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The Shadow Journal (Rated R)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by VampirateMace, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    There is 1 Coven spot open!
    Non-Coven and Teacher/Staff Sign-ups are Open.
    RPG Thread is up; here!

    This RPG is rated R - Simply because I don’t know what’s going to happen when all the characters let their personal demons loose at once. There may be violence/gore, substance abuse, profanity, and romantic/lustful content. As such, I’m requesting characters be 17 and older.

    There will be three ways to play in this game:
    1) The main type of play is, that you can play as one of the unpopular teens who are part of the coven.
    2) You can also play it as a Horror RPG, where you are a popular teen or mean/strict teacher who’s likely about to be a victim of the coven.
    3) Lastly you can play a more supporting role; regular teacher/staff, sympathetic popular teen, non-coven unpopular teen. You may still be in the line of fire though! (I don’t expect many people to want to play this option, but it is open for you to play if you wish.)

    Glenwood was a typical town, with all the typical trappings of everyday life in the United States, including a typical High School, Glenwood High. And like every other typical High School, it has it’s typical clichés, Preps, Jocks, Skaters, Emos, Punks, Goths, Loners, etc...

    Less typically, this town was once home to a widow accused of witchcraft. She lived in that old abandon bungalow (a one and a half story cottage, not a beach house) on Baker street. Yeah, you know the one, that house. Old evil Mrs. Bells’ house.

    Tonight a small group of older high school students have broken into the house. Well, they didn’t so much break in as simply climb in the already broken window, but it‘s still trespassing. These teens are of the less popular sort, each with their own grudges and personal demons. But that’s why they broke in here, you know, to see if they could find any artifact that the late Mrs. Bells had used in witchcraft, because they plan to start their own coven and get… well, whatever they want, things like revenge, popularity, and money.

    Wandering the house, they don’t find much. The remaining furniture is covered in dust and damage by the elements, because the house’s windows were broken in long ago. That made it easy to them to get into the house, but it also made it easier for everyone else to have looted it long ago.

    The walls of the bungalow are marked with demonic symbols, though no one in the group is sure whether Mrs. Bells did this, or it was done by teens that broke in during the generations prior to the current group. They’re starting to think that there’s nothing left, and that maybe Mrs. Bells wasn’t even a witch at all.

    Then finally someone finds something. An androgynous girl straddling the line between punk and goth, going by the name of Luc, sees the corner of a book poking out from under the edge of the old woman’s mattress. She yanks it out, it turns out to be an old tawny leather-bound journal. This must have been Mrs. Bell’s journal. Luc flips it open.

    Inside the pages were dated, and under each date is a list of events. Early in the book the entries were innocent, and frankly, somewhat boring:
    Oct 3rd
    - The baker gave me an extra cupcake today.
    - The neighbors got their daughter a new cat.
    - Frank noticed my new haircut, I’m sure he likes it.

    But later on the entries start to get darker, detailing all the disasters, accidents, illnesses, and deaths that happened that day:
    May 9th
    - The Morrison’s gardener jumped off the Blue Creek Bridge.
    - Mr. Leary fell off his ladder, broke a leg and an arm.
    - Olivia and her daughter are sick with the flu.

    Next to each diary entry is a line drawn in some red-brown substance. Luc ponders the lines, “Is this blood?”

    “It looks like it,” comments the voice of another student coming up behind her. She repositions the journal so they both can see it better. She scans down the entry for May 13th, under that day the local market is listed to have burnt to the ground. Luc scoff, “Well even if she wasn’t a witch, she was certainly was interested in some morbid stuff.”

    “Holy ----!” remarks the other student touching the page with their finger, “Luc, these are predictions! The Farmer’s Market burnt down on the 14th!”

    “You think she was predicting disasters?” asks Luc rhetorically, looking up. She notices that the other students are starting to gather around them, realizing she’d found something.

    “It looks like it,” replies the other student obliviously, before a second teen interrupts, “Or maybe she was causing them.”

    “That would explain the blood…” infers Luc.

    The group passes the book around going over the facts. Mrs. Bell wrote down the date, and predictions or desires for the next day, then marked the list with blood or some sort. Probably her own, the speculate. Glances are exchanged as they wondered if the book still works, could they too affect the next day’s events by writing in the book?

    “Do you think it’ll really work?” someone asks.

    “Only one way to find out,” replies another pulling a pen out of their pocket.

    “We should be careful,” cautions the student who’d first seen Luc looking at the book, “Let’s just write one thing for now, one simple thing. Not too big, and that won’t impact any of us.”

    “But it has to be something obvious, something that won’t be coincidence, and something we’ll all know about right away,” insists another teen.

    “I’ve got it,” announces the student with the pen, scrawling out a sentence:
    The old tree in front of school was struck and burned by lighting.

    “It’s not even stormy out” someone complains as Luc loosens an enormous safety pin from her jeans. She brings it up to her index finger and takes a deep breath, “That’ll make it all the more obvious, dummy.”

    She jams the pin into her finger, and screwing up her face so she won’t yelp or cry reaches over to mark the page. Done. But would it work?

    The writer shuts the book and for a moment they all argue about who should be the keeper of the book, just incase this really works. Some of them want to be the keeper, and others refuse when their name is mentioned. Finally it is agreed that Luc should take it home, not just because she found it, but also because her mother doesn’t question her, or inspect her things, when she gets home late. So after placing it in her backpack, she and the rest of the group head home.

    At home she drops her bag into her desk chair and pulls a care bears nightgown out of her dresser. She’d just slipping on the nightgown when she notices a noise, it’s the sound of a light autumn rain hitting the roof.

    The storm grows throughout the night.

    Our RPG starts the next morning as the students arrive at school, where all the students and staff notice that the old tree on the front lawn is dead and charred, still smoking slightly in the morning drizzle.

