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The Serebii Fanfiction Review Exchange - BETA Model

Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by Draco Malfoy, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Shymain

    Shymain Shaymin Lover

    Status: OPEN


    Reviews Given: Slightly in depth, rating and grammatical correction usually included. Sometimes Quotes are included. Often I am quite critical, but I try to keep my reviews positive.

    Reviews Wanted: Anything at all.

    Story Qualifiers: none, I think.

    Reciprocates Within: In 2 days, possibly 3 I should respond. Unless I have no Internet at the moment.

    Referrals (optional): None

    Completed Exchanges: None
  2. Quilava42

    Quilava42 Blazing Flowers

    Status: Open

    Fics: Twisting the Fate of a Girl and Spinarak: This is my first fan fic on this type of thing.... so I may not be kind of good on this. This determines a coordinator with a Spinarak that she has a rational fear of.

    Reviews Given: 50% detail in your story. I may focus on how you type it and the whole plot. Note that I may not go long into the review......

    Reviews Wanted: Only on how this story goes and what I need to improve on. But give me good tips and advice. But not really harsh criticism though.

    Stories Qualified: Maybe an OT story or a Pokemon's POV. But no stories on Fakemon or Pokemorphs.

    Reciprocates Within: Between now and ten days. (Updated since I'm requesting)........

    Referrals(optional): If you have a suggestion for one of the next chapters of what it should be about, either VM/PM me.

    Completed Exchanges:
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2013
  3. jireh the provider

    jireh the provider Video Game Designer

    Status: Open

    Fics: Feli Chronicles: Vitandes. There are only 1500 to 1600 words in every chapter I posted so far.

    Reviews Given: I give reviews on very alluring and catchy scenarios of your story. Which means I will highlight to you on what are my favorite parts of your story. Sometimes I'll be quite detailed with added jokes and related humor in certain cases. But if you have a bit of technical problems, I will help you with it. I MAY at times help you on your story's development by giving you plot ideas.

    Reviews Wanted: The Reviews that I truly ask would be reviews as how effectively fluid does my story progress (Like is it getting intense, dull, repetitive, progressive?). Others that I will ask are reviews on which parts of my story of every chapter are very catchy and alluring to you. Since I posted quite an amount of chapters, I hope that you can either reviews my chapters one by one or the entire novel in one review

    Stories Qualified: The story I'm most comfortable would be pokemon stories where the human characters are original, NOT anime or game characters. I'm most likely a reader who sides with pokemon as the protagonists like the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Series. Pokepark and possibly Rumble series also work. But IF you are introducing a world, go BEYOND journey fics (they are okay but if you are doing one, make this eleminor and cover it with another major plot focus). There are too many. Try doing something out of the box.

    Reciprocates Within: Between now and four days.

    Referrals(optional): If you want to give me a plot Idea, I will listen to your idea before I PM mail you if it will be added to the novel or not

    Completed Exchanges:
  4. johno1995

    johno1995 Well-Known Member

    Status: OPEN

    Fics: Pokémon: Black & White (written in screenplay format)

    Reviews Given: I usually give "live reviews", meaning I read something and if it jumps off the page at me - whether in a good or bad way - I note it down in my review and make a mention of it. I try to focus more on what can be improved whenever I do list a negative. I'm never mean-spirited, and I offer advice. But I also like to point out what's good about the piece, because I know how nice it feels to know you're doing something right as a writer.

    Reviews Wanted: I'd like to see opinions on how the story is progressing, the likability of the characters, or if any of the jokes hit or miss. Anything constructive, nothing mean-spirited.

    Stories Qualified: Anything relating to the games, or any OC stories... I prefer stories that focus on human characters.

    Reciprocates Within: Between now and three days time, depending on my school & work schedule.
  5. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    Status: OPEN

    Fics: Into the Darkness
    Summary: A young girl named Hope travels into the ever-forbidden Frost Forest, where she meets a creature told of in legends to possess human and Pokémon souls for their entire life. She is forced to live in a strange, new world, every action of hers overruled by Night. She feels alone, but will her feelings change, or will she live a lonely life forever?

