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The Serebii Fanfiction Review Exchange - BETA Model

Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by Draco Malfoy, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Firebrand

    Firebrand Indomitable

    Status: OPEN

    Fics: Hero's Path: Cole, a member of the storied Journeymen League, embarks on a new quest to rediscover his inner fire after the Omega War. Accompanied only by six trusted pokemon, he tries to escape the demons of his past as he journeys towards the Edge of the World.

    Reviews Given: I follow the Fictionpress Review Game Depth requirement in all my reviews. It can be found [http://forum.fictionpress.com/topic/1867/136506/1/]here[/url]. Also, I will never use "No spelling and grammar issues, good job," as a review point. That's cheating my system, and I'm a man of my honor.
    I may seem a little overly-critical in my reviews, but I'm not being harsh. I simply believe that if you sugarcoat and soften your blows, the message will not go through. Also, I try to balance every critique with something I liked.

    Reviews Wanted: I expect what I give, or at least a review of a decent length that addresses points to improve/fix/what have you.

    Story Qualifiers: I don't like fakemon, nor do I fully understand the concept of pokemorphs, so I won't review anything like that, simply because my review would come off as negatively biased. I also don't particularly care for fics where the only plot is romance. I have nothing against romantic subplots, but... I find full-out romance rather dull. However, I love journey fics, so I'm happy to review those.

    Reciprocates Within: Usually within 24-48 hours. But in incredibly rare circumstances, I'll play it safe and say four days.

    Completed Exchanges: None
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2011
  2. catzeye

    catzeye Writer's Block

    Status: CLOSED

    Fics: Avarice Alexis Palmers is just your average 17 year old girl in the Pokemon world except for one thing; she has never been on a Pokemon Journey. She really wants to prove herself as a capable young lady but her dad won't let her. When she moves to the region of Arcana she discovers that the trainers there use an illegal steroid to boost their Pokemon's performance with sometimes fatal results. Now Alexis must prove herself as she joins the fight to keep the steroid usage from getting any more out of hand than it already is.

    Chapters: 4 so far. About 11,000 words so far.

    Reviews Given: My reviews are usually short and to the point. I tend to quote things if I see an error of some sort. Plots and characterizations are my focus points. I mainly look for uniqueness, consistency and believable events. I only point out grammar and spelling if it's something glaringly obvious like "Pekachu went to da park". Sometimes I do speculate on stories. I'm a pretty positive reviewer and I will point out both good and bad points. I'm not a harsh reviewer in any sense of the word. I am a beginning writer and reviewer just to let you know.

    Reviews Wanted: I want reviews that focus on plot and grammar, especially grammar since I admit it is one of my weakness. They shouldn't be long since I'm not a long reviewer. Fair is fair after all. As much as I love praise, if there is something I really screwed up on please tell me.

    Story Qualifiers: Anything Pokemon related. If it's a crossover or non-Pokemon story please let me review the story first since I'm not into a lot of fandoms.

    Reciprocates Within: I should reply within 2 days of receiving a review. However if I don't please don't hesitate to PM or VM me to remind me.

    Referrals (optional): None

    Completed Exchanges:
    Phoopes: Given- LINK Received- LINK
    katiekitten: Given- LINK Received- LINK
    Ejunknown: Given- LINK Received- LINK
    MudkipFan: Given- LINK Received- PENDING
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2011
  3. Ejunknown

    Ejunknown be creative

    While I will also be a closed reviewer, I also would love to post here. ouo

    Status: OPEN CLOSED

    Fics: Demise: the last remnants of the fallen

    A war is brewing, although most of our world remains oblivious to this fact. One species; so beautiful, so powerful, so tightly controlled, are breaking the chains that had unconsciously enslaved them for millennia. As a man struggles to regain what is lost, for the sake of humanity, taking the upper hand, he can't help but wonder: who, really, are the righteous - us or them?