    More about the Journal
    * My character is only the keeper of the journal (rather than everyone passing it around) to prevent the person who has it from leaving the RPG without passing it on, killing the RPG. You will all have access to it; just before school, between classes (sometimes during), at lunch, and after school.
    * Whatever plausible thing that is written in the journal, and activate with blood, will come true in the next 24 hours. If you write that the principle will fall off his porch, that’ll happen (unless he doesn’t have a porch). If you write that panda-like aliens wearing green tutus will abduct the principle, and he’ll become a outer space rock’n’roll god, it’s not going to happen.
    * Preventing items from happening is conditional. As long as no blood is added, you’re safe. After blood is added: If you can erase it so that it can’t be read, or if you tear out the page and burn it, it won’t happen. But if the erased item is still readable, or was just crossed rather than erased, it will still happen. Likewise, items on pages that have been torn out, but not destroyed will also still happen. (These are all thing our characters will need to learn through trial and error. They do not know them yet at the start of the RPG.)
    * It can make good and neutral things happen, as well as bad things. It can cause devastating fires and illness. But it can also get the baker to give you an extra cupcake, get you alone with your crush, or win you a free makeover at the mall.

    RPG Rules:
    1. No bunnying (controlling another’s character) without permission or cause:
    - Due to the nature of this RPG there may be instances where it is necessary to bunny other people’s physical bodies in order to get from one place to another, their thoughts and dialog however, are still off limits.
    - Due to the involvement of witchcraft, some scenarios may require actions on the part of victims that they wouldn’t normally perform. These actions may be bunnyed in interest of moving the RPG along, if the victim player fails to post within the week.
    2. Since this RPG is rated R, violence, substance abuse, profanity, and some mature content will be allowed, provided:
    - You aren’t using it as an excuse to swear excessively, kill everyone, or otherwise be a jerk.
    - That if your characters get to a romantic/lustful point where they are going to do more than kiss/hug romantically and/or are starting to undress, you fade to black. Discuss changes to costume, any pregnancies, and STDs in PM or the Discussion thread (Yes, this time I do actually think we need one). Do not post any NC-17 content!
    3. Lastly, put your character’s name at the top of your post. If you have been allowed a second character, always make it very clear which character you are RPGing as. (Class schedules for both teachers and students should be posted in the discussion thread, and if necessary, may be posted in the RPG thread)

    Approved/Pending Players:

    1. (VampirateMace) Lucy ‘Luc’ Briar
    2. (DVB) Diego Hendrix
    3. (SpyroxPikachu) Felix Fouraker
    4. (bronislav84) Karai Horoshi
    5. (pikachu725) Peter (Pete) Votthed
    6. (PokeLegend) Jon Teou

    1. (YDT) Cynthia "Snydey" Grey
    2. (SoulMuse) *Reserved*
    3. (InnerFlame) Marissa ‘Marly’ Victoria Perkinson
    4. (InnerFlame) Annissa ‘Ann’ Serafina Perkinson
    5. (Nythe) Steve Ansell

    Undecided Reserves:

    I will allow you a second character under the following conditions:
    * Your sign-ups need to be good, really good.
    * Only one may be coven. But both may be non-coven if you wish. (This is to keep the coven from being too big to be called a small group.)
    * You understand that your characters need to interact with other players, not just spam the RPG with blocks of text that are irrelevant to everyone else, just because you’re Foes, BBFs, or BF/GF.

    What your character is called.

    Affiliated Group(s):
    Student - Teacher/Staff
    Preps, Jocks, Skaters, Emos, Punks, Goths, Loners, etc...
    Coven - Non-Coven

    How old you are, 17-19 is preferred, but 13-16 and 20 may be accepted.
    Teachers/counselors/principles should be at least 23, to account for college. Other staff can be any age 20 and older.

    Gender: Male, Female, Hermaphrodite, etc
    Please note their gender identity if it’s different from their physical gender, you may also note orientation here if you wish.

    How you act, +8 sentences
    Remember a good character will have both positive and negative personality traits. Even popular kids can’t be completely Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu.

    What you look like, +8 sentences (humans only please)
    You may post an image, but you still need to fully describe your character.

    Your past, +10 sentences
    Please describe briefly their childhood, their life did not start in high school.

    Anything else you want to say?


    Lucy ‘Luc’ Briar

    Affiliated Group(s):
    Punks & Goths

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female
    Luc is currently unsure about her gender identity and orientation, she knows she’s physically female, but is unsure otherwise.

    Luc acts tough, but she’s really sensitive on the inside. When introduced to her mom’s latest boyfriend she commented ‘Whatever’ and stormed off to her room, where she stared at a picture of her dad for the next half hour.

    Luc doesn’t have a lot of friends as a result of her tough act, which sometimes comes off as just cranky. And it doesn’t help her keep what friends she has, when she acts like she doesn’t care. She’s easy to fight with and willing to engage in a fight, but later when she’s alone she’ll cry about it. Only her mom knows that she cries, and that’s one person more that she’d like. She's easily embarassed like that. Like with friends, she has a tense relationship with her parents, and usually treats their boyfriends and girlfriends rather disrespectfully. Part of her wants her parents to get back together, but she knows deep down inside that things would probably be worse if they were.

    Luc does not identify with the usual girly things; make-up, cute shoes, cheerleading, ponies, etc… or with particularly guy things, sports, cars, ect… and as a result has become unsure about her gender identity. The fact that she’s bi only compounds the problem, because she knows that she is female physically and that both her parents expect her to date guys, but occasionally she sees a girl she finds really attractive as well.

    Luc prefers rock and metal music, played loudly. She even has a drum kit at her dad’s house, but her mom won’t even let her turn up her music past the halfway point in the apartment.

    Luc is a scrawny teen, just over average height, who looks a tad androgynous. She has a slightly malnourished look and not much in the way of womanly curves or muscles. Naturally her hair is blonde, but she’s dyed it black with a few green and purple streaks, though her eyebrows and lighter complexion give away the true color. Her hair cut short, and has a rather spiky look. Her eyes are dull teal color, but she sometimes wears red contacts to give herself a ‘cooler’ look.

    Luc dresses in a style somewhere between punk and goth, primarily torn black jeans with extra large safety pins to decorate them, and a black or purple tank top, under a black leather jacket decorated with rivets, spikes and chains. Completing the look she wears heavy black boots with chrome clasps, over fishnet stockings that no one ever sees, and a thick silver chain around her neck.