    Length: One chapter (I wanted a review or two before I posted the next chapter, but that might not happen.)

    Obviously, this is a chaptered fic, based on ^^

    Reviews Given: To be honest, I haven't done very many reviews, although my most recent one is found here . My reviews aren't usually long, but I put thought into them, so they aren't one liners. I'm not the best with connecting plot elements with characters, setting, etc, so I don't realize a lot of the things that are obvious to more experienced reviewers, although something like a Rotom putting on gloves I would notice.
    As for quoting, yes I do quote things, but I don't analyze a whole story one line at a time through quotes. However I try to include a few sentences about overall thoughts on a fic, and then get into quoting particular parts of it.
    I usually focus on humor, writing style, and description in my reviews. I also note grammar some mistakes, although often I will be reading and miss quite a few; I only notice I it affects the way a sentence reads, rather than spelling a long word with an "e" instead of an "i". Plot and characters are not my strong point, mainly because I am young and inexperienced.
    I am usually in the middle of the critical scale, although leaning a bit more towards praise than criticism. I notice the witty lines and the funny characters more than I notice bad character development. I will try to have something concerning an important element in a story in a review, although it's not always easy for me.
    I try to get a jump on fics without exceptionally long chapters or ones that aren't but a few chapters in, because I don't have the patience to sit down and read one chapter in an hour, unless the fic is REALLY good. So, I often find myself reading most of the fic and then reviewing, although if the chapters are long, I'll read a few and review (though this doesn't happen often)
    When reviewing, I can be a bit of a hypocrite. I can't sit down and read a six page chapter if it's loaded with description, although I will read a fic with little description and say more needs to be added. I guess you could say I like enough description to get a solid picture in your head; solid meaning not a random kid walking though somewhere, but not describing every hair on his head or how many times he blinks before throwing a Pokeball at a wild Pokémon.
    My review will be of similar quality to your review, to the best of my abilities, so if you critique only three grammar mistakes, then I will critique three minor aspects of your fic as well.

    Reviews Wanted: I don' want a review telling me I made fifty grammar mistakes; that's what Microsoft Word is for. If there is an obvious grammar mistake that I didn't catch. feel free to tell me, but I don't want a lesson on comma usage. (Sixth graders aren't supposed to know everything!) I'm no asking for a crazy detailed review, but I would like if any of the following would be reviewed:
    ~Characters: Are they too perfect? Do I give enough detail? Too much?
    ~Minor plot development: Are more revealed story ideas too cliché? Too unbelievable?
    ~Description: Don't expect me to be writing ten-page chapters where ~50% of the chapter is description. Although I would like to know if I need a lot more description than dialogue, based on my "slightly hypocritical" way of reviewing.

    Story Qualifiers: I am very strict about what I will and won't read. My WILL NOT reads:
    ~Cursing that is not *-ed
    ~Fics that are more than 7 chapters in (if relatively small chapters), or more than 4-5 chapters in (if includes very detailed descriptions)
    ~Romantic fics
    ~Extreme violence fics
    ~Fics with a rating above PG-13 (And some PG-13 fics I won't read, especially if they violate the first, third, and forth notes)
    ~Fics that have a similar plot to many other fics (for example, there are a lot of PMD fics, so please don't ask me to review when the first chapter is the main character losing all memory of being a human, finding a partner, and then going on a journey/adventure)
    My willing to reads:
    ~Fics with an interesting/different plot
    ~Fics that take a twit on something current (for example, placing Pokémon in place of Mario [this is actually one of my un-posted fics])
    ~Humorous fics and parodies (I literally spend the whole school day laughing, then come home and try to find a funny fic to pick up on)

    Reciprocates Within: This, I hate to say, is a wildcard. I can try my best to review in a week or less, but I can't guarantee that I won't have homework or that I'll get home on time.

    Referrals (optional): None.

