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The Shadow Journal (Rated R) ~RPG Tread~

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by VampirateMace, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    RPG Rules:
    1. No bunnying (controlling another’s character) without permission or cause:
    - Due to the nature of this RPG there may be instances where it is necessary to bunny other people’s physical bodies in order to get from one place to another, their thoughts and dialog however, are still off limits.
    - Due to the involvement of witchcraft, some scenarios may require actions on the part of victims that they wouldn’t normally perform. These actions may be bunnyed in interest of moving the RPG along, if the victim player fails to post within the week.
    2. Since this RPG is rated R, violence, substance abuse, profanity, and some mature content will be allowed, provided:
    - You aren’t using it as an excuse to swear excessively, kill everyone, or otherwise be a jerk.
    - That if your characters get to a romantic/lustful point where they are going to do more than kiss/hug romantically and/or are starting to undress, you fade to black. Discuss changes to costume, any pregnancies, and STDs in PM or the Discussion thread (Yes, this time I do actually think we need one). Do not post any NC-17 content!
    3. Lastly, put your character’s name at the top of your post. If you have been allowed a second character, always make it very clear which character you are RPGing as. (Class schedules for both teachers and students should be posted in the discussion thread, and if necessary, may be posted in the RPG thread)

    Details about the Journal
    * My character is only the keeper of the journal (rather than everyone passing it around) to prevent the person who has it from leaving the RPG without passing it on, killing the RPG. You will all have access to it; just before school, between classes (sometimes during), at lunch, and after school.
    * Whatever plausible thing that is written in the journal, and activate with blood, will come true in the next 24 hours. If you write that the principle will fall off his porch, that’ll happen (unless he doesn’t have a porch). If you write that panda-like aliens wearing green tutus will abduct the principle, and he’ll become a outer space rock’n’roll god, it’s not going to happen.
    * Preventing items from happening is conditional. As long as no blood is added, you’re safe. After blood is added: If you can erase it so that it can’t be read, or if you tear out the page and burn it, it won’t happen. But if the erased item is still readable, or was just crossed rather than erased, it will still happen. Likewise, items on pages that have been torn out, but not destroyed will also still happen. (These are all thing our characters will need to learn through trial and error. They do not know them yet at the start of the RPG.)
    * It can make good and neutral things happen, as well as bad things. It can cause devastating fires and illness. But it can also get the baker to give you an extra cupcake, get you alone with your crush, or win you a free makeover at the mall.

    - Also, we don’t have a discussion thread just yet, so if we make it to first period before we get one, then you’ll need to post your class schedules here. We’ll have six periods with lunch between third and fourth.

    Approved/Pending Players:
    (DO NOT post if your character is still pending.)

    1. (VampirateMace) Lucy "Luc" Briar
    2. (DVB) Diego Hendrix
    3. (SpyroxPikachu) Felix Fouraker
    4. (bronislav84) Karai Horoshi
    5. (pikachu725) Peter "Pete" Votthed
    6. (PokeLegend) Jon Teou

    1. (YDT) Cynthia "Snydey" Grey
    2. (SoulMuse) *Reserved*
    3. (InnerFlame) Marissa ‘Marly’ Victoria Perkinson
    4. (InnerFlame) Annissa ‘Ann’ Serafina Perkinson
    5. (Nythe) Steve Ansell

    NPC - Miss Caramel - ???
    NPC - Mr. Warden - English

    Okay, then:
    That next morning...

    Lucy ‘Luc’ Briar [C]

    Luc crawled out of bed to the piercing sound of her alarm clock. Ugh. She didn’t like getting up this early, especially after such a late night, but she really wanted to get her grades up. Too bad there were so many distractions in her life...

    She pulled off her Grumpy Bear nightshirt, showered quickly, then dressed in her usual fashion, black underwear, the smallest black sports bra available, a black tank top, safety-pinned black jeans, and her trademark leather and metal jacket. Lazily she ruffled up her black, green, and purple hair into a spikier style, then brushed her teeth. Lastly, she hooked her thick silver chain necklace around her neck. It didn’t have a charm, but rather, she just liked the chain itself.

    Yawning, she grabbed her bag and started to check that she had everything she’d need for school. Another distraction… the journal from last night was in there. Last night she’d been so willing to believe in it that she’d pierced her finger to get blood for it. Now, after a slightly restless night’s sleep, in the light of morning, it didn’t seem plausible at all. Oh well…

    Luc didn’t bother to remove the journal from her bag, the other Coven members may want to see it again anyways, and it hardly weighed anything. She zipped the bag and headed for the door. The rest of the apartment outside her room was dark, her mom was apparently sleeping in. Luc didn’t know if her mom was supposed to have work today or not, but she didn’t care and ignoring the dark, headed out into hall.

    Luc arrived at school a few minutes before the first bell was supposed to ring. Students were gathered around the old tree out front. A bright yellow Caution tape barrier had been put up around it, and it was completely obvious why. That old tree, which had stood in front of the school for as long as anyone could remember, was blackened, displaying obvious signs of fire. A cool drizzle fell on the scene causing the tree to smoke eerily.

    “What happened?” asked someone.
    “Looks like arson,” someone else suggested.
    “No, it was struck by lighting last night,” replied another.

    “It…” Luc bit her tongue. Not literally, but she stopped talking to keep from giving away her Coven’s secret. It had worked, the journal had really worked. Quickly, Luc tried to covered her tracks, while still confirming if it really had been the journal, “It’s dead? Was it really struck by lighting?”

    “Yeah, you know how there was that freak storm last night?” offered the third student.

    “Kids! Kids! Come away from there, it’s not safe! You should come inside,” called out a voice. Luc turned to look. On the front steps of the school were a couple of teachers.

    She recognized the owner of the voice, Miss Caramel, a slightly tall, very curvy woman, with long red-brown hair. Miss Caramel was as her name suggested, kind and sweet, but a little dense. Okay, rather dense. She was, for example, completely unaware of the fact that her shirts were altogether too tight, to be appropriate for teaching High School. Many a boy, and a few girls, including Luc, spent her classes watching her bosom to see if today was the day her cantaloupes would make their bid for freedom. Below that, she wore a short pencil skirt, pastel socks, and dress shoes with decorative bows on them.

    The other teacher was Mr. Warden, the overly strict English teacher who usual sent someone to the principles office once a class. His tie was about as tight as Miss Caramel’s shirt, hanging perfectly straight over his crisp starched shirt. The rest of his outfit was just as neat, pressed dark grey slacks, and highly shined black pleather shoes. His stiff expressionless face was in stark contrast to Miss Caramel’s overly concerned look. He did not bother to voice any concern about the students safety or wanting them coming in early, but only called out to a student leaning over the barrier in an attempt to touch the tree, “Young man, if you touch that tree, I will personally see to it that you get detention.”

    Luc snickered softly, what a pair they made. The boy in question looked back at Mr. Warden with a disappointed expression, grumbling, “Awe man... It‘s not like I‘m going to make it fall!”
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2014
  2. 725roy

    725roy ambivolent

    Peter 'Pete' Votthed [C]

    Pete woke up with a groggy head, and a stuffy head. His brain hadn't fully recovered from last night, there must've been some mold in that house because he was all plugged up. That alarm of his was insanity inducing *be-beep* *be-beep* *be-beep* *be-beep* *be-be-beep*, until it went *bebebebebebebebebebebebebebeep*. As he always said in the morning, "TURN IT OFF NOW!", though he always needed to keep quiet as to not wake up his family. He rolled out of bed, and he was followed by half of his covers. His Minnesota Vikings blanket still covered half of his otherwise naked body, save for his black boxer briefs. As he stood up, the blanket wrapped almost in a knot around his torso, seeing as he couldn't fall asleep unless he had one of his arms out of circulation.