    The only thing he could concentrate on was the lavender scent of her breath as it whispered in a light huff across his face; the softness of her lips as they drew close enough to touch his and the taste of her tongue, twisting his mind into knots. A quick breath, before he drew her even closer, fingers smoothing up warm skin to entwine in her hair, before gripping relentlessly, pushing, heart racing, as their pauses for breath grew more erratic and far between-

    Second: Meddling with Time. A small serial, two chapters thus far. A stumbling, accident prone tale of love and mistakes, where time is relative and everything. It plays freely within it's own timeline.

    Reviews Given: My reviewing style starts as your practical beta; any typos, grammar, and spelling, any aesthetic problems either quoted or highlighted in my review. I will be as thorough as possible. After that, I go more in depth, into any small or glaring issues which may disrupt the telling of the story or just don't make sense - but I'm as nice as possible about it, my bite is worse than my bark. xD My main concerns that I focus on in my review is characterisation, and belief. Cliches and simple, predictable stories are my gripe. Also, purple prose, or anything that detracts from the actual story - I will be honest, completely, but it will be constructive, and always aimed at helping improve a fic. xD

    If I love your story, then all the wonderful things about it will be highlighted, with any additional comments and tips to go with it. I'm a Frank, friendly individual, and I hope my review will be appreciated. >u<

    If I really like your fiction, you will receive fanart. 8D See Katiekitten's signature for an example, my own signature, or my deviantart.

    Reviews Wanted: Constructive advice, grammar nazis, anything and everything useful. Friendly ones full of smileys are appreciated too. xD

    Story Qualifiers: (what the heck is that supposed to mean?)

    Please, nothing over five chapters, unless you message me first, and I take a peak at your story and get back to you. I don't want to read twenty chapters of something I dislike, and you don't want a nasty review because you reviewed two chapters of my lovely short fiction. Please. >__<

    ALSO. I spend around two hours on my reviews on any fiction below my maximum chapter limit, five chapters. If you aren't prepared to give me the same dedication, I will decline your review as a part of this thread.

    Reciprocates Within: (....within a certain time period?: )

    I will respond within two weeks, maximum?

    Referrals (optional):


    Completed Exchanges:
    BLAZEQUAZA's Origins: Ejunknowns-click -> BLAZEQUAZA-PENDING
    FLAMINGRUBY's Legend of Isabel: Ejunknowns- click -> FlamingRuby's-click?
    catzeye-Ejunknown ->catzeye

    Thank you, I look forward to exchanging! :'D
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2012
  4. MudkipFan

    MudkipFan <3 Games Section


    Sanctuary - Darkness Revolution
    My first FanFic, as you imagine with a first I'm going to want some crit.

    Reviews Given:
    A short paragraphs worth describing what I liked about it and what needs to be improved. I'm perhaps not the best writer as I'm only getting started, but I know a good story when I see one. From over a line to several.

    Reviews Wanted:
    I don't care as long as It makes sense and is not just garbage like 'u nedz moar gramer' and actually is constructive.

    Story Qualifiers:
    I'll write anything, really, violence can be quite descriptive if I like, might contain some language too, but I won't put vulgar steamy scenes in.

    Reciprocates Within:
    Three days max, normally within a day.

    Completed Exchanges:
    MudkipFan- FeralNinja's Heroes Path
    FeralNinja- ?

    MudkipFan- ?
    ?- ?
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2011
  5. donotlookatdiagram

    donotlookatdiagram Active Member

    Status: OPEN

    Fics: Into the Shadows- Rated R, chaptered, around 15,000 words at last check.
    Post XD fic. Cipher attempts to realize their plans, and Wes, Rui, and Eldes set out to stop them.

    Reviews Given: Mostly grammar and plot. I copypasta the story into Word and read it from there. I'll quote and put my comments underneath the quote.

    Reviews Wanted: Whatever your style is, as long as I can follow it, but I would like some help with character development.

    Story Qualifiers: Anything, really.

    Reciprocates Within: 48 hours, but usually shorter.

    Referrals (optional): none

    Completed Exchanges: None
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2011
  6. DragonKingUK

    DragonKingUK Dragon King

    Status: Open

    Fics The Demonic Child (PG15)

    Reviews Given None yet

    Reviews Wanted Whatever your syle is I want help with my characters

    Completed Exchanges None
  7. Estuary

    Estuary єѕѕ-cнєw-єrry

    Status: OPEN


    { The Promise of the World }

    An OT Journey 'fic, but with some fantasy twists.

