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The Setting Sun (PG-13)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Kyogre_of_Water, Jul 30, 2006.

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  1. Kyogre_of_Water

    Kyogre_of_Water Beginning Trainer

    Hey ya'll! This is my first fanfic. It originally started on the Pokémon Board at Nsider, but now, I want to share it with you guys and gals... and hopefully finish it.

    This is a five book series starring a... a... boy... Ah, you'll find out about him. In The Setting Sun, Pokémon know moves that they wouldn't know in the anime or games, like a Scyther knowing recover.

    This fanfic is rated PG-13 for violence and gore. Later on, there might be some "action," if you know what I mean, but this is also posted on Nsider, where that kind of stuff isn't allowed, so don't really count on it. ;)

    This post shall contain the Prologue, and the following posts shall contain where old chapters will be by ten.

    Also, I would like to thank CrazyYoshi from a rivaling fanfic on the Pokémon Board at Nsider for letting me put in a referance from his fanfic. ^_^

    Note: Chapters 1 - 15, this is an estimate, could be a tad bit short. If you could help me rewrite these chapters to make them longer, that would be appreciated. Also, some chapters have not been spaced out. I am sorry for this, but it means I have yet to retype them up to make them better. Thanks for your cooperation. ^_^

    Now let us begin!

    “Welcome my friends. How do you do? Oh never mind that. So what brings you here? A story you say? Well that’s good, because I am a wonderful story teller. My whole family have been wonderful story tellers, ever since the years that have long past. The walls of my cabin are filled with records of the past, present, and possibly future. Maybe even of different worlds… But you came for a story and I shall tell you one. Let me just find a book. Hmmmm… none here seem to fit in with what is happening in our world. Well… there is that story. But only me and the… should I pass it on. I mean, it isn’t really a rule. Hey! Don’t look at me like that. I’m not crazy! I have a story.

    “This story is not remembered by most of the population of the world. Only me, the 17, I mean 16, Eternal Elemental Sages, and the 6 Pokémon Choosers know of this story. Yes, it is a stupid name, I know, but it is honorable. Anyways, this is a dark story, very dark. It is when war broke out. You may have heard of many other wars, like The War of 5, but this was deeper in the soul. Darker than you shall ever imagine. This war was only recorded by my ancestors and the Sages. All of the rest do not know. They would be terrified; the world would go in a frenzy. You may leave now, but if you choose to stay, you must hear all of my story. Once you stay, you shall never be the same. You are staying? Okay. You have been warned…

    “It all started with a young boy, around your age. Dark, dark times. Rumors of war were spreading around. Quickly. At this time, all feared war. It was thought as a great evil. But, to some, it was thought as a destiny. Power was wanted by evil and it would stop at nothing to get what it wanted. Things turned out well for the evil and it gained power, much power. Power that you could not believe. Each day, every hour, power was gained. Terrible things were about to happen, truly terrible. But as we know, with power come great responsibility. But the responsibility of the evil was to protect itself, so for five years, the power that was within the evil was hidden. The evil, too, went into hiding. It needed to find a new source of power. Some power that lay hidden. This was the one mistake the evil made.

    “The day the evil went into hiding, was the day when a hero started a long journey, a journey that he did not think would ever happen. Through rough times, the boy learned of his destiny. With friends that accompanied him, he journeyed to train with a dragon that spits out fire, a bug that is a master swordsman with its arms, a beautiful butterfly that flies through the sky spreading joy, a purple cat that can confuse the greatest of enemies, a blue baby that shoots water, and an attractive psychic with powers unbelievable, even to Sabrina, the psychic gym leader of Saffron City. With these Pokémon, he set out for the Sages. He went to each corner of the planet in search for the Eternal Elemental Sages. With the sages, he learned of the techniques of Pokémon and elements of Pokémon. He learned the attacks like he was a Pokémon. Amazing. To shoot a hyper beam into the sky like you were a Pokémon! It must have been amazing. Normal, Bug, Flying, Water, Grass, Fire, Electric, Fighting, Ice, Poison, Ground, Rock, Psychic, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Steel. The 17 types of Pokémon. To know these, to fight with these, you could possibly be unstoppable. He learned all the types, now his job was to fight the evil.

    The five years were up and the evil rose once again, but a surprise came. He found the hero. The battle had begun and there was no turning back. It was to the death. But you must learn of the battle by yourself. I think you know your destiny now.

    Sleeping. For some of us it is the time of the day to relax and rest. For others, it is where our worst memories reside. For the rest of us it is time to plot. My name is Satol. What I am giving you is a journey with my Pokémon through years of struggle. I have entered a lonely broken house. As I sleep darkness creeps around the room but moonlight shatters the ground through the clearness of the window. The strange thing about this is there was no moon on that side of the room. This has only happened once before in all of the history of time. This was the symbol when the entire world of Pokémon was about to enter war. Sleeping. For all of us we need it, for we don't know what will happen the next day.
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  2. Kyogre_of_Water

    Kyogre_of_Water Beginning Trainer

    Chapters 1 - 10

    Chapter I

    Night was falling. Morning was rising. Darkness was still here. Rain was coming down onto the house with a pitter and a patter. Rain was soaking into the wet wooden house. Rain drops fell to my head disturbing me every second of my precious morning. A day of training, gone because of the blasted rain.

    “Guess I will have to stay in here. I think I deserve a break after those twelve hour training sessions every day,” I spoke to myself as if someone else was there.

    I got out of my sleeping bag. My muscles were throbbing with pain from the day before. Yesterday was such a terrible day. I tried working my pokemon in the house but it didn’t end well. The shack was almost demolished. I went to a nearby table to get dressed. As I yawned I scratched myself because of my boredom. It seemed like Keplar wasn’t back. I thought that it would be a happy day because he wasn’t there. My white shirt was all wrinkled. Stains from mud and food covered the wanna-be rag. I put the front of the shirt in front of my bare, naked body. On the front it said, “Why bother?” in a dark red font. I limped to my plaid boxers on a chair. I moved as fast as I could to get my under clothing on but my body didn’t respond well. The long blue jeans were next to my boxers so it took less to get them on. I then sat down on the rotting chair, put on my small, white tube socks and then my boring, grey shoes. My clothes were never interesting.

    I started to stare out into the never-ending darkness. I noticed that light was filtering through the window even though it was completely overcast outside. I was scared but I didn't show any signs on my face. I acted as tough as possible. I never let anyone know that I was scared or worried about something.

    Because of this sign I let my three pokemon out. A Charmeleon popped out of its ball and let out a defiant roar that made the shaky shack...well shake. My second pokemon was tough Scyther that loved to cut all items in front of it, even me. Whenever I released that Scyther I made a note to teach it some manners, the hard way. My last pokemon was beautiful pink Butterfree. It would always pop right in front of me when released. I would try my hardest to push away, but it came right back. As you can see, reader, all three of my pokemon needed to go to a "Pokémon boot camp."

    A loud knock came from the door. A foolish face came to me. The door popped open and a silhouette was there.

    Chapter II

    The darkness walked forward slowly with a creek each time he took a step.

    "Ohh. It is just you Keplar," Keplar was my best friend. We first met in 1st grade. He always had a big smile on his face. Whenever he was around the room seemed to brighten. "What is with that entrance," I said with a stern look, "And what happened to you. It looks like..." That is where I stopped.

    In both of Keplar's hands were guns. His hands were tightly focused on the deadly weapons. His face was filled with hatred and a horrifying glare. Keplar's eyes were staring directly to me. This was hard to notice because of his pitch black sunglasses. His body stood to his highest extent. The terrifying boy's feet were as strait as strait could be.
    "The Darkness to Destroy is coming," Keplar said in a much lower voice than usual. As he said these words he raised his right arm to point the gun he was holding to point to the ceiling. Once he finished saying coming, Keplar pulled the trigger to the gun in his right hand.

    When the bullet went to the sky, the world seemed to fall apart. Lightning struck down to the world beneath it. Thunder roared like the mightiest lions. Fires sprang up everywhere the eye can see. The rains poured down to the west but never doused the fires and blizzards snowed to the east but never brought frost to the land. Earthquakes shook the land wit a furry. Zigzagoon scurried to the left and the right with the meanest looks ever brought to the planet. Gyarados, one of the fiercest pokemon ever to roam the planet, were cuddling up with people with joy in their hearts.

    "Death. One of the worst things ever to happen to life," Keplar said blankly, "Joy is brought to us after life."

    "What are you talking about Keplar?" I said with confusion.

    "Prepare to die." With those words he pointed both of his guns for my chest and fired.
    In a matter of seconds I flew to the left of me. Keplar kept shooting almost hitting me every time. One bullet got so close it skinned my brown hair. It seemed like there was no end to the bullets. Keplar never moved his feet. He just stood there. I would think he would chase me. I kept getting behind or under stuff, away from where the death metal could hit me, but after a few seconds in one place the things I would hide behind suddenly broke into little pieces. I could never get my breath back.

    The whole time I was dodging my pokemon were in the back of the room cowering. I was so ashamed of them.

    Instead of hiding I had to go on the offensive. I got as far as I could without getting hit by the killing machines in Keplar’s hands. I had to take a risk. I jumped up and ran towards Keplar. Right after I got up Keplar pulled the trigger once more. A scream of pain came to my mouth. I fell like a sack of potatoes.

    My pokemon went into a frenzy and started to attack Keplar. They never did really car about anything else except for themselves. Why were they attacking Keplar now? My Charmeleon used flamethrower with a rage. Scyther, with sadness in it eyes, used blind unrelenting furry against Keplar. My Butterfree, though, flew to me and cried. My Butterfree did its best to heal me.

    This was the biggest change within me. Something spoke to me. It told me to begin a journey. I didn't know it then, but it was going to be harder than impossible.

    Chapter III

    The next morning I found myself lying on the floor. I started to look around. All three of my pokemon where lying on or beside me. Butterfree was sleeping on my stomach. She seemed like a she had no worry in the world. Charmeleon was to the right of me and Scyther was to the left. They too were sleeping peacefully. I despised all three of them. How dare they sleep there like nothing had happened to me the night before. I was their trainer. They should have never slept like a baby. They had to worry about me. It was against the laws of nature.

    There seemed that the bullet that Keplar had shot up into the sky was lying on my right hand. It seemed like it was placed there. I could recognize it because it seemed as clean as a whistle. With my greatest strength I squeezed the item that turned the world upside down. It didn’t do anything to the bullet but it sure felt like it.

    Charmeleon shifted a little and brought me to a world of pain. I was screaming to fullest of my extent. Everyone woke up full of awareness. Suddenly I realized I wasn’t dead. Keplar’s bullets seemed to have missed my chest and hit my right arm. It seemed that Scyther bandaged me up. I could tell from all of the tear marks.

    “Yay! I’m not dead! Wahoo!” I screamed with joy.

    All of my pokemon seemed tired and edgy the rest of the day. Charmeleon fought Butterfree because it didn’t have to act like it was so beautiful just because it was pink and not purple. He tried to make Butterfree depressed and go emo, but it didn’t work. I tried to break them up but since I was on the ground I couldn’t do anything. I told Scyther to break them up and he did it pretty well. I don’t know what Scyther said, but he was making some movements like he would chop them up.

    At noon Charmeleon helped me up and we started for the town with a hospital. It was really hard to get up. I had probably been in that same position for fourteen hours. My spine was so stiff because of the hard wooden floor. It took about ten minutes to get me to my feet.

    When I got to the entrance of the house I found Keplar’s body there motionless. There were slash marks from Scyther and scratch marks from Charmeleon. Blood covered the limp body. I spat at the dead body with a dirty look and walked out.

    I remembered the good times, but this was too horrifying to forgive the traitor. He was dead and there was nothing more I could do. I did wish I could say sorry to him because of what happened two nights ago…

    A mile from the house I said while looking at my map, “Hmm? It looks like the closest city is Sunfun Town. Here is its description,” I started to read what the town map said about Sunfun Town, “A lonely town to the East of the Viridian Forest. Surrounded by rocky mountains, it is very hard to get there. Few have seen Sunfun Town because of the harsh climate. The people indigenous to Sunfun Town have gotten use to it and have thrived from there small village. If your decision is to go to Sunfun Town take a path from Viridian City,” I studied the map some more. When I looked at the map, though, there was no Sunfun Town on it. But there was a small path from Viridian to its eastern territories, “That’s strange… Well, that’s all it says on the map, but we can’t go back to Viridian now. We will take our own path.”

    Thus began my journey to Sunfun Town in need of medical attention, but with every step I took I was getting weaker and weaker and I didn’t even know it.

    Chapter IV

    I had been traveling for about two days since that fateful night. My arm at that time had almost lost all feeling. If I didn’t get to a hospital soon I would have to use my back up plan. Whenever I looked at my arm I thought of that plan. I was praying that I could get to the hospital in Sunfun Town before time ran out. Time was my only enemy as of then.

    As I traveled, I did not recall my Pokémon into their Pokéballs. I needed them out in case I needed them. A lot of the time, I tripped. Mostly because I was in such deep thought and I fell from a root above the ground or something. But, another part wanted me to return them. Day and night, they would argue till they died. Sometimes I laughed, sometimes I cried, and other times I punched Charmeleon’s head because of his consistent arguing with Butterfree. It was rather hard to keep them under control. I sure wish I could understand them. That way, I could keep them in peace.

    Thoughts kept racing back to me about Keplar, too. Why was he the way he was? What did his words mean? The thought of my only friend’s body lying there dead. Yet I was filled with hatred. I wanted to kill him with my own hands. I wanted to feel the blood the drip down his chin. I wanted to squeeze his neck until his face turned blue and stopped breathing. Twice while I was walking I wanted to turn back and jump on his head. I would go up and down and up and down. I would kick his body until there was a hole that you could look through it and see the other side. I had now idea why I had yearned for these things. How could he have done such an atrocious thing? We were best friends. Then, in one millisecond, we go from friends to adversary.

    I stopped. Emotions overcame me. A stupid human flaw. I sat down to remember. I don’t know what I was supposed to remember, but I went back in time. My Pokémon turned around to see me sitting, just sitting and staring frontward. Two days ago I was so cheery and had good will, but now, now I was in tears. Why did he do it? What had possessed him to do such a thing? My crying became slightly harder. Butterfree flew back to me to see what caused me such pain. Charmeleon and Scyther stood back to get ready to move yet again.

    My head was spinning from all these thoughts. I tried my hardest to keep my mind away from Keplar, but whenever I got away I came back. The thoughts stalked me.