    He made his way to his shower, and did his basic routine wash, lather, rinse, repeat. He often reflected on the previous day whenever he was in the shower, though it wasn't exactly to think about things when he his was all stuffed up.

    'What did we do last night... what... did.. we.. do... Luc did something... Bells house... that old house... what did we do there...? She found that diary, but who else... oh crap, cold water, now... err... who else, Luc, and uh... Hank, I think... and Felix, Diego, and uh... Karai was it? Must've been, no else stuck with me quite like Karai... I wonder why...' he pondered to himself as the warm water enveloped him.

    He slowly continued his thoughts while cleansing himself, and that's when the cool water hit him like a cannon. Since he used up all the warm water, he decided to finish things up, and dry off. Before he could totally dry himself off, he grabbed his acid-mantle based steroid for his dreadful eczema. It wasn't terrible now, but he dreaded the bitter cold of winter when the air was dry and frosty.

    'Better to stop it while it's fresh' he thought. He rubbed it in and then proceeded to dry off his hands before he put in his contacts. He dried off as quickly as he could; he was already behind schedule. Once he put in his contacts he could see what a mess his room had become, once he entered his room again. It had become a jumble of books, blankets, games, and for all he knew a bunch of snotty kleenexes. He grabbed his deodorant, a life-saver, and rubbed it in his pitts, and then proceeded to grab his his jeans and tee for the day. The tee had a small insignia of a spiral-like design with the letters 'HDMG'. He didn't know what they meant, but he wore it anyway. Once he had his jacket over his arms and the sleeves rolled up, he was ready to roll. He quickly ran downstairs, ran into the kitchen, poured a glass of milk, mixed in his chocolate protein powder, chugged it down quickly, and grabbed his backpack, run quick enough to catch his bus without having to worry about not doing anything.

    Riding the bus, he sat alone, reading his book he had. He seemed to have a book whenever he didn't have anything else to do, and today's book was 1984 by George Orwell. It was an interesting concept; a society that monitors everything you do and creates a more efficient way of living while eliminating all the overachievers. Before he could finish chapter 7, he bus lurched to a stop and he put his book back in his bag an then proceeded to wait to get off the bus.

    He got off the bus to see something he never thought he would ever see: a charred excuse for a tree which had fallen over in the storm the night before. He almost dreaded it, but at the same time was excited to see it. He hadn't thought about it in the shower so he didn't remember what exactly what Luc had written, but now he did. 'The Old Tree gets struck by lightning', or something along those lines. He slowly started towards it when he noticed the yellow tape, and so he decided to stay away.

    “It’s dead? Was it really struck by lighting?”

    'Luc's voice... maybe I should go find her... what did she do?' He thought, as he did, while still remaining happy and energetic.

    "Hey Luc! Over here! What did you do to the tree!", he quickly maneuvered his way to Luc and asked again. "What did you do? What did we write? Like legit? And, what's up with your finger?" He gave her the quizzical look that he gave everyone when he didn't know what to think. He quickly sniffled his nose, and then looked around. For the first time in a while, he didn't know what to think.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2013
  3. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Lucy ‘Luc’ Briar [C]

    "Hey Luc! Over here! What did you do to the tree!" called someone. Luc saw it was Pete approaching her. He seemed somewhat confused, "What did you do? What did we write? Like legit? And, what's up with your finger?" He finished up with a sniff. Luc wasn’t sure if he was smelling the charred tree or starting to get a cold. But right now, that didn’t matter.

    “Shush,” hissed Luc, ushering him away from the crowd. She looked back, the other students were still engaged in inspecting the tree corpse. Good, no one was paying attention to them. She spoke to him in a lowered voice, “I didn’t think it was possible, but we did this. We really did it! The book works. We’ve got to tell the others, but we got to be quite about it. We can’t let anyone else find out… You remember our history lesson last week about the Salem Witch Trials, right?”

    She peeked over her shoulder, the crowd was still utterly impressed with the tree, and Miss Caramel was still desperately trying to usher them inside. It must have been confusing for her, because for once her students’ eyes were not locked on her in full attention. Mr. Warden on the other hand remained passive, only shouting orders when necessary.

    “Anyone finds out about this book, and we all go down... We need to set up a meeting with the others. Lunch is a good time obviously, but it needs to be somewhere no one else will interrupt us,” suggested Lucy.

    (Everyone, feel free to control the teachers, they're NPC. I just fleshed these two out a little so we'd all be on the same page.)
  4. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego Vendrix [C]

    Diego woke up early. Despite being out pretty late, he was very capable of being an early-riser. It was an inherited quaity from his fahter and tempered by all the late nights and early mornings of working. Diego made his bed, showered and worn his classic uniform.

    Well, it wasn't a uniform. He just like weared this paricular ensemble a bit. Which is why he has multiple copies of his custom shirt. Diego then went downstairs and began making breakfast. For today, he decided to make some scrambled eggs with toast. After eating breakfats, he brushed his teeth and proceeded to make his lunch and start heading out to school.

    His thoughts were heavily on the supernatural event that could have partaken when he met with Luc and the others. They were friends, right? Diego did not feel that close to them. He had been even wanting to approach Luc and Karai for... romantic pursuits, but something had been heavily stopping.

    His developing second self...

    Diego did not give it a name, as for that acknowledgement could lead to stronger attempts of dominance. Diego sighed as he once more pushed those thoughts into the recesses of his mind.

    Diego then saw the old tree.

    Charred and burned... as if struck by...


    He was close enough to see what Luc wrote in and he was shocked. The thing came true....

    He could not help but smile briefly... the possibilities... he then paled when he realized the possible repercussions.

    He sighed as he heard his other self chuckle in his mind.

    He saw Pete already talking to Luc and he went up. Diego shook his head at Pete's lack of tact.

    She went and listend over about the book. Diego just heard and nodded as he realized what would happen.

    “Anyone finds out about this book, and we all go down... We need to set up a meeting with the others. Lunch is a good time obviously, but it needs to be somewhere no one else will interrupt us,” suggested Lucy.

    "Maybe outside or in an old classroom," Diego suggested after he calmly got their attention to spook them.
  5. YDT

    YDT Positively Ecstatic

    Cynthia "Snydey" Grey [N-C]

    Cynthia was combing her hair in front of the mirror, her glasses down on the table so as to not get in the way. She was still in her pink floral pyjamas, that covered her entire body except her knees. She finished combing her hair and tied it back into a ponytail. She put her glasses on, and took a good look at her face. She contemplated what she didn't like about it today and decided to put on blush, cover up, caramel mascara and for fun dark red lipstick. She changed out of her pyjamas, putting on underwear and a bra. She put on a nice red woolen longsleeve shirt, which came halfway up her neck and covered her hands. She picked out a pair of bright yellow shorts and pure white ankles socks which she put on. She picked up her purse from her off her desk chair and put it around her shoulder. Cynthia then went through the door and opened it. She could smell her father making breakfast downstairs so she rushed down.

