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The Secrets of August Manor (SU Thread, Rated R)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by VampirateMace, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Rate R - for the usual reasons, possible violence, substance abuse, and adult themes.

    Nearly two weeks ago that you and your friends started on your walkabout, taking a term off from college to hike the back roads of the US, staying at campgrounds and cheap motels. It’s not the most comfortable vacation, but it’s in your price range. The next stop was supposed to be the Garden Motel in a small town called Gardenia Village. But the forked road through the dense woods was winding, it was dark before you knew it, and cell phone signal was spotty at best (not that you had anyone in Gardenia to call for help). You have sleeping bags tied to your packs and are starting to seriously discuss the option of just camping out on the side of the road for tonight and staying tomorrow at the hotel, but then somebody spotted a light up ahead, and as you got closer, it turned out to be a magnificent three story manor.

    You and your group approach the manor hoping to get directions, or even better, a ride, to town. Then somebody jokes that, “it’s like one of those horror movies where the car breaks down.” Your group shares a nervous laugh, and someone knocks on the door. The door creaks open, exactly like in one of those horror movies. Peeking inside, you can’t see anyone. Maybe this is a bad idea? But it’s cold outside, and your group files into the white marble foyer. Six feet in front of you stands a little white marble pedestal, topped with large gold bowl of puffed mints. Other than this the foyer is empty, save for some archways through which you can see a lavish parlor (left), a formal dinning room (right), and at the far end (front) a mammoth staircase and halls going off in either direction.

    Someone stuffs their hand in the bowl and greedily pulls out a couple dozen mints. Someone else elbows him, and he replies, “What? Isn’t that what they’re there for?”

    You can hear footfalls now, someone is running. The sound seems to be coming from the right, echoing through the dinning room. A pale young man, with messy black hair, skids into view. He’s wearing a crisp dark grey vest and matching slacks, over a black dress up shirt, shiny black shoes, and white cotton gloves. A silver pocket watch chain runs between his vest pockets and lowest button.

    “Oh, please accept my sincere apology for keeping you waiting,” he comments in a gentle welcoming voice, “Welcome to August Manor, I am the caretaker, Miru Stone.”

    “Does the door normally open on it’s own?” asks the horror movie fanatic. Miru’s gaze wanders, “I’m aware that it does that sometimes.”

    Another member of your group steps forward to explain you plight. Miru nods politely and replies, “Ah, I’m afraid town is still a good twelve miles away, and there is currently no vehicle here at August Manor, but you are welcome to stay as long as you like, the owner loves to share her historic family home and has an open house policy. So long as you do not damage the property… Would you like me to put on some supper?”

    “Myesh,” shouts the greedy guy through a mouthful of mints, while a few other reply more politely, that yes they are hungry and would really appreciate a hot meal. Miru smiles and tells your group, “Go ahead and leave your packs here, I’ll show you into the parlor. You can relax by the fireplace until the food’s ready.”

    It’s all so odd too... Who is this rich woman, so eager to share her historic family home? Where is she? Why would anyone build such a house out in the middle of the woods? Could this actually be some sort of evil plot? Maybe Miru is planning to poison you and bury you all in the garden? Or maybe he’ll kill you later while you sleep and eat your bodies? What, you don’t actually believe such as sweet guy could do that do you?

    The RPG will begin here (I‘ll describe the room in the first post, and give you time to make an opening post or two), then Miru will be returning shortly to lead you to dinner, after which he’ll take you up to show you your rooms (assuming you stay, rather than leave, trying to get to town). Your scrounging vacation is over if you believe what Miru has said about the owner (Sheriff Lulu Sanders) having an open house policy and decide to take her up on it, this place is nicer than any motel you could afford to go to, and the food is excellent. However there’s a dark side to such a historic manor, and many entities inhabit the manor. But you wouldn’t let ghost stories ruin a sweet vacation, would you?

    This RPG is intended to have one of several endings. Which one we arrive at depends on how everyone plays and if anyone tries to see this through to the end.

