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The Semifinals III: Valor (1213)


Call me Robert guys
I know right like lol.

It was a weird move ngl. Ash just fixed the issue like it was nothing, yet he struggled with Dream Eater.
Exactly, like where was this brain last episode?? It was like he turned off his brain until Pikachu came out smh lol.


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So what was the point of Stealth Rock if Sirfetch’d was just going to destroy it immediately after coming out…? That’s my only complaint

Cynthia being written as stupid, obviously. Unforgivably, aggressively, tragically bad writing and the result of the JN writers hating something that I specifically care about.

EDIT: Since this apparently needs to be clarified, THIS POST WAS NOT SERIOUS
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I'll probably do a proper review later but HOLY COW I LOVED THIS!!! Seeing the fight from Ash's Pokemon was so amazing! They were neglected for most of Journeys but when he needed them, they came through and how!

First Dracovish, tanking super effective attacks from freaking Garchomp like a Champ! And then despite getting poisoned by Roserade and taking more damage, it still came through! And then it refused to return because the job wasn't done yet, and that paid dividends because it got one more hit on Milotic!

Next, Sirfetch'd came and took care of the Stealth Rocks in a way only Ash can, and then freaking bossed Milotic in a way we haven't really seen Ash's Pokemon do! It barely took a hit and made full use of the prior damage it's buddy had done to take care of Milotic. But that's not all, IT FREAKING WENT TOE-TO-TOE WITH GARCHOMP!!! And with just one attack it was able to do something even Haxorus couldn't, stagger Garchomp! Although tbf, Haxorus had to fight Mega Garchomp which is a whole other level. Anyway, this is what I wanted, a team effort to take down Garchomp and hence give it the respect it deserves! Sirfetch'd has taken down an E4 Pokemon before with that move so it's not surprising even Garchomp would have felt that!

And lastly, Lucario blocking Air Slash was pretty cool although I'm surprised that a single Air Slash was able to hurt it so badly. And that twist! I saw that on the Episode Discussion but I thought it meant that Garchomp won't Mega Evolve in that episode, not that it won't at all! And now I can keep my headcanon that Mega Garchomp would still beat Mega Lucario, as it should :) Still hoping we get a cracking battle between Base Garchomp and Mega Lucario!

Man, this is definitely going in the top battles of all time, although we have yet to see the conclusion. This was well worth the hype!!! And just the difference in Ash's attitude was quite stark from the previous episode. This was a more confident Ash, in his element, and that brought out the best in his Pokemon as well.

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This episode was super fun and visibly more active in choreography and Iwane did a nice job as always. A bit if active strategy intermixed with movement/characterization.

More than a few cute/rad dialogue scenes I'm going to save the majority of my goodwill for a review after subs come.


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She is being written as a strategy genius the whole fight, how can you even say such a thing?

Jesus TAPDANCING CHRIST, how did you not get that I was satirising the insane behaviour from last week's topic

I sort of understand how you'd miss it with the first part, but the second part where I said the writers were specifically attacking me should surely have set off some alarm bells?!


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Lol how can people have issue with cynthia, cynthia's constant switching tactics have thrown ash offbalance and didn't let him fighting like his usual self.


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Jesus TAPDANCING CHRIST, how did you not get that I was satirising the insane behaviour from last week's topic

I sort of understand how you'd miss it with the first part, but the second part where I said the writers were specifically attacking me should surely have set off some alarm bells?!
My bad then lol :p
You were good at your satire lmao, it really felt like something a 'normal' serebii user would say for the heck of it


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Next ep's preview looks so good!! Cant wait to see Cynthia's play with Dynamax Togekiss, if they go the boosting stats and then baton pass route, I am going to be SO happy!! A boosted dynamax stats Garchomp versus an already damaged Mega Lucario would be hype and would definitely shut up those who say Cynthia nerfed herself by not going for the Mega option!!
I would HATE the baton pass route, cause then Lucario vs Garchomp won't be the final matchup and that would be anticlimactic.


You are awesome!
The episode was good. Not perfect,just good. And now leave it be and take a breath.

Last thing I am going to say about this episode


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When was Ash going to realise she wasn’t Mega Evolving the first or second time Garchomp came out?
Tbf we've often seen trainers delay Mega Evolution even though there's no penalty in using it early, like Diantha did vs Leon and Steven did vs Ash. I think Cynthia made an error in her overconfidence as she should have Mega Evolved Garchomp earlier. It might have taken care of Dracovish then and there, or alternatively beaten Sirfetch'd faster without taking as much damage.

I liked the contrast in the two episodes. In the first one, Cynthia was at her strategic best and entirely in her element, dominanting the battle like she usually does while Ash was under the pump. In this episode though, it was Ash's time to counterattack and Cynthia was caught off-guard by the intensity shown by Ash and his Pokémon. Dracovish would probably have been defeated by Roserade in her head, and then a full health Milotic might defeat Sirfetch'd or allow it to be cleaned up fairly easily. Instead, she ended up exposing Garchomp to far more damage than she would have liked and while we don't know what strategy she had intended to go, she was forced to Dmax Togekiss regardless since a full strength Mega Lucario would probably be enough to take on a weaker Mega Garchomp. Her plan now is probably to weaken Mega Lucario enough that Garchomp can come and clean up afterwards.