was empty. Huh. Guess someone from their group had been faster than him, then?

    "Or maybe a ghoooost did it," he smirked in jest, shrugging his shoulders again as he set the empty bowl back on its place and turned to head for the dinner instead. Bum about the sweets, but oh well. He could always have fun figuring out who the culprit was later.

    As he left the room to head back to the parlor, however, he could have sworn he heard a child's giggle right from behind him, eerily following him for a few steps.

    Man, the wind sure could be strange sometimes.

    Dining Room
    Still evening

    It didn't take long for Alexis's hunger to lead him towards the wafting smell of what appeared to be a rather high-class meal. He entered the room and waltzed in without much of an apology, hand raised in greeting and voice loud as ever to hopefully sound over the little conversations taking place.

    "Yo, sorry, I dozed off and crap there. What's for dinner?" Alexis paused his speech just long enough to take a gander at the table and find himself an empty seat with a plate to trot towards, before continuing: "Oh and, one of you guys is a damn sneaky bastard, I'll tell you that. And you guys blamed me for hoarding the candies? Talk about hypocritical."

    He practically jumped down on the seat, with a grin still in place and eyes curiously scanning the contents of his food. He figured the seat had been reserved for him, considering it had a plate and all - either that, or it was meant for the other residents or... something. He didn't know, nor really care. There was a plate, and he was hungry.

    Salad, though? Nooot exactly his idea of a gourmet meal, but eh. This was probably just appetizers or whatever. He dam well expected a steak, hopefully one that wasn't laced with poison. It wasn't that he particularly suspected the guy to want to kill them, just that he didn't have any proof of the contrary either. For now, the only way to find out was to wait and see though, right? He'd just watch someone else eat first or something, or ask the butler to do so. Or, you know get hungry enough to volunteer to go first. No biggie, risks needed and all that.

    His hungry stomach growled a yes to the last suggestion, but before Alexis could really dig in, he noticed that the others had rather customized drinks in front of them. At that, he couldn't help but raise his gaze (and voice) to shout into the kitchen: "Oh, yeah, dude, you got any beer?"
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  16. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Maxwell "Max" Hudson
    Location: Dining Room
    Affected RPers: Schade, GH

    "It was probably one of the ghosts here!" Ambrose suddenly replied. He covered one of his eyes with his hand, and the uncovered eye started... glowing? Max was perplexed. Was he seeing things? Did Ambrose have some weird eye condition he didn't know about?

    "Dude, is something wrong with your eye?"

    If there was, it wasn't bothering Ambrose that much, he continued speaking. "It's not like their prescence is such a huge secret. you guys can sense them too, right?" His eye suddenly returned to normal, and Max breathed a sigh of relief. He figured he really was just seeing things. It had been a long day after all. "Who knows? This seems to be a pretty old house, in the middle of the forest. Perhaps there are ghosts here of other teenagers that got lost in these woods, just like we did?" He finished off with a creepy laugh, or at least it would have been if it hadn't ended in a coughing fit, just like in a cartoon.

    Max shrugged his shoulders. "I dunno, maybe. It would be cool if there were. Just as long as their friendly ghosts. Not the mean ones that try to kill people. That's just scary..." Then Max heard the sound of a child's laughter. Did Miru mention anything about the owner of this house having children? He wasn't sure, but even so Max didn't think too much of it, and quietly finished the soup he had been given earlier. By the time he finished it, Miru had started bringing out the salad plates.

    The quiet was interrupted when another guy waltzed into the room, and took the seat right across from Max. "Oh and, one of you guys is a damn sneaky bastard, I'll tell you that. And you guys blamed me for hoarding the candies? Talk about hypocritical."

    "Hehe, are you sure there wasn't just less candy than you thought there was? Or that one of these ghosts everyone keeps talking about took 'em? Hehe." Max giggled. "Anyway, were ya able to get a Wi-Fi signal?" The nineteen year old asked as he stuffed a forkful of lettuce into his mouth. Then he cringed for a minute when he heard Alexis ask for a beer. His also liked drinking beer, and he got really mad for the smallest reasons when he got drunk. It was a nightmare to be around. He had decided a long time ago he was never going to have a drop of alcohol ever. It was for this same reason, that it also made him nervous being around drunk people. "Dude, do ya really have to have alcohol now...?"
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  17. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Miru Stone
    Location: Kitchen > Dinning Room > Kitchen

    Miru took his time. He knew the wine would not be totally chilled, but at least it was already cool from the cellar. He got down a pan and a bowl to make a quick butter sauce with and located his whisk. The chatter in the Dinning Room continued at a steady pace and Miru paid it no mind.

    “Oh, yeah, dude, you got any beer?” called a voice. Miru recognized it from their meeting, he’d been the one gorging on the hospitality mints. Swiftly he turned the fridge and withdrew a frosty bottle. He got down a glass, popped the metal cap on the bottle, and set a wedge lemon in the neck. Probably time to serve the wine as well.

