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The Semifinals III: Valor (1213)


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Draco did some damage to Milo at least

Hu Tao

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Sirfetch'd sweep time?

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The splash screen of Shirona sending out Milokaross is so swell.

Ah, Disarming Voice vs. Dragon Dive. Just brute force that shiiiizzzz, not quite a match for the beautiful fish. She just kind of stalls him a bit but keeps him in place with her body to send Iron Head for a KO.


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SR this early was a bad move from Cynthia; Sirfetchd and Luke will take less damage from it and Draco was already out.

Of course this will not at all be dismissed as "bad writing".

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Definitely an Iwane episode, I can see that much. Preferred last week's art though, also forgot about Stealth Rock. Poor Onion Duck.

Definitely getting some Onion Duck fanservicie here and it's that ol' Iwane Captain America frisbee shield through trick from Saito's Iwane episode!


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Ash is waiting on something that’s never gonna happen

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Just rushing right in like a knight into battle, that's what makes the knight duck him!

Star Assault vs. Charm Voice, they're doing a good job showing off Onion Duck. Cool anime sword slaying scene.


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Lucario now cannot knock out 3 of Cynthia's Pokemon, ruling out a dominant solo "shill" display. It may still be the star and last Pokemon standing but that is irrelevant in the face of the expectations set.


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Both the fish and duck have redeemed themselves and proving there worth atleast.

Though cynthia's strategic and pokemon placement battling style is way more interesting than other champions.


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Yup. Cynthia is dynamaxing. It's confirmed. Just before the mid episode break, it shows a small 2 second clip of the 2nd half, and Cynthia is shown maxxing something.
DRACOVISH MVP! He did awesome!
Ash using Night Slash to break Stealth Rock was genius. So much better than part 1 so far. Milotic went down too fast though