    More Details of the Manor:
    - The manor is a sprawling three-story home, along with a half-story attic, and a basement containing servants quarters, cellars, and work stations. It also has a three-quarters wrap around porch. The house has been fitted with almost modern plumbing, gas lighting, landlines, and some electrical wiring. There’s medium (third story, attic) to weak (rest of house) cell signal at the house, but no wi-fi outside what you can get on your cell phone.
    - The foyer, parlor, solarium, dinning room, and kitchen are all on the first floor. Ballroom and guestrooms are located on the second floor. (Guestrooms have their own private bathrooms.) The master bedroom, library, study, and playroom are on the third floor.
    - The property also contains; sprawling gardens, an empty horses stable, a private cemetery, several wooded trails, a large koi pond, and a gazebo.

    The Entities of the Manor:

    The Lady in White - This ethereal young lady or teenager appears in a flowing white dress, with her hair done up in a crown of braids, under a large white sunhat. This spirit never appears for long, and the majority of her activity appear to simply be watching others, accompanied by the scent of roses.

    The Specter - The Specter is dark entity which appears as the silhouetted head and torso of a muscular man, tapering out before the lower legs. No eyes or other features can be discerned. He is usually accompanied by more violent activity than The Lady in White, such as shaking doors and moved objects. When The Specter appears, it is almost always followed by misfortune or danger, but whether it is the cause or just an omen is uncertain.

    The Butler - Miru Stone is the Butler/Caretaker of August Manor. Though he is kind and gentle by nature, he has an unearthly quality, causing some wonder if he is also a spirit. He does after all, seem a little young to have worked here as long as he claims to have.

    Approved Players:
    1. VampirateMace (Miru Stone, Butler/Caretaker)
    2. DVB (Diego, Film Major/English Minor)
    3. Schade (Ambrose, Art Major & Witch)
    4. Kiruria (Daisy, Botany )
    5. Kiruria (Tiffany, Nursing)
    6. Corrosion (Sam, Chemical Engineering & Fox Spirit)
    7. Sketchie (Daria, Mechanical Engineering major/Mechanics minor)
    8. Monster Guy (Max, Art Major)
    9. Pir8Heart (Sonali) *RESERVED*
    10. GoldenHouou (Alexis Thebault)


    Sign-Up Form
    (I will accept 1, maybe 2, non-human character(s), if it is a really good sign-up and is not disruptive to the RPG flow or my plans. You may want to confirm I’ll allow your intended species before writing the sign-up.)

    What you will be called.

    Age and Gender:
    Your age (preferably 18+) and if you’re a girl or boy.

    What you’re studying at college.

    What you look like, please consider your character’s lifestyle when deciding this. If you’re a mechanics major, your hands probably won’t be scar free. If you have no money left, you may have lost weight recently.
    + 8 sentences

    How you think and act. Please make this realistic with good and negative traits, no Mary-Sues or Gary-Stues please.
    + 8 sentences

    What has happened in your past, again realism counts. Take into account your Major, Appearance, and Personality.
    + 8 sentences

    My Sign-Up

    Name: Miru Stone

    Age and Gender: 28, Male

    Occupation: Butler/Caretaker

    Miru is around average height, with a slender but well toned body. His skin tone is very pale, as he is sensitive to sunlight, and will turn bright pink if he’s outside for even a few minutes without protection. He has an oval shaped head covered in a mess of med-short black hair. His large eyes are chocolate brown, glistening with emotion.

    Miru wears a dark grey vest over a dress shirt, and matching dark grey slacks. He also wears white cotton gloves (with an extra pair in his vest pocket), a silver pocket watch with chain between his vest pockets and lowest button, a black leather belt, black or grey dress socks, and black leather shoes.

    Under his gloves, Miru’s hands are speckled with small burns and nicks, presumably from cooking, gardening, and household repairs. There is also a gold band on his left ring finger (though he is not married). Exposed, the rest of Miru’s body would show minor cuts, burns, and bruises, and a band of concerning bruises along his neck.

    Miru will come outside during the day on request without any preparation, but if he goes out on his own or is given preparation time, Miru adds a light grey sports jacket, a dark grey wide brimmed hat, and a black parasol, to his attire.

