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The Shadow Journal - Discussion Tread

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by VampirateMace, May 3, 2013.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    The Shadow Journal - Discussion Tread

    * Approved by RaZoR LeAf *

    As the RPG discussed here is Rated R, content of that nature may come up. Keep it tasteful. Players and non-players, you’ve been warned.

    Sign-Up Thread
    RPG Thread

    Thread Rules:
    1. Follow all Serebii Forum and Café Subforum rules.
    2. Stay on topic. Use this thread to discuss details and plot points important to The Shadow Journal RPG. Do not chat here.
    3. Just like in the RPG, NC-17 content is NOT ALLOWED here.

    1. (VampirateMace) Lucy "Luc" Briar
    2. (DVB) Diego Hendrix
    3. (SpyroxPikachu) Felix Fouraker (Inactive)
    4. (bronislav84) Karai Horoshi
    5. (pikachu725) Peter "Pete" Votthed
    6. (PokeLegend) Jon Teou (Inactive)

    1. (YDT) Cynthia "Snydey" Grey (Inactive)
    2. (SoulMuse) *Reserved* (Inactive)
    3. (InnerFlame) Marissa ‘Marly’ Victoria Perkinson (Inactive)
    4. (InnerFlame) Annissa ‘Ann’ Serafina Perkinson (Inactive)
    5. (Nythe) Steve Ansell (Resigning)

    RPG Rules:
    1. No bunnying (controlling another’s character) without permission or cause:
    - Due to the nature of this RPG there may be instances where it is necessary to bunny other people’s physical bodies in order to get from one place to another, their thoughts and dialog however, are still off limits.
    - Due to the involvement of witchcraft, some scenarios may require actions on the part of victims that they wouldn’t normally perform. These actions may be bunnyed in interest of moving the RPG along, if the victim player fails to post within the week.
    2. Since this RPG is rated R, violence, substance abuse, profanity, and some mature content will be allowed, provided:
    - You aren’t using it as an excuse to swear excessively, kill everyone, or otherwise be a jerk.
    - That if your characters get to a romantic/lustful point where they are going to do more than kiss/hug romantically and/or are starting to undress, you fade to black. Discuss changes to costume, any pregnancies, and STDs in PM or the Discussion thread (Yes, this time I do actually think we need one). Do not post any NC-17 content!
    3. Lastly, put your character’s name at the top of your post. If you have been allowed a second character, always make it very clear which character you are RPGing as. (Class schedules for both teachers and students should be posted in the discussion thread, and if necessary, may be posted in the RPG thread)

    Glenwood was a typical town, with all the typical trappings of everyday life in the United States, including a typical High School, Glenwood High. And like every other typical High School, it has it’s typical clichés, Preps, Jocks, Skaters, Emos, Punks, Goths, Loners, etc...

    Less typically, this town was once home to a widow accused of witchcraft. She lived in that old abandon bungalow (a one and a half story cottage, not a beach house) on Baker street. Yeah, you know the one, that house. Old evil Mrs. Bells’ house.

    Tonight a small group of older high school students have broken into the house. Well, they didn’t so much break in as simply climb in the already broken window, but it‘s still trespassing. These teens are of the less popular sort, each with their own grudges and personal demons. But that’s why they broke in here, you know, to see if they could find any artifact that the late Mrs. Bells had used in witchcraft, because they plan to start their own coven and get… well, whatever they want, things like revenge, popularity, and money.

    Wandering the house, they don’t find much. The remaining furniture is covered in dust and damage by the elements, because the house’s windows were broken in long ago. That made it easy to them to get into the house, but it also made it easier for everyone else to have looted it long ago.

    The walls of the bungalow are marked with demonic symbols, though no one in the group is sure whether Mrs. Bells did this, or it was done by teens that broke in during the generations prior to the current group. They’re starting to think that there’s nothing left, and that maybe Mrs. Bells wasn’t even a witch at all.

    Then finally someone finds something. An androgynous girl straddling the line between punk and goth, going by the name of Luc, sees the corner of a book poking out from under the edge of the old woman’s mattress. She yanks it out, it turns out to be an old tawny leather-bound journal. This must have been Mrs. Bell’s journal. Luc flips it open.

