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The Semifinals II: Dazzle (1212)


I’d still like to think that Cynthia using Spiritomb to make Ash’s Pokémon alseep and take them out with Dream Eater is a reference to Tobias. Especially since the mentioned the Sinnoh league


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Counter Shield is trending on Twitter :D Such an amazing callback that helped Ash a lot in the end despite Pikachu getting Destiny Bonded. Sucks so much too because it barely had taken damage up to that point. Cynthia didn’t want to deal with another 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt situation.

Now that I think about it, I don’t think we’ve seen Destiny Bond since Katie all the way back in the Hoenn League.

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But for everyone else, this was such a great start to a battle 15 years in the making. Cynthia was as tactically adept as expected, and her cool and collected demeanor was still there until Ash finally made her break character against Gastrodon.
This was another W for me. I think Shirona might become one of my favs when this is said and done. Her maturity and coolness is so nuanced with bringing her Pokemon back tactically and necessary without regard for timing, just so ever confident and controlled but you could also see those "cracks" in her disposition. She even had the backup plan when it looks like Satoshi was gaining a bit of ground with his ace.

As for Gengar's Will-O-Wisp, I'll be shocked if Natural Cure doesn't heal that next episode making any efforts null and void and allowing Unonoragon to get its big moment.
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I don't like how writers have detached him from Kanto and made him Alola's golden boy. Ash is and should be a KANTO REPRESENTATIVE. He should be an Alola rep when there is a tournament of respective champions. WCC is not that one.
They mentioned him being from Kanto when the Masters 8 was first revealed


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Fantastic episode. It was refreshing to see Spiritomb in action and pull of a Rillaboom to knock Ash's 3 Pokémon backed up with a nice strategy.

I'd say Gastrodon's loss here was unjustified given how it is bulky, but all Champion's aces were allowed to score an easy win more or less, so I can at least understand Pikachu's win here.

So far, it is promising. It's been long a decade us fans have asked for Ash vs. Cynthia, and it surely hasn't disappointed. Looking forward to next week.


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Sad that Ash can’t use this strat with his JN mons since it seems to be exclusive only to pikachu and the sinnoh mons for nostalgia purposes

He hasn't fought many Hypnosis Pokemon in JN and dramatically it makes so much more sense to bring it back for the Cynthia match

I'm ok with it as a one time treat. It's a very specific strat, he wouldn't need to do it every time


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Dragonite went from being an ace in the first half ofJN to become weakest member of the team in around 30 episodes.
Would love to hear your visual standpoint critique if you rewatch
Sure, though I doubt that my opinion will change very much. There was a nice impact frame, some pretty decent poses in the Gastrodon v Pikachu match, and the visual flair with Counter Shield was very cute but it's definitely not a case like with the Iris vs Ash battle for example where my view of the episode's animation wholescale changed.


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Dragonite went from being an ace in the first half ofJN to become weakest member of the team in around 30 episodes.
That's an overreach, just because it began losing doesnt mean its the weakest when all it's losses have been against strong members and strats
Dragonite is still the only pokemon aside from pikachu who took down a Champion's ace