    For sleepwear, he generally wears dark colored pajama pants.

    Miru’s hair is the only messy thing about him. He’s constantly cleaning, when he’s not cooking, gardening (at night), or attending to any additional guest needs. The cleanliness of his clothes concerns him greatly, and it is not unusual for him to change a couple times during the day. He probably really doesn’t get as much sleep as he needs with all the cleaning and serving either. However he never complains about being overworked, simply he continues to address guest needs, “that is what I’m here for.”

    Miru is polite and formal, but not stiff or stuffy. He’s soft-spoken most of the time, but does not quite appear to be shy, just gentle. He will shout if there’s an emergency or possible danger, but only so he can keep everyone safe. He’s slightly introverted, but not to the point of being reclusive or avoiding guests.

    He’s loyal and protective, both to the Sanders Family and August Manor, and will call the local authorities if guests start to break antiques, furniture, or architecture. He tends to refer to the house by name, August, or with female pronouns. Some might even call his affection for the building unnatural.

    Miru was an only child, with poor working-class parents. With his parents gone so much of the time, Miru became very self sufficient and a bit introverted. But he was always considered a good child by the other villagers; got good marks in school, always when to church on Sunday, and was generally a helpful person.

    As he got older Miru developed a habit of going for long walks in the woods in the evening. One such walk ended very badly, when Miru was attacked. It was a painful event which he tries hard to repress the memories of. However, it was this same event led him to meet Mr. Sanders and become the butler at August Manor, which now owned by local sheriff, Lulu Sanders.

    He’s learned several new skills working for the Sanders, and managed to better his life. So, he is grateful for the experience, however long it lasts. He’s grown close to sheriff Sanders lately, and she is one of the few people besides the local priest, that knows his secret.
    Last edited: May 21, 2014
  2. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Once more, let's do it!

    Diego Vendrix

    Age and Gender:
    20- Male

    Film with a minor in English

    He stands at five foot, 11 inches. He has low cheekbones, a boyish face and with slight stubble. His hair is black with subtle patches of very dark brown, mainly in the tips. His hair is kept trimmed and neat, however the ends on the back of his head are messy and spiky. He has slightly bigger than average eyes, which are chocolate brown. His eyes are large enough that they are noticeably larger than average, even by a margin amount. His skin is a pale shade of olive skin that could be seen from his face.

    He wears a black T-shirt with a gold yingyang symbol on front and a white silhouette of Quetzalcoatl, portrayed as an Ouroboros with the crescent moon and sun in the center of the loop on the back. He has on some black cargo pants that has pockets to carry anything he needs to and black tennis shoes with a red spiral on them. He will sometimes different shoes, such as Nike Dart 10. He also has on a digital watch with him. He does change shirts to different slightly bizarre shirts, but overall this is kinda his basic attire. He will wear a fleece hoody if he is cold and will sometimes bring an earband and or a scarf. He also has his glasses on him.

    Diego is a warm and emotional person with an occasion fiery temper and an adventurous spirit. He is very empathetic and has a great desire to help people out. Beneath this outgoing facade, Diego is a shy and quiet person. He is also a very artistic individual as he will often draw whenever he gets the chance to do so. He is very loyal, but can come on as clingy, especially around girls. He also likes to cook. When in serious situations, he knows it is time for him to use his intelligence and strengths at their full capacity. He is very creative and known to be devious for his ideas. He is regarded as being very smart in many aspects. He also has a fascination with mythology, the supernatural, the sciences, arts, cooking and the traditional geeky things such as anime and manga. In fact, he tends to emulate the qualities of his heroes to help bolster his self-confidence.

    He has his faults, however. Some of these are being blunt, sarcastic, laziness and often day-dreaming during certain moments and saying a weird comment afterward. Beyond that, he also has moments of self-righteousness, showing frustrated toward some of the less-than-savory characters, but holds his tongue when he needs to. He is prone to snarky or blunt comments and is often unable to figure out what to do in situations with people so will often mess things up, though he means no harm. More so, he seems to have a dark side, appearing only in his night mares. Despite this or because of it, he tries to overcome these traits to become a better person.