    "Good morning dear, would you care for some pancakes?" Her father asked. He was a strong built man around 5'10". He was in his mid forties, and some grey hairs could be seen at his very slightly receding hairline. He had a big smile on his face, but it looked very forced as could be told by the heavy bags under his eye. Cynthia took a seat at the dining table and smiled up at her father.

    "Yes, I would father." She replied, holding up the fork and knife that were set down in front of her. Her father moved over to the counter, and picked up a big plate of chocolate chip pancakes. He used a spatula to place four pancakes on her plate. They were golden brown in the middle, with the edges burnt a bit. She immediately dug in, devouring them as quickly as possible.

    "Fwere isth Theggie anth Leo?" She mumbled through the mouthful of pancake, some pieces flying out of her mouth.

    "They went to work early today." Her father replied, he was looking at his watch, he needed to go soon also. Cynthia nodded acknowledging her fathers' response as she started on the second pancake. 'Ding dong' someone had rung the doorbell and her father walked over to go answer it.

    "Cynthia, your friend is here!" Her father called from down the hall.

    "Thok." Cynthia mumbled, swallowing the third pancake. She picked up the fourth one and walked over to the door.

    "No, that's okay Mr. Grey I ate breakfast already." It was Elizebeth, one of Cynthia's four best friends. Elizebeth is known as the sophisticated one of the group, as she seems so mature and calm all the time. She can handle most situations very well, but tends to fall apart whenever boys are involved.

    "Thi Thizzie." Cynthia managed to say, while picking up her bag

    "Hello, Snydey. You should really not talk with your mouth full." Elizabeth scolded, while tapping her foot on the ground. It was raining outside, and she was not fond of having to stay outside in it too long. The pounding of the rain on her jacket really irritated her.

    "Thok Thok. Byeth Dad." Cynthia exclaimed as she rushed walked through the door, and quickly put on a rain jacket.

    "Bye sweety." He remarked passively, as he closed the door in a rush. Cynthia and Elizabeth walked to school, talking about last night's homework. Elizabeth said she had troubles with a few questions, but Cynthia had no idea what she was talking about, all the questions went way over her head. After a few minutes of walking and talking they arrived at school and saw smoke and a cluster of people around what looked like a burnt tree.

    "Snydey! Lizzie! Did you hear what happened?" Jessica called out. Jessica was a kind of timid girl, not so much shy as she was worried. She worried about everything, and it would up at her so much. Usually Cynthia could keep her feeling happy with her cheery demeanour, but she got worked up so easily that a lot of things would get through anyways.

    "No, what happened?" Cynthia asked, rubbing her forehead with the sleeve of her jacket.

    "Well it looks the tree was struck by lightening last night. Not really a big deal." Elizabeth commented, trying to walk towards the school to get out of the rain.

    "Yes, that is exactly what happened! Oooooo! I know this is a bad sign, something awful is gonna happen now!" Jessica rattled on, she was holding onto her pigtails really hard and she had a big frown on her face.

    "Well it is kind of sad that the tree got hit by lightening. I really liked that tree. I don't think anything bad will happen though. You because of karma and stuff. When something bad happens, something good happens to cancel it out." Cynthia explained. Jessica's frown eased up a bit and Elizabeth rolled her eyes.

    "Exactly, now let's go inside, out of this rain." Elizebeth quickly commented, as she started walking towards the school. Cynthia and Jessica followed right behind her. Jessica looked back every few seconds at the tree, and tugged at one of her ponytails.
  6. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    (Vampire do we all have the same classes or what? Are we going to play out all the classes, or just some? We really need a discussion for this. I feel like there's going to be spillover information, or everybody asking questions in OOC. For now, here's my entry)

    Karai Horoshi [C]

    I had been having a dream about my room being slowly covered by blood while I could do nothing but watch the level rise and cover everything. I couldn't swim or even move. I was stuck in place, only able to move my eyes as the level of blood got to my neck. Suddenly there was a loud beeping sound from my clock radio and I woke up with a start. My white nightgown with roses on it had gotten tangled around my body along with the blanket and my pillow was sweaty all over. O....kay, I'd need to ask mom to launder this one and give me a new one. I made my bed, sans pillow which I threw on my computer chair for now.

    What a strange dream.

    I then went to the bathroom to clean up. Thankfully mom wasn't up yet, and I had it all to myself. I looked in the mirror and started to laugh at myself. My had a bedhead and my hair was shaped oddly like a hedgehog. This simply wouldn't do, but a good shower would fix that up. I threw off my nightgown and took a quick shower, shampooed and straightened my hair, dried up, then snuck quietly through the apartment back to my room in the nude. I'd be getting dressed for school anyway and was carrying my nightgown on my arm.

    Hmm, what to wear? Not much of a question. I had multiples of the same outfit. Didn't go shopping too often, either. All I needed was five of each outfit, and mom to keep up on the laundry so I didn't 'run out' of usable clothes. This week I'd be wearing gray, black, and white, while next week I'd be wearing gray, blue and white. My outfit really didn't change very much, and the people I still associated with often asked me if I forgot to change clothes from the previous day. Heh, no way. Like that would ever happen. I laid out new clothes every night, even on a crazy night like yesterday.

    Oh what a night. We went into the abandoned house of Mrs. Bells together. These were the few friends I'd kept since last year's fiasco. We didn't talk about it much though, and I had hoped they'd put it out of their minds already. Luc had wanted to try out the book with the predictions, and we were all going to gather in front of the school today to see if it worked.

    While thinking about this I put on my clothes slowly. It was still early and school didn't start until 8am. After I had my clothes on I reached in the closet for my jacket to take with me when I went out. For now it was time for breakfast. I threw the nightgown on my bed for tonight, threw the jacket over my shoulder, grabbed my school bag, and went in the kitchen. I was carrying the sweaty pillow in my right hand and the school bag in the left.

    Mom was up and had already made breakfast. She was getting ready for work. My laptop was charging in the living room, and she had unplugged it for me when the indicator light lit a steady green. With mom not being into technology like me, all she needed to know was to unplug the laptop when the light was a steady green. My homework was on the laptop ready to be printed out, so I needed it to be working.

    I sat down and started scarfing down my breakfast. I swear I have one of if not the oddest breakfast habits ever. My breakfast consists of two chicken hotdogs in dark bread slices instead of buns, with Mrs. Dash Table Blend on them. For drinks I had a glass of Tomato juice. At night I work off the calories on the little home gym after homework.

    "Mom could you put this in the laundry please?" I said as we finished breakfast. I handed her the sweaty pillow, which I had put off to the side on the table. The sweat had dried by now and left a giant stain.

    "Of course. I'll toss this in the hamper and you can grab a clean pillow from the hall closet." She said as she finished her cereal. Mom didn't need to leave for work yet so she had time to do stuff at home. On the other hand I had to leave like, now.

    I put my jacket on, put my laptop in my school bag, swung the bag over my left shoulder, kissed mom bye, grabbed my big umbrella from the rack, and ran off. The door slammed shut behind me and I could hear a click in the hall as mom locked it behind me.

    On the bus I played Pokemon Black 2 on my 3DS and pulled out my phone to check email. There was a new email from the mailing list I was on, and it was about games coming out this month. I skimmed over it, noting down the games I would buy used later. With my measly allowance I get hardly any games new.