    Suddenly there was a movement in some bushes to the left. No, it was to the right.

    ‘Where was it coming from?’ I thought to myself, “Huh? Who is it?” My voice was weak, but I got off the ground with Butterfree still trying to comfort me, and with a braver sound I told the bush, or bushes, “Show yourself.”

    There was another ruffling in the bush. What was the thing? Maybe it was Keplar? No, he was dead. Why I would think it was Keplar? Maybe it was because I missed him. I wanted him back.

    Square by square it came up until it was fully revealed. I was bewildered with this new foe.

    Chapter V

    It was a huge blob of blackness. Tons of black squares made up the blob. It seemed to be a giant L. It kept making a sound like a Rattata. It slowly came in front of the bush it was hiding from. But it seemed it didn’t notice me.

    “What is that thing?” I asked myself.

    The black blob stuck out his tongue that resembled a Lickitung’s tongue. Then paws like a Meowth’s came out of its side and scratched itself. Hitmonlee’s feet came underneath its dark body which was Snorlax’s.

    I asked myself again, “What is that thing? It has parts of different pokemon.”

    The darkness turned towards me. It didn’t look like it but it was furious, but it might have been very anxious to meet me. Hitmonlee’s feet disappeared and out came Arcanine’s feet appeared. It was using extremespeed at me. In the nick of time I dodged the attack, but that didn’t mean it would stop attacking. Once again, the Pokémut ran at me again. I was almost out of the way, but I was rammed from the side and I was sent downwards.

    I could tell this was a tough Pokémon, or whatever it was. Butterfree was in distress. I think she had never seen any thing like this, but then again, who has? Charmeleon and Scyther ran back to me for protection. Scyther got in a battle ready stance with his scythes up. Charmeleon had his humerus’ down but his elbows were bent and his claws were in fists. Butterfree just floated in the air above me, but I shooed her away to help the other two. She didn’t want to, but she knew that I said was the truth. They all appeared ready to fight to the death.

    I slowly got up to my feet. I needed to be brave. I had to show my Pokémon that I could help them. “Butterfree, use Sleep Powder, Scyther, use slash and Charmeleon, use flamethrower!” I cried.

    They all obeyed but the thing was to fast. Once my pokemon had reached the spot where that thing was, it had been gone for about five seconds. All my pokemon looked surprise when they found out it was gone. We all started looking for it, but it seemed it had disappeared. Then I heard a rustling in the tree above me. The blob jumped down with great force shaking the ground. I fell over breaking my nose and injuring my already hurt arm. Whenever I got up from something, that thing always brought me down. A Banette’s mouth covered the face of the dark L. It was creeping closer to me. My pokemon were rushing to my aid. Scyther jumped up and was about to use slash again when the L transformed into a defensive Deoxys and trapped itself in a bubble to block Scyther’s awesome jump. Scyther’s slash just bounced back and he was sent flying backwards. The fake Deoxys turned back to the blob. While Butterfree was tending my wounds Charmeleon used scratch. This was a lucky shot. It hit the darkness. I looked up for only a second to see that the blob was using recover. Scyther got up and used slash hoping this would end the battle. This was only one half of the battle. The other half was gruesome.

    Chapter VI

    I watched the battle intensely while Butterfree finished up healing my nose. Butterfree got some water to wash my face a little to get some blood off, but I pushed her off again. I got off the ground to stand and see the real battle. Butterfree shoved on me to get behind a tree, but I ignored her. I needed to watch this battle. I don’t know what I would have done with myself if I didn’t watch it. It was pulling me and my thoughts into it. I sought to get a little closer.

    Scyther was in mid-air when an arm of Hitmonchan came out of the left side of the blob. Dark L brought its arm back ready to punch. Scyther’s face was filled to the brink with terror, but it still went through with his attack. It was too late, though. When Scyther was a foot away the blob hit Scyther’s left scythe with a fire punch. The punch went right through it. Scyther was absolutely furious and used fury swipes. Each flung arm hit. I could tell that this blob was weakening with every successful hit from Scyther. Dark L gave the impression to cringe after every hit. When Scyther used the last fury swipe it went right through the blob. There was no blood.

    There were just two blobs of blackness laying there. The two blobs were imploding. Once they were both in a very even sphere they exploded. Then the blackness that was scattered came back into two puddles of pitch blackness. Everyone around was black. It was like goo.

    “What the! How could there be no blood. It was just cut in half! But Scyther…” Everyone was shocked. We had just seen murder. My Scyther had killed something. We had no idea what it was but it was dead. We were sure.

    We all heard a voice in the distance. It was this guy panting from up the path, “Wait up you… you… you thing!” the voice yelled. It was pretty loud considering it was far away, “Ohhh when I get you, you are going back to the place you came! I am going to squeeze you to death! Just you wait!” He kept running until he stood where the blob’s puddles were, “Darn. It got away.”

    The guy was shocked to see me on the ground. “What happened to you?”

    All I could say is, “A little injury.”

    “What did this?”

    “Blob.” That is all I could manage to say and I pointed to the puddles.

    “Ohhh noooo. You just made one of the biggest mistakes of your life.”

    The blobs started to form.

    Chapter VII
    “Get behind something,” the guy said in a loud whisper, “or else we don’t live.”
    “Ummm. I can’t get up so I can’t move.” I said aggravated.
    The guy picked me up and carried me behind a bush. Unfortunately he put me in a very uncomfortable position. To make things worse there were twigs and leaves everywhere to hurt me.
    The puddles were starting to shape. They were getting bigger and bigger until they were what the original blob looked like. They looked at each other and ran off into the direction I was heading for.
    “What were those things, guy?” I roared out. I was trying to stay calm but you try to stay calm with a stick up your butt.
    “First of all my name is not guy. It is Prof. Lutosa. What is your name?”
    “My name is none of your business,” I said plainly.
    Prof. Lutosa looked at me strangely. “Well if you won’t tell me your real name, Mr. None Of Your Business, I can’t tell you what that thing is,” he said firmly.
    “Fine. My name is Satol. Is that good enough for you”
    Lutosa smiled. “Okay, Satol. The thing that we just saw is a project gone awry. Its name is Missingno.”
    “A what?” I was very confused.
    “Missingno,” the professor breathed out. “One month ago I was working on a top secret project. It was called Project No Number. I was the only one working on it. No one else knew about it. Every night I would sneak into my laboratory and work on my greatest project. So I thought. I had put every DNA of a pokemon is in that project. It can transform into any pokemon. Once I finished I would show the world of my accomplishment and prove that I was the smartest man alive. I would laugh at the other professors. They would feel the stupidest ever in history,” I was starting to get very bored of this long explanation, “Oh sorry. Now back on topic.
    Three weeks later something horrible happened. The unimaginable. Project No Number escaped. I was horrified. I had that project in the highest security system ever created by man and it escaped without a trace. I have been following the project ever since. Four days ago I found a young girl crying. I asked her what the matter ago. She said that her pokedex broke. She also said that it broke when a black blob came near her and she scanned it.
    Right before it broke the pokedex said, ‘Missingno, number 000. Unknown data about the glitch pokemon.’ I asked her which way it went and I followed the tracks. When I heard what the girl said about what her pokedex said I christened the project Missingno.”
    Inside me I was bewildered with amazement, but I didn’t show anything on my face. “So what you’re saying that blob, I mean Missingno, is a top secret project that escaped your lab?” I asked.
    “Yup. That’s what it is. No more, no less.” Prof. Lutosa said with a hint of glee.
    A second later we heard some trees crash down onto the ground with a loud bang. I looked at the professor and he looked back. It was time to start running.

    Chapter VIII
    When I wrote that we were running I didn’t say which way we were going to run. You would have probably have ran away from a loud crash. I went towards it.
    “Arcanine, let’s move it,” Lutosa cried while throwing his pokeball. The professor got me onto my feet and he got on to his fire dog and stuck out his hand to me, “C’mon. Let’s get going.”
    “Give me a good reason I should come,” I said with disgust.
    Prof. Lutosa almost chuckled but he held it in. “It is the way to Sunfun Town. We will be closer to getting your arm healed.”
    Even though I hated the thought of traveling with him I decided to go. I grabbed his arm and he pulled me up onto his Arcanine.
    “Okay Arcanine. Use extremespeed to the East of here,” Prof Lutosa looked at me while Arcanine was dashing through the trees, “Oh and by the way we may die.”
    I was stunned that he had just said that. Who in the right mind would say that they were going to die?
    “Hey, look on the bright side. You wouldn’t have to worry about your hand anymore.” The professor shouted out a huge laugh.
    I tried to choke him but it was very hard to do with one hand. “And I won’t have to hear your cackling laugh anymore.”
    “If it wasn’t for me you would be dead,” he stretched a smile across his face.
    We soon found the spot where the trees fell. It looked like something just sliced through the wood like it was jelly.
    “We better camp here for the night. It will be very safe,” Lutosa said. He looked very satisfied at what he looked at.
    I was thinking that this would be the worst place to camp. If the two Missingno came back and chopped down some more trees we would surely die. “Safe! Safe?! What are you talking about? This could be the worst place to camp! Are you crazy! I wish I had a hammer to knock some sense into your dull mind!”
    The dead minded professor didn’t even flinch at my comments. The look he was giving me was very serious. “While I was studying Missingno at my lab I looked at its brain and saw something very strange. Strange, but interesting. The data showed that once it attacked in one spot it would never come back to the same spot and attack there. I went into studying that but the next day it escaped.”
    “I don’t care about stupid data. All I care about is getting to a safer area.”
    Professor Lutosa seemed to get very red. I could tell he was angry. His face could show it all.
    “I told you that this is the safest spot we could be in. We are going to sleep here. If you want to die go right ahead. See if I care. I don’t care about stupid kids telling me that what I saw was wrong.
    I was cautious with my words. One false step and I could be hurtling into a black abyss created by the professor’s actions. “Okay. I’ll listen to you know but if I get hurt you will be paying the price.
    “Deal,” Lutosa said while shaking my hand, “It is getting dark out now. We will be searching for the Missingnos tomorrow.”
    I got out my sleeping bag and got inside and fell asleep immediately.

    Chapter IX
    That night I had a very strange dream. I was back in Viridian.

    In front of me were Keplar and me. Keplar and my dream self looked around in amazement. It was said that Viridian City was the third largest city in Kanto, behind Saffron and Fuchsia, and the second most beautiful city in Kanto, behind Cerulean. Even with tons of evil syndicate grunts, this place was fine-looking in its entirety. Gardens were scattered with dazzling purple roses and orange cosmos. Red tulips were the most common flower, but even with its mass population, this gorgeous town would make my list as beautiful. The sky was a bright azure with clouds dispersed around. The houses I saw looked like small cottages you would see in cold climates. The roofs were a mix of pink and purple. The outside walls were a glistening brown. It looked so smooth. Small windows popped out from the sides of the house that shone like sapphires. The houses had a perfect combination. I couldn’t tell if I was looking at real life or a painting.

    Viridian City was one of the main spots for Pokémon trainers. If a trainer had seven badges, they would most likely come to Viridian and face the unknown gym leader. Once they got the Earth Badge, they would head westward towards the Pokémon League to face the Elite Four, but only the most skilled ever got there. Up North was Pewter City. This was the usual place beginning trainers got the badges. The gym leader there was Brock, which rhymes with rock, the type he usually chooses.

    I saw that the sky was a bright red. It was so beautiful. Then I saw something. I smelled the air. It was disaster. Without any other thought I awoke Lutosa.

    Chapter X
    “What? What?” Lutosa said dumbfounded.
    I twisted his head towards Sunfun Town. “Well, tons of smoke is coming from over there. Let me guess what it could be. Ummm. How do I say this? Uhhhhhh, FIRE!”
    “What? What?!” Lutosa seemed so excited, “Only that much smoke must come from one thing, Missingno! We must hurry there!”
    “You ARE crazy! I am not going anywhere close to there!” I was thinking if I heard him correctly. Why would you go near a fire? I didn’t want to die.
    Professor Lutosa changed his face to be more serious but his voice was the same. “Oh yes you are. You are going to help me capture those Missingno. I am making you come.”
    “Ohh no you aren’t. I like living. Besides how are you going to MAKE me?”
    “I have my ways,” Lutosa got some rope out of the backpack he had.
    I was scared beyond belief. Why was he making me? He had Arcanine. He could do it himself. “What are you going to do with that rope?”
    “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” He was walking closer to me.
    I was walking backwards hoping not to hit a tree, but my luck wasn’t good that day. I hit a tree and Lutosa pounced on me. He called out Arcanine and got me on Arcanine and tied me up.
    “You won’t get away with this. Once I get off, boy, will you be in pain”
    Lutosa got out a dirty sock and put it in my mouth. I was yelling and screeching and kicking the air. Lutosa got on Archanine and we rode off to Sunfun Town.
    We finnaly got to the edge of Sunfun Town. There was a small hill and we hid there. What used to be a small village was reduced to rubble. I tried to think of what used to be this small village. I could smell smoke that used to be the fresh smell of flowers. That could have been the sock, though. The green plains were now just brown dirt. Fire was burning the entire village.
    I had just realized that my arm was still shot. Just then I let out a soft scream because of that sock. I hadn’t remembered the last time my arm hurt. Now it was a fiery burn.
    We saw that the Missingno turned towards us but we ducked down in time. Lutosa put his finger on his lips. It seems that he just remembered that I was still tied down onto Arcanine. He took out a knife and cut me loose. I got off Arcanine and took out the sock that was lodged in my mouth. I pointed my middle finger at him and peered at the demolished town.
    I saw that there was a girl hiding behind a brick wall. She seemed to be my age. She was absolutely filthy. Her clothes were torn and had muck on them. Her face was splotched with dirt. Her long, brown hair flowed with the western wind. She looked like she was about to cry. Her big eyes were filled with water. She blinked to stop her from crying and making noise. Yet there was something about her that seemed so gentle. So kind. I imagined her without her being so dirty. I could tell she was beautiful.
    The Missingno were walking around. They were looking for something. I could tell they were. One of the Missingno started to walk towards the girl.
    I was thinking of a plan to help the girl. It had to be quick. I could only think of one thing. It would be the hastiest thing I ever did.
  3. Kyogre_of_Water

    Kyogre_of_Water Beginning Trainer

    Chapters 11 - 20

    Chapter XI
    I decided on what I would do. I just prayed that it wouldn’t be the last thing I ever did.
    “Hey!” Both of the Missingno turned towards me, “Yah! I am talking to you slimy blobs on oil,” that was the best insult I could come up with. It was pathetic.
    Lutosa looked at me with eyes filled with fear, “What are you doing? Are you trying to get ourselves killed?”
    I smiled but kept looking at the Missingnos. They were just standing there, “You gagged me and brought ourelves here. If that’s not killing I don’t know what is. Besides I know what I am doing.”
    “And you said I was crazy,” Lutosa murmmered.
    I was focusing back onto the Missingnos, “Leave that poor girl alone,” I pointed to the girl that was scrunched into a ball, “If you don’t I will destroy you two.”
    The two Missingno looked at where I was pointing. They both grinned and started to walk over to the spot the girl was at.
    “Ooops,” I said.
    “Ooops is right. You might have just killed that girl.”
    I once again saw the girl there. She was there more frightened then ever. Tears started to roll down her cheeks. She must have been paralyzed with fright. She wouldn’t move to get away.
    Another hasty move had to be placed. We had to fight.
    “Charmeleon, Butterfree, Scyther get out! Time to fight,” I thought of how cheesy that was. They were all fine like they had never battled before. I also noticed that Scyther’s arm was perfect.
    Now we had to do this fast or else none of us would live, “Attack!”
    Lutosa also joined the battle, “Arcanine move it out!”
    All of the pokemon went out to battle. They were all running at the Missingno. Lutosa and I had to get that girl out of here. How that happened was going to be difficult.