    She doesn’t like formal events very much, but if she’s got to dress up, Luc will wear black slacks and a dark purple silk-like blouse. She refused to wear dress shoes and will still be wearing her boots, but she swaps out the chain necklace for a black ribbon choker.

    Luc is the only child of a broken home. Her parents broke it off when she was just three and haven’t been on particularly friendly terms ever since. She doesn’t actually remember the time when the were together, but has fantasized about what it had been like having a ‘normal’ family.

    As she reached school age, it was decided that she would live in her mom’s large top floor apartment downtown, going to stay with her dad, in his trailer, on weekends. Her mom tends to bring home a new boyfriend every three weeks, but her father has been seeing the same woman for the past six or seven years.

    Luc was not a very good student in grade school. She didn’t really care, and was distracted by being caught in the middle of her parents constant bickering.

    Her grades didn’t improve as she enter junior high, but she developed a growing interest in the occult and spent more time studying it, than studying for tests. At this point her mother pretty much gave up on lecturing her about getting better grades. Meanwhile, her father, wanting to be the fun parent had never discussed with her, his thoughts on education. Near the end of her first year of junior high she learned of a local legend, that a witch named Mrs. Bells once lived in their town, and that her house still stands today, though abandon.

    Luc’s grades started to improved as she entered high school, one of her teachers finally being able to convince her that she needed better grades so she could support herself after school.

    However, new distractions also started to creep into her life. Her father had become increasingly serious about his long time girlfriend, and was starting to consider proposing. Luc, unsure of what that would mean for her, started to lose sleep. She’s also became aware of some conflict concerning her own gender identity. And now she’s the keeper of what is apparently a spell book, having snuck into the Bells house with some friends.

    Other: nope...
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2013
  2. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Here we go!

    Diego Vendrix

    Affiliated Group(s):
    Social Drifter/ (Unwilling) Loner

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Diego is a warm and passionate person with a fiery temper. He is very empathetic and has a great desire to help people out. Beneath this outgoing personality, Diego is a shy and quiet person. He is also a very artistic individual as he will often draw whenever he gets the chance to do so. He is very loyal, but can come on as clingy, especially around girls. He also likes to cook. When in serious situations, he knows it is time for him to use his intelligence and strengths at their full capacity. He is very creative and known to be devious for his ideas. He is regarded as being very smart in many aspects.

    He has his faults, however. Some of these are being blunt, sarcastic, picking fights, laziness and often day-dreaming during certain moments and saying a weird comment afterward. He may also show some malevolent intent or hold grudges for a while. He may even show cruel moments, characterized by a crazed grins and shadows under his eyes. He is prone to snarky or blunt comments and is often unable to figure out what to do in situations with people so will often mess things up, though he means no harm. Despite this or because of it, he tries to overcome these traits so people don’t judge him on his faults and see him as a good person.

    However, recently he has been haunted by nightmares. Secretly, he works largely to restrain his negative impulses. Having gradually built up a reservoir of negative feelings, he is unable to act on them because of his good nature and so feels torn. However, this is begininng to have a negative effect as he begins hearing voices and will sometimes act out a second personality either with a mirror or one time, he used a hand puppet.

    Diego stood at five foot, 9 inches, light olive skin and stout. He is admittingly a little chubby and somewhat average looking regarding attraction. He has low cheekbones, a boyish face, no facial hair, and wears a pair of glasses that darken themselves in bright sunlight. His hair is black with subtle patches of very dark brown, mainly in the tips. His hair is kept trimmed and neat, however the ends on the back of his head are messy and spiky. He has slightly bigger than average eyes, which are chocolate brown. His eyes are large enough that they are noticeably larger than average, even by a margin amount. Diego is of Mexican origins. He also has braces on his teeth.

    Diego's attire consists of a black T-shirt with a gold yingyang symbol on front and a white silhouette of Quetzalcoatl, portrayed as an Ouroboros with the crescent moon and sun in the center of the loop on the back. He has other shirts that shows off his otaku nature and his interests, though he wears this shrit msot often since he made it. He has on some black cargo pants with a good amount of pockets to carry stuff in if he needs to. He completes this withtennis shoes. He also will wear an Eisenhower styled jacket with chest pockets to keep stuff in.

    During semi-formal events, as in not those where a tux is not mandatory, Diego wears a suit. The suit consists of a red dress shirt with black jacket and tie. He accompanies this with black dress pants and shoes. Overall, the attire is much like what Soul wears in the Black Room.

    He lived in the state of Georgia for a majority of his life with his family consisting of his father, mother and younger brother. He often has debated with his father, but has seen as one of his biggest inspirations in his life. He has a strong relationship with his mom, though he being a nerd and otaku confuses her often. He has a complex relationship with his brother. They argue a lot and often though see eye to eye. Although they look similar, they are nearly opposites in personality, with his brother having charisma, charm and good strength on him. However, his slothfulness is in school, resulting in debates with their dad. His favorite activity is being in the drumline of their old school.

    His memories in elementary are not well remembered, besides some bad events and a few good events. This trend grew worse in middle school where he was in the deepest of his misery in middle school. He had fallen in love only to be heartbroken 2 years later. His relationship with girls was not a happy one. Despite these troubles with his peers, he had formed a decent bond with them in high school. However, he still felt in heart a solitude he feared will never end.

    Near the holidays, his brother’s attitude, stubbornness and nonchalance about school finally reached peak with their father. After a good deal of arguing, his brother left home, only to come back because their mom. However, after a good deal of thinking, he decided to join a military school. This was at suggestion of a military teacher who was surveying students at the time. While Diego still keeps in contact with him, he misses his brother. This truly seem to begin Diego's increaing erratic nature. However, he found some people he seem to enjoy being around with and wants to help them, including Luc, who he categorized mentally as a 'tsundere'. It appears that the discovery of the spellbook seems to be drawing out some of the dormant madness in him, based on the lack of sleep and the villainous looking grins he had been giving occasionally before shifting to shock.