    Finally the bus arrived at school and I hoped off with the crowd of students. I opened my umbrella as I stepped off the bus. There was a huge crowd of people gathered around something. Please don't be.......yup, it's the old tree struck by lighting and cordoned off by yellow tape. That could only mean one thing: We were officially a witch coven. That is if Luc would let the rest of us use the book, of course.

    I spotted Pete, Diego and Luc off to the side a bit from the tree, just in time for the boy to call out asking if she did something to the tree. I walked up behind them all casual like, putting my umbrella over them as well. "Are you out of your mind, asking her if she had something to do with this? Out loud no less? Do you want her to get in trouble?" I asked Pete barely above a whisper, looking the tree over from a distance. Yup, it was smoldering alright. "And yes I agree. We need a place to ourselves."
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2013
  7. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Bron: I’ve sent a PM asking for permission to put up a Discussion Thread, until I get a reply, that’s all I can do. As for classes, no, that’s why there’s a note about posting your schedule.

    DVB: Again, Luc is not the writer, just the blood donor.

    Lucy ‘Luc’ Briar [C]

    "Maybe outside or in an old classroom," suggested Diego coming up behind Luc as she scolded Pete.

    More students were gathering on the school’s front lawn. It was going to get harder to keep this conversation a secret. Karai had obviously overheard them as well, "Are you out of your mind, asking her if she had something to do with this? Out loud no less? Do you want her to get in trouble? ...And yes I agree. We need a place to ourselves."

    With that Luc started to panic. She whispered harshly, “Okay, we can’t talk about this here anymore. Let’s meet in the English room at lunch, pass it on.”

    She’d chosen a place that wasn’t very popular on purpose, they need to be sure they’d be alone. Maybe they could use it as cover for the book. A historic literature club perhaps? That certainly wouldn’t be something most students here would want to join, it was pretty much signing up for more homework.

    Luc checked the time on her phone, 7: 56... They had four minutes to get ready for class. She gave them all a last glance and headed into the building, brushing past the glamorous body of Miss Caramel and the cold corpse that was Mr. Warden. Yeah, Mr. Warden’s classroom was definitely the right choice.

    She got to her locker and was about to stuff her bag inside when she realized she probably should keep it with her. The journal was in it and she didn’t want to carry the journal around exposed so that everyone could see it, but she didn’t want to have it that far from her either. So she resolved to dumping the majority of her text books in the locker, and taking the bag with her first class books and the journal both in it.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2013
  8. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Felix Fouraker [C]

    Felix rolled over in his bed, still half asleep. He wanted to make the most of this sleep before he had to get up in the morning, especially considering the things he had done last night. Him and a couple friends had snuck into that old house, Mrs. Bells place? Yeah, he was pretty sure that’s what it was called. He was mildly worried about that creepy journal that they had pulled out of the building, especially considering the rumors of witchcraft and voodoo that came from around the house. Felix shook off his creepy feelings, pulling his blanket higher to cover up his bare chest.

    “And I will wait, I will wait, for you~”

    Felix rolled over to face his alarm clock, he usually set it to the radio because the buzzer scared the living daylights out of him. The local radio station certainly played a variety of music; he thought as he stumbled out of his bed, hitting the “off” button on his alarm clock. He walked over to his dresser, pulling out a pair of jeans, some boxers, a t-shirt, and grabbing his usual red zip up sweater off the chair in his bedroom. He pulled off his sleep pants; swapping them for his boxers, and then the jeans to go over them. Today’s shirt was one with the pony Rainbow Dash, from My Little Pony. He grinned and put it on, before throwing on his sweater, zipping it up and wandering down the stairs.

    He noticed neither of his parents were up yet, but, then again. Neither of them had anything to get up to today, due to having the day off. He walked into the small kitchen, scooping some coffee grounds and water into the coffee maker to get himself a cup; and then going into the cupboard and pouring himself a bowl of cereal. He had money for lunch, so luckily he didn’t have to worry about that. The coffee maker buzzed, signalling that it was finished. Felix let out a yawn before opening up another cupboard and grabbing a travel mug to pour his coffee into. He mixed his usual; two cream, two sugar into his travel mug before grabbing his keys off the counter and starting his car.

    He had a pretty average vehicle for an eighteen year old, a small 1991 mustang, red in color. He walked outside and hopped into his car; his stuff was already loaded into the backseat thanks to smooth thinking on his part. He put the travel mug in the cup holder, and headed off to school, parking his car outside the building.

    As Felix approached the building, he realized that the first bell was slightly late. He swung his laptop bag over his shoulder and held his coffee mug in his hand. He was shocked by what he saw when he got closer.

    The charred remains of a tree, stood outside the front of the school. The remnants smoking lazily as the cool morning drizzle splashed over them. Suddenly, something struck him. Last night, Luc had written something about a tree catching ablaze. He suddenly became slightly worried and looked around. He spotted Karai, Pete, Diego and Luc; all standing, huddled talking. Felix could hear Pete’s voice above the others, and he was slightly worried. Felix thought it a better idea to leave the group free for now, he should go get ready for his next period anyhow. He walked to the school and walked to his locker, opening it and fishing out his History textbook. He decided to meet up with the Coven at lunch, seeing more students pile into the school.
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  9. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Jon Teou [C]

    Jon arose at 6:30 or so, and quickly rolled out of bed. He got up and stretched for a moment. It helped his terribly painful back get a bit better. He thought to himself.

    Well; I'm ready to start another difficult day of new suffering and trials. I need to prepare for everything which could potentially f*ck up my way and see what I can do to help everyone else; exactly like every other day. It's going to be tough, but my bros and friends will all probably be grateful for whatever I do to help; no matter how painful it is. I promised him... So; a storm appeared from nothing last night. I pray it was simply coincidental; if that bizarre, twisted journal really was used to influence reality... everyone will be in a state of extreme risk... I know several things which everyone would probably try to use the notebook for... so much by which they might desire to use it against others.

    As he finished his breakfast of whole wheat toast and cereal alongside a glass filled with skim milk and some orange juice, these contemplations rushed across his mind repeatedly. He went into the bathroom, washed his hands and face, got fresh clothes on, shaved, brushed his teeth for about a minute, and put Axe on in anticipation of a dreadful moment. As soon as he stepped outside and picked up his backpack, he heard it.

    "Jon! Are you still preparing to head out to school? Get the hell out of here! If I have to see your God-damned face on the way to the door, I f*cking swear you're a dead man!" his father yelled as he opened the door to his bedroom.


    He quickly picked up his jacket, threw his backpack over his right shoulder, headed to the front door, picked up the car keys to his old dark Toyota Corolla outside, shoved on his shoes, and fled outside. He placed his stuff in the back seats of the car, got in it, buckled, turned it on, and drove it out to school. It was 7:29.

    He took about 14 minutes to get there and find a decent parking spot. He parked it and took out the keys. Once he stepped out, got his jacket and backpack, then walked to the front of the school. He saw the completely blackened old tree which rested before it, as it always had, and, although he didn't want to waste his life and talk with other people instead of getting to class swiftly, as he usually did, he overheard everyone mention the squall and how the old plant had been hit by lightning in the night as a result of it. He caught sight of Luc, who had hung out with him and everyone else in that old house yesterday, as he moved across the walkway, although she likely didn't notice him; she was busy in her conversations with the other students.