    Reviews Given: I will crit everything I possibly can. I am very critical and nit-picky, but not mean-spirited. I was once a HORRIBAD author, and I'm glad nobody was harsh enough to make me stop- I enjoy writing. So don't be too intimidated.

    Reviews Wanted: The more in-depth the better.

    Story Qualifiers: OT Journey 'fics. To clarify, a 'fic starring an Original Trainer on a Journey of some sort. I don't watch the anime, nor will I ever.

    Reciprocates Within: Ehh. ASAP. I don't have the internet at home, so I have to save each webpage to my computer, take it home, read it, write a review, then bring it back to the coffee shop and post it. But I'll do my darndest.

    Completed Exchanges: None
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2011
  8. DragonKingUK

    DragonKingUK Dragon King

    Status Open

    Fics The Human Child Link in sig

    Reviews Wanted The more detail you can give the better, I am qute new at writing and only done two fics so please try not to be to harsh

    Reviews Given I will try my best to review as much as possible but I want everyone to know i have not long started reviewing and only done a few reviews

    Story Qualifiers : Pokemon/Digimon, A bit of Romance as in pokemon romance/Digimon romance AKA two eevee kissing or whatever, Horror, violence and lastly journey fics.

    Reciprocates Within ASAP I visit my nan every thursday and sometimes more shes the only one with a laptop that is able to access the Internet for now so.

    Completed exchanges None
  9. Shadow Lucario

    Shadow Lucario Lone Vanguard

    Status: OPEN


    Hero's Bond - Chaptered. Four chapters. Badges. Ribbons. That's all this journey is about right? With two different men setting their sights on Johto, the peaceful region will soon be torn apart.

    Reviews Given: I tend to go in-depth with grammar, spelling, and plot. I won't just leave what is wrong with it. I will also explain the good points and what was done well.

    Reviews Wanted: Not just mindless praise. I want reviewers to go in-depth and find mistakes.

    Story Qualifiers: I won't do Pokemorphs or Mystery Dungeon style fics. I'm also iffy on Fakemon, but I can make exceptions. Other than that I'll review anything.

    Reciprocates Within: I will review within the day. But to be safe I would give it at most three.

    Referrals (optional):

    Completed Exchanges: None
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2012
  10. An Enemy Spy

    An Enemy Spy Well-Known Member

    Status: OPEN

    Fics: New World: Placed in an original setting, a young man sets off into a world rife with danger and adventure. What begins a rite of passage will turn into a journey across the world. Meanwhile, Mewtwo is up to some nefarious scheme, but what could it be? 9 chapters so far including a prologue.

    Reviews Given: My review depends on your review. I you give me a nice insightful analysis telling me what I'm doing that's good and how I could stand to improve, then I will return the favor in kind. If you give me "Wow, this is really good!" or "This stinks. You stink.", I will be less disposed to put any effort into reviewing yours. I'm sure that won't be an issue though. I probably won't go chapter by chapter, prefering to review the work as a whole, though I will make sure to point out if it improves with time. I will focus primarily on characterization; how vibrant or flat your cast is, and how their interactions work with eachother.

    Reviews Wanted: I would like an in depth review, preferably chapter by chapter rather than as a whole. Maybe a paragraph or two for each chapter. I'd rather not worry about spelling mistakes. I'm a good speller and any errors are more likely from typos than from not knowing how to spell a word. What I'm most concerned with is the likability of the characters. Not just in the sense of whether or not you think their heroic or villainous, but if they feel like an actual flesh and blood person rather than a cardboard cutout.

    Story Qualifiers: I will NOT read any Lemon fics. I don't remember if they're allowed on Serebii or not, but I have zero interest in anything like that. I'd also prefer fics where the Pokemon don't talk. I always found that a little wierd. This isn't a hard and fast rule though.

    Reciprocates Within: I can probably get back to you within about a week.

