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The Semifinals IV: Impact (1214)


Holy Cow!
That togekiss just refused to go down didn’t it? The sequence of bullet punch against it when it was dynamaxed was cool. I also liked Lucario’s and Garchomp final clash of punches. It really felt like Garchomp was feeling those punches.


I'm sorry but I can't get over Cynthia's dynamax strategy being to use Dai Jet three times in a row, only for none of them to work.
Because they wanted base Garchomp to lose to Mega Lucario and just thought about anything. Togekiss did nothing


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Pretty good battle altogether. It seemed weird that we didn't see Lucario use Steel Beam and Garchomp use Draco Meteor considering how much Cynthia loves to use it.

My personal opinion is that the Togekiss vs Lucario should've been cut a little bit to prolong Lucario vs Garchomp

Edit: On another note; I'm assuming Cynthia's strategy to Dynamax Togekiss might have to do with the Surprise Element or likely even to abuse Togekiss's Flinch Hax potentially (Considering she focused on stacking its speed up).


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That finale. Man, talk about a fight to the brutal finish. It goes to show just how much of an accomplishment Ash has a achieved when Lucario went down with Garchomp, only to get back up in the aftermath. And that last punch. Damn, it's like seeing a fatal blow minus the blood. When that happen, you know the impossible has occurred. Cynthia's Garchomp is finally defeated, though at the skin of the teeth.

Cynthia truly lives up to the reputation that the games and fans have laid out. For the longest time, she was the undefeated champion in the anime series. No one could touch her or reach beyond two. For Ash to not only make Cynthia use her entire team, but also defeat her in her first on-screen loss is a testament to how far Ash has come. Before, this was only in his dreams. Now it's a reality. All that's left is facing Leon.
Just bad writing.


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I like how just like doggo lycanroc, his fourth move wasn't used until the very end, the togekiss fight slowed down the pacing like most D/Gmaxbattles sadly do, but it wasn't too bad... Really liked the scaleshot piercing aura sphere and blow for blow bullet/claw moment... Pretty decent finale, really loved Cynthia's montage too


I’m not gonna lie if Cynthia would have Mega Evolved she would have won. That’s a fact Dynamaxing Togekiss just for shock value on Ash was just.. anti climatic.

I feel like they tried doing it in a way that didn’t make Cynthia fans act like it “technically didn’t count because she wasn’t fighting her strongest” and still please Ash fans by having him win.

They tried to have their cake and eat it too with this one


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That togekiss just refused to go down didn’t it? The sequence of bullet punch against it when it was dynamaxed was cool. I also liked Lucario’s and Garchomp final clash of punches. It really felt like Garchomp was feeling those punches.

I love that it was short but brutal! It felt like an epic clash, like two real titans going at it. It didn't have the personal hatred of Infernape/Electivire but it went for something different - presenting them as two Pokemon who are at the absolute peak of battling worldwide standing up to each other and throwing hands. An old-school duel. I loved it.
Idc how to feel the Ash-Lucario thing was bs but Ash didn’t finish with it…


Holy Cow!
Ash spammed bullet bunch, this was a head to head battle rather than one with a lot of strategy.


I’m glad I was right and that Cynthia Dynamaxed was for purely shock value. People tried so hard to say that weird a** Togekiss had Baton Pass when it just spammed the Flying Dynamax move.

Anyways Cynthia’s win and loss was planned accordingly. I shall now watch the episode where Mega Garchomp evolved before I go too sleep


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Gotta say this was a pretty solid battle. I was worried since with this being Journeys it was gonna be a let-down but I'm happy to say they did a pretty great job with this battle. Now to see how Leon's battle fares.

Bit of a shame we didn't get any Sinnoh cameos though (or even a Paul one which would have made a lot of sense) and
I'm not surprised Cynthia isn't retiring after all. Guess that battle gave her a big boost of confidence.

Anyhoo recap time next week so you can all stay in bed.


You are awesome!
It wasn't bad,tho personally the weakest part of the whole battle.

+Oak lol
+Lucario vs Garchomp was decent
+the music
+ the animation was okay.

-Cynthia non-retiring
-the moves went THROUGH the Pokemon
-3 x times Dai Jet.


Overal score of Ash vs Cynthia: 8/10

Though it kinda felt anticlimactic in the end for me.