    Inside the pages were dated, and under each date is a list of events. Early in the book the entries were innocent, and frankly, somewhat boring:
    Oct 3rd
    - The baker gave me an extra cupcake today.
    - The neighbors got their daughter a new cat.
    - Frank noticed my new haircut, I’m sure he likes it.

    But later on the entries start to get darker, detailing all the disasters, accidents, illnesses, and deaths that happened that day.
    May 9th
    - The Morrison’s gardener jumped off the Blue Creek Bridge.
    - Mr. Leary fell off his ladder, broke a leg and an arm.
    - Olivia and her daughter are sick with the flu.

    Next to each diary entry is a line drawn in some red-brown substance. Luc ponders the lines, “Is this blood?”

    “It looks like it,” comments the voice of another student coming up behind her. She repositions the journal so they both can see it better. She scans down the entry for May 13th, under that day the local market is listed to have burnt to the ground. Luc scoff, “Well even if she wasn’t a witch, she was certainly was interested in some morbid stuff.”

    “Holy ----!” remarks the other student touching the page with their finger, “Luc, these are predictions! The Farmer’s Market burnt down on the 14th!”

    “You think she was predicting disasters?” asks Luc rhetorically, looking up. She notices that the other students are starting to gather around them, realizing she’d found something.

    “It looks like it,” replies the other student obliviously, before a second teen interrupts, “Or maybe she was causing them.”

    “That would explain the blood…” infers Luc.

    The group passes the book around going over the facts. Mrs. Bell wrote down the date, and predictions or desires for the next day, then marked the list with blood or some sort. Probably her own, the speculate. Glances are exchanged as they wondered if the book still works, could they too affect the next day’s events by writing in the book?

    “Do you think it’ll really work?” someone asks.

    “Only one way to find out,” replies another pulling a pen out of their pocket.

    “We should be careful,” cautions the student who’d first seen Luc looking at the book, “Let’s just write one thing for now, one simple thing. Not too big, and that won’t impact any of us.”

    “But it has to be something obvious, something that won’t be coincidence, and something we’ll all know about right away,” insists another teen.

    “I’ve got it,” announces the student with the pen, scrawling out a sentence:
    The old tree in front of school was struck and burned by lighting.

    “It’s not even stormy out” someone complains as Luc loosens an enormous safety pin from her jeans. She brings it up to her index finger and takes a deep breath, “That’ll make it all the more obvious, dummy.”

    She jams the pin into her finger, and screwing up her face so she won’t yelp or cry reaches over to mark the page. Done. But would it work?

    The writer shuts the book and for a moment they all argue about who should be the keeper of the book, just incase this really works. Some of them w nat to be the keeper, and others refuse when their name is mentioned. Finally it is agreed that Luc should take it home, not just because she found it, but also because her mother doesn’t question her, or inspect her things, when she gets home late. So after placing it in her backpack, she and the rest of the group head home.

    At home she drops her bag into her desk chair and pulls a care bears nightgown out of her dresser. She’d just slipping on the nightgown when she notices a noise, it’s the sound of a light autumn rain hitting the roof.

    The storm grows throughout the night.

    Our RPG starts the next morning as the students arrive at school, where all the students and staff notice that the old tree on the front lawn is dead and charred, still smoking slightly in the morning drizzle.

    More about the Journal
    * My character is only the keeper of the journal (rather than everyone passing it around) to prevent the person who has it from leaving the RPG without passing it on, killing the RPG. You will all have access to it; just before school, between classes (sometimes during), at lunch, and after school.
    -- This is no longer true, but only members who are continually playing may hold the journal!
    * Whatever plausible thing that is written in the journal, and activate with blood, will come true in the next 24 hours. If you write that the principle will fall off his porch, that’ll happen (unless he doesn’t have a porch). If you write that panda-like aliens wearing green tutus will abduct the principle, and he’ll become a outer space rock’n’roll god, it’s not going to happen.
    * Preventing items from happening is conditional. As long as no blood is added, you’re safe. After blood is added: If you can erase it so that it can’t be read, or if you tear out the page and burn it, it won’t happen. But if the erased item is still readable, or was just crossed rather than erased, it will still happen. Likewise, items on pages that have been torn out, but not destroyed will also still happen. (These are all thing our characters will need to learn through trial and error. They do not know them yet at the start of the RPG.)
    * It can make good and neutral things happen, as well as bad things. It can cause devastating fires and illness. But it can also get the baker to give you an extra cupcake, get you alone with your crush, or win you a free makeover at the mall.
  2. 725roy