    Completed Exchanges: None yet. We all gottastart somewhere.
    Last edited: Feb 29, 2012
  11. Bulba the Great!

    Bulba the Great! We Do Not Sow

    Status: OPEN

    Fics: Earth, Air, Water, Fire

    Only one chapter, just started. Easy to pick up on. It's an indirect sequel to some of my earlier work, which is optional to read. Anything relevant from earlier writing will be re-explained, but of course reading it in the original form is always best.

    Reviews Given: Stream-of-consciousness thoughts. Any aspect I feel needs focus will be addressed. I ask a lot of questions. I also try to balance what I dislike with what I liked. I will be critical, but not a complete devil :)

    Reviews Wanted: Please be critical. Include any and all thoughts on plot, description, grammar, style, and most importantly for me, characters. I want to avoid writing the Gary Stu types. Just be honest. Don't pad your thoughts.

    Story Qualifiers: I just don't read anything too particularly surreal, and I like it to be about Pokemon that actually exist. Adventure fics are always fun but I can think outside the box.

    Reciprocates Within: Usually within a three-day span. I have school and work, but usually can read a chapter pretty quickly (unless you write novel-chapters).

    Referrals (optional): None, as of now.

    Completed Exchanges: None
  12. diamondpearl876

    diamondpearl876 → follow your fire.

    Status: OPEN

    Fics: Survival Project — This is a new fic with only five chapters so far. It's an OT journey fic, with each chapter told from the point of view of a pokémon belonging to the main trainer. The point of view will rotate but will not go in any specific order, and the pokémon will be identified (by nickname) with the chapter name.

    Reviews Given: I tend to write long reviews that focus on the originality of the work, characterization, grammar/spelling, description, and anything else that I think of along the way.

    Reviews Wanted: I'd mostly like comments on characterization, description, and whether or not the writing flows, makes sense, or drags on. Any review, however, is appreciated.

    Story Qualifiers: I'll review anything, though I am not particularly fond of fics that involve characters from the anime.

    Reciprocates Within: I'll always respond within a day or two.

    Completed Exchanges: None yet.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2012
  13. unrepentantAuthor

    unrepentantAuthor A cat who writes stories

    Status: OPEN

    Fics: Different Eyes: A meowth volunteers for a human/pokémon hybridisation program and its consequences. Attempts to handle the pokémorph concept in a sophisticated, mature way, exploring the nature of humanity, personal worth and identity. Philosophical, violent and witty at turns. Cliché killer. Chaptered Pokémon Fic - Science Fiction - In Progress (3 Chapters, 13,300 words)

    Reviews Given: I write reasonably long reviews - something like 500 words, though this does depend on the length of the text to be reviewed - with detailed reference and articulate analysis to justify my critique, and point out specific parts of the text and their merits or flaws. I tend to quote anything notable and comment on it, before summarising my views afterwards.

    I usually take note of narrative style, dialogue and descriptive prose. I try to comment on everything I can, but I'm best at analysing the writing itself. I also comment on character psychology, but that's a fairly subjective topic. I do not bother correcting grammar unless an egregiously frequent mistake keeps occurring, nor do I often speculate on the plot.

    By default, I try to praise and criticise in equal measure but if asked, I am willing to be more or less harsh at the possible cost of review length. Although I do try to be critical in a benign, constructive manner, I am also quite blunt. Additionally, I will offer suggestions for improvement wherever possible.

    Lastly, I will review one chapter for every review received, in roughly coresponding detail to those given to me. I am willing to adapt my style of review, but please discuss this with me beforehand.

    Reviews Wanted: I'm not very demanding: provided at least some constructive praise and some constructive critique is present, I am content. Please note; if your review is generic, or can be liberally applied to any fic, I may take offence at the apparent lack of effort - specific reference is appreciated. I may also review your review, ha.