    Other: Looking for his special someone and is currently fighting his dormant insanity
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2013
  3. YDT

    YDT Positively Ecstatic

    Cynthia Grey ("Snydey")

    Affiliated Group(s):
    Skater Girly Girls


    Gender: Female

    Cynthia is a very jolly individual who always loves to have fun, whether it be: shopping at the mall, baking, gossiping with her friends or shredding up the half pipe, you'll always find her with a big smile. This is mostly due to how oblivious she is to everything, so she ends up only seeing only the good in everything and everyone. The only exception to this is that when she is gossiping with her friends she'll believe almost anything they say, no matter how awful those people are.

    She isn't always aware when people are feeling sad, but she always tries to make sure others are happy, even when they already are. Whenever one of her friends are upset she'll make them their favourite baked goods, some lemonade and give them a shoulder to cry on. She usually gives advice when consoling people and half the time she is able to come up with something comforting, though the other half she just makes herself look even more stupid. When people aren't upset she tends to be very goofy and clumsy, although that isn't on purpose it always makes people laugh.

    Cynthia avoids angry people, when she knows that they are angry, as she has absolutely no idea how to deal with there. Anger is an emotion that she doesn't actually understand. She doesn't seem to possess it at all and she has absolutely no clue how anyone else could ever have it. When she does have to deal with anger she tries to run away or hide from it, as it utterly terrifies her.

    Cynthia has a short and portly stature. She has brown hair which goes down to her waist, which she usually keeps tied back and big gray eyes covered with glasses. She has a round face with average sized ears. Her nose and mouth are a bit small for her face. She has freckles on her cheeks, which mostly go away in the Winter. She has a small scar on the back of her right ear. She tends to wear very conservative clothes that cover her arms completely, but not her knees, never her knees. As a result she normally wears heavy woollen sweaters and brightly coloured shorts (she has a few pairs of jeans with the knees cut out). She has two pairs of trainers: one that are green with stripes of yellow on them and another that are black with grey sides and a whit top at the end of the laces. She can wear earrings, but usually only for special occasions. Her glasses have black frames, with the glass part cut out like a rectangle, she occasionally wears contacts.

    Cynthia lives in an apartment with her father and two brothers, her mother left when she was 4. Her father took on the mother roles of the family with cooking and cleaning, while still keeping his job. Every day, after all the work of doing a job and being a househusband, he would pass out from exhaustion, rarely ever spending time with his kids. This mean that she was mostly raised by her older twin brothers, Reggie and Leo, who are 5 years older than her. They protected her a lot and has had to deal with very few problems. When someone was being mean to her, her brothers would beat them up before she could even understand what was going on. And when other people were in trouble, her brothers would just keep her away from it. This is how she knows nothing of anger, and how the rare instances of exposure are rather frightening. Occasionally she would hear her friends rant about their problems with their parents, boyfriends, teachers, other friends, and all that. She would always treat these vents as if the person were sad, trying to comfort them. This would usually calm the person down and make them laugh at how silly Cynthia was being.

    Cynthia is equally close with all four of her friends, who don't seem to get her with her lack of emotional and general intelligence. The five of them all share some common interests: clothes, boys, boy bands, hot celebrities, talking about other people behind their back and skateboarding. They would spend many hours squealing over different guys and trying out different clothes and make up combinations that they think would look good, fantasizing the day they would be with him forever. The other half of the time, when they would just want their brains to take a break (especially Cynthia who needs it), they would go to the skatepark and practice their skills. They've been in a few tournaments before and they all did reasonably well getting past the first round, but that's where it would usually end.

    Has never faced the fact that her mother left.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2013
  4. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Felix Fouraker

    Affiliated Group(s)
    Music Geeks / Social Butterfles / Student Body (School Newspaper)



    Felix is a very kind person, he tries his best to get along with everyone and not make any enemies. He’s actually very extroverted, being able to talk to anyone, even if he just met them. He loves music, always seen with a pair of headphones coiled around his neck. Due to this, he prefers to hang out with the band kids (However he plays turntables and usually only produces dubstep music.). He has a thing for cussing, especially considering English isn’t his native language; so he doesn’t see anything wrong with cussing in English.

    He’s actually rather intelligent, writing articles for the school newspaper, as well as being able to chat with English and Swedish speakers alike. He daydreams a lot, usually during some of his key classes. He likes witty banter, often getting into wordy arguments with the “nerds” over Star Trek and Doctor Who.

    Due to Felix being foreign; he became an interest of all the social groups, everyone wanting to try and get close to him. He didnt know why, probably just due to the fact he was from a different country. He got invited to loads of parties and social events, and usually not declining unless his father's need him for something. He's friendly towards all social groups.

    Felix’s personality type would probably be ENFP, making him Exroverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceiving.

    Felix is about 5’6”, making him relatively short for his age. He weighs about 130 pounds, making him kind of scrawny looking. He has pale white skin, most likely from sitting at his computer for long periods of time producing his music. He has short dirty blonde hair, along with a little bit of stubble on his chin. His eyes are are a bright blue, distinguishing him from others. He looks like your average Swedish teenager.

    In the clothing department; he wears a white t-shirt, with a large portrait of an anime character on it. However, this shirt is usually covered by a red zip up sweater, which he wears almost every single day. For pants; he wears your average skinny jeans, with bright red converse to go with it. He also usually has headphones slung around his neck, and sometimes carries sunglasses with him.

    During formal events; Felix will wear a blue dress shirt, with black dress pants and shoes. He can look very classy if he wants to.

    Felix was born to a mother who he never really met. He was put up for adoption pretty much a month after he was born, and was adopted by a gay couple in a small town in Sweden. Felix lived a pretty normal life with Mr. and Mr. Fouraker. Nothing ever really happened to them. Both men had average jobs with average salaries; just enough to help Felix live a normal life.

    This stayed the same until Felix turned twelve, at this age his family decided to move to Glenwood. A pretty average town that had lots of job openings for both men. They packed their bags and moved into a small home in Glenwood. Here, Felix went to a tutor to help him learn English better while going to Middle School.