    Born of Mexican heritage, Diego does not have of an interesting background. Born on the West Coast, his parents move to the Southeast a few months after his brother is born. He grew up being a bright but eccentric and lonely kid. Not able to understand that he was different and why the kids viewed him strangely, he took it in stride though his short temper would come out and showed that that the neglect gave him a growing self-loathing. In his mind, for every one of his age to avoid him and not being able to make friends until much later, made him wonder if something was the matter. Believing something was wrong with him, he repressed this self-loathing with optimism. He continued moving forward, though he became sulky and aggressive during middle school.

    This coupled with his brother’s normalcy, growing contrasting personality and popularity made the two clash and a rift was created that Diego ultimately regretted and while on better terms, still views this as a shame. Regarding his parents, his father worked in Operations for a computer company while his mom was a homemaker. Diego loved both his parents but closer to his father because he was a very competent, patient and understanding man, despite his stubborn attitude and need for control. Diego loves his mom and anyone who offends her will be given the traditional Mexican treatment, i.e. a tongue lashing a chance for a beatdown. However, he views her slightly as a ditz and is exasperated by her occasional lack of practicality and frugality, though he sympathizes with her emotional side, due to being the same way.

    Being left to his own devices with no real friends until later, Diego took to some of the nerd hobbies, mainly reading, video gaming and anime and manga. Being shy around some adults and never finding a mentor in the form an older peer, he centered his principles on heroes of various fictions. Emulating some of their properties and adopting their determination, they helped Diego forge a moral code. This combined with his stubbornness and intelligence, made him come off as someone who was devious in arguing and a smartass at times. In high school, as people matured and got used to him, Diego began mellowing out. However, he still holds a grudge to many a peer. To him, they did something wrong and the right thing to do would be to apologize. He does so and has often done so. This ratio adds to the self-loathing by making him think many things are because of his fault. This gradual compilation led to the formulation of a potential dark side. Retaining his assets while thriving on anger, sadness, revenge and other suppressed emotions , this is the side of him he does his best to restrain.

    Ultimately, he finishes off high school with strong grades, the only Hispanic with honors and going to college. However, his lack of experience with social cues as well as lacking any psychological coaching until late teenagerdom, put him in odds regarding networking. Furthermore, his philosophical ways and quirky views of the world made it odd for him to decide what he wanted, viewing the world having gotten too complicated. He did managed to meet some good friends on line, his best friend having met him in real life a few times. However, after some tough times and a feeling of mild irritation, he decided he needed a semester off to see the United States for some inspiration. He went along with some friendly people.
  3. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    DVB (Diego): Cool, accepted.
    - Likes to cook, hmm... I don't think Miru is going to welcome him into his kitchen.
  4. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Name: Ambrose Deveraux
    Age: 64 (Appears as 19)
    Gender: Male
    Major: Art (will give further explainations on this later)
    Race: Witch

    Ambrose, as he appears, stands a bit above average height. He have a slender figure, but due to working out, he have a muscular physique overall. His skin is slightly tanned, and stands in contrast With his half-long blonde hair, which he somehow manage to keep stylish despite minimal effort being put into it. Ambrose also have a case of heterochromia, where one of his eyes are light green, while the other eye is golden. His eyes often have a laid back and carefree look to them, and above them are two gently curved eyebrows, giving him the apperance of a dreamer. His face is overall pretty symmetrical, and a lot of others wuld describe him as "The Picture of beauty", much to Ambrose's joy.