    Story Qualifiers: I'm willing to read anything, more or less, but I may not be able to provide the promised quality of review if the fic in question is romantic, animé-focal, or a very short drabble/poem. This is not always the case, merely a potential risk. To prevent disappointment, notifying me in advance about the nature of your fic in order to ascertain my ability to review is a good idea. I will always reciprocate, however. Additional note: I will always call out perceived offensive material such as any kind of prejudice or insensitive use of rape tropes.

    Reciprocates Within: 48 hours.

    Completed Exchanges: None
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2012
  14. Sid87

    Sid87 I love shiny pokemon

    Status: OPEN

    Fics: Brothers' Bond: My first try ever at a pokemon fan-fiction; it's the story of a young man who will do anything--be it impossible, improbable, or immoral--to stop from losing the most important person in his world.

    Reviews Given: First of all, I'm not a huge grammar/spelling Nazi unless a story is littered with errors. I get that some people just make typos, and that's not the worst thing in the world. Unless I think there is just a general lack of excellent grammar, or there is a mistake or two that make a line hard to get by, I'll just blow by minor errors unless asked to point them out. Aside from that, I'll review depending on how the story moved me. It's hard to sit here and say "This is how I'll review" when it varies story-by-story what kind of input is merited. I will use specific examples from the story, though, so don't worry about just getting generic praise.

    Reviews Wanted: The same as I just said...I don't want to decree how you feel so moved to critique. Say whatever comes to mind!

    Story Qualifiers: I am willing to try anything. I can't promise to be thrilled to review anything based on popular anime characters (but stories that use minor established characters to either further the plot or flesh them out is absolutely fine) because I haven't watched the cartoon in about a decade, so I'm not up on what the characters are supposed to be. Also, I'd like to review things that aren't quite a lot of chapters or pages in; I'd rather get in on the ground floor with a story and stay with it through its completion (on that note...I'm not really looking forward to just a "one review for one review" scenario. I'd rather that we become regular readers of each others' stories, but that's just me). Not saying I won't be willing to review something that is 10 chapters and 75 pages in already, but it might take me longer to get a review back to you so I can catch up on everything.

    Reciprocates Within: I am currently working a full-time career that requires a long commute each way, and I am getting married in about 50 days, so I'm busy with that. I will endeavor to return a review within 2 or 3 days, though, even if it means using my lunchbreak at work to do so. I am not opposed to a reminder VM or PM if you think I'm a little late. :)
    Last edited: May 31, 2012
  15. Sidewinder

    Sidewinder Ours is the Fury

    Status: OPEN

    Fics: Requiem - A story that involves three people and their Pokemon. An unlikely discovery takes two of them away towards potential fortune, while the third seeks to track them down and rob them of it. Little do any of the three know that the discovery has started a chain reaction of events that will ultimately lead to a dangerous journey and a terrible treasure. Chaptered Fic - up to Chapter 9 so far

    Reviews Given: I usually focus on originality of the work. I can be somewhat critical on bad grammar when it runs rampant. The things that I really focus on when reviewing is description, realisticness of characters, pacing, and inventiveness of the plot. Most of my reviews start out with a long summary of several different things I like, and dislike. After the primary review, I usually review chapter by chapter as the story progresses.

    Reviews Wanted:I'm really open to any sort of help I could get. Grammar is one thing I stumble a bit with sometimes, but any tips on description, characters, plot, etc that could be given is much appreciated. As others have said, any specific references to my fic are appreciated; as in, I dont want someone to post a review that's so general I can't tell if it's about my story or not.

    Story Qualifiers:I'm really open for reading anything. I can say that my favorite style is that of trainer journey fics, but there isn't really anything that I won't read. I'm not really familiar with the Unova games or the anime that much, so if I misstep occasionaly with fics set in that area I apologize, but I'll give just about anything a good solid chance.

    Reciprocates Within:I can usually have a review up in about three days. I have Mondays and Wednesdays off from work so I generally do most of them then. However, if I find the time, I may be able to get to it on the same day.