    He was a very good student throughout Middle School and High School, always trying to impress his father’s by doing well on tests and quizzes. He also joined Drama productions, art shows, and musical activities. By the ripe age of fifteen, he had gotten quite good with mixing and recording a genre called dubstep.

    Currently, Felix lives with his father’s. In their small home in the rural section of Glenwood, he usually mixes music in the basement between school days, still wanting to get good grades to get a good education. Also, a few nights ago. Felix snuck into an old abandoned house with some friends, and they are now in possession of a ‘spell book’.

    As stated, he is originally from Sweden; so he has a mild accent when he talks.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2013
  5. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Name: Hank Bilmeyer
    Affiliated Groups:

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Confident, firm, and adamant, Hank is one of the wide receivers for the Glenwood High Bears football team. Generally, he is a great catcher, but his weakness on the field is his tendency to get the whistle blown on him for penalties, especially for grabbing other players' face masks. He doesn't often get tackled, but getting forced out of bounds is generally the thorn in his side.

    Hank hates politics and drama, even on small levels. He often gives people second chances and is generally quick to forgive, but he is competitive, and doesn't let others win easily. He understands it when people make mistakes, but he's not the kind of keep a grudge. He doesn't like prolonged fights or rivalries either, and generally tries to end them as soon as possible if the other party is willing. In essence, he tries to be a peacekeeper, but that often has landed him into disasters, often getting accused of defending helpless nerds by those who can bully nerds without a problem, but might get a finger broken or a bloody nose if they were to bother Hank about it. Nerds have often tried to befriend Hank after he's saved them from torment, but Hank just walks away in silence.

    While Hank is a member of the Coven, he still doesn't take the Journal entirely seriously. At least not yet. He feels the incident with the tree was only a coincidence and he's not a believer that the Journal actually works. Had it not be for Luc, he probably would have left the Journal there and wouldn't have bothered with it.

    Description: Hank stands 6'2" and weighs roughly about 230 pounds. Years of football practice since middle school have given him a strong and muscular physique, as well as a strong athletic body. He also has several scars from injuries, most of which come from pretty rough playing. Meanwhile, he has blonde hair in a buzz-cut hairstyle along with blue eyes.

    While not wearing his Glenwood High Bears football uniform, he usually wears a white t-shirt and cargo shorts for the summer, or a sweatshirt and blue jeans if it's winter. He also wears a pair of black sneakers and a digital watch.

    In general, Hank is a B student and would never pull an all-nighter for an exam or study for more than four hours in total for any test or midterm. In terms of physique, his focus is on strength, endurance, and speed, and is a good balance of the three. While not a science whiz or the most charismatic of people, he still commands a decent amount of respect when it comes to football.

    History: Hank was born in Charlotte, North Carolina before moving to Glenwood when he was only two years old, in part due to a relocation from his father's job as a technical engineer working for General Electric. As a child, Hank grew attached to sports at a young age, but didn't care much for artistic or creative assignment. He didn't like math either, but he was "okay" with reading and writing. Gym, however, was where he excelled greatly.

    Hank tried soccer for a few years before getting more attached at football, both a sport he enjoyed more and was better at. In the meantime, Hank's grades were a mixed bag and often depended on the teacher's tolerance for his style or method. A sexist teacher would hurt his grade, whereas an understanding teacher would help it.

    In high school, Hank was involved in an incident that involved a long-term female friend named Karai that he knew from grade school, not as a girlfriend as some people believed, but more as a female friend who he knew from earlier years, and had also become a cheerleader for the football team. While this friendship was known, it backfired on him once Karai was accused of sleeping with the cheerleader captain's boyfriend. Despite the false accusations, the other cheerleaders spread a rumor as well as photoshopped pictures of her and the boyfriend naked in bed. Hank tried to reveal the truth behind this rumor, only he got nowhere with it, and in turn, Karai's reputation was ruined and so was his in a small amount. However, his athletic skills and team fame have guarded him against any further harassment over it and he ensures no one talks about it, often using his brawn if he has to.

    When Karai invited him to venture out with a group of fellow students heading to Mrs. Bells' house, Hank didn't like the sound of it and went with her in the idea to protect her from yet another incident as opposed to exploring rumors of witchcraft. He felt the excursion was some kind of trap to get her into even more trouble, and he felt like being there to ensure it ended before it ever started. However, he stepped into something else he didn't expect at all.

    Other: Bron will be playing as Karai.
  6. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Can I reserve a non-coven character? Got some ideas, but I don't have time to write a whole SU tonight.
  7. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    I'm absolutely horrible at making up personalities. Absolutely. Horrible.

    Karai Horoshi

    Affiliated Group(s):
    Forced Loner/Outcast
    Former Cheerleader

    17 and a half

    Gender: Female
    Karai is mostly straight, but sometimes she can't help feeling oddly attracted to a girl. I guess you could say she's 75/25 Straight/Lesbian. Not entirely straight, but with some bi tendencies.

    Previously social and outgoing, lately she has become more and more antisocial and shy, preferring to stay out of the public eye and just get school over with. Ever since the event that destroyed her reputation she has preferred to stay out of drama and avoid getting in trouble. Unfortunately some people still bother her about it and she sometimes gets in fights with both guys and girls, leading both of them to end up either in the principal's office, the nurse's office, or both. She is easy going and friendly, but only when somebody else approaches her first and gives her a chance to open up. To the friends she still has, she is nice and kind. She likes helping people if she can, and gets very sad when somebody she cares about ends up hurt because of something she did (Either hurt emotionally or physically). Her sense of fashion would fall in with the punks or goths more than 'regular' people, especially after she fell from the top of the popularity ladder. She usually has trouble understanding other people's humor, but tries to make her own and usually fails at being funny. It takes a lot to scare her, which leads her to do things that other people would generally call crazy.

    Karai's secret guilty pleasure is an interest in console and PC games, and she has gotten good at both.

    Appearance: [​IMG] Like this but without the guns and a larger rack. I made this character a while ago in the Champions Online character creator.

    She is 5'6" tall.

    Her hair naturally grows in two colors. Most of it is black, but in some places it's white. She cuts it short and combs it to create a look that is uniquely her own. Karai has brown eyes and lightly tanned skin. She wears a small necklace-choker with a locket on it, which contains a picture of her parents when they were still together.