    725roy ambivolent

    Ugh, finally. That said, this RPG seems like it's been moving quickly again, which is good! Quick question though, at this party, what kinds of things are going to be happening?
  3. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Yay finally a thread!

    It's a house party. Never been to a party before Pika? Dancing, food, sex/drinking (for the 18 plus or those who decide to do it anyway).
  4. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Hi everyone, I've been asked to come back and post because you need someone to torment. I'm willing but I'm not really sure what I should post at this time. So far I got that the coven are currently at some pizza buffet place. And that there will be a party Saturday. But that's pretty much all I got. Anything I should know before I attempt to post?
  5. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    I guess you could just comment on the ffree ice cream in school as well as all the classes taking a break.
  6. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Hi, Inner, I was pretty sure we'd lost you for good. So, yay, quickly summerize your day, and post what your characters are up to now.

    I've been assuming Bron was going to post next (out of the Coven players), since we've all posted at the pizza place, but you.
  7. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    I've been busy. I need to post in all the RPs I'm in. Very sorry guys. I'll try tomorrow.
  8. 725roy

    725roy ambivolent

    Not really no, I'm only like a sophomore in high school, so I wouldn't be able to get to go to one of those anyway. That said, that helps.
  9. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    I'mma fastforward us to Saturday morning, if that is all right. We all do our morning rituals and prepare for the party.
  10. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Would have been nice if you'd acturally waited for someone else's opinion, but otherwise it looks okay.

    We should plan some points of intrest for the party. Also, I assume the party takes place in the evening.
  11. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Sorry about that. According to Bron, he said the party was from Saturday 8 PM to Sunday noon
  12. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Not a problem. I was just checking to see if we were all on the same page (noon ending time seems a little excessive, but I'm sure someone would get drunk enough that they pass out on Ted's lawn until noon). After Pika and Bron post, we should fastforward to 8PM-ish for the party, unless something intresting comes up.

    Also I'm wondering if we should pass of the journal to Karai at the party, or whenever she decides to go home. Since she and Diego are getting close and Diego's had it for a while now, he might offer it to her, perhapes just before or after their private time.
  13. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    She'll get drunk, so probably not. Diego will probably give it to her on Sunday. All depends what Bron says
  14. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    That's a good point. Imagine what our chars might write if they get ahold of journal while drunk? And as long as it's not impossible it would happen. 'Everybody dies' 'Ted makes out with the principle' 'local volcano erupts, cause explosions are cool, lol' ...um, yeah, Diego should hang onto the journal until he's sure everyone else is sober. Luc is kind of a bad girl, so she'll probably drink too. This should be intresting.
  15. 725roy

    725roy ambivolent

    Ugh, so sorry I haven't posted, yesterday I had a Bat Mitzvah that occupied most of my day, and today (as I type this on my phone) I have had church related volunteer stuff. hope you all can understand, I 'll post ASAP.
  16. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    I understand, a Bat Mitzvah is an important celebration, and volunteering is good for you. Just post whenever you're ready, quality is better than quanity, and try not to post here unless you can contribute something to the disscussion of the RPG.

    Oh, would Pete freak out if Luc hit on him because she was drunk?
  17. 725roy

    725roy ambivolent

    Probably not, but to be honest, It would jolt him a bit, but I guess he'd sort of be a "Yes man" to all of her drunken antics, provided he wasn't drunk himself.

    I digress. No he wouldn't.

    http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/YesMan" (For anyone wondering what a Yes Man is)
  18. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Well, that ought be interesting XD. What should we do now? Go to the part or continue progressing through the day?
  19. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    I already awnsered that...
    So, anyways, I'm going to go update.
  20. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Sorry I'm taking a while you guys. Two betas this weekend. I will post as soon as I can.

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