    So the notebook's power is real...

    He would have conversed with other people if he hadn't cared so much to get to class beforehand so he could spend the moment to think clearly; he made it to his first period class at 7:48, as per usual.
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  10. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Hank Bilmeyer [C]

    Hank had been at Glenwood High ever since six in the morning, the typical start of a morning football practice. Last night's events had not been on his mind very much, only getting the passing reflection of thought as he focused more on his training and for the next game against the Redhill High School Saints, which was not going to be an easy game, especially with what he knew about the opposing team's defense.

    When practice was over, he headed back to the locker room, which was worn down and had seen better days. Past the rust marks and the scratches, scrawls of graffiti and even a crude depiction of male genitals were drawn upon several of the lockers with a permanent marker. Hank and the others had seen it plenty of times before and never gave it all even a passing glance.

    Hank didn't know Luc very well, or any of the others for that matter. Karai was really the only reason he was there in the first place, and the whole situation with the cheerleaders caused him to attend last night's excursion into the abandoned house. In all, he was just relived it wasn't the trap he thought it was. In truth, he knew Luc and quite a few of the rest of the students who went last night were the unpopular loners, nerds, and "freaks" that had been regarded as outcasts by most of the other students at school. Hank personally had nothing against them, but he wasn't fond of hanging around them either.

    There was another thing that he wasn't too fond about, and it was about the book they found. Hank felt those kids were way too quick to believe the book was actually real. Especially Luc, who insisted on holding onto the book for safekeeping. Hank never believed in witchcraft from the start and even if it was authentic, he didn't put stock in it. He had more important things at hand. Last night's storm, the tree, and what had been written down... to Hank, it was just a coincidence.

    After he had finished changing and put all his belongings back in his duffle bag and stuffed it back into his locker, he gathered his things and prepared to head to class. While heading to first period, Dave Walker, a fellow football player, talked to him on the way to class.

    "Rumor has it Luc and a bunch of other nerds were stalking around last night near that old bitch's house," Dave told him, obviously having overheard something he heard from someone else. "Someone even mentioned you were with them. Why the hell would you be hanging out with those freaks?"

    "It's Karai, getting into problems again," Hank told him, hating the fact this was probably going to be spread around as well. "She's got crappy luck. And people seem to like hating her even though she's not a bad person. I've been trying to bury all these stupid incidents to kill the dumb drama but they just keep happening."

    To Hank, it was hard to balance between Karai and the football team. By bending to one side, he damaged relations with the other. It seemed that sooner or later, he was going to have to choose a side and not stay neutral about it any longer.

    "Give it up, man," Dave shrugged. "You don't need to keep sticking up for Karai. She's eighteen, she should be able to handle herself, for chrissakes. Was she the reason you were out there with those freaks?"

    "The only reason," Hank replied, a little annoyed about it. "The rest of them were being stupid. Searching for witchcraft, voodoo, or something stupid like that. They found the old woman's diary and even thought that was witchcraft, so they started messing around with it and now Luc's got it. The whole thing was dumb, and I knew Karai shouldn't have agreed to come along. I thought she knew better by now. Hell, I don't even know why she's friends with these people."

    "Yeah, really," Dave replied, rolling his eyes. "Quit hanging around her, man. You don't want to get mixed up with those idiots. Next time, they'll try to invite you to sit down to watch My Little Pony with them. You sure as hell don't want that now, do you?"

    "No," Hank replied, keeping that very clear. "Next time, she's on her own. I'm not befriending any of these people for her sake."

    Hank knew he couldn't trust Dave to keep such details about last night to himself. If he already knew the group was out that night, adding more to the rumor wouldn't change much, but he would at least help his position by revealing a few details about the incident to clear his name and reason for being there. Besides, he owed nothing to Luc and certainly not the rest of the Coven. Any trouble they got into would be on their own time and would be their own fault. And if their situation got any worse, it wouldn't change much about how most people felt about those social outcasts. Hank just felt they were very slow to mature. Even Karai, at times. Besides, Luc never mentioned anything about keeping last night's excursion a secret. But for Hank, the whole incident was stupid and meaningless anyway. It was his last year at Glenwood before he would graduate, and he had already gotten a football scholarship to attend Syracuse University after the summer. This whole thing with Luc and the rest of the Coven would be nothing but a dead memory when that came around.

    Heading into his first period class, Hank wasn't looking forward to English literature with Mrs. Hampton. He was supposed to read chapters 5 and 6 of the textbook last night, but he hadn't bothered. He really didn't care about prose, diction, or predicates anyway. And he wouldn't be tested on any of this until the final exam, which wouldn't be in another three months. He figured by then, it would be a better time to study while it was still fresh in his mind.

    As for Karai, Hank felt sooner or later, she was going to have to realize he couldn't always be there for her. And once they graduated, that was probably going to be it. She was going to have to realize that friends came and went, and that's just how it had to be.
  11. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Okay EVERYONE: I need you to post your schedule at the top of your next post. It will consist of six periods with lunch between third and fourth. You should include some form of English, Math, Science, and History, leaving 2 elective classes.

    (PokeLedgend) It is not a manor, nor newly uninhabited.

    Lucy ‘Luc’ Briar [C]

    1. Chemistry - Mrs. Black
    2. English - Mr. Warden
    3. US History - Miss Caramel
    4. Computer Graphics - Mr. Yagami
    5. Trigonometry - Mr. Lark
    6. Psychology - Mr. Giovanni

    Luc sighed and headed to her first class, reaching it just as the bell rang. She tossed her bag down beside her stool and took a seat. Most classrooms had desks and chairs she could sling her bag over, but the Chem. Lab had fixed tables with sinks and burners in them, and stools designed to reach the height of the tables.

    She pulled out her Chem. Book and notebook setting them on the corner of the table. Her backpack looked empty for all practical purposes, but that was something she was hoping for. It was her job to keep the Coven’s journal safe.

    Mrs. Black was at the front of the room covering the blackboard in the day’s procedures. She’d only let them mix colored water so far, but kept promising they’d soon be ready to start real chemistry. She turned to the class, “Well, I can’t put if off any longer, though I don’t think some of you are really ready.”

    Yeah, yeah. Get on with it, thought Luc. Let’s move on to adding salt to our colored water. She leaned to one side and looked at the blackboard. Wait, were those chemical symbols? Yes, Chemistry was finally going to be interesting!

    … Unfortunately Mrs. Black, was now babbling on about procedures and safety protocol.
  12. 725roy

    725roy ambivolent

    Peter 'Pete' Votthed [C]

    “Okay, we can’t talk about this here anymore. Let’s meet in the English room at lunch, pass it on.” whispered Luc. Pete was confused. Why were Diego, Karai and Luc acting so suspicious? Sure, he maybe said some things a bit too loud, but that didn't help the case of making sure no one asked them any questions. In any case they didn't have much time left before school started, so Pete said his "See you at lunch"es and proceeded to his locker.

    '7... errr... 25... 21....' *Click*. Pete opened his locker, emptied his backpack of the few textbooks he had taken home, and put them into his locker. His locker was one of the cleanest lockers anyone had ever seen, even with stackers to hold his textbooks when he wasn’t using them. He stashed his backpack and gloves into his locker and then he then grabbed his binder full of notes, closed his locker, scrambled to his first hour class.