    Completed Exchanges: None
  6. ShachonianX

    ShachonianX Spheal Lord

    Status: OPEN

    Fics: The Cosmic Voyage: In order to discover the origins of Deoxys, a large spaceship is sent to its possible home world, Plikaa. However, things do not turn out as expected.

    Reviews Given: I will mostly examine the flaws in your story, and try to think of ways to fix these flaws. If I can't find any flaws, I will write a review that will tell you what you did right.

    Reviews Wanted: Anything that could help improve my stories. I will accept any criticism or praise.

    Story Qualifiers: These are the stories I won't review. Anything else I will be willing to review.
    -Over 5 chapters, unless the chapters are short and easy to read
    -The story heavily involves romance
    -The story is rated R, or contains either large amounts of gore, any offensive material, or any sexual scenes.
    Stuff I would enjoy reviewing are stories that contain original ideas, fakemon, and an interesting plot.

    Reciprocates Within: Depends, sometimes it may be in a day, few hours, or sometimes a week.

    Referrals (optional):

    Completed Exchanges: None
  7. shatteredelysium

    shatteredelysium Slightly Nocturnal

    Status: OPEN

    Fics: Clashing Legends

    Length: It's a chaptered fic, averages 1,244 words a chapter, or 7,464 total over the 6 chapters. I hope that isn't too long for anyone, and you don't have to review it all-chapter 5 is completely skippable (and also very short), and I'm considering removing it entirely.

    Summary: The unfortunate reality is thus: we live in a black and white world. However, in this clash of truth and ideals, much more is at stake than win and lose, good and evil, black and white. Sammich Watts was an ordinary kid who can hear pokémon's voices. Miyako is a chosen one with a demon and a destiny clear to all but her. She will decide Unova's fate. He will watch.

    It's an OT journey fic loosely based on the Black and White games. VERY loosely.

    Reviews Give: I will probably focus more on flaws, but that's only because I want to help you fix them, and I promise I'll try my absolute best to not be mean. I will probably make a lot of comments on how the story flows and the grammar and whatnot, and also on your descriptions, but if there's anything you want me to focus on just tell me and I will adjust accordingly.

    Reviews Wanted: Mostly constructive criticism would be great. The things I'd most like to know about are:
    -Are my characters Mary Sues? (I'm looking at you, Miyako)
    -Do I need to describe stuff in more detail? Where am I lacking?
    -Spelling and grammar mistakes. People describe me as a bit of a grammar nazi, and I do care about it a lot, so it'd kill me to leave something with grammar mistakes up.
    -Is my plot cliché? Be honest.
    -Just anything you think I can improve on.

    Story Qualifiers:

    -Any length. I've got free time.
    -Romance. I don't mind it being in the story, but if it has no plot EXCEPT romance there's a problem.
    -Violence is fine.
    -I won't review anything offensive to any group, unless said group is people who make a habit of being offensive to other groups.
    -No sexual scenes, please. You can hint, but nothing explicit.
    -It needs to have a plot. No mindless romance stories, stuff that centers around senseless violence, or anything else majorly plotless. Nothing too overdone, either. I'm not sure exactly how overdone mine is so I'm sorry if this makes me sound like a hypocrite.
    -This problem is all me and not you, but I know next to nothing about the anime and even less about Mystery Dungeon, so I may not be the most qualified to review things that take place in either of these worlds.

    I would prefer something with:
    -An original and unique plot.
    -Original trainers are cool and I like them
    -Darker worlds?
    The second two aren't essential, but the first one is.

    Reciprocates Within: Anywhere between a few hours and two days, three days tops.

    Completed Exchanges: None
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2014
  8. diamondpearl876

    diamondpearl876 → follow your fire.

    Status: OPEN

    Fics: Flying in the Dark

    Reviews Given: I can comment on anything you need help with, but I like to think I can comment best on your originality, grammar, characterization, and maybe point out where you're lacking in description, if anywhere.

    Reviews Wanted: I'm mostly looking for characterization help, as the fic is very character-driven. Any comments are appreciated however. What did you like and what didn't you like? I want to know.

