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The Semifinals II: Dazzle (1212)


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The Semifinals II: Dazzle

It's time for Ash's semifinal match in the Masters Eight Tournament against Cynthia, the Sinnoh Champion. Having known Cynthia since his journeys through Sinnoh, Ash faces a rough battle when Cynthia toys with him using some clever strategies, putting his back against the wall. Ash tries to turn the tide of battle but Cynthia keeps blocking. Will Ash manage to get through Cynthia's offence?

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This match is going to suck. So ready to call it the worst battle of JN, quite possibly since Ash vs Hau.


Sorry not sorry for my smugness
Man, I haven’t been this excited for a battle since Ash vs Alain. Diamond was my first game, so Cynthia has a special place for me. Can‘t wait! :D