    He set the glasses, beer bottle, wine bucket with wine bottle, and a corkscrew all on his tray. He carried this at shoulder height into the Dinning Room, bringing it down in a sweeping manor. Before the candy addict he placed the beer and glass, and before Tiffany he placed the wine glass, placing the bucket on the edge of the table. He slid the wine out of it and popped the cork, offering it to Tiffany. Normally it was to be offered to the eldest man drinking, but she was the only one drinking wine.

    He then filled her glass halfway and placed the wine bottle back in it’s bath. The drinks sorted, he took a step back, and holding the tray loosely informed them, “The main course will be ready soon,” before disappearing back into the Kitchen.

    He returned to the fridge getting out a few more ingredients, mostly butter, and setting the pan on the stovetop on low, started the sauce. At least tomorrow he’d have the warning necessary for red meat and fresh bread.

    Between stirrings he got down the large dinner plates, removed the fish and potatoes from the oven, and started plating them. A final drizzle of golden butter sauce over herb crusted fish and potatoes.

    These plates were harder to get on the tray, he had to carry a couple on his other hand and forearm. Awkward as it was, he had enough practice to get them onto the table without incident. With the main course set before the group he was free to work upon the desserts, and should have plenty of time.

    (everyone is so well, er, reasonably, behaved...)
  18. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    OOC: Whoa, has it really been over a month since I last posted? @_@ I'm falling into the same habit as I am in my Earthbound RPG...
    Daisy Gardner and Tiffany Elderwood
    Dining Room
    Affected RPers: Corrosion, DVB, Monster Guy, and anyone interested in what happened to Tiffany in the hallway
    "The Usual Bestie Banter"

    "Why thank you!" Daisy replied cheerfully as Miru brought her the tea. As she took her first sip of it, she thought about Diego's reassuring remarks just seconds before. Diego had always seemed like a nice guy overall; she remembered how on the hike here, he helped break her fall when she tripped over a tree root. However, Qing's joking comment seemed a bit offputting to her. It was almost as if the notoriously forgetful engineer was making fun of her... though Daisy didn't get what she meant by "legions". For all she knew, it was probably some movie or TV reference that she didn't get.

    "More seriously, what about the place makes you think that?" Qing then asked her, referring to her impressions of how they'd fare in the manor.

    "Well," Daisy replied, nervously pulling at a strand of her straight hazel-brown hair, "something just... does not seem right about this place." She paused, looking around and noting that Miru had left the dining room for the moment. "Doesn't it seem at all suspicious that there would be a manor this big and well-kept in the middle of nowhere, with some suspiciously generous host offering a surprising amount of hospitality? Then again, maybe that's just me having watched too many horror movies... not on my own free will, mind you; Tiffany's always dragging me into watching them with her."

    "Psh, says the girl who's always dragging me to the latest sappy chick flick, and who also never lets me play my music in the car," Tiffany remarked.

    "...Well, you like my music tastes, so that's a win-win for both of us, right?" Daisy replied, sounding a bit sheepish.

    "Actualy, it's more like, you have almost the exact same music library as I do, minus all the metal and a few darker classical pieces," Tiffany corrected, just as she was about to take another bite of the salad.

    Daisy decided not to reply to this, instead continuing to eat her salad. She didn't especially care for the cheese on it, as cheese wasn't her favourite, but loved the otherwise eclectic choice of veggies. Miru was someone who really knew how to make a proper salad, rather than the pile of iceberg lettuce and shredded carrots that makes up a typical house salad at many chain restaurants.

    Meanwhile, Tiffany had gotten another question, this time from Diego: "Hey Tiffany. You look really happy. What was it that you saw and/or heard?"

    Before Tiffany could answer Diego's question, there was another latecomer to the dinner table. This time, it was Alexis, the oddly gregarious computer nerd who apparently loved candy. Miru was back in the kitchen as well; in fact, Alexis promptly asked him for a beer, a suggestion that seemed to offend Max.
    "Dude, do ya really have to have alcohol now?" he remarked.

    "Huh, it would appear you have a problem with our communion with the spirits," Tiffany quipped with a giggle.

    "Ha ha, very funny, Tiffany," Daisy commented sarcastically, though she still did smile a bit.

    No sooner had they said that that Miru returned to the dining room, serving the alcoholic drinks as well as the fish and potatoes. Upon receiving the fish, Daisy felt embarrassed all of a sudden, characterized by her cheeks turning a light pink.
    "Erm, thank you," she said to Miru, "but... I'm sorry, I don't eat fish. I'm vegetarian[sup]1[/sup], you see; I suppose I forgot to mention it earlier."

    "I'll trade my potatoes for your fish," Tiffany offered, after taking a sip of her wine. She found it odd that it was chilled as she was used to red wines being served at room temperature (it was usually whites that were chilled), but figured that maybe this was a classier way of serving it.

    "Oh, and speaking of spirits," Tiffany continued, remembering Diego's question, but mentioning it to everyone at the table, "I was investigating that staircase in the hall, and when I reached the landing, I felt one stop me, and then push me down the stairs, and then lull me into a slumber, where it danced with me as a ghostly being. Funny, I can't seem to remember what the spirit looked like, even in the dream." She didn't seem the least bit concerned while telling the story; she might as well have been telling people what she bought at the mall, with how excited she sounded. Even though there was a bruise clearly visible on her elbow.

