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The Semifinals III: Valor (1213)

British Soul

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Not an essay time:
When TR ran to the edge of the battlefield and essentially jumping between twerp/enemy lines, I was reminded of the Sinnoh Legue when they did the same thing during Ash's battle with Tobias (this better not be a bad omen) and also against Paul. I do like that Morpeko was snacking on Old Gateaus during the battle, though I'd also like to know where it got that MooMoo Milk from.
I do like that Garchomp's moveset has been changed up for this battle, no longer having Sandstorm like it did in JN083, instead incorporating Stealth Rock, a move that has been seen on many competitive Garchomp sets over the years (though in-game, it wouldn't have done much damage to Sirfetch'd or Lucario anyway) and now we see a correlation with this battle and the Ash vs Paul fight, with Ash having to deal with an entry hazard, and in an on-brand move for Ash, he uses a creative tactic to clear the hazard a little later on in the battle, and just like in the Ash/Paul battle, this happens in part 2.
Dracovish did well to unalive Roserade in the way it did. "Pfft, Leaf Storm, no problem" though it wanting to stay in gave Cynthia the opportunity to gain traction again using her Milotic.
Sirfetch'd is another pokemon that did rather well, and unalived Milotic in a similar fashion to Dracovish, enduring an attack and force through with its strongest attack, smoothly animated I might add. Although I do appreaciate that it was still standing on its feet when it was unalived following its clash with Garchomp, Wikstrom would be so proud of its chivalry.
Even though it hasn't been confirmed, the fact that Lucario was able to stave off the Air Slash's effect implies that Lucario has Inner Focus as its ability, also I like how Cindrace exited its pokeball to cheer Lucario on. Another thing I appreciated about this episode is how everyone assumed Cynthia would use Mega Evolution like in R1, only for her to reveal a Dynamax Band and Dynamax Togekiss.
One more thing I'd like to add is how there's a correlation between this battle and some of Ash's other league battles. P1 ended similarly to Ash/Katie P1. This episode had similarities to Ash/Paul P2, between Ash clearing an entry hazard, and Ash's opponent having 2 pokemon remaining at episode's end, but the situation from Ash's point of view is the reverse of the end of Ash/Kotetsu P1, one side having Lucario as the one remaining pokemon and the other side having two pokemon remaining, one of which is their ace.
Also, what were Tauros and Talonflame doing in this episode? Because they clearly weren't watching the match, on another note when Lucario was using Bullet Punch, I liked that Infernape was choosing violence with the throwing of punches with Oak moving out of the way.

Blood Red

Definite upgrade over the last ep, which was already one of JN's better showings. Still gonna hold off on giving an opinion on the battle as a whole, but this Cynthia match could end up being a decent enough fight if the next episode is as good as this one.

It might not be what I wanted out of an Ash vs Cynthia fight, both in terms of animation, Pokémon selection and character writing, but it is an okay match; better than I'd expected from JN, at any rate.


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I kinda doubt it lol. Cynthia is no Leon or his Charizard who changes attacks like you change clothes. I just wish somewhat more diversity. Ironically Lucario and Garchomp kinda have the same issue.

Then why change Chomp's moveset at all?

GMax Helios

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I will say there were way too many cuts to Morpeko. It especially doesn't help that not only is Morpeko the worst Team Rocket Pokemon to me so far (I'm pretty sure he's the only one I'd actually call bad), he's also the least interesting. His personality is literally nothing but "I'm hungry, give me food or I'll kill you". All of the others had a strong bond with them (except maybe Lickitung, but I find him passable. Not great, but not bad) and at least when James' Pokemon attacked him it was out of love. Seriously, throughout all of the Masters 8 every time Morpeko was on screen al we see is him in Hangry Mode eating something. I wish they actually caught the Chewtle and made it their own instead of putting him in the machine. I literally kept count of how many times the camera cut to Morpeko in this episode. 4 times. At least Team Rocket's commentary is funny and it's really heartwarming to see them cheering for Ash.


get rillaboomed
  • They gave Cynthia so much flare why is she so cool
  • Natural Cure on Roserade as expected
  • Good on Cynthia wrapping around Dracovish to extend poison damage easily
  • Brutal Swing on Stealth Rock is fairly stupid (yes this is a pro)
  • Sirfetch'd shield block into attack with sword
  • Sirfetch'd put in the work
  • So they saved all the good music for this fight I guess
  • Nice mid-set Stealth Rocks when half his team is already gone smh
  • Roserade and Togekiss sure sound very English
  • Every shot to Infernape makes me feel sad
  • Not rating Dynamax Togekiss until next episode
  • Don't forget Morpeko is part of the show guys
  • Dracovish vs Roserade was just attack mashing tbh
  • This whole episode is "hey when you gonna mega hey when you gonna mega hey when you gonna mega" into surprised pikachu face when it's not mega time
  • Thought the long pause after the Sirftech'd Garchomp clash was a bit overkill - there was no way Garchomp was going down
  • Anyone else notice the screen darkening during the Bullet Punch barrage? Kinda annoying

Alright part 2. I liked part 1 more mostly off of Cynthia's strategies being really good compared to here.

This is looking like a solid 5th place on the full battle ranking so far. Hopefully next week's Lucario fest will stand out since we have more time to focus on the last 2 matchups.


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The Semifinals III: Valor

Ash's battle against Cynthia rages on with Ash having lost 3 of his Pokémon already making Ash having to face an uphill battle. However, with Cynthia's strategies pushing him more and more up against the wall, Ash decides to unleash a strategy for a big breakthrough. Will Ash manage to get through and change the tide of battle?

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Interesting battle but when leon vs ash lol


What is the airspeed of an unladen Swellow?
I don’t really have too much to say. This episode was definitely a great followup/continuation of last week’s episode.


Horizons is THAT show.
Maybe he had a sixth sense for that?
Idk I found it interesting how he already knew. I wonder how acquainted they are especially when they made her and Diantha besties despite barely talking to each other the entire tournament


Horizons is THAT show.
Well girls need to stick together I guess.
Yeah it seemed very forced. Oh well. Guess they're only members of the top four left and Diantha can't talk to Leon since he whooped her ***.
Plus Iris needs to sell that selfie they took,she will be rich lol.
Cynthia and Diantha will be rich once they sell that picture :cool:
Though Ash didn't really seem that surprised when Cynthia Dynamaxed Togekiss.
Yeah idk. Ash seemed surprised but Diantha had no reaction and Leon basically called it before she did it. Idk if they intended this as a secret or did everyone just know about it. Welp.


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I absolutely hate @Ignition and @Blue Saturday for always properly and extensively covering the episodes with points I had in mind and wanted to say :p
Both for this episode and the last :p

Gonna post my proper full review for both episodes later on after tomorrow so I can post them in detail and after a rewatch of the battle as a whole. Would have posted earlier but life do be hectic nowadays

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You win Serebii lmfao
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You had the perfect opportunity to go for 'luv u' instead to be more in character and you didnt :( May the Kuku and Kaki man haunt you in your dreams along with the blue and green SM girls