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The Semifinals II: Dazzle (1212)

Blue Saturday

Unfurl your Blessed Wings!
Best Dragon mama/daughter versus Mikurage, a Pokemon Satoshi fought and sealed off once. Draco Meteor right off the bat, hell yeah but Shirona keeps composed and Mikurage dispels it with ease...Hyponosis, it's giving the vibes against Melissa/Fantina...WAIT WILL THIS LEAD TO COUNTERSHIELD? (that's how he beat her back in the day.)


Horizons is THAT show.
Hm. When he said Dynamax it focused on Ash and Mega Evoltuon with Cynthia.

And Spiritomb’s debut looks awesome period

Blue Saturday

Unfurl your Blessed Wings!
Poor Kairyu versus just looks like it was having its health siphoned, almost a little bony from Dream Eater(?) Can def feel a somewhat vulnerable vibe from Satoshi's body language.

Poison-type versus Poison with Roserade and Gengar, Will-O-Wisp vs. Leaf Storm. Satoshi's not completely vulnerable and forces Shirona to withdraw it. Already liking the switching. Mikurage is back to fight Ghost on Ghost.