    Chapter XII
    All me and Lutosa had at our disposal was our pokemon and our bodies. Lutosa and I had to get the girl out of trouble leaving our pokemon doing the real fighting. We had to get that girl out. I didn’t care if the Missingno got away. I would leave them for a different and greater battle.
    Lutosa and I were on the same channel. We both knew what was going to happen. We were just going to run into the battle, dodge the fire spreading, hope we survive, get the girl and leave. Death clouded my mind as we headed out. The last words of Keplar came to thought again. Death was never joyous. I had to overcome my fright and do the right thing even if it meant death. What was I thinking about? I wasn’t going to die for some girl! I didn’t even know her. I was leaving before I died. I grabbed my pokeballs to get my pokemon when Prof. Lutosa grabbed my arm and stopped me from doing the smart thing.
    “And I thought you were a professor. We have to get out of here. How crazy can you be?” I couldn’t believe that guy.
    “Do you think that it was a coincidence that you and Missingno met? That you and me started to go after it. You finding this girl. It was destiny.”
    “You do know that you are scientist, right? I thought scientists don’t believe in too much religion,” I snickered, “I’m leaving and you can’t stop me.”
    “Listen to me boy!” Lutosa was starting to yell again, “This happened on purpose! You may not know it yet but you have to save that girl!”
    The pokemon were in a huge fight against the Missingno. With each sentence Lutosa spoke the pokemon grew stronger.
    I didn’t want to do this but it seemed like I was going to risk my life for a girl I didn’t even know. I nodded to Lutosa and he nodded back.
    Life and death were the possibilities and death had a higher percentage. It was time to run for my life. Lutosa and I jumped into the front of the hill covering us and started running. As I started to run I wondered how I got into this. Maybe I was the crazy one.

    Chapter XIII
    All we had to do is make it to the girl and get as far away as possible. That didn’t seem hard.
    That battle between our pokemon and the two Missingno raged on. This battle would decide the future. In later generations it would be called The Battle of the Suns. My Scyther kept using slash and my Butterfree tried to get the Missingno to sleep by using sleep powder. Charmeleon used ember so many times I couldn’t figure out how many times he used it. Why weren’t the attacks coming in contact? The Missingno just wouldn’t ever slow down. Whenever the attack almost hits them they got out of the way and hit my pokemon.
    Lutosa was getting ahead of me. I guess he was in good shape after his run for Missingno. At least one of us could save her. If one of us didn’t make it the other would have to try twice as hard. I always did hate to work.
    I looked back for just a second. We were only a quarter of the way there. It seemed to be hours already.
    ‘What would happen if I didn’t get to the girl in time?’ my mind was working like an old, broken record player. I remembered what Lutosa said about destiny. It was just a bunch of bologna. He just wasted his time by telling me that.
    Lutosa was about two meters ahead of me when he yelled, “Satol, hurry you need to catch up! I can’t afford to let you die! I need you! She needs you!” the professor pointed to that girl. When I looked at her again something happened to me. Not physical, but emotional. I immediately popped it out of my mind.
    I focused all of myself to Lutosa. I knew he was talking about destiny again. I never wanted to hear about destiny again so I barked at him.
    Half way there. I could tell I was close, but I was losing breath. My knees were aching. My ribs were in agony. I needed to lie down but I just couldn’t. Not now. Even if I did get to the girl I couldn’t take a break. This place was hazardous to all forms of health!
    Up ahead I heard Professor Lutosa whisper something. I wondered what he was talking to.
    The pokemon were still going at it. Nothing had changed. Scyther was using slash, Butterfree was using sleep powder and Charmeleon was using ember. The Missingno were still impossible to catch. A little farther and then I could help out.
    Every second I thought up a new plan but as I thought more I realized it would fail. None of my plans would work, but I could always try.
    I had finally caught up with the fast professor when he said, “Satol, I know you are thinking you need to help your pokemon, but you can’t. It would be too dangerous. Your pokemon can handle them selves. Stay with me.”
    “Fine then, but if they get badly hurt I will help them.”
    “Don’t worry. Everything will be all right,” Lutosa smiled slyly.
    I could feel that something was wrong. Something didn’t fit. As I thought of this we started to go past the battle.
    I could feel the heat of the Charmeleon’s ember past by. The wind was cooling me off from the quick slashes of Scyther. My eyelids grew heavy with sleep from the leftovers of past sleep powders. When my pokemon are out with one another they fight with me and each other. But in the heat of battle they work as one force combined to defeat their foes. I was very proud of them.
    As I was in mid-thought I heard Lutosa cry out one word, “NOW!”
    The Missingno stopped evading all of the pokemon. Lutosa’s Arcanine stopped trying to hurt the Missingno. The two blobs and fire dog surrounded my pokemon. Lutosa had stopped running by now and just snickered. One of the Missingno used vine whip to capture all three of my pokemon. I had stopped running too amazed by what was happening. Arcanine used flame thrower to surround me. I looked around at the fire that blocked my path. The final Missingno run up to the now frightened girl and caught her. It seemed like my heart stopped. The three monsters run to the side of the evil professor.
    “What in hel are you doing?” I cried out. My voice was weaker than usual because of this turn of events.
    “You have eyes don’t you,” laughter was probably heard for miles, “but on a serious note I have betrayed you,” he used finger quotes when he said betrayed, “I never did plan to be friends. All I wanted was to catch up to my experiments and kill you,” he now pointed at me, “I also got a bonus. I captured your three pokemon and this lovely little girl,” the girl struggled but couldn’t get away.
    “But why?” My voice was struggling.
    He mimicked my words and said, “Why should I tell you!” His voice was getting louder, “and now I must leave you. Austa la vista,” he laughed once more which was a striking blow to my heart.
    I was left standing there like the coldest ice. I fell onto my knees and looked at the ground. All around me rain started to pour. The flames that were around me were now ash. The rotting buildings finally collapsed. Beauty was nowhere around me. Sorrow filled the land causing any hopes of happiness to leave.
    I felt my heart was doing something. All of my pokemon were gone. I was afraid they were to die. I had to stop Lutosa but there was nothing I could do. My heart had closed. I had failed.

    Chapter XIV
    “Why did I ever trust that fool,” I was furious at that man. I had never been as angry as this before. The closest was the last time I saw Keplar. My words may have been close, but my feelings were harsher, “I hate him with all of my might. I want to grab his head and stick it on a trophy. He took my pokemon and I will kill his. I swear that I will destroy him and his monstrosities.”
    My hand was still aching from the gun wound. I knew I didn’t have much time left. I had to do something with my hand or I would surely not live. I kept looking down. I thought of how many people have betrayed me. Keplar and Lutosa. Only two but they were evil. Evil to the bone. There hearts were black holes. Both acted to be my friends, but in the end they hurt me. I was going to make sure that I would never have a friend again. If anyone got near me again and said they wanted to help I would curse at them at get as far away as possible. I was to deny civilization.
    Horrible thoughts kept pouring into my mind. Thoughts of death and gore. Happiness was a thing of the past.
    With a big frown I got up slowly, but whenever I was close to standing upright I would fall and lay there. The rain had caused the ground to get muddy. It was too slippery. The rest of the night I lied there, muddy and wet, tired and heartless. My voice was too tired to continue. The smell of fire was still lingering in the air. Hatred would not pass. I slept on the soft ground but it was uncomfortable.

    The next morning I found myself on a dark blue sleeping bag in a bright yellow tent.
    “Wha-” was all I could manage. I was too tired and weak.
    Outside was so bright. The smell of dew tickled my nose. Next to me was an olive green sleeping bag.
    “Who,” a word escaped my mouth. In the entrance way of the tent was a tall black figure. My mind switched to the scene when Keplar entered the shack. My mind was so restless I actually thought that it was Keplar.
    “You. I thought you were dead. My pokemon pulverized you. You should be lying back at the cottage rotting away,” my tone of voice was wicked. I think I was going crazy.
    “What are you talking about? I got you out of that rain and dried you off. You should be thanking me,” the shadowy figure stepped forward to show that it wasn’t Keplar but another boy.
    The boy was almost six feet tall. His stomach was round but he seemed to be in good shape. He looked to be around my age. On him was black clothing with an overcoat. On his shirt it said “Don’t be hatin jus because I’m better than you”. On his belt he had three pokeballs.
    He walked up to me and said in a cheery voice, “The name is Akira. But you can call me Crimson.”
    “My name is none of your beeswax and I’m leaving. I don’t want anything to do with you,” I slowly but surely got up and walked out of the golden tent.
    In the background I heard Akira say, “The least you could do is say sorry!”
    Under my voice I said, “The least I could do is say if I cared.”

    Chapter XV
    Behind me I heard the crinkling of grass. It was that boy that I left. He was running to me. I told him to leave me alone. Why was he chasing after me?
    “So rude. I want to help you. I know you need it,” Crimson said while panting.
    “The last time someone helped I almost died,” I swiftly and quietly said.
    “I said you are some idiot that needs money.”
    “We do need to do something with that attitude of yours,” Crimson said with a smirk.
    “We do need to do something with that attitude of yours,” I mimicked.
    “I have known you for like a half an hour and you have always been negative. Why are you so angry?”
    “Why are you trying to help me? I don’t need your help! I want you lost! I need no one!”
    All there was next was an uncomfortable silence and Akira saying a simple no. He didn’t add anything to his voice. Just a simple no.
    “I don’t fight people already injured. You are at a disadvantage.”
    I was so mad at him. My face was turning red. I couldn’t control what happened next, “Injured, eh?”
    All of a sudden I pounced on him. I punched his stomach over and over again. I slapped his face, but he didn’t scream for help or anything. My knee cap hit his pelvic area. Gushes of blood went everywhere to make huge puddles of the red inners. My emotion finally came out. After all this time I let out all of my anger and frustration, my hopelessness and pain. Unfortunately I let it out the wrong way. Crimson was lying on the ground, belly up. His breathing was short, gasping for air.
    “Will you fight me now,” I almost laughed at him and his lying corpse.
    All he did was shake his head.
    What was he thinking? I was going to leave him there to die and he wasn’t even going to try to hurt me. He was useless and pathetic. It was embarrassing to even sit next to him.
    I heard a rustling in the bushes. My mind skipped to when I first saw Missingno. I thought that Missingno was going to attack so I got off of the boy still bleeding and got into a fighting position. I put my hand on my belt to get my pokemon out but I remembered that my pokemon were stolen. I had to do something quick.
    I got into a fighting position. I put my hands into fists and put them up to face level. My legs were in a straddle position. My shoulders and feet were aligned.
    The bush was ruffling again. Out stepped a boy a little older than me. He was quite tall. I would say about six feet. His body was rounded but it looked like he hadn’t eaten in days. From shoulder to shoulder was about two feet. The lone kid hair was down past his shoulders. He needed a haircut badly. Fifth was all over him. His legs were so long.
    The boy glared at me with his shiny brown eyes. My hands were covered in blood. If I didn’t do something now my life would end. I had an idea.
    I dropped down to sit on my legs and stared at the boy. My eyes were big and had many drops of salt water about to fall down my face. I twisted my face into something terrible had happened to my greatest love.
    The boy ran over to me and said with shock, “What happened?!”
    I started to cry and grabbed onto the boy’s shirt. I was so good at acting. “My friend, a big monster came here and attacked him. I tried to help get the beast off but it pushed me aside. I don’t know what it was or why it was here but behind a tree I saw what looked like a guy in a white lab coat,” I hiccupped from all of the fake tears, “When the creature left I tried to help him but there were slashes all over him. He needs medical attention now. I do too. A while ago I was shot by a bullet. We need help.”
    The boy stared with disbelief. “We need to get you out of here.”

    Chapter XVI
    “What to do, what to do,” said the boy while pacing back and forth, “So many things to do. What would the fastest route be? I could do that. No, it would take a week. Maybe that. Nope, might take longer,” I was getting very annoyed by now, “Well, there is that choice. Would it work? It is very unorthodox. I sure hope it works.”

    “So? What are we going to do?” I whimpered as I went along, “Are we just going to stay here and hope for the best?” I almost went into tears. In school I was the best actor.

    “What we are about to do is rarely used. I am going to get my Abra to teleport us to Pewter City where you and your friend can get help.”

    A rage swelled inside me. I was, am and never will be his friend.

    “What are you talking about I have seen tons of groups teleported at once.”

    “To the naked eye maybe, but that has never happened. You see…”

    I was now getting utterly bored of this guy so I just butted in, “Yea yea. Let’s just get out of here.” Irritation got the better of me.

    The boy looked at me bizarrely. “You sure don’t sound sad now.” He gave me a smirk.

    I got back into character, “Well, you see…”

    “Yes. I know your little ‘secret’. You just want to get to the hospital to help your friend.”

    Again with the friend thing. I hate this Crimson guy!

    This new boy took out a pokeball from his belt. “Go Abra! Teleport!”

    When the new kid said teleport, everyone started to shine. I thought I was hallucinating. I looked down to see that my feet started to disappear, than my body, and then my arms. I was acting that I was very deep in the ocean trying to go up to get some air but before I knew it I was in a different place.