    As Ambrose is a witch With the ability of shapeshifting and eternal life, Ambrose have a different side to his apperance that he can change at will, or that changes when he's very stressed or angry. This other form is more in term With his actual age, and shows him as a zombie-like character. His skin is visibly decaying, and he have open wounds on his neck, and a vertical slash over his left eye. His eyes are nothing but two deep, shallow dark holes. His hair turns grey, and grow an inch or two in length. His teeth also rot, and turn yellow, as well as getting sharper than usual. His jaw also gets a little crooked, and his lips are rotted away. In this "form", Ambrose also have enchanted strength and stamina, as well as strengthened magical abilities.

    for clothing, Ambrose is the kind of guy that can combine expensive and stylish clothing With comfortable attires in order to obtain the best results both in Visuals and comfortable...ness. His usual attire consists of a pair of dark, stretchy jeans, and a plain white skintight T-shirt With a deep V-neck. Over the T-shirt, he wear an Assassin's Creed hoodie. For footwear, he simply wear a pair of Crimson red Converse shoes. Ambrose also have a big plain white hoodie that he wear when he Paints, in order to absorb any potential spilling. For accessories, Ambrose wear a necklace of a pair of golden wings, a few colorfull wristbands, and a pair of dark shades, to cover up his unnatural eyes if desired.

    Ambrose is a person that greatly value beauty, both in himself and others. Beauty, from his point of view, is what's on the outside, and he couldn't care less for feelings and all that. All in all, Ambrose is a selfish individual, and takes great pride in himself and those Close to him. He's by no mean a bad guy, and he does get along great With whomever he may come across, though it takes effort to gain his full and Complete trust, due to his somewhat troubled past. He cares deeply for how he looks, and despite being a painter, he takes great care of his own apperance (Ironically). He's the kind of guy that gets easily annoyed if anyone burst out in an emotional meltdown, though he acts abd pretend that he cares.
    As mentioned, Ambrose is an artist. He view the world differently from others (he say so himself) and likes to Express himself through his art. If not for his rather agressive personality and relationship With others, one would think that he was just another "misunderstood painter"

    Ambrose is also highly intelligent, and enjoy spending time whenever he finds it, Reading books. He especially have a thing for alchemy, and crafting potions are a big part of his overall relationship With the supernatural. Because his friends and pretty much everyone he knows are humans, he can't practice his Magic freely, though he does a few telekinetic tricks every now and then to freak out others for his own personal Entertainment.
    Ambrose is also a pretty social person and enjoy the Company of others, to a certain degree. Though he rarely care about others, he does get along, and gets lonely sometimes if he haven't had any social contact in a while.

    Ambrose was born into a pretty simple and decent Family, living in the outskirts of a town in France. Due to his ancestors being witches, Ambrose was born With the gift of understanding the supernatural, as well as an affiliation With Magic. This went unnoticed through his early childhood, and was discovered when he was biologically 13 years old in a fight in School, provoked by his heterochromia. He did a forme change, and scared everyone watching, even the Teachers. when his parent figured this out, they were horrified by it, but tried to deal With it. His mother had heard the stories from her family's origin, but had never believed them. Now, she was frightened to find out anything more, and sent ambrose away.

    Ambrose lived on the streets for a few years until he got in touch With an old witch that took him in. The old woman who had taken him in knew a lot of the supernatural, and agreed to teach Ambrose about the world if he in Return helped her. The witch was an old woman With little time left, and she had spent her last years trying to figure out the Puzzle of a life-elixir to grant her eternal life, which she herself was Close to finding.

    More time passed, and together, the two witches quickly discovered the Secrets behind the elixir. The old witch was skeptical at first, and demanded that Ambrose would try it out first himself, which he hesistantly did. Nothing seemed to happen. The witch, angered, grabbed a knife and sliced Ambrose's throat, trying to trigger the effects. Nothing happened.

    Ambrose awoke in the middle of a dense forest. He was located at a graveyard, but had no memory of how he got there, or who he was. There was a thick fog laying around the yard, and there were no sounds but his own heartbeat. With nowhere to go, or no memories of an earlier life, Ambrose left.

    Now, Ambrose have graduated high School With top grades due to a lot of time to study, and have been accepted at a college to study art, and he hope to simply live out his days With doing what he enjoy, as well as finding an antidote to his immortality

    - His Powers are: Telekinesis, spellcasting and potion-crafting
    - He is in the posession of a spectral grimoire that he can summon at any time
    - He is able to Catch glimpses of the future and the past in his dreams, and often Paint what he sees.
    - Ironically, he's fairly occupied With his own looks
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2014
  5. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Schade (Ambrose, Art Major - Zombie Witch): Alrighty, Accepted
    - I already told you about the typos.