    She wears a short jacket with just a sport bra under it. The jacket is black with white sleeves, and the sport bra is mostly black except for a white outline around the outside. The jacket is short but the sleeves on it are long. She wears white biker gloves with open fingers. The outfit is designed to minimize wind resistance when running or doing any kind of athletic activity.

    Even after being kicked off the squad, she works to maintain her curvy and athletically toned figure. Her naturally large, DD size breasts create very visible cleavage and wave when she runs or even walks. She doesn't care who stares, and it helps that most people avoid/shun her after the incident anyway.

    She wears dark gray shorts and belt with a square buckler, with strips of white cloth that hang down from her shorts and wrap down around her legs in a zigzag pattern.

    On her left shoulder is an over the shoulder bag that contains her schoolbooks, laptop, and 3DS. She also has the latest smartphone with a large 5 inch screen, which she carries in her pocket and tends to 'whip out' sometimes to check email, Facebook, or call her mom.

    To complete her look, Karai wears high boots which are mostly black, except for the soles and the upper part of each boot, which are white.

    Pretty much she dresses 'sexy' like this for herself and herself only.

    Karai was born in Glenwood to a mixed heritage couple. Her mom was a Russian speaking Ukrainian Jew and her dad was Japanese. Her features came out to look more like her mom and people always wondered where she got her last name since she didn't look Asian at all. Her dad died of prostate cancer when she was 13 and she lived with her mom ever since. In elementary and JHS she purposefully stayed just below the honor roll, typically getting mostly B grades with the occasional C. She didn't really want to be known as a brainiac, but she wasn't stupid either and could get very good grades if she applied herself a little more. But she didn't want to.

    In elementary school she also made her first male friend, Hank who helped her when she accidentally bumped into an upperclassman and he wanted to throw her in the trash face first. Hank stared the boy down and they kept in contact through school ever since. She was typically either on the Gymnastics team or whatever the schools had that involved acrobatics. Not really interested in the sport, but it was something to do after school with her girlfriends.

    With the city having only one kind of school in each area, they went to the same schools. Around the time Hank joined the football team, Karai and her girlfriends were looking for something athletic to do. As it happened, the school Gymnastics team was full and would be for at least a couple of years. They both decided to become cheerleaders then kind of forced her to go along with them, and all three made the squad. She was happy to be cheering for her longtime friend and was a favorite to look at by many of the guys, who rather enjoyed the cheering when the game got boring at times. With the team having rather risque uniforms, she and the captain were always rivals in who could do the best routine to get the team fired up or who could get the most guys in the bleachers looking at her. Becky the cheer captain eventually just couldn't take all the attention that was being stolen from her and hatched a plan.

    Tricking Karai into posing for a picture for the school newspaper, she then hired a professional computer graphics artist to use Photoshop to edit Karai's head onto a digital rendering of what her naked body could look like under her clothes. It also helped that Becky was able to snap a photo of her going to shower in the locker room. The graphics artist then spliced the finished image into a picture of Becky's boyfriend in bed as if ready to do it with a girl who actually wasn't there. Of course he was in on the plan.

    The picture was posted on the school website and printed in the school paper, with the sensitive parts blocked out of course. The uncensored picture was never shown. Becky was devious, but the last thing she wanted was to have a porn talent scout offer to make Karai a rich porn star. Her reputation was irreparably ruined and her best friend Hank was the only one who knew the truth. They were playing the new Street Fighter game at his house at the time that Becky claimed to have caught Karai in bed with her man. Naturally nobody believed even the testimony of the football star. He was just one guy after all. She was kicked off the squad and the vast majority of students began to shun her, calling her the school skank.

    That was last year and as a Junior this year most people don't bother her about it anymore. They still don't look at her directly in the face and she lost quite a lot of friends, but all in all it's gotten better.

    One night some of the few friends she still had invited her to check out the old house of the town 'witch' and she couldn't do this without her longtime friend who had stuck by her through everything. At first it looked like he wouldn't come, but when she expressed worry that she could get in trouble again and lose even more reputation he agreed to come with to make sure nothing like that happened.

    Obviously, Karai is best friends with Avenger's character, Hank.
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  8. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    (DVB) Diego Hendrix [C]: Accepted

    (YDT) Cynthia "Snydey" Grey [NC]: Accepted
    * If you have time another sentence or two in appearance would be nice, describing shoes and accessories.

    (SpyroxPikachu) Felix Fouraker [C]: Pending…
    * One issue: The personality you’ve described does not seem to be a Social Butterfly; introverted, liking solitude, disliking social events.

    (Avenger Angel) Hank Balmier [C]: Accepted
    * I wouldn’t normally let a Jock that ignores Nerds into the Unpopular Coven, but given the back-story, it works.

    (SoulMuse) [NC]: Okay, Reserved

    (bronislav84) Karai Horoshi [C]: Accepted

    I want to keep the Coven group small, so I only plan on accepting 2 more Coven players.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2013
  9. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Vampire I've done some minor typo fixes in the history and added a couple words to personality. I feel it would have been impossible for my character to use the book if she cared about hurting everybody, so I changed it to just the people she cares about. That's a much smaller subset of people.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2013
  10. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Fixed it up slightly, I didn't notice I did that. But anyways, I think it all checks out now, Vampirate. c:
  11. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    (bronislav84) Karai Horoshi: Alright, everything still looks good. There is room in coven for a witch that doesn’t want to hurt anyone, because, like I mentioned the book can make good things happen too. But given your char’s background, I wouldn’t be surprised if she went from ‘wouldn’t hurt a fly’ to wanting Silent Hill style revenge.

    (SpyroxPikachu) Felix Fouraker: Pending…
    Sorry, but I’m not seeing the changes… there might have been a server/internet error that kept them from being saved.
  12. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Thank you for confirming it's still fine. I think I'm done with edits now.