    When I reappeared all I saw was white. It was really creepy. There was nothing there. The mysterious boy walked up to me and turned me around. There were seven houses with a Pokémon Center and a Pokémart. The center and mart looked like every other center and mart I have seen. The Pokémon Center had a red roof and the Pokémart had a blue roof. The houses were purple with a psychic Pokémon above the door. But one was bigger than the other six. It seemed like a mansion but something told me it wasn’t. Above the door was a Celebi. I looked at it in awe and anger. Why I hated Celebi was unknown. The strangest part about this place was that no one was around. It was a ghost town. I put down Akira so I could feel totally what this place was like.

    “Welcome to Teletown!” yelled the guy I now called Mystery. Throughout the whiteness there was an echo. That made the place even creepier. “By the way, I should tell you my name. I have been so excited I forgot to tell you. The name is Alex, Alex Seasona. And what’s yours?”

    As much as I hated to tell Mystery my name I had to do it so he would help me, “Satol, just Satol,” I said in a very cheery voice, “and this is Akira,” I pointed to where Akira was laying, “I have been wondering something for the past minute. Why didn’t we just teleport the normal way?”

    “Why, you ask? Well because I didn’t want to. I wanted to try out the way that could kill us. I am a wonderer.”

    I fell backwards. My face was turning red from the anger I was storing up but I had to keep cool to get help.

    I got up and tried to keep a smile on my face, “So really, what is this place, Alex?”

    “This is the place where every Pokémon and human come where they teleport. When you teleport you come here for a whole day. Doesn’t matter where you teleported for and to where, you come here for a day.”

    “A whole day! I don’t know if I, I mean, my friend can last that long. We need medical help now!”

    “If we didn’t use teleport and flew it would have taken us a week, at least,” Mystery said with a calm face.

    “So what does one do while here?”

    “Rest, train their Pokémon, catch wild psychic Pokémon…”

    “Did you say catch wild Pokémon,” I said with a startled tone.

    “Yea. There are many psychic Pokémon. Rare ones too, like Mew and some say Celebi.”

    I flinched at the name.

    “Are you a Pokémon trainer? You sure seem like it,” questioned Alex.

    “Yes. My pokemon were stolen, when the beast came. I wish they were here,” that was a lie. Somewhere inside of me I wanted them to be dead. The trouble they caused me. I was bruised every where you could be bruised. Anger filled me again.

    “Well since you are here I guess I could help you find some Pokémon until you find some.”

    “Oh would you,” I was sweet talking him. Maybe if I could get far enough away from the ghost town I could kill him off and find some powerful Pokémon, “I would be very grateful if you came along.”

    “Okay. Let’s go then.”

    With a grin on Mystery’s face and and evil smile on mine we walked away towards the white and the best thing about this was that Alex forgot about Akira.

    Chapter XVII
    Alex and I were walking for about ten seconds when he shouted out, “Ohh man!” Mystery hit his forehead, “How could we forget your friend! I feel so stupid!”

    He was stupid.

    We both ran back to Akira. I was about to pick him up and throw it at Alex when he said, “You shouldn’t use that arm. We don’t want it worse than it is,” there was a pause for five seconds, “We should bring him to the Pokémon Center. He can be watched over by the Nurse Joy there while we find some Pokémon for you. I hope he gets better.”

    Mystery picked up Crimson and we both walked to the Pokémon Center.

    There was nothing different about this Pokémon Center. When I was younger I had looked at a plenty of magazines to know what one looked like. All Pokémon Centers were white with a red roof. By the door had a sign that said:

    Pokémon Center
    Teletown’s one and only healing center
    Biggest and best place in the town

    I looked at the mansion wannabe. It was bigger than this dinky center. Talk about false advertising. My anger level began to rise again. Why would I be angry at false advertising?

    Me and Alex with Crimson in Alex’s hands walked up to the Pokémon Center’s door. The glass door slid open. Alex and I walked in.

    To our surprise the room was filled with men and women with black shirts and pants with a black hat. On their shirts was a big red R.

    All of the men began to stare at us. If you looked at one of them at that moment you could tell they were not pleased with us intruding the center.

    I looked up to Alex to see what he would do. Fear had marked his face. His mouth was just slightly open. It almost looked like he was going to cry. He put his hands on his head in doubt. What a baby.

    “HEY!” yelled a woman, “GET THEM!” Everybody in the center threw Pokéballs at us. I saw so many Pokémon with anger in them and they were about to rush us!

    I was blown aback. I was terrified. I thought I was never afraid. I guess it happens once a while.

    Seasona put his hand on his belt and I saw a Pokéball. He grabbed the Pokéball and raised it to his face and left it there for a second. How in h*ll could he do that! We were going to die!

    “Hiya,” he said to his Pokéball. He looked at the Pokémon and waved at them with a grin. “Bye ah. Come on out!”

    Out from the Pokéball came a shining light. The light started to take form and look like a Pokémon. The light got bigger and bigger. It had a large belly with two wings. Beneath the wings was a tail with a flame. A long neck grew out of its body and its head had horns and a big snout. The color of this magnificent beast was a fiery red and fabulous orange. I knew what this Pokémon was called, Charizard. It is what my Charmeleon was supposed to evolve into.

    The Charizard breathed a wondrous flame into the air to show how tough it was. It seemed to work considering that everyone and everything in the room, including me, walked away in fear of the Charizard. It was very good at intimidating people.

    The Charizard took one step towards the other Pokémon and humans and the Pokémon and humans took a step back.

    The escalator on the side of the room started to move downwards. Everyone in that center turned to the escalator. First I saw some black shoes. Then some black pants before I was a white lab coat and head with glasses. On his pants was a belt with four Pokéballs and two balls that were alienated to my brain. I looked at the man’s face.

    It is one thing to be afraid. It is another thing to be scared beyond belief.

    Chapter XVIII
    The guy was coming closer down to the floor. He stayed in a very official position. His head was held up high while his hands were behind his perfectly straight back. I thought he was the guy that was leading the operation here.

    Could it have been him? Lutosa. What the heck was happening? I squinted my eyes and stared at the guy. I could have thought, “Phew,” but the situation seemed worse than it could have now. It wasn’t Lutosa but someone who looked stronger.

    The man from the elevator walked to the head grunt, which was in front of everyone else, and whispered something into his ear.

    The head grunt turned stared at Alex and me and said to the other grunts, “Kill them,” and the official walked back to the escalator and went to the second floor.

    The Pokémon and men and women ran to us. The Pokémon used a variety of attacks while the people loaded guns and shot at us. Alex and I ran out of the Pokémon Center as fast as we could and went to the back of the manor with Celebi on it. My hatred of Celebi came to my thoughts once more.

    Mystery and I took deep breathes. Why did those people attack us? Maybe it was me, but I think those people were evil.

    The ground underneath me started to shake. Before I knew I was sliding down a huge tunnel. I looked to see where I was but know it was black. Pitch black. I would think I would be yelling for my life but I was just sliding. I was emotionless. I had no idea where I was going down this cold tunnel and I didn’t care. What was wrong with me?

    Up ahead I saw a bright light. Was I dying?! I couldn’t be! I had such a short life. I needed to experience more. And while I was in mid-thought about if I should pray, I went into the light and landed on a mattress.

    On another mattress across from me was Alex. The room was empty beside the two of us and some crates in the back of the room. Just some steel walls and a iron slide on either side of the room with a wooden door. We stared at each other wondering where we were.

    “Oh my god! Where’s Akira?!” cried out Seasona. I ignored him.

    Seasona must have attracted some peoples’ attention because I heard footsteps coming our way. Mystery and I got up and hid behind the crates. We looked above the wooden boxes and saw the door open with a Nurse Joy come through.

    “I thought I heard some voices. Oh well,” she said and started to walk out.

    Seasona started to stand up to most likely tell Joy it was only us but I held him down. So much stupidity these days. What if she was being held captive by those people we saw in the Pokémon Center?

    I heard the door close and knew it was safe to talk.

    “What were you thinking? We could have been killed,” I whispered. I didn’t know if it was totally safe to talk in a regular voice yet.

    “But what if she was harmless? She might know what is happening here,” he whispered back. I ignored him again.

    “I think we should explore this place. See what’s going on,” I said in a normal voice, “and kill some people along the way,” I mumbled.

    “What was that last part again?”

    “Ohhhhh nothing,” I said innocently.

    Chapter XIX
    Mystery and I got up and walked to the door on the other side of the room. When we did get to the door Alex “Mystery” Seasona grabbed the door knob and with his fingers went from three… to two… to one and he swung the door open making a loud pounding noise.
    I hid behind the door to be sure I wasn’t caught. Alex jumped out. If there were any guards there he surely would be dead. Stupidity strikes back. I grabbed his shirt and yanked it back.

    Beyond the room was a hallway. At the end of the hallway it went left and right. Since Seasona and I had no idea where we were, of course, lost. We needed a map. But like always I had a plan. A plan for myself.

    “Okay so here is the plan,” I whispered. I looked down the hallway to make sure no one was there, “You are going to stay here. I will look around this place for a map to get out. Nothing more, nothing less.” But that was only half of my plan. The rest was to get some sort of weaponry, hopefully something sharp or a gun, get back to this room, kill Mystery, and get out.

    “Hey wait!” Seasona yelled.

    “Will you keep it down?!”

    “Sorry, but you need backup. You could die.”

    “If I ever want a dagger through the back, I’ll call you. Got it?”

    “But…” Seasona started.

    “I am the one with the plan. If you have anything better to do say so,” I interrupted.

    Alex looked towards the floor but his eyes kept looking at me.

    “Exactly. I’m smart, you’re dumb. That’s life. Deal with it,” and with that I, without a squeak, walked into the hallway.

    Which way to go? Left or right. Well since right was, well, right, I decided to go right. I checked both directions to make sure no one was there. I looked back to find Alex starting to get out of the room. I glared at him and he went back in, pouting. He was acting like such a baby. What would I do with him? Oh right. Kill him. Cool.

    I creped down the hallway, hoping not to make noise. Man, these walls were dull. It was the same metal walls all over the place. Everything was gray for goodness sakes! Not one spot that looked different.

    I went farther down. I came to passage that went left, right, and straight. This time I went left. Some gut feeling told me that I should go down there. A while later I came to a door. On it had a yellow sign with diagonal black stripes that said:

    Level 1
    Storage Room

    I grabbed the metal door handle and pulled on it. It seemed like the door was unlocked. I went in and found nothing of interest. Some canned food and janitor supplies, a few buckets and mops to name some things. I might as well take some food so I unzipped my backpack and put some cans in.

    Idea! I got three big cans of tomato paste. Hehehehehe.

    I zipped up my backpack and went outside. I heard footsteps again. I went back into the storage room. It seemed to be guards guarding the place. They looked like these royal guards I saw in this one movie. I think it had to do with wars that might have taken place on stars. I forgot. It seemed like they had no weapons so I hid in the shadows until they were far enough away until I could move again.

    The guards were gone so I was gone. I, again, came to a passage. They were left, right, and center again. I went straight.

    The hallway turned right at the end. At the end of the hallway an open, square room with a staircase in the middle of the room that went down. I guess it was time to go down, deeper into the hidden secrets.

    When I was halfway down I heard muttering. I ran back up and went behind where the staircase went up. I took out a can of tomato paste I got in the storage room of my backpack. This can was heavy. Good. As soon as I saw the guard’s head I heaved the can and got a direct hit. He fell unconscious. That was fun. I heard bumps of the body and can go down.

    A little while after I knocked out the guard and went down, I turned left, right, right, and straight until I saw another door with this sign:

    Level 2
    Rookie Bedroom

    I looked at my watch. I had lost all track of time. There was no clock to be found in these cursed hallways. It was roughly a quarter past five p.m. No one should be in there.

    I twisted the doorknob and it was locked. Darn it. But I had another idea. It was dangerous but it would work. I took out a second can of tomato paste and began whacking the door knob. There were loud chiming noises. After every hit I made sure no one was coming. I heard talking. Guards were coming! I hurried up and soon the door knob fell off and the door was open. I got inside quickly and closed the door. I hoped the guards wouldn’t notice the missing door knob. Unfortunately they did. I was breathing heavily.

    “Hey Tako!” This guard’s voice was really high pitched. It sounded like all he breathed was helium.

    “What is it John?” This guard had a deep voice. I think he had an African accent. He sounded annoyed.

    “The door knob to this door is missing,” I decided to call this guy Mouse just for the fun of it.

    “It is a rookie room. What do you expect? They’re stupid,” I named this guy African because I couldn’t think of anything else better.

    “I guess you’re right. Let’s go,” it sounded like they left. I let out a sigh of relief.

    This rectangular shaped bedroom was of medium size. There was a bunk bed made of wood with a mattress to each side and in front of me. The bedroom actually looked like a bedroom to my amazement. The walls were orange and the bottom of the wall was painted a faded red. Nothing else though except for a sliding door closet.

    I searched the bedroom for anything important. I looked in closets and thought of another idea. They were dropping like flies. I put on guard uniform. This did look good on me. I packed another uniform inside. Why I bothered? I don’t know. I couldn’t find a map though. You would think that a map would be in a bedroom. I guess I would have to search other rooms. I think I could pass as a guard, hopefully.

    I was on a long quest. A long quest for death.

    Chapter XX
    I walked out the hallway door. Still an empty hallway except for the occasional alarm.

    With my back turned someone yelled: “FREEZE!”

    I think I jumped so far up; my head almost hit the ceiling.

    I turned around to see a young man. Blond hair, skinny, and tall with a rigid face. What women always want. I envied him so much. My love life wasn’t very good. It ended up me being slapped and broken hearted. Well except for my last girlfriend… Oil spilled on the already large fire of my heart.

    The guy was pointing a gun at my forehead. I held up my hands like I was a common criminal caught in the scene of the crime.

    The guy laughed. “Just kidding. I do it to all of the rookies. It is so funny.”

    I looked behind the laughing buffoon and saw Seasona. I thought I told him to stay back at the room, but I was glad he didn’t obey me.

    “I can tell you what is really funny, though,” I said slyly.

    “Oh what’s that?”

    I walked up to him and slugged his face. Since I thought of a better use of the last can of tomato paste, I threw it at the guy’s face as hard as I could. I didn’t know how fast I threw it but it must have been at least one hundred miles per hour. Maybe even faster. I felt like I was a super human. The guy looked up to see the can coming straight at him.
    Direct hit. The can went and knocked part of his head off. Literally! I even saw part of his brain. So much gore. I didn’t know I could do that. If that was possible, I could kill armies maybe. I smiled. Cool.