    1. English Lit. - Ms. Prillwitz
    2. Physics - Mr. Filarski
    3. US History - Ms. Caramel
    4. Calculus - Mr. Lark
    5. Logic and Critical Thinking - Mrs. Johnson
    6. Psychology - Mr. Giovanni

    First hour consisted of English Literature taught by Ms. Kristine Prillwitz. She was a shorter woman, at 31 years of age, only about 5 feet and 5 inches, blond, and very fit. What she lacked in size he made up in strength and smarts. She was the school’s cross country coach, and she was probably the smartest teacher for her age at the school. Today she was wearing her hair back in a ponytail, with her thin, slim glasses covering a miniscule portion of her face. Hey ever-pale cheeks were a slight reddish tint today, and she seemed to be happier than usual. Normally, Ms. Prillwitz was one of those teachers where she wouldn’t hesitate to hand you a load of homework and expect it done then next day, but today was different. She was beaming while wearing a white cotton turtleneck sweater and a lacy skirt that gathered about her knees.

    “Well I don’t know about you,” she said in an incredibly joyous, yet squeaky, voice. “But I think today is going to be a great day.” Someone in the back of the room groaned when he heard this, and immediately was given the death glare by Kristine. She continued from yesterday about the Greeks and their mythology that has impacted our culture...blah blah blah. She babbled on until the bell rang, and Pete found that he had taken a ton of notes subconsciously, and that he was set for the test tomorrow.

    English Lit was followed by Physics with Mr. Filarski. Mr. Filarski was a tall man, about 6’ 7” who looked like a kooky balding old cool guy. Maybe a cool grandpa, but he still had his smarts giving him a reason to still teach. Today he wore a purple flannel shirt, and dress jeans, not to mention a ‘Peanuts’ tie. He had a knack for ties, and no one knew why. Today’s simple lesson was advanced vectors and how they affect the speed of an object.

    “So class, let me put this in a way you’d understand. Meet John. He’s your average high school student like yourself. One day John is speeding into an intersection at about 60 miles per hour. Now, Joe is doing the exact same thing at 70 miles per hour and he collides with Jack in the intersection. The two cars’ speed collide and John moves flies backward at about 130 miles per hour” he explained at jively as he could. Everyone laughed, but Mr. Filarski was giving a stern expression about the laughter. It was a funny morning, but then Pete realized that he had U.S. History the next hour with Ms. Caramel, and just stared at a a wall unable to think about anything.

    (OoC: That vector lesson was total BS)
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  13. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    pikachu275: The only way by which that could ever possibly happen would be if John and his car were less massive than or equal in mass to 7/19 of whatever collided against them at 70 miles/hour; besides, it would probably be more like meters/seconds.

    Jon Teou [C]

    1. Government AP - Mr. Cohen
    2. Calculus AP - Mr. Minamimoto
    3. Biology 2 AP - Mrs. Filos
    4. English 4 (Literature) AP - Mrs. Halsey
    5. Anatomy/Physiology - Mr. Lawliet
    6. Chemistry 2 AP - Mrs. Watson

    Eventually the bell rang; everyone was in the classroom. The teacher walked across and over to his desk. He got to his laptop.

    "Would someone kindly turn off the lights?" he asked courteously.

    A goth dude who was next to the switches near the door on the left side of the room complied quietly.

    "Thank you." Mr. Cohen responded with gratitude. He opened a program on his computer and everyone looked at the light from the projector. The teacher stood up and picked up a remote for it. He walked down to the whiteboard with it and began to talk.

    "Alright; today, we'll be studying the division of power amongst government as well as the national system of checks and balances."

    As Mr. Cohen continued to drone on about the acception of Supreme Court Justices by Congress and their nomination by the President, the rulings of legislation by the judges, and the construction, execution, and interpretation of the law, Jon thought to himself about the journal and everyone else who had discovered it.

    Oh, my God; I can imagine what a few of them would try to use it for... They'd want vengeance; most of them would be cruel and completely conceited with it; even the kindest of them seemed to be... eccentric at best. We must maintain self-control and at least some extent of benevolence if we're going to keep possession of it; if they're unwilling to do that, I should advise them to burn it... I need to find them during Lunch. I definitely know if any of them are wise, they'll meet up with Luc around then and there. They probably won't listen to me; I'm going to have to talk with them and keep them from using the notebook and bringing any suffering to others for their own vicious and miserable purposes. I'll listen to them as well in hopes of someone being a bit more mature and selfless than how they appeared to be yesterday.

    After a while, the period ended and he headed off to his next class.
  14. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego Vendrix [C]

    Diego nodded as he began heading to lunch. He was going to head over to his classes. He decided to check his schedule. He was pretty happy. Why? He has alot of his classes with his friends. Perhaps talking to them more will be able to keep him from going so nutto.

    1. Home Economics - Mr. Baker
    2. English - Mr. Warden
    3. US History - Miss Caramel
    4. Computer Graphics - Mr. Yagami
    5. Advanced Algebra - Mrs. Rene
    6. Psychology - Mr. Giovanni

    In fact, as he walked into Home Economics, he decided he would show his appreciation toward his friends. What better to do that than to make cookies for them? He hoped none of them were allergic to anything. He went to his station with his team who he waved to, especially Chuck. Chuck was the largest guy on the football team, but loved cooking. He was glad he knew someone cool like him. "Well, thank goodness its a free-style day! I've been wanting to make some cookies for me and some friends of mine," Diego stated. The team shrugged their shoulders and decided why not.

    "Now... who remembered to sneak in the recipe for the allergen free cookies and the ingrediants?" Diego asked them with a sinsiter smile. They rturned the smug smile as they revealed the secret ingrediants. Diego liked experimenting, especially when it meant sneaking food here.

    (They're making this recipe: http://www.godairyfree.org/recipes/vegan-gluten-free-chocolate-chip-cookies)
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  15. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Lucy ‘Luc’ Briar [C]
    2. English - Mr. Warden

    After a groan worthy Chemistry lesson, the bell rang. After a quick stop at her locker, to switch books, Luc headed over to Mr. Warden’s classroom. The annoying man in his cardboard clothing was sitting at his desk, already grading the first classes papers. He ignored the students enter the room, expecting them to get to their seats and be quite until the bell rang.

    Fat chance. Students stood around the room chatting, laughing, making plans.

    The bell went off, and Mr. Warden stood up. He glared at the class. Students started dropping into their chairs immediately. Everyone knew that Mr. Warden was one of the strictest teachers at the school, and handed out more after school detentions than any other teacher.

    “Alright, continuing on in our study of Shakespeare,” announced Mr. Warden, “Today we start Hamlet.”

    Groans all around as Mr. Warden picked up a clear plastic bin full of books from behind his desk and set it on top. He stepped back, “Okay people, you know the drill.”
  16. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    (Man you guys are going too fast. Maybe it's just me that thinks so? Going to make it hard to interact in classes we do have together if some of you breeze through them

    Also I feel like people might be bored if none of the players have classes together, so I think we should have an effort to make schedules with other players. If we don't, there's gonna be too much boring academic stuff

    Slightly contradictory, I know)

    Karai Horoshi [C]

    1. Calculus - Mr. Hawkhouser
    2. English - Mr. Warden
    3. US History - Miss Caramel
    4. Computer Graphics - Mr. Yagami
    5. Physics - Mr. Glass
    6. Gym (Acrobatics or Karate depending on the day) - Mrs. Martin

    So we decided to meet at Lunch. I was going to suggest we wait to see if the others would show up, but the bell was about to ring to start classes soon. I waved bye to the others and ran off to class, as usual trying to avoid any leering people left over from last year. I'd started to use eBook versions of textbooks this year so my bag is considerably lighter than it usually would be. Just need to make sure I bring my laptop with me at all times and charge it. Not really a problem since I like my laptop and use it a lot even outside of class. I don't even really use my locker except at the end of the day when I get my uniform for Gym. Well, off to Calculus class.