    Story Qualifiers: Anything goes. Really.

    Reciprocates Within: 48 hours

    Referrals (optional): The Great Butler and Sidewinder can vouch that I reply when I say I will.

    Completed Exchanges: Salvage by Negrek - Complete
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2014
  9. Negrek

    Negrek Lost but Seeking

    Status: OPEN


    Summary: Everyone knows Mewtwo's story, but what of his mother? What happened to Mew in the aftermath of Cinnabar Mansion's destruction? One child is determined to find out, though it means crossing oceans and passing beyond death itself. Along the way it must confront one central question: exactly how much is one life worth?
    Genres: Action, Suspense, Friendship
    Rating: PG-15. There's violence, bloodshed, and lots of uncensored cursing.
    Length: Chaptered. Long. I don't expect you to read all of it for an exchange unless you're particularly interested. If you want to start at the beginning, I would expect that you review at least a few chapters, as the initial ones are short. If you're interested in reviewing something more recent, other good jumping-off points are chapters eight and seventeen.

    Reviews Given: I usually write fairly extensive reviews. You can take a look at some recent ones I've given to get an idea of my usual style:

    For Praxiteles' The Progression
    For Sidewinders' Requiem
    For starliteevee's Drowning
    For Razor Wind's Pokémon Hunting and Investigating Squad

    Generally speaking I'll critique plot, characters, style, and structure, but what I end up talking about varies depending on the 'fic--whatever strikes me as worth talking about, honestly. I don't usually do detailed grammar or copyediting sort of critique, although I'll mention any mistakes that really popped out at me as I read along. If there's anything in particular you want me to concentrate on, feel free to ask.

    Reviews Wanted: I'm happy with any kind of feedback. When it comes to reciprocation, I'll try to put as much effort into my review as you put into yours.

    Story Qualifiers: I'll read pretty much anything. For stories rated R or above, it'll depend on the reason behind the rating; please ask before looking for a review on one of these. Other than that, there are some genres that I like less than others (romance being my least favorite by a mile and half), but none that I'm unwilling to give a go. Note that I'm not very familiar with any anime or manga canons, so I may have some trouble talking about characterization in stories that focus on characters from those sources.

    Reciprocates Within: This depends on the length of the 'fic I'm being asked to review. Generally within a week; I'll let you know if I think it's going to be longer.

    Completed Exchanges: None
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2014
  10. Shurtugal

    Shurtugal The aura is with me.

    Status: OPEN

    Fics: The Bonds Within [One Shot]

    Reviews Given: All have been done via PM on here so I cannot link you to any of them. I have done work on Scribophile, if anyone is interested in that. Warning: I am analytical, I write very lengthy replies, and I don't sugarcoat anything. If you can't take constructive criticism, go home. [As far as what I critique, I critique everything. It's as simple as that. I'm not too harsh on grammar, just so you all know.]

    Reviews Wanted: Something constructive. The work I want critiqued cannot be publicly shared; therefore, I'd have to PM you. I am willing to critique work and not ask for another one in exchange for the moment.

    Story Qualifiers: Your story needs to be about Pokemon. I'll read to my discretion (aka I'll read at least the first chapter, and if I am up for it, I will read on). I'll read anything really.

    Reciprocates Within: Within a week.

    Referrals (optional): Subzero Dragon and InsaneTyranitar can vouch for me.

    Completed Exchanges: None
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2014
  11. Hakajin

    Hakajin Obsessive Shipper

    I want in.

    Status: Closed

    Fic: Pokemon Generations: Satsumi's Story

    Fandom: Pokemon (anime)

    Genre: Adventure/Romance

    Age Rating: K+

    Summary: When Satsumi's dad goes missing on a trip to investigate an ancient temple ruin, she decides to do everything she can to find him. She knows it won't be easy. Sickly for most of her childhood, Satsumi grew up sheltered and isolated, and even though her health has improved, she's still a timid, awkward girl prone to worry. Dealing with her new friends is almost as much of a challenge as dealing with her new enemy. But most troubling of all is the strange mystery which threatens to pull her under. What happened in that ruined temple so long ago? What does it have to do with her dad's disappearance? And what it Satsumi's connection to it? She'll soon find out, whether she wants to or not.