    I looked to see the horror on Mystery’s face. I laughed at him. He knew my true power. Of course he wouldn’t be able to tell anyone. And even if he did, no one would believe him.

    I went up to an alarm and pulled it. Sirens went off and the hallways lit up with a flashing red. I sprinted away.

    I ran and I ran. So very far, far away. Know that the alarm was pulled I could easily get away.

    They would all think that Alex had murdered the guy. I could just imagine Seasona’s face. Tears in his eyes. Saying that he didn’t do it, but I had been the one who had Superman’s powers. No one would believe him. He was weak. Weaklings never prospered. They always died lonely. No one would care for them. All weak people were hobos. They didn’t know what to do. Only the smart and selfish would gain control of the world. I was one of the smart people. Who cares that stupid people died? No one would.

    I kept running. I made sharp turns and quick thinking. No one would stop me. I saw another staircase and went down once more. More running. I wasn’t panting at all. Air brushed through my face. My hair was streaking to the back of me. I remembered my arm. The arm Keplar shot. May he burn in he*l. I couldn’t feel any pain. It was like I was never shot. What was happening to my body? Scyther’s arm healed the same way. Charmeleon was very strong. Could my Pokémon’s powers coming to my mind? Would I be able to use it well? But the best question was, could I kill people with my powers?

    I was making time fly by me. I went faster. My Pokémon hadn’t been fast at all. Maybe my Pokémon had nothing to do with my new found abilities. My feet felt like they were running on air, and to my surprise, I was! I was flying! Maybe I could soar like my Butterfree.

    A thought occurred to me. Was I a freak? No one could have done what I was doing. It was impossible. No one it the history of forever could do this. Maybe I was special. Maybe it was because I liked Pokémon and I loved to kill. Who would know?

    I made another turn and at the end of the hallway was another door. I stopped. When I did stop my feet grabbed onto the floor and my body shook. It was a thick metal door. The sign said:

    Level 3
    High Security

    A lab, eh? Maybe some important thing could be found in here. I saw that there was no door knob, for the door was of a great size. On the wall, though, was a keypad and a place to swipe a card. That made me wonder. How could I get in? I could try to break down the door with my hands. That wouldn’t help. It would make a whole bunch of noise and it would do nothing. I guess I would have to find a card and figure out the password.

    I ran in the opposite direction know. I tried to find any room that could hold the security card. I ran and tried to run on air but I couldn’t do it. I tried as hard as hard gets but I just wasted energy. I was panting know. What happened to my powers? One moment, I was Superman and now I was a dumb weakling. And weaklings always lost. I guess I would have to deal with it.

    By now, the alarm was turned off and the light was regular.

    I came up to another door. Hopefully this room would have a card key.

    Level 3
    Intermediate Bedroom

    The door looked exactly like the rookie’s door. I twisted the door knob. This room was unlocked. Sheesh. The rookie’s room was better protected. Oh the irony. This room looked exactly the same. Maybe the higher the rank rooms went, the better the rooms looked. I searched drawers. Nope. Nothing of importance there. I went to the closet. The clothes looked the same, too. But there was a pin on these uniforms. It looked like a Pokéball only this was partially blue. I read in a Pokémon magazine that it was called a Greatball. It must have signified a superior rank.

    I checked every pocket. As amazing as it sounds, I found a card AND the password. Because I like to be high up on a ranking ladder, I threw out all of my previous uniforms and put on the Intermediate uniform. Now to see what was behind that metallic door.
  4. Kyogre_of_Water

    Kyogre_of_Water Beginning Trainer

    Chapters 21 - 25

    Chapter XXI
    Before I walked out, I saw a huge wide-screen TV. ‘Hmmmmm…’ I thought to myself, “Maybe I can take a little break.”

    I went to the television and pressed the power button. The news was on. Who cares about the news? I tried to find a button on the TV to change the channel but I couldn’t find one. So I laid down on a bed and watch the news.

    A really hot woman seemed to be the anchorwomen. She had long blonde hair. Her eyes shined like green emeralds. A blue jacket covered her. Buttons went down the center of her jacket. As disgusting as it sounds I wanted THOSE buttons. I think I might have drooled.

    The women said some stuff about some stupid celebrity when she was interrupted by breaking news. Up came an old man. He was entirely bald. Wrinkles filled his face. Never had I seen such an ugly person.

    “Breaking news has just erupted from Teletown. Here is Peller Van Shob in Saffron City with the details.”

    “Thanks John,” Shob said with some unknown accent, “Three days ago, men, women, and Pokémon were seen here. It has been rumored that they teleported to Teletown. The men and women were said to have been wearing black clothing with a big red “R” on their shirts.”

    Those were the people that I had seen earlier in the Pokémon Center.

    “If this is true, the people and Pokémon are part of the notorious organization, Team Rocket. Five years ago, Team Rocket started plotting on taking over the Silph Co. building in Saffron and the radio tower in Goldenrod in Jhoto. Swat teams went in and took out them. It was said that Team Rocket was demolished and they would never return. Talk has been scarce about them since. But the reports about them controlling Teletown are arousing thoughts. If they do take control of Teletown they would take out a major part of bring them down once more. Police and the National Guard have been trying to get to Teletown but it seems that they can’t get in. To make things worse, no one has been seen that teleported during the past four days. Families are worrying about what is happening and communities across the region are comforting them. Peller Van Shob, Saffron City.”

    I turned off the television. I had enough of this. ‘I wonder why I have never heard of this Team Rocked before. Maybe I should go to the lab. See what’s there.’

    I went back to the lab door. I swiped the card I had obtained. I looked at the paper with the password. “ I wonder why these numbers are the password.”

    The door slid open. Gas emerged from behind the door.

    “Now let’s check this place out.”

    I walked inside a humongous room. Lined against the side walls were three tubes filled with some sort of liquid. There was one tube against the other side of the room. It was centered. I must have been important. Cautiously, I went up to see what was in it.

    I looked up at the tube. Memories of the horrible past were brought up into my head. I fell on my back and crawled backwards. It couldn’t have been. It just couldn’t be. It was Missingno. How though? How did these people get it? This predicament made me think. Were these people down here evil or good? What did they want with this monstrosity? It was pure darkness. This blob almost killed me. The controller of this blob almost killed me. Was Lutosa down here? Was he the brains of Team Rocket? What was going on?

    I looked at the beast again. It had no eyes but it was staring at me. I heard its thoughts. Its horrid thoughts. It said, “Kill thee, kill thee. Death to you. No survival. Death to you.”

    I couldn’t take it.

    “Kill thee, kill thee. Death to you. No survival. Death to you.”

    It was destroying my mind.

    “Kill thee, kill thee. Death to you. No survival. Death to you.”

    What did it want with me?

    “Kill thee, kill thee. Death to you. No survival. Death to you.”

    I was the stronger being. I knew it.

    “Kill thee, kill thee. Death to you. No survival. Death to you.”

    I was on my knees, covering my ears.

    “Kill thee, kill thee. Death to you. No survival. Death to you. Successor of him. Kill thee, Kill thee.”

    The pressure in my body was getting more powerful.

    “Kill thee, kill thee. Death to you. No survival. Death to you.”

    When I thought I was about to explode, the pressure lifted and I couldn’t hear Missingno anymore. Even though I was better, I felt numb and weak. My eye lids got heavier. I couldn’t hold my own weight. I just couldn’t go on. I had to sleep…

    “Keplar, you are the best person in the world,” I said, “I don’t know how I would have lived without you,” I smiled at him.

    It was pouring outside. Rain came down by the buckets. Thunder and lightning struck the land. Pokémon scattered trying to find a place not to get wet.

    “You think I don’t know that,” said Keplar.

    We came across a small shack. It was a small wooden house. Very old by the look of things.

    “I got an idea. How about we stay in there until the rain stops, Keplar?”

    “Seems really old. The rain could make it topple in. I think we should keep searching for a place.

    “Oh come on, Keplar. You are always like, ‘Safety first,’ and ‘Let’s try to keep out of harm’s way,’” I mimicked with a smile.

    “This is no laughing matter, Satol. Death should not be played with,” he wagged his finger at me.

    “Please! It would make me very happy,” I pleaded.

    “Satol, death is not fun.”

    “But…” I used the puppy dog lip, trying to get extra points.

    “I said no. So let’s keep moving. I think the rain is coming down harder now. We need a safe place to stay.”

    “You are acting like my mother.”

    “If someone doesn’t, who will make sure you are safe.”

    “I can look out for myself,” I pointed my thumb at my chest.

    “Satol, if you keep acting like this you are going to die!”

    “Please, I want to get out of this rain as soon as possible…”

    “FINE! Let’s get in then,” Keplar grunted.

    Both of us walked in what would soon be called the Creaking Cottage. It looked better on the outside than the inside.

    “Okay, so we need wood,” I said while looking around.

    “Yeah. We need to cover the holes in the roof.”

    “Sure. Let’s go with that. I need you to get wood. Mostly twigs.”

    “Twigs wouldn’t help us with the holes.”

    “Just get them please.”

    “Fine,” Keplar rolled his eyes. He then left.

    Keplar was looking around for wood in the pouring rain.

    “Where are some twigs? Why am I even searching for twigs? Oh, Satol is smart. I think he knows what he is doing.

    Keplar came through the front door with a fair amount of twigs.

    “I got the twigs, Satol.”

    “Good. Just put them in the center of the cottage.”

    Keplar walked to the center and droped them.

    “I never knew twigs could be so heavy.”

    “Okay now let me just get them,” I put my hands in my pockets, “Nope, not there,” I took off my backpack and searched it, “Awww. Here they are,” I took out some matches.

    “What are you going to do with those?”

    “Make a fire. What else would I do, silly?”

    “Oh, make a fire. Okay,” Keplar turned around, “Make a fire. Okay… WHAT?!” Keplar faced me and ran towards me, “Noooooo!”

    I got a match lit and saw Keplar running at me. He tackled me and the match went out.

    “Hey! What was that for?!” I yelled at him.

    “Oh, maybe for trying to KILL US!”

    “Don’t use that voice on me,” I put my hand on one of my Pokéballs, “If you think this place is so ‘unsafe’ how about we check how ‘unsafe’ this place is. Go Scyther!” I threw out the Pokéball that had my Scyther, “One on one.”

    “Fine then. You know I am stronger than you but if it is a battle you want, it will be a battle you’ll get. Go Wartortle!”

    “Scyther, double team,” Scyther circled Wartortle with about twenty Scythers.

    “Close your eyes, Wartortle.”

    “What are you doing? A Pokémon can’t fight with its eyes closed.”

    “Who said I wanted to fight?”

    “Fine then. Scyther, slash!” Scyther came from a side of Wartortle’s and was about to slash when Wartortle jumped up and kicked Scyther’s head. Scyther slid to wall and shook the house.

    “Scyther? Ack! How did you KO Scyther so fast?” I ran up to Scyther’s body, seeing its eyes swirl.

    “Because I am stronger.”

    “I want a rematch!”

    “I need to take a walk from all this yelling of yours.”

    “You can’t walk out on me like this!”

    “I already did,” and with that, he left.

    “Boy. Boy! Are you okay?” I heard a man’s voice.

    I came to, “What happened?”

    “You fainted in the lab on Level 3. You are in the hospital wing on Level 2.”

    “Get out,” I said softly.


    “I said get,” I said louder.

    “Fine then,” the man that was standing beside me walked outside of the room.

    That dream. It was what happened before Keplar left. Then the next day he shot me. Why did I have that dream? It was more like a nightmare.

    Chapter XXII
    The man opened the door a crack and said, “Can I come back in, sir?”

    “Of course you can…” I said faintly.

    The man opened the door all the way. “Ok…”

    “But that doesn’t mean I want you to.”

    “Okay. Right away, sir,” and he hung his head, metaphorically speaking and exited.

    ‘What was that dream?’ I thought, ‘Why did I have it? If it was my conscience, then I will destroy it, if that was possible. Did the dream mean something, though? It was the last time I saw Keplar, good that is,’ I sighed, ‘I haven’t sighed like that in a while. It was a sign of weakness. I can’t be weak or I will die here. I think some sleep would do me some good. Plus someone else hurt wouldn’t have this bed,’ I smiled and sleep crept up on me.

    I woke up from a long deserved nap. It was nice to get whatever you wanted.

    I looked at the clock on the other side of the hospital wing. It seemed to be around nine in the morning and I felt as good as new. I began the day by ordering people to bring me breakfast. I kept complaining that there was something wrong with the food. It was so funny to see the people run around franticly looking for the right thing. After about an hour of making the servers run around, I just told them to stop and get out. Eventually I had some french toast, hash browns, bacon and sausage with an apple. For a drink I got some orange juice. I looked at the apple and threw it in the garbage can. Who wants something healthy? Blech. And with that I started to literally shove the food down my face.

    I wanted to get out of there. I wanted to get out of there badly. But the problem was that the room was heavily guarded. An idea came to me once more. I was on fire! Well, the room would be on fire.

    Late in the afternoon, I got lunch. I wasn’t very hungry so I just got a roast beef sandwich. I loved roast beef.

    When the women who served me was about to leave, I called the guard back, “Women, come back,” I requested.

    “What is it now, sir? I already got you ten different sandwiches, 22 kinds of potato chips, and 45 different kinds of drinks!” I chuckled at her frustration, “You think that’s funny, eh, punk?!”

    I closed my eyes and talked smoothly, resting my hands behind my head, “Get over here.”

    “And why should I?!”

    “If you obey me, I shall spare you from the most pain you have ever felt,” I kept in the same relaxed position.

    The guard walked over to me until we were three feet apart, “Like you could do anything. You can’t even get out of your bed.”

    “Oh can I?” I jumped out of bed swinging my leg just inches away from her skull, “Now, what were you saying?” I let down my foot and crawled back into my bed.

    “Wh…what do you want, s… sir?” I fed off her emotions like a leech.

    “Bring me some matches. All I want are never opened before matches. Brand new, understand?”

    “Ye… yes, s… s… sir.” I could feel the power return to me.

    “Plus, if you tell anyone about this conversation, let’s just say you will be spending the night in this bed instead of me,” my mouth grinned. I had little doubt that this lonely, little guard would keep her promise. But there was a possibility.

    “Yes, sir. Right away, sir.”