    "Are you serious?" Daisy asked her. "So then, that voice I heard about someone wanting blood... that was you too?"

    "I don't remember saying anything about blood..."

    "But it did sound like your voice... You said something like 'my blood is yours'..."

    Tiffany raised her eyebrows, but brushed it off like anything else. "Did I? Well, then either you were imagining things, or I was talking in my sleep. Or I also had a dream about vampires. Or maybe it was my evil twin... wait, wouldn't that be my good twin?"

    Daisy was beginning to sound worried. "Just... promise me, you won't go wandering off on your own again, okay? I actually thought you might have been, you know..." She made a slicing motion with her hand across her neck.

    Tiffany giggled amusingly before replying. "Sure, sure thing." She said it in a casual manner though, so Daisy was uncertain whether she really intended to keep that promise. Moreover, if that had really happened to Tiffany, then the safety of everyone was an issue here...

    [sup]1[/sup] Some vegetarians do eat seafood, but Daisy is one of those who don't - after all, fish are animals too.
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  19. Corrosion

    Corrosion Hello Kitty =/= Cat

    ((OOC: Golden Houou, your character’s first name is the exact as the name of one of my friends...who’s a girl. I might end up calling him a she by accident.))

    Qing Wei
    Location: Dining Room
    Affected RPers: DVB (Diego), Kiruria (Daisy and Tiffany)

    Miru had returned to serve Daisy some chamomile tea, and then returned to the kitchen, leaving Diego and Qing to continue their conversation. “Well, the atmosphere, the giggling and the fact I can just feel it. It's my Aztec/Mayan blood,” Diego said.

    The second sentence was a bit odd, or so Qing thought. ’Well, if he’s expecting me to be a central-American spirit, he’s in for a surprise...unless they regard foxes as mystical, too.’ It was strange, but many cultures thought that foxes were inherently magical. ’As long as he doesn’t look too closely he won’t notice a thing.’ Maybe she was too confident, but she didn’t expect any of the others to uncover her true nature any time soon.

    Daisy was the next to answer Qing’s inquiry, saying, “Well, something just... does not seem right about this place.”

    Many people had hunches about the supernatural, and more often than not, they turned out to be wrong or misguided. Qing was among those who were always correct (or so she liked to think and argue); then again, she had quite the headstart, being supernatural herself. She responded with, “Well, who else would have a house out in the middle of nowhere, ready and eager to take in strangers?” Of course, that just had to be at the same time that Daisy followed up with her explanation and Qing ended up talking over her.

    Considering the flow of the conversation and the talk, it might seem as if she was talking about mundane danger, not the magical sort. To clear up any potential misconceptions she said, “Of course, I mean that the owner might just be a rich philanthropist.”

    After paying half-hearted attention to the rest of Tiffany’s and Daisy’s minor squabble, Qing resumed consuming her dinner. ’They’re...surprisingly cute together. Like an old married couple.’ She shook her head--it would do no good to begin to ship her friends together.

    It wasn’t long before another distraction appeared, this time by way of Alexis asking about the possibility of beer. ’Ooh, alcohol.’ Beer wasn’t Qing’s favorite alcoholic beverage, but she’d drink it if she had no other option. ’Then again, better not. My tail might pop out if I drink too much, and I know that I will.’ The red wine that Miru poured Tiffany looked especially tempting. ’...Hm. Maybe everyone will regard it as a one-off oddity, as if something in the food was off and everyone was tripping. That’s what humans do, right? I don’t know.’ She resolved not to have any as to prevent any incidents.

    Tiffany, taking a shot at answering Diego’s question, said, “"Oh, and speaking of spirits, I was investigating that staircase in the hall, and when I reached the landing, I felt one stop me, and then push me down the stairs, and then lull me into a slumber, where it danced with me as a ghostly being. Funny, I can't seem to remember what the spirit looked like, even in the dream.”

    “What?” Qing asked before she could control herself. If the spirit was like that, at least she didn’t anger it. ’There’s going to be some competition, I see.’
  20. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego Vendrix
    Location: Dining Room
    Affected RPers: Kiruria (Daisy and Tiffany), GoldenHouou (Alexis)

    In groups of friends, there were always that one person that could always argue with one other person. While they were friends, their personality and differences got them to press their buttons. For Diego, that was Alexis. Diego sighed in mild aggravation when he came in. While he valued the guy and his intelligence, his stern skepticism annoyed him. And now, this rather rude outburst, made him facepalm. "Really, dude? We're here at this nice place and you're ordering beer?" he mentioned at him.

    Diego smiled at Daisy before looking at Tiffany as she answered his question. Tiffany was a strong believer in the spirits. He supported her views, but he did confess that her occasional obsessive moments worried him. He smiled at her nonetheless as he nodded. "Well, that's really interesting. I hope I have an encounter like that," he told Tiffany. He then turned toward Qing.

    He looked at her and found her reaction interesting. She didn't like dogs at all and most reacted strangely hostile to her. "Something on your mind, Sam?" he asked her with a smile. His eyes though he caught a faint image of a little spirit above near the ceiling.

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