    We need a girl or two as well...
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2014
  6. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    yay, and he's not a 'zombie witch'. he goes under the category 'witch'
    You told me they existed, but not where they were. I found one and corrected it though. lol. (Checking again)
  7. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Okay, so his heart is still beating dispite apparently having been dumped or buried in the graveyard prior to waking?

    I didn't keep tabs on the typos.
  8. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Hmm... maybe not. What about: An immortal witch that coincidently doesn't have a heartbeat? (I dislike being categorized as a zombie. lol)
    If not, his heart just started pumping again. I should specify that in the SU..
  9. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    It is what it is, if his heart is no longer beating he is some form of undead... It doesn't have to be a zombie, I was just using it as a blanket term. Is there some way you prefer his undeadness be phrased? And along those lines, can he sense if others are undead?
  10. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    I threw in his heartbeat too. He can sense other supernatural beings due to being one himself, was my initial thought
  11. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Okay, that works too. - He should be one of the first ones to pick up on Miru's unearthly qualities them.
  12. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    Oh my, another really interesting RPG I just cannot pass up. I've wanted to join an RPG like this for a long time, actually! But I have a question before signing up. Is it okay if I RP as two characters? They'll be a pair of good friends (and both will be girls, to even out the gender balance), though almost opposite of each other personality-wise; one will be a gentle yet easily spooked girl who loves flowers and is studying botany, while the other will be a carefree perky goth who is not afraid of anything and loves horror movies. Would this be okay?
  13. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Yes, I'll allow it, but you will need to commit to making it very clear which one is doing what. No first person RPGing unless you RPG just one of them at a time.
    (Not that I think that'll be an issue for you.)
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2014
  14. Corrosion

    Corrosion Hello Kitty =/= Cat

    May I sign-up with a non-human character? It would be a fox (hu li jing [Chinese fox spirit]), so they have a human form. If you'd like just Schade to have the non-human character, I'm fine with that as well.
  15. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Ooh! This sounds interesting. May I take a reserve as a human character? I'll start on a WIP now.

    Daria Lemon

    Age and Gender:
    21 (Apr 3) / Female

    Mechanical Engineering major / Mechanics minor

    Daria is awkwardly tall and willowy, ending up at 5'11", 145 lbs. She has a triangular head, her chin sloping nicely to a point. Her thick, sandy-blonde hair is cut pixie-short and choppy, and she usually keeps it gelled into a fauxhawk. Her bright, bottle green eyes are large and expressive, and she has a small, straight nose. Her cheekbones aren't undefined nor defined, they're just kind of average, and she has thin, pale lips. Her arms and legs, although strong and can hold a bit of weight, show no obvious muscle, nor does the rest of her slim frame. She doesn't have much of a feminine shape, with small breasts and hips. Her hands are small and damaged, the right hand being more scarred and cracked everywhere (her right hand being her dominant hand) than the left (although, her left fingers are a tad more calloused from years of guitar and viola playing). She has three stars tattooed on her left hip, and the Rise Against logo (this, minus the words) on her left arm. Her left ear is pierced, and she usually has a black stud through it.

    If she's going to class,you'll fin her wearing a gray t-shirt and long jeans. If she's going to class. Most of the time, however, she's wearing a bit less. At the current time, Daria is wearing a Bring Me the Horizon t-shirt (specifically, this one) that she cut off the sleeves and tied it up to her waist, revealing a flat stomach. Her hip high, blue-jean shorts go down just above her knees, and on her feel you'll find black converse.

    Daria is hot-headed and headstrong. She's brash, brave, and bold. She does have a bit of a temper, and hates being wrong -- and won't hold back if confronted. Despite her firey personality, Daria's very friendly, and won't hesitate when it comes to striking a friendship with anyone. She's doggedly loyal, and will be on her friends' side no matter what. She does hold grudges, however, and will do almost anything to get revenge. She's very sarcastic, and can be a bit self-deprecating at times. She's very loud, and isn't afraid to voice her opinions, no matter how sensitive the subject. She's not extremely vulgar, however, but she does swear on occasion.