    It was already eight at night and the grunt still hadn’t brought me the matches. I knew she wouldn’t bring me them. That peon. Two more hours passed on by. Where could she be? I couldn’t go on with my plan if I didn’t get any matches. I needed to be freed. It was now eleven at night. I got out of bed and paced back and forth. I was thinking. What would happen if the guard didn’t come? What would be my plan b? The clock beside me stroke midnight. Curse that guard.

    While pacing, I heard footsteps in the hallway outside. It must have been the guard. The door knob jiggled a little. Yes, it was her. The door creaked open a little and then faster revealing the guard.

    “Sir, I got the matches you wanted,” she said. She knew my power and didn’t want to die. I knew it.

    “Yes,” I went up and took the matches.

    “I had to open it to see. I would have been sooner but I had to travel far.”

    “Let me see if I care. Nope. I need one more thing. Do you have a map?”

    The blundering guard took out a map, “Yes, right…” I didn’t want to listen to her and just snatched the map. I needed to know one more thing.

    “Have you seen a boy? He was badly injured. Do you know where he is? And I heard about a murder here. Do you know what happened to the guy that killed the guard?”

    “The first boy you talk about is in the ER on the fourth floor. The murderer is in a high security prison on the fifth floor.”

    “That is all I need you for, but I want to give you something for your troubles.”

    “What is it, sir?”

    I walked up to the guard, putting my hands into fists. “It is something I like to call,” I punched the temple of the guard, “death,” I looked at the dead guard on the floor, “Darn. I forgot to ask for her name. And I forgot that I had matches in my backpack. Oh well.”

    I picked up the dead guard and put her on my old bed. I took a match and lit it on fire.

    “May this fire burn eternally and destroy all who oppose me,” and with that, I set the corpse and bed afire.

    It was time to run again. Into the hallway I went. It was so dark. I really liked it. It made me feel so very good. My first objective was to visit my old friend Akira a visit. Then I would talk to Alex about how he had murdered the man. It would be so funny seeing the anger in his eyes. I would be laughing at his pathetic self. I thought of all the great feeling I would feel from his torment.

    I kept thinking of my visit but I needed some light to see. I could be running in circles for all I know. I think I was getting heart burn because my chest was on fire. The burning slowly got its way up to my mouth. By this time I had stopped running. It was painful, but I had to be strong and fight the pain away. I was squeezing my heart, trying to stop the pain, but it kept going. It was now up in my mouth. I opened my mouth to start panting and flames shot out of my mouth! I tried to close my mouth but flames still came out. The good thing was that I could see well. The bad thing is that I heard something coming down this way. My mouth wouldn’t close, though. It might have been impossible. Every second counted if I wanted to get away.

    A thought came to mind. Before I could fly, my arm healed, and I was super powerful. Maybe my new found ability came from Chameleon. Yes, it must have. If I were to get into a battle, I would fight with my powers.

    To the left was a long hallway. Something was coming down there. I struggled trying to close my mouth but I failed. The foot steps got louder. I couldn’t get caught. My plans might not work out if they found out I was sneaking in the hallways at night. It seemed that the foot steps were getting quicker. I used my hands to push on my face to close my mouth. Still, it didn’t work. I tried as hard as I could. The person was just about there.

    ‘One, two, three,” I squeezed with all of my might and, fortunately, I closed my mouth. I slid against the wall to make sure the person couldn’t see me.

    There was no chance to save myself. I would no doubt be caught if I were to stay in this one spot. I had to move back, and fast. Out of fear I quickly went the opposite direction.

    The guy soon made his way up into the part of the hallway I was. I had to stop about a hectometer back from whence I came when I had to stop moving if I wanted a safe escape. I squinted and saw that the man wasn’t human, but he was a Pokémon!

    The Pokémon looked like a human with different browns on some armor. It had a long mustache and it held two spoons. I pulled out my Pokédex and recognized this Pokémon as Alakazam.

    Alakazam seemed to being focusing on something. I looked above to see the lights flickering on and off. This Pokémon seemed to be psychic.

    There was no place to hide now. I was out in the open, spotted by the Alakazam. I had no Pokémon of my own. Well, I had one. It was called Satol.

    Chapter XXIII

    I got in a battle ready stance. I would be surely caught if I ran, so there was no other option rather than to fight.

    ‘Wait!’ I thought, ‘How could I be thinking about running away? I was and would always be stronger than this pathetic Pokémon! There was no chance that a Pokémon could beat me! Know for a test run on my moves.’

    “Yaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I yelled. I ran forth to attack my opponent straight on.

    “Alakazam,” it said while waving its hands in a mystifying way. The spoons in the Alakazam’s hands were starting to glow in a light pink to a dark purple to a night black.

    I kept my feet going in a frontal direction. Closer and closer I got. My metatarsals were moving faster and faster. My movements were quick without fault. While I was getting closer for a pulverizing attack this Alakazam was just standing there ready for impact. I was unbeatable.

    Twenty meters away. Fifteen meters away. Ten meters away. I was five meters away when the Alakazam let go of something. Something big and black. I was hit by a black ball of energy. I was slammed and tossed back a couple of yards banging my vertebrae and coccyx against the ground.

    I groaned as I arose. The Alakazam put one foot in front of another and was soon directly in front of me by a foot.

    “I heard something down here! Let’s check it out,” I heard voices from the hallway Alakazam came from.

    The Alakazam seemed a little shocked and teleported away.

    ‘I wonder what happens if you teleport in Teletown?’ I had other questions to think of though. Like how to not be spotted and why the Alakazam fled. Wasn’t it part of this evil organization down here?

    Because the Alakazam had left, there was no light to see.

    ‘How would I be able to get the guards to ignore me and get a light source?’ I thought, ‘That’s it!’

    “Hey you! What are you doing out of bed at this time of night? Especially in a time of battle?” the guards said as they turned the corner.

    ‘Battle? What battle?’

    “I was told this morning that I would walk the corridors tonight, sir,” I said without hesitancy.

    The guard that was previously talking walked up to me. He was clearly taller than me, but this did not bother me. I had dealt with many people like this in my past, “But you are only an intermediate. There is no possible way an intermediate would walk the corridors this late.”

    “I am being promoted tomorrow. My superiors told me so.”

    The guard turned to his partner, “Jack, I am going to teach this rouge some lessons to disobeying ones who are higher up in the ranks. Turn back down that hallway,” he turned back to me, “and you, my friend. What should I do to you? Should I let you…”

    The guard was stopped by the shouts of many men and women, “Fire, fire!” they shouted. They must have finally found the fire I had left. Took them long enough.

    “What?!” the guard shouted, “We will talk about this later, mouse.”

    “Shame, isn’t it,” I smiled and stuck my tongue out at him.

    The guard glared and then left.

    “Help, help! Get the doctors from the ER on the fourth floor!” the screams shrieked again.

    ‘ER on the fourth floor? That was where Akira was being held.’

    My plan to get to Akira was this:

    First, I would knockout a doctor or some other medical person. From there I would pass as a doctor and follow the others to Akira.

    Quite simple, was it not? Easier said than done.

    I slowly followed the guard who scolded me. I made sure to stay close enough to still see but far enough away not to be caught. It was really hard to keep at the pace this man was going.

    Slowly but surely we made it to the site of fire. A red glare shined everywhere. Sparks of ember shot out of the bedroom. At most, twenty people were trying to put out the fire with five buckets of water.

    What was wrong with these people? A room is engulfed in fire and only twenty people come with five buckets? I see more stupidity in people day after day.

    As the wanna-be fireman try to tackle the flames, in the opposite direction doctors and nurses were coming with stretchers and other medical devices.

    This was my chance to get a doctor. When a doctor whizzed by me, I tugged on his white coat, “Sir, there are some injured people here,” I pointed to a hallway turned so no one could see us, “They need medical attention now.”

    I led him to the hallway I was pointing to. It was quite dark, in fact.

    “So where are the patients?” the doctor requested.

    “Right here,” and I punched the guys face with amazing speed. The doctor was on the ground with blood dripping from his mouth, “Now how are you going to save this person’s life?”

    I stripped all his clothing off leaving no garment on him. He was as naked as a new born baby. Now he could be left with embarrassment and shame. I took the clothing and put it on myself. I was now a professional doctor.

    I didn’t want to fight any fires so I waited until a cart passed and then go with it. As time passed I sat and waited, and waited, and waited. I thought of many cruel jokes to play on the unconscious doctor but in the end I decided not to do them.

    It had been about a half and hour and nothing had passed by. What was taking them so long? Why don’t they just let everyone die?

    As time went on, I thought of the torture I would give Akira and Alex. The torment would be beautiful. And when I meant beautiful, I meant bloody and disgraceful. I would degrade them down to nothing. They were just puny pawns in my game. They would probably be weak and bony, making it ever so easy to hurt them in so many ways. I would strip their clothes and break their arms. They would have no will to live and no power to over come me. I was invincible and no one could stop me. I had swore and oath with that match and I would not break it. It was my seal of courage and destruction. I vowed that if one man, women, or child hurt me in any way, they would never see life again.

    As my thoughts rampaged through my cranium, voices were saying they were taking injured guards to the ER. I had to leave now. If I wanted to get to the ER quickly

    I ran out from behind the corner I was staying at and went to the cart.

    “Let’s go!” a nurse shouted and everyone with a hand on the cart started running.

    After five minutes of running a nurse in front of me questioned, “I haven’t seen you around here. How long have you been a doctor?”

    I was quite off guard. I just said want first came to mind. “I just got out of medical school.”

    “Really? Hmmm. You seem quite young…”

    Again I was off guard. “Oh I am older than I look. Both of my parents were short.”

    “Ohhhh. What would you do if your parents were basketball players?” A short chortle came after that. What was so funny? Horrible joke if you asked me. But not to look suspicious in any way I laughed quietly.

    “Here is the elevator to the ER,” said the lead nurse. This place had elevators? It would have helped if I knew that before.

    We all got in and some nurse pressed the level four button. I once went to Celadon with my mom and went on the elevator in the department store and that was slow compared to this elevator. In five seconds of departure of level 3 we were in the hallway of the level 4 ER.

    ‘This is my stop,’ I thought evilly to myself. It was now to meet up with an old friend.

    Chapter XXIV

    I walked up to information counter. If I wanted to kill Akira, I had to know where he was being held.

    A nurse was behind the counter. She had red, curly hair and a little plump. On her nurse’s cap, it had a Pokéball on it. The rest of her uniform was white.

    “I’m looking for a boy. Torn up badly. Blood-stained. Black coat. Know where his room is?”

    “Oh, yes. Down that hall,” she pointed down a hallway behind me. It seemed pretty long with plenty of twists and turns. This hospital must have been big, “Take a turn to the right and then left. Room 502, it will be on your right. Are you a friend, family member?”

    “Just a friend,” I turned away and walked straight towards my “friend.”

    Down the hallway I went. I delve deeper and deeper, licking my chops for the blood and carnage that I would cause. Delicious. Why must this hallway have been so long? I wanted to go quicker, but I did not want to run.

    ‘No, I must savor the moment.’

    My desires were getting the best of me and so I quickened my pace. I came to the first turn. As I was at the intersection of four directions, straight, left, right, or back, I swiveled my body 90° to the right and I started to walk slowly once more.

    ‘I must remember to walk slowly. It would be rude to kill him off so quickly,’ I thought, ‘Wait!’ I checked my backpack for the supplies I had. I had forgotten that I used my last can of tomato paste on that blonde man. I took my backpack off and put it on the ground in front of me. I got on my knees and stripped search it for something, something that could kill. Well, anything could kill, but I wanted something that would cause pain, misery and suffering. Something that would sink into the hearts of millions and show them that an assassin was coming. Someone with some thing that would come to their houses with the best Pokémon that the world could afford and kill them. Kill them all.

    I grabbed anything in my backpack looked at it, and threw it away until I found it. I found the item. Not terrifying, but it would do the trick. A steak knife. I kept it in my right hand to prepare myself.

    I couldn’t help it anymore. I left the junk I threw on the floor and ran again. At the next turn I skidded and ran to the left. I looked to the right. The nurse said that room 502 would be on the right.

    “496, 498, 500, 502. I love this,” I did not pay attention to what the door looked like. I was too focused on killing Akira to care. I walked to the door concealing Akira, twisted the door handle and pushed the door open.

    There he was, soft asleep. Only he was in this room. The room looked exactly like the room I was kept in after my accident with Missingno.

    The switch to the lights was next to me and I turned them on so I could see more clearly. It seemed that the doctors did a very good job of cleaning him up. All he had now were scars from where I tore his flesh.

    On the bed, he was there. Peacefully. If I cared for him, I might have cried. I put on my devil smile and tip-toed over to the sleeping beauty. I looked at his papers, checking how his progress has been. The doctors must have done a good job, all of the comments were positive. Not for long.

    The knife I held rose above the body. I was aiming straight for the heart. Then no one could fix him.

    “Nighty night, sweetheart,” I swished my hand through the air. I could see the knife in slow motion. The knife was just about to pierce the body, just when time froze.

    I was being teleported to some place. Everything was white, my surrounding and me. I looked everywhere to see only white, like when I came to Teletown. I was swirling around in a white abyss. Around and around I went. I think I was about to vomit. My body seemed to be falling.

    I tried to talk, but I could only think, ‘Maybe I’m leaving this stinking town? But, weren’t the teleportations being stopped?’

    I think I reached the end of the “tunnel” and I dropped stomach first onto green grass. Green grass! I was back!

    “Finally,” I grunted. It seemed like forever since I had been in the real world. I got off of the ground to look around.

    Grass filled the field for miles away. Trees were scattered across the land, providing much needed shade. I must have arrived in the morning, because dew droplets were neighboring me. The sun was shining without any cloud in the sky. It felt good to feel the sun’s rays again. It was quite refreshing. A wind was blowing slightly from the west. Combined with the sun, it felt like heaven.

    “Hello, Satol. Have you had a nice time in Teletown killing plenty of people? Shame on you,” a voice giggled like a young lass.

    “What? Where are you? Show yourself!” I growled. I hated voices coming out of the blue.

    “But that wouldn’t be fun, now would it? Where do you think you are anyways, Satol?”

    “I’m away from Teletown, that’s all I know, and glad of it.”

    “Oh, hero,” the voice sighed, “Do you know of where you shall be going?”

    “How the heck should I know… and why am I telling you this? I think I’m going crazy. I’m leaving,” I started to walk in some random direction.

    “You cannot escape me, notwithstanding how hard you try.”