    Yea it's a little of both, actually. She's definitely out for revenge, but she's also going to be doing good things for some people. I don't have much concrete plans right now. Really depends on the story turns we end up with.
  13. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    You’re welcome Bron

    (SpyroxPikachu) Felix Fouraker: Accepted
    * One last thing, I suspect all the social groups being interested in him, is not despite him being foreign, but rather because he is foreign.
    * You character is probably going to end up trying to be the moral compass here…
  14. 725roy

    725roy ambivolent

    This seems really cool and interesting!. May I reserve a spot for a coven while I get it ready?
  15. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    (pikachu725) Alright, Reserved
  16. 725roy

    725roy ambivolent


    Peter (Pete) Votthed

    Affiliated Group(s):
    Obviously a Student
    Drifter, semi popular, but not say, preppy and cliquey.
    Often in multiple groups at once

    16 (given this is O.K.)

    Male (straight)

    Pete is and interesting person to others, but to himself he thinks he is a normal person. He is a very upbeat and energetic person who enjoys competing against others, but doesn’t acknowledge his losses, and instead acts as if they never existed. He also has a dark side of his otherwise cheery personality, he is a sociopath, but since it is not fully diagnosed, he doesn’t, and hasn’t embraced it; yet. His only sign of being one is that he can lie almost without any trouble at all, and often does it without realizing. Because of this fact, he is a master strategist who knows how to take out his opponents by any means necessary. Again though, since he doesn’t realize he IS a sociopath, he is unaware that it even exists and often acts this way unconsciously, and never truly embraces this nature. Yet.

    He constantly worries that someone will find out about his previous life in his hometown of Minneapolis, and will go berserk if anyone finds out about it, and thus is constantly lying about his past. He has small nervous tics, laughing is one of the more obvious one, and he tends to rely on it whenever he becomes uncomfortable, or upset. Another smaller tic is his way of speaking sarcastically whenever he looks down on something or someone. His eczema (a skin disease that creates rashes all over your body) is another thing he generally hides from other people, but he won’t go as berserk as if you had found out about his past, but it doesn't change the fact that he hides it.

    Pete is the average 5’9” and 150 for a 16 year-old boy. He has somewhat short sandy blonde hair that falls to the bottom on his forehead but not below his eyebrows. He is a Caucasian with Norwegian-Swedish heritage, hence his blue-gray eyes, which often “change” depending on if he is wearing gray, or not. He has an athletic build, abs and all, but still has traces of his years where he was heavier, and he wears contacts to hide the fact that he used to wear glasses.

    His trademark zip-hoodie is always visible with the sleeve rolled up to his elbows to hide his eczema, which he has had for most of his life. A pair of blue jeans often accompanies his trademark hoodie along with a pair of beat up tennis shoes that are so old the bottoms of the shoes don’t have any treads at all. During the winter he generally wears the similar clothes except he wears a heavier, more cargo styled jeans and a pair of black gloves that he wears, even when inside. In the warmer times of the year, he usually wears a gray or white Tees, with a pair of athletic shorts. For formal clothing, he usually goes for something simple, often a blue polo shirt and a pair of kaki slacks, nothing too fancy.

    Pete was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he spent most of his life growing up, until he was 13, when he moved to Glenwood. Before his move to Glenwood, his grades were only average throughout elementary school namely because he couldn't focus simply beacause he would constantly be laughing about something funny he had in his head, but once he got into sixth grade, his grades suddenly shot up. He "graduated" seventh grade with exemplary grades, and but wasn't the top student. After seventh grade, he would have rolled into the eighth grade and would have made the top of the class, but that was when his parents got the transfer notice to Glenwood, and that's when the move happened.

    When he moved, he changed his entire appearance to accommodate he new life. Before he moved to Glenwood, Pete was an overweight anti-social loser. He had started to play tennis when he was 12, but he never was any good at it. There weren’t any huge issues with his life until the move, but once he did move his life took a turn for the worse.

    To start things off, he never fully accomplished his goal of joining in with the popular crowd, and instead he had to join the less popular people who enjoyed being at the bottom of the social totem pole. Being at the bottom, he desperately tried to climb, and his attempts weren’t all fruitless. By the ninth grade, he was well known, but not to the point of being popular. At the age of 14 years old, his cat that had accompanied him throughout life died of old age, and this left him with an empty hole in his life, so he filled it with his tennis obsession. He first noticed he was getting thinner and more fit when he started noticing girl checking him out from time to time. It made him confused, because he thought he still was an overweight fatty, that didn't look pretty, but apparently he was proved wrong by himself, and because of this, he strive to become a better tennis player, and continue to get in shape.

    He played tennis almost everyday from the age of 14 up until a year later when he nearly tore his ACL, and now he only plays once or twice a week.This, however, doesn’t change his appearance. Recently, he was promoted to Glenwood High School’s Tennis captain, but this was not without sadness, because the pervious captain had an “accident”, though he was not involved it in any way.

    I like turtles.
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  17. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Jon Teou

    Affiliated Groups:
    Loner from Own Volition (Self-Isolated Football Jock and Primarily a Nerd)


    Practically Asexual but Otherwise Straight

    Jon is one of the people who truly does his best to accomplish what he knows is just. He has screwed up an immeasurable quantity of things within his life. He really deserves to go to hell for what he has done, is entirely aware about it, regrets his crimes, understands absolutely everything which occurs within other people's lives, and has resolved to not be critical against others for what they may do or have done. He still screws up frequently, but always gives his best in his attempts to make the lives of everyone else as good as he possibly can. He's brilliant; he's one of the top students in Glenwood and has a clear mind from all his studies and consideration of life in solitude. His aspiration in life is to practice medicine.

    He is completely cynical; he has understood since he was a young child exactly how terribly abominable people are. As a matter of fact, he used to be unimaginably vicious himself. He hated everyone in his youth; he saw how everything which everyone always does make life and the entire world miserable. He wanted everyone to wither forever in hell for what they've done; he hated everyone for how they would always try to screw him over. Then, one day, when he was 13, he considered how he deserves to suffer and rot in hell himself for what he had done. Ever since that, Jon has cared about everyone and realized, in spite of how everyone deserves to burn in hell like that, no one should have to suffer. He recognizes all crime, wrongdoing, injustice, and human suffering as the price which needs to be paid for people to be able to choose between and know what's right and what's wrong; he does his best to ensure the former, but doesn't judge others if they do or have done anything evil.