    Although most would take her as the "I-don't-give-a-crap-about-school" type, Daria loves school (as long as it's not English). She excels in math and science, although her english grades aren't a pretty sight. She loves taking things apart and putting things back together, and is gifted in learning how things work. Fixing things is another strong point of hers, and you can often find her working on old cars. She's not the most eloquent person on the planet, but get her started on the mechanics of a 1965 Volkswagon Type 3 engine and there is no stopping her. Daria doesn't care much for alcohol, due to the fact it takes a couple for her to get tipsy, but she'll partake if her friends are.

    The first time you meet Daria, you'd probably think she has all the self-esteem in the world, and nothing can break her. Well, that isn't exactly the truth. She's just good at hiding. She tends to shove down negative emotions such as fear and sadness, for fear of losing the people she loves. She trusts quickly, which can end up badly, quickly. She won't cry, outright refusing to do so, and she will hold back tears until it is physically impossible not to.

    Daria is the product of a one-night-stand. After finding out she was pregnant, her mother, Patricia Lemon, decided to keep the child -- she had a steady, well paying job, a spacious apartment, and (after a little persuasion) a mother who could watch Daria when Patricia wasn't home. Life started out fairly normal for Daria. She learned to walk and talk, and, of course, she learned how to take things apart. Breaking things was her specialty as a young child. She had a few friends who lived near her grandma's home, although they often moved away. When Daria was 5, she started Kindergarten at a local, public elementary school, and the first thing she did was make a new friend -- a boy named Austin Withers. The two became fast friends, and did everything together.

    Daria changed a lot personality-wise in elementary school, and the strong, brash person she is currently started to leak out. Then she seemed to grow like a plant. Daria blazed through elementary school and middle school, and it was quite obvious where her strong points were, as high as her math grades were and as low as her english grades. Austin did the same, although his english grades were far better and his math grades far worse. Class after class, assignment after assignment, Daria charged on with confidence. Then, Junior year, Austin asked her out. And at that moment, everything started to crumble. Daria and Austin quickly became a couple. It seemed tat for the two of them, it would last like a fairy tale. But, of course, all things come to an end.

    On a cold, November day, Daria decided to go to Austin's house, as a surprise. When she got there, she noticed the door was open. Curious, she walked in, only find Austin naked on the couch with another woman. Furious, she went into a rage, yelling and screaming at Austin, until she stormed out. On the drive home, she did her best not to cry, but the second her front door was closed and locked behind her, she couldn't help but collapse into a sobbing mess. Austin and Daria never spoke again. Daria went on to get a scholarship at a nearby university, deciding that Mechanical Engineering would be the best career path for her to follow (after all, her affinity for taking things apart never really went away). She has been at the university for a couple years.

    Daria carries a simple, gray messenger bag that she keeps her basic tools (screwdrivers, wrenches, and the like) in.
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  16. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Your goth girl would be my characters best friend. lol
  17. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    @ Corrosion: You may, though acceptance may be dependent on the details of your characters (but this is the case with humans too).

    And with that; Non-human sign-ups will now be locked.

    @ Sketchie (Daria): Okay, reserved.
    - Does she go by Daria or Lemon? There’s not much to go on, but based on the little bit of description and her major, I can see her going by Lemon.

    I'm going to accept up to two more characters (beyond the current reserves), because I think 6-8 college students as guests, will be a good amount.
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  18. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Oh, we're not using last names? Okay. Her full name is Daria Lemon, and she goes by Daria, although she'll answer to Lemon (and she's okay will being called "Lemon.")
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  19. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Uh, no, I expect full names (I'm only listing the first, unless otherwise stated), I just had a random thought (probably stereotype related), and wanted to ask.
  20. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Okay. That makes sense.

    I should probably mention I'll be without internet until Tuesday, so no progress will be made until then. But it should be done Wednesday/Thursday.

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