    “What are you, Santa Claus?”

    The voice gave another giggle, “Of course not,” something started to form in front of me.

    It was some creature. It was shaped like a grown woman. It wore a white dress with a tint of pink, as well as its face. Its hair and arms were a gorgeous turquoise. It had some other thing it was wearing. I could not think of what it was but its color was a light orange. When the striking creature fully appeared, it twinkled, but only for a second. I then figured out that this was a Pokémon. I took out my Pokédex from my back pocket and identified this Pokémon as Gardevoir.

    “Welcome to my domain, Hero,” her voice was as clear as crystal and ran like a calm river.

    “What is this? Who are you and what have you done with me?”

    “I have brought you here to protect another. My name is Gardevoir and your name is Satol. I think introductions are over. And for your last question, I have brought you to my home. This is where the decisions of the world come. I am a Chooser. One of the six of the world. This is my domain, a grassy field that goes on forever,” the Gardevoir waved her hands in a motion, tranquilly and evenly.

    “Why, yes, I do think I’m going crazy. Pokémon can’t talk and there are no such things as ‘Choosers.’ What the heck is a ‘Chooser’ anyways? All I wanted to do is get out of the white ghost town and kill Akira and Seasona, but noooooo. I had to go mad.” I started to pout.

    “Shush, Hero. You are not going mad.”

    “And I should trust a figment of my imagination, why?” I gave the Gardevoir a “duh” look.

    “Listen, Hero. I am here to help. If you want to survive, you must do as I say,” she was stern now. There were no cool motions anymore.

    “I’m probably dying anyways. It’s probably because I killed so many people,” I sighed, “Oh well. So what do you want?”

    “Don’t kill Akira or Alex. They are to survive and help you with the long journey you will embark on.”

    “The journey of death,” I muttered, “Wait! You don’t want me to kill Akira or Alex? You are some crazy imagination because I’m stabbing them like there ain’t no tomorrow.”

    “Hero, if you want to get out of Teletown, if you want to get back to your normal self, if you want to live, you must do as I say,” it almost sounded as if she was pleading.

    “My normal self? What is that supposed to mean? I’m as normal as ever!” Gardevoir was starting to fade away.

    “We will meet again, Hero. But promise me that you will follow my words,” her voice was becoming an echo.

    “Fine! But you better not be lying to me, or I’ll kill you!” I, too, was starting to fade away. I was returning to my body. To reality.

    I became conscious. I was standing in Akira’s hospital room about to hit his heart with a knife. If I made any movement downwards, I would cause him eternal suffering, but what Gardevoir said.

    “Should I?” for the first time in a long time, I had started to think clearly. Something told me to not kill this boy. It was pulling me back. But I must kill him. He betrayed me. No, he helped me. I did not feel only anger, I felt sadness, “No, no. Sadness is for whimps. I have to fight it. No, I must not kill him. He tried to help me, but I denied him. Exactly, I told him to go away, but he stayed,” I was going crazy. I was arguing with myself! I dropped the knife onto the tile floor which must have caused Akira to wake up. I grabbed onto my head. I must have control in my head. I was to kill. Gardevoir was right. I wasn’t normal anymore.

    “What?” Akira was sitting up-right in his bed, “You!” he pointed to me, “Guards! Guards!”

    I looked up at him, “No,” I covered his mouth, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

    Crimson pulled onto my hand holding his mouth, “You almost killed me! Guards!”

    I was in tears now, “Listen to me. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done what I did,” I walked away from him. I let him yell, but he choose to stare at me, “My recent past has been terrible. I am fighting with myself, right now. I don’t…” I paused and felt pain in my stomach, “I don’t know how long I have to talk like my normal self, but I must say I am sorry.

    Chapter XXV

    “I… I… I don’t believe you. Gaurds!” I was flabbergasted. Well, not for long.

    I was still struggling with myself but the battle ended soon after, “That didn’t last long. Now, to finish why I came here in the first place,” I picked up the knife I had off of the ground. “Sorry for little interruption. It is gone now.” My devilish smile swarmed my mouth as I walked closer to my victim.

    “Guards! GUARDS!” the screams were delectable. My mouth was loaded with saliva.

    “Do not worry, my friend. This will take but a minute. I’ll make sure it is long and painful though. Straight through your stomach. From there, acids from the inside of you stomach will slowly leak out. You insides will be burned through and then you will die.”

    Akira crawled backwards towards the back board, “Guar… Ah, what the he*l. They aren’t coming,” I raised my hand above into the sky and began the swift blow, “Wait!”

    I stopped my movements, “What?! I’m trying to kill you.”

    Akira took a serious position with his face, “You never told me your name. If I die, don’t I at least get to know your name?” I saw a slight twinkle in his eye. He was up to something.

    “You want to know my name? I’ll tell you my future name. Hero. It is the name that shall strike fear into hearts of millions. I am the assassin.”

    “But I want to know your real name.”

    I took a deep breath. I would tell him, “Satol,” I swiped down my arm to strike.

    Akira jumped away from the bed and my knife. I missed. My arm was so fast that it tore threw the mattress. I looked at my knife in the bed and then at Akira. I missed! Akira was on his feet ready to fight. Out of a pocket he had, he got a blood red head band. Because it looked like blood, I liked it. I wanted it as a souvenir when I killed Akira. Of course I would, though. I had a steak knife, which would cut instantly threw his skin and all he had was his fists.

    Akira put on his head band, “A little unorthodox for me. Usually I only wear this during Pokémon battles, but it will do for now. Are you going to fight or what? This time I’m ready, Satol.”

    I pulled the knife out and jumped up onto Akira’s bed, “I am not Satol. I am the assassin! I am the Hero! You shall pay me the respect I deserve. I am better than you and you shall perish because of that, you worthless excuse for a trainer!”

    Akira chuckled a little, “You talk a lot. You probably didn’t hear footsteps in the hallway. Guards heard you.”

    “Wha…” I didn’t get to finish my question. The door behind me opened up with two guards with guns pointing at me. Behind them were two Growlithes growling to keep law.

    Growlithes have always been a police officer’s best friend.

    “Freeze!” said the guard on the right, “You are herby arrested for the at emptive murder of Colonel Akira “Crimson” Urakoto!”

    “What?!” I turned from the guards to Crimson. I was shocked to see that this boy was a Colonel in some little army, “What the heck is going on here?! You are about my age, yet you’re a colonel?!” I turned back to the guards. They were a bigger threat now.

    Both of the guards were tall. The one of the right had short, brown hair. It was sort of messy and greasy, but it looked like it was still under control. He had eyes that changed color from time to time. When I looked at first, they were hazel, now they were a dark green. His uniform was nicely made. It looked like all other uniforms, but was neater, no creases or anything. On the left side of his uniform were many badges, too many to name. On his right side was a Pokéball. I had only seen this type before in nation wide newspapers. It was a new type of Pokéball that Silph Co. was creating. It was only a prototype, but the creators of it said that it could capture any Pokémon in one shot even if it was really strong and had full life. They called it the Master Ball.

    The other man was a red head. He had a suave aura around him. His hair was parted from the exact middle of his head. He didn’t have a guard uniform, but a tuxedo. Yet, something behind his tuxedo was pushing outward. It was circular with a smaller circle in the center. Only one hand was holding the gun. His arm on the other side of his body was down. On his wrist was a watch. It was finely crafted. From the best is seemed to be.

    My thoughts were like Rapidash running in a stadium going the speed of sound. There had to have been some way to get out of this situation. I looked everywhere, while still keeping an eye on the guards coming closer to me. Some broken board in the ceiling, or some improper spot of a small weapon. But no, there was nothing. I was caught between a rock and a hard place.

    “Get off of the bed,” yelled the man in the guard uniform, “I want you up against the wall.”

    There just had to have been a spot for me to escape. I walked slowly off of the bed and against the wall, and then I saw it. These pathetic humans were so stupid. The door was left ajar. One big leap and…

    I leapt up over the two men, but the tuxedo man must have known something like this might have happened. He was prepared.

    As I was directly above the heads of the guards, the man in the tuxedo leapt back in front of the doorway. I landed beautifully but the two guards were turned towards me. The “black” man rammed into me with his shoulder and I landed in the other guard’s hands. I slumped down, my arms being held up by the guard. I tried to get up, but black and white hit me hard in my stomach. I opened my eyes up as much as I could to see a fist whamming into the left side of my voice. I was broken.

    “I have been waiting a very long time for this. You deserve the pain you caused me,” said the colonel, “You have caused much pain and death. You may want to kill, but you shall never get that chance. I will make sure of it. You cannot win.”

    I could barely hear his words. I was too much in pain, but I could still feel. Feel a knee into my pelvic area. I couldn’t stand this. But I could not give up. I needed to withstand the insanity. I was not weak.

    The arms that supported me were no longer underneath my arms. I fell like a bag of rocks. My body made a clud that rung throughout the room.

    It seemed like my time to faint was overdue, because everything went black once again.

    When I awoke, my head was ringing. I felt like I was in a bell for mass.

    “So the great Satol awakes.” It was a familiar voice, but I could not tell who it belonged to, “I was betting you would be out for a few more days. Good thing I didn’t get it right.”

    Who was it? I got my eyes to be slotted open. I tilted my head upwards and stared at where the voice was coming from, but my vision was blurry. My head fell back down and my eyes closed.

    “Who is it?” I managed.

    “Who is it?” mocked the voice, “Why, it’s me, your friend, your companion,” the voice paused, “your scapegoat.”

    I realized who it was. Seasona.

    “G’day Seasona. How has your stay here been going?” I chuckled at the thought of Seasona being tortured.

    “You want to know. Let me show you.”

    A strike was blown right at my chest. I rolled over on my stomach with my hands over the pain.

    “That was how I have been treated ever since you murdered that guard. I have been tortured in every way possible. In real life and in my dreams of years long past. And now, you shall feel that pain I have endured!”

    “Hey, you two!” I thanked the guard, to a small extent, in my mind for not letting Seasona attack me. “Don’t make too much of a mess in there, kay?” He laughed wildly.

    “Will do,” Alex Seasona seemed rather glad that I was here. I was now the punching bag for his anger.

    I had to stop this from beginning. I needed at least some energy to protect myself. I needed to buy time.

    I could hear the swishing of Seasona’s foot swinging past the wind.

    “Wait!” I cried out for the sake of hopefulness. I didn’t feel pain.

    “What do you want?”

    “Wh-what did you mean by ‘in my dreams of long past’?”

    Seasona spat on my head, “Why should I tell ya?”

    “Because I want to know.”

    “Well…” his voice was shaky and was somewhat depressing.

    Seasona sat down on something that made squeaky noises, like bed springs. I could hear him take a deep breath. I could tell something long was coming. That was good for my health.

    “I rarely tell anyone this, let alone crazy murderers, but something tells me, pulling me to be exact, to tell you my dreams. Dreams that have been haunting me for years.”

    I think I knew what was telling Seasona to spill his gusts. I turned onto my back and looked upwards to see a white and blue body staring downwards.
  5. Kyogre_of_Water

    Kyogre_of_Water Beginning Trainer

    Chapters 26 - 30

    Chapter XXVI

    “For much of my life,” Seasona began, “I have been an orphan, really since the first memory I can recall from the depths of my mind. I never forget the memory, for every night I am horrified to see the same scene play by over and over again.”

    Untouched by Seasona’s tone of voice I asked a question that would start a long pause, “Well, what happened?” but I was actually quite interested in what happened.

    Silence trickled in droplet by droplet. Seasona stared at my eyes, longing for knowledge, and then turned to beyond the bars that locked us in the cold room.

    “I… don’t know if I want to say. I have always kept it inside of me, and…”

    “Just say it!” I was getting somewhat ticked off.

    Seasona just stared at me because of my sudden outburst. I was just so anxious to find out what happened.

    “Well, you didn’t have to yell,” Seasona stuttered, “Fine, I’ll tell you.

    “Most horror stories in the movies usually start out at on a rainy night. Mine was during the day. The sun was shining brightly that terrible day. The sun was taunting me, though. It was cursing me, I know it.”

    I raised my left eyebrow, showing that I was thinking Seasona might have been mentally ill.

    “I was playing cheerfully with wild Pokémon in the forest. They were some of my best friends,” a pause, “They were my friends. You see, I lived in the middle of the Viridian Forest. In a small, lovable cottage with my parents. Every day I would wonder into the forest, searching for my friends. I loved the Butterfrees and the Beedrills and all the others that played with me in my younger days. With Beedrills’ help, I would dig holes. I simply adored holes. But I only dug one hole and I made it deeper and deeper. But then, that one terrible time came striking me straight through the heart. Gunshots came from behind me. I turned and saw smoke, so much grey smoke. I turned around to my Pokémon friends and no soul was there. They left me.

    “I ran back towards my house, sprinting with my small legs. Tree past tree, bushes that swarmed at me. I wanted to get to my house. I needed my parents. Eventually, I made it to my house, well, my house that was in flames.

    “Two men, both in purple shirts with a torch symbol on it and black pants that shocked me with fear. Red blood stains covered them. Beside them were my parents in lab coats and other scientific materials. They were down on the ground tied together back-to-back with rope. Scars were all over there bodies. Their clothing torn, blood flowing down like a waterfall. My eyes were the sizes of grapefruits. I hid behind a tree, peeking out to see what was happening. I could barely remember my parents’ captives, but I remember it as though as it was earlier today…

    ‘So doctors,’ said one of the kidnappers, ‘where did you hide it? Our leader wants it very badly.’

    ‘Yeah,’ said the other man in purple, ‘and if he ain’t get the stuff he want he’d be very angry. I think you know what ‘e wants, right?’

    Father looked very courageous as he spoke out against his captor, ‘We will never give him our designs for the Missingno. Project. Lutosa can create his own, but ours will always be better. Our secret will stay with us to the grave.’

    Mother spotted me while Father was still giving his hijackers a yelling, ‘Dear, let me say the rest. Follow the path to victory. Gentle, oh gentle. Follow the skies to blow out the flames of evil. Fly, fly away to another land. Green of so little to bring peace.’

    My father was flabbergasted. He knew something I did not.

    ‘Lucie! How could you betray me, our life’s work? Giving them the directions to our plans!’

    ‘I had to. We can’t let them kill us…’

    ‘Oh, but we can,’ said a captor with a revolver in his hands pointing at my parents.

    My eyes widened. I could smell my parent’s spilt blood. I had never heard such louder bangs… from within me.