    He wants what's best for everyone, and would gladly suffer indescribable pain to accomplish anything good for anyone else. He finds the lives of others to be of infinite value, and would readily tear apart his own body with a knife soaked in horrible chemical weapons if it would improve the life of another. He once seriously desired to murder himself so he wouldn't have to suffer all the pains of life, but, for a few years now, he has felt pity and sorrow for anyone who might be so weak-souled to actually want to commit suicide. He's not emo, and sees how much punks and goths desire attention. He only wants what's best for everyone, even if it's agonizingly difficult; he knows how what's right isn't always what's easy, and, in fact, most usually is what's painful.

    He has thick, jet-black hair and dark irises which occasionally appear to be a somewhat red hue. His skin is moderately tanned and he is in excellent physical condition. He's 5'10" tall or so, leaning forward and slightly to the right, weighs 150-155 lbs., and looks down essentially always due to his contemplations of life and the state of reality (he only looks up if someone asks him to during a conversation). He has about a dozen stitches on his right leg directly above his Achilles' tendon and has marks on his left arm and hand from how he stabbed himself commonly in his early teens. He generally wears khakis and a collared shirt which is most usually gray. Occasionally he wears jeans, and hardly ever t-shirts; he usually wears a black one, and only wears them on some Fridays. He has silver running shoes. In cold or heavily merciless weather, he wears a black-and-red thick fabric jacket.

    His father endeavored to make him strong by raising him without love. His father found the notion of it to be pathetic, and would subject him to loathsome tortures in his childhood. His father raised him by forcing him to live like a soldier and behaving in a degrading manner to make him as hateful as he could possibly be towards everyone. In elementary and early middle school, he had severe autism because of how his attempts to be normal and interact well in addition to doing his work in peace were always drowned out by how no one in the world gave a damn, or, even worse, people would specifically cause misery to him for their own derision and vanity. He had begun to care about his physical health at the end of 5th Grade; he takes Football for his own fitness, but honestly doesn't have any further interest in it. He does his best to learn all he can; he has enjoyed knowing every aspect of sciences and mathematics since he was about 7 and also tries to always speak English perfectly.

    Eventually, at the age of 12, he wouldn't tolerate humanity anymore and went on a murderous spree in which he brutally injured all the other students who he could have gotten away with murdering and had them beaten to death in the worst ways which he could have possibly imagined. This was shortly after his parents divorced; his mother frequently had sexual relations with other people and couldn't live with how cruel his father was, so she took his couple of younger sisters with her to live with her parents and left Jon to live with his father. He cared enough about his schoolmates (specifically, he hated them so much) to have found where they live and studied every aspect of their lives. With all his mental leisure in having always been physically tied up, at work, or in distress from his father, he determined how he would kidnap them all, usually having utilized some chemical to knock them out; what he used was most often chloroform. He knew every aspect of their lives, and always had some limited evidence in his murders intended to lead the authorities to some person who he could plausibly frame; usually it was either some abusive or misbehaving parent or a public enemy of the student. In some cases, he didn't have anything to use for framing another, and simply hid their corpses in the ground after having torn them all apart in his family's garage/toolshed. He always cleaned up his mess. He had done it to a few dozen people; as signs of murdered children began to appear, such as heads which had been cleft open, lungs filled with oil, incinerated organs, and hacked limbs, the local police conceived the idea of "the Desolating Serial Murderer(s) of Glenwood Middle School" to feed to the news and get paid for finding remains, although they never took any action beyond that; they never cared to take it. The last person who he had killed, Joshua Crisos, finally broke through to him when he apologized for all life's agony and claimed to have always cared about him as he died of blood loss, having been nailed up and impaled in the side of his torso after hours of excruciating pain. In the end, what he learned from his father's terrible "experiment" was how he didn't need the love of others to find a reason to live; he simply needed to love other people as much as he could by himself.

    He's now a senior in high school who sees that is the reason to live. He still lives with his father and endures his punishments anyways. Pain which he has to suffer doesn't matter anymore. He has managed to be friends with several awesome people from his science classes and Football, although he never actually hangs out with them after school. He intends to live peacefully once he goes to college and gets away, but, for now, he finds some peace in chilling with the Coven and doing what's right as well as he can. In his youth, he learned a minute but useful extent of military martial arts; he was taught how to sweep people up, physically disable others, break their necks, and about 20 different ways to kill someone without the use of a weapon (as an example, he has once used a Half-Nelson as he forcefully tripped another student in middle school to break his neck with one hand and bash his head in as he landed on him onto the ground during one of the murders from his youth), but he hopes to never have to use any of them.

    Other: If it's not sufficient, at least reserve it.
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  18. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Hmm I just realized I didn't put down a height for my character and suddenly feel compelled to list one. Vampire, any suggestions? I haven't played a teen in a while so I'm not sure of usual heights. She doesn't wear heels. Would 5 feet be too tall or just right?

    Going to leave weight up to the imagination. Never ask a lady how much she weighs, am I right?
  19. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    (pikachu725) Peter (Pete) Votthed: Pending…
    * You’ve got no groups listed other than Coven, at the very least he’s a Student. It sounds like he’s a Jock (though tennis isn‘t one of the sport commonly associated with the popular guys, so that can work), maybe a Drifter…
    * You’ve got a good start here, but Personality, Appearance, and History are all a little too short. Add a couple sentences to each of them; Personality could use some quirks that his mental instability causes, maybe some note on the fear others will notice his skin condition. Appearance could use some notes on formal or cold weather clothing, skin color, etc. History could involve when he lost weight, how come he didn’t become part of the popular crowd like he planned when he switched school, any details about his family.

    PokeLegend: I'll have a reply for you here soon.

    Bron: 5 feet would be considered short, by 16 most people have reached their full height, at this point they start gaining more muscle and/or fat.
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  20. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    I think we have enough Coven folk... but you're the bossa nova, Vampire. So, how will this play out?

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