    I walked in just as the bell rang and sat down at my usual desk. Not the back row and not the front either. In the middle where I wouldn't get called on too much but also so I didn't sit with the slackers who fell asleep in class then failed. I kinda wanna pass my classes, you know? But I just had to have an advanced math class meant for College this early in the morning. Who's bright idea was this? Oh yea, my guidance counselor suggested it after I'd aced all the other required math class curriculum quickly enough.

    Mister Hawkhouser was already there and we went into Derivatives and solving equations involving them. His balding forehead gleamed in the light and showed his white skin under it. He wasn't exactly a male model, but the one thing he had going for him was that he was tall and always kept in shape. Seriously, an in shape Math teacher. It happens. He could have been a Basketball player, but he explained the first day of class that he had more interest in Math so he didn't try out.

    I printed out my homework from the previous day and handed it in. The good thing about this laptop is it doubles as a giant touch tablet with a special pen when you fold the keyboard back, or I'd never be able to neatly type out homework for this class with all the squares and roots and stuff that usually pop up in formulas. So yea, I drew it out like I was writing on a piece of paper. I also printed out the homework for the other classes I had, kinda nonchalantly since we were only supposed to print out stuff for this class.

    Derivatives are not easy to follow, but certainly not hard either. This was on a whole other level than Algebra, though. At least this was technically an elective and I could have a free period if I wanted to, so I wasn't required to pass it. We started to go over the rules again. Drop the exponent to the front, then subtract 1 from the number to the right of x. We went on like this with practice problems until the bell rang and he gave out homework: Read a chapter and do more practice problems to hand in tomorrow.

    I moved on to English. Oh yea, this was the class I had with the friends that still stuck by me. I would have enjoyed it if it wasn't for the fact that we had the strictest teacher ever: Mr. Warden. I walked in just as the bell rang and was on time. I sit in the middle rows in all my classes, sometimes off to the left or right but still in the middle. I took my seat just as he announced we were starting Hamlet and the other students unenthusiastically shuffled toward the bin with the books in it, pretty much fighting amongst themselves like monkeys fighting over bananas. Except they were looking for not so beat up books. I remained in my seat and plugged the mini mouse into my laptop while waiting for them to finish.

    "Miss Horoshi, is there a reason you're not picking up a book with your peers?" He had walked up to me and was glaring down at me, ready to hand out a pink slip.

    I quickly moved my mouse and clicked a few times, opening files, then turned the screen in his direction so he could inspect it. On the screen was the cover page of Hamlet, in eBook form. "Yes sir. I have a copy of the book right here on my laptop, so I don't need a physical copy of the book."

    He tightened his glasses and knelt down to inspect the screen. "So you do. Okay, carry on then."

    "Ooooh, she got him good." I could hear a boy's voice from the back of the class. Probably one of the slackers thinking I'd set up a burn. Good, let them think that. Really, I had just looked up the required books and bought/downloaded what I needed. Of course Mr. Warden had heard and handed out a pink detention slip to the troublemaker.
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  17. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Marly (Marissa) & Ann (Annissa) Perkinson [N-C]

    Marly’s Schedule:
    1. Chemistry - Mrs. Black
    2. Personal Fitness- Coach Drake
    3. US History - Miss Caramel
    4. Advanced Algebra- Ms. Yoon
    5. Health- Dr. Moody
    6. English - Mr. Warden

    Ann’s Schedule:
    1. Chemistry - Mrs. Black
    2. Personal Fitness- Coach Drake
    3. English Lit. - Ms. Prillwitz
    4. US History – Mr. Mooney
    5. Advance Algebra- Mrs. Rene
    6. Home Economics- Mr. Baker

    Just before the crack of dawn the entire Perkinson household was up and about. The parents up fixing breakfast and getting ready for another day of work and Marly was taking her morning shower. Ann just sat in her room, reading a manga listening out for her turn in the bathroom. Even with the enjoyment of the book she was still worrying if she didn’t get in soon, she might have to rush out again without breakfast... that near killed her in Personal Fitness class once. And she didn’t feel like reliving that anything soon. With luck she heard the water stop and Ann swiftly stuffed the book in her bag and bolted for the bathroom.

    After lots of preparations involving proper hygiene, hair, make up, clothing and accessorizing the Perkinson twins were dress, dolled up and ready for school. Marly was wearing a bright teal, sleeveless blouse that cut low in a deep v and had a silver butterfly in sequins along the neck opening. A short white skirt with blue sequin flowers outside of her thighs and white heels were also worn with it. To complete the look her nails were painted teal, she has her in silver hoop earrings on, her silver chain necklace, three silver bangles were put on he left wrist and she had her ring with a pretty blue stone on. She was certain to pull out her making teal purse before heading to the kitchen.

    Ann was wearing a soft violet blouse with short sleeves and v-cut and black skirt with nothing really to add about it. Black heels decorated her feet. She then had her nail color light purple shade and then her traditional jewelry the anklet on her ankle and the silver friendship ring on her left pinky. The only thing else to add is the stub purple stone earrings and the purple bead necklace accessories that she was wearing. She quickly stuffed things into her book bag picked up her matching purse and left the room.

    The twins converge in the dining room in which there mom had made them breakfast of bacon, eggs and pancakes. Though, she didn’t stay long before leaving out. Their dad got a quick bite as well before he departed. Which left quite a bit kind of food remaining for the two girls. They had time so they sat down and ate Marly had a small serving of the food and some fruit to go with it while Ann had a more average serving with fruit. After finish the younger twin went for second, their mom didn’t make pancakes often and though she preferred waffles, she still liked them. Her sister unfortunately stopped her before she could get it.

    “Now Ann, you should know better. You’ll get fat if you eat like that.” Marly advised her sister as she lightly wiped her lips after finishing. Her blue eyes looked at her seriously.

    “Oh, right. What was I think? Mom’s pancakes were better than I thought, I got carried away. I’ll put up the food and plates away.” Ann answered back before gathering the leftover and going into the kitchen. She frowned as she looked at the pancake… One extra pancake wouldn’t make her fat, and she would probably work it off after second period anyways. Covering the food in plastic wrap and storing it, she then put the plates in the dishwasher. She rejoined her sister who had all her stuff together and ready to go. The younger twin quickly gathered her stuff as well.

    The two left in her sister red convertible. Normally, her sister enjoyed driving it with its top down but the morning drizzle stopped that plan. With umbrellas in hand the two stood outside the group of people gathering around the old tree that was in front of the school. The old tree was charred black probably from sudden storm last nice. The group of were excited and amazed, Marly could only roll her eyes.

    “It’s just a stupid tree, why is everyone making such a big deal of it.” The older sister twin was obviously annoyed. Some jocks from the sport team looked at her after that comment and greeted her. They agreed before escorting the girl into the building and forgetting the old tree. Ann took a single look at the old tree it was a shame that it was struck by lightning but I guess it was better than it hitting the school or a person being injury instead.