    “After that, the kidnappers fled, with words of my mother’s mouth. I never could figure out what my mother meant by here poem, but it seems so important that I remember it. Before the captors left, they wrote a message on some paper and nailed it to a tree. I ran to it and tore it off. I have kept it, hoping it could mean something.

    Seasona took out a piece of paper from his back pocket. I read it with much anxiousness:

    To reader-

    Here lies the house of Mr. and Mrs. Seasoned with fire. Hahahahahaha. There death has helped out our mission of death. Power shall be ours forever.

    Team Solar

    “I went straight to my parents next. I hugged their lifeless bodies, hoping that a miracle would rise, but it did not. I slept with them that night. I did not care about the flames so close to us. I just wanted to be with them again. I thought about suicide many times after that, but my parents told me it was not honorable and that I should never do it. I wanted to do everything they wanted me to do.

    “I barely slept that night. I kept dreaming of that night’s experience. Ever since that night, I have been trying to stay as far from sleep as possible.

    “The next day, I burrowed and dug to get all of the burnt wood aside. I was going to put up an exact replica of my old home in the same spot. For the next year, I chopped and carved to rebuild my old home.

    “Once a week, I would go to Viridian City and stole food and supplies for myself, for the reason that I had no money to buy the materials. I wasn’t very well like in Viridian. Then, one day in Viridian, I saw a poster with my name on it. I looked at it and saw that it was a wanted poster. I was wanted for theft, battery, and murder. I had to leave the City. I thought of my old cottage in the forest. I was almost done with it, but I couldn’t go back. People would expect me to go back. I knew of a small town in a mountain range, Sunfun Town, you heard of it? Well, I decided to go there. Unfortunetly, I got stuck on the mountains and couldn’t go over them. I decided to live on the mountain tops. That is where I caught my Abra. That is where I grew up for years now. Then I found you and now, because of you, I’m stuck in here, with you.”

    “Uhhh…” I tried to speak, but Alex Seasona cut me off.

    “Don’t say anything now. I’m tired. I want to lay in my bed.” He turned and lay down on his bed.

    That was the time to kill him, but, I felt sorry for him after his long story. I was getting soft. I had enough energy to get up and looked around.

    It was a cramped room with two mattresses and a toilet. I went over to my bed and got onto it. I, too, was tired, and I wanted some peace for now. For now.

    The next morning I heard the steps of boots. I opened my eyes and looked outside of my cage. Someone was coming this way. I looked at the clock outside from the prison cell.

    “What does someone want at 6:15 in the morning?” I pondered out loud.

    Still with my clothes on from the previous, I decided to wake up Alex as well. He didn’t deserve more sleep than me.

    I went over to him and shook his body. He made small groaning noises and rolled onto his stomach.

    “Wake up, dumbo. Someone’s coming.”

    “Just five more minutes, mama.” He must have drifted asleep while thinking about our talk.

    I was thinking about it last night, too. The shack that Seasona once lived. Could it have been the house that Keplar and I stayed? I did feel a little bad for Seasona, but my hatred for him was still in my heart. No matter what he had said last night, I could not stop hating him.

    The footsteps were getting faster and louder. I turned to the door that kept this room separated from the hallway.

    The knob turned quickly and door swung open. It was Akira.

    “I had a strange dream last night, and I think you two know something about it.”

    Chapter XXVII

    Akira went to the guard sitting at his desk, “I need to talk to these two. You can take a break.” The guard was swelled with delight in his face, saluted, and left.

    “Why do you think we would now anything about your dream,” I started off, “We have just been rotting away in this cage you call a prison cell.”

    “I’ll tell you when we get there. Wake up your friend,” he was somewhat unstable with his own words.

    “And if we don’t want to go…?” I questioned.

    Akira Urakoto put on a stern face. “If you don’t go, you’ll both have a little ‘accident.’”

    I opened my eyes to their fullest extent. “You wouldn’t dare kill us. You don’t have the guts. You know you would be caught by the law.”

    “Wanna bet?” Crimson knew what he was talking about. He was smart and witty. I didn’t know if I could beat him at this game.

    I stared at the colonel a few seconds longer to notice if he was bluffing. I didn’t see any slight changes in his figure so I went to Seasona. Scared of his sleep, yeah right.

    “Come on Alex, we’ve got something to do with this guy,” I kicked Seasona for an extra push. He was still asleep.

    I turned to Akira and shrugged. He got out his hand gun and shot at the wall next to Seasona. Seasona awoke and rolled out of his bed frightened.

    “I’m up! I’m up!” he said half witted.

    “That works every time.”

    Crimson, Seasona, and I were all walking down a long hallway, to Crimson’s office I suspected. Crimson walked behind us to keep an eye on our motions. Of course, Seasona’s and my hands were behind our backs in handcuffs because we were still considered murder criminals in Akira’s eyes.

    The cuffs were cutting off the circulation in my hands they were too tight, “Ughh. Can’t you loosen these handcuffs a little? I think my hands are going numb.”

    “When we get to my office. Then you will learn why I wanted to talk to you. You must be patient.”

    Minutes went by until we got to a wooden door. On it was a golden plaque:

    Office of
    Akira Urakoto
    Colonel of the Underground Army

    “Underground Army?” I spoke out.

    Crimson looked around. It looked as if he didn’t want anyone to notice he was there, letting two murder criminals into his office. He took a key from his right pocket and unlocked the door. He opened the finely crafted door and rushed us inside and immediately closed it.

    Urakoto sighed, “I could be arrested for letting you two in here. Please take a seat,” pointing to two chairs in front of his desk.

    “Uchemm,” Seasona coughed, wiggling his now vaguely purple hands.

    “Oh yes,” the young colonel took out another key and took off our handcuffs, “I bet that feels better.”

    “You wouldn’t know, you stuck-up boy,” I said sitting down.

    Crimson was knocked off guard, but he shook it off and sat in a relaxing chair behind his desk.

    On his desk was a computer, a printer, a pencil holder with pencils and pens in it, and on the center of his desk was a map of what looked like Teletown with miniature soldiers on it. Some of the soldiers were in brown and some were in black.

    “Let me to the point of…” Crimson tried to start off with.

    I cut him off, “I have some questions for you first. One, who really are you? Two, why are you and tons of soldiers in this underground labyrinth? And three, why in heck were some group of people in black clothing up in the Pokémon Center? They almost killed me!”

    “They almost killed us, you mean,” Seasona corrected me.

    “Whatever,” I muttered.

    Akira cleared his throat, “I think you know who I am. I am Colonel Akira Urakoto of this secret army. We are called the Underground Army because many of us are spies. We have been keeping track of Team Rocket, the people you must have met in the Pokémon Center. They have somehow managed to stop teleportation of our Pokémon. We have been trying to figure that out. We think that they have stopped teleportation in Teletown, led by an unknown scientist. We are not the bad guys, if that is what you are thinking.

    Our second mission is to stop another evil group. We do not have a lot of information on them, but we do know their name. Team Solar.

    “What?!” Seasona rose out of his chair grabbing his shirt where his heart was, “You are fighting Team Solar?! I want to join. Now!”

    “Wow. Hold it there,” Crimson put his hands over the desk and onto Alex’s shoulders, pushing him back into his chair, “Calm down.”

    “No,” Alex denied, “Solar killed my parents and I want to kill them!”

    “You can’t join us. You are a criminal. We can’t just put in as a soldier.”

    “It was Satol,” the mysterious boy pointed at me, “that murdered. I was just there…”

    For this discussion, I was just relaxed in the chair thinking of about my Pokémon that Lutosa stole while keeping an ear on the conversation, “Shut the h*ll up Seasona. Mr. Urakoto got us out of the prison cell. You should be thankful,” Seasona sat down. He knew I was right, “Besides, wasn’t there something you wanted to talk to us Colonel? Something about a dream?”

    “Oh yes. Last night, I had a strange dream. I was in the middle of a wide, grassy plain. I walk around the field and I hear a strange voice. It was calling me. I started running. I do not know if I was getting closer or farther away from the voice, and I did not care. I just ran.

    “But then, I stopped. In front of me was a Pokémon materializing in front of me.”

    I knew what the dream was, “The Pokémon was a Gardevoir. It probably wanted for you to let us, Seasona and me, survive. We were needed for a long journey. Am I correct about your dream?”

    “Why, yes,” Crimson was dumbstruck, “But… how did you know?”

    “I had the same dream. I thought I was dying. But for now, I am ignoring it.”

    “And that’s exactly what I am going to do,” said Akira, “Right this way boys,” he put handcuffs on us again and we were heading right back to the cell.

    Chapter XXVIII

    “Damn this cursed cell,” I said to myself once I was back in the cage, “I was never meant to live in a prison. Let me out Akira!”

    “Tisk, tisk, tisk,” the boy colonel waved his index finger at me, “You should have thought about that before you murdered,” and then he walked out.

    “Ugh. I’m getting some more sleep,” I got to my bed and dozed off.

    I had another funny, in a weird sense, dream this time. I didn’t like it, though. It was very powerful, displaying that even I must cry. Thankfully, it was short.

    It began with Keplar furiously walking out of the cottage. I, well, the memory of myself was still in the cottage. I, me, was standing next to Keplar. Keplar shook his head left and right in anger and walked into the dark woods frustrated.

    I walked next to Keplar, looking at him, saying how sorry I was, but he didn’t hear me. He couldn’t. It was only my imagination. He was my imagination. He was my only friend. We had been together for so long.

    As we went further into the forest, we came to an open field. At the back of the field was a cave coming out of the ground. Behind it was a mighty oak. It showed strength, while the cave showed darkness. Keplar and I looked around this area, when we saw red eyes from the cave.

    “Keplar,” begged the scratchy voice, “Come over here.”


    “Come here Keplar. I have a job for you.”

    “Who… who are you? How do you know my name?” Keplar put his right hand to one of his Pokéballs.

    “There is no need to fight. All I want is the prophecy to be fulfilled,” the scratchy voice was deceiving Keplar, my soul was telling me I was right.

    “Wartortle, go!” Keplar threw a Pokéball.

    “Fine then. Go Magneton,” the voice hissed.

    “Wartortle, dynamicpunch!”

    I was sure Keplar would win. There was no way this voice could win…

    “Thunder!” It was a critical hit on Wartortle and Wartortle fainted, “Return Magneton,” a red light flashed from the cave, “Now, as I said before, come over here!” the red eyes of the voice flashed purple and white light was shown for a split second.

    “Yes,” Keplar said in a monotone. He walked over to the red-eyed voice.

    I stepped in front of Keplar, “You cannot go over there,” I pleaded with him, but he walked right through me.

    The voice started up again when Keplar was feet away from the cave, “I only have one job for you. It will be very simple. Take this gun,” a gun was shoved out of the cave, “and kill one person. Do not kill anyone else. Only one person… Kill Satol.”

    I gasped at the thought. My dream made sense. It was why Keplar tried to kill me. “Keplar! Don’t listen to him! He is tricking you,” I could feel a tear drop come float down my face. I didn’t feel like crying, because I knew the outcome. But still, I cried. I cried for myself. I cried for my Pokémon. I cried for Keplar’s Pokémon. But mostly, I cried for Keplar.

    The voice was laughing. Its laugh was like a terrible siren. It was replaying over and over with no end in sight. The laughing overpowered me and I dropped to the grass.

    “No, no. It just can’t be.”

    I awoke to the noise of sirens. A red light was flashing from the ceiling. Something was wrong. I looked at the guard who was still asleep even after the screeching sirens.

    That was when Akira came busting down the door and shoot his gun up high, “Wake up you hopeless fool!” he yelled at the guard who had fallen off his chair and onto the ground, “I want you in the Center Room now!”

    “Ye… yes, sir,” said the bumbling guard.

    “And you two,” Crimson said walking over to our cage and took out a key, “You’re coming with me!”

    Alex and I got out and started running with Akira, “What the h*ll is going on here?!” I yelled over the roaring sirens.

    “Rocket… break-in… outnumbered,” Urakoto managed to say. He must have run here at top speeds. This guy was as fit as a muscle-bound freak.

    ‘How in the world did they get down here in large numbers?’ I thought, ‘Wherever we are going, we better get there soon.’

    We soon made it to our destination. It was a gigantic iron reinforced door. No sign was shown but you knew whatever was in the room, it was important. It also seemed like Team Rocket had gotten through it. The door was scorched with flame marks and holes were blown threw for a human to get by.

    “We might be too late,” Akira faintly said.

    “You think, smarty?! Wait… I have been here before. This is where that monster thing is held. Missingno!”

    “Was held,” Akira told in dismay, “You two are going to need protection. Rocket is unpredictable. I want both of you to have two Pokémon with you for the time being,” Akira handed Seasona and me two Pokéballs, “For you Seasona, a Medicham and a Rapidash. For you Satol, a Swampert and a Dragonite. Follow me,” the colonel walked through a hole in the door. So did Seasona and I.

    When we entered, the entire lab was in ruins, but we kept our focus in the center back. That was where the Missingno was held. The glass cylinder was broken and Missingno was no where to be found. Glass scattered the ground. As our feet walked on, the crunching of glass ringed victoriously.

    “Curse them, those Rockets. They got Missingno. If they do not know how to handle it, well, even Rocket won’t get the power they wanted. If that Missingno gets into the world, there is no telling of what could happen to Pokémon and humanity. Right now, we will find Rocket and see what happened with the Missingno they took,” there was a short pause, “Let’s move out.”

    At the corner of my eye, I saw a swift movement. I didn’t see any color, just a quick flash.

    “What is it, Satol?” Seasona inquired.

    “Someone is here that shouldn’t be,” I alleged.

    Again, a flash went by through the hole in the metallic door. “We have to go after it.”

    My life revolved around running. I was running again, for the billionth time.

    My acquaintances and I were sprinting down the hallways of the underground base. We were searching franticly for the Rockets that supposedly took Missingno. They couldn’t be far, we hoped anyways. But a thought struck me like a ton of Snorlaxes. It couldn’t be…

    “Guys, I don’t think Rocket took Missingno,” I wasn’t frightened, but I was near it.

    “And if it wasn’t Team Rocket, who was it?” Akira wanted an answer.

    “Not who, what. Back at the lab, glass was scattered on the floor. And when glass breaks, it falls in the direction of the force trying to break it.”

    “And that means…”

    “Yes, Seasona. Nothing broke into the container, but something broke out,” I saw a flash go behind me. I swiveled around to see the black blob that haunted me, “It seems like we have company.”
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