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The Semifinals IV: Impact (1214)


Not thinking twice!


Not thinking twice!


Deluded Dreamer
Why are some of you acting like the fanbase is a hivemind? Just because some people don't like Lucario means others wouldn't want to see Cynthia use one? What kind of logic lmao. Wasn't a major defense against criticism for Ash's is that a lot of people wanted him to catch once since it debuted in the movie?

As for the actual battle, while I wouldn't go as far as to say Cynthia had a lobotomy (lmao) as I was find with most of her performance, I ironically didn't feel too impressed with Garchomp from the moveset to the final clash. Also don't think we needed Gastrodon or Milotic again and Kommo-o should've been here instead.
I REALLY wish Kommo-o was used here. Aside from Tyranitar and Metagross we were blessed with every other pseudo in the tournament, getting that Alola rep would have been great. While personally I'd prefer gastrodon getting the boot and Kommo-o coming on coz it's just more iconic to have both Milotic and Kommo-o, seeing how the battle went i think gastrodon was necessary for Pikachu. Would replace Milotic with Kommo-o and have it do what Milotic did
I remember when a lot of you were complaining about me and another user going back and forth about Dragonite going to sleep, and now look at this thread. Hypocrites! All of you. I hope Cyber DM’s you all about how much he doesn’t want Misty and Dawn to meet, and sends a follow up DM to make sure you saw the first one!
If not on Serebii he'll find you on Twitter :p
Uh...I'm like 99% sure you said you wanted to drop this conversation, to which I gave my full agreement? Not sure why you're trying to continue this still.
I mean i was just bringing up points you also said in contention ....... I said more in the lines of best to agree to disagree coz I found it nitpicking certain aspects to that, you replied to it and i replied to that :p
Anyway yeah won't continue that then


Yea the more I think about this the more I ask myself wouldn't the smartest thing to do is use Dynamax Togekiss against an opponent who's ace moves would have no effect and save mega evolution for the opponent with the actual....um mega. It's best not to think too much about the Masters Eight sometimes because I promise you Cynthia wasn't using sense given to her
Ash-Lucario bond phenomenon confirmed.
Lucario’s arc was better than Greninja’s because it actually had narrative payoff and had a satisfying ending.


Long gone are the days
Ash-Lucario bond phenomenon confirmed.
Lucario’s arc was better than Greninja’s because it actually had narrative payoff and had a satisfying ending.
I think Totodile and Scraggy had the best arc.

Starswirl Pikachu

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D Max Togekiss vs Mega Lucario! I liked the wind attacks coming from Togekiss but I also liked how Mega Lucario responded to them. D Max Togekiss was getting numerous boosts during the battle but they were no match for Ash/ Lucario Aura sync power. Or probably it was that Togekiss had already been worn out a lot from Ash's other pokemon.

So then it comes down to Garchomp vs Mega Lucario. Isn't it a little late in the series for Cynthia to be having flashbacks to her earlier days? Then again I like how she is getting some more background development so its all good. Mega Lucario really hung tough in trading blows with Garchomp. While Mega Lucario was getting in a lot of hits, Ash likely would have lost if they kept going with a war of attrition or didn't have any other moves to use. Fortunately Mega Lucario still had Reversal up its sleeve which can do more than enough to turn the tide in their favor and finished off Garchomp.

With the match being so close I think either trainer could have won and Cynthia brought her A game. She was about to call pokemon battling quits but the fierce battle changed her mind. I am ok with this tournament result.