    Reviews Given: I'm pretty well rounded... I was an English/Creative Writing major in college (I hate it when people say that as if it means you're a good writer... but it does help, and if nothing else, it teaches you a lot of things NOT to do). I'm best with characterization, seeing what makes sense for a character given their personality, how their background has affected them, that sort of thing; I'm quick to point out inconsistencies there. I'm also strong in style, things like voice and using the right tone for the subject matter. I'm also pretty good with plot, pacing and finding inconsistencies. I'm exceptionally good with grammar, if I do say so myself... but I believe that common usage comes before grammar rules, and "standard" English isn't any better than other dialects or casual speech. My point is, I'll point out mistakes that are awkward or make the writing seem less professional, but I'm not going to correct you for ending a sentence with a preposition. I'll definitely go into detail about what I like about your story, but I'll be specific about what needs improvement, too. So, detailed, constructive criticism, basically. Sorry if I come across as stuck-up here... I'm just trying to get across the point that I'll probably have lots of criticisms, so be prepared for that.

    Reviews Wanted: The most important thing to me when it comes to this story is my characters and their relationships... so that's what I want reviewers to focus on, too. Plot's important to me, too, but that's going to take time to develop. I definitely want detail: what you like, what you don't like, and why you do/don't like it.

    Story Qualifiers: I prefer stories about human characters, but I can do ones about Pokemon as long as the characters have a lot of personality. I'd prefer fics that haven't gotten long yet, (1-5 chapters would be ideal), or, for longer fics, if I could review on a chapter-by-chapter basis. I don't have home internet access, so I only get a few hours of web-time a day.

    Reciprocates Within: Usually 2 days

    Completed Exchanges: None
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2014
  12. PhalanxSigil

    PhalanxSigil BONK!

    Alright, let's get this bad boy started up again.

    Status: Open

    Fic [URL="http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?625612-Pok%E9mon-Convergence]Pokémon: Convergence[/URL]

    Fandom: It's in the name of the fic.

    Genre: PMD

    Summary: A boy and his father open a wormhole, provoking Giratina. It just so happens to be mad at the father for something he did, and throws him in. Determined to prove his father's innocence, the boy demands to be thrown in as well. Waking up with no clear memories except for his name and his humanity (except for the fact that he has turned into a monferno), he is taken in by a rescue team in a world that wants him dead. With his memories slowly returning to him, the boy needs to figure out how his new body works, find his father, and get back alive. That is, if his dimension-hopping shenanigans don't bring about the apocalypse first.

    Reviews Given: My reviews are relatively simple in structure: I start by saying what I liked, pointing to what I think works really well in each chapter. After that, I go to the negatives. I generally focus on grammatical errors and wordiness. However, I may miss stuff with commas, because I'm not very good at those either. If I see any overarching inconsistencies with the chapter, I go over those afterward. On the more over-arching parts of the review, I mainly focus on character relationships and motivations. Overall, I try to be as detailed as I can when I review.

    Reviews Wanted: BE BRUTAL! Believe me, I know I'm not the best at writing. I want to know everything that I possibly can so that I can create the best story possible for the reader. if that means demolishing an entire section of a story, or even reconstructing a whole chapter, so be it. Be nasty. Tear it to shreds. I want you to.

    Story Qualifiers: Um...a story about Pokémon? preferably, something that hasn't been around for a while, or maybe something that I can comment on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

    Reciprocates Within: For those of you who know me, I haven't been the best about reviewing stuff in the past. I disappeared entirely from the site for around six months this summer and fall. That is going to change. As of mid-December, I've been on the site constantly, trying to review as much as I can. Because I have internet access most hours of the day, I'll be able to respond within two days at the very latest.

    Completed Exchanges: None

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