    There was first period Chemistry with Mrs. Black who still insisted on not letting them do any fame chemical reaction stuff. Neither of them was really interested anyways, but it was this or dissecting frogs and crap in Biology class. The blonde twins sat next to each other near the front of the classroom as they were again force to hear the teacher go on about procedures and safety protocols.

    After another stupid Chemistry class Ann and Marly when to their second class and final class they had together, Personal Fitness. This P.E. class was run Coach Drake, the coach of the basketball team. The day started with him explaining different kind of exercises and what part of the body it affects. After a lecture on that they enter the basketball court that was right next door to the classroom and ran about five laps around the court as a warm-up. From there they began to do all kind of crunches, push-up and other exercises. Coach Drake constantly reminded them what body part they were working.

    This was not Ann’s favorite class. Sure she was learning all different kinds of way to stay fit, but she felt like Coach Drake took the class to the extreme and pushed everyone hard too. She’ll be exhausted again when she enters her English class next. Her sister absolutely love this class, it kept her well in shape without her having to do extra training to stay trim for Cheerleading. Marly only complain was it was her second period class and she had little time to fix her hair and make up before the third period. But then again she would just do her hair and make-up anyways in the beginning of the class. History dumb subject anyways.
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  18. 725roy

    725roy ambivolent

    Peter 'Pete' Votthed [C]

    Now that second hour was over, Pete had his cognitive wheels turning again. This time he was thinking of what to suggest to write in the journal. He started to talk to himself, but then quickly remembered that if he wanted to stay in the coven, he should probably keep his mouth shut. He didn’t want to give away their most secretive possession. And besides, he’d look crazy if anyone saw him talking to himself.

    ‘So if Luc has got the journal, and the others are going to be there too, I’d better think of something everyone can agree on, while still having something in it for me... hmm... what if we got Miss Prillwitz a boyfriend? Maybe then she would be a a happier person... that could work... but what if they don’t want to be nice... I have to think of something... Oh it’s Brueske!’

    (OoC: Brueske is pronounced Broo-ski, for anyone who perhaps uses him in a later post. Just thought it may be important. That and, he's an NPC, use him how you like).

    “Hey Brueske!” Pete called over to a tall but stocky boy. Alex Brueske was 17 years years old, had blond hair, blue eyes, was incredibly smart, but a tad bit overweight. He knew almost any algebraic formula by heartand was the leader of the school's Math Team. Back when he and Pete were in eighth grade, they had become friends, and had been what they used to call “study-buddies” but now they were just friends. Brueske was called Brueske instead of Alex simply because in the seventh grade, apparently there was a teacher who call everybody by their last names for a day, and Brueske’s last name just stuck with him, and now everyone called him by his last name.

    “What did you get for number 48 on last night’s homework? I got something like 1516.2342... but I could be wrong...”

    “That’s what I got”

    “Really? Good... I was worried I did something wrong. Also, We didn’t have any homework from Ms. Caramel right?”

    “You’re right. I think she’s going to assign us notes on the next chapter today.”

    Pete didn’t hear this last part. He was too busy imagining what he would do with the diary again.

    ‘What if we scribbled out what we wrote? Or erased what we wrote on the page? If I ripped out a clean page, would it still happen if I wrote it? I’ve got so much more I have to ask. Maybe... how can I get my hands on it... without them noticing... or perhaps, getting the whole thing. Either way... I gotta be at... which English room at lunch? Hmmm...’

    “Pete, you o.k?”

    “Oh, Uh... yeah. I’m fine... let’s go to class. Wait! Forgot my textbook.”

    Pete ran to open his locker, grabbed his book, and then walked with Brueske to 3rd Hour U.S. History.
  19. YDT

    YDT Positively Ecstatic

    Cynthia "Snydey" Grey [N-C]

    Cynthia shook herself off as she walked inside, splashing Jessica with water a bit who cringed. They took off their raincoats and head to their lockers. Elizabeth was down the hall from Jessica and Cynthia who were locker neighbours. They took out their books for the first three periods and the two of them went to their first class, waving good bye to Elizabeth.

    1. Home Economics - Mr. Baker
    2. English - Mr. Warden
    3. Applied General Sciences - Mr. Trumbles
    4. Drama - Mrs. Condra
    5. World History - Miss Caramel
    6. Applied Mathematics - Mr. Caloosa

    When Jessica and Cynthia got to Home Ec, one of their friends was already sitting down. It was Cassandra, all dressed in black and pink with a streak red in her hair. She was going through a very weird goth phase, not that she would let her friends call it that. She didn't want to be associated with those weirdos, and she didn't want to feel like she wasn't as close with her friends. Although she had a new wardrobe, she always acted the same when she was alone with her friends.

    "Hi Cassie!" Cynthia called out with a smile. Cassandra glared at her, she didn't like that name anymore. "Umm... sorry... I mean... Hi Crushed Soul!" She stuttered at first but ended with the same cheeriness. Cynthia sat next to Cassandra and Jessica sat next to Cynthia. Cassandra motioned to the board, while keeping her gloomy expression. Jessica and Cynthia turned and Cynthia jumped out of her seat in excitement.

    "Free style day!" Cynthia cheered with exuberation, she could try out this new recipe she thought of. Jessica sighed, she knew she was gonna have to do a lot of work. Cassandra smiled for half a second before going back to normal. She used to be identical to Cynthia, and shared the same interest in baking as her. She still does, but she has to dull everything down.

    "I'm thinking a casserole, what do you think?" Cynthia asked Cassandra, she nodded. Jessica just looked at her very confused.

    "Cooking it layer by layer should work." Cassandra replied while trying to be as unexcited as possible.

    "White chocolate macadamia nut on the bottom, then a layer of custard, then I think brownie, topped with cream cheese icing, followed by Carrot cake, then chocolate dipped strawberries on top?" Cynthia asked, as she pulled out a giant casserole dish.

    "Topped with some mango ice cream made from scratch?" Cassandra asked, Cynthia smiled in response.

    "Of course all of it from scratch." She responded. Jessica sighed in relief, this is a lot easier than what they normally make.
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  20. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego Vendrix [C]

    1. Home Economics - Mr. Baker
    2. English - Mr. Warden (Current class)
    3. US History - Miss Caramel
    4. Computer Graphics - Mr. Yagami
    5. Advanced Algebra - Mrs. Rene
    6. Psychology - Mr. Giovanni

    Diego was taking a large bag of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies with him. He had it wrapped so there would be enough for the group and he ended up going to English with Mr. Warden. He was sitting next to Karai. He stuck by her though he have as much time to ask. Mainly because he was starting to lose it among other problems.

    He did feel ashamed that he wasn't beside her side. Then again, his arguements to the others probably would have led to him fist fighting against them. Anyway, he had the book, having rented from the public library. He was reading but wasn't pay attention much. The teacher told him that he had been doing 'too good' of a job, and needs to let otehrs participate. In any case, he just skimmed the book, wrote down occasional things in his notebook. He was grateful.

    Guy who donated the book wrote and highlighted in it for people to help.

    He smiled to Karai as he had the bag with the wrapped up foil of cookies. He liked her. Being able to relax and think clearly, he was able to better start sorting out feelings. He still read and discused about the book when he had to.
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