    Referrals (optional):

    Completed Exchanges: None
  16. Knightfall

    Knightfall Blazing Wordsmith

    Status: OPEN

    Fics: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Overthrown
    Shattered by a bitter, unwinnable civil war and growing dissent, the Kingdom struggles to survive against the Colonies. Traitors, renegades, and Rogues abound on both sides of the conflict, making victory unreachable for either side.
    However, each side is unknowingly being manipulated to their own destruction.
    Now only one human, dropped into the middle of the conflict, can change fate. But what good is the power to change fate against an entire revolution? Chaptered Fic-Chapter Two up now

    Reviews Given:
    I typically focus on the plot development of each chapter and the pacing of the fic. I also try to focus on the characters (what I like about them, what I don't like, their personality, ect.). My reviews usually are constructed around the chapter (A.K.A: I quote the chapter and comment/criticize certain key parts, mistakes, and stuff I liked). I will also try to point out grammar errors and such, but I'm not the best in that area, so expect only really obvious errors to be pointed out, unless you would like me to meticulous, in that case I will do my best to point out most grammar errors. This is how I usually review, but it depends on the fic.
    The first review will be over what has been written so far, and than future reviews will be just on the newest chapter.

    Reviews Wanted:
    I have noticed that I mostly need grammatical help with small issues such as commas and semicolon placement. I also would like reviews on what could be done to make the description better. Honestly, I would accept any advice that is given to me that would help my fic. I don't want generic reviews; I want to truly know how I can make my fic better, not just basic praise.

    Story Qualifiers: I’m usually willing to read anything; my favorites are PMD and Trainer Journey fics (especially if they're humorous). I'm not too familiar with the anime, so if that's what you write I'm giving you a warning on the quality of my reviews.

    Reciprocates Within:
    It might take me a few days to read over the entire fic; depends on the length, but I can usually read one to three chapters in a day. Weekends are usually the best time for me to review as weekdays I'm either in school or otherwise engaged. However that changes in the summer months.

    Referrals (optional):

    Completed Exchanges: None
    Last edited: May 9, 2012
  17. Janovy

    Janovy Banned

    Status: OPEN

    Fics: Essence of Life - A tale of a boy who is forced to face the impossibilities of an estranged world while running away from the most inescapable thing in the entire world - his own death. Destiny has other plans, though. Chaptered Fic - up to Chapter 2 so far.

    Reviews Given: I'm not much of a grammar guy unless your grammar is really, really bad, but I mostly focus on your story, characterization and pretty much on the whole plot/character development business while I express what I like, dislike and what you could improve upon (IF there's anything to improve on). If I notice anything out of the ordinary, I'll point it out right away as I tend to notice slight details others don't manage to. I believe you'll be pretty much satisfied with my review - it will definitely be more than just 'Wow, I love this. Keep writing!'.

    Reviews Wanted: Any sort of review is wanted even if it's a less-detailed one. My grammar is quite shaky so I would need some help with that though I would vastly prefer a comment on the way my characters and emotions are handled in this story. Just, an above average review would do it for me; what you like, dislike and what I could improve upon.

    Story Qualifiers: I want an amazing story. And by amazing story, I want an intriguing plot - I don't want some rehash of the games, I want something original, something with a twist, something that will make me go 'wow'. It doesn't matter which generation or what genre - if it has memorable characters or an original plot, come to me and I'll read it.

    Reciprocates Within: It doesn't take me less than four days and that is only when my brother is back from college. On every other occasion, I can probably respond within a day as I have nothing better to do.

    Referrals (optional):

    Completed Exchanges: None.
    Last edited: May 31, 2012
  18. jeffdavid102

    jeffdavid102 TSS Forever

    Status: OPEN

    Fics:http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?573230-A-New-Path This story might seem like the average story that simply follows the lines of the games at first. Soon however, it turns into so much more

    Reviews Given:I review stories, but I normally am not good at finding mistakes. I normally give advice for the plot.

    Reviews Wanted:I want ANY review. Well actually no. Nothing saying this is bad or anything like that. I want critique and grammar people would help.I want to improve. I need more detail. Many of my chapters are short and I'm trying to make them longer. Tell me ways where I can describe people, places, things, actions, etc. better

    Story Qualifiers:I am a HUGE fan of comedy, but I'll do most Pokemon fanfic stories.

    Reciprocates Within:I finish reviews quickly. If I'm on Serebii, I'll do it. They'll start out short, maybe a few lines, but I'll add more as I think of them throughout the day

    Referrals (optional):Nada

    Completed Exchanges: None
  19. Blue Saturday

    Blue Saturday too fly

    Status: OPEN

    The Girl Who Knows the Hearts of Dragons is a story based on the Black & White games that focuses on Iris and how she started as a trainer and Drayden's apprentice. There will be focus on Drayden at times as well as other characters, expect that a tad later on in the story.

    Reviews Given:
    My reviews vary quite often, they tend to be between one paragraph to several paragraphs and can be quite in-depth, especially if the story interest me a lot. I can be very blunt in my reviews and concise because I expect the same. Plot, Characters, Description, Characterization, Writing Style, Realism, and interesting characters tend to catch my attention rather quickly, I'm going to be very quick and to the point a lot of the times on how I feel about the characters and plot. Characterization is big for me to, good characterization can really make or break a story in some regards. I'll most likely all the time "state" why I dislike a point in the fic, rather then saying I disliked a point and leaving it at that. I also will speculate at times, grammar isn't a major gripe for me, but it's something I'll call out occasionally if I feel it gets confusing. I do chapter by chapter reviews. I'll make sure my review are clean in most regards, so I expect the same.

    Reviews Wanted:
    What I want. I expect good reviews as well, not short choppy sentences but a genuine review around a paragraph or two. My reviews will most likely most of the time mirror your reviews, an in-depth and lengthy review will result in such for you because I feel the need to give someone a fair trade off in a way. I like having all the flaws in my fic pointed out as it can only help me in the future and things that can be improved on Characterization, Development, Description, etc. I just want a good truly effort-induced review.

    Story Qualifiers: I'm not interested in romance or crackfics. Complete comedy fics can be a tad tedious too.

    Reciprocates Within:
    I'll usually try to get the review done quickly, but not rushed, and posted in a not drawn out long time span.

    Completed Exchanges
    Survival Project by diamondandpearl876 - Chapter 1-3 , Chapter 4-5, Chapter 8
    Requiem by Sidewinder - Prologue - Chapter 2, Chapter 3-5 ,
    Brothers' Bond by Sid87 - Prologue - Chapter 5, Chapter 6 - 7,
    Max's New Adventures by RealRaymon - Chapter 1
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2012
  20. energo

    energo T.C.R. Admin

    Status: OPEN

    Fics: The T-Legend: Following a revelation that uncovers the origins of several Legendary Pokemon, the human race potentially unlocks the potential to augment the body. The story follows the lives of several humans who shape the future of mankind during this sensitive time. It is Chaptered [currently on Chapter 5].

    Reviews Given: I'm probably nicer than I should be and leave my critical thoughts to myself but I guess if I want to receive a good critical and helpful bashing I'd do the same in return. My thoughts focus more on the originality of the story, description, characterisation, relationships and speech (what I think worked well and what did not in equal measure). Studying Creative Writing [quite fond of Script Writing] so the way in which characters interact is something I pick up on a lot. Little spelling mistake and grammar points irk me slightly and I'll kindly point them out with quotes so they're easy to find. If a story is all over the place in grammar however I'll just suggest to brush up on whatever is missing but not point out every instance it occurred.

    Reviews Wanted: Ermm...I'm kind of happy just to hear any feedback. Although what I receive I will return unless I like you :D. Having said that I am trying to put a considerable effort into this project so I would appreciate a sincere opinion of my characters, their relationships and the unfolding events. Also, would rather have my story reviewed chapter by chapter and if referencing, a little pinpoint as to what you're talking about wouldn't go amiss.

    Story Qualifiers: Being on a Pokemon website, I'll only read Pokemon fics. Not particularly a fan of romance or dungeon style fics but I'll dip into the latter. Not a fan of fakemon but I'll give most else a good go.

    Reciprocates Within: For the next couple of days, almost definitely within half the day. After next week at least every two days.

    Referrals (optional):

    